September Photo a Day Challenge: 20. Tower

Storks 13.07 (1)

Storks are quite keen on towers. Even the babies grow up on them. In February they arrive to claim their old nests and at the end of August the towers are again left as the  empty symbols that they were here. Our local authorities have left a few signal stations for them to nest on.

Storks 30.06 (2)

September Photo a Day Challenge: 20. Tower

September Photo a Day Challenge: 19. Fall


I assume the word “fall” refers to what I know as the Autumn season, and not an accident, of which I am quite professional. In this case I will not bother you of the gory photos of my broken leg x-rays or even a slit ear which has luckily healed up in the meanwhile. I would add that my ear now has quite an individual shape.

So here is a photo of the Autumn arrangement in the local supermarket with a few autumn bits and pieces. For the falling leaves and other colours, we will have to wait as we are still experiencing wonderful sunny days in my part of the world, although quite cool and the leaves are still attached to the trees and preserving their green colour.

And here are some Calluna which are also available at the moment in the Autumn show.


September Photo a Day Challenge: 19. Fall

September Photo a Day Challenge:18. Sepia

Rathausgasse. Solothurn 12.08 (2)

I decided on a shot of one of our narrow streets in the town of Solothurn for the theme sepia. The town was founded by the romans and many buildings originate in the middle ages. Everything is very old and narrow and suits the sepia photo arrangement. The walls on the left belong to our old town hall.

September Photo a Day Challenge:18. Sepia

September Photo a Day Challenge: 16. Looking Up


I was looking up a couple of weeks ago and saw these people looking down from the tower of our St. Urs cathedral in the town of Solothurn. I have been up there once in my life, climbing the hundred or more steps, but that was before I became a golden oldie.

September Photo a Day Challenge: 16. Looking Up

September Photo a Day Challenge: 14. Dappled


This is a glass door I encountered on a wheelie in town in my chair. It was certainly a dappeled pattern with its contours reflecting the light.


And then on my journey yesterday along the river bank, I noticed the river also catching the sun’s rays and light reflections on the water surface.

September Photo a Day Challenge: 14. Dappled

September Photo a Day Challenge: 13. Lines


Actually I intended to use this photo from the overhead cables of our local train that travels from village to village along the road until it reaches the end station of Solothurn, where we have the train connections to the rest of Europe, speaking largely. Then something happened.


As I look up when I ventured out into the garden this morning and saw these designs in the sky from various passing aircraft, I decided I must share these as well, it was like a painting in the sky.


I will leave you with the 0 and X (noughts and cross) game above.

September Photo a Day Challenge: 13. Lines