Good Morning

Morning Sky

The planes have been designing our sky this morning, although a few floating mists have also added to the patterns. It is only 4°C this morning, and I am now sitting in the kitchen with my blogging. It is and already we had a ring on the doorbell, only once. As I am only clad in my night attire Mr. Swiss had a look. We live ground floor, meaning that maintenance workers that have to enter the building ring at the nearest bell available which is ours. It seems that our lift shaft has water again at the bottom and they are clearing it out. Just ring at Angloswiss they always let you in. Yesterday someone rang making a surey about the Euro lotto millions. We sent them away with the remark “no interest”.

Loreto Chapel 16.10.2018

Otherwise I took a wheelie into town yesterday afternoon. The weather was still late summer, although we have October. I went the back way into town and drove through what I call “the religious part” because it is full of monasteries, churches and chapels. This is our so-called Loreto chapel in the middle of fields. During the summer the fields were full of sunflowers, but they were harvested last month for their sunflower oil production from the seeds.

I also wheeled onto where my No. 1 son works to see how he was doing.

Patrick at Work 16.10 (1)

I knew he was working outside at the moment doing a painting job, but I was surprised when I saw he was hugging a tree (although he did the hugging bit for the photo). He was helping to clear Autumn away and the tree had almost been taken over by ivy, so he was removing it.  No. 1 son is autistic, but his boss told me he has absolutely no problem in climbing to high places. He usually works on the machines in the factory and again has never had an accident, where others might have cuts or worst on their hands. He just has his routine and sticks to it.

Cockatoo 16.10.2018

His boss’s pet cockatoo Otto was also watching the work perched on a fence. He is always there, and after the fence he transferred to the shoulder of the boss. I am glad that my son has such a good understanding boss.

H4 Hotel Men at Work 16.10.2018 (2)

I wheeled on into town and saw that one of the hotels was being renovated. I pointed my camera and these two saw me so gave a thumbs up sign and I waved back. It was not really my intention to take a photo of them, but some things are just irresistable arn’t they?

Oboist Solothurn 16.10 (1)

Our oboe playing music student was again in town colleting money for his studies at the music school and I must say he really plays well. He had his little box for sales of his CD and money collection, and the usual recorder with the accompanying music. I remember he was playing “Yesterday” from the Beatles and I was surprised how good it sounded on the oboe.

I eventually wheeled on home along the river.

Swans 16.10 (2)

Again I met a swan, but as soon as he/she saw my camera it took a dive. Either it was camera shy or saw something edible below, probably the second choice.

Today is a shopping day, the list is made on my phone notes and so I am almost ready to go. Just a bit of this and that in the apartment and a shower and nothing stops me. Keep safe everyone and enjoy the day as much as you can.

And here is my photo of the day from yesterday. there were so many leaves falling from the trees, I had to be carful not to be hit by one, but wouldn’t that be a great photo and yes, I did it. I held the camera and pressed the button and I captured one falling leaf. Ok, you have to look for it, it is on the left, but it is an Autumn action photo. Must try for a few more.

Autumn trees 16.10 (2)

Good Morning


We got a little bit of sunrise this morning with a tint of red in the background, but not so spectacular.

Autumn trees

The only place I visited yesterday was the local supermarket. Whilst I deposited Mr Swiss in the restaurant for a coffee, I wheeled my supermarket trolley to buy the food. I exchanged a few words with the butcher and shop assistant but I had to stress a little as my No. 1 son now has the afternoon shift and I had to buy the food, go home and cook it and send him off to work. At least I had a good view of the Autumn trees from the parking in the supermarket.

Vermicelle cake

I treated us to a vermicelles cake in the supermarket for the afternoon break, although Mr. Swiss informed me he does not like them. The brown spaghetti stuff is a sweet chestnut puree, so I ate half of it in the afternoon and the remainder in the evening. Mr. Swiss did not starve.

Weissensteinstrasse Langendorf 15.10.2018

As I did not go anywhere yesterday with great scenery, the only photo I can offer is the road leading to the supermarket..

Actually this morning was a little stress for me. First of all the doorbell rung and it was a guy about out lights. We had a problem yesterday but Mr. Swiss and my No. 1 son managed to fix it altbough we needed some advice about our electric installations. Mr. Swiss had already left, but I called him and he returned to discuss the details. In the meanwhile the cleaning lady arrived, so I sorted her out and at last I could get down to preparing lunch.

In the meanwhile I had finished my good morning blog, pressed the wrong button and lost it all and at the moment am doing a quick rewrite. I was going to clean a window, but that can wait.

And now I must go to feed the hungry and relax. Have a good day or night everyone. I will leave you with some Autumn trees for the meanwhile.

Autumn trees 15.10.2018

Good Morning

Alps 14.10 (1)

We have alps again. I went for a wheelie in my chair yesterday afternoon. We had wonderful weather, with temperatures of 23°C. It was almost an early summer’s day. I decided on roll up to the local castle and the view from the top was rewarding. Although in a haze you could see the alps in the distance: from right to left Jungfrau, Mönch and Eiger. Their nearest village is Grindelwald where we spent many summer holidays with the kids. The mountains are then in your back garden. I will never stop admiring these wonderful natural creations.

At the top of the path I met a good friend. She also has had her problems with walking for many years, so we compared notes on our progress and problems and realised it is not so bad after all. Like me, she often takes a walk around the castle area.

Autumn Trees 14.10 (3)

I am still on the search for Autumn, but  it is slow in arriving this year due to our wonderful out of season warm weather. However here and there you can spot some trees thinking about turning their leaves from green to red and brown.

Chickens 14.10 (12)

I also visited the chickens. they seem to have a new breed, not the normal big colourful chooks, but with black feathers. They also have a few chicks. That is why I like this farm, they always have something different. These chickens are probably more for their looks and not so much for laying eggs. Being mainly black, they are not so photogenic.

Chickens 14.10 (7)

They have now shifted the mobile chicken house to the middle of a field. Even chickens need a change of sceney now and again.

Chickens 14.10 (4)

I can still get my close-ups of chicken life thanks to my zoom lens.

I only really intended a short wheelie, but meeting a friend slowed me down a bit and the day was too good to hurry on home. Mr. Swiss was at home busy making one of his famous apple tarts, although I think he was doing things to his mobile phone as well. The life of two cyber golden oldies is full of stress.

I spent the rest of the day blogging and uploading the few photos I took. I also watered the garden, as with our current lack of rain it needs it. The ground seems to be moist from the morning mists, but I have a few new plants that I should look after. I then heard the distant noise of an ambulance drawing closer. The ambulances come from the local hospital and often take the road through our village to other places. This time the ambulance horn suddenly stopped on our road. It is alarming when that happens. Was there an accident or did someone have a problem? I could have taken a short look, but decided not too. It is distressing enough when you hear something like that.

And now to today. I have things to do like a shopping trip and a clean through the apartment. My son now has a different timetable meaning I no longer have so much time in the morning as usual, but I have everything under control, I hope. I am not sure if I will be going places today, but am thinking about it.

Chrysanthemum 14.10.2018

I saw these wonderful chrysanthemum at the local cemetery, worth a photo. I aways find the best photos of flowers at the cemetery. It was quite a busy day there with visitors. 1st November is now approaching and that is the day when everyone visits the cemetery being All souls Day. I am not religious, but living in a catholic area, you get all the official holidays.

And now I am off, have a good day everyone. See you later.

Good Morning

Misty Morning

Another misty morning, which is normal for this time of the year. In an hour we will probably have brilliant sunshine for the rest of the day. Yesterday was almost a summer day. I went for a wheelie in the afternoon in my chair, and I did not need a jacket at all, the short sleeved t-shirt was enough. I do get a little worried about this climate change thing. Strong winds in Portugal yesterday, floods in Mallorca last week and the Tornados or whatever in America are getting bigger and stronger. In Switzerland we are celebrating a second summer at the moment.

Farm Baselstrasse 13.10.2018

I decided to wheel into town yesterday afternoon in my chair to see if there was anything spectacular happening. Since our town fair, things have got a little boring. The first farm I pass on the way is tucked behind one of our little train stations. Luckily the fence allows for a good view. Often they have horses grazing on the meadows in front of the farm, but yesterday it was just Autumn and the farm house. They are the pictures that inspire.

Senior residence Baselstrasse 13.10.2018

I also wheeled past one of our homes for senior citizens. It is actually in Solothurn, but on the border to our village. The words say that it exists since 1319 and was renovated in 1869, but since then it has been modernised. Perhaps I will be there one day, although we have a more modern one in our village. It is never to late to have a look around, but at the moment I am content where I am. Our village is a good place to live, but we have no shops and have to get everything in Solothurn along the main road. We did have one little supermarket, but it gave up a couple of years ago. It was taken over for a year by a butcher in Solothurn, selling the basic stuff, but even that is now closed. As long as I have a car I can manage but it is a little inconvenient. Our garage had its premises along the main road, but even that has now moved to the garage city, on the borders of the town. It was a large area, ground floor, along the road and plans are to transform it into a supermarket. That would be ideal for me as I could wheel along and get what I need, but it is still in the planning stages. I have done everything in my wheelchair, but never entered a shop to buy something, so that will be the next bridge to wheel.

St. Urs. Cathedral 13.10 (1)

The first thing I see when I get into town is our cathedral. I decided on a photo of the top part this time with a few bits and pieces. There is even a bird sitting on a ledge, which I have only just noticed.

Berntor 13.10.2018

This time I did a wheel around in our so-called Vorstadt on the other side of the river. The original business school for apprentices is still there, although they have built a new one since. This arch seems to be a remnant of the old days. I thoughtit might be the old Bern gate. The gates to Biel and Basel still exist at the entrance of the town, but it is just something left from the old days. I discovered the Bern gate was demolished in the late 19th century as it was in the way of the newer road developments for cars etc. and only now exists in photos. Even Mr. Swiss did not know that. The things I find when wheeling around Solothurn. There is a movement to rebuild the Bern Gate, but the problem is they have now built an underground car park there. Even the roman baroque town of Solothurn has had to make concessions to modern day life.

Aare, Unterer Winkel 13.10.2018

This house always fascinated me. It was almost derelict, until an architect I know bought it and renovated it. It is now a wondeful house on the bank of the River. The architect had his office on the ground floor and the back of the house overlooks the River with two nice balconies. He really made something or the property.

I was very much annoyed with WordPress yesterday. They seemed to have a problem with saving my draft that I was writing yesterday morning and when I wanted to post it, it was not possible. I discovered that writing stuff on a Mac is not always ideal, so I had to retype the whole thing on my Windows machine which took up time. However, being wonderwoman, I managed it all, including the cleaning and cooking. Today everything is OK. I do not think that WordPress likes Apple/Mac stuff.

And now to the daily Sunday chores, which are OK. It will be a veal stew today which means I can begin the cooking now and have a restful morning, letting it do its own thing until lunch. I have some ironing to do and the usual walk with the vacuum cleaner and mop, although Mr. Swiss has already begun. Otherwise life is pretty good at the moment. I am off and wish you all a good Sunday or a good nights rest.

Pigeons 13.10 (1)

Good Morning


The kitchen table is waiting for me. Just a quick photo from my mobile phone and I will pounce for my bread and jam and cup of tea. Of course power up the computer first of all. I even managed a slice for Mr. Swiss.  For some reason he has begun to eat a breakfast, be it only a slice of bread with the trimmings. It must be a golden oldie thing. He usually managed with one of those corn bars covered in chocolate, but now eats the real thing.

My Book
Some years ago when I decided to self publish a novel, I did not intend to become a famous author and did it all in self publishing. I discovered that was a difficult job, checking through it all at least 10 times when not more and I found enough typing faults. In the end I gave up, found a self-publishing company and sent it off. It was nice to get the finished products in book form. It cost money, but why not. It is even available in Amazon Too Much Sunlight by Pat Gerber and it is still there. I pay my normal annual subscription, although I was thinking about cancelling my contract. I did sell one or two books at the beginning, but to colleagues. It was fun at the time, but I decided I would rather blog then spend weeks on planning a new book.

Yesterday I again got a notification from the publishing company. Thinking it was my annual charge, I printed the attachment and found it was money, yes a complete 3 Swiss francs. I never really bothered to see how this thing works, because I had really lost interest, but someone somewhere in this world bought a copy and this was my royalty. OK, no big deal, but another little thrill in the boring day of a golden oldie.

Maize Harvest 11.10.2018

On my last walk in the area I saw that the last corn field had been harvested. We are now really on the way to the Autumn/Winter days. I was the first one up this morning and Mr. Swiss decided to continue hugging the bed. Of course I opened all the blinds and some windows to give everything a fresh appearance. I have now closed them again as he was suffering from over exposure when he arrived in the kitchen.

This morning he will take a trip to the supermarket for a few bits and pieces and I will be guarding our apartment. I did not do anywhere special yesterday except for the shopping experience. We have a new system. I do the shopping on my own whilst Mr. Swiss has a coffee and sees to a few things on the ground floor level of the supermarket. I have discovered I spend less money and am quicker, even with my silly walk. There must be a reason somewhere.

Wild flower

I am now off to do a far better thing then I am doing now (words influenced by Charles Dickens in a Tale of Two Cities). I might go for a wheelie today, time permitting. No. 1 son will be on a concert this evening, so it will be just we two golden oldies having fun. Enjoy the day, will be back – a promise not a threat.


Good Morning

Autumn Trees 11.10 (3)

I found Autumn yesterday on a wheelie along the river in my chair. It is the sort of colour I like: a mixture of the shape of things to come, but it can only get better. There was no great cloud photo this morning as there is a lot of humidty around. It has not rained, and we have the misty morning event.

Swans 11.10 (6)

To complete the picture, I met a swan and a duck on the way into town on the river. They seemed to be doing their own thing.

I had spent the last two afternoons at home so I decided it was time for a getaway. This time I did it all on my own. Mr. Swiss had to pick up some tablets from the doc and also our car was finished with the chassis work so had to go to the garage in the next village. Usually he opens the doors etc. for me when I leave in the wheelchair, but this tine I had to do it all by myself. I had to manoeuvre the chair through the apartment door, leave the chair and close the door. Then I had to prop open the door to the apartment block and wheel myself out. It was a little complicated as I had to leave the chair for a few door openings and fixing but I did it. It is funny how these little triumphs of independence boost the ego, at least mine. Eventually I was free and wheeled my way into town.

Baselstrasse 11.10.2018

On my way I passed this sign telling me that there was a fruit day in Solothurn at the Rossmarket on 25.10.2018. Great, another opportunity for a few photos. I discovred that the Rossmarkt would be the large empty area surrounding our underground parking house and another opportunity for a few photos I hope. I am really becoming a typical Swiss golden oldie housewife, marking all the local events for a visit. My mother-in-law was into that sort of stuff. She had a special wardrobe of clothes for her market visits on Saturday morning. It was the event of the week for her. I do not do Saturday mornings, but more during the week. Of course, she did not have a camera or mobile phone to take photos, but was more interested in meeting people she knew. She grew up here, I am a newcomer, only being here for the past 50 years. 🙂

Altstadt 11.10 (2)

I noticed this colourful balcony on the top floor of an old town building, below the cathederal, so decided to zoom in to see what it had to offer. What a wonderful oasis in town to have. There would be a view over the river and it looked so comfortable. Renting appartments in town is an expensive business, but if you can afford it, an interesting place to live. Normal people like myself live in apartment buildings on the edge of the old town. We lived for many years in such an area. Our last appartment was an old building in town. It was six rooms and we had four kids at home, so it was ideal. The rent was reasonable as it had not yet been modernised. We moved out 20 years ago when we bought our apartment in our village and since the whole building has been renovated. Probably no longer so reasonable in rent.

I have no plans for today, so will see how it develops. We have the week-end shopping to deal with. I have already made the list and am ready to go after the normal game I play with the vacuum cleaner and mop. Our new shopping system is working well. Mr. Swiss and I part company at the entrance to the supermarket. He deals with a few bits and pieces combined with a relaxing coffee in the restaurant and I do the shopping. He does what he likes and so do I. Mr. Swiss said you enjoy the shopping more than I do, and that is true. It gives me a purpose in my little housewife life and we golden oldies always find a positive side to everything. The supermarket trolleys are so handy for holding onto when walking around the shelves.

St. Urs

I will now leave you to whatever you do on a Friday with a photo of part of our old town with the St. Urs cathedral in the background and hope you have a good one. Tomorrow is the week-end for those that lead a non-golden oldie life. I always have to remind myself about week-ends. Sleep well the remainder.

Good Morning

Dawn in Feldbrunnen

Just look at it. They are the dawn photos I love. Climbed out of bed and began to lift the blinds in the apartment. This is what I saw from the first window. The sun was beginning to appear on the left and shedding its light gradually on the sky with such a wonderful colour. Perhaps not sensatioal but enough to put you in a good mood to start the day.

Autumn Trees 10.10 (3)

The Autumn leaves are not yet falling so much, so my cat Tabby will have to be a little patient in her fight against the leaf soldiers, but slowly and surely we are getting the shades of brown and red with some yellow in between.  I like all seasons, they all have their charm, but Autumn surpasses them all for its beauty.

10,000 WordPress

And now something for I, me and myself. After more than 10 years in WordPress I have achieved my 10,000 followers. Not that I am a statistic conscience person, but it gives you a good feeling to know that some people out there are reading what I write. Of course I love getting your likes and meeting such wonderful people, even if it is only online. Yesterday afternoon I saw that I needed only 30 new followers to reach the 10,000 but somewhere in cyber heaven it was decided to continue regardless and new followers have been on a discovery journey. Actually I noticed this week that new arrivals were landing on my page thick and fast. So thanks again for all your support.

Further on the same path with a WordPress theme, I have noticed some changes when I want to give  likes to my followers. I have to re-enter WordPress most of the time as if I was not logged in, which I always am. It does not accept my likes straight away and I have to click on the box for comments where the “W” sign is to get accepted for a like or a comment. Afterwards it works OK, but not for all. There are still a few followers that I cannot reach with my like. I also find it is more difficult on my Apple computer than my Windows machine. Anyone else noticed this change? I have not bothered to ask WordPress, because their answers are generally not very helpful and they probably tell me everything is as it was. I do visit you all time allowing, if I notice you are competing in the same prompts or challenges and do my little bit, even if it is only a like: but a like is better than nothing.

Autumn Trees 10.10 (2)

I have also treated myself to a new mouse for my Mac. I had been using one of those new magic mice for the last few years, but permanently losing the connection in between. I got so annoyed and have now put the magic away and use a simple normal Logitec mouse. Thank goodness, I can now save some time on my blogging for my other life, the real one.

And now enough computer time to start the day. I am not going anywhere this morning, but have a few daily chores to complete with a vacuum cleaner and mop. Life would be boring without them. This afternoon I might go on a wheelchair trek to see what the outside world is doing

So keep up the good work in WordPress land and have fun with what you are doing, wherever you are in the world. Not forgetting those that have night, so sleep well. See you around.

Autumn 07.10.2018