FOWC with Fandango: Divorce

After 55 years of marriage. I do not think so, although we are no longer together since a year. It was difficult at the beginning for both of us, but we realised it was the best under the circumstances. We were no longer as fit as we were, and both of us could no longer cope with the physical problems of the other. Mr. Swiss now lives just along the road in a golden oldie home where he gets the care and treatment he needs, an I am still living in our apartment with our oldest son. It was half a year until I crossed the line and got my own bedroom, with my own bed, but it works quite well. I visit Mr. Swiss almost daily and I go into town on my own with my scooter, having problems with my mobility – MS. Divorce does not always mean a split down the middle, at least not in our case.
FOWC with Fandango: Divorce

FOWC with Fandango: Alliance

Switzerland, where I live for the past 55 years, do not have an alliance with anyone really. Perhaps with the cows, but most of them are Swiss in any case. They are a bit suspicious of us, but we don’t really trust then either. Otherwise we do not participate in wars. I suppose we do not really have any friends in the world, although if anyone is have problems in their own country, they are welcome to try Switzerland. In a country with four national languages, it can get a little complicated sometimes. I feel quite a home, after all everyone speaks english, at last the Brits thing so.

FOWC with Fandango: Alliance

FOWC with Fandango: Fluke

Was it a fluke that a stork discovered the chimney to our concert hall. I have no idea but it was an expensive fluke. The stork built the nest with approximately a ton of material and the stork family grew larger during the summer. Luckily the storks disappear again at the end of summer when they migrate to warmer countries, but the nest stays. During the Winter the heating system is used again and the authorities have to remove the nest material. Who pays? Certainly not the stork and so our taxes find another use.
FOWC with Fandango: Fluke

FOWC with Fandango: Outlook

Spring is here, the land is awakening but unfortunately also the insencts. Not that I have something against insects, they have a job to do, but some insects tend to overdo it a little, especially if they are called slugs and love the wet weather. They are clever. they wait for the rain to stop and then they arrive, a completel tribe. They manage to devour a complete plant in a couple of hours, if it is according to their taste.

However, I am leaning what they like and what they avoid. In the golden oldie home where Mr. Swiss is, They have fields of lavender, the nice strong kind that spreads. They is not on the menu plan for a slug. Today I was talking to one of the gardeners and asked if he would miss a few twigs of the lavender. He told me to help myself so the stalks in the glass on the photo are my gatherings. I was reading about growing lavender, and apparently he like to produce roots when kept in water meaning that I will have a few plants after a few weeks to keep in my garden. Lavender is really an easy plant to grow. Put it in the sun and give it a little water about once a week, not too much, and it becomes a happy plant. I hope so, so here are my beginnings.

FOWC with Fandango: Outlook

FOWC with Fandango: Foolish

On my way home I saw a sparrow. Now that would be a good photo, I thought, but the sparrow flew further until it settled on the railway, a little further However silly me decided to take the photo and here it is. Can you it see it on the photo? I do many foolish things with my camera, and blog sites, but it keeps me happy. I was seriously thinking about leaving Facebook this week. I made a stupid mistake and published a photo of my bedroom. After studying for 5-10 minutes I discovered how to delete it. In the meanwhile I got 5-6 likes from various Facebook colleagues which I really could not use. So forget the silly Facebook – who needs it? Mr. Swiss is now 84 years and would be glad to cancel his Facebook site, but easier said than done. It is almost impossible for him to do it. He would need a computer and he no longer has one. I have tried, but he would have to do it. I am still searching for a solution, but it is practiaally impossible.

It seems today most of us are on the quest for recognition. Now and again I post my photos there. I get some nice comments and I have really made good friends there, but Facebook has its dark side as well. I keep my postings to a minimum. Do I really need it? Not really, but I do it all the same. Here on WordPress life is a little more under control and I can write and take photos with no problem. We humans seem to need something to do on our computers. And now my little sparrow has become famous, some hundreds of people can see him perched on the railway. He probably flew away when the next train came thundering through.

FOWC with Fandango: Foolish

FOWC with Fandango: Housekeeper

A lot has changed since I am living alone for the past year. When Mr. Swiss was here we shared most things, although housekeeping was my department, but he would help or give advice (giving advice was his main occupation), It was a joint effort. I am not uite alone now as my son lives with me at home. He is autistic, but he has order in his room. Everything has its place. I have realised that we did not have so much order, We were both working and there was not always the time to do everything. For the past year I have been organising, eliminating what is not needed. It took a time for me to get my bedroom organised for I, me and myself, it was not really a job I wanted, but had to be done. This is the result. I also realised that it is not only the “house” part that needed organising, but the cellar part and other such rooms. I am now getting there gradually. The house part is more or less done and the extra rooms are nearly there, although there are still various unwanted objects to be removed in the next local collection. I think life will become boring, after everything has been dealt with.

Housekeeping also includes the financial side of events, but yes, I can do that now. I have dealt with all our tax matters and our bank situation. A year ago I had no idea, but with the help of No. 2 son and my bank contact man. I have everything under control (I think, I hope). It is amazing what you can learn when you have to.

FOWC with Fandango: Housekeeper

FOWC with Fandango: Option

What a wonderful choice, I can imagine the artists deciding to make the skulls original with the various designs and colours, but skull is skull and what can you do with them. I do not think that having on the bookshelf would be very inviting. Although on the table at the side of the bed would be quite original. Perhaps they glow in the dar from the eyes.

FOWC with Fandango: Option