Good Morning


This morning a little later as my cleaning lady was here. She is already finished and I will see her again in a week. We have yet another sunny day with a few decorative clouds wafting around.

I am glad to say I have managed to avoid the new block system on my blog. Up to now I just get a notification that I can use it, but I generally dismiss it. I am open for improvements, but this is really something I do not need.

Things are a little more delayed at the moment. I managed to have a collision with a door (at home) in my wheelchair which moved the right side of my chair. As everything was closed yesterday I had to be patient, but now the guy will be coming early this afternoon and I am hoping he can fix it. At first they said he could only come tomorrow, but they called back to say they had had a cancellation. Otherwise I will be relying on the local train for my shopping for a few days. Mr. Swiss also pointed out that my back tyres are are little run down, so I might have to get them replaced, although I notice nothing when cruising around and that is probably a quick job to replace them, although a little more expensive.


There is nothing much going on in my part of the world at the moment and according to the statistics we now have only 1 new case of coronavirus in Switzerland today so things are really improving. I am glad that the Whit holiday is now over and done with. Next week we have yet another holiday on Thursday, only in the catholic Kantons of Switerland, for Corpus Christa. I will be glad when these holiday disturbances are over and we have a normal week again. It can get complicated organising the shopping for it all.


Another one of my roses decided to open its first flower over the week-end.

Things are really looking bad in the States at the moment and I am hoping that it will not break out into something worse if the army gets involved in it.

Unfortunately I do not have so much time this morning to write more. Dinner is cooking and I should keep my eye on the meat. Have a good week everyone and stay safe.


14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. GOod morning .. Nice photos … you don’t need to use the block editor … all of your content is original, if you used stuff over and over then you could save them as blocks, which I do for our site at SpringfieldLP … anyway the pictures of the flowers are very nice. Once it decides here if it is going to rain or not, then I will plan what to do with my day. SLP.

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  2. Good morning/afternoon, for the first time in my life I am ashamed of my country and Trump isn’t helping, and the picture today is not in good taste. The cloud clear last night and I saw the moon. Right now the sun is shining and no wind out is a cool 57 degrees F. out.

    sorry to hear about your

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