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Just a few words on this subject. First of all I would like to say I very much appreciate being selected for a blogging award (versatile blogger, addictive blogger, beautiful blogger etc. etc.). Many of my online blogging colleagues have nominated me, and it is really not being ungrateful that I never react. I treasure this thought very much.

Why do I blog? Because I enjoy blogging, it is fun, and I am doing something that gives me no stress. Some like to take photos (so do I), some like to play games (been there done that) and some like to write, which I enjoy. I worked for many years doing what I had to do, and now I can do what I want to do.

The nice thing about having a blogging award is that you can post a nice icon on your site saying look, I have won an award. But there are some strings attached. I very much appreciate that WordPress invests time and thought into promoting their bloggers, but for me there are a few snags. Not only post the icon, but contact 8-10 other people you know with WordPress blogging sites and nominate them as well. So it begins. I have been nominated and I nominate perhaps ten others. Of course if they want the blogging award they also have to nominate 10 others, and we are already by about 100 bloggers that are making their way to get the award. It goes further. The 100 also nominate each 10, and 10×100=1000. Do you get me – a chain begins almost to infinity. So are we really on our way to a unique and wonderful blogging award. If everyone complies, we already have 1000 sites with a special blogging award icon.

On top of this you have to answer about 10 certain questions – about yourself of course, which probably no-one really reads or interest theirselves for.

So this is the reason why I do not partake in the blogging awards. Somehow it seems to me that the logistic basis is not exactly for an award, but to promote blogging as such. Not a bad thing, and as I said I really appreciate the efforts of WordPress staff, and colleagues, but it takes a lot of time to comply with everything, which I do not have. I do sort of housewify stuff like shopping, cleaning, a bit of gardening and looking after my three cats, as well as Mr. Swiss.

I visit as much as possible my colleagues that also partake in the various blogging sites, mainly daily prompt and I do read as much as I can. Many are talented and it is an enjoyment to read a lot of what is written.

So please do not be angry or annoyed if I ignore the blogging award nominations, but it just does not work for me.

28 thoughts on “WordPress Blogging Awards

  1. I think that is what is lovely about this blogging community. No one would be angry or annoyed if you don’t participate. It has been my experience that everyone knows that everyone else is just.as.busy. Congrats on the nods from your colleagues. Well deserved! And get back to the writing! 🙂 Enjoy the day!


  2. Bravo Pat! I agree- I have several awards sitting the store-cupboard but the thought of all the work involved in complying with the `rules` really puts me off! However, like you, I do appreciate the kindness of the donor …

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  4. Ohhhh the knife to my heart! 😉 I’m just teasing. I remembered as I nominated you that you didn’t participate in the awards. I did however want to send it as an “I love your blog” note. I get a big kick out of your posts and really enjoy your perspective. Happy blogging!


  5. I must confess awards are nice, but in a strange sort of way I shy from them, but feel some sort of obligation to accept them when offered. They always seem to obligate one. I’m often riddled with guilt for fear of offending someone.
    I have participated in them, but find it takes so much of my time I’d rather devote to writing.
    Your posture on them seems so reasonable and well-thought. Dang it! Wished I’d thought of it. But I’m going to adopt it.
    With regard to your comment about two languages in you head, I sometimes struggle with the sound of what is said as opposed to what is written. I thought about adding this to my blog’s title, “Hastily written, Badly edited.”
    Thanks for dropping by and all the wonderfully written posts.

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    • Thank you for your kind comments. If I am suggested for an award I usuall point people in the direction of this blog thanking them for their kind consideration. Someone told me about the Awardfree blog badge and since I have this on my site I have less problems. I also enjoy reading your daily stories and blogs. Now and again I can think up a story, but sometimes ideas just fail me. I was just finishing today’s blog (another self-praise dedicated to I, me and myself) when I saw your comment, It just seemed to fit. Best wishes over the Pond.


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  7. When I first started blogging here on WP (I moved from Blogger) I was like “oh pretty shiny awards…I want one of those” and then I started paying attention closely and saw that they came with all those requirements. Then I actually got nominated for several and I had to make a choice – politely say thank you but no thank you or run the obstacle course. Fortunately, I had run across you and Uncle Spike and had seen the well thought out statements on why to be “Award Free” and it just makes sense to me.

    Now – where can I get one of those nifty badges?

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    • If I want a badge, I decide what I want and how it should look. Either I find one in Internet, or I do it all by myself. Thanks for the link, interesting. The only award I really treasure is the freshly pressed one as it comes direct from WordPress.


  8. I enjoyed this. Being a new blogger, I love seeing the badges and look forward to being nominated. As soon as I can figure out how to post my “20 likes” award to my site, I’ll be happy. I did, however, wonder if getting nominated was all it was cut-out to be; since I saw other bloggers saying the same thing. It makes sense now why they did not want to participate. Nonetheless, the newbie and kid in me loves compliments and will make sure I’m worthy of them. Over time I think I may feel the same as you. Thanks for the pingback.


  9. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great.
    I don’t know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already ;
    ) Cheers!


  10. ha ha Mrs. Anglo Swiss the last few words in the below line was fun

    I do sort of housewify stuff like shopping, cleaning, a bit of gardening and looking after my three cats, as well as Mr. Swiss.

    I wonder how did you place Mr.Swiss in the “taking care” list after the three cats. Hope he did not read this post and become all possessive.

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    • Mr. Swiss has become quite independent in the meanwhile and now spends some of his valuable time looking after me. When I wrote this I was still active and ready to go, now I have a few more years on my body which is no longer as fit as it was. We generally now support each other.

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  11. I couldn’t agree more with you!
    I got a few “awards” — but they seemed too time-intensive for me to follow through on them, so I simply didn’t even begin. I thanked those who nominated me, and made my apologies and excuses.

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    • Same here and I don’t see so many now. the only award that I really treasured was “Freshly pressed” which was from wordPress. they no longer do it although they now have something called “Discover” and if you are lucky you might be included.

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      • Oh, I wondered.
        (I wouldn’t have minded being on Freshly Pressed, just to get a slightly wider readership of those who like my kind of writing, but I don’t want to get it by doing the awards thing, which seems to me to be contrived.
        Thanks for letting me know!

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        • My first blogging attempts were Yahoo 360, it was Ok, but difficult to find others. I then went to Multiply when Yahoo closed where everyone seemed to go and that was good. I met a lot of bloggers there and there were various groups for writing and themes. The boss of Multiply decided to go into marketing and we were pushed to one side. It eventually closed and Multiply no longer exists as it went sort of bankrupt I think. Many flocked to FB afterwards, but that is not a solution for me, although I am also there. I always had a backup in blogger and then I started in WordPress – must be at least 7-8 years ago. I discovered daily prompt and now I am here. From all the various blogging sites I belonged to I find this the best. It takes time to get to know everyone, but gradually you recognise the blogs of the others. WP is not always so perfect, but they are constant and they inform the bloggers of new developments – whether we agree with them or not is something else.

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