Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Houses and/or Barns

House in Solothurn

A house in our town opposite the river. It was old and falling apart, and then someone had the idea of restoring it to its old charm. The colourful blinds are  in the Solothurn colours of our Kanton, red and white.

M - Solothurn
I am always taking photos of interesting houses in our local town of Solothurn

Corner Schänzlistrasse-Rötistrasse, Solothurn

The so-called “Vorstadt” of Solothurn. The house on the corner was built some time around 1930 and has now been modernised. Why this house – I lived there for almost 20 years with my husband and 4 kids on the first floor. It is divided into appartments: very thick walls, solidly built and large rooms – just ideal for a family. but not very modern at the time. Although it looks like a quiet place, it was not always like that. When we lived there the road was packed with traffic. They have now built a motorway to relieve it of the through traffic, but the railway still passes through in the center.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Houses and/or Barns

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Scary


This was my last photo before the complete transformation. Since I met him 10 years ago at midnight on 31st October and he gave me a bite, things changed. I no longer have a reflection in a mirror and the camera does not work for a photo. There is just a blank space where I would be standing. He found I look a lot better now, but I am not sure. We get on well together. I just wish he would not snore during the day. Those coffins echo when you shut the lid.

JNW’s Halloween Challenge: Scary

One Word Photo Challenge: Depth

In the air

I left England for Switzerland 50 years go, and with a few exceptions, I flew home once a year. I began to know the flight route like a bus route. I recognised various parts of the land below. Of course it was often covered by cloud and sometimes it was night, very dark and only the lights of the towns could be seen below. Was I frightened of flying? I did not love it, it was not a favourite of mine, but I had no choice. It began with organising the tickets, the documents, and preparing the luggage. Eventually leaving for the airport where you had another 2 hours until you had passed through the passport inspection and waited with the others to board the plane.

The machines in the aircraft gained on noise and the plane rolls along the runway. It gathers speed and height and you have the feeling that there is nothing below. Still not afraid – of course, because I realised that there was nothing filling the distance between my feet on the plane floor and the ground. It was empty space, filled with nothing, just air – even the clouds were air, an optical illusion of something you could grasp and touch. That was pure depth.

My mother died almost 30 years ago, my dad passed away this year and now I no longer have to fulfil my annual flight to London from Zürich once a year. The only depth I now see is when a plane might fly over my garden.

Plane 06.10 (1)

One Word Photo Challenge: Depth

Daily Prompt: Constant Transformations

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 24.10 (8)

You see the same things every time taking a trip in the car to Langendorf where our supermarket is, but when the misty days arrive, they look different. They have an eery reflection. A norml tower on the local cathederal is enshrouded in mystery: is it really there, or will it disappear.

Ok, nothing new, we get this every late Autumn where I live. A river runs through it all,  the River Aar, and according to the temperatures and weather conditions, you get mist. It is not fog, because fog is what I survived in the fifties in London. The fog was yellow and thick enough to cut with a knife and leave traces in your handkerchief afterwards, showing soot particles. Some people really suffered from the effects, epecially the elderly and babies. My lungs probably got a protective layer of soot and tar which was enhanced by smoking at the age of 16 for any years which transformed me to a sort of bionic woman immune to atmospheric attacks from the weather. One day at the age of 50 I stopped smoking and have not touched one since.

No, our mist is a friendly mist. It arrives in the morning and you can see it building a layer on the river. As the Autumn progesses it remains all day and traffic has to switch on the their headlights.

homeI just spent half an hour transforming my kitchen. It is a weekly job I do, usually after my golden oldie sleep on Tuesday. Only half an hour, because I discovered when becoming a retired golden oldie, that it minimises the work by doing it regularly. I do not have much better to do all day. I cannot sit at the computer all the time writing, and in between I cook, wash, iron and clean for a change. Actually today it was a short job, because Mr. Swiss had already done the preliminary work like moving everything to the kitchen table, so all I had to do was wipe everything over and polish it. My kitchen has now been transformed. I transformed the bathroom this morning, the most hated job I have during the week, but now I have it all behind me – until next week.

BuddleiaAnd as I sit here and look out the window onto my front garden I see that my buddleia bush is also slowly transforming. The butterfly friendly flowers are now gone and the leaves are transforming their colours and falling. This means work. I think I will have to have a few words with my No. 1 son about picking up leaves At the moment it is raining constantly: I even heard some thunder in the night. Either we have permanent mist or rain. Probably it all hangs together somehow.

I seem to have been transforming constantly from a kid to a teenager, a young woman, a lady and now a golden oldie. Time passes so quickly. Mr. Swiss celebrated his birthday last week and now we have been making arrangements for mine in December. My No 2 son reminded me that it is a special birthday, being the one with the 7 in front. This time it will be a meal in a restaurant, already organised as I am not too tired to cook a complete evening meal for everyone. I can still remember my 40th birthday, coming home from work to the family. Then we were still going on active walking holidays in the mountaineous parts of Switzerland in Summer and I had no problems. How time flies when you are enjoying yourself. I now have problems standing after sitting in a chair, not to mention leaving my bed in the morning.

Daily Prompt: Constant Transformations

Good Morning

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 24.10 (5)

I should really give myself a strong prod and push in the morning to get out of my bed, but it will not let me go. First of all I spend time looking through my iPad to see what I missed in the night and then I realise I have a computer to fire up, and a breakfast to prepare. Eventally I arrive at the breakfast table with tea and something to eat and with sticky fingers from the jam spreading exercise on the bread I begin my day by dealing with the nocturnal remarks on the computer. For me they are nocturnal, but were probably written during the day on the other side of the world.

We are living in misty times at the moment, but it makes interesting photos from the car on the way to the supermarket in the morning. The photo is when we turn into the main road from our estate. On the left is the local railway to the town of Solothurn where the big trains are waiting to take you to places like Zürich where you can go further to other countries, like Germany and Italy and France.

Yesterday morning was not such a good journey. As we got into the main route to the supermarket we were confronted with this.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 24.10 (14)

Two cars were involved. The other was less damaged, although the front of the other car was also full of dents. As it a miracle, both drivers survived  although the lady in this car had to be released by the firemen. It was a frontal collision where one driver lost control and drifted into the opposite lane of traffic causing a collision. There were police everywhere who were organising the traffic. We drove through about 10.30 in the morning and it happened around 9.00 a.m. These things are really a warning to be careful when driving, it could happen to anyone. It was all reported on the local radio.

We arrived at the supermarket, but were still somewhat shaken up by  what we had seen.

It seems the supermarket is now preparing for Christmas. The Christmas sales tent had been standing for a couple of weeks, but now lights are being organised and labels be placed. I know you lot over the pond are only now preparing for halloween. We miss out on halloween, and go straight to Christmas, probably saving time and spending the money earlier.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 24.10 (20)

The two blokes on the crane are hanging up the Chrismas lights and the bloke below is completing the Christmas market tent. I do not even have a Christmas Tree at home. We just light a few candles to make it comfortable. As I was leaving the supermarket, I noticed there were labels on the ground making sure you do not get lost on the way to the market.


I was glad to get home – I really no longer need this. I have probably become a Christmas grinch, and wil be glad when it is all over.

And now I have other things to do, although I still do not know if I will do them. Mr. Swiss says you can leave it for a week, the place is clean enough – of course it is, because I like doing it regularly and quickly and not spending hours on the job. Although I think I might give it a rest this week. On the other hand I will no longer return to my nice warm inviting bed, or perhaps I might. The decisions of a golden oldie can be so difficult sometimes.