RDP Monday: Melancholy

It is a day to be melancholic. There is a large grey-black cloud hovering over my head. There are even raindrops in the air. I have nothing to distract me. The insects have even disappeared, not even a slug slugging its way over the garden. Birds have been scarce for some time, although my online store is telling me I would have a special discount on their food, problem being there is no birdseed to buy. So here I am sitting in the kitchen listening to classical music on my ear pods and hoping that something will break the monotony. My camera is hungry for photos, but there is nothing to take a photo of. I even stumbled amongst the growth of our wild meadow to reach the neighbour’s garden where she has flowers to photograph. Who knows perhaps the cloud might fall from the sky leaving a patch of blue behind.

RDP Monday: Melancholy

Good Morning

Not a very interesting morning sky today. The rain is still hanging around, but holding back a little. The air is damp and I am glad I am not going anywhere today. Monday is usually a day at home for me. Tomorrow I have enough movement with going to town for a few items of groceries, not very much, and my cleaning lady will be here again after her week’s holiday. I thought I had a doctor’s appointment this week but it will be next week so no stress. She wants to check on my long term sugar results. I have really made an effort and discovered that they are almost back to normal, just a little higher in the evening, but that is normal. My burnt arm is also almost back to normal, although no longer looking as it used to, but that is only the appearance and I have no itching or pain in it.

Yesterday I decided it was time to bake a Swiss apple flan. When you have more than 200 apples from the tree, you should make the most of them. Most probably at the end of Winter we will have enough of baked apple anything. Mr.Swiss found it a good idea after so long, but naturally added more cinnamon and sugar. I found I had added enough, but his sense of taste seems to have dwindled over the years. He can never sit down to a meal without adding spices before even tasting, although I spice enough for everyone else.

The last time I saw a sky like this was two days ago in the afternoon, probably the last fling of sunny skies before the colder season arrives.

I can hear the sound of building machines in the distance and work seems to be progressing on our estate for the new block of apartments. If they manage to get the foundations completeed before the cold Winter weather arrives, we will have an additional block on the estate and then everything will be completed as that was the original plan. This time I am not so happy.

We will probably not have such a good view of these trees when the block is standing.

Otherwise nothing exciting happening today so far. Have a good week everyone, and make the most of it. I leave you with some colour from my garden as the rudbeckia laciniata flowers are really developing well this year.

One Word Sunday: Closed

We have been living through a time when everything was closed. Stores, hairdressers, and above all restaurants. In the meanwhile life has had to adapt, people have been perhaps vaccinnated and the authorities are trying to get the whole pandemic situation under control. They closed this restaurant on the banks of our River Aare last Summer. It is one of the favourites of the population of our town. There are usually chairs and tables outside and a meeting place for all in the good weather. It was an idea by a few people in our town and they organised it. In the meanwhile it is again open, naturally with the seating positioned at a safe distance. Its closure was regretted by many, it almost became a status symbol of our freedom during the pandemic.

One Word Sunday: Closed One Word Sunday: Closed

Good Morning

The Autumn leaves are showing their colours slowly but surely and it is raining – a steady drip, but who cares. Just another rainy Sunday and I am not going anywhere. There used to be a time when Sunday was a day for a trip somewhere in the car – not far, but just somewhere else or we would just take a walk in the woods, but that is now a thing of the past. With age comes slow motion and we are content to sit at home and watch the world pass by outside the window.

I almost forgot to bake my breakfast bread this morning. I do not bake my own on Sunday, although it is a small tradition amongst Swiss housewives and other European ladies, to bake their own platt bread for Sunday. I prefer to buy mine half baked and finish it off in the oven for ten minutes. Not that I observe a day of rest on Sunday, but there are some chores I like to avoid and this bread always tastes good warm and fresh from the oven.

I also had visitors this morning. Shoo Shoo, the neighbour’s cat, enjoyed some feline treats and afterwards like any good cat had a paw lick.

Five minutes later after Shoo Shoo disappeared, Roschti came meowing at the window, so another satisfied feline. He was a little undescisive about what to do next: took a stroll in my kitchen and then wanted to settle on the chair on the porch. This was also not his choice and eventually he left. Perhaps because it was raining outside.

It is still raining and I think it might continue all day. The garden can do with some rain now and again.

Yesterday I at last discovered the Swiss app on my phone for my Covid vaccination. It is now law here if you want to visit a restaurant or other public places to show proof and it is easier to just show the phone than bring out a piece of paper. I also organised it for Mr. Swiss, although if you travel you must of course also show identification. Luckily you still do not have to show it on supermarket visits, although at the moment my visits are at a minimum.

And that is all I have to say for the time being. I will probably be baking a Swiss apple flan today some time – I have to use some of the 200 apples I gathered from the tree. Have a good day everyone and take it easy.

Good Morning

I should have been here fifteen minutes ago, but got distracted by the computer reading an article about Elvis Presley’s wife’s experiences which was really nothing important. Just the wanderings of a golden oldie mind. Now I am here and had an interesting morning sky with some cloud remainders reflecting the sun which has also arrived to welcome the day. I also began to cook today’s meat: nothing special, I am boiling beef with vegetables. It is something I can leave to cook on its own for a couple of hours.

I have just eaten some bread spread with jam for breakfast and have a cup of tea to wash it down. What an exciting life I lead. Afterwards I will drift off to the shower and tidy up at home with the help from my trusty vacuum cleaner and mop. I have not yet seen or heard Mr. Swiss who is still hugging the bed.

There was a little action in the garden yesterday as the bees appeared again. They only arrive when the sun is shining and yesterday was a good day for the sun.

It will be another day at home today as I really do not need to go anywhere and I definitely have a lazy phase at the moment. I saw that my iPhone was telling me today to update my Covid app. I can even include a photo on my Swiss Covid app – one of those strange black and white symbols with lots of dots and dashes and splodges all over it from my vaccination certificate. You learn something new every day. My online life is working quite well. Yesterday I ordered two new toilet bushes with holders and one of those long brooms and pan so that I do not have to bend when sweeping. I had a few of them but threw them out by the last big rubbish collection as they were all broken somewhere. My online contact company tells me they are already on their way and I only ordered them yesterday afternoon so what could be better.

Not having anything more to report, I will now continue with my Saturday routine. Have a good week-end everyone. My kitchen is now full of the smell of meat cooking. Here are some of my orchids to help you all on the way.