Good Morning

I awoke again to the sound of rain outside: nothing drastic, just a steady drizzle. Now it has stopped raining and the sun has appeared. I really do not understand our weather at the moment. I was surprised by the news from London, my home town. It seems for the first time I can remember that the town is under water. There are small streams in the streets flowing through the well known land marks and but London busses are not able to move further. Some hospitals are flooded and are having to refuse new patients. There have also been some new problems in Switzerland, but every new shower of rain can be a problem at the moment. We luckily live on a high level and the rain is not a problem in our area.

It is really amazing how quickly the weather can change. Just a little sun and five minutes later everything looks different.

I even saw a bird perched on a tree opposite. This has become quite rare. They are here but I do not see them so much. However, this little sparrow was not hiding. It is a photo from my telephone so a little blurred at the edges.

It is Monday, the beginning of a new week. Son No. 1 now has two weeks holiday. He used to go for two weeks to Italy on a special holiday for handicapped, but this has stopped for last few years due to the pandemic. His days of bathing daily in the sea and excursions to Venice are finished for the time being.

I am also spending my summer months now with the birds and the bees.

Yesterday the crows were flying again. They had a very noisy gathering and decided to take a flight.

I spent the afternoon outside on the porch yesterday with my computer. It was quite warm outside in the sun.

Otherwise I am just watching the apples grow. I have two trees and this year looks like a good harvest, at least 200 apples. I am going to be busy in autumn collecting them all and organising,

And I am now off for the daily routine. I have a bread I want to make and bake and a dinner to cook. As No. 1 son is at home dinner will be a little earlier, meaning my midday sleep will be earlier and I might even take the opportunity of going for a ride in the afternoon. Have a good beginning to the week and may it be a good one.

Good Morning

We are really getting some miserable weather at the moment. After a week of monsoon, we had a week of heat wave and now the rains have returned. Not so much monsoon, but claps of thunder and lightening. It is Sunday morning and really not an inviting day to go anywhere. Yesterday evening I uploaded the battery of my wheelchair. Not that I was planning on going anywhere, but I rarely use it and I should keep the battery charged at once a month. I use the wheelchair more for pleasure trips as it is handy for taking photos with my Nikon camera as I travel, but if the weather does not improve today, I will not be going anywhere.

A negative aspect of this damp humid weather are the flies. They seem to be multiplying in the fly olympics. These two were doing their best on the window frame this morning to ensure that they maintain the race. Needless to say my kitchen floor is littered with their remains. On my last shopping trip I refurbished my supply of fly swatters. Luckily they only sell them in groups of two so now we have enough. I find it the best method, but you have to be quick. I am becoming an expert, and the best place to swat them is when they are sitting on the floor. Luckily Ii have stone tiles in the kitchen, so no problem to remove the deceased flies afterwards.

I had another visitor this morning who was quite demanding in his wishes. I am not sure if he was yawning or getting my attention. Of course I fulfilled his wishes with a portion of cat treats. He then left, only to return a few minutes later sitting at the window entrance with a pleading look on his little feline face. How could I resist, so he got a second portion. A little later Mr. Swiss arrived in the kitchen remarking that he had already fed Roschti and our other feline visitor early in the morning whilst I was still sleeping. How sly the cats can be. I know for sure that the human he owns feeds him enough.

The bees were also quite busy yesterday examining my coreopsis flowers and completing their week-end food shopping. They must have known that we would be having another few days of rain.

Otherwise we had a nice cloud formation yesterday early evening. Today will be a nice relaxing quiet day. It really seems that this Summer is like a summer I have never experienced. Climate change is really here it seems. I will now make my way into this Sunday. I might even have to wear long trousers instead of my shorts, there is a chilly wind blowing. Armed with my fly swatter I will now make my way into the apartment. There are also a few items to be ironed. I wish everyone a good Sunday and may the weather gods look with sympathy upon you. They do not seem to be very happy where I am at the moment when I look at my hosta leaves.

RDP Saturday: Foolish Things

I was on a visit to london a few years ago, actually it was my last visit. I was in a store and saw this. I would like to have had a better photo but did not want to get into difficulties if someone saw me. I also used to wear such instruments when I was younger for a modern hairstyle, but I must admit I did not wear them for everyone to see, but only at home.

RDP Saturday: Foolish Things

Good Morning

It is raining again. It looked a bit cloudy yesterday, and was warm and getting humid. Up to now the humidity was under control, but now we have it in all its quantities, but no qualities. It began to rain some time during the night and had stopped when I arose this morning, but now it has returned, a constant damp shower.

It did not seem to bother this guy/dame who was making its was across the stones in my garden. It usually makes the way into the deepest part of the flower bed, but this time was sliming in the other direction, probably realising that there would be more of this glorious damp weather to come. As long as the rivers and lakes do not begin to rise again.

I made my way into town again yesterday making the most of the sunny days. It is good to get out and see something different. The tower of our concert hall was showing itself through the trees on the way. I always take the cirular path to get to town. There is more rural scenery and a nice easy path to travel on in my scooter. The town streets tend to be quite bumpy with their quaint cobblestones.

I continued on my way to the store and passed our square where the main local government offices are to be found. They replaced the normal fountain some years ago with this modern design and there were a few kids enjoying the cooling waters. I am sure their parents would not be happy when they return home wet. From here it was a quick move to the stores. Although I had a delivery in the morning there were a few items I had forgot, not very much but a good excuse to go somewhere. Above all I had no plastic bags for my rubbish disposal. We have to use special bags supplied by the auithorities. They are quite expensive, but the extra charge covers the costs of their disposal.

And the musicians have returned to our town. After a year of abscence, due to covid, they were now slowly appearing on the streets. They usually arrive at week-ends. This group were Italian and their music was really very pleasant, a group of brass instruments.

This duet were also quite good. She was singing something South American and he was playing the accompaniment.

And there was a guy playing the violine. He had an orchestral accompaniment playing as a backing so it sounded OK. It seems the town is waking up again and things are normalising a little, although Covid is still hanging around.

I eventually got what I needed and made my way home.

I noticed a few crows hanging around as I entered our estate.

Today I think I will be stranded at home. It is too wet to go anywhere and I have been on my way enough lately. Have a good week-end everyone, take it easy and I hope that the climate changes will not interrupt your routine too much. There has been much to much strange weather occurrences lately. This brave little dandelion managed to find some space to grow.

FOTD 23rd July 2021: Campanula Latifolia (Giant Bellflower)

I am not so sure about the name, but my plant identifier told me this is what it is. I only noticed I had it in the garden last week when the buds began to form. Now it is flowering in a nice blue colour and it seems to be the giant version of a bell flower. As far as I am concerned it is a welcome visitor and may stay.

FOTD 23rd July 2021: Campanula Latifolia (Giant Bellflower)