RDP Monday: Belly

Weissbauch Igel

I was searching through my photos looking for a belly and I found a few. A friend of mine, who also happens to be a farmer’s wife, likes to do her own thing now and again and one of her hobbies was breeding white bellied hedgehogs. Naturally I paid her a visit to take a few photos. This photo was one of the adults.

White belly hedgehog - 3 days old

And there were a few babies which were only a day old.

Baby White Belly Hedgehogs - 3 days old

They resemble miniature pincushions.

RDP Monday: Belly

Good Morning


At least no rain today. We had a very exhausting morning up to now. We had an appointment at 8 a.m. with the guy from the supplier of my wheelchair. I needed two new tyres on the back wheels. Getting ready so early in the was quite a problem, but we managed it.

There was also another reason for our stress.


Mr. Swiss is now mobile again and has a wonderful red scooter.  Here he is concentrating on the mechanics of driving.  I must say I am so glad that he is again mobile. This morning he did a practice run with it and is already almost an expert. It is amazing what you can have today when being handicapped. I am sure with time we will make joint excursions in town with my wheelchair and his scooter.

And now I am off again, everything is a little stressed today. I have a shopping trip this afternoon and who knows what Mr. Swiss is planning.