Good Morning


I was thinking this morning the clouds are on their way out and another sundrenched hot day. I might be right, but five minutes later we had rain, just three minutes, but not really expected. Now the sky is clearing, but thank goodness a little cooler. I realised in the last couple of days that heat wave is really not something good for my MS tired leg symptoms, although I still manage to hobble around at home. Mr. Swiss asked me where I have my stick, but who needs a stick. I suppose I do, but when you have a chair or table, even a cupboard door to hang onto, why bother to carry a stick.

Anyhow here I am at the table in the kitchen, had my breakfast, drinking my tea and the computer is up and ready.


I was a little low on power on my wheelchair yesterday. I could still drive OK, but it was the third day without uploading the battery, meaning do not do any big tours and stay in the neighbourhood. I decided a trip to the nearby castle would be best. It is just over the main road and I can cut through the cemetery on the way to and fro. Here I was mounting the path towards the farm where it leads further to the castle.


And here is castle Waldegg in the disance with a view through the wheat field that is now beginning to grow high.


The local farmer has already begun his harvest and where they used to build haystacks in the olden days, it is now neatly packed in plastic.


I was managing quite well on my wheelie, and I reached the cemetery with no problem. they have a very effective border composed of roses and lavender leading to the chapel where they hold the service for those going on their last journey.

As I was approaching the estate where I live, my wheelchair gave out a sound on the horn where I saw I had now slipped from a green light to a yellow one. Nothing tragic, but it meant that all systems were slowly running out of power. As I approached the entrance to my apartment I even got red, because it was uphill, but I managed to reach the door to home and I was again on green. Even driving a wheelchair has to be learnt, but thank goodness no driving test.


The nice thing about a wheelchair is that you have contact with the others that pass by. No horning or making funny signs at the wheel of a car, but a cheering hello and a laugh and thanks said for going to one side to let a bike pass. You have friendly contact with the human race.

At the moment in Switzerland our corona statistics are not looking as good as they were. The day before yesterday we had 40 new cases, and yesterday 50. Spread on a population of eight million, not so tragic. Our authorities informed that half the new cases are imports from holiday countries. We have many workers in Switzerland from other countries and now is the holiday time. Travel restrictions are almost back to normal and it is the time of year when many travel home to see their families. The main strain of infections, according to our authorities, are from Serbia. We also now have an app we can download on our smartphones. Basically you get a sort of warning to tell you that you are near someone who has been tested positive. It is all discreetly done and no names are mentioned. I uploaded this app a couple of days ago, being told that it was not yet available for everyone, just doctors and the medical profession. However since today it is for all active. I checked on my phone and discovered that I am not near anyone with the dreaded.

This afternoon it is another trip to the store in town, but due to my logistical system, I do not have a lot to buy. I just have to call in at the chemists for some medicine for Mr. Swiss on the way.

And now to move on. I also have a pile of bed linen to iron and hope to complete it this morning. Have a good day everyone and keep away from crowded beaches and other such places.