Good Morning

Breathtaking isn’t it and it has nothing to do with my camera or photography. Nature did it all herself producing a sunrise all on her own. I even have the silhoutte of the alps in the Bernese overland in the distance. The light filled my apartment when I raised the blinds.

I had another successful day in my bakery in the kitchen yesterday. I am now getting into the routine and it really does not need a lot of work or preparation to bake a bread. This time I made it with my brown flour.

At the moment I am only baking a round bread, although I have now discovered a tin for baking long bread in my collection of kitchen goods. Now that I am getting into the routine I will try it tomorrow. It is not a special bread baking tin, but I am sure it can also be used. I am ordering a suitable tin, but they do not have them available at the moment. It is the only one that would suite my needs. I like to buy quality when financially possible and the choice I have made comes from a French manufacturer.

I was planning on an excursion into town this afternoon, but that has now been postponed and No. 1 son will be going for me. I forgot to upload my scooter battery yesterday evening and as I have not used my scooter for almost a month I do not want to be stranded somewhere in town. I need yeast for my next bread and otherwise Mr. Swiss is low on his cigarettes, although he will survive for the next day or two. I got a message on my store web page that the new version of Apple IOS prevents the use of my card to pay at the store. They are having difficulties with it, but I can use my plastic card. That is no great problem for me at the moment as I no longer visit any stores. Computer steered operations also have their problems it seems.

The birds have not been so active lately. I think I might feed them too much. They prefer to sit in the bushes opposite and keep an eye on things.

However the local cat turned up outside. She was just getting ready to force entry through my open kitchen window, but I closed it in time. I do not mind her inside, but I like to keep an eye on her and she was keeping a watchful feline eye on me it seems from beneath the table outside.

And another good morning comes to an end as I move on further with a little housework. Keep safe everyone. I leave you with one of my favourite classical pieces, the Karelia Suite from Sibelius. A good wake up in the morning. I am really becoming a classic music fan, have discovered a great radio channel on my iPhone and what I like is that there is always a clear description of what you are listening to, the orchestra, conductor and name and author of the music.

FOWC with Fandango: Meme

Are we suffering from a vaccination fixation. It is the latest theme to talk about. No matter where you are in the world, you begin to compare who is getting the fix, what their qualifications are, and evem the name and type of injection your government is supplying. The government are telling us daily how many people have had their needle full of the latest serum and proudly announce it on the radio, television and in the newspapers. It is slowly becoming a competition. “Have you been vaccinated yet?” is becoming one of the regular questions. Are we having a competition to see who has had it and who not.

And me? I must admit it, I have joined the club. At first you could only request the vaccination in our country by telephone. After the telephone connections were over occupied and were collapsing regularly at least 1-2 days a week, an online connection was organised. Even that went wrong this week and it seemed people were not getting the right questions to answer. Today I connected with and filled out the questions. Success, I was accepted and am registered for my jab. When that will be I have no idea, but I am getting there. I think it will be some time in February, although March is also not so far away.

In the meanwhile I continue in my self isolation, ordering groceries online and avoiding contact with the others. However, our local town and area have no large numbers of the affected and the cases are reducing daily. I might even chance an excursion in the outside world tomorrow if it does not snow and temperatures climb to 6° C.

By the way the photo above is naturally not from my colleagues or family getting their Covid jab, but our cat Tabby having her annual jab. Look how brave she is, just sitting there having it done.

FOWC with Fandango: Meme

Good Morning

The sun rises and I hope it will be here to stay today. I do not have a lot of time this morning. My cleaning angel is here busy with my kitchen at the moment, and I am waiting for her to finish as I have a full programme of baking a bread and cooking lunch. I also want to finish this piece of literature. I see she is just putting the finishing touches to my kitchen and so I can now move on. There is now a short interlude, but time permitting I will be back to write some more.

In the meanwhile I leave you with one of my motion photos of a sparrow in flight: fascinating how they spread their wings when taking off.

And now I have returned.

My pastry is rising and this afternoon will be baked for a nice fresh bread for the evening. I am really enjoying my new found hobby. However, I no longer have any yeast, but I might even venture into town tomorrow. The weather is improving, temperatures are rising and after almost a month indoors it is time to venture into the outside world again, although I will only be shopping for the minimum. My online ordering of food will now be a fixture. It is so much more relaxing.

Now and again I now get visits from my great tits which I believe are known as chickadees in the states. They really like to eat from food that is hanging somewhere, or go the bird house which is on stilts. Probably they like the view from above.

I again got interested in a programme on our TV yesterday. It was a report on the history of films from various popular groups. My No. 1 son usually spends the evening in his room but he noticed what I was watching and naturally joined me for the whole programme. It was really a walk through history of modern pop music. It was followed up by “A Hard Days Night” the first cinema film from the Beatles. It was in black and white and No. 1 son naturally stayed to watch it with me. However, I told him I was not staying up until midnight to watch the complete film, so he hung on until I switched the TV off. The Beatles were all so much younger but their music has remained good throughout the years. It really transports me back to my younger years.

And now really time to go. The bread is rising and dinner is cooking and the cleaning angel is nearly finished. Have a great day all, will be back later with more reports from the Swiss wilderness where the hedgehogs and mice say goodnight to each other. I leave you with a view of our morning sunrise.

FOWC with Fandango: Nourish

I was so surprised when I suddenly found this photo, year 2016 when I was five years younger. There I am in my morning dress at temperatures below freezing: my full length black padded Winter coat over my nightdress with hair that comes straight from bed hugging. In my hand I have the bread board where I used to cut the remains for the birds. I no longer do it as it seems bread is not so good for the delicate digestion of a bird, although the crows were not so fussy.

I nourish the birds during the Winter with their salad of mixed seeds. It is the first thing I do in the morning to make sure they do not go hungry in the cold Winter weather.

FOWC with Fandango: Nourish

Good Morning

I was almost disappointed this morning when there was no glorious sunrise to greet me. It was a grey blanket over everything, although clear. However, patience brings roses as they say, and suddenly there was a bright light coming from somewhere. I again ventured outside, being careful not to create an accident by falling on the hardened snow and captured the sun. We might even have a sunny day today, although still very cold. I am not going anywhere and doing anything in particular. I am having my shopping brought to my doorstep, so what could be better. I got the delivery slot this morning from 11-12 a.m. although I would prefer an hour earlier, but Monday is no great rush to cook lunch. I have odered five breads which I will vauum in plastic before freezing. They are a reserve for the week, although I will probably bake bread myself in between. I read that vacuum packing the bread before freezing keeps them much longer and fresher in the freezer. I also enjoy doing it, looks so neat and tidy when done.

I had such an interesting visitor in the garden yesterday. I have no idea what this bird is, although I suspect it to be some sort of finch. It has such a lovel colourful breast. I saw a couple of them sitting in the trees opposite. The snowfall did not seem to bother them so much.

It is truly wonderful to see the birds outside whilst sitting in the kitchen enjoying. I am having my breakfast and so are the birds. I never thought I would one day live in such a wonderful place, especially after growing up in a working class family in one of the back streets of London, although we also had our bird life. It was mostly the London sparrows I would watch from the top window of our little house hopping around on the opposite roof. The house is now long gone, demolished in the seventies and so are the sparrows. I heard that the sparrow population in London is diminishing unfortunately.

Another day at home for me with company from my radio and in the evening the TV. I at last watched a film completely yesterday. Luckily the BBC channel fim four repeat the films and I can never really watch from beginning to end. I usually have to interrupt them to go down to the laundry room in the cellar, or perhaps quickly inject my MS medicine in between. There is also washing to hang to dry from the machine. The reason I do my washing in the evening is because from 9 p.m. until 6 a.m. our electricity is half price, and it really saves, another little quirk I have in my daily golden oldie life. Anyhow yesterday I managed to watch The Transformers, Age of Extinction. I just love those fantasy films and this time the mechanical abilities of the transformers were fascinating. The transforming objects had to leave their planet and settled on earth. With time they were accepted and built their own way of life. I just loved the baby transformers which were learning how to become a machine, especially a little fire breathing baby machine learning how to breathe fire, but only managed a few puffs of smoke. The story was not too bad and even Anthony Hopkins had a role and Seven Spielberg was one of the directors, so it was well done: a good film before retiring to hug the bed.

And now I must really move on to further fields with the copany of a vacuum cleaner and mop. Have a good day everyone, and may the beginning of the working week have smooth runnings.