RDP Thursday: Farm

Horses 27.09 (6)

I live in farming country. Our village is Switzerland is surrounded by farms. If I decided to go somewhere, usually in my wheelchair, the first sight I see are the horses behind the local railway tracks. I always make a stop for a few photos. Sometimes there are just a few horses, and often there are many.  And so I wheel on, cross the road and yes, I arrive at the next farm.

Crops 02.06 (1)

This is the real McCoy where the farmer plants the crops. I must be quite honest, growing up in London where the only crops we saw were the weeds growing between the paving stones, I have no idea what is what, but I believe this is barley. The field was planted next to the local castle.

Crop  field by castle Waldegg in Feldbrunnen

Fields are everywhere, every spare space of land is planted with a crop. Now and again there is an empty field, where they just let the grass grow.


These are left to the cows for breakfast, dinner and tea. They are not fussy about the menu plan. as long as it is green and grassy. In the winter they get the dry version known as hay. If you can chew it, that is all that matters.

We are still in the castle grounds, and moving further down we get to the chicken coup.

Silky Chickens 04.01 (16)

Even chickens come in all shapes and sizes. These are the aristocrats, the silky breed. They usually keep themselves to themselves and apparently love to brood.

Goats and Chickens 25.08.2018

The average chicken is not so fussy and even shares its pastures with a couple of goats now and again.

Geese 03.03 (6)

And let us not forget the geese. They always seem to have something to cackle.

It is a mixture of neighing, mooing, cackling and crowing as you approach the farm, accompanied with the noise of the farmer’s tractor, even if it is only muck spreading. That is life out in the country, and I would not want to exchange it for anything else.

Tractor 23.02 (3)

RDP Thursday: Farm

Good Morning


We had thick grey clouds yesterday evening and now it is raining. No problem, it does the garden good to have some fresh water now and again. Today is again a holiday in the catholic areas of Switzerland for Corpus Christi whatever that is. All the stores are closed which does not bother me. It is only one day and I rarely go shopping on Thursday. I remember in the olden days when I was a working woman and we enjoyed a day off now and again. I would often take the Friday off as well to make a nice long week-end.

Although our Kanton is closed today others have a normal day. Mr. Swiss has at last organised a walker for himself and they will bring it today. It will be much easier for his mobility. He has a wheelchair, but it takes up room in the apartment and he rarely uses it. Although it is a holiday, the chair will be delivered from the Kanton next to ours, Kanton Bern, as they are not closed down.


I might take a wheelie this afternoon if it stops raining. It has cooled down a little, but I am glad. Going on a wheelie in the hot sun is not very comfortable. Yesterday was a day of shopping so we are set up for food. My next door neighbour is planning his garden and loves to plant herbs. He asked me yesterday if I would mind if he planted a pumpkin next to the corner of my garden. I told him to go ahead, a pumpkin is always a good subject for a photo.


My raised beds are exploding at the moment and the carnations are now flowering. I noticed a slug this morning outside. I am keeping an eye on them, but  luckily they are not such good climbers and only one has reached the top of the raised bed up to now.


My apples are now developing on my tree and looking good.

Otherwise no big developments on this side of the pond. Britain is getting excited about voting for a new prime minister, although it is not a people vote that decides, but a parliamentary one. There was a TV presentation of the candidates have a talk, the main theme being Brexit. At the moment it seems that Boris Johnson is the favourite with most votes in his favour and the only one with a clear concept of leaving the EU. I don’t mind Boris actually. He has some amusing ideas now and again, but he has had a life in journalism and can even speak a few foreign languages, which is more than can be said for most. Donald Trump seems to like him, but I find that more negative than positive.

So enough of politics, everyone to their own opinion. We do not have such problems in Switzerland as every year we get a new president, chosen from one of our 7 ministers. I even have problems keeping up with who the new president is.

And now to deal with daily chores. I do not know when the guy is arriving with the walker for Mr. Swiss, but I hope not to early and that I have managed to shower and dress in normal daily clothes.

I expect to be around again some time today, so enjoy the day. See you later.


FOWC with Fandango: Label

Cheese Days Solothurn 06.09 (13)

If you have a baby then one of the first things it gets after birth is a little paper bracelet around the wrist with its name, weight and date of birth. One of the keepsakes you have as a memory. Obviously this cannot be applied to cows. They have no writsts and the legs as not so organised for bracelets, but the ears are perfect. They have their ears pierced straght after birth and are given a number and even a bar code. Our cows in Switzerland never get lost. The cows in the photo were at our local cheese days. One of our squares in town was converted into a cow exhibition and the best cows even got a special label to show how good they were.

Cheese Days Solothurn 06.09 (31)

This seems to be a special cow according to the label. It has a name, Olivia. All cows have a name, usually in alphabetical order, and when I took the photo it was already 5 years old, so it is plain to see that it is a milk cow otherwise it would not have survived so long.. Its race was BV, probably meaning Bovine, which are all cows. The father is Hilto and the mother labeled as Zolivo. I am really no expert, but after a little research in Internet, I belive that Zolivo is a normal brown cow. She was quite a heavy weight at 7829 Kilo.

So do not forget to have your cows ear pierced after birth and make sure they are registered.

Cheese Days Solothurn 06.09 (23)

And the best cows get a special label.

FOWC with Fandango: Label

RDP Wednesday: Sibling

Swans nesting 18.05 (9)

It all began when I went for a wheelie in my chair along the river path and saw these two swans sitting side by side. Swans are mostly in pairs, I believe they stay together for all their lives. A guy walked past with his wife and said he believes they were brooding. There was a collection of twigs below the smaller swan, probably the female. We were all surprised as it was at the side of a path where many people went for a walk.


This awoke my interest and I made a point of walking on this bank of the river to see if there was any progress. I noticed that a fence had now been erected around the swan pair, probably by the kind officials of our town, to let them have their peace and quiet. Often one swan would be swimming in the River Aare and the other staying on the nest.


On my last visit one swan was in the river and the other as usual brooding. However, brooding needs patience and now and again even a swan has to stretch her legs and change the position and then it happened. Of course I was ready with the camera and I saw the eggs, five of them. I had never seen a swan egg before and they are quite big.

Every year we have a swan family swimming along the river. Swan parents are devoted to their children, and look after them until they are almost fully grown. I am now looking forward to the day when I take a wheelie and see the little cygnets swimming with mum at the front and dad at the back.

RDP Wednesday: Sibling

Good Morning


What have we got this morning? A very nice whispy cloud formation which will probably disappear as the day grows on. It looks like it will be a another wonderful sunny day today, although I have shopping to do this afternoon and the sun does not shine in the supermarket.

Yesterday I was otherwise occupied with my eye examination at the eye doc. They were all concerned about my eyes, only I was not. I was sure all I needed was a new pair of glasses, which I now have and see enough for my 73 years. Sometimes it is better when you do not see everything. It seems that my right eye is more or less OK, but the left eye has now only 80%, although I do not really notice this. The result being that I should return in a year to see how it is all progressing. It is all down to becoming a golden oldie. It has nothing to do with my MS or my diabetes, just the advancing years. In the olden days there was nothing you can do about it, but today you can have a new lens inserted into the eye after a short operation. Mr Swiss will be having this done in a couple of weeks for one eye, and a couple of weeks later for the other eye.

I discovered that having drops put into my eyes to dilate the pupils was not so pleasant, it stung, although I did get very sexy eyes afterwards, but I failed to appreciate it. Another problem afterwards was not so much having a slightly blurred vision but the sunlight because my pupils were so wide.


The only photo I managed was a scene of the main road opposite the station while I was waiting for the local train to take me home. The train had a delay. It seems that the Tour de Suisse, our international bike race, was passing through our town and the traffic had been stopped. I was a little disappointed as about 10 years ago, the last time they came through Solothurn, I was standing at the roadside in the village taking photos. This time I missed all the fun due to my eye examination.


To compensate, here is one of my photos from 10 years ago, quite an occasion.

I eventually arrived home after a bumpy ride with my walker on the local road train, but it was only a short distance. The worst part was walking from the local station to home. I am not used to going such longer distances with my legs.

I was glad to get it all behind me and relax at home.


This morning I descovered yet a new arrival on my raised bed in the garden. I have watched this plant growing since beginning of the year and it sees that are a sort of miniature sunflower.


I have had this rose bush for many years and it has never failed to show a few roses, but this year it is full of buds. The gardener replanted it in another place when she refurbished the garden and it seems it is enjoying its new situation.

I also now have to find a new place as I have finished my breakfast and cannot sit at the table all morning with my computer unfortunately. I am now on my way to the bathroom and shower. Have fun if possible and make the most of your day. See you later.