Daily Prompt: Diffusion or Infusion?

Hostas 2017

This afternoon I took a walk around my front garden with my camera and my mobile telephone camera to find an infusion of good ideas to write something. It is not that I have neglected my front garden, but it was a dangerous place to be for a while. There were workmen tossing parts of the facade of our building onto  the ground from higher places and eventually the roof workers arrived. Piles of tiles assembled themselves in the garden, which were removed on the same day. The balconies above are no longer becaue they too will be replaced. Everything is getting a new makeover and during the process becoming life threatening.

After lunch today I sank into my bed for a golden oldie rest and into oblivion. Infusions would no loger help. It would be so ideal to discover the fountain of youth. It does not really have to be youth I suppose, because golden oldies have their own charm. Just a little more fitness, ability to stand up normally from a chair.

Sun lounger

Yesterday was a wonderful evening, but I was too tired to take a walk, so I made myself comfortable in the sun bed on the porch with a book. Now this is not an easy operation, but I succeeded. It is a matter of positioning yourself in the right place at the right time and lowering carefully onto the seat. All the needed articles should be on a nearby surface. Once sitting/laying on the chair it is easy to reach over for your Kindle (I do not to books – too heavy and inconvenient) and perhaps some sort of snack. In my case a packet of potato chips/crisps. What could be better? I spent the best part of an hour relaxing outside in the fresh air and then it was time for East Enders, the only TV programme I really bother to watch. It is pure soap, but it is based in the East End of London, my home town. It was then I encountered a problem.

Making myself comfortable on the sun bed was easy, but gettiing out of it was a little more complicated. I decided to think it over. I reflected on the exercises learned in my physio therapy. I should sit as far as possible on the edge of the chair which facilitatated standing. First of all I had to manoever myself to the edge of the chair. I discovered that the balance of my body versus the chair was not ideal, but with a push I was sitting. Now for the standing part. Any fool can stand up, but this fool found that the floor was too near for such an exercise. I grabbed my cane and gave it a push. The first time this did not work, but five minutes later I was again standing. What happened in beween is not worth talking about. I hobbled into the TV room and managed to sit down again and decided no way would I sit in that evil sunbed again, It had transformed itself in some sort of body diffusing monster.

Infusion, diffusion, any sort of fusion is no longer my sort of thing.

Hostas 2017

Daily Prompt: Diffusion or Infusion?

Good Morning


No, this photo is not of the slums of Switzerland, but my back porch, kitchen entrance on the left. The only living thing feeling comfortable there now is Tabby the cat. She has the ability to feel comfortable everywhere. We have bare brick walls and a mini table with just two chairs, because there is not room for more due to renovation work on the building. And now there is a ring at the door, must be the postman, he only rings once but very clear. Must be a special delivery.

Special Delivery

Yes. it was my MS injection medicine. It is a super system. I have a lady who deals with it for me, who is also a nurse. I just give her a call and tell her I need a new supply. We organise on which day it should be delivered, and she does the rest. This morning the postman arrived with my supply, all packed in boxes with refrigeration. In Winter it arrives in a normal parcel, but in Summer it has to be kept cool and so it is delivered in these special boxes with ice packs. When I unpack them the postman picks them up the next day, although usually I unpack them straight away and he can take them back on the same day.

Special Delivery

This is the actual size of the parcel with the injection units. I usually order a supply for three months, meaning I now have enough until end August. We have even organised a fridge in my laundry room to keep it in one place as otherwise there would not be enough room. Refrigerators are no longer so expensive as they used to be and I certainly do not consider it as a luxury. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss has now nicely dealt with it all, so back to the blog.

Today is another day of peace and quiet from the builders due to the week-end. It is just like it used to be (except for the scaffolding in front of the window). We have wonderful summer weather at the moment, just blue skies.

I have no plans  just a little bit of housework, a little bit of cooking and a little bit of reading. I finished my novel yesterday “The Burning Page” by Genevieve Cogman, the third in The Invisible Library series. I am really enjoying these books about alternative worlds, Faes and Dragons. The central figure is Irene a spy for the Invisible Library who’s job is to track down very rare books and her colleague is Kai, who happens to be a dragon, but can also look like any human being unless called for his special dragon properties. I love these books. The series is composed of 4 books and I have just read Book No. 3. I do not like reading the same series continuously, so in between read something else.

I have now began a book recommended by my WordPress friend Marilyn Armstrong The Far Arena by Richard Ben Sapir. Have read the first few pages on my Kindle, and it looks promising. We tend to share the same taste in literature.

And now to move on leaving you with a somewhat more positive photo of the day. Have a great week-end everyone – see you later.

Road to Langendorf 26.05 (3)

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – May 26, 2017

Renovation 22.05 (11)

Our ways are paved with trodden surfaces and buliding material at the moment.

St. Kathrinen Cemetery 21.05 (1)

The gates to the town cemetery of Solothurn, Switzerland.

River Aar 25.05 (2)

The path on the banks of the River Aar which is on the righthand side, Feldbrunnen, Switzerland.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – May 26, 2017

Daily Prompt: Meet Fuzzy


Generally I am not known so much for being a doggy person. This does not mean that I do not like dogs. I would love to have a dog. In my younger days in London I begged mum for a dog but no way. I never really found out why, although mum was often scared of the unknown. If she saw a mouse in the house, she would have a fit and usually either dad or I had to chase it away. Whilst the mouse was sharing our living quarters, she would not enter a room on her own, without sending us as the advance guard to make sure the room was mouse free. I could never understand that, but I was always an animal lover.

Our mice were the normal average house mouse, just trying to find scraps of food for their families somewhere in the area. When you live in a place that was often bombed in the war, and you were surrounded with waste land and half derelict housing remains, it was ideal conditions for a mouse village. We even had the ruin of an old factory in the main road, but that was not so much mouse land, more rat infested. James Herbert’s novel The Rats was most likely inspired by this, as his origins were in the same part of London as mine. His relations even had a market stall along Bethnal Green Road. I am diverging, but this was the reason why I grew up as a cat person. Mum decided that a cat was the best solution to combat the visiting mice. I was quite happy, better a cat than nothing, although our cat was not eactly the brave mouser. He liked to play with the mice if he found one.

So now back to Fuzzy. I never did get around to having a dog, but stayed with cats, so I had my enjoyment with other people’s dogs. This morning we met a good friend of ours with her dog Fuzzy as we were leaving the supermarket. She has been widowed for a few years and some time ago adopted a dog. This dog was found neglected on the streets of Croatia, a republic of ex Jugoslavia. There are many organisations in European countries that help with adoption of these stray dogs, and arrange transport to other European countries, either by plane or truck. I know of a few colleagues that have gladly adopted stray dogs from Cyprus giving them a chance for a good life.

Fuzzy was one of these dogs roaming the streets searching for food  and now enoys a wonderful life with our friend. Unfortuntely he somehow picked up an injured foot on the way and wears his little sock to prevent more wear and tear on the foot. He can walk quite well, and never complains. Our friend takes Fuzzy everywhere. If she is shopping in the supermarket he waits patiently outside where they have a special waiting space for dogs. If she decides on something to drink in the supermarket restaurent, Fuzzy comes too. He sits patiently under the table and enjoys his life to the full. I took the opportunity this morning to take a few photos, not then realising that Fuzzy would be a subject of my blog today.


Daily Prompt: Meet Fuzzy

Good Morning


This is the way to start the day if you are a golden oldie and do not have to go places and do things. Of course I go places and do things, but my own free will. I can drive the car I like (are you listening Trump) and the supermarkets will have fresh supplies of food to buy. The workmen that are renovating our building with noise and building residue are still on their holidays for Ascension day and the Friday in between. Yes life is good at the moment, so let us make the most of it.

River Aar 16.05.2017

Our pleasant, not too hot but sunny, Summer weather is slowly arriving, too hot for a walk during the day, but I have discovered that an early evening walk is just the right thing. Perhaps a gentle breeze, but still possible to wear the bermuda trousers and a t-shirt. A great advantage is that you do not have the mass walkers passing you, just an isolated bicycle now and again or a dog walker, to reassure you that you are not the only person in the world.

There are no ducks or swans to be seen, but they are probably sitting on their nests waiting for the arrival of the kids. I climbed the steps to the top of the river bank for a relaxing moment on a bench, which was already occupied by a young couple. They were very friendly and made room for me as well. Naturally we had an interesting conversation praising the local landscape. Funny how I always seem to get into conversations with complete strangers. The cows were there again and so was the bull (so keep your distance).

Cows 25.05.2017

As we were talking the cows moved closer and then the bull had a romantic moment with a cow. What a fantastic photo that would have been, but unfortunately the chosen cow was not willing and pushed him down (yes he had already mounted) so the photo of the year did not happen. The cow carried on munching her grass and gave the bull the cold shoulder. Here you can see the bull sleeking away to sulk.

As I approached my appartment, I had a few words with the neighbour who was also outside enjoying the peace and quiet of the long builderless week-end. We said we were almost missing the noise and bustle of the merry buiders and their pneumatic tools and conversations. It was just like it used to be, before they moved in and did a veni, vidi, vici in our area. Mr. Swiss was glad to see me when I arrived home safely, although we had constant contact by mobile phone in the case of a problem.

This morning Mr. Swiss was not happy with his computer. He often lives in a cloud, which I avoid when possible. This now has a big disadvantage because the new update from Windows Creator is not cloud friendly and nothing is working.  I just found this link Don’t install Windows Creator update say Microsoft. Well it is probably a bit late for most of us. I have not had any problems, but I am not a cloud person, and avoid it where possible. I do not have itunes or such stuff, just my photo programme which does not seem to be affected. I wrote yesterday that my CC Cleaner is no longer doing what it should, because their new update is turning everything upside with their new programme I should upload. I can get over this, as the old version is still working, but this is just pure coincidence and has nothing to do with the new microsoft update.

It is typical Microsoft I suppose. They ignore the problems that could arise with Apple based stuff.

Anyhow today the stores are again open and I will be on my way for the week-end shopping. We have already composed half a shopping list, and decided the other half will be  completed in the store to see what is on special offer. We have run out of ideas of what to eat. Basically I am not bothered. I no longer have such a big appetite and do not eat as much as I used to. Second helpings are no longer my thing. Probably one of the effects of growing older. However when you have a No. 1 son that lives to eat and not the opposite, there is never food left after a meal. He has decided to take a trip to Zürich today as he also has a free day, so it will be a romantic lunch with just me and Mr. Swiss.

And now I am off, have things to do like taking a vacuum cleaner for a walk around the home. I will leave you with a morning photo of my tradescantia which are now flowering in the garden. My photo of the day. I think Trump’s photo of the day is probably the new NATO headquarters in Brussels. He is convinced he paid for it.