Good Morning

Clouds with Apple Blossoms

I did not really know where to start this morning. I have been so involved with the Easter Shopping Show that I have had absolutely no time to go on a photo safari, but I hope this is the last day for a while that you only see my garden and its surprises. There was a surprise this morning when I decided to take a photo of the sunset with a few clouds looking West. I then saw a blaze of colour on my cell phone camera and discovered that my apple tree buds had now opened.

Apple Blossom

I took a closer look and yes, they are appearing all over the tree. If the weather stays fine as it is at the moment, no storms or heavy winds, they will stay and in a couple of weeks will have little green knobs in the centre which will one day be my next apple harvest, but that will be September/October and now I want to enjoy April and of course May.

Apple Blossom

I decided to zoom in for a closeup just to make sure that the apple blossoms were really genuine.

I have really had a photo famine this week. The only place I had been to was the supermarket on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday was reserved for mounting Summer tyres on my car. There was really no time for a wheelie anywhere. The only wheeling I did was in my car to the store. Now the food hunting safari is accomplished. We will survive until Tuesday afternoon when I have planned the next shopping excursion.

This afternoon I intend to go into town, I am curious to see how it is on a Good Friday, a holiday that is one of the highest in the church. I remember my childhood days. Good Friday was the day for mum to clean. She was never an intensive cleaner, but Good Friday was the day when a mop, bucket, water and a bad temper arrived from mum. Dad and I would escape. I think it was a free choice for dad and he helped by getting me out of the way of mum’s labours. I know, but I have no idea why mum chose Good Friday, one day in the year. Her housework was always something to hate. We are talking of the fifties, after the war and  dad would take me to see his old haunts in the City of London where he worked as a messenger boy for Lloyds Insurance company in his first job. It was a walk around the narrow alleys of the City with its twists and turns. We would have liked to have visited a museum, even an art gallery, but it was Good Friday and everything was closed. They are memories of dad and me I still treasure: two lonely East Enders in the empty City of London. I must have been about ten years old.

We returned home hoping that mum had finished her tasks and that her bad temper had thinned out.

My Good Friday today will be nothing special, just the usual. Mr. Swiss asked if I have a lot of cooking to do, but I told him it will be just fish today with a sauce on top (one of those frozen items that our supermarket sells).

New glasses

I also got a notification from the optician that my new eye glasses were ready and as their shop was in the mall where I shop I naturally picked them up. This is about my tenth try for a selfie and I still look like an escaped prisoner. All I need is the number hanging around my neck. It is the best I could do. There are far too many details on this early morning photo. I am quite pleased with the glasses, and I can now read the small print. Ok I no longer have my film star allure, but golden oldies are no longer as fresh as the daisy we used to be.

So now I am off to take it easy. No more shopping, no more planning, just doing what I want to do and when I want to do it. I am fed up with these people, especially in Facebook, that always come with the same saying “Life is good”. It is only good when you do not have holidays interrupting with your daily “good” life which tends to ruin it.

In spite of my anti holiday Christmas/Easter grinch moods, I will now lay back and watch the grass grow. Have a good Easter those that believe and celebrate (I do neither) and see you around now and again.


Good Morning


Today really looks like it will be a good one. The sun is up and the sky is a painting of clouds. My day began with stripping my bed as it is the day of fresh linen on the beds. My duvet and cushion covering is completed and now for a pause with a cup of tea and breakfast and a computer. I also took a few photos in between with my cell phone to capture the morning of the day. Even Mr. Swiss has been busy with the bed linen as far as possible.


I had a pleasant surprise yesterday afternoon in the garden when I saw these flowers. I noticed the leaves already and was wondering what will be appearing. This is a plant called honesty. My sister-in-law gave me some seeds a few years ago and now and again they reapper. They are a biannual meaning the first year are only leaves, but the second year you get the flowers before they spread their seeds again.


It is the seeds that are interesting wrapped in their pods, something like money. Once you have them in the garden that appear sporadically again.

Yesterday was yet another excursion to the store and now I seem to have everything for the Easter stress. The store was surprisingly empty yesterday afternoon and I could really shop in comfort. Almost the quiet before the storm. Today I only have a few bits and pieces to get. I decided on a chicken casserole for Saturday lunch, and that is something I prefer to buy as late as possible. Chickens do not keep so well for a long time in the fridge, but until Saturday it should be OK. I also bought some more coloured eggs to keep everyone happy for Easter. Will I buy a chocolate bunny? I am thinking about it. The best time to buy such delicacies is on Easter Saturday about an hour before the store closes, as they mark them all down to half price, but that is also the day when I avoid the Easter siege of the store.

Roses on the porch

My potted rose from the supermarket is also developing well on the porch on the table. When it is finished I will plant it in the garden and hope that it will develop to a real rose bush. I find the red roses the best colour, the darker the better.

And now I am on my way to finish off the bed linen. Mr. Swiss helps where he can, but we women are perhaps a little less complicated. The fitted sheets are the worst to mount on the bed, and there I really need a strong man to help.

So I wish you all a happy Easter, although I am not sure if it is supposed to be happy. Just a time when we can recover from the exhaustions of the preparations for the long shut down, at leat here in Switzerland.  Oh how I hate these stupid holidays. One of the advantages is that many people go somewhere and it leaves more room for those, like me, that stay where they are.

Horses 13.04.2019 (2)

So off to finish the beds, a shower and a quick cleaning session with greetings from a little country somewhere in the middle of Europe. Have fun and relax. It can only get better.

Good Morning

Front Garden

No super sunrise this morning. I was up a little later and it rained during the night leaving my front garden a little damp, but freshened up. It needed a little moisture I am sure. Wednesday I have no special chores to deal with: clean windows, clean shower and bathroom were all dealt with yesterday. My car even has nice new shiny summer tyres since my excursion to the garage yesterday. All I have to do now is clean myself, but after my breakfast and morning blog.


I do not really have a lot to report at the moment. Life goes on with the Spring awakening and my tulips are now beginning to lose their petals. Life passes on too quckly sometimes.

There was an announcement in the Swiss local news that we are now the proud possessor in 54 towns and villages with the new and wonderful modern, fast, 5g network. I mentioned this to Mr. Swiss and he found “big deal” but said he does not want it and there are many places where it has been banned. Yes we Swiss do not clap and nod our heads at every new development. We think it over, why repair it when it is not broken. Mr. Swiss says it is so a big step in the new direction and no-one really knows what the outcome will be. Nothing has changed at home so far. When my vacuum cleaner and mop ask me in the morning “what can we do today to improve your life style” I will probably pull out the plug on my computer. It is all a little eerie.

I even have an electric toothbrush that is now talking to me. It is a Philips model still under guarantee. After a year or so they tend to give up. I give it back to the store with the guarantee and as they cannot be repaired I usually get a new one: also a good idea. This time my toothbrush completely on its own, is making a noise now and again as if it wants to tell me something, like use me. It is really uncanny. I had it on the bedside table last night and every couple of hours it was calling with a buzzing tone. It is now on the table next to my computer. Perhaps it has been infected by a poltergeist.


I must say I have never had such a wonderful chive plant this year. The gardener planted it in my raised bed and it keeps growing and growing, even throughout the Winter. I like to snip it with the scissors into my salad sauces, or as a garniture to a dish of food.

Today I am off shopping again for this wonderful holiday, full of stress, called Easter. I still have some bits and pieces (many) to buy and now it seems that there are only one or two bottles of cola and mineral water (the fizzy kind) left, so that is now on the list. I love dragging heavey 6 packs (the largest size bottles) home from shopping. Today I will get as much as possible and tomorrow there will just be the rest. I can then stay at home until nest Tuesday when I will have to put in an extra shopping tour in the afternoon to fill up again.


Our amalanchier tree is now flowering on the meadow opposite. This tree has so many different names I decided to stick to the latin version. Some call it shadbush, or serviceberry and I only knew the German name of Felsenbirne. It is quite a good tree to block the sight from the block opposite and keep a bit of a private area.

And now to go on to other fields, like the shower and the apartment. Make the most of the day and I hope your shopping expeditions for our wonderful stress holiday called Easter are successful. We might fall asleep in the chair afterwards whilst eating our Easter eggs but we have a good feeling that we now have it behind us for another year.


Good Morning


I know, it’s really getting boring with my sunrise photos in the morning, but everyday it seems to me that they are even more impressive than the day before.

Anyhow it is almost no longer morning, but in a hour midday. The cleaning lady is here dealing with this and that and I have been busy waiting in telephone queues to deal with a few items.

First of all I phoned the store card centre. I now have a special card for tanking gas where I get points which is OK. I also want to organise direct debit with my account. My car is very economic with its gas. When I wait at a red light the motor stops running. As soon as it gets green and I put my foot on the gas pedal it starts again. It is also not a very thirsty car and I do not go long stretches, so tanking is a thing of two months more or less. I had to order a new form for organising the direct debit as I had written a few wrong numbers in the one they sent me. As soon as the guy on the phone realised I was english originally, he started speaking english with me. Then I called a ophthalmologist for an appointment which was occupied. Eventually I got through to a recording that said all their lines were occupied and I should try later.

In what sort of a world are we living? We have all the modern equipment and it is constantly occupied.

Pigeons 13.04 (2)

Even the pigeons are occupied in a talk with each other. I think the one of the right was quite keen to get to know the lady judging by the way he has puffed up his throat feathers

And now I am off again. This was just a short visit to let you know I am still alive and kicking. This afternoon I am off to the garage to change to my summer tyres so I hope it will no longer snow. Stay safe, enjoy the day and I will see you later.

Maule's quince 13.04.2019

Good Morning


Everything ready for the week to begin: bread and honey, a cup of tea, a computer, so what could possibly go wrong? The weather is a bit dull, but even that can get better, I hope. It is now Easter week the worst week in the year together with the Christmas week.

Yesterday I did a mastermind of planning meals until next week on Tuesday morning. I go shopping on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, but this week we have no Friday afternoon because of this holiday called Easter and the shops are then closed. Monday is also closed. And so I have to make sure the family Angloswiss does not starve. It will be a long week-end of frozen food and that which can be kept in the fridge. I do not intend to commit shopping suicide on Saturday afternoon to buy until Tuesday lunchtime and so I really have a marathon to complete this week. I really hate these holidays, such a stress.

I have a triple list of shopping. Items that I can already organise because they will live for a week in the fridge or home, items for Wednesday which are limited in time but just a matter of a few days, and Thursday. I know Thursday is not my shopping day, but I have no choice. Friday is a no go, and so I must get together the remainder on Thursday afternoon. I dread the battle for a parking space. Generally no problem as I have a permit for spaces for the handicapped. It just seems on such holidays when all are shopping being anxious that they will starve from malnutrition on the holidays, that suddenly everyone is handicapped and take the places from those that need them.

So enough moaning about these stupid, ridiculous holidays. Just to add Monday is also closed and I do not intend shopping on Tuesday morning as I have other things to do, so that will also be an exception to shop on Tuesday afternoon after Easter,

Apple buds

So let’s have another photo to brighten up the misery of Easter. My apple tree is making proress and the buds are now beginning to open.

Tulips and Hyacinths

The tulips are still opening and closing and the hyacinth is still there in the middle.

Grape Hyacinths

I also discovered a small group of grape hyacinths at the edge of my garden.  I am sure the gardener did not put them there, and neither did I. Was it a magic appearance? I did have some grape hyacinths in the my garden before the renovation and I can only imagine that the gardener shifted a clump of earth containing the corms to the edge of the garden, not realising that they were still sleeping in the earth.

And that is the beginning of what will be a miserable week. Tomorrow afternoon I also have to go to my garage to have my summer tyres put on the car: another interruption to my peaceful and calm routine.

In the meanwhile I have eaten my breakfast and will move on to a shower and clean up of the home. I so hope your week will not be filled with such misery as mine will.  I seem to celebrate this Easter thing with shopping excursions and logistics. Chocolate easter eggs and easter bunnies? Forget it. I told the family if they really want them, then to organise it theirselves online or otherwise.

Easter Eggs

I do have some painted Easter eggs.  I bought them in the store and they even included a mini pot of Aromat with them as a spice: Aromat the Swiss spice that no Swiss can do without on the food. No I do not colour the eggs myself. I did that when the kids were still kids, a terrible waste of time, but they had fun. I hated it. So enough of Easter grinch, I am just glad when the whole thing is over.

Make the most of the week on your battle through the trials and tribulations of Easter.

Easter Bunny

Good Morning


Another wonderful sunrise this morning, although I was thinking to post something else this morning, even sunrises can get boring but I had a surprise. I opened the window to stick my nose outside and saw snow flocks: just very gentle and sparse, but they were falling one after the other. In the background I had the rising sun. Was this a fluke of nature? I must admit there is a nip in the air in the morning. I checked on my Swiss SRF Meteo forecast on my mobile and indeed I was told that Winter returns today. After 5 minutes the spook had already finished here, but it might return – who knows.

Horses 13.04 (1)

I decided to take a wheelie in my chair into town yesterday afternoon and waved hello to the horses on the neighbouring farm as I went on my way along the side of the local railway tracks. Saturday is always a good day to go to town as things happen that do not usually happen during the week.

Plane 13.04 (1)

On the way I heard the sound of a plane flying overhead and just managed to fix it with my camera lens as it was about to fly behind the cathedral tower with the public sightseeing gallery outside. It seeme to be a local plane and not one of the big ones that go to other countries.

Bubbles 13.04 (6)

When I arrived in town I was not disappointed. There was a lady with one of those bubble producing apparatus. Always something different on Saturday, so I was not disappointed.

Fancy Dress in town 13.04 (7)

As I wheeled on further and turned a corner, I noticed another surprise. Mickey and Minnie Mouse were visiting our town of Solothurn. Of course I had to take a photo. On the right is a restaurant with tables and chairs outside and I noticed there were a group of people there all dressed as Walt Disney characters. I think someone has married and was holding the reception in the restaurant.

Pigeons 13.04 (3)

After half an hour in town I decided to wheel back home along the river bank. As I passed the river wall in town I notice quite a gathering of pigeons. I am not an expert, but I think it is the males that puff out their chests and do a sort of throaty sound ceremony for the pleasure of the ladies. The feathers are also quite colourful. They then began to chase the ladies on the ground but not all the females were willing. I felt sorry for this one, just as he was ready to show how willing he was, the lady flew off. You can see the tip of her wing as she was departing.

Ducks 13.04 (5)

Ducks and swans were also floating on the river mostly in pairs. Somewhere there must be a few hatching eggs in the nests. Each time I wheel along the river bank I see a duck that I have ever seen before. I think I must buy a duck book or upload an app. This one was sitting on a stone keeping an eye on his other half who was having a swim.

I soon turned the corner and wheeled up the path to our estate. I was surprised, I must have been speeding as I was only away for one and half hours, usually it is two. Mr. Swiss was pleased to see me again although we did have a few words about my mud splashed wheelchair. I told him the mud is now about two weeks old. I was surprised he only just noticed it. I supposed I should take it through the car wash, although the seats will probably get wet as well as the motor.

It was a pleasant afternoon again and I might risk it this afternoon to see what the local geese and goats are doing. I could also include a few cows if they are out on the pastures.

I am now on my way to begin cooking lunch. I can then let the meat cook slowly through the morning. Today it is veal breast cutlets with pasta served with a garniture of veg. Sounds showy, but does not give a lot to do.

Have a good Sunday, enjoy, and here is a photo of some periwinkle I saw growing in the neighbours front garden. They seem to be growing wild, because I know he did not plant them.

Herbaceous Periwinkel 13.04.2019

Good Morning


Another beautiful sunrise this morning as I opened the window. I just had to balance with my mobile phone camera in hand to take a photo. These views do not last long, the sun goes on its daily walk around the earth and the day begins. I also heard a dove cooing and even found him in one of the trees in the photo, but with a phone camera you cannot get such details.

Yesterday was a stress afternoon from 3-6 in the evening, combining week-end shopping with my memorable visit to the opticians which was OK with a problem. My sight is naturally not better after my last visit (9 years ago) and I had an eye test for new glasses. However. I will have to visit an ophthalmologist to see if there is anything going on behind the eye or otherwise. I need new glasses now, but I have a very good solution. To see an eye doc (ophthalmologist is such a complicated word) I will have to wait a couple of months, as is the problem with most such specialists here. In the meanwhile I will get my new glasses. For a small increase in price I get an insurance meaning that if I have to have new lens afterwards the optician will do it free of charge. I really did not want to wait so long for new glasses.


Opticians are also no longer what they were with their new improved advanced instruments. So you sit on chair and stare at letters on a screen and asked which is better, this picture or the other: a line of letters and to be quite honest it was all one blur to me. Afterwards I get to choose the frames for my new eye glasses. They have a system in our opticians that pro year of your age you get 10% less to pay for the frames: being an ongoing 73 year old golden oldie, that is quite a reduction. The frames are the cheapest part of the cost, but the lens???? Exactly. I now wait for up to 10 days for my new glasses.

Choosing the frames was not so easy as I had to remove my glasses to see what they looked like in the mirror, although I got a hand mirror for a better close up. I was confronted with hundreds of frames from Gucci to Dior via Carrera, but I settled for something Japanese which I quite liked. I took a quick photo to show Mr. Swiss when I got home. I like my glasses to sit comfortable, have a light weight and a good size. Also I like a bit of colour in the frame. Photo follows when I get them.

Ducks 11.04 (11)

I had quite a duck show on my last trip along the River. I am sure she wanted to gain my attention with the camera.

And now to move on, time waits for no-one and I have a few bits and pieces to deal with in the home like a general tidy up of yesterday evening. This afternoon I will be off again exploring the local surroundings.

I wish you all a good start to the week-end and may it be a good one. I will leave you with some cowslips I saw on our estate as I was wheeling home from my last trip. I think that is what they are.

Primroses 11.04.2019