Good Morning


No, this photo is not of the slums of Switzerland, but my back porch, kitchen entrance on the left. The only living thing feeling comfortable there now is Tabby the cat. She has the ability to feel comfortable everywhere. We have bare brick walls and a mini table with just two chairs, because there is not room for more due to renovation work on the building. And now there is a ring at the door, must be the postman, he only rings once but very clear. Must be a special delivery.

Special Delivery

Yes. it was my MS injection medicine. It is a super system. I have a lady who deals with it for me, who is also a nurse. I just give her a call and tell her I need a new supply. We organise on which day it should be delivered, and she does the rest. This morning the postman arrived with my supply, all packed in boxes with refrigeration. In Winter it arrives in a normal parcel, but in Summer it has to be kept cool and so it is delivered in these special boxes with ice packs. When I unpack them the postman picks them up the next day, although usually I unpack them straight away and he can take them back on the same day.

Special Delivery

This is the actual size of the parcel with the injection units. I usually order a supply for three months, meaning I now have enough until end August. We have even organised a fridge in my laundry room to keep it in one place as otherwise there would not be enough room. Refrigerators are no longer so expensive as they used to be and I certainly do not consider it as a luxury. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss has now nicely dealt with it all, so back to the blog.

Today is another day of peace and quiet from the builders due to the week-end. It is just like it used to be (except for the scaffolding in front of the window). We have wonderful summer weather at the moment, just blue skies.

I have no plans  just a little bit of housework, a little bit of cooking and a little bit of reading. I finished my novel yesterday “The Burning Page” by Genevieve Cogman, the third in The Invisible Library series. I am really enjoying these books about alternative worlds, Faes and Dragons. The central figure is Irene a spy for the Invisible Library who’s job is to track down very rare books and her colleague is Kai, who happens to be a dragon, but can also look like any human being unless called for his special dragon properties. I love these books. The series is composed of 4 books and I have just read Book No. 3. I do not like reading the same series continuously, so in between read something else.

I have now began a book recommended by my WordPress friend Marilyn Armstrong The Far Arena by Richard Ben Sapir. Have read the first few pages on my Kindle, and it looks promising. We tend to share the same taste in literature.

And now to move on leaving you with a somewhat more positive photo of the day. Have a great week-end everyone – see you later.

Road to Langendorf 26.05 (3)

Good Morning


This is the way to start the day if you are a golden oldie and do not have to go places and do things. Of course I go places and do things, but my own free will. I can drive the car I like (are you listening Trump) and the supermarkets will have fresh supplies of food to buy. The workmen that are renovating our building with noise and building residue are still on their holidays for Ascension day and the Friday in between. Yes life is good at the moment, so let us make the most of it.

River Aar 16.05.2017

Our pleasant, not too hot but sunny, Summer weather is slowly arriving, too hot for a walk during the day, but I have discovered that an early evening walk is just the right thing. Perhaps a gentle breeze, but still possible to wear the bermuda trousers and a t-shirt. A great advantage is that you do not have the mass walkers passing you, just an isolated bicycle now and again or a dog walker, to reassure you that you are not the only person in the world.

There are no ducks or swans to be seen, but they are probably sitting on their nests waiting for the arrival of the kids. I climbed the steps to the top of the river bank for a relaxing moment on a bench, which was already occupied by a young couple. They were very friendly and made room for me as well. Naturally we had an interesting conversation praising the local landscape. Funny how I always seem to get into conversations with complete strangers. The cows were there again and so was the bull (so keep your distance).

Cows 25.05.2017

As we were talking the cows moved closer and then the bull had a romantic moment with a cow. What a fantastic photo that would have been, but unfortunately the chosen cow was not willing and pushed him down (yes he had already mounted) so the photo of the year did not happen. The cow carried on munching her grass and gave the bull the cold shoulder. Here you can see the bull sleeking away to sulk.

As I approached my appartment, I had a few words with the neighbour who was also outside enjoying the peace and quiet of the long builderless week-end. We said we were almost missing the noise and bustle of the merry buiders and their pneumatic tools and conversations. It was just like it used to be, before they moved in and did a veni, vidi, vici in our area. Mr. Swiss was glad to see me when I arrived home safely, although we had constant contact by mobile phone in the case of a problem.

This morning Mr. Swiss was not happy with his computer. He often lives in a cloud, which I avoid when possible. This now has a big disadvantage because the new update from Windows Creator is not cloud friendly and nothing is working.  I just found this link Don’t install Windows Creator update say Microsoft. Well it is probably a bit late for most of us. I have not had any problems, but I am not a cloud person, and avoid it where possible. I do not have itunes or such stuff, just my photo programme which does not seem to be affected. I wrote yesterday that my CC Cleaner is no longer doing what it should, because their new update is turning everything upside with their new programme I should upload. I can get over this, as the old version is still working, but this is just pure coincidence and has nothing to do with the new microsoft update.

It is typical Microsoft I suppose. They ignore the problems that could arise with Apple based stuff.

Anyhow today the stores are again open and I will be on my way for the week-end shopping. We have already composed half a shopping list, and decided the other half will be  completed in the store to see what is on special offer. We have run out of ideas of what to eat. Basically I am not bothered. I no longer have such a big appetite and do not eat as much as I used to. Second helpings are no longer my thing. Probably one of the effects of growing older. However when you have a No. 1 son that lives to eat and not the opposite, there is never food left after a meal. He has decided to take a trip to Zürich today as he also has a free day, so it will be a romantic lunch with just me and Mr. Swiss.

And now I am off, have things to do like taking a vacuum cleaner for a walk around the home. I will leave you with a morning photo of my tradescantia which are now flowering in the garden. My photo of the day. I think Trump’s photo of the day is probably the new NATO headquarters in Brussels. He is convinced he paid for it.


Good Morning

There are peonies and peonies, but this peony is one of mine, a so-called Asian peony. The flowers are not filled like the usual peonies, but make a wonderful show. This is not even my original plant, but grew from seeds which found their way in the garden from the original plant, a little on the left out of the picture.

Today is a public holiday in Switzerland for Ascension Day. This means no-one is working and some places also make Friday a holiday for their workers. We are amongst the lucky ones, not because we are golden oldies and every day is a holiday, but our builders have been granted this holiday and will now be gone until next Monday. This means no decibel limits of noise and no dragons with flame throwers sealing things by heat. To celebrate we hosed down our porch yesterday to remove the layer of dust everywhere and today I will give a few windows an upgrade with the window cloth. Actually this morning I hear only water rushing over various front porches as everyone seems to have the same idea.

Talking of Windows upgrade, I got one last week from our computer windows company, Microsoft. They are really thinking of us when they do these things. The wanted to do it two weeks ago, but I was still thinking about it and the second time I decided there will be no escape. Their Creator extension was allowed to perform on my computer. It took a while, but ran smoothly and afterwards I got a nice explanation telling me about all the new toys I was getting. I had a quick look and decided I did not want or need new toys. I even have a litte open envelope icon in my task bar now with the new e-mail heading “relevant”. I think I can sort this myself, but it does not interest me. I have outlook and that is where my mails are, I do not need any relevants. I usually check my mails on my iPad in any case.

However I have noticed that my CC Cleaner (which used to be the Crap Cleaner) tells me there is an update. I did this update, but it is not the good old button pressing, fast new update – no. You get a programme to perform the update, at least in Chrome. I have Chrome, I want Chrome and do not intend to stop using Chrome. However, after doing the necessary my virus programme objected to this new update and I was getting a complaining window everytime I wanted to close my computer. Mr. Swiss to the rescue, he found the irritating files and got rid of them. Avira, my anti virus programme, no longer complains, but I do. I am now repeatedly told that my CC Cleaner is not the newest version and I get a little window to perform an update. I do not pay for CC Cleaner, I have the free version. I am annoyed. I feel like I am  being forced into something.

Up to now I have no advantage from this new Creator update. It seems I can get lots of new games free or cheaper as a sideline. I do not want games. I play my games on the iPad or not at all.

Yesterday I wanted to upload a new book on my Kindle via Amazon on the computer. They told me I should have a new password. It is all so easy, I can ask for one and get one by e-mail and change it to something I want. I want my old password. Anyhow I uploaded the book I wanted direct on my Kindle, avoiding Amazone, which I often do, so no new password yet.

I am 70 years old, like to relax on my computer and I do not need this. It is all in the name of safety I supposed. I had a cheering up session on a Swiss programme yesterday where they highlighted the fact that when “someone’s time has come” (my dad always used that expression) not only is there now a problem with the last will and testament and tying up the pieces, but a problem with all the various computer sites the deceased belonged to. Many surviving dependants are left with the problem of finding where the deceased hung out on the computer. So remember everyone, leave your passwords in a list somewhere. Apparently Facebook discovered they now have more dead people than living on their files.

And on this happy note I will go further. I have nothing that I have to do, only what I want to do. It is a nice summer day and I will take it easy.

Road to Langendorf 24.05 (7)

Good Morning


There is nothing more romantic than waking in the morning and finding a gas canister in front of the bedroom window. Yesterday I heard the sounds of a flame thrower outside and discovered the workmen have a new surprise. They are welding dark pieces of black plastic lookalike to the wall. It is a waterproof protection.

The gas canister has now got nearer, and I have visions of gas explosions – you never know. Thank goodness tomorrow is a national holiday in Switzerland for Ascension Day and everything is closed. We will have a day of silence from pneumatic whatever and blowtorch dragons. Some places in Switzerland also close down on Friday to make a long week-end, but I am convinced builders are not included. They will be back on Friday to continue their programme of disturbance. I almost forgot the holiday, being a golden oldie, as these things no longer have the importance they used to have. Every day is now a holiday – more or less.

And what will the Angloswiss family be doing tomorrow to celebrate? We will be at home enjoying the peace and quiet and abscence of builders. They have now boarded up the balconies above as they floors will be replaced by new tiles and the protective banisters are going to be replaced by higher banisters to meet the new modern normalities. You might be asking “is this really necessary” and so are we. A few of the inhabitants believe that our building was crumbling, doomed to ruin after only 20 years. A coat of paint would have done the trick and a few repairs, but no. There are some amongst us that decided to have the place coated in gold and convinced others of the importance. There are some, like us, the golden oldies with life’s experience, that do not believe everything and objected, but those who had little faith and did not know what they were agreeing to, forced this complete, expensive, not necessary project upon us. The whole thing is assuming biblical proportions. There are advantage is not believing everything you are told. Slowly but surely our block where we live is becoming the joke of the village, I am sure.

So today we will be on a shopping trip as we have a close down tomorow – no shops open, or anything else. We never really go shopping on Thursday, so it does not make a big difference. Although I ordered my diabetes tablets yesterday  by phone to the chemists and will pick them up today. They do not stock them, but if I order them they have them the next day. I also ordered three months supply of my injections which will be delivered by special courier on Saturday morning.

And now to move on. I have a programme to complete. I was reminded yesterday that life goes on when a rose chafer decided to visit my asian peony. I love those chafers, with their shiny green shells. Unfortunately they tend to have kamikaze characteristics and often fly into my windows. I have to rescue the stunned bugs afterwards and replace them in the garden.

Rose Bug on Peony 23.05.2017

Enjoy the day, it can only get better – I am telling myself all the time.

Good Morning

Water Tap

I used to show photos in the morning of green fields, sunrises, cloud formations. They were the good old days when my world was still OK without pneumatic chisels to wake me in the morning. This has all become a thing of the past. I am now living in a Blade Runner surrounding, trying to escape the threats of the builders using noise as their main weapon, Today’s picture of the day is my water supply tap which has now been torn from its bearings on the wall and laying limply on the debris of the destroyed surface of my back garden.

A small step in a world filled with destructive machinery, but a large step for me. Actually many steps. It means that if we have a drought with no rain, and it very much looks like it at the moment, my garden will need water from time to time. All I have to do is turn the water on and it floods through the hose. The hose is now limply laying on the neighbouring surface. No problem: I am strong and will fight them to the end. I will fill my water can, which holds 10 liter of water and gets quite heavy. and carry it to the window and place it outside. I can then leave my appartment, take a walk out the main exit and arrive in the garden and apply the water in the can to the garden. Unfortunately 10 liter is not enough, so after 4-5 fillings of the can it should be OK, an hour later.

Mr. Swiss reassured me according to the last informative letter we received, that this is only temporary and the tap will be replaced. However it did not say when, so this could be some time between next week or October.  In between I will study the Internet to see if their are instructions for native Indian rain making dances.

Life goes on. Yesterday I took a walk around the demolished landscape of our building.

Renovation 22.05 (17)

I was confronted by scenes reminding me of London after the war, with half destroyed buildings and barriers everywhere. It can only get better.

In the meanwhile life goes on and even rubble women like myself have a will to survive. I cleaned the windows last Sunday morning because there would be no workmen here to make them dirty again. I will clean the bathroom today to the accompaniment of noise on the other side of the bathroom wall, where the workmen will be removing some remains of what they remove.

Mr. Swiss just left our appartment through the back garden window and has disappeared. Either he has been absorbed by a working force and shot down with a disintegrating drill, or is engaged in a conversation with the neighbour to catch up on the latest developments.

On my walk through the rubble yesterday I noticed that nature is fighting back and found a patch a clover in between the bricks and the metal parts. Where there is clover there is hope.

Enjoy the day, see you around.

Clover 22.05.2017

Good Morning

Castle Waldegg 21.05.2017

Yesterday I did something I have not done for years. I went for a walk in the evening at 7.00 p.m. Not that I am particular about times, but I heard the churchbell ring. I had been at home all day doing this and that. I wanted to take a walk with the camera, but it was one of those hot sunny days and I do not go for walks in the hot sun. After eating something in the evening I discovered I had nothing really useful to do and it was a really pleasant evening, so off I went telling Mr. Swiss where I was going and be back in an hour.

I decided to walk past the stables to see if there was anything happening. Our local castle in the first photo is always a background to anywhere I walk. They always seem to build castles on a hill, and I was not in a mood for climbing hills, so took a photo long distance.

Horses 21.05 (2)

Walking past the stables this particular horse seems to wait for visitors. I think he loves to have a photo taken. The nice thing about Sunday evening is that you are on your own. I have given up walking on Sunday afternoon in the good weather, there are too many people with the same idea.

So I walk on and the path leads to the cemetery. Again I was on my own. I think I was the only person in that cemetery, it was so wonderfully peaceful sitting on a bench listening to birdsong from the trees. You can always rely that the residents make no noise and are very peaceful.

St- Kathrinen Cemetery 21.05 (4)

I noticed things I had never noticed before like this little statue on a grave. I decided walks in summer in the evening are ideal. Not too hot, no stress, and you are really on your own. I returned home and Mr. Swiss breathed a sigh of relief. He tends to get worried when I go off, although I am armed with my mobile phone and a walking stick, but that’s what partners are for I suppose.

This morning I read something in a Swiss rag online newspaper, but it was all so familiar. It seems in that a lady suddenly had a friendship request in Facebook from a man dressed in uniform, an American soldier. This attracted my attention, because I have had at least 10 of these good looking well built men dressed in uniform wanting to be my friend (a 70 year old golden oldie?). I read on and this lady, also an American, suddenly received flowers and the soldier said he really wanted to meet her when he would be on leave. Ok, all well and good, she was happy and found why not. This soldier also had a daughter who also began to write to this lady saying how happy she was that her father had now found someone. This continued for a few months. One day the soldier writes he has found money in Afghanistan and would like to send it to her for safe keeping until he is back in the States. However, he would have to pay for the money transfer and does not have the funds, Whether she would help out. Now this American lady was certainly not stupid and broke off the contact immediately. The daughter wrote to say how her father was now so sad and she should really reconsider. The daughter added it brought her to tears to see how this affected her father. This lady made investigations and found the flowers she received came from an address in Australia and many other things just could not be genuine.

Why I am writing this is because I too have been approached by various so-called Ameican servicemen serving for their country and asked for friendship on Facebook. Needless to say I did not even bother, but it  was interesting to have my suspicions confirmed that somewhere something must be wrong. It seems they use photos that are not their own. Although I would add that the photos I received were too good to be true. No man looking like that with such a perfect body (the all seem to be wearing tight t-shirts) could really be looking for a woman.

And now to the background sound of a pneumatic drill (the generators are today parked opposite my garden) I will leave you. It is Monday, I have places to go and things to do. Might even find a few good photo subjects on the way. Have a good week everyone.

I will leave you with a photo of young horses that another farmer keeps. As I was walking home I passed one of the local road railway stations and through the hedge at the back of the station I can see the meadow where the horses graze.

Horses 21.05 (12)

Good Morning

Rainbow 20.05 (5)

Look what I saw over my front garden yesterday evening at 8.45 p.m. Yes, a rainbow. I happened to be in my computer room to switch the computer off and saw this outside through the window. Actually the programme was to go to the washing room in the cellar and switch the machine on. I usually wash with the machine from 9.00 p.m. as electricity is then half price until 7.00 a.m. This rainbow turned my time table upside down, but I just had to get a photo, which meant going outside. First of all I had my zoom lens on the camera as had the wrong idea it would make a perfect close up. I was wrong, all I got was blurry colours and no rainbow, although I kept the photos – might come in useful one day.

I returned and got my normal close up camera lens and shot a few photos to commemorate the occasion. It was still raining but the sun had decided to make an appearance. I have seen better rainbows, but this was OK as a surprise.

O - Edinburgh Castle 20.05.2017  (2)

And then I got news from my son, via the Facebook messenger with a few photos. He had been a few days leading one of his international media conferences in Edinburgh and wrote to say the eagle had landed back in Switzerland and sent a few photos. This photo is of Edinburgh castle. It is always good to know where he is in the world.

I am still enjoying the peace and quiet of the week-end, the builders also enjoying their two days rest at home. I now put some bread remainders on the scaffolding platform hoping for some photos of birds in front of my kitchen window. but not so much luck. The birds are so quick and I have noticed my windows have now got a thin haze on them. Since the builders have been deconstructing the insulation layer, my windows have suffered. I am particular about clean windows and have had to leave them for the last couple of weeks. I have decided to have a quick clean up now it is week-end and the main dirty work has now been completed.

After a night of cold 4° C temperatures, the sun is now shining and it should get better. I must get out this afternoon, with my camera of course. I need some new photos without buildings sites.

And now I will leave you, have a few windows to clean and some other hobbies to indulge in. Enjoy your Sundays wherever you are. I know I will.

Rainbow 20.05 (6)