FOWC with Fandango: Arcane


If I did not understand it well, I would look for a book about the subject. This could be a problem. Living in a country like Switzerland where mainly books are written in German, French and Italian, the english version may not be available. If it is, you then have to have someone that would understand the contents and explain them to you. Of course I could ask Mr. Swiss, but he knows so much in all languages, he tends to want to prove how much he knows and forgets that all I would need is a simple explanation.

Oh, the photo? Our town bookshop of course.

FOWC with Fandango: Arcane

RDP Monday: Salty


Is it really necessary to have so many sorts of salt? No, definitely not, but that is today’s luxury life. According to Mr. Swiss, I never use enough salt. According to me I use enough. Is it my fault that his taste buds have been worn down over the years, probably due to using too much salt on his food.

I remember when I was a kid and we would buy a packet of crisps. The potato chips were not salted as today. You got a small blue twisted piece of wax paper in the bag, and it would contain salt. You had to mix the salt with the potatoes yourself. Just pour it into he bag, give it a shake, and you had salted crisps. It is probably only grey haired golden oldies like myself that remember the times of do it yourself saltiness.

RDP Monday: Salty

Good Morning


I am later than usual, but perhaps it is better, as it did not stop raining until about an hour ago. Now the clouds are lifting a little and the sun is peeping through now and again. I notice every time I enter WordPress to write something it tells me to use the new WordPress editor. I tried it once enthusiastically, and otherwise more by accident., and I am not impressed.  Perhaps it is a matter of getting into the routine. WordPress wants me to write everything in blocks, and I do not want to write things in blocks. I am always ready for improvement, but this is nothing different to what I already do, just without blocks. I call them paragraphs and they work well. I do not have to put every text or every photo into a block. I just write and it works.


I went for a wheelie yesterday, just in the local area and visited the cows. There are only a few in a field, the others are not only let out in the evening for the night as even they can get a little uncomfortable in their coats during the day under the sun.


I also met a couple of chickens. This are the special sort. The normal laying hens are now in another place, not so suitable for a wheelchair approach.

In the meanwhile my vet paid a visit and we said a last goodbye to Tabby our cat. It was sad, but she was an 18 year old lady and had had a good life with us. She is now living her 10th life in the eternal corn chambers, helping to keep the mice away. Both Mr. Swiss and I were with her in her last moments. The apartment now seems a little more empty without her.

And I should really go now. This afternoon I will  be off for a journey into town. We now have a blue sky with a few light clouds, as it looks like the rain has now gone. Have a good start to the week, wear your masks if necessary and stay safe. I leave you with a landscape view over our part of Switzerland from yesterday.