Good Morning

Patience also has its rewards. My first look outside when I stopped hugging the bed was plain grey, I then saw a very small contour of a cloud so decided to wait. After organising the birds for the day, setting up my computer and preparing my breakfast I decided to have another look on the sunny side. I was rewarded with the first clouds and blue sky of the day, so it cannot be too bad after all. Even Monday mornings can have their charm, especially if you are a golden oldie with only housewife chores to deal with.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to take a wheelie in my chair around the local farm and castle to see what was on offer. It was a wonderful sunny day, quite cool, but as the cows wear their own fur coats, they did not seem to be suffering from the low temperatures.

They were out on the field munching away and seemed quite happy. Looks like there will be enough milk for the day.

I moved on and discovered a couple of horses in the stables.

I really treasure my life here in this little corner of Switzerland where the cows and the hedgehogs say good night to each other. It is so peaceful and no stress.

There were even a few chickens roaming around. The professional egg layers have their own mobile home and garden, but the special hens, the ones with the designer feather coats, roam around on their own.

This one is a so-called silky, the hens with the punker hair style and the blue beauty spot on the cheek. She had broken out of the pen and was taking a walk around the grounds. I think our hens must be very happy and they even have their own rooster for the high life in between.

There are also a few ducks, or are they geese? I am not sure, but were inquisitive to see what I was doing with the camera. It sometimes difficult to get a good photo as they are behind a wire fence, but if my focus finger is working, I usually managed to reduced the fence patterns on the photo.

I was planning on an hour’s journey, but on the way met an old colleague from my first aid days in the village group. I had a lot to catch up with. She was also a qualified nurse, until she was pensioned a year ago, but still has contact with a few other nurses. She was telling me that there were a few cases of Mr. Covid in our hospital, but not so extreme. Living in a small village, you always bump into someone you know.

And as I was in the area, I could no resist yet another photo of our local castle Waldegg with the Jura mountains in the background.

Eventually I arrived home, tired but happy and began to upload the 80 photos I took on the way, naturally with my ear buds to listen to some good music whilst I was doing it. Mr. Swiss usually has his nose stuck in a book at home so conversation is not exactly lively and after 52 years together, there are not many new subjects to discuss. However, a musical background is always good I am quite a keen listener to a station from the states, Jazz 24, and they bring music all day


And now it’s time to move on and deal with this and that in the apartment. I will still be hanging around in the background. May you all have a good day, if not, try to make the most of it. I know it can often be difficult to enjoy every minute.

I decided I could not leave without a photo of our Swiss alps that I took yesterday on my wheelie. The light was right and I managed to get a clear photo of what lies 1-2 hours away by road from my village.

RDP Sunday: Amber

Life has become amber coloured as time goes by. It has become fashion to described life in colour. Red means no go, green tells you that everything is fine, and when no-one really knows whether it is good or bad, they let you have an amber warning.

It no longer has very much to do with a precious stone, but daily risks.

Anyhow, I can still find some amber highlights in daily life, provided by the sun.

RDP Sunday: Amber

One Word Sunday: Night

I do not very often get out at night, not interesting when you are in a wheelchair or scooter for transport. However my autistic son told me last week of the wonderful sunsets in the evening when he was departing for home in town. It was more a fact report than a romantic description, being an autist, but I asked him if he could perhaps just take a photo with his mobile camera for me. He said he would and when an autist has a quest, he fulfils it. The photo above is the result of his photographic attempt. I think the only photos he had taken up to then were from various musicians at concerts.

Anyhow I was impressed not only by the night sky but from his artistic attempt. I do not know if this will be a one off for me, but I did say he could take an interesting photo for me now and again.

One Word Sunday: Night

Good Morning

I thought there would be no good morning photo today as everything was in a mist and not a very romantic one. However, something caught my eye as I looked out of the window and I saw that we had our first morning frost, not too much, but enough worth a photo. Undaunted I stepped out onto the edge of the garden (in a light cover up of a dress) and did a zoom. Perhaps not photo of the year, but something completly different. I then hurried back to the warmth of the apartment as it was quite cold out there. I almost tripped over a bowl of frozen water that I have outside for any passing wild life, and perhaps not so wild. I survived and am now warming up in the kitchen on the computer.

Yesterday was a day at home. I decided not to go anywhere, although it was a nice bright sunny day.

And so I decided to bake a cake. You have to do something with your spare time I suppose. I searched for an interesting recipe for a chocolate cake and could not find one, so I did an Angloswiss standard mixture that always seems to work. My tasters (Mr. Swiss and No. 1 son) muttered a few approving words in between a test taste, so everything under control.

Otherwise I was busy taking a few photos of my feathered friends who had settled in the tree opposite, within sight of their food supplies on the ground.

There was quite a gathering, something like Piccadilly Circus in London, or Times Square at the New Year. They were flying back and forth constantly. I think the surrounding bushes are the place for digestion.

I even had a flying visit from Mr. Magpie, although he only stays long enough to pick up a nut or two.

Here he is examining the goods on offer.

Otherwise a relaxed day. The evening TV programme was a bit disappointing and the only film almost worth watching was *Knight and Day” with Tom Cruise playing an agent on the run from the CIA with Cameron Diaz. I even got interested in it, but the best film I saw yesterday was a very old one, 1954, White Christmas with Danny Kay, Bing Crosby and Rosemarie Clooney. It was really an old ham, but a lovely piece of ham. Everyone was dressed in their best clothes, all the men were wearing a “necktie” and there was no snow until the glorious end at Christmas when it appeared just at the right time. I must be getting sentimental in my older years and really, “they don’t make films like that any more” as ny dear old dad would say. Mr. Swiss reminded me yesterday how well my dad could sing, and that is true. When in the army he sung with two colleagues to entertain some of the other soldiers. It was not an official engagement, just for the fun of it, but they did once win a soldiers singing competition.

And look who was on a visit yesterday. This time they both arrived, but keeping a safe distance. Noting to do with our Mr. Covid, but just a cat distance as they are not the most sociable creatures. Even mating can be quite a fight until the lady decides.

Have a good Sunday everyone, I will do my best. Might even go on a mystery excursion this afternoon weather being good.