Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Large Subjects

Horse in Feldbrunnen

One of our neighbours who lives just across the road in the riding stables. No, I do not ride, they are too big for me.

Jura mountains - the first snow

I hope this is big enough, just across he road, the first chain (there are 7 altogether) of the Jura Mountains.

My Plane to Switzerland from London Citiy

One of the planes I once took when travelling from London to Switzerland.

Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Large Subjects

Daily Prompt: Unstoppable

Echinacea 27.07 (3)

Unstoppable like the bees in my garden at the moment. They canot get eough of whatever it is they absorb from the flowers, something like pollen.

Am I unstoppable? I suppose I am when it comes to a daily prompt. Today I was thinking shall I or shall I not. I have to leave in half an hour, a little more, for an appointment at my physio therapy. It seems that although there is no cure for MS, you can do a lot to help yourself to keep moving and so the therapy. Of course there are drugs you can take, but there is no cure. They just slow the development down and my doc finds currently as things are not really progressing at a speed faster than light, there is no rush. It is also a question of the money. The drugs are extremely expensive, costing my insurance at least 20,000 swiss francs per year. I would not have to pay myself, it would not be a great problem., but why spend the money when not necessary and my other doc even said if I prefer not to take the treatment, then I can.

I would have to inject, something like insulin, every second day and there are a few side effects for the first couple of weeks of treatment, but nothing I could not cope with. So we are saving the medicine for later, when it would really be necessary. At the moment I can cope. Have a few dizzy spells, some pains in the legs, but they all come and go, and with age – don’t we all have our aches and pains? It just so happens mine have a name.

There are a few advantages, so make the most of them. If you are seen approaching with a stick for support, the traffic stops at the road crossing. Above all, I do not get the silly stupid comments from other people, seeing me walking, in a strange way asking “have you had an accident” “what is wrong, you are walking strangely” – yes, everything has its advantage. I am sure they all mean well, but sometimes such comments can hurt and you feel just plain stupid. Monty Python, the great english comedian, once had an episode about The Ministry of Silly Walks.

You should also watch the continuation about people talking part in the Silly Olympics. Have fun:-)

If you see the funny side of things, then you can bear it better.

And now to get ready for the great excursion, Mr. Swiss is making preparations.

Daily Prompt: Unstoppable

Good Morning


A spider between the roses and the sweet pea. Actually it was one of my failed attempts to take a photo of a spider in its web showing the water drops on the web caused by Mr. Swiss giving the garden an an early morning spray with the hose. The photo was with my iPhone, which is not exactly a DSLR, but I also took a photo with my Nikon which I will upload later. One of the advantages of a phone photo is that they are instant: no messing about and waiting for organisation as I have an app which uploads them directly.

Yes it is spider time again, and they really give good subjects for a photo.

Close up garden spider babies

St. Andrews Cross SpiderInteresting is when the baby garden spiders hatch. Mum lays quite a few eggs to ensure the survival of the species I suppose. They all sit together in the web/nest, and as soon as you send out a small vibration they disperse.

Sometimes we get an exotic spider, the St. Andrews Cross variety. She keeps her babies nice and warm in a sort of egg sack. This one on the left settled on top of my garden cupboard. I decided to record the birth, opening of the sack, but it never really happened. I think the babies sneaked out during the night when we were sleeping. As a town kid I did not like spiders in the house, they were born to be killed was my idea. Mum did not like them either.

Since living in the country, I decided there were probably more spiders than humans and I noticed they arrived in all shapes and sizes. A big advantage is that one of the main contents of their food packages hanging in their webs, are flies, so what could be better. There are probably more spiders in Switzerland as humans. We are lucky not to have poisonous or dangerous spiders. Perhaps just the garden spider with the cross on its back. We learn not to touch them  as they can bite. All they want to do is weave a web and eat and have kids, almost human. So if we leave them alone, they ignore us as well.

Today is the day of the new sheets on the bed and I forgot. There I was sitting in the kitchen at my computer, writing my words of the day and Mr. Swiss reminded me. I wanted to go into action, but he said no problem. He did not have anything better to do with his time this morning and I should leave it up to him. That is what partners are for. I really appreciated that.

I have my second physio therapy session this afternoon and wonder what surprises she will have in mind. This week I have been practicing stand and sitting on a chair, quite easy really you would think. Repeating it 6 times you notice that the last couple of standing ups do not go as well as the first, but I am getting there. It was all been postponed for me because of my visit to London, but now I am back and catching up on stuff.

Looks like another sunny day today, but temperatures are just perfect, not too hot and sultry. Today is a spaghetti day, my son will be happy. He loves spaghetti, we all like it.

Time to move on, Mr. Swiss has completed the renewal of the bed linen in the meanwhile, and I should also get myself busy with some morning exercise, like taking a walk with the vacuum cleaner.

My spider is still hanging in its web, must be a boring life.

Flower of the Day: 27.07.2016 Orchid

Orchid 27.07 (2)

In my experimental journey with taking photos in manual mode, I was tempted to take this orchid, inspired by Cee and her white flowers. I always have an orchid somewhere. This one is sitting on my kitchen table. I even practiced with the white balance, but gave up after my white became yellow. Probably this photo did not need more whitening than it already had. I am really enjoying this trip in the world of photography. I cannot wait until my I get my macro lens, but decided to do more practice with manual operations before I place my order.

I even think this orchid wants to have a conversation with me.

Flower of the Day: 27.07.2016 Orchid

Daily Prompt: The Weekly Crisis situation

We all have them. Politicians have them constantly, and the victims are usually the voters, the inhabitants of the countries that have to live with them. No matter where you are, there will be problems. But now I am going to write about my own little crisis situation. It is not something that is eternal, that causes my life to be miserable, just half an hour a week, but it is half hour crisis.

This is the shower, the cleaned shower – that is why I took the photo. Photos of dirty neglected showers I leave to Facebook and other such negative journalistic sources. Ok, nothing special. I also have a bathroom with incorporated shower, but no matter what you have it has to be kept clean. No water stains on the tiles, no unwanted limescale deposits on the sink or the shower screen. If you do not care for your shower, it soon becomes an eysore and so Mrs. Angloswiss cares for her shower weekly. It is the last weekly cleaning operation, usually on Wednesday, because afterwards she has relaxing non-cleaning days until the following week on Monday. No big deal, the more regular you clean something, the less there is to take care of, but no perfect results without work. I have just finished this weeks cleaning operation. Yes, I am now proud of my shower.

But it is a crisis situation weekly. I hate my shower, I hate each and every tile on the wall, and above all the shower itself where you have to bend and use various cleaning liquids to complete the job. If my shower was human, I would kill it, be accused of murder, sentenced to a cell where I would be forced to have a shower daily with other prisoners, but I would not have to clean the shower, or perhaps prisoners, murderers, have to clean their own showers.

I had a deicison today. Shall I meet my crisis situation immediately after my golden oldie midday sleep or go into combat after writing my Pulitzer prize suspicious works of blog. I decided to bring it behind me, together with the bad mood I develop when doing it and so it was an après sleep action. There are not enough profanities in the dictionary to cover it all. Luckily the toilet is dealt with in my morning chores daily. It is the tiled walls and doors to the shower, the sink and cupboard beneath the sink that must be cleansed. It does not really take long. Once I begin, I pursue my task to the bitter end. I spray cleaning liquid which I rinse away in the shower. I have a special cleaning system that does not need to be rinsed away for everything else, it is all specially developed to avoid the rinsing operation. I have limescale remover for the silly corners, stainless steel objects etc. but it has to be done. It is not a self-cleaning shower, how I wish it was.

Eventually it is done, altough the floor has a few wet patches, but when I begin to wipe the floor with my special mop head, of which I have 8 pieces altogether, I know I am on the finishing lap. I have 8 mop heads, because I use a clean one every day and wash them once a week in the washing machine, it is all in my patent Angloswiss cleaning system. I need no cleaning fluid with the mop, just clean water. I can now relax and clean the toothbrush glass and the soap holder, and the job is finished. Another weekly half hour crisis situation mastered. I am now sitting on the porch, writing with a satisified and relaxed feeling, the work is done – until next Wednesday when another crisis situation will have to be conquered

Daily Prompt: The Weekly Crisis Situation