RDP Tuesday: Droplet


A dog and its droplets after taken a quick swim in the River, it is just dripping droplets everywhere

Talking of droplets, I got my own dose of droplets this afternoon. It was time to go to the eye doctor. Admittedly I had been postponing it for a while, but today was the day. I had to order a taxi to get to the docs as they informed they would be putting drops in my eyes and no way could I drive in my car. And so today was the day. I had more than a few droplets in my eyes, it was almost a swimming pool, and probably my cat would have got jealous to see the size of my pupils afterwards. Afterwards you sit in a small room for a few minutes waiting to get the right size of your pupils. As I was waiting a second lady entered the room and sat next to me. We had a lively conversation about everything looking blurred, and then I had my exmamination.

My right eye is still quite good, almost 100%, but the left only 80% and so there will be another visit in a year to check and see how it it progressing. I am slowly but surely developing a cataract in the left eye, but nothing life threatening and it seems most golden oldies have problems as they get older, some earlier than others. There is no rush and I can take my time.

And so I found my way home on my own with my walker, using the train. It was one of the rare occasions that I had to walk a distance with the walker, avoiding high steps and steep slopes. I survived and I am just glad that it is a rare occasion

Water 13.06.2019

RDP Tuesday: Droplet

RDP Tuesday: Lost


I am really loving my new car, although no longer so new as I have now had it since six months almost. This car thinks for me. So today I approached our village and the local railway barriers began to peep and descend. No problem, you have enough warning and there I was sitting at the front with a nice opportunity to take a few photos with my mobile phone camera whilst waiting.


And then the train began to approach. My wonderful new car, which seems to be possessed with a brain and thought process, realised that the train was approaching. Somehow it must have received a secret signal from a mysterious unknown ghost. When my car waits, I, of course have my foot on the break, but the motor cuts out. Somewhere it is still there in the shadows waiting to start, but you hear nothing. The train was drawing nearer and suddenly my motor sprang to life. It began to pulsate, to vibrate and told me I am ready to go. Of course I did not go, but was waiting for the barriers to lift and give me free journey. This car really thinks for me. It communicates, it tells me to get ready.

It had already surprised on my way home. It was steady traffic and I was driving within the speed limit with a nice safe distance to the car in front of me. We were all cruising along and the driver in front was probably falling asleep at the wheel. He did not have a robot driven car like I have and so he made a sudden breaking movement as he realised the traffic in front of him was slowing down. What did my little Skoda do? It noticed this idiot in front and peeped quite loudly. I automatically put my foot down on the brakes when it gets excited. Well done Skoda. I did a breaking  movement, still had plenty of space, but Skoda was telling me stay away from the idiot in front. My car has a second name, “clever” and it is very clever. Oh to be back behind the steering wheel again.

You never feel lost with a such a clever car.

RDP Tuesday: Lost

RDP Tuesday: Spark

Renovation 08.05 (13)

Two years ago we had quite a sparky time in the building where I live. We were being renovated and there were certain metal bits and pieces that had to be removed. What a feast that was for my camera, I manage to get some nice close up shots.

Renovation 23.05 (14)

That was just the beginning, and a few months later they even brought some flame throwers into the act. What could be better.


That was until when this guy arrived. He was really throwing the sparks everywhere and I was standing next to him, taking my photos, until he mentioned that I should stand back a little. It seems that he was worried that a spark might hit my camera lens and even worse, might hit me.

Renovation 24.05 (4)

The next day her arrived with this. What could be better, this was the real McCoy and the noise was fantastic. Yes it was a sparky life I was living at the time.

RDP Tuesday: Spark

RDP Tuesday: Snow

Snow 26.11 (2)

Snow? You mean this white stuff that decides to cover everything in Winter? No, not today. Our Spring is having a hard job proving that it is here and I don’t think we need the snow. It was only a month ago that the last flakes fell, luckily not in our area of Switzerland.

Snowdrops 22.02 (2)

Or you can have some snowdrops, although these began to disappear in April, but this patch arrives every year in the same place in my garden.

Alps 05.03 (6)

And then we have the eternal snow. On a clear and sunny day just take a walk up a hill and look over the flat lands of the Kanton of Bern. At the edge they have the alps, the place where the eternal snows are. It is still there, although some say not as much as it was due to climate change. Our Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau are not yet willing to lose their snowy summits.

RDP Tuesday: Snow

RDP Tuesday: Courage

Crow on a Wire 14.05 (2)

On my way home from a wheelie in my chair this afternoon a crow fluttered past and landed on the wires of the local railway. Was this courage? I thought so, but the crow took it all in its stride. Just a daily flight and even the wires were comfortable.

And that’s all for now. No. 2 son is visiting and I am catching up with the news.

RDP Tuesday: Courage

RDP Tuesday: Match

Biker Days 07.05 (1)

Something is wrong somewhere in our town of Solothurn: the oldest town in Switzerland discovered and developed by the Romans and then known as Solodorum. Later it became a center of the baroque and our streets and buildings have remained with the old style. We have cobblestones to match the original town. Here is the St. Urs  cathedral looming over everything and now something does not match.

As I wheeled into town this afternoon I realised that something was happening. There were tents resembling those that the saracens used during their crusades at the beginning of the centuary. Not just one group of tents but they were everywhere and there were men assembling more. Had our town been taken over?

I met a gentleman on my way and he said that it seems we were being taken over, and explained that next week-end are the biker days. For two days our town will be occupied by the bikes. Everywhere I looked they were constructing slopes and ramps.

Biker Days 07.05 (6)

It seems that my camera and I will be busy next week-end taking photos of our biker invasion. I am not yet sure whether they will be the speedy bikes or the heavy noisy bikes. I wonder if I can take part in the biker programme with my wheelchair. I could perhaps tune up the motor to speed along faster than my normal 10 kph.

RDP Tuesday: Match