FOWC with Fandango: Torture


I have climbing roses in my garden, but they need help with their climbing. I was a little late this year and it rained, so they become a pitiful group of roses hanging down. Yesterday I pulled myself together and went to work with them. I wore my gardening gloves, and intertwined them on the supports. They fought every inch of the way with their thorns, but with the help of string I managed to more or less tie them in an upright position. And now I will have to dead head them, cut away the dead roses: another fight with the torturous thorny attackers.

FOWC with Fandango: Torture

Good Morning


Not bad this morning. I am a little later as it is cleaning lady day and I have a slightly different routine. However, she is almost finished and I have also done the morning chores. Just have to get the dinner underway. Doing things later has the advantage that the sun rises higher and if it is going to be a good day weatherwise, which it will be, you get a nice sky background.

I do not really have to go anywhere today, although might break out in the afternoon for a short trip somewhere. I would like to try out Mr. Swiss scooter, but he might want to use it himself. Otherwise it will be a wheelie in my chair, although I am not sure how far it will get me. It is not good to upload the wheelchair completely daily and there should be enough power to get me to the local castle and back, if not a little further.


Yesterday I saw an interesting object. I could call it Beauty and the Beast, as a stray slug decided to climb over my newly blossoming carnation. They both survived long enough for a photo. Actually I let the slug carry on his journey of a lifetime and no animals were harmed in the shooting of the photo. We had quite a bit of rain in the last few days, so I gave a fresh dose of slug pellets on my hostas. Up to now the hostas are still in good condition. I learnt my lesson last year when the slugs enjoyed them for breakfast, dinner and tea and devoured almost all the leaves.. This year they have no chance. As soon as it rains they seem to appear from nowhere.


Yesterday I heard noise outside and saw that the gardener had began to cut our natural meadow.


The remains are now laying flat on the ground outside to dry in the sun and will probably be picked up some time today to serve as hay for animal food during the Winter. I will miss my mixture of wild flowers, but the seeds have sown themselves for next year. The meadow is never empty and in a month or two we will have a new collection of wild plants.

In the meanwhile lunch in cooking and now I have nothing to do until it is time to feed the hungry family. I also had parcels delivered from the post today. My MS medicine arrived by refrigerated  boxes. I unpacked it and put it in its fridge and returned the boxes with the post lady. I also got a large box of cat food which will last Tabby for the next couple of months.

Since being carless I have become quite the logistic expert.  I still do my shopping, but am now programmed for buying food I can freeze. Once a month I order the heavy stuff by computer like bottles of cola and mineral water from the online shop and a few other items. I quite enjoy getting out more and being amongst people. And now to move on. See you later, and enjoy the day.


As I was wheeling home in my chair from the store yesterday I took this photo. It shows the Jura mountains.