FOWC with Fandango: Yarn


I can spin you a yarn all about yarn
It was many years ago
I would knit every evening, the needles clicking
It became a tale of woe
Pullovers for the children, socks for the men
I even knitted a hat
When the garments got to small
I undid them all and then I wove a mat
All I have left are my needles and hooks
I left the yarn on a router
Who wants to knit or crochet today
Now I have a computer

FOWC with Fandango: Yarn

RDP Tuesday: Curfew

Meet Daniel Koch, the man responsible for the Swiss interpretation of the Corona virus. He has at last got his deserved pension after staying longer to guide the Swiss through the trials of the Corona. He was the spokesman telling us to keep a distance, make sure everyone knows where you are and hold onto the rules and regulations. He held daily conferences as advisor with the Swiss government. He did a good job.  We had no curfew, no large demonstrations and now we are not quite corona free, but just a few new cases reported this week (2-3). He is speaking in our national Swiss dialect, but the gist is what I said above.

And now he is finished with his job, but is still known as the man that kept a clear head and gave us the right instructions. Of course some might not agree, but no-one had to go into a curfew and our police were more busy handing out fines for people who did not keep to the rules.

And now he is telling us that the River Aare (which flows through our village) is still clean enough for a swim and demonstrates by taking a dive in. Not bad for a 65 year old. By the way he had a neopren dress on beneath the suit and tie, but advises that not everyone should try it.

RDP Tuesday: Curfew

Good Morning


This morning a little later as my cleaning lady was here. She is already finished and I will see her again in a week. We have yet another sunny day with a few decorative clouds wafting around.

I am glad to say I have managed to avoid the new block system on my blog. Up to now I just get a notification that I can use it, but I generally dismiss it. I am open for improvements, but this is really something I do not need.

Things are a little more delayed at the moment. I managed to have a collision with a door (at home) in my wheelchair which moved the right side of my chair. As everything was closed yesterday I had to be patient, but now the guy will be coming early this afternoon and I am hoping he can fix it. At first they said he could only come tomorrow, but they called back to say they had had a cancellation. Otherwise I will be relying on the local train for my shopping for a few days. Mr. Swiss also pointed out that my back tyres are are little run down, so I might have to get them replaced, although I notice nothing when cruising around and that is probably a quick job to replace them, although a little more expensive.


There is nothing much going on in my part of the world at the moment and according to the statistics we now have only 1 new case of coronavirus in Switzerland today so things are really improving. I am glad that the Whit holiday is now over and done with. Next week we have yet another holiday on Thursday, only in the catholic Kantons of Switerland, for Corpus Christa. I will be glad when these holiday disturbances are over and we have a normal week again. It can get complicated organising the shopping for it all.


Another one of my roses decided to open its first flower over the week-end.

Things are really looking bad in the States at the moment and I am hoping that it will not break out into something worse if the army gets involved in it.

Unfortunately I do not have so much time this morning to write more. Dinner is cooking and I should keep my eye on the meat. Have a good week everyone and stay safe.