Good Morning


Got it: every morning when I rise I hope to catch the sunrise, but I am often just a little too early. As the times change, the sun rises a little later and this morning I got it. I had made my No. 1 son’s bed, emptied the cat tray and filled the bird feeder and had another look and there it was and it looks like it is here to stay for today. Yesterday we had rain all day, and a soaking rain that only rained once from morning to evening.


This morning everything was in my favour and even the crows decided in that moment to do a group flight as I had my camera ready. It was only my mobile phone, but even that captures some good shots.

In the meanwhile my cleaning lady has arrived and is busy doing the necessary. I also had a few extra chores and whilst she is busy I usually polish up my windows on one side of the apartment. They are not so exposed to the rain and wind as we have a balcony above and so it is really just a task of freshening them up.

In the meanwhile my dentist sent me an SMS to remind me that we have a date Thursday afternoon. I also got a reminder that Mr. Swiss also has appointment this afternoon, so it looks like we will be busy again.  I just hope that the rain stays away. Yesterday I had an afternoon shopping trip and it was dismal and rainy and not very pleasant driving. I also had a quick detour to the pharmacy as my diabetes tablets were slowly coming to an end. My half year prescription is finished this week, so I will have to get a renewal next year, meaning a new long-term blood sugar test, although after 30 years it seems to be under control.


For the last couple of days my birds had not been eating so much, although they are still getting bigger and fatter and certainly not starving. Perhaps it was because the weather was not so inviting, but today they are back to normal emptying the food supplies by midday.


I also noticed this morning that our Jura mountains, in the background to my garden, had a sprinkling of white on the higher slopes, meaning snow. It looks quite good and I am happy if it snows, as long as it stays away from our roads.  I just do not like driving on it.

And now to move on to other chores like finishing the dinner which is nicely cooking. Have a good day everyone, stay safe and I will be back later.

Good Morning


A bit of an explosive sky this morning: it is raining and there is a cold wind blowing but I ventured out to see the action. After a restful week-end I am now ready to battle through the week again.


I went into town on Saturday afternon to see some action. There were groups of shoppers here and there, but it seems that people do not shop as they used to. The streets used to be packed with families clutching shopping bags and so were the stores. The stores have now reduced themselves, and we have just one large store in our town. The others have closed and are being refurbished into appartments or restaurants. I can see a future of empty buildings and the housewives sitting at the computer ordering everything online. It used to be such lively town. I had a wheelie in my chair past our Advent calendar transformed old arsenal, which is now a museum showing old Swiss weaponry and suits of armour. Every day a new window is showing the advent picture. It has become a Christmas tradition in Solothurn.


In the meanwhile we have got some blue sky and it has also stopped raining, even the sun has appeared, so it looks like good day after a slow start.

I have no big plans today. It is Monday and there are no important appointments. My weeks of stress now seem to be normalising. I will be off to the store this afternoon with a shopping list. There are only two dental appointments this week, but both at a sensible time in the afternoon and nothing big time.


The big birds are still visiting in the morning. Here is one of the crow tribe with two magpies. I notice the are no longer feeding so much. I now have half a food supply left in the evening. It seems their requirements are now filled.


The tits now like to sit comfortably in the trees and keep an eye on food supplies. I always spread some food on the ground which seems to be a favourite sparrow eating place.


Yesterday was the second Sunday in advent and so it was time to light the second candle on our Christmas wreath. This year I am making an effort to brighten up the mid Winter days with a few decorations. Some of the neighbours have a complete light show on their patios and balconies, but I keep it to a few decorations indoors.


On this note I will leave you for the beginning of the week. May it be a good one, no unnecessary excitement and keep well.


Good Morning


As usual my first movement of the day is to see what the weather was doing and I managed to capture the sunrise in all its glory. I have discovered that this time of the year is the best time for such photos, depending of course that the sun will actually rise. Today it looks like a good one.


And yesterday I put myself in motion with my wheelchair and paid a visit to town. It must be at least two weeks since I made such an excursion, but I have just not had the time. I had to talk myself into it yesterday. I missed the Christmas market due to shopping and other appointments, but the decorations are up and running. We have light chains hanging everywhere in the streets and they are even illuminated during the dull days.


The gulls have also returned. This one seems to be thinking about a flight. They always arrive in Winter. Their chances of finding food are probably better.


The river seemed to be full of them and now and again they embarked on a group flight.


And look who I met in town. This is our so-called Schmutzli, the assistant of Santa. Santa was also there, but as I was actually only interested in taking a photo of the donkey, Santa is only a small detail on the right. Schumutzli is the guy that punishes the bad boys and girls that have not behaved during the year, although not really. They always appear around 6th December, St. Nicholas day. The idea is that the kids say a Santa Clause verse and are afterwards rewarded by Santa with nuts and chocolates and tangerines and there was a family there with their kids, the father taking a photo of his children with Santa of course.


Otherwise is was a pleasant journey. When I arrived in the middle of town I saw this police car parked opposite to our little hut where the hot chestnuts are sold. On the other side there is the entrance of one of our banks just oppostie the parked car. I have no idea what the police were doing and the car was empty. I can only suspect that something might have been wrong in the bank. Even little country towns in Switzerland have their problems.

I was so glad yesterday that I did not have a shopping trip and also that I could leave the car at home for the week-end. I don’t really mind driving, but sometimes it is good to have time for myself. We were alone in the evening as No. 1 son was off to Zürich for his pop concert of one of the most popular Swiss rock bands who also happen to be a local group. It was a TV evening although I was busy uploading my photos and Mr. Swiss falling asleep in his chair. How times have changed over the years. When I look at the old photos of us both and compare them with us today – no forget it. We all change with age, it is just a small shock when you realise how much.

And now for a nice peaceful Sunday. Dinner will be an easy job with a cooked ham, some red cabbage and potatoes. I always prepared the cabbage myself, but have treated myself to ready cut and prepared in a packet, so just a matter of heating and eating. Even I like to take it easy.

And now to move on with a few small chores to keep me busy, otherwise life would get boring. Enjoy your Sunday everyone, and even if you have to work, there is still a Monday tomorrow.


On my way home yesterday I noticed a bright light in the background, so I turned in my wheelchair and caught the sun as it was deciding to go down. A little later we had a red sky. I have now decided to take a trip in the late afternoon for a few minutes just in our area to get a good view of the descent. Oh the chores of an amateur photographer.

Good Morning


At last a bit of cloud structure in the morning instead of the boring grey sky. The sun has been arriving but always only at midday. Today it looks like it will arrive a little earlier. Being a little homebound, except for my excursions to the store, I appreciate every change in the surroundings.

Yesterday it was again time for week-end shopping, although I noticed it was not such a lot to buy as I had done some shopping already on Thursday as an exception. It was an exceptional week all together and I am hoping that the stress will now be less towards Christmas. I find it quite a sensible holiday this year. Tuesday is Christmas Eve, our big day for a food in the evening and the shops will be open until mid afternoon. The we have Wednesday and Thursday, and life begins normally again on Friday, so no big stress with the shopping. It is only Mr. Swiss and I and No. 1 son, so I will not have to feed an army as in the earlier days when all four kids were at home, plus a mother-in-law at Christmas.  There was a Christmas tree, excitement with presents for the kids and a lot more was expected from me as cook and hostess.  Is it a wonder that I got to become a Christmas grinch? It took a few years to get me into the spirit again, but this year I made a little effort and even have a few Xmas decorations in the apartment.


This was my breakfast table this morning. OK, nothing special, but my poinsettia is doing well. I have never had such success with them before. This time I had a look at some instructions on Internet and it said that you should not give them too much water. One suggestion was a bath once a week for a few minutes, so I fill the container with water and let the plant soak it up for about 5 minutes once a week and it seems to do the trick. Up to now it works and I almost no leaves have fallen up to now. It still looks as good as the day I bought it.

And now for a peaceful relaxed week-end. I am thinking about a short wheelie in my chair into town this afternoon, although I am not sure. I am getting too comfortable in my old age, but I would like to see the Christmas decorations and perhaps drive through the Christmas market for a few photos, although it is the same every year.


Since I park in the reserved spots for handicapped in the store, now and again someone brings their dog. They leave them outside until they finish their shopping so as I enter there is often a dog waiting. Another opportunity for a photo. I have never had a dog of my own and now it is too late, but something I would have liked to have.

I would like to thank everyone for their birthday wishes yesterday. I did not do anything special, although special for me means today taking it easy and not having to do anything. So now to move on with the usual routine. May you have a good day today and stressless. See you around



Good Morning


Another dull morning this morning, where as the sun gone I ask myself. Now and again it appears in the afternoon, but does not stay very long. The trees have now almost completely lost all of their leaves, so forget Autumn, Winter is creeping in. No snow up to now and I am hoping it will stay away at least until Christmas. I have a few shopping trips to do for food over Christmas.


I do not even have much to offer as a photo at the moment. My birds are still visiting their feeding station daily which the tits seem to have taken over. The sparrows prefer to feed on the ground or on the top of my raised bed.


And the crow and magpies have reserved the largest space for themselves. They do not seem to argue very much and are very polite. As long as there is enough food to share, they are happy.


Otherwise my routine is at last settling down to normality. I was shopping yesterday afternoon, the first time since Monday as I had no time in between. The cupboard was really getting bare, but thanks to my logistical planning the food lasted until yesterday lunchtime. I made spaghetti with a tuna fish sauce, something you can buy in advance and keep for a few days. I even found half a salad head in the fridge which was still quite fresh. I only shopped for the bare minimum yesterday as today will be week-end shopping this afternoon. I still have to make my list. I would love to get into town at the moment to have a look around. Our Christmas market is now there, with a Santa Claus and all the trimmings. For a musical touch we have the Salvation Army band, but alas my time is again occupied with two dental visits next week, one with Mr. Swiss and the other for me. I have to seen the dental hygienist as I have had no time for her since almost 2 years.

No. 1 son is off to Zürich on Saturday evening for the goodbye concert of one of our local groups, Krokus. They are quite popular. My son knows all the musicians and they know him, so it will be a little sad that after this week the band will no longer exist. They are now slowing down, all becoming golden oldies, and have also accompanied my musical background since I have been living in Solothurn. So I wish you all a good day and say goodbye with one of their videos. This one was filmed in London, and I am sure it will wake you all up.

Oh, I was not really going to mention it, but today is my 73rd birthday. No big deal, just another brick in the wall.

Good Morning


I was taking a walk outside this morning, filling the bird feeder and noticed that the leaves have now really fallen all over the planting area. I decided to leave them for a while. I do not have the time or energy at the moment to rake them together and they do make a nice colourful basis between the plants that still exist.


I even discovered that my gaura still has a couple of flowers here and there making a spot of colour. They must be the last, as temperatures during the night are now around 0°C, even a little lower.

I got my family excursion to the local authorities achieved yesterday afternoon. It was good to go somewhere with both of my sons. It was family business and I took some good impressions with me afterwards. At least that is now dealt with for now.

Otherwise I have a new obstacle to conquer. I have a cleaning lady, I pay her a wage and everything is fine, at least I thought so. Of course I have reported that to the authorities (again that word) and pay the necessary fees in connection with the state pension as I am technically her employer. I have now received a letter and document to complete from the pension people.  The problem is it is complicated for me being in German. There is a web site for support and they write a very nice and polite letter with it to tell me I can call them for any help I might need for filling out the form, which I will do. I have a few months time to complete the details, but I am slowly losing my patience with such surprise letters. Mr. Swiss gives me a bit of advice, but I still have to do it myself.


For a light point in my day, my amaryllis has yet opened another flower bud, now making three. Usually there are four, but this particular sort has only produced three, but really big and special.


I have now attached a supporting stick to the stem to make sure it does not decide to take a plunge when the flowers get too heavy and the plant loses its balance.

Today will be back to normality I hope with a little bit of cleaning in the morning, nothing big, and preparing lunch. This afternoon a normal excursion to the store for a few items of grocery and that is all. I am now gradually losing my patience with all these extra tours I have been having lately, and the various other jobs in between dealing with documents. I always thought that growing old was a peaceful job, but there are so many details to deal with, especially if there are no smooth runnings.

I am also on a late start this morning so will now move on. Have a good day everyone, stay safe or sleep well, whichever the case is.


Good Morning


I am cheating a little here. This is not this morning’s sunrise, but from yesterday. As I was again absent yesterday I did not want to withhold this wonderful morning. Today we have a cloud lid over everything although I think it will disappear again, at least I hope so. There is no rain or snow, just temperatures aroung 1-2°C.

Time seems to be avoiding me at the moment. On Monday I arrived in the morning, and that was all until now. I had a big shopping tour on Monday afternoon and was just too tired to write anything further on that day. Yesterday the cleaning lady was here in the morning. I always write later then in any case, but yesterday morning I had to prepare some documents for an important meeting I have with the authorities concerning my handicapped son which will be this afternoon. My No. 2 son also visited yesterday evening and we had quite a lot to discuss.


And then I had my dental appointment yesterday afternoon, which gave me the opportunity to take a few photos of our town as I was on my way to the practice. It was mid afternoon and the sun had already began to cast its glow on the buildings.

We had a little drama beginning Monday evening. Our toilet flushing system in the shower got stuck and we had a continuous waterfall, so we called our plumber. Although it was 7.00 p.m. he was very helpful and aided with our descriptions he told us what we could do. However it was not possible and so he promised to call first thing in the morning, which he did. It seems the plunger had a chalk congestion problem, but it has now been replaced, although we had a Niagara falls noise effect all through the night.

I lost part of a tooth a couple of weeks ago and the dentist repaired it for me, but only temporarily, although the repair work was so good, I found why work on it further. However, it was an old amalgam filling and she said it should be replaced, which was yesterday’s work. The question was pain-killing injection or not. I decided not and she said it would probably work. If it got too bad, I should raise my hand. Now and again I felt a twinge, but nothing unbearable and she got the job done perfectly. I think she spent more time on the architectural perfection of shaping the new filling and polishing. It is now the same colour as the surrounding tooth and fits perfectly in shape. It is one of the back teeth used mainly for chopping and crunching and for a 73 year old gold oldie it is looking quite good.


The Christmas decorations have now been completed in town so I took the opportunity to take a few photos. I decided to park in the underground park house. This time I headed for the parking space for the handicapped which I discovered on my last visit. Unfortunately the left entry way was blocked as the guy was emptying the machine and I had to take the right side, which did not lead automatically to the lower floor. My bad luck, but I found the way and the parking space. I was also worried if my plastic parking card had eough money on it to let me out again. I had a quick check on the machine and discovered I still had almost 100 Swiss francs on it, so it should last for the next few months. As I fed the machine with the plastic card, it dropped on the floor and although the barrier was open I really did not know what to do. The guy heard my exclamation and I told him what had happened. He came over, had a look and found the card in between my car the the barrier and gave it too me. I was so glad. I am just a little clumsy with my hand co-ordination sometimes.


We got new decorations last year in town and although it was only late afternoon, they were already swiched on and you could see the effect. I decided to take some photos now, as with my tightly packed schedule at the moment, I do no know when the next chance will be.


At home the birds are still making the most of my food supplies. Now I have found a good position for a few seeds for them, just opposite my kitchen window on my raised bed. It is mainly the cheeky and fearless sparrows that use this space.

And so I am back for now. Although I am away for an hour in the afternoon, I hope to be back to continue with a few bits and pieces, but I never know how the day develops. Tomorrow afternoon I am again shopping and it really looks like a normal day again. I am so missing my excursions into town at the moment as the Christmas market is now beginning, but I am hoping to go at the week-end.

And that is my summary of my exciting life for the time being.


I hope to be back some time today again, In the meantime keep safe and well.