RDP Friday: Almost


I have been keeping my eye on this tansy plant in my garden for some time. It began with a few insects on the stalk, now there are almost more insects than stalk and the stalk no longer has a lot of room left.

At the beginning I would give it a shower daily and that would almost sweep the insects away. However, since we have had our rainy days, giving more water was not a good idea and so the insects have multiplied. Today I took a zoomy photo of the cluster which looked most strange. I wonder what they are? Perhaps something from another world, who knows. If my blogging colleague Tony might be reading this, he would definitely know what they are.

RDP Friday: Almost

Good Morning


Although it is a photo from yesterday afternoon, it has more character than this morning, which is a plain grey lid over everything and it is raining. It rained now and again in the night – I heard it through the open window in the bedroom – and now it continues. I decided to check it on the weather report from the Swiss Meteo and they tell me we have sunshine all day today and also tomorrow. You just cannot believe anything these days.


This was the view of my shopping street a couple of days ago and today will probably not be much different.

Yesterday afternoon was quite pleasant actually. I decided to take a trip in the local areas. I just like to get out and about in the fresh air. I am a bit disappointed as they have now shifted the mobile chicken runs to a place that I cannot get to so well. I have to drive over a stony path in my chair. However, a couple of chickens had been left behind.


They seem to be something special: a lot of feathers and bigger than the others.


And then I saw the rooster lurking in the background and he was really big. There were only few of this species and they were quite at home around the horses in the stables.


There were also a few cows hanging around. This farmer has a smaller field and he always has three cows in this field. I do not know if they are something special to be picked amongst the others. Perhaps the farmer keeps them for his own milk consumption. 3 cows would probably be enough.


i wandered on to the top of the hill at the local castle and was rewarded with a wonderful view over the lowlands where you can actually see the Bernese alps on a clear day, but yesterday was not so clear.

And then it began to rain, just a few drops as an overture, but I decided before it got more serious I should make my way home, so it was a quick hop through the cemetery and a speedy drive along the path next to the railway tracks. Luckily it stayed by a few drops, but returned afterwards with a vengeance and a few claps of thunder to enhance the programme when I was at home.

And now to plan the day. First of all a little of a tidy up at home in the morning and a shopping trip in the afternoon to town. I think I will also have to deadhead a few roses. I was watching a gardening programme on the BBC TV and it seems if you deadhead your plants when the flowers have died, it encourages them to produce more, which is quite logical to me.

It is more an outing for me now: Somehow I am enjoying my carless life. I see more action now on my journeys to town.


I wish you all a good day and I hope that our upper village street is as sunny and dry as  the photo I took yesterday when I was on my way.