FOWC with Fandango: Noble

I was convinced that mum found me in a basket deposited in front of the door with a crown hanging on the handle. There must have been some nobility somewhere, but mum said we were not posh, just normal. I am sure I was cheated out of my birthright, so I had to make do with visiting some noble places.

Patrick on the stairs of the Natural History Museum

I think my son felt quite noble when he stood on the stairs in the Natural History Museum in London.


Or a visit to Westminster palace, the seat of the British government.

Waltham Abbey 15.07 (12)

Or what about a trip to Waltham Abbey?

FOWC with Fandango: Noble

FOWC with Fandango: Plaster

Renovation A 05.07 (10)

2 years ago almost, I could have given a lecture about plastering. I am not talking about the plaster on a wound, there was no wound. At least there was none until the builders moved in to create new walls where we were living.

They hammered, chisselled, scraped and even used fire and flames to remove the old surface of the walls and then they had to build it all up again: imagine the mess, the dust and the dirt. We collected all sorts of metal objects in our garden: screws nails and washers. When the plasterers moved in we knew that it was the end phase. In the meanwhile I had documented every step with the camera and knew all the details of renewing the house front.

The plasterers were dressed in white, probably so that the plaster made no visible marks on their clothes.

Renovation 14.07 (1)

It was a messy job and we were glad for the day when they were finished. I became allergic to plaster, to plasterers and the happiest day of the year was when they departed. The job was done 20 years after the building was built. No problem, in the ext 20 years I will be 92 and who cares then.


FOWC with Fandango: Plaster

FOWC with Fango: Cough


If you met my mum, you would not dare to cough
She always said the same old thing,  which which would turn you off
It was not the cough that carried him off
But the coffin they carried him off in
I know this sounds so very hard, but it is a feeling that you had
You cough all night and most of the day, and this can be quite bad
So take some medicine or chew on a sweet, this really does not help
Cough some more, you cannot sleep, this really makes you yelp
Was it the guy in the bus that spread it, I really do not know
Or the lady in the store that sneezed and her nose she had to blow
It is spreading now all over the land, there is no real escape
so cough away and share it with all, really taking shape
Rub your chest with lineament oil, smelling oh so strong
This does not help, it stinks so bad, you are doing something wrong
After a week or two or three, your cough has become a croak
You have lost your voice the best of it all, Mr. Swiss is a happy bloke.

FOWC with Fandango: Cough

FOWC with Fandango: Affable


The most affable person I have ever met is me
I am kind and generous, it is quite plain to see
I spend the money on buying food to eat
I am feeding the family, which also gives a treat
Washing clothes and ironing is also such a pleasure
The family wear them, so I wash again with leisure
My day is spent in giving and working for us all
I am so generous and really have a ball
I am allowed to clean the windows and also make the beds
I do this for the others to rest their weary heads
And when it is my birthday I will even bake a cake
Everyone eats it, so I do it for their sake
Perhaps you find this poem is getting quite ironic
but life needs these sacrifices to keep it all harmonic

FOWC with Fandango: Affable

FOWC with Fandango: Onerous


Daily tasks are no longer as easy as they were
Shopping is exhausting although I am no amateur
Piling goods in the trolley and sorting them at the desk
Is heavy work and annoying, like a theatre burlesque
As the years are creeping by you realise the fun has gone
You have now become a golden oldie when you were once a swan
Even leaving the bed in the morning as become a difficult task
But you battle on regardless, wearing the daily mask
Where did I put my purse and searching for the keys
Problems all around you, and cannot be solved with ease
And then you suddenly remember the days when you were young
Onerous was not the problem, you could do it all with fun

FOWC with Fandango: Onerous

FOWC with Fandango: Umbrage

Migros Parkhouse 16.11.2018

I think I am becoming a grumpy lady as I get older. I no longer have so much understanding. Is it because I am now a golden oldie and find that it is time that people show more understanding?

The same old story again. This morning I went to the local supermarket with my car. I have permission for parking spaces for the handicapped. I can no longer walk so well (although I can drive a car – it is automatic and I do not need my left foot). This time there were some empty spaces. Then a lady drove into one of the spaces, perfectly healthy, no permit in the car (yes, I had a look) and ran quickly into the store with an envelope in her hand. I watched this and thought “how ignorant” taking a space from someone that needed it.

After five minutes she came out of the store and walked quickly to her car.

“Excuse me, but these places are reserved for the handicapped.”

“I know, but I had an urgent letter to deliver in the store.”

“But there are more than 100 places empty on the other level.”

“Yes but I did not have the time.”

She was getting annoyed at my reaction and walked off shaking her head. I would not have acted this way earlier, but now I just cannot keep my big mouth shut. In the meanwhile I noticed a guy sitting in his parked car (with no permit). Suddenly a lady came out of the store with her shopping, hopped into the car and they drove off. Another one taking what does not belong to them.

Ok, I complained (again) in the store afterwards and the lady said I was right to complain, but no-one does anything. When I finished my shopping I returned to my car and spoke to a lady in a wheelchair. She said she knows the problem, it happens to her often but the store do not react. They could I suppose but do not put anyone outside to watch these parking places, and so they are mostly occupied by cars with owners that can walk normally and have no handicaps.

Yes I was annoyed. It is frustrating when no-one does anything.

FOWC with Fandango