Good Morning

Back Garden

What a bleak morning. No clouds, bare branches on the trees and just a background noise of crows – could be something from a horror film. However I am up and ready to go, although it takes time to get into movement. Do you have that as well, when you take the first steps in the morning and your back stays in bed. You wonder if you will make it to the kitchen? I do, but here I am hammering away again on the keyboard.


The first crows have already arrived for breakfast. I took the photo from my place in the kitchen with my mobile phone, close up manipulated,  so quality is not exactly Pulitzer prize worthy. Actually the sparrows were there first, but as soon as the big birds arrive they fly off, probably something to do with species dominance. After the crows chose the best bites they flew off and yes, the sparrows are back again. The main thing is I have no old bread remainders left.

Baking bread

Speaking of bread, I have even baked the week-end bread. OK, I am cheating. You can buy the bread in the store sort of half baked and do the finishing touches at home for 10 minutes in the oven. I usually do this in the afternoon, but I discovered I only had a hard remainder from yesterday which I chopped and scattered for the birds in the garden. I like something a little fresher for my breakfast.

Christmas Decorations Supremarket

I am a little short on new photos this week, due to doctor appointments and driving the car myself alone, no longer being the passenger. I used to take a few photos from the car on the way to the store, but that is finished. I did managed to get a photo of the Christmas decorations in the mall for something a little different but even there my opportunities are now more limited as I have at last found a better place for handicapped parking, with more places available, but at the side of the store, meaning I no longer arrive at the entrance where the big Christmas light show is. Although I still take the lift down when the shopping is completed if I have a few other things to get, like in the drug store.

Yesterday I had to make a detour as my doc told me I should get some vitamin D. It would help to strengthen my bones in the case that I might/probably would fall. They do not need a prescription and I was surprised that the price was reasonable. She usually gave me the medicine herself, but I only visit now when I must. I got the results by telephone of my blood test for the long term diabetes test and it seems I am in perfect health. Even the sugar was manageable with 6,5 whatever. This was a surprise as now and again I might forget a tablet, especially in the evening when my sugar is at the highest point, and I do like some chocolate now and again. It’s the daring things you do in life that breaks the boredom.

Christmas Flowers
The rescue mission for my amaryllis is now completed and I hope it is a success, the problem being that it was top heavy and looked like the leaning tower of Pisa/amaryllis. It is now tied to my flower table with string and it standing upright again. I really did not want to risk losing my flowers as last year when it took a dive to the ground. These white ones are a bit special, not the normal white ones and I managed to get the last one they had in the store.

And that is all there is to report from the wilds of Switzerland. This morning I will stay at home tending to the apartment and myself. I will probably take a trip to the temple of shopping this afternoon. Saturday afternoons are fun as I do not have to get a lot of shopping, this time bird food is on the list. I can take my walker, do not need the trolly and there is some people action, but not too much. Yesterday there were some little frozen spots of snow in the air, but today it is just plain cold.

Enjoy the week-end, make the most of it, and keep safe.

Christmas Roses 12.12.2018

Good Morning

Feldbrunnen village 12.12 (12)

One of my shots on my last walk from the top of the hill where our local castle is. And now to continue. This morning is a boring sky, no clouds, but a promise of a little sun. It is still quite cold and my cat’s water in the bowl outside was again frozen this morning. My first job of the day has become to refill her water. She waits for me impatiently outside looking at me and the bowl – feline communication.

Apple tree 12.12 (1)

And now to continue. I spoke of the apple tree at the local stables, still full of apples, but that has a reason and here it is.

Geese 12.12 (1)

The geese, and the ducks, have plenty of winter food for the time being. I saw them discovering the apples fallen from the tree and eating them. It is a good idea. I saw at least 4 geese enjoying their apples.

And now to yesterday, although not such an exciting day. I had to venture into town to see my neurologist, and this had to be carefully planned. I had to take the car and my walker. I parked in our underground car park, 3rd floor down, the one at the bottom. That is the floor with the most empty places and it suits me. I do not have to search for an empty spot. I packed out my walker which I had in the boot of the car and just opposite there was another lady, about my age, with her walker. Of course a conversation arose about how we transport them. Her car was about as big as my Skoda Fabbia, but just a little wider and she could put hers at the front. My car does not have the width, but I manage OK in the boot.


And here I am on my way with my walker. The window front opposite was an idea opportunity for a photo.  Just a walk along the road and through a small tunnel.

Gasse zur Tiger 28.11.2018

And then just around the corner and I was there.

Gurzelngasse Dr. 28.11.2018

The steps were not so easy to conquer with the walker, but when i entered and left there was always a friendly lady passing by that saw me dilemma and helped. I was so glad. My neurologist afterwards told me that with my parking permission for handicapped it meant that I could enter the town and park where I wanted, in front of his surgery even. This is naturally quite good, but I decided that parking in the park house and walking the few steps was also not so bad. One way or the other our town still has cobblestones. He decided that I was doing fine and suggested perhaps another visit to tunnel machine to measure how my nerves look with the MS. I told him is it really worth it? and he had a smile on his face when he decided, no really: another ordeal saved for me.

Bus stop Amthausplatz

I passed by the bus stop on my way back to the car and noticed a lot of police standing around, although there was no bus there. A lady told me that the latest idea is when the bus arrives all the doors are locked. No-one can leave or enter except for the police and all the tickets are inspected. It seems we have too many fare dodgers on the busses. I found this method a bit of show time, but I suppose it works. I drove off home after leaving the parking house. I am really getting the hang of this car driving again.

Today it is week-end shopping. The list is made and I am now off to the shower to get my shopping done first of all.

I almost had a problem with my amaryllis this morning. It is now top heavy.


For the present I have deposited in the kitchen sink and tied it together with some string. When I come home after shopping I will have more time to think over what to do with it.  Last year my amaryllis topped and broke and this year I will do what I can to prevent this happening again.

And now I am off, so hope your Friday is a good day.

Good Morning

Jura 12.12 (2)

There is snow on the Hasenmatt, the highest point in our Kanton, the mountain on the left of the photo. I did the memorable climb many years ago, when I was around 22 years old, with a friend. It is a steep walk, but one of the easier ones, otherwise I would never have done it. Of course you get a wonderful view of the surroundings from the top.

Solothurn cemetery 12.12.2018

It was very cold yesterday, temperatures did not rise very much higher than 0° C, even a little minus temperatures. It seems that the time is now here to wear one of my woolly hats. I decided to remain in the village and took a wheelie through the cemetery. I only saw about 2 or 3 other people there except for a couple of gardeners that were digging around in the grounds. The photo shows the flower tributes for the cremated plots.

Feldbrunnen Church 12.12.2018

I left the graveyard and entered the top part of the village and passed our church, which also has its own graveyard. You see I even have a choice if I need one. The sun is particularly clear at the moment, with now only a the normal clouds floating around, and bathes everything in a sharp lighting effect.

Castle Waldegg 12.12 (1)

On the way I passed the local castle up on the hill. This is part of the stairs leading upwards to the gardens. I had not taken this wheelie for some time and everything looked a little different in the oncoming winter months. the light was much clearer and it seemed that I was getting a spotlight on everything from above.

Horses 12.12 (1)

i eventually arrived at the stables. All the horses seeme to be there as I do not think that anyone would be riding at the moment in the cold air. Naturally they were all wearing their winter coats.

I wheeled on and notice this apple tree, still full of apples.

Apple tree 12.12 (2)

I was surprised to see so many apples still hanging on the tree that had not been gathered, but there was a reason for this – see more tomorrow.

And after my visit to the farm I decided it was time to go and seriously told myself to wear a hat the next time. Luckily I had the hood of my jacket which kept me warm. And then it happened. I was changing the lens on my camera. I had to take off one of the gloves and neatly dropped it on the ground. I could not reach it from my chair. I tried to stand up to get it, but realised that was not possible. Then I saw two young ladies approaching along the path. As soon as they were near enough I asked if they could give me my glove. Just a small event, but of course they obliged with a smile and a few words and I had my glove again. I can tell you your outlook on life changes when in other circumstances.

So now it was time to go. Not really very far, just across the main road and I would be home, but wait a minute. Something caught my eye in a field.

Mushrooms 12.12 (2)

You do not see mushrooms that size every day, so I had to get a photo.

But now it was time to go and enter the warmth of home again.

Yesterday morning I also had a trip to the supermarket, but this time with a little difference. I had been told of the special parking spaces for handicapped at the side entrance to the food department in the supermarket. I knew which way I should take my drive, and I arrived there, all of them being empty, a whole 5 places. I parked the car and discovered these spaces were even free, no charges and there were trolleys parked next to them. This was ideal. I parked the car, got my trolley and just walked through the entrance which lead me to the food department. It was so much easier, and no Russian roulette with being lucky to find an empty space. The disadvantage is that I cannot visit the flower department, but if I really wanted to I could take the lift down.

And that was the day’s adventures. This afternoon I have to see my neurologist, he wants to see me. That should be no problem as we have a car park near and there are always spaces available on the bottom floor. I will have to take my walker, as I have to walk to his surgery through part of the town.

And now to say goodbye, I have thing to do in the apartment. Have good day everyone, or sleep well, wherever you are. See you later. Yesterday as I finished my walk I saw the golden sun going down in the West.

Sundown 12.12 (1)

Good Morning

Jura 1112 (2)

I ventured out yesterday afternoon after being cooped up since three days, or was it four. I only knew that there were only photos from home and nothing new from the outside world. The first thing I saw as I was wheeling into town was the snow covered Jura mountains. On the photo is our “house” mountain, Weissenstein, and the “bib” was covered in snow. The “bib”  is the name we give it around here for the meadow at the front. Behind you can see the restaurant/hotel building and the crane. Apparently they are building an extension to the restaurant: a new room.

It is very cold down here in the lower lands, but no snow – yet. The bowl of water I have outside for my cat was frozen this morning and the grass is covered with a thin white frosty layer. As long as the snow stays away I am happy. Now I am driving the car regularly, I do not need snow to drive through.

River Aare Wengibruck 11.12 (2)

So I wheeled on into town and this time I actually met two people that I have known for some years. Often I go into town and meet no-one, but this time there were two. I met one friend pushing her grandchild in the pram. The last time I saw her was up on the Weissenstein mountain as she worked in the restaurant. She told me that our village restaurant is open again and at the moment she is working part time to learn the ropes. From January she will be there full time. We only have one restaurant in our village and it is always closing. Now it seems it has bee renovated and is ready to serve the customers. I told Mr. Swiss that our friend is now working there and he said we will perhaps go along for a meal. It would make a change, and especially as you know someone that works there.

Birds on a roof 11.12 (3)

I wheeled on down to the river and noticed that where there was space on the roof tops, the gulls had taken over. This was where I met my other friend with her bike. She is an irish lady and is also married to a Swiss. I met her in my Tai Chi course I once did a couple of years ago. We see each other now and again in the supermarket. We were on the quay next to the river and so I was snapping some bird photos now and again.

Birds in flight 11.12 (9)

This flock flew over our heads as we were talking. Where was Alfred Hitchcock? I must say they are very well behaved birds and my coat stayed clean with no suspicious white spots.

Circus GO 11.12 (3)

And we again have a visiting circus in town. We always have some sort of tent construction at Chistmas time, usually a circus or perhaps containing a theatre and often with food involved during the performances.

Zeughaus Christmas Calendar 11.12.2018

I decided to see what our Christmas Calendar old Arsenal was doing and noticed that now quite a few windows had been uncovered with various Christmas themed subjects. A new window is shown every day until the last one, 24th December, and then it will be left over the holidays for everyone to see.

Altstadt 11.12 (1)

As you can see the sun was shining, highlighting our cathedral in the background of these old town houses. It was a good afternoon for getting into the fresh air. I decided to wheel on home as I had left around 3.00 p.m. and wanted to be back by 5.00 p.m. I had some writing to do and there would be an evening meal to prepare. Just the usual cold cuts, although today I had some smoked salmon on toast etc.

Baselstrasse 11.12 (5)

The road to our village also now has the Christmas lights, although they were only just being switched on. When it is dark it looks quite good along the road.

And now I am off for a shower and shopping. The list is made and since I discovered 5 parking spaces especially for the handicapped at the supermarket in a better place I want to try them today. I am getting quite adventurous with my driving skills. The sun is shining although very cold, but as long as the snow stays away I am not bothered.

Keep well and safe and see you around on the flip side (huh? where is that flip side, must be something American). 🙂

Christmas Lights 11.12.2018

Good Morning

Morning Sky

Good Morning is a little later today, but this is how the sky looked around 7.30 a.m. It is now 11.30 a.m. and we now have blue skies with a few clouds. I would say a promising day and a change from the high winds and rain we have been having this week. By the way I noticed something in the sky when I took the photo. On the left below the clouds there is something that looks like a moon, a silver dot, although very small. It is probably a planet that was still hanging around. According to my SkyView App it could be Mars.

Today was supposed to be a cleaning lady morning, but she called to say she had a cold. She could hardly speak on the phone so this week no cleaning lady. Acually everthing is quite clean at home. We had planned to put fresh linen on our beds as I can no longer do it all myself. I can managed the duvet and cushion and stripping the beds. The most difficult part is putting the fix bottom sheet on the mattress and for that I need help. The day would be Thursday but she is only here on Tuesday. I will now see if my No. 1 son will help on Thursday, which he probably will. To compensate for no cleaning lady, I cleaned all the windows on the west side of the appartment.

I was at the docs yesterday giving blood for a long term diabetes test. I should really do it every 3 months, and tend to forget these things as it was now six months. So the nurse prodded the left arm, which is the one where you find the veins easier. After filling a tube she discovered that there was no blood left for a second tube, so she had to search for a vein on the right arm and she found it. I went home with two empty arms but the doc/vampire got her blood.


I do not have any really impressive photos at the moment as I have had no time to go places and see things, except for the supermarket. So here is a photo of the entrance with the restaurant on the left and various other shops on the right including a hairdressers and at the bottom, the gardening department.


I had a look in at the garden section and found that Poinsettias are quite the thing at the moment with many varieties. I bought mine a couple of days ago, but still like to see what else is being offered.

And that’s that for the time being. I hope to get out this afternoon again with the camera. Although there is a nip in the air, the sun is shining and the birds are singing.

Sliced Pork, veg and Saffron Rice

So all I can offer is a photo of lunch cooking: on the left sliced pork and veg and on the right saffron rice.

Hope you all have a good day.

Good Morning

Morning Sky

How’s that for a morning sky. The winds have been blowing full strength now for two days and this seems to be the result. Clouds chasing across the sky with the sun trying to get through now and again, but it deceives. Ever morning early the sun appears as it to say it will be a sunny day, and then it disappears an hour later. We might then get some rain, but it remains overcast for the day. It is also a cold wind that is blowing. At least it is warm in our apartment, although according to which windows are open we might get a gale blowing through.


I have a new member of my plant family. I bought a poinsettia in the store on my Saturday afternoon excursion. I have one every year and try to keep them afterwards, but they never have their red leaves again. I like one at home in the Winter months to brighten the place up. The can be a bit tricky to have. The leaves might begin to fall, but I hope to learn with the years.

Amaryllis and Poinsettia
It looks quite good with my white amaryllis in the background. I also have an orchid, which is now losing its flowers after 3 months, but surprise. Yesterday I discovered it had made a new flower and the bud is now opening. I must be doing something right for a change.

Glass and Metal

This will be my next problem to solve on my own. We collect our used metal and glass for the recycling containers in two bags in the garden cupboard. When they are full Mr. Swiss brings them to the containers in the village for disposal. Mr. Swiss is no longer able to do that, so I am now the chosen one to load it into the car and bring them. Admittedly it is not far and I will recruit No. 1 son to come with me to help as I cannot do this job on my own. We always waited until the bags were full, but now I am the person doing it, I will try to do it more often to simplify matters.

And now I must be off. I have a new system. First of all shower, dress and go shopping. I can always do the little bit of housework when I arrive home afterwards and will have more time to cook lunch. This afternoon I have to go to the doc in town for some vampire work. She needs my blood to check my long time diabetes condition.

In the meanwhile have fun or sleep well.

Evening Sky 06.12 (16)

Good Morning

Morning Sky

Now that was a stormy night with high winds. The good thing is that the winds moved the clouds and this morning, although quite cold, we have some blue sky. The storm clouds are still lurking at the side.

Yesterday afternoon I did something completely different and for the first time in many years really enjoyed a visit to the supermarket.

Supermarket Christmas Lights

It was a dismal day with constant rain, meaning that when I arrived in the store mall it was in full lights. One of the treats of Christmas are the lights. I do my week-end shopping on Friday and when I forget a few things, Mr. Swiss gets them on Saturday morning, but Mr. Swiss no longer goes anywhere very much and so I decided that I will get the necessary in the afternoon. Our store is now open until 5.00 p.m. which gives me plenty of time. As I did not need so much I decided to take my walker with me instead of having to use the supermarket trolley. I managed to put it in the boot of the car and I was off.

When I arrived there was 0 parking places showing as free, but I decided to see if there might be a place for the handicapped. I drove past a column of about 6 cars hoping for a space at the end  discovered that all spaces were free. This was ideal. I removed my walker from the car boot and entered the store. This was ideal for me and I enjoyed every minute of my shopping. Of course there were many people there, but it is a large space in the store, and I wasalone and could do my own thing. I never thought that shopping  could be such fun. I had no stress, had a few items to pick and buy. I even enjoyed seeing the people. After the task was completed I folded up my walker, put it in the car, and drove home. It was now dark, but no problem. Traffic was not a lot on the road and I arrived home OK. I should do this more often I discovered.

Supermarket Christmas Tree

Even the store Christmas tree was showing its best with the lights on. I have not been out so late for a long while.

There was only Mr. Swiss and me at home as No. 1 son was off to Zürich for his Jethro Tull concert. I heard him arrive home about 1.00 in the early morning. It was all organised with a coach.

I should really now get busy with some housework. I had a few things to tidy up on the computer this morning, looking through the nightly visits of my online colleagues. If you are in an international site, it seems that the world never sleeps.

Sparrows 08.12 (15)

And at last I got a few photos of the local sparrows. This group was picking up the remains that had fallen from the birdhouse.

Sparrows 08.12 (12)

There is quite a lot of bird traffic during the day, but the rush hour seems to be towards midday when they have a group get together. We used to get finches and colorful great tits with their yellow breast, but this year I have only seen a tit once. The sparrows have taken over.


And a further installment of my amaryllis where the second stalk also now has flowers. Now I am approaching the danger of it losing its balance, so I have to keep a careful eye on it.

Who knows what the day will hold. I might even venture an outing this afternoon, but perhaps the wind will have to get less before I go anywhere.

I hope you are all keeping well wherever you are. Take care and I will see you around, or on the flip side as some say.

Supermarket Christmas Lights