Good Morning

M - Sunrise

Mr. Swiss was up earlier than me this morning. This is nothing exceptional, he always stops hugging the bed earlier than me. He does his own thing on his computer and otherwise in the apartment, and I do it all from between the duvet and the sheet with my iPad. When I eventually reached daylight I saw that there was a sunset with a difference, nothing special, but more of a light show. I proudly showed my photos to Mr. Swiss and he said he has the better photos. Yes we are now competing with the photo of the day. OK, he was up earlier and got the early bird catching the worm thingy, I just got the washed out clouds. The photo above is not mine, but one of the many that Mr. Swiss took. As we are joined in my Flickr online site he transferred them over, all 10 of them. I had to tell him that 10 photos of a wonderful sunrise was 9 too many, so I selected the best. He has the better mobile phone camera with his iPhone 7, I am still stuck with the iPhone 6 until I eventually get my iPhone X, but I will have to get up earlier and that does not appeal to me.

Tiling 22.11.2017

Our gardiner is progressing with the tile laying effect and all being well he will finish the work today. This means that we at last have a usable front porch.

I am reading a very funny book at the moment, “The Limpet Syndrome” by Tony Moyle.  I find it funny to the extent that Mr. Swiss had to ask me what I was laughing about as I was disurbing his TV evening. It is about the afterlife and what happens when two souls do not arrive where they should. The main character in the book gets the job of finding where the souls have gone. The Prime Minister of Great Britain is involved and of course hell plays a large part. I do not want to spoil the story if you are interested. I have a weird taste in any case. I found the book because Amazon told me that the second book in the series was now available, “Soul Catchers”, and I was wondering what to read next, so I searched for the first book of the series. I find it hilarious.

Clouds 22.11 (8)

We were in the supermarket yesterday and Mr. Swiss parked on the top floor (there are only two, ground and above). This means that I get a good view of the surroundings. It was a good day yesterday for a better sighting of the Bernese Alps. Mr. Swiss is not always so happy when I leave the car, because he wants to get the shopping done. Whilst he is on his way I am leaning on the car with my camera in my hand taking photos. Eventually we meet in the store, whereI switch to my mobile phone camera. I will be glad when I eventually get my wheelchair, then I can get out again and go on a real photo safari. At the moment I am really limited with car journeys and supermarkets.

Road to Langendorf 15.11 (4)

Now and again I get a little excitement whenI see the local sherrifs gathered around a suspicious object. Perhaps a victim had been discovered and they were discussing how to use the excavator to dig it out, or should they just cover it up and forget the whole thing. The things you see from a car window.

And now to move on, it is time to think about taking a walk with the vacuum cleaner and mop and even cleaning windows. A woman’s work is never done and Mr. Swiss has an appointment with his doc this morning. They are the only people we actually see except for neighbours and birds visiting my birdhouse in the garden.

I will leave you with yet another photo of our local mountain, Weissenstein, but it is fresh from the camera, uploaded yesterday evening.  Enjoy the day, do not forget your computer, otherwise it will feel neglected.

Weissenstein 22.11.2017

Good Morning


You never know what will meet you when you stop hugging the bed in the morning. I am usually happy to see that I can actually leave the bed in one piece, although I have to have a couple of tries before actually standing. I grope for my stick which spends the night next to the bed and realise I am still in one piece. It is a small step for mankind, but a major step for me as I make my way to the kitchen. I take my mobile phone with me, and take a step outside for the morning photo.

This morning it was rewarding as the sun was already on its way, casting a few reflections.


There was a blackbird perched in my apple tree opposite, but he was more interested in what the gardiners were doing. They had parked their van on the path and I can here the sound of shovels somewhere but not in our garden where they should be. Yesterday a beginning was made.

Renovation gardener 21.11 (2)

At last a young lady gardiner appeared with a wheelbarrow filled with gravel and where there was just the bare facts of strange colourful foam bricks, it has now been covered with a layer of stones. This is the first step to replacing the tiles, although I am not sure when the tiles will be replaced, perhaps today if we win the gardening lottery.


I had a look at my schlumbergera (Christmas cactus) this morning to see if was thinking about producing flowers. The store is full of such wonderful examples with red and pink flowers and also the white flowering variety. This will be a pink one, although at the moment it is a wonderful example of how many leaves it can produce. I kept it outside during the summer, watering and feeding regularly and it has grown strong and big, but no flowers. According to the instructions (in internet) I should now stop feeding it and let it do its own thing. However, it is doing nothing and still thinking about it. To give it credit, it was a very small cactus at the beginning, and has multiplied in leaves, but should go forth and produce flowers.

In the meanwhile the problems of the day must be solved, but a decision has been made. It will probably be hashed browns with cippolata sausages, the mini sausages and fried aubergine. I am basically the only one in the family that likes aubergine, but since I have discovered a new variety which are longer and thinner my family have developed their taste for them. I can just chop them in slices and fry them in butter. They have their own supply of juice and now my family have changed their minds about the qualities of an aubergine. We housewives must always be a step ahead in the logistics of daily life.

And so it is time to go, I cannot sit on the computer all day, there is a supermarket visit on the plan which is combined with a photographic tour in the car on the way. I will leave you with a view of our car waiting at the traffic lights captured in the mirror at the crossing, something completely different. Enjoy the day, and make the most of it. If you are in that part of the world where it is midnight, then have a good sleep.

Road to Langendorf 20.11 (23)

Good Morning


Now that is what I call a sunrise. Not that wishy washy grey stuff that I have been served with lately. This one has a punch in it and even a plane is winging its way across the sky.

Aeroplane over Feldbrunnen 20.11 (1)

I actually managed to capture a Swiss flight yesterday afternoon. They are only a sort of speck at the end of a steam line, but with the zoom lens I can get a bit closer. This one was probably setting to land at Geneva Airport. We are nearer to Zürich Airport, but sort of in between the two.


The latest excitement in my life is this growth in a pot. No, it is not my first attempt to grow a triffid (they wander around to much) it is last year’s amaryllis. I know it does not look like much. I like to have an amaryllis inside in Winter, and buy a new one every year at the store. This one was a particular beauty (see photo).

Amaryllis 13.01 (1)

I decided to give it a try to make it flower again and did a search to find how to do it in internet. When the flower was finished last year, the leaves began to grow. As the weather got warmer I put it outside and now and again gave it water and fertiliser according to instructions. At the end of September the leaves died away and I was left with a pot and the amaryllis bulb tip remains.  The next step was to remove it from the pot and remove the roots. I was surprised to see how my amaryllis bulb had grown, it looked very promising. I repotted it in fresh earth and let it be for a while inside where it was warmer. In the meanwhile I had bought a second amaryllis in the store, a white one, just to be sure. The white amaryllis is now growing nicely and already has two buds. I began to water my rescue amaryllis from last year and I now have a bud appearing, so everything going well, it will flower again this year.

I was so happy because it seemed stupid to me to throw them away after they had finished flowering, just to replace them. Perhaps I now have the trick in how to do it and my apartment will be an amaryllis forest at Christmas.

Great Tit

In the meanwhile the birds have discovered that food is again available in the bird house. Yesterday morning it was just the pickings of a remainder, but we bought a mega bag yesterday, the heaviest they had, and that should last for a week perhaps. It seems the more they get, the more they eat.

Today is our lucky day. At last the gardiner is finishing our back porch by replenishing the tiles. We will soon be in fully working condition again.

It is now time to move on, there is a bathroom to be cleaned, food to cook and other little housewife hobbies to complete. The houseman has already completed the vacuum cleaner action in the living room, so what could possibly go wrong.

I will leave you with a photo of the Hasenmatt, the highest peak with the snow on top. It is also the highest place in our Kanton of Solothurn and yes, I have been up there many years ago: a bit steep but worth the view from the top. Enjoy the day, and take care of your computers. You never know if there are a few virus’s hovering around.

Road to Langendorf 20.11 (14)

Good Morning


I was taking my first morning photo from the back porch this morning and a visitor decided to intrude. Roschti, the neighbour’s cat, was making an inspection tour of the territory. Luckily my cat Tabby was sleeping, otherwise there might have been problems. Roschti does not like Tabby and the feeling is mutual.

This morning it is a frosty morning, temperatures of -4° which leaves the grass with a white frosty layer in the open spaces. The gardeners have already arrived to finish the work of replacing one of the back garden that was destroyed during the building work. They should move on to us this week and return our back garden to normal, but we seem to be the forgotten ones at the moment.

Birdhouse 19.11 (1)

We have a birdfood problem at the moment. Supplies are running low and the cupboard is bare. We thought we had enough, but our birdhouse is becoming popular and word as spread. I think this great tit was sitting on the roof of the birdhouse as a lookout to tell the others when a new food shipment arrives. I emptied the box where we keep the food and there was a remainder that had fallen out of the paket. I carefully emptied it into the feeder, to make sure they had at least something until today. I now have “birdfood” at the top of my shopping list today. Mr. Swiss says I am overdoing it and they will survive without food for a few hours.

Today seems to be a typical Monday with nothing special on the programme. There will be an excursion to the supermarket  to stock up on food. I now have to plan a few meals, but have no idea what, it seems to be one big repetition.


In the meanwhile the sun has risen, so it might be a sunny day today, although it will probably remain cold. I will now embark on my exciting day. The only excitement I have had so far this morning is to open a new jam jar for my breakfast – oh what a life I lead.

You are now all a week older so make the most of this week and enjoy the day.

Good Morning


Waking up on a Sunday morning to find grey skies and rain, makes me feel like my two canna plants in their pots. They are the last remaining memory of a summer that was a little lost in building work, debris and a scaffolding. I usually have them on the sunny side of the  apartment, but this year there was no real sunny side, although it poked through now and again between the iron bars. However, it is now time for them to dry out so that I can deposit them in the nice cool cellar for the winter hibernation. My No. 1 son shifted them for me to the other side of the apartment where they are now protected from the rain showers under the porch roof. I will leave them another week to dry out and then they can be transported to winter quarters. It’s a miracle that they survived the summer. This side of the apartment has not yet been completed by the gardeners to restore it to normal, but they told me next week.

Magpie 18.11 (1)

My bird photos at the birdhouse this morning are a little to dark and dismal to show anything worth showing, but I at last managed to capture my magpies yesterday morning. This one had its beak stuffed full of bread pieces and was taking a rest in the tree opposite before flying back home for breakfast. It is always the crows and magpies that arrive first of all when I distribute the bread remainders, stuffing their beaks full of the goodies of the day. Afterwards the sparrows arrive for the crumbs.

Magpie 18.11 (6)

What I like about the magpies are their colourful constrasting feathers.

It looks like a very wet day today. Not raining in big drops, but the fine soaking rain that dampens the feelings. Mr. Swiss tells me it should be better by the evening, but it can only get better.

Great Tit 18.11 (1)

This is another one of yesterday’s photos. I was sitting at the table in the kitchen and saw this little great tit land on my cat’s water bowl. It is almost like a waterimg hole in the jungle in my garden sometimes.

I have finished my Day of the Triffids book by John Wyndham and must say even the older books are really good. What to do when triffids begin to grow in your garden, take up their roots and walk – it is a problem expecially when the majority of the population of the earth have been struck blind. What I like about the story is that Wyndham does not say it was this or that, but gives little hints to guide you on the way. Was it the Russians that developed the triffids for cheap oils, was it a comet that brought about the blindness or a malicious satellite that went wrong when circling the earth. You can work it out yourself.  Just do not trust plants hiding in the hedge that might swipe you with their poisonous sting. Perhaps check at the local store for triffid weapons just in case.

And on this happy note I will leave you, also with a red sky from late yesterday afternoon which did brighten up the day a little. Take it easy, and do not stress, it is the week-end, time to party, or read a good book. Enjoy the day.

Clouds A 18.11 (2)

Good Morning

Back garden

Not much exciting in this part of the world today, but Saturdays are never exciting. I will be a stay-at-home domestic servant today. There are even grey skies to match the mood. Mr. Swiss will be on a short expedition to the supermarket for some food remainders. It’s chilli con carne this evening and we like to eat it with fresh special bread, so I hope he finds some in the store. I also have my diabetic tablets waiting at the chemists which he will pick up. Otherwise it is just me and the birds.


As you can see my bird villa is waiting for the visitors outside the window. I draw the curtains in the morning to get a better view with the camera, but I have to be very careful and patient. They are very nervous and notice if there is the slightest movement behind the window, so I have to be patient. The wall behind the birhouse was painted yesterday, the last wall. The painter was moving my birdhouse  to get to the wall, and as soon as he was gone, I moved it back. The paint is now drying, so I will leave it until Monday. The tiles still have to be replaced on the ground on this side of the appartment.

Birdhouse Great Tit

I managed to catch this Great Tit hanging on the seed pouch beneath the birdhouse. He was so engrossed in his food he didn’t notice me doing the honours. The photo is not so sharp as my iPhone 6 only has the basic camera. I am really looking forward to my new iPhone X with the super camera. Mr. Swiss has an iPhone 7 and that even takes the better photos than mine.

Son No. 1 has just waved goodbye as is on the way to the station for the train to Geneva. I told him to take a few photos when he is there. Even he has an iPhone 7, but I am not sure about the photos. He is an autist and has his own way of doing things. I am sure he will be visiting the various record shops in Geneva: music is his hobby.

Great Tit

This little fella decided to see if there was anything worth pecking on the ground beneath the bird house. At the moment my new photos are only birds as I no longer get out on my own so much. My days of walks are no longer possible. Of course I can walk, although no longer smooth running. At home I have no great problem, can use my stick for support if necessary, but outside it is a different kettle of fish. I am worried that I might fall as my left foot is not longer attached to the leg so well. I used to take walks around our village, down to the river, or the local castle, but it is getting strenuous. I hope to get my wheelchair in a week or so and then I will be on my way again taking photos, I hope. I try to make life as comfortable as possible.

And now to organise my Saturday morning. I hope you all have a good week-end. Here is another photo of the birch tree from yesterday on a slightly different angle showing how really big it is. It only does the brown leaf act once a year, so for those interested, here it is again.

Autumn Tree 17.11.2017

Good Morning


More constrast in today’s morning sky. Yesterday it was another grey morning/day and nothing was happening in the sky. Today looks like more action and it is very cold. Tomorrow it will probably rain so our painter only has today to finish the last wall before he eventually waves goodbye. The workers are now going one by one. I noticed one of the neighbours has had to have its complete garden re-done due to the destruction from builders’ boots. Yesterday they moved in with a power shovel and removed all the earth. Today it goes further. We are still waiting for our tiles to be replaced. We are having the same tiles as before and decided not to invest in special super sized tiles as a replacement. I am too old for something completely different and prefer to spend my money or something more rewarding.

Various birds in birdhouse 16.11 (3)

Our birdhouse is  becoming quite popular amongst the bird population and since it is in front of my window I can get much better photos. The birds sit in the branches of the trees opposite in my garden and fly over to collect a seed. They afterwards return to their perch in the tree and enjoy the food. There is a coming and going all day. I was surprised as I thought it might be too near the window, but food is always a good excuse to take a risk. I think the birds with the yellow feathers are tits. You never see them during the summer but as soon as the colder weather arrives they settle in our garden for food.  And I just saw the first robin of the Winter. He hopped into my garden at the edge. Robins do not mix so much with the other birds and like to keep themselves to themselves. I was not quick enough for a photo unfortunately.

Sparrows 16.11 (2)

The sparrows like to pick around on the ground, they are the garbage birds probably, eating the remains.

I am getting nearer to my dream iPhone X. Mr. Swiss enquired in the local shop and they said 1-2 weeks will be the delivery time, although I will probably wait a little longer until the big rush is over.

Today is week-end shopping day again, time goes quickly when you are a golden oldie. No. 1 son has decided to go on an excursion to Geneva tomorrow, a 2 hour train ride from where we live. He does not speak French, the Geneva language, but in Geneva you can get through easily with english, which he can speak. I visited Geneva some years ago around Chrstmas wanting to visit the United Nations building, but only saw it at the end of the entrance path. It was closed for holidays, the english speaking guard told me at the gate.

This means the golden oldie couple will be alone for Saturday lunch, an opportunity to eat brussel sprouts. We both like them, but No. 1 son will not eat them.

I must now move on to complete my Friday morning duties. I will be on my way later to the supermarket, armed with my online cloud shopping list, connected to Mr. Swiss phone. If you see a golden oldie couple wandering around a supermarket with phones in their hand stopping now and again to delete items, you know why.

Enjoy your Friday, the last day before the week-end.

Autumn Trees 13.11 (1)