Flower of the Day: 27.09.2016 Dahlia

Dahlia 27.09.2016

I decided to see if my pot of dahlias were still in existence today, as they have not been making any comments lately. They are still there on the table in the front garden, but did mention some water might be a good idea. It has not rained for the past week, so I will doing them the favour.

Flower of the Day: 27.09.2016 Dahlia

One Word Photo Challenge: Crane

Migros 26.09 (11)

I happened to be at the local supermarket on Monday morning. As I was entering I saw two men with a strange electic machine rising to the roof of the supermarket and what did I think. “I must have a photo of that” and I was hoping that they were still there when I left the supermarket.

They obliged and remained until I left the supermarket. The question is now what were the doing in the roof? It is end of September, next week is October and yes, they were probably doing the pre-work for the Christmas lights. You think it is early? So do I, but Christmas means more turnover and so let’s get the lights burning and the Christmas sweets ready to sell.

One Word Photo Challenge: Crane

Daily Prompt: The Unfinished Museum

Feldbrunnen-Langendorf 23.09 (13)

It is a big building, rather imposing. our museum in the town of Solothurn in Switzerland. When I arrived in Solothurn abot 48 years ago, I visited the museum. It had various exhibits. In the cellar there was a department dedicated to African art, otherwise the main part was paintings from various Swiss artists. Museums are useful places to visit on a rainy afternoon, or when you do not know what else to do. And so the years went past, I met Mr. Swiss, we married and made a few visits to the museum together, even with our offspring. Of course there were also some architectural finds from the area also exhibited. To be quite honest I no longer know what exactly, it was too long ago.

As the years passed by the powers of the town hall or whatever, decided that our town should have a Natural History museum in another building and so this building was left for the paintings, amongst them from Frank Buchser, one of the local talents from the 19th century and Ferdinand Hodler from the beginning of the 20th century, one of the most well known Swiss painters. Please excuse me, I am not an expert, but just happen to know a few details of what was actually in this museum.

The Roman and African stuff was moved out to the new Natural History museum and the original museum was renamed as The Art Museum of Solothurn showing only paintings, see links.

About two years ago the building men moved it. Apparently something was being done. The first step was to dig up the grass surface at the front of the museum which actuall acted as a small park and they began to dig. The digging continued for so long that complaints were uttered what was actually being done, and whether they had forgotten what they were doing. When Mr. Swiss and I drive to the local supermarket to the next village we pass the museum. This is why I have so many photos of the work progress. I take a photo at least once a month, but nothing seems to change. The digging machinery and the men in orange are still there.

Feldbrunnen Langendorf 26.09 (11)This was the last photo I took on Monday morning as we drove past. It seems they now need an orange man in front of the museum to direct the traffic. During the work on the front of the building, the building began to sink into the ground especially if it was raining, and so it all had to be supported with various iron scaffolding and the foundations had to be recinforced.

No harm occurred to the various paintings in the museum, the most harm was to the budget calculated for the renovations.  I noticed that where there used to be a lawn, it is now a concrete surface with a few cars parked there, so it seems that progress is being made. Who knows, perhaps we will have our town festival next year to celebrate the re-opening of our new art museum. The worst that could now happen would be if they discovered a roman temple during the excavations for the new museum. The town was originally founded by the Romans.They would then have to put the whole thing under monument protection, which would incur another few thousand Swiss Francs and time until the archeologists had completed their work.

In the meanwhile we can visit the other museum to see a few dinosaur models, from the local Jura mountains, or some stuffed birds and ammonites which are not so intersting as paintings. I never did find out what happened to the African exhibits. Perhaps they forgot them in the cellar and they are now walled in.

I am still wondering what this new and improved museum will have as new exhibits when they are finished. Perhaps they are buiding a MacDonalds restaurant in the new basement to cater for the school classes that visit the museum with their teachers.

Daily Prompt: The Unfinished Museum

Good Morning

Swans 26.09 (6)

I did it, I escaped yesterday afternoon with my guard, Mr. Swiss. We took a walk along the river bank. As usual the swans gathered for some swanning around on the opposite side of the river, but I took a few shots all the same. I supposed my next buy must be a 400 or 500 extension lens, but the 300 cost enough, so I will probably have to save a few years for the the longer execution. Anyhow with the normal lens these three guys would have been just three white dots on the other side.

I had more luck with the cows grazing on the banks of the river on my side.

Cows 26.09 (7)

I do not know who was having more fun, the cows posing for the photos, or me taking them. The black and white cow was the boss and told the other two to move their heads as they were blocking his portrait shot.

Cows 26.09 (5)As you can see, they have their own self-contained place in the meadow. On the righthand side you can see their food trough in case they prefer a varied diet, with some straw and an attached water fountain. They are also very independent and do not need the farmer to look after them. At the moment our open spaces are filled up with cows, they have taken over. Shame that there are no Swiss cowboy here. It would be fun to watch the herds being driven to town, but they are usually loaded onto a truck and sold on the cattle market, although Mr. Swiss tells me the days of the cattle market in the local town are now gone. I do know that in the alps they drive them up to the higher pastures in Spring and  descend with them again in early Autumn with great ceremony. Once we were on holiday in a place called Adelboden in the Bernese Overland. It was a cold Spring and so they postponed the Alp ascent and we were lucky enough to watch. The chief cow at the front of the procession is decorated with some sort of flowering head gear and the others follow, also with flowers in their hair. A real flower power march.

River Aar 26.09 (4)

I even managed to climb the 70 steps to the top of the river bank and took a photo of the view from the top. If it had been a good day and less mist, you would have seen the alps in the background, but you cannot have everything. I really had no problem with walking, although I had my cane with me and on the left a nice solid banister to hold onto, but I felt safe and that is the main thing. Mr. Swiss decided to walk behind me in case I fell. I found if I fell I would land on him and we would both have to undergo treatment in hospital.

It was the first time since a few months that I did this walk, and I am looking forward to many more. The Autumn weather is the best here for hiking, although I would not say what I do is hiking, more an extended walk.

I arrived home tired but happy and spent an hour uploading my photos. I also had some in the camera from my morning supermarket expedition. I am slowly becoming known as “the lady with the camera”. I find it boring just to walk around and shop, I like a little side line to turn an outing to a fun event.

And now to move on, life is not just one pleasure event, now and again – unfortunately – it get serious with cleaning and keeping things under control.

I will be back, but today is not a day of safaris and exploration – at least no up to now, but who knows.

Flower of the Day: 26.09.2016 Hibiscus

Hibiscus 26.09 (3)

They are gradually coming to an end, but still flowering. Their flowers only last for a day and then they shrivel and die, but leave behind the seed clusters. I leave them hanging on the bush until Spring. Either they might grow a new trees, or, which is most likely, the birds feed on them throughout the Winter. Hibiscus are a local flower and almost every garden here has its hibiscus tree.

Hibiscus 26.09 (1)
Here is a shot with a flower and the remaining seed pods, ready for the birds.

Flower of the Day: 26.09.2016 Hibiscus

Share Your World – 2016 Week 39

A class you wish you would have taken?

Russian – but I caught up with it after school in evening classes at the age of 48 – it is never too late and stayed in the course for 12 years. Ты говоришь по-русски?

5 Russian presidents


Name something you wish you could like

I will try anything, no problem.


What’s your favorite comic figure and why?

Garfield – He is Tabby’s hero (my cat) – This is Roschti, the neighbour’s cat.


Tell me about your first crush / first date / first kiss.

And have Mr. Swiss reading all about it on this challenge – no way. There are certain things I keep to myself. George Clooney got married but I did hear that Brad Pitt is free again – it is never too late.


Who was your best friend when you were 10?

I met my best friend a year later in my first class at high school. She is now godmother to my No. 2 son and we still write. She was my biggest support in England when my father was in a nursing home and we still keep in contact.  She was not my best friend, she is my best friend.


What sign are you? Do you believe in astrology?

Saggitarius, but I do not believe a single word about astrology. The planets move according to their gravitational pull or whatever and not because a couple of half human-animals with strange names make decisions about the future. When my No. 1 and 2 son were born, Mr. Swiss was already working out ascendents and whatever to do with their birthdates and me – I was glad I had it behind me, recovering from the births and really did not have the time or desire to work out what the planets, asteriods, stars and whatever were doing in the sky.


What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?  

That the weather cooled down and it rained and that I am now a profi with giving myself injections. That I manage an hour walk without any problem and today I managed another walk.Yes I can do it, thank goodness for MS research and the results.

Share Your World – 2016 Week 39