FOWC with Fandango: Divorce

After 55 years of marriage. I do not think so, although we are no longer together since a year. It was difficult at the beginning for both of us, but we realised it was the best under the circumstances. We were no longer as fit as we were, and both of us could no longer cope with the physical problems of the other. Mr. Swiss now lives just along the road in a golden oldie home where he gets the care and treatment he needs, an I am still living in our apartment with our oldest son. It was half a year until I crossed the line and got my own bedroom, with my own bed, but it works quite well. I visit Mr. Swiss almost daily and I go into town on my own with my scooter, having problems with my mobility – MS. Divorce does not always mean a split down the middle, at least not in our case.
FOWC with Fandango: Divorce

RDP Sunday: Chautauqua Week

Every town probably has its own Chautauqua, although I must admit I had never heard of it. Our local town of Solothurn is quite well known for its literature days. They occur some time at the end of January and authors from all over Switzerland, also from the neighbouring countries. are invited to show their new works. During the week there are events for book translators and introductions of new authors and their work. Switzerland being a country of many languages, translators are an important part of our literature. I went along once to see how it was done, but almost impossible to get in as everything was fully booked. This photo is not from the literature days, but organised privately. Someone is reading and the others are listening. The reader changes now and again.

I came across this group once when I was in town. Again someone was reading and the people were listening. We really do have a connection to literature in our town.
RDP Sunday: Chautauqua Week

FOWC with Fandango: Alliance

Switzerland, where I live for the past 55 years, do not have an alliance with anyone really. Perhaps with the cows, but most of them are Swiss in any case. They are a bit suspicious of us, but we don’t really trust then either. Otherwise we do not participate in wars. I suppose we do not really have any friends in the world, although if anyone is have problems in their own country, they are welcome to try Switzerland. In a country with four national languages, it can get a little complicated sometimes. I feel quite a home, after all everyone speaks english, at last the Brits thing so.

FOWC with Fandango: Alliance

RDP Saturday: Tea

Being a Brit, you would think that tea was something special in my life. I really never bothered with it. Of course mum and dad were constant tea drinkers, with their milk and suger. I was more into coffee actually. I only really discovered tea in the last few years when I noticed that my digestive system was no longer happy with coffee. What could I do, I have to have some sort of drink to strt my day, so I decided to try tea. Milk and sugar was not my thing, and so I drink it pure. Just a cup of hot water with tea leaves. I soon discovered that tea bags were not my thing – tea leaves in a paper bag? No thankyou. What sort of tea? There are many types, but Ceylon was too weak for my taste. Eventually I discovered Darjeeling growing on the slopes of the Himalayas I had to find a supplier, and now I order it online. After all tea is not just tea.

RDP Saturday: Tea