Good Morning


Now just look at that sun, a great start to the day. And it seems no new reported cases of corona in our country, although Mr. Swiss being Swiss still says wait and see. We are a careful nation.

Anyhow nothing is going to spoil my day today, I had enough problems this week, but was very lucky.


This is what my wheelchair looked like after it had a meeting with my front door entrance. Whit Monday, holiday, no-one available to help, but somewhere someone must have seen my plight. I called the place where I bought the chair and they said they could only come and look today. And then they called again to say they had a cancellation and the guy would be along after lunch. He came, saw, and conquered. He said the right side was now bent, but he had a replacement in his van and did the job in about 15 minutes.


Now looks as good as new. It seems that my back tyres need replacing as the profile in the middle as disappeared. The chair is driven by the back wheels and unlike the front wheels they tend to wear down.  The guy will be back next week with two new wheels for me. He will also be bringing the newest addition to the wheeling family. Mr. Swiss has taken the plunge and ordered himself an invalid scooter. Poor man is homebound, no longer able to walk places, so whilst the guy is fixing my new wheels, Mr. Swiss can take a test drive to see how he manages. I am sure he will be successful. He was always the better car driver than me, which was not difficult.

Looks like we will be having fun days in the future. We will be able to go out together again, and perhaps have races: wheelchair v. scooter.


I was glad to be able to hit the open path again in my chair and could get my visit to the store done. Without my chair I would have used the local train (you can see the rails on the photo) which is no great problem as I have my walker, but wheelchair travel is more straight forward and time saving.

I was in the store again yesterday and needed something from a shelf which was a little too distanced for my arms. Again I got help, this time from one of our police officers all dressed in his uniform with the gun in the holster. The police station is just a few meters from the store and I also saw a second police office in the store.  It seems that police are also human and probably their wives give  them a shopping list, or perhaps they were just getting something for their afternoon break. Anyhow I was glad to have my wheelchair again and made the most of my excursion. This afternoon I have planned a visit to town for a few bits and pieces.


On the way to the store I passed by one of those wild meadow patches with a wonderful variety of flowers. There were even some wild roses growing there.

And now I should move on. I have a small list of items to order from the chemists for Mr. Swiss. As we no longer can pick them up ourselves, I checked that they have a delivery service and all I have to do is phone in the morning and they bring it late afternoon. The service costs nothing for prescription medicine which we have. I also want to place a weekly order online from one of our supermarkets. They also include other goods other than their own products. I am expecting a delivery today from last week’s order. They used to delivery in 24 hours, but that was in the pre corona days. Since then everyone seems to have discovered online deliveries and now it takes a week, although gradually improving. I just order bulky goods which is a great help. You have to adapt in life I notice.

So have a good day everyone, keep safe