Good Evening

At last some decent weather and the rain has gone. The lawns are bursting with dandelions everywhere, as long as it is not in my garden. Thank goodness the gardener got rid of mine when he was here yesterday. They might be attractive flowers, but their roots spread everywhere. Otherwise I called my optician to pick up my new glasses. She gave me an appointment at 10.45 which was OK with me. I was then finished with the morning chores and could saddle my scooter around 10.15 to get to town in time. However, one small problem. Wednesday morning in our town is fruit and vegetable market, meaning problems to get to the optician. However, I took the chance and parked my scooter where they was space when I entered the town. I could remove my walker and use that to get to the optician, weaving my way between the various stalls and parked delivery vans.

It was worth it. It must be at least ten years that I had been in town in the morning for this market. It is now packed full of new flower arrivals. After my visit to the opticians I had a look around and took a few photos naturally.

It was wonderful to see the selection of veg being offered.

As well as some friuit.

There was also a guy selling various meat choices. I asked if he minded that I took a photo and he said it was OK and made a nice pose for me.

Of course I must not forget the flower varieties.

There was everything you could wish for. I eventually got on the road to home and decided that I should visit the Wednesday morning market more often. I have no-one waiting for me at home and do not have to cook a meal for all, just for me.

I would also not be visiting Mr. Swiss today as he was also on a trip from his golden oldie home. I do not actually visit every day, just when I have the time. He wrote to tell me it was an enjoyable excursion with another two guys from the home, and it was fun and a good atmosphere. He said they did not go with the wheelchairs, but the walker. He is really making progress with his walking and even as now put on weight: just a kilo but this is a good sign.

And that was my fun morning. The nice thing is that after lunch I can have a midday sleep for 1-2 hours and feel refreshed afterwards. Tomorrow is another day, although it is the day of renewing the linen on my bed, but no problem. I will also have a grocery delivery from the store as on Friday it is Good Friday and no-one will be working. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Good Morning

It has been so long since I have been here I almost forgot how it works. I will probably not be here very much this week, but now and again I find a few minutes .As you can see the snow has hit us and going anywhere is almost impossible. Yesterday amidst the great snow, I had to go for my booster jab. I tried to postpone it, but I would have had to have waited until end of January. Luckily My wonderwoman cleaning lady picked me up and and waited until it was finished and brought me home. She has so many talents and is a great driver. Snow made no difference to her.

In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss has had his operation to mend his hip joint and now has a plastic-metal hip piece or whatever. His next problem will be to learn to walk again, although he can stand and sit in a chair. I have still not seen him, but hope to go this week. At the end of the week he will be transported to the Bernese Overland in a place called Gunten where there is a rehab clinic to get him walking again. He will be away for a few weeks and will return next year. It is really a wonderful place to be on the Lake of Thun, although now quite covered in snow. I have been so busy with the daily tasks like paying the bills and completing forms for the sickness insurance as well as other chores that Mr. Swiss usually dealt with. At the moment I am on a real learning curve.

Before the great snow arrived I managed to get into town. I really had to get some items as I had not been anywhere for two weeks. It was the last snow free day. The town now had its Christmas lights.

I have not neglected my birds in the meanwhile and since the snow days they are even more dependent on the food, although sometimes I think they look fatter than in Summer.

And now I must go again. I have a form to complete for the insurance and two other forms for other business – all in the name of my patient in hospital. I really do not know when I will be back again, but am hoping for a quiet week-end. I really miss my blogging days and this morning I had to think twice about how to do it. You can forget so quickly. Stay safe and keep well.

Good Morning

I am here again. At the moment things are more settled on my side. I had two weeks of stress and I now have to settle down. Mr. Swiss came home from the hospital and I became a full time carer. I will not go to details. He is my husband, so I did all I could for him. I had support from our Swiss assistance group and they were wonderful. They would come in the morning to get him on his feet but naturally were not here all the time. Caring for sick person is not so easy and then the problems began. He fell three times and I could not get him back on his feet. I had the ambulance each time to help and the third time they took him back to hospital. He had terrific pain in his leg. He had broken his hip bone and they discovered there is still a remainder of the pneumonia. First of all they will have to clear up the pneumonia problem and then afterwards they will operate the leg. This is not an easy time for all of us and my husband is 82 years old. He realises what is happening. His problems are physical and not mental. After the treatment and operation he will go to a holiday home for about a month to recover. I can no longer do this at home. I had a week of nights where I could no longer sleep through the night looking after his needs, changing bed linen etc. etc. He could no longer stand on his feet and I have my MS problems with mobility. So enough of my problems. I now need to rest and try to lead a normal life again. I also have my autistic son at home to care for, although he was a great help. My other son, who lives in another part of Switzerland, also helps where he can. We naturally now have the extra problems in Switzerland with Covid and my son no longer works in his office near where I live, but now only does his work in his home office. He will be coming next Monday to visit Mr. Swiss and see what he can do.

I have naturally not been so busy with the camera but now and again take a photo of local sights. The neighbour has again mounted his Christmas lights in his garden and they make a wonderful show.

Our other Christmas decoration is this crane which was assembled last week for the building site of a new block of flats. I watched how they pieced it together and now it stands in our back yard probably for a year until the building is completed. I have absolutely been nowhere since Mr. Swiss came home. I could not leave him alone. I had all my groceries delivered, although I must venture out again.

There were so many problems to solve. We always split our responsilibities and discussed them but now I had to deal with it all, especially the financial matters, but practice makes perfect. I could not ask him so much. I have even had to relearn blogging as it is almost two weeks since I touched the computer. I must get to grips with my life again. My private life was non existent and I need my little hobbies. Thank goodness my orchids manage without my constant help, they just grow and flower.

And now I have bored you long enough with my personal problems. Today my No. 1 son will visit Mr. Swiss in the hospital and bring him a few things he will need.

Keep safe and well and have a good week-end.

Good Morning

I just began to write my morning greeting but this will be all for the time being. My husband comes home from the hospital today and I have to get some things ready for him as I do not know when he will be arriving. The hospital just called me to say they are making preparations. I hope to be back later.

Good Morning

I was just about to give up on a morning photo when the sky did begin to brighten a little. I am not sure if the sun will eventually appear, but I can hope. This is the view towards South.

On the Northern side it looks a little better and even the Jura mountain outline is showing itself.

Otherwise I got a message on my phone from Mr. Swiss this morning early and he really seems to be returning to the normal world. It was not possible for me to visit him in hospital so we have not seen each other for a week. On Monday he will be back home.

The birds were quite active this morning outside and I caught these two tits having a feed. I have noticed that they all seem to be increasing in weight. I wonder if I am feeding them too muchj,

They seem to be everywhere at the moment and during the afternoon the food supply is empty. It is then that they move to the other available food.

Otherwise I was again alone at home yesterday evening. Even No. 1 son deserted me for a concert in the one of the local halls. I did not mind and made myself comfortable with a fried egg on toast and tomatoes. It must be an eternity since I just had to look after myself in the evening.

Afterwards I move onto the TV and BBC showed an hours film of various performances from the Queen pop group. I always liked them and this time it was complete with bits and pieces of information. They were also very good at harmonising when singing.

Bohemian Rhapsody was always my favourite piece from them. Out of all the various groups of the time, they were the most talented as I am concerned.

I also had another visitor this morning. Roschti is always somewhere near, and still arrives for his daily treats at the window.

The sparrows are well organised, and after feeding at the bird house they tidy up on the ground of the seeds that have fallen from the table.

And now time to move on, not that I have a strict timetable. I am now trying to relax more during the day. When something unexpected happens you tend to rethink your life and just take it easy. At the moment my main concern will be Mr. Swiss when he is back home, the rest can wait. Now to survive the day ahead.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy your Sunday, just take it easy (I know, easier said than done). I am now off to make my bed, visit the shower and afterwards I will see,.

Good Morning

Unbelievable, but after almost two weeks of dull days covered in one single large cloud, the sun is winning the battle and forcing the clouds to move along. I saw the sun this morning. At first the cloud was there so I took a few dull photos. I have now removed those photos and took those where the sun arrived. I do not want to be too optimistic as you can never be certain, but at least some blue sky has appeared.

In the meanwhile another day alone at home (sounds like a good film title), but the good news is that Mr. Swiss will be coming home on Monday. His pneumonia has cleared after the antibiotic treatment and he is no longer on the drip at the hospita or extra oxygenl, but now has tablets. Of course everything is long not perfect and it will need time and care to get back on his feet again which is where my contribution will be necessary. Yesterday I got a surprise call from the doctor treating him in the hospital. My son had given me his number, so I had programmed it on my mobile phone and when he called I saw his name on the phone. Actually he was just calling to tell me that he would be released on Monday but gave me the opportunity to ask a few questions. I also spoke to Mr.Swiss afterwards to sort a few things. I had already ordered a few items I will be needing and everything is now ready to go. This morning I organised his wheelchair which we have at home.He had never used it very much and it is not electric, but ideal to use in the apartment. Although he can walk, he is now weak and he and I do not want to risk any accidents. It will be a new way of life for us both. Actually I have no great problems. I have now realised that a golden oldie like myself does not have to have a time table. It makes no difference when and what I do. I just have to aim for a midday meal as I also have my autistic son to care for.

Bird life is getting quite active outside and the robin arrived again yesterday. He is not a regular visitor, but suddenly I see the flash of red feathers. As usual he is a loner and makes sure that he has his own space outside.

He stayed a while and did a few poses for my camera.

This blue tit gave a flght demonstration whilst a sparrow and greenfinch were looking on beetween bites of bird food.

Of course this guy also arrived. the jay now comes and goes most of the time.

And so what shall we do today? It will just be myself and son No. 1 although he will be at a concert this evening in one of the town cafés. It has been a long time since I have been alone at home in the evening. One little advantage is that I can just look after my own meal: perhaps just a fried egg with some trimmings, I do not need more.

Our covid cases in Switzerland are also increasing. In our area they remain OK, but precautions are being taken and it really does not look like that the rules will be relaxed. We do not go out very much and are all vaccinated in my family. We live in part of Switzerland where it is mainly villages and a few market towns. Perhaps that is an advantage as our local population is on the smaller side.

I have no wish to go anywhere at the moment as the weather is quite cold and unfriendly. I am well covered for food and can always order from the local stores online. Since the covid crisis I have also changed my life style and Mr. Swiss always admired how I have everything under control. I always have my son who loves going into town and gets anything I might need that I have fogotten.

I wish you all a good week-end and stay safe.

Good Morning

The only thing with a difference this morning was that there were a few sparse flocks of snow in the air. Perhaps you can see where they settled on the bird house but it was a short lived event. Probably just a warning of the shape of things to come.

I am still alone at home, Mr. Swiss being in the hospital, but the latest news is that he might be home on Monday. I have now had contact with the hospital and arrangements are being made. He will be brought home by the invalid transport and it will all be organised for me. I spoke to him on the phone and he seems to be returning to the normal world. He could have had a month’s recuperation in one of their holiday farms, but did not want to. He would rather be at home. We have an organisation called Spitex and they will be visiting and seeing how it goes when he is here. I can do quite a lot actually to help, but being a bit handicapped with mobility it will be a big help. They are coming to see us next week and to discuss what they can do and what I can do. At least I will have some support. The situation is something entirely new after 52 years of being together, but I have time. The therapist who called me said they will check the apartment to see if it will be OK, although this should be no problem. I had to have certain adjustments made for myself, and the shower is fitted with a seat and other helpful installations.

Otherwise not a lot new happening here at the moment.The birds are still flocking for food, and now since snow is in the air even more. At least I will not be having and angry or hungry birds here.

Today there will be a grocery delivery, I have already got the confirmation that everything will be delivered in 1-2 hours, meaning I have no reason to go anywhere for the next few days. And now I am off to deal with the usual chores. I wish you all a good day with no unnecessary stress.

Good Morning

I am doing my best for a daily good morning welcome, but at the moment life is completely different. Being alone at home whilst Mr. Swiss is in hospital, I can manage OK. Yesterday I had an exhausting afternoon, just a little more than an hour, stripping the beds, cleaning them and putting new clean sheets and duvet covers on them. At least it occupied me. It seemed strange doing it for my husband when I do not even know when he will be coming home. I am very disappointed with the social side of our hospital.Medically he is getting the right treatment. He no longer has fever or temperature and now is the time for recuperation. I called him yesterday and he was now completely confused due to the talk he had with one of their social workers. All he wants is to come home and she nicely confused him about telling him of a holiday home for a month, somewhere miles away from here. My No. 2 son called the hospital and got the same story. Afterwards they would look for a permanent home for him. Mr. Swiss does not want this. My son told me that it our decision what happens and not the airy fairy ideas of the social work as we are the legal representatives. Personally no-one has called me or informed me of what is happening, They have my telephone number all the information they need, so imagine how I felt when she told my son that she is glad he called and now she has his contact details. We are all very annoyed and she has been told that she must call me with her ideas. I think all she wants to do is take Mr. Swiss name off the list as being dealt with and move on to another case. Luckily No. 2 son on is a bit of a legal eagle and knows what our rights are. It is clear that having MS is for me is a problem, but I can still walk and talk and think and am not yet suffering from dementia. Apart from that I have three good senior homes in walking distance from where I live and if Mr. Swiss needs such permanent care that would be a sensible ideal solution for him and me, but now I am waiting to see what happens.

So enough for my problems. Otherwise life is keeping the apartment in order and feeding myself and son No. 1, as well as the bird population outside.

Even they get thirsty after feeding on their bird seed. I am now off to deal with life and hope that you are all keeping well.

Good Morning

And another dull morning with the cloud cover, it can really get quite depressing. We have even had a weather report that it might even snow in the next couple of days.

At the moment I am not here so much. As you become a golden oldie life catches up with you. Two days ago Mr. Swiss became hospitalised. He had been constantly coughing lately and eventually I called for the ambulance. He had fever and is now in hospital being treated for a bilateral pneumonia. They are giving him antibiotics and despite the problems, he is Ok and fully conscious. He had not been eating very well lately and the main thing now is to get rest and treatment for his illness, He is also on oxygen to help him breathe better – those little tubes they hang onto your nose. As I have my own disability problems with my MS I cannot get to the hospital and visit him myself, but thanks to Face time on our phones we can speak and see each other. No. 2 son is working in his office, which is local, this week and called past to bring some clothes for Mr. Swiss and visited him in hospital. He is in our new hospital on the top floor (9th level) and has his own room. Otherwise I just do my daily routine at home and hope for the best.

I have naturally not been taking so many photos lately, but these two just turned up outside for a bite to eat, as it ordered.

They really arrived at the right moment.

The smaller birds are always here

and let us not forget the jay who is now a very regular customer, but he seems to be a peaceful sort of bird and does not bother the others.

Today will be another day at home in the usual routine. Some times it does seem strange that my partner is not here, missing his voice and even if he does just sit a read most of the day, he is always there. Hope you are all having a good day. I might not be around so much at the moment, just taking things as they come.

Good Morning

Another somewhat dull morning, a few clouds hanging around, but we do have visibility in the area. At least the Jura mountains are beginning to show their contours. I again did the disappearing act yesterday. The main reason was the visit from No. 2 son’s family. I decided that spghetti was the best to cook for five adults and two grandchildren and I must say it was a good idea. There was enough for all. No. 2 granddaughter did manage to empty hers on the floor by accident, but that is part of the family fun. Otherwise everything went well, finished with some ice cream for desert.

Mr. Swiss was also feeling a lot better as he did have some health problems in the last few days, being more in bed than out. Nothing too bad, just old age catching up on him. At the age of 82 life is no longer as active as it used to be. I have also had to go over the books and realised that I do now have a semi invalid at home. He is no longer as mobile as he was, although I managed quite well as being a housewife with all the trimmings I just have a few more extra jobs to deal with. He no longer goes anywhere very often, or we have to organise it with a taxi. I do not yet have to organise extra help with him, but that option is always there. I also have my autistic son to feed but otherwise he is quite independent. I can order all my groceries online so do not have to rely on a daily shopping trip, just when I want to go. This might all have a side effect on my presence here when I no longer have so much time as I used to, but I take it as it comes. I enjoy having my intellectual tasks here and being on my computer. So No. 2 is very helpful, although he lives a couple of hours away, and also my daughter-in-law. Communication with face time and whatsap etc. is a great help today with having instant contact. Also son No. 2 is a bit of a legal eagle from his education and deals with all our administrative problems, for which I am so glad.

I am sure he will not mind me showing he latest deserved reward. It is just a bottle of beer but a special bottle as an extra prize for his achievement on a exam he took. Not only did he pass after a couple of years of learning but had the best result from all the people taking part and so he got a crate if beer bottles with the special label showing his achievement. It really makes us proud.

Another wonderful surprise were these little ornament transformations from a normal toilet roll made by the grandchildren for Mr. Swiss and I: a butterfly and dragon. It was wonderful to see them after so long and amazing how they are growing so quickly. No. 1 grandson will be starting school already next year.

Otherwise the thieving magpies still pay their visits, lured by the promise of a walnut.

The patience was rewarded and e managed to wedge it into his beak to fly off with his trophy. I do not know how he manages to crack the nut, as he prefers to do that on his own in a quiet corner.

And I am now off to deal with the daily tasks of feeding the family and the apartment with the hoover. If I happen to disappear now and again, it is just that the normal daily routine of life has caught up with me.