FOWC with Fandango: Division

Cleaning liquids

I am woman and an expert at division. I have been dividing myself for many years. It began when I married. I was dividing myself between looking good for husband and looking after husband, cooking the food and general housework when I had the time. Now and again, constantly, I was a working woman earning money.

And then the kids came along  one after the other. No problem, I began to do multiple division, with decimal points that continuously repeated themselves to never ending sequences: feeding babies, washing the kids, making sure they used the toothbrush when they should and sending them off to school. I also washed and ironed their clothes, they were the reoccurring decimal points. the ones that seemed to go on and on.

And then I really had to get down to it when they had homework, although they didn’t seem to do it like I did. Algebra is no problem if you get your x and y sorted, but somehow there were the unknown properties arriving like boyfriends and long nights out, trying to divide yourself between being an understanding parent and using brute force if there was a dividing factor present that you did not reckon with.

One day the totals of the division move on to their own mathematical solutions and you are left with just a budget to organise, no problem. The husband has in the meanwhile become a reoccurring decimal point after so many years and the total is always correct . I have become an expert in division.

FOWC with Fandango: Division

FOWC with Fandango: Order


My desk is neat
Am I not feeling well?
No this is my new system
No longer the state of hell
I used to be chaotic,
making piles everywhere
I always found everything
It was my private lair
Now these days are gone
Mr. Swiss is astonished
No longer need help
No warning to be admonished
It is all very easy
The computer makes it less
But please do not enter it
Because there is a mess
Each programme has a password
But now I have to fret
I wrote them on a memory stick
Where it is I did forget
It was probably trashed
When I was tidying up
I knew I had forgotten
to establish a back up

FOWC with Fandango: Order

FOWC with Fandango: Beware

Baselstrasse 12.03 (1)

There are signs that draw you into their ban. Why is it that when I pass by this entrance I am fascinated by the words written. House No. 18 shows the name Malpertuis. I had a look in Internet, not knowing this name.

It is a character in a Belgian horror film from 1971. A sailor discovers that his uncle is capturing dying Greek Gods and sewing them into human flesh. Does this mean that I should avoid this place in future? Malpertuis is a crumbling, ancient house where a dying warlock has trapped the aging gods. This house looks quite modern and well looked after and nothing is crumbling. There is no sign of anything supernatural, although I only pass by during the day. Perhaps at night there is a different tale to tell.

There is no sign telling me to beware of Malpertuis. I have decided to paint a sign on my door “Tabby” and see if people wonder who Tabby is. At the moment Tabby is sleeping after a bowl of food. Perhaps Malpertuis is the name of the cat that lives in the house.

FOWC with Fandango: Beware

FOWC with Fandango: Power

Gösgen 06.08 (2)

This is power
Said to be only steam
Belching day and night
No way a dream
They say for the good of all
Is it good, does it enthral.
They had an open day
You could go and mount
One brought a machine
for Geiger to count
He was stopped at the door
This was not allowed
Was this a problem?
Do you get a shroud
Take a ride in a jet
You are now in the sky
Above the clouds the mist is seen
You do not have to try
It is  not so bad
Important for our juice
Perhaps it’s radioactive
But all has its use

FOWC with Fandango: Power

FOWC with Fandango: WiFi

Weissensteinstrasse 16.07 (2)

The WiFi isn’t working
The router lost the way
Wavelengths are confused
Everything is grey
There must be a solution
We must find out the truth
And now the case is very clear
WiFi loves his bluetooth
They have disappeared
In their very own hotspot
Now WLAN is jealous
Signals in a knot
Connections need some blimps
to reconnect WiFi
But bluetooth is so sad and lonely
She is heading for the sky
The programmer now has a problem
and is searching for a bug
Wifi and Bluetooth are wire in wire
and so they pull the plug
The moral to this story
is now quite plain to see
Always be a step ahead
and never trust technology

FOWC with Fandango: WiFi

FOWC with Fandango: Opening

Dad opening the Door

Dad was opening the door
There had been many doors in his 90 years
It used to be one key
It was all so simple
Now there are two keys
To fit two locks
There was a time when the door stayed open
Why not, there was nothing to take
I would be playing in the street
Coming and going as I needed
Doors are now locked
No-one can be trusted
Even a 90 year old man might have something useful
And so dad opened his door
I took a photo
There is no longer a dad
or his house at the corner of Northfield Road
And the keys have been passed on

FOWC with Fandango: Opening

FOWC with Fandango: Regal

biscuit box
Regal is not my aim because there is no honour
Being on a biscuit tin would mean you are a gonner
Everyone is cheering and waving all the flags
Admittedly you are dressed quite nicely, queens do not wear rags
But now you are a special edition, a biscuit is your sign
Although you wear your pearls to show that you are still in line
And what happens to the crumbs, they will be falling down
Perhaps you can collect them and hide them in the crown
So give a friendly laugh, of course, you are a queen
But please not on a biscuit tin where regal is not seen

FOWC with Fandango: Regal