FOWC with Fandango: Abolish


An  entire factory has now been destroyed in part of our town. It was a ruin for at least 20 years and at last it has disappeared. The land now belongs to the company in the tall building opposite and eventually a conference centre will be built there.

Abandoned Factory Solothurn 26.07 (2)

The old building was crumbling and falling from bad to worse and many will be pleased that it has now gone forever.

FOWC with Fandango: Abolish

Good Morning


It’s a cloudy sky, but I had a longing to get out. It is not really cold so I shifted my breakfast and computer to the porch and am enjoying some fresh air and birdsong at the moment.

Yesterday was again an expedition to the shops. Just as I was preparing to go (by wheelchair) the sky darkened and it really did not look good. The weather forecast did mention rain in the afternoon and I had also read from a colleague a little West of where I live, that a thunder storm had been raging in their area. I had a choice. Stay at home which meant weekend shopping the next day and make do with what I had, or take a chance. Armed with my raincoat I decided to take the chance. I must have set up the speed record in wheelchair driving but got to the store on the other side of town in one piece and dry. The storm was still thinking about it.

I did my shopping, deposited it to be picked up and taken home by our collector’s group and left the store to see a nice bright sky and no trace of rain. I was really glad. I had to go to the store next to my grocery store to pick up cigarettes for he who will not be mentioned and across the road to pick up his medicine in the chemists and I was again on my way home, but this time with a normal tempo. I did not need my raincoat, but had put it flat on the seat of the chair where it did not get in my way. I have again discovered a good system for wheelchair drives. I might even right a book about it “Advice for the wheelchair driver”, or perhaps it has already been done.


As I drove home through town I noticed we had a bit of Friday afternoon action. There was a lady equipped with her soap bubble apparatus showing her talent. She only had one spectator, a little girl, and of course me that was taking photos. After the lockdown and all the trimmings, our town seems to be slowly waking up again from its sleeping beauty sleep and Summer action returns.


As I passed one of our drug stores, I looked up at the open window to see if someone was sitting there again and watching.


The guy that had been sitting there the last time had now been replaced by quite a fashionable lady, but she did not smile when I took her photo.


When I left town I wheeled past one of our local flower beds with a wonderful display of foxgloves. It is really a good time of the year.

As I am sitting outside I just heard the pitter patter of rain, although I am well sheltered on the porch It was only for a few miniutes. I am hoping that is the daily rain for today as I would like to make an excursion this afternoon.

It is now time that I reduced my writing to exchange it for daily chores and a little logistical organisation. There are other things in life aside from a computer it seems, but what a wonderful invention. Ii wonder if Mrs. Bill Gates gets told by her husband to leave the computer and do something more productive like cleaning the home or cooking lunch.

I wish you all a good start to the week-end. Wash hands, wear masks if the government advise you to and keep a distance. And if the sun is shining you can also enjoy it in your own back yard or balcony. It really does not need a beach and sea and thousands of other people around you.


The local sunflower field