RDP Tuesday: Agitate

Goose 27.05 (1)

I got real life agitation this morning, and I think the agitator must have been a lookalike of this silly goose. It all began some time last March, or was it April. Difficult to say, it was so long ago. I was at the dentist with Mr. Swiss and decided it was time for me for a check up. It had been a long while, I had no toothache, not even dental problems, but today we are guided by the golden rule to have your teeth checked at least once a year. My dentist even told me I should report every 9 months, being diabetic etc. I asked for an appointment at that time and was surprised that the earliest opportunity would be in August. In the meanwhile much water has flowed under the bridge, although I had not forgotten the appointment, but when the date was made for Mr. Swiss eye operation end of August I checked on my dental appointment and discovered it would be exactly on that day.

I called the dentist to change the appointment. Each time I call I have a different person on the phone. The practice was orginally run by the father and he treated both myself and Mr. Swiss. He is now retired and his son has taken over, a very capable dentist and Mr. Swiss is one of his patients, looks like the VIP treatment. I was redirected to one of the assistants, also a very capable dentist. But who sees a dentist today. If you are in pain and lose a tooth etc. then you are a case for the dentist, otherwise your checkups are done by a dental hygiene person, which is usually a lady. It seems that dentists can fit you in in a month or so, but not the hygienists, the are fully booked out for at least 3 months.

This morning when I called to say my appointment would not be possible, the lady said I would have to wait at least 3-4 months for a new appointment. I bit into the sour apple and told her to give me a new date. I got the first Monday in December. Mondays are not possible for me and after a discussion she said 12th December at 3.00 in the afternoon. I asked the lady what has happened to the regular important checkups at the dentist. They no longer exist and I am now waiting for a very long time. Her answer: Sorry,  I have no time to discuss I have other patients, goodbye.

I was not only agitated but very much annoyed to be brushed off in that way by someone I would be old enough to be her grandmother. Needless to say Mr. Swiss will have a few earnest words with his dentist on the next visit. We have paid many thousands of Swiss Francs to have our teeth dealt with but for the silly goose on the telephone, this is not important.

RDP Tuesday: Agitate

RDP Tuesday: Spacious

Alps 07.03 (8)

“If it wasn’t for the mountains in between we would have so much more space.”

“What do you mean Mr. President?”

“What I say of course. All those peaks, going up and down. Get rid of them, flatten them. Think of the wonderful golf course that could be created.”

“But what about the people that like to climb mountains or even ski on the snow slopes.

“Stupid idea. Why climb mountains when you can use a golf trolley to travel from hole to hole. That is much more fun. Get rid of the mountains, then there is no need to go skiing. No the mountains have to go. I solve all my problems by eradication. Look at our wonderful country. It belongs to us and we do with it what we want to.”

“But the tourists?”

“Who needs tourists? They should stay where they are. As soon as you get tourists, they decide they want to stay and our country is overrun by unwanted visitors. We need space, not tourists.”

“But if we remove the mountains, what shall we do with the removed piles of earth.”

“Use your brain if you have one. Build a wall around our country with it, that will stop the unwanted entering.”

RDP Tuesday: Spacious

RDP Tuesday: Intent


In town, I notice this contraption. It seems the intention was to move objects from the top    floor: an invitation for a photo.


Looking at it from another angle, it was quite interesting.

The guys in the truck below all waved and laughed when they saw me leave, with my camera.  Perhaps I should have taken their photo as well.

RDP Tuesday: Intent

RDP Tuesday: Passage


Our town is full of passages, it must have been something that the Romans loved. This is the entrance on the west side of town.

And the East side?

Solothurn 02.07 (15)

Of course we have another passage a gate. But this one is a little more complicated. this would be the road entrance. If you are a pedestrian the idea is to go through here:

Baseltor Entrance 25.07 (3)


Baseltor Passage 10.11.2018

here you have another choice and when you eventually enter the town

Solothurn 27.04 (4)

This is what you get

Goldgasse 05.09.2018

or this.

Yes, the world is full of passages.

RDP Tuesday: Passage

RDP Tuesday: Lofty


We are always getting planes flying overhead during the day.

Plane 14.05 (1)

Some have jet power with it streaming from the back turbines, but they are all quite lofty, high in the sky.


And some like to land, in the meanwhile, for a quick bite (absorption) in between like this bluebottle yesterday evening out on the porch. I put him something on one side so that he could enjoy his meal in privacy. Unfortunately two of his colleagues soon joined him and so I told them there was no room for a family feast.


Otherwise we always have cloud visitors that like to get a little lofty now and again.

RDP Tuesday: Lofty

RDP Tuesday: Strain


I have a plastic garbage bag that laughs at me, although I felt like wiping the grin off its face this morning. Son No. 1 is on holiday and so is his strength and muscles.

We have a system. A normal sized plastic bag (35 liter) is in the garbage can in the kitchen. When it is full we take it out and replace it with a new one. The old bag is transported to our garden cupboard and there we have a smiling bag with a 60 liter capacity, very big. We add bags from the kitchen to this larger bag until it is full.

That is when No. 1 son comes into action. He lifts the 60 liter bag and transports it to the mega large metal container on our estate for the garbage. This is no problem for son No. 1 but he is not here. This morning Mr. Swiss managed to fill this 60 liter smiling bag and then decided to do something else after leaving it in the garden cupboard. We are both no longer the youngest, and our strength is no longer what it was. However, I decided to transport this full 60 liter bag to the container at the end of the path. The first strain came when I lifted it onto my wheeler. The second strain was when it fell off and I had to pick it up again.

I wheeled it down to the garbage collection and lifted (actually threw it) into the garbage container. This was the strain. Now I know why the plastic garbage bags are licking their lips. Mr. Swiss did say, afterwards, that he was going to fetch the trolly from the cellar to transport it, His intentions were good.

RDP Tuesday: Strain