RDP Tuesday: Movie

Filming in the supermarket

It was my big break. I was participating in the creation of a movie. All the actors were in place and the cameraman was ready.  The director said the magic words “action” and the extras began to walk and talk. Every movement and detail was registered. Unfortunately one of the camera personnel (me?) had her thumb on the lens. This called for a retake.

Filming in Migros

It just was not the same again. Many of the actors were taking a tea break or busy in the makeup, but the first cameraman remained at his position and the scripts were being memorised by some of the actors.

The film was a success and the local supermarket now had all the recordings in the box. Until the next time.

RDP Tuesday: Movie

RDP Tuesday: Stellar

New Car

On 27th December 2018 I got my new car, meaning that I have now had it for year. My very first proper car that i bought myself, dealing with a salesman at our garage, deciding which car to buy and even insuring it and all the other bits and pieces. Dealing with the national authorities, getting it permitted to go onto the road. I even closed an insurance for legal dealings in case it might be necessary due to an accident. And no, there have been no accidents, anyhow nothinng too grave. I did have a little encounter with another car, but no permanent damage done. She had a scratch and so did I, but curable to no extra costs. What do they say, that’s life.

I remember when I picked up my car. It was enshrouded in a green cloth, hidden from view and the car salesman unveiled it and even took a photo of me at the moment in time when I could say, “It is all mine”. The make is a Skoda, which is very much similar to Volkswagon, but a little cheaper in price. Mr. Swiss no longer drives a car, which is the main reason why I did it.


And what were the other highlights of the year?

Actually it was not a bad year after all we looking back. Not once did I have to go to the hospital in an ambulance. In 2018 I had a couple of stupid falls, nothing dramatic, but I cannot stand up under my own power and I needed those stronge muscular ambulance men to pick me up again. This year I did not fall once (more luck than judgement) and also did not break any bones. It was in January 2018 that I broke my leg. I discovered this year that having Multiple Sclerosis is not fun and no matter what treatment you have, it progresses. There is no cure. I inject every second day and I suppose it does help. The illness has many faces and mine leads to disablement of the limbs. I can still manage to walk in a Monty Python way of Ministry of Silly walks style, but with time the ability decreases. Next year might bring the permanent usage of a wheelchair, but let us wait and see.

This year was a chauffeur driven year, taking Mr. Swiss to various appointments for having new eyes and teeth. And in November I became grandmother for the second time, this time it was a granddaughter, so now I have one of each sort.

And today it comes to the end of a decade. I am curious to know how my sitution develops during the next year, but I take it as it comes and intend to continue blogging. Happy New Year everyone and may it be a good one, but who knows. It is written in the stars.


RDP Tuesday: Stellar

RDP Tuesday: Candle


Isn’t this a beautiful view, at least it is for me. It is Christmas Eve and in Switzerland, as many countries in Europe, it is the day when it all starts with the celebrations. I seem to be getting sentimental in my Golden Oldie years and have again discovered the nice side of it all. Even if you do not believe, like myself, you can still savour the various aspects: decorations, food, and above all family connections.

I have received Christmas cards from the remains of my English family, and also from friends in Switzerland, each one a delight. There are perhaps not so many, but as we get older unfortunately we diminish in numbers.

However, let’s look on the bright side. We do not have a big family get together on Christmas Eve or Day, just the local part. It will just be Mr. Swiss, No. 1 son and me. No. 2 son is on the other side of Switzerland and his wife comes from even further away in Germany, so we will only be seeing them later.

We gave up Christmas gifts a few years ago, but the thought counts, and of course my two grandchildren do not get forgotten. As I get older I begin to discard the attachments I have collected on my way through life. One of my hobbies is photography and on the way I have quite a collection of cameras and lens, but you can only take a photo with one camera and lens, so I began to sort it all out. I have now given one of my cameras to son No. 2 with two accompanying lens. It is a Nikon camera that I have used, and a very good one, but since buying my bigger and better camera, it has been somewhat cast aside.

On his last visit as he was leaving, I gave it to him at the last moment, but did not have so much time to explain everything. In the meanwhile the photography virus has packed him. He has the instructions and decided to go about it all quite professionally with manual applications. I have heard he is taking photos everywhere at the moment, discovering all the possibilities. Today I received the photo as above taken just  before sunrise today in his garden. He even gave me the shutter speed and the aperture f stop he applied. He said he put the camera on a surface to keep it steady for the second he needed for the photo. What a wonderful gift that photo was for Christmas. No. 2 son has a new interest.

It might not be a candle, but my day has been illuminated by this photo.

RDP Tuesday: Candle

RDP Tuesday: Vacant


I was in town again this afternoon, accompanying Mr. Swiss to his dental appointment. We now have a system. I let him out of the car just behind the street where the dentist is. If I would find a vacant parking space in the right place, it would be ideal, but they are usually too far away for Mr. Swiss to walk to the dentist. He is also handicapped walking and either depends on his stick (in most cases) or uses his walker. Today he left the walker at home. so it was stick time, and I had my walker in the car so we were stuck for space.

So I drop Mr. Swiss off, and then once again drive around the block and return to the road with the parking spaces. If I am lucky, on my second tour I find a space somewhere. or someone is just driving away and I can slip into their space on the condition that my aim is good. Today I was lucky and I even aimed well so there were no peeps from my car that I was too near the other cars to be safe. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss had arrived at the dentist and I joined him to wait. It was a final appointment for his treatment and now he smiles with pearly white teeth again and they are all there.

Afterwards we returned to my car. Since one of our police ladies told me they close an eye in these special parking spaces to cars that have the handicapped sign and have not paid for their space, I do not bother to pay any more. I would add that this is the only place I know in our town where they have no special places for handicapped drivers.

We are now at home and both of us pleased that our stressy appointments are now almost finished. Just I have one on Thursday afternoon for dental hygiene, but when I am on my own I park in the official parking house. It is less complicated.

RDP Tuesday: Vacant