Good Morning

Feldbrunnen 22.06 (1)

I was out and about again yesterday afternoon on a round trip. We had wonderful sunny weather, a bit of a breeze, but for a wheelie it was fine, so I went on my way dressed in shorts and a sun top with a bag containing a camera with two extra lens. There are advantages to sitting and travelling, not having to carry everything. I headed to the top of the hill where the castle is and had a wonderful view across the flat plain which eventually leads to the Bernese alp range, although the atmospherics did not give such a clear view to the high mountains.

The farmhouse on the photo is where the stables are, with the chickens, goats, swans.  ducks and geese: not forgetting the horses, although they seem to remain inside when the weather gets hotter.

Ducks 22 (12)

This ducks seems to have got a little curious when he saw me. Actually the ducks were all gathered together: it seemed that there was a conference being held.

Ducks 22 (7)

Although I think the dicussion was more on about how to clean your feathers and the latest duck feather fashions.

I decided to move on as I was on a little quest to take a few photos of the only pond we have for a blog. In the senior residents home they have a water lilly pond. I noticed they had put a small circus tent outside the castle in the grounds so had a wheel up to have a look.

Castle Waldegg 22.06 (4)

The tent was full of people watching some sort of action. There were no animals, just actors and I think it was to do with the problems of health care in other countries and how the doctors were trying to help. I stopped and watched a while and then moved on.

Storks 22.06 (5)

I passed the local stork family up on their tower in the grounds of the local high school, but it was only mum and dad. I think the three kids have now flown off and beginning to build their own life. When baby storks are no longer babies, they need quite a lot of room in the nest.

I eventually decided it was time to go home, not wanting Mr. Swiss to get worried, although he never seems to be worried. I was away for two hours, but time goes fast when you are having fun with a camera and enjoying the fresh air. Before my mobility problems began to happen, I never really went walking very much, just now and again. Since I have my electric wheelchair I am out almost always in the afternoon, when the sun is shining.

Yesterday I almost had a little stress, yes even we golden oldies can have stress. I returned, wrote a blog on a prompt, and then prepared the evening meal: nothing spectacular, but now and again I do it myself. It is usually a Mr. Swiss chore, but I decided on a prawn cocktail with avocado served with toast, which is a bit more than a plate of cold cuts and tomato and cucumber.

After the meal I still had a couple of things to do on the computer and then uploaded my 80 photos I had taken on my wheelie trip and labeled them all. Afterwards there were a few bits and pieces to iron and it was already 10.00 in the evening. I moved onto to giving myself an injection for my MS and then eventually sat down in front of the TV to watch the one and only soap that I ever watch. Actually the only programme I bother with. Luckily Mr. Swiss records it so we can watch it in leisure: it is East Enders, with the usual families and petty dramas they have. I grew up in the East End of London, one of the reasons I like to watch it. They speak the same type of language that I speak and I can associate with some of the situations although we never had so much drama at home.

Eventually I sank into my bed and was soon in dreamland.  Sometimes life can be almost a full time job. I had a strange dream. I was in the office where I used to work and the owner of the company walked past my desk and saw that I was surfing in internet. “That will be blocked” were his words. The funny thing is I never surfed at work. They were the days before I was even a member of Facebook. Gaming and all that stuff only started when I was a pensioner at home and eventually I decided that was not the essence of life so did a cold turkey and stopped. The only thing I now do on the computer is pay my bills and write some bloggy stuff, as well as working on my photos.

And now to move on. I do not go anywhere on Saturday morning, I send Mr. Swiss for any bits and pieces we may need.  I will take it easy, living the luxurious life of a housewife, building up to the daily lunch.

Roses 22.06 (3)
I will leave you with a rose greeting from the small garden of the local senior citizens home. Enjoy the day/night and see you around on the flip side.

RDP #22 Pond

Water Lily Pond

This is a pond at the local senior residence. It is quite near where I live. I decided to take a wheelie in my chair for a few photos. This is quite a nice pond and is full of water lilies, although at the moment there are not so many flowers.

Water Lillies 08.06 (1)

The last time I was there I took a few closeups and there were more flowers. As I was taking my photos one of the residents saw me and mentioned what a lovely subject it must be for a photo, and I could only agree.

Fountain, senior home

Next to the pond they have an interesting fountain, so while I was there I took a photo. Actually this senior residence is really a wonderful place. They have a restaurant, which is also open to the public and who knows, one day I might be one of the inmates, but I still have a few years to go and then I can take all the photos I want to.

We have a few senior homes where I live. I remember this one being built about 30 years ago and we were all asking can we afford it. Switzerland is not a country known for its social institutions, but as far as I understood this one, the home is not cheap. Your income via pensions schemes is examined and they take it all for the costs of the home, leaving some sort of pocket money for your private needs. The food, is included and you have no extra bills to pay, assuming that your pension money will be enough for the charges.

Basically I have no idea and will cross that bridge when it arrives. It will be a question of me or Mr.  Swiss needing somewhere to go, and in the meantime we manage quite nicely in our own four walls. It is funny how these things suddenly crop up when you are a golden oldie. Anyhow make the most of it, and take photos of where you might be going. After all it even has a pond.

Senior Residence

RDP #22: Pond

Good Morning

Evening Sky 21.06.2018

It is just a plain blue sky this morning, with sun, so it should be a good day. There is a constant light breeze which keeps everything nice and cool. I thought we might get rain during the night as it looked quite dismal, but I think the high winds blew the rain clouds away. Anyhow life is good and all that jazz, so let’s get on with it. As today is week-end shopping day I have things to plan and do.

I did not go anywhere yesterday, did not have the energy. I discovered a pleasant surprise in my garden.

Some years ago I planted hollyhocks. The gardening place only had yellow ones, although I always wanted red ones. I then saw the red sort growing in the town park, kept my eye on it and when the seeds were ready I picked some from the plant. Who notices a seed thief? I eventually scattered the seeds somewhere in the garden and forgot them. Last year we had the battle of the builders on our block, so nothing had a big chance in the garden.

Front Garden

A lot went kaput in the garden because of the builders and they had to remove the little hedge what was on the left of the photo, I also had a few plants there. I told them not to replace the hedge, but make a wider entrance to the garden, thinking it would be more suitable if I wanted to enter with my wheelchair. They did a good job of it and in the corner you can see a green plant beginning to grow, which I recognised as a hollyhock. I used to have one of my yellow hollyhocks there.

It has now grown through the spring and has begun to flower.

Hollyhocks 20.06 (1)

My flaminco decided to hog the photo. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the flowers were dark pink. It must have been one of my stray seeds that decided to go forth and multiply, I cannot otherwise explain it. There used to be the boring yellow hollyhocks growing there. These pink ones are even a better strain as my original yellow ones, much stronger stems.

Hollyhocks 20.06 (5)

My hostas are also now all flowering. I have various sorts but these are the ones with the green leaves and the white stripes.

Hostas 20.06 (1)

I had a complete row of this sort, but the builders removed half of them and replanted them in another place in the garden, as they had to plant the scaffolding where they were. I now have a bare patch, but spoke to my gardiner and he said he will plant some to replace them, but now is the wrong time for planting hostas, so I will wait.

Reflecting on the complete building catastrophe, we are now almost back to normal. Our lawn now looks respectable. There are one or two bare patches, not too big, but as soon as the gardener has some bits of lawn ready, he will fill in the spaces. We now again have a pleasant place to relax outside in the summer months.

And now time to have a clean through in the appartment and depart for the shopping tour. The list has been made, our food ideas for the week-end are completed, and all we have to do is go and do it all.

Have a good day, it will soon be the week-end so have fun.

Special Flowers 19.06.2018

RDP #21: Italian

Bellaggio 1995

This is Bellaggio in 1995, a little village on the shores of the Lake of Como. Switzerland is sandwiched between a few countries and many tourists do not know they have been there until they have crossed Switzerland and arrived in another country. Living in Switzerland has the advantage that in a few hours, the motorways not being one big traffic jam, you are already in he land of spaghetti and wine.

There were not many opportunities for Mrs. Angloswiss and Mr. Swiss to escape when the kids were younger, but they were now at the age when you could leave them alone for a few days, and relive the good old days when we were young and lovely. We had heard of Bellaggio as one of those places where the Hollywood stars like to go and so we made our way via Lugano. We had not reserved anything, it was just on the chance that we find a hotel On the week-end we arrived  there had been a Bernasconi political conference in Bellagio and as we arrived at a very good hotel, the various business men in suits were leaving. We were lucky we had the choice of the rooms. Bellagio is a land tongue on the lake of Como, so we had a view of water on both sides of the room.

Bellaggio is a wonderful place and also goes up and down like most Italian villages. One restaurant remains in our minds, the food was good and the service. It was situated at the side of these steps. We were in Northern Italy. The first thing I noticed in the restaurant was a shelf with various wine bottles, for show. One of the bottles showed Mussolini on the label. The boss of the restaurant would sit at a table in the evening, and when customers arrived he disappeared into the kitchen to cook, but his favourite pastime seemed to be sitting at this table and being the capo di tutti capi.

He had a son who would also be hovering around in the restaurant, but mainly saying hello to the guests, especially the female ones.

I remember one afternoon Mr. Swiss and I took a walk around the area. There were some lovely gardens, and old villas and we saw the son of the restaurant owner. He had an American lady on his arm and was showing her all the sights. She only had eyes for him it seemed. He was really the rooster in the basket in Bellaggio and two days later we saw him again with another lady on his arm, this time an english lady. Was this pure Italian?

I also made my acquaintances in Bellaggio, but it did not bother Mr. Swiss so much.  I was then 49 years old and having my last fling in Italian.


We left Bellaggio for home and stopped at Lugano on the way in a restaurant with an outside terrace. The sun was shining, we felt good, looked at each other and realized we had the same thought. We then booked in for two nights at another hotel on the lake of Lugano. The kids did not need us, they were on holiday as well getting a break from mum and dad. This was the Italian way to do it.

RDP #21: Italian