Good Morning

Back Garden

The snow has melted somewhat overnight and thank goodness our roads are clear. I just hope that it does not return at least until Christmas. My good morning posts might be a little thin this week as I hardly have the time for myself at the moment. My photo wheelies in my chair are becoming a rarity as my life has turned into shopping excursions and other household duties. We also have Christmas ahead, which is for us just a small celebration with three people, but our stores are shut and it amounts to a double week-end due to Christmas starting on Monday. Luckily the store is opening on Sunday as an exception, when I can get my shopping done.

I also have a doctor appointment to fit in somewhere with Mr. Swiss, probably this afternoon, so things are looking fairly stressy.

It was a dismal week-end with nothing special happening, but I was glad for a quiet Sunday. And now I must go. I have a shopping trip to organise. Have a good begin to the week everyone and hope to see you later.

FOWC with Fandango: Cycle

One wheel bikers on St.Ursen steps 02.09 (1)

I do not cycle I never could
something missing in my childhood
I tried it later with Mr. Swiss
He tried to teach me, it was a miss
I had many falls and tumbles on the way
Tried to overcome them, it was a dismay
But one thing I had, and that was mine
A cycle every month, I must define
Now that is gone, being old and grey
I am not sorry, that was yesterday

FOWC with Fandango: Cycle

RDP Sunday: Persist

Sundown 12.12 (2)

Every day the same routine
Trapped by the weather, the same old scene
The sun rises, and then goes down
Perhaps I escape and go to town
Snow is laying on the way
No clouds in the sky, completely grey
Persisting with stupidity,  find something new
Something different, let’s breakthrough
No inspiration to write a few words
Nothing better to do, than watch the birds

Sparrows 15.12 (7)

RDP Sunday: Persist

Good Morning

Snow in back garden

It’s here. Almost like a Spielberg film, but it is reality. During the night it snowed enough and it is cold, meaning that it is here to stay today. I hope the road cleaners are already organised and on their way to remove this curse until tomorrow morning, because I really do not want to drive in this stuff. I have enough problems at the moment with dealing with shopping and cleaning and cooking, not to mention other little chores that were once shared with Mr. Swiss. I can no longer rely on any help.

My me time has almost disappeared, but I will cling to the last blog that I write, no, I will not give blogging up. It is the only alternative I now have. My photo safaris in my wheelchair are also now finished temporarily due to the snow, so life is becoming fairly boring.

Sparrows 15.12 (27)

I did manage to get some bird shots yesterday. I think they realised that the snow was on its way and decided to make the most of what was on offer.

Sparrows 15.12 (13)

And as if there was enough in the bird feeder, they deciided to have a peck around on the ground below.

Car Park for handicapped

Otherwise I was off shopping yesterday afternoon for an hour in the supermarket. These are the parking places I discovered last week for the handicapped. At last I do not have to queue and hope to find a free spot. They are directly opposite the entrance to the food department and are even free. Usually you have to pay something for a parking place at the supermarket. and my car is the one on the right with the wheelchair symbol.

I had to get more bird food. I usually buy a 5 Kilo  bag, but I only had my walker with me and decided on two smaller 2 Kg bags which fitted better and were easier to handle. Yesterday evening I spent some time on organising my shopping list for Christmas. I realised that this week will be the last chance. On Friday I will have to get food for the next week-end and the following Monday will be Christmas Eve, the beginning of our Christmas. Luckily we are only three people to feed, but want to be sure of something reasonable to eat. I now have a menu list from Friday to the following Wednesday (boxing day) and have a separate list of stuff I can already buy. I am becoming a logician, a planner, but it is now all resting on my shoulders. Luckily the store will be open next Sunday when I can get my Cbristmas meat. I will order it tomorrow.

Today looks like a stay at home day, encircled by snow which I dearly hope will melt until Monday, at least a little bit.

Snow in Garden

And now to move on and do something more worthwhile, like cleaning and preparing dinner.

Hope you are not snowed in and that your day is a restful Sunday.


FOWC with Fandango: Intersection

Solothurn 02.07 (8)

I have never used the word “intersection” before, but after looking into Internet and checking my photos I have realised that it is the meeting of the ways, crossing over, things that I like to avoid when driving a car, but of course you cannot. There are nice geometric objects known as “roundabouts” which I prefer, and the Swiss have the nice habit of decorating them. The one in the picture has lavender in Summer. I drive around  this one when going into town. Right of way is always the traffic coming from the right.

Bielstrasse 27.08 (2)

And then we get the more artistic type of roundabout. This is to be found in the village where I worked for 30 years. There was some sort of competition and the design with the horses won.

Otherwise as a newly recruited driver, I am glad when the roads stay as they should be: no sudden changes in the flow of traffic which would confuse me. Although I am actually a Brit, where they drive on the left side of the road, I never actually drove a car in England, thank goodness. I took my test in Switzerland where they drive, as most of Europe, on the right side of the road.

One of the first laws I learned in Switzerland is when driving, the traffic from the right has right of way when nothing different is shown on the road signs. However when this changes from one day to the other it can get confusing. Exactly one of the roads that I regularly drive when shopping has now had a change. I approach the intersection and want to turn right, but I always waited because  a “Stop” road was signalised and checked if there was traffic coming from the left. Now this has been changed and the letters “S T OP” have been obliterated, meaning you can now go ahead and drive if you turn right  and the traffic coming from the left must stop for you, but you have to hope that they realise that after the last 50 years, this has now changed. I do this Russian Roulette three times a week and have survived up to now. Thank goodness the speed limit is only 30 kph.

FOWC with Fandango: Intersection