August Photo a Day Challenge: 30. Souvenir

Many years ago when we were still young and lovely we were in Paris in Monmartre and got persuaded to have our portraits done by two artists. The guy sitting next to me (with his arm around me) was one of the artists, and the other was standing putting the finishing touches on the drawing. Mr. Swiss was sitting next to me enjoying the whole spectacle. We still have the drawings.

August Photo a Day Challenge: 30. Souvenir

August Photo a Day Challenge: 26. Beach

I found a beach in our town, although it was only here for a couple of weeks. It was a few summers ago and someone had the idea of organising Beach Volley Ball. There was plenty of sand organised. I do not know whether it was a success, because I never saw a match being played. It has not happened again, but with the virus around, it probably did not come into the question this year.

August Photo a Day Challenge: 26. Beach