Good Morning


At last a nice normal sky with no sign of rain or grey clouds. There are clouds, but friendly clouds with a blue sky in the background. Otherwise today is a religious holiday in our area and everything is closed, so let’s take it easy.

I began the day with stripping my bed and covering the duvet and cushion. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss arose, so I did the  same to his bed. I will leave the rest after breakfast and a shower. There is always something to do in the life of a housewife.


I was on a trip to town again yesterday, actually to the store, but being a gothic old town, there is always plenty to see on the way. This is a corner of the St. Urs cathedral showing at the very top on the left the public gallery for those brave enough to stand outside and look down over the town. I did it once , but never again. It is not for anyone for problems when standing on a edge and looking down.


And to even things up here is a view of our Swiss Reform Church where our kids were christened. Perhaps a little simpler in architecture than the Roman Catholic cathedral.


There was quite a busy insect life in my garden yesterday. I am still waiting for the various new insects to appear behind the sealed doors of my insect hotel. In the meanwhile the firebugs have discovered  the hotel and had a gathering at one of the closed doors. Perhaps they could hear things behind the entrance that I could not.


I got a closeup of one of the firebugs that had left the group to inspect a plant. They seem to be so-called nymphs and not yet the adults as their pattern has not yet developed.  They are interesting insects and also harmless, eating mainly mallow and lime tree seeds which does not bother me. I have no lime trees and the mallow plants could probably become a little invasive were it not for the firebugs.

Otherwise no special plans for today, but at last I might have a little time in the afternoon to take a motorised journey with Mr. Swiss. He is still learning the ways of his new scooter and I will accompany him in my motorised wheelchair. Although we only ride on pedestrian paths, you still have to be careful. I have become quite an expert over the last two years, but it does take time to get used to. I remember I only went to town for the first time after half a year circulating in the village. I soon realised it was no big deal and am now constantly in town. I have also noticed that when you meet other handicapped people like myself on their way with their own transport, there is always a wave and a greeting. I also get quite inundated with help in the store, although I am glad for it. Some items are at the highest shelves and it is then I stop the wheelchair and stand up to reach. Often someone near asks if they can help. Yesterday I had three offers all at the same time. I usually manage to pack my goods at the till on my own and the customer help desk is always near so that I can give my bags to be picked up and brought home by our helpful collectors.

And now to continue with my day of rest and finish covering the beds with the new linen.


Someone had planted a bed of roses in their front garden in town which are really making a good show, even when behind bars.

Have a good day, may the weather be with you.