Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Trains and Tracks

Bipperlisi 23.04 (2)

The road train approaches our village

Railway Bridge 22.09.2018

To reach our main station from the West (Geneva, Lausanne etc.) it has to cross the railway bridge over our local River Aare.

Railway Work 14 (1)

And let us not forget the men that are continuously replacing our tracks.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Trains and Tracks

RDP Thursday: Rear view Mirror


I went for a wheelie in the surroundings today and managed to capture some cows in the rear view mirror of my wheelchair. Otherwise my mirror is really a necessity. I have often been wheeling along on a narrow path and here a “ting-a-ling” begind me. It is generally a cyclist to warn me that he is coming and wants to pass by. Even wheelchairs need a driving test

Railway Tracks 08.06 (2)

It is necessary to keep an eye on the rear view mirror, you do not always hear them coming. There might even be the local train passing through.

RDP Thursday: Rear View Mirror

Good Morning


I almost gave up with a sky photo this morning as I already heard constant rain from my bed hugging phase around 6.30 am. “Oh no not another rainy day” I thought, although I do not really have to go anywhere. And now it is almost 09.00 a.m. The sun has appeared and the rain has stopped. It looks like it will be a good one after all, although everything is damp outside.

My first job this morning was to order a new card for my post account as I managed to lose mine yesterday. I even know when and how. I had to pop in at the drug store on the way home from town and got mixed up with the machine in the store. Anyhow when I wanted to make an online payment yesterday evening I noticed that my little yellow card was no longer where it should be. This morning first thing when the post were open for calls, I managed to order a new card and the old one is now blocked. The problem is that I will not get the new card until next week around Tuesday, but in the meanwhile I can use my bank card. It is just a little inconvenient. We all have our methods.

I  was at the store in town yesterday for a few items. I am now getting used to my new routine and the assistants in the store are now getting to know me. I like to buy at the butchers counter fresh meat and not so keen on packed meat, although that is just as good. Yesterday I wanted minced beef and the lady who served at the meat counter was helping me, but said she had just freshly minced the “natura” beef which is a little more expensive but the animals die healthier (I suppose that is what it is all about). The advantage is also I can say exactly how much I want and not have to accept the prepacked amounts. Anyhow I jumped at the chance as the meat, especially minced beef, does have a more meatier taste – like it used to be in my younger days. Modern meat production might produce more, but does not have that same good meaty taste, to my opinion. I must say people are so helpful when I am shopping as although I am on the tall side, my arms are often not long enough to reach for the top shelf. I can stand if necessary, but from a wheelchair it can get a little complicated sometimes.

When I eventually arrive at the cash desk with my two bags full the assistant helps me to pack it all and I only have to step over to the customer service, give up my collectors receipt and go home. The rest arrives by courier, usually already at home when I arrive.


I always have time after shopping to cruise through town for a few photos. Yesterday it was raining when I left home but not heavily, and it had stopped on my way home. The streets were still damp. I stopped for a photo of our market place, the restaurants  being empty due to the weather. In the background you can see our ancient clock tower. The clocks are so complicated, and after 51 years living here I still do not understand them, but at least they chime on the hour.


On the way to the store I usually take the circular road around the town where you can see the back of the old houses with their balconies outside. It is more comfortable to ride on the sidewalks as in town it is mostly cobbled streets which can get a little bumpy.

And now I will move on. There is nothing special happening today, at least I hope not. Just a meal to cook and perhaps a wheelie this afternoon. I have discovered that being outside for an hour in the fresh air daily is really rewarding.


This is the view on the path leading into our village centre from our apartment front garden. I especially treasure the built in slope which makes it easier by wheelchair.

Have a good day, may you have good weather and may the sun shine.