Good Morning

Feldbrunnen 22.06 (1)

I was out and about again yesterday afternoon on a round trip. We had wonderful sunny weather, a bit of a breeze, but for a wheelie it was fine, so I went on my way dressed in shorts and a sun top with a bag containing a camera with two extra lens. There are advantages to sitting and travelling, not having to carry everything. I headed to the top of the hill where the castle is and had a wonderful view across the flat plain which eventually leads to the Bernese alp range, although the atmospherics did not give such a clear view to the high mountains.

The farmhouse on the photo is where the stables are, with the chickens, goats, swans.  ducks and geese: not forgetting the horses, although they seem to remain inside when the weather gets hotter.

Ducks 22 (12)

This ducks seems to have got a little curious when he saw me. Actually the ducks were all gathered together: it seemed that there was a conference being held.

Ducks 22 (7)

Although I think the dicussion was more on about how to clean your feathers and the latest duck feather fashions.

I decided to move on as I was on a little quest to take a few photos of the only pond we have for a blog. In the senior residents home they have a water lilly pond. I noticed they had put a small circus tent outside the castle in the grounds so had a wheel up to have a look.

Castle Waldegg 22.06 (4)

The tent was full of people watching some sort of action. There were no animals, just actors and I think it was to do with the problems of health care in other countries and how the doctors were trying to help. I stopped and watched a while and then moved on.

Storks 22.06 (5)

I passed the local stork family up on their tower in the grounds of the local high school, but it was only mum and dad. I think the three kids have now flown off and beginning to build their own life. When baby storks are no longer babies, they need quite a lot of room in the nest.

I eventually decided it was time to go home, not wanting Mr. Swiss to get worried, although he never seems to be worried. I was away for two hours, but time goes fast when you are having fun with a camera and enjoying the fresh air. Before my mobility problems began to happen, I never really went walking very much, just now and again. Since I have my electric wheelchair I am out almost always in the afternoon, when the sun is shining.

Yesterday I almost had a little stress, yes even we golden oldies can have stress. I returned, wrote a blog on a prompt, and then prepared the evening meal: nothing spectacular, but now and again I do it myself. It is usually a Mr. Swiss chore, but I decided on a prawn cocktail with avocado served with toast, which is a bit more than a plate of cold cuts and tomato and cucumber.

After the meal I still had a couple of things to do on the computer and then uploaded my 80 photos I had taken on my wheelie trip and labeled them all. Afterwards there were a few bits and pieces to iron and it was already 10.00 in the evening. I moved onto to giving myself an injection for my MS and then eventually sat down in front of the TV to watch the one and only soap that I ever watch. Actually the only programme I bother with. Luckily Mr. Swiss records it so we can watch it in leisure: it is East Enders, with the usual families and petty dramas they have. I grew up in the East End of London, one of the reasons I like to watch it. They speak the same type of language that I speak and I can associate with some of the situations although we never had so much drama at home.

Eventually I sank into my bed and was soon in dreamland.  Sometimes life can be almost a full time job. I had a strange dream. I was in the office where I used to work and the owner of the company walked past my desk and saw that I was surfing in internet. “That will be blocked” were his words. The funny thing is I never surfed at work. They were the days before I was even a member of Facebook. Gaming and all that stuff only started when I was a pensioner at home and eventually I decided that was not the essence of life so did a cold turkey and stopped. The only thing I now do on the computer is pay my bills and write some bloggy stuff, as well as working on my photos.

And now to move on. I do not go anywhere on Saturday morning, I send Mr. Swiss for any bits and pieces we may need.  I will take it easy, living the luxurious life of a housewife, building up to the daily lunch.

Roses 22.06 (3)
I will leave you with a rose greeting from the small garden of the local senior citizens home. Enjoy the day/night and see you around on the flip side.

Good Morning

Evening Sky 21.06.2018

It is just a plain blue sky this morning, with sun, so it should be a good day. There is a constant light breeze which keeps everything nice and cool. I thought we might get rain during the night as it looked quite dismal, but I think the high winds blew the rain clouds away. Anyhow life is good and all that jazz, so let’s get on with it. As today is week-end shopping day I have things to plan and do.

I did not go anywhere yesterday, did not have the energy. I discovered a pleasant surprise in my garden.

Some years ago I planted hollyhocks. The gardening place only had yellow ones, although I always wanted red ones. I then saw the red sort growing in the town park, kept my eye on it and when the seeds were ready I picked some from the plant. Who notices a seed thief? I eventually scattered the seeds somewhere in the garden and forgot them. Last year we had the battle of the builders on our block, so nothing had a big chance in the garden.

Front Garden

A lot went kaput in the garden because of the builders and they had to remove the little hedge what was on the left of the photo, I also had a few plants there. I told them not to replace the hedge, but make a wider entrance to the garden, thinking it would be more suitable if I wanted to enter with my wheelchair. They did a good job of it and in the corner you can see a green plant beginning to grow, which I recognised as a hollyhock. I used to have one of my yellow hollyhocks there.

It has now grown through the spring and has begun to flower.

Hollyhocks 20.06 (1)

My flaminco decided to hog the photo. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the flowers were dark pink. It must have been one of my stray seeds that decided to go forth and multiply, I cannot otherwise explain it. There used to be the boring yellow hollyhocks growing there. These pink ones are even a better strain as my original yellow ones, much stronger stems.

Hollyhocks 20.06 (5)

My hostas are also now all flowering. I have various sorts but these are the ones with the green leaves and the white stripes.

Hostas 20.06 (1)

I had a complete row of this sort, but the builders removed half of them and replanted them in another place in the garden, as they had to plant the scaffolding where they were. I now have a bare patch, but spoke to my gardiner and he said he will plant some to replace them, but now is the wrong time for planting hostas, so I will wait.

Reflecting on the complete building catastrophe, we are now almost back to normal. Our lawn now looks respectable. There are one or two bare patches, not too big, but as soon as the gardener has some bits of lawn ready, he will fill in the spaces. We now again have a pleasant place to relax outside in the summer months.

And now time to have a clean through in the appartment and depart for the shopping tour. The list has been made, our food ideas for the week-end are completed, and all we have to do is go and do it all.

Have a good day, it will soon be the week-end so have fun.

Special Flowers 19.06.2018

Good Morning

Katydid 21.06 (2)

Let’s start the day with the visitor of the day, a katydid. Mr. Swiss told me he was hovering outside on the wall so I naturally took his photo. We call them “hay horse” direct translated from the German. He was high up and far away, so I had to take the photo with my normal camera and not the mobile phone. I was also in a hurry, just stopped hugging the bed, but I managed to get his hairy legs. This year they seem to be in season, we usually only get grasshoppers, but I have not seen a grass hopper yet.

Renovation 2 removal of scaffolding 20.06 (2)

Otherwise nothing special happening at the moment. Yesterday they began to dismantle the scaffolding on the building opposite. I took a few photos on the way, but it was not such a big job as the one on our building last year in summer. We had the full works with new insulation and removal of the old. This building was just brightened up with a new coat of paint and cleaned. They seemed to be busy on the roof, but no big deal.

Cardboard collection 20.06 (1)

It was the monthly newspaper and cardboard collection day yesterday on our estate. You get a notice to inform when they are coming and everyone deposits the unwanted material outside. We also had a few boxes to deposit. The paper guys had already collected their stuff when I took the picture. It all has to be done separately and nicely grouped together, only organised mess on the swiss streets with the garbage.

Handicapped Sign

We now have the special magnetic plate on our car which is proof that we are now allowed to park on the special places for the handicapped, although I am getting a little annoyed. There are four special parking spaces, extra large as you need room when leaving the car. They are nicely situated next to the entrance of the supermarket, so what could be better? And all four places were occupied yesterday when we arrive, but sorry, I think some people are just to lazy to find something else and there were enough other places free. Two of the cars occupying the space had licence plates from Kanton Bern. I live in Kanton Solothurn and do not think I would go the distance to another Kanton to do my daily shopping. Mr. Swiss finds I am making too much fuss about this, but I would prefer to be able to use a normal place if I could. Luckily we found another spot also quite near. I think I am becoming a grumpy golden oldie.

Campanula 20.06.2018

Otherwise I took a photographic walk around my front garden yesterday and found that the yellow hollyhocks and campanula are also now flowering.  Summer is such wonderful time of the year. This morning I saw my daily earwig taking a walk around my kitchen, but Mr. Swiss says to leave them, they do no harm. I am not so sure about that, I think you can take this insect protection thing a little too far.

Today I will be taking it easy. It might begin to rain this afternoon, although at the moment it still looks like a sunny day.

Campanula 20.06.2018

Good Morning


Let us begin the day with a plant, but not just a plant. Actually the gardener discovered it growing in a flower bed, he discovered quite a few, but decided weed(s) does not belong in a garden and gave me a sideways suspicious look. “Must have been from some bird seed” he said. I nodded in agreement. I could not have him thinking that Mrs. Angloswiss was planting cannabis in her garden, although they looked a little weak. I told him they are probably the male sort. He sort of nodded in agreement, astonished that I knew there were two types,  I told him not to remove all of them as I would like to keep one weed to see how it grows.  I noticed yesterday it is growing quite well, so another surprise in my garden. It probably was from bird seed, as some years ago I had some seeds from a colleague and they were the real thing. Even the neighbours were impressed, never having seen this plant before.

Hay making

And now to something completely different. I went for a wheelie yesterday afternoon for lack of something more interesting to do. The heat wave days are slowly approaching and the sun was beating down on the wheelchair. I noticed I am developing a nice brown colour on my skin. Who would have thought that you could get such a colour in a wheelchair. And so I seemed to be alone on my journey, as the walkers do not like to go out in when the hot sun is beating down. It seems the farmers are now busy cutting the wild meadows as it is ideal weather for it to dry in the sun during the day, and to gather the hay to store in the barn for the animal winter food.

Cyclists 19.06 (4)

On my way around the castle I saw a  group of school children on their bikes. They had crossed my path a few times from the main road up to the castle and it looked like an organised excursion as the teacher was with them. Two days ago on our local roads, they had the bike tests for the school kids. They have to drive a certain marked route, with mini street signs around the town and surroundings and on the way they are watched by various police to see if they are doing everything as they should. It has been done for years in our Kanton, probably all over Switzerland, and is a good idea for the kids to know how to behave on the roads. I think this excursion I saw was a treat from the teacher with his newly qualified bike professionals in the class. They seemed to be having fun, and the weather was ideal of course.

Cyclists 19.06 (1)

After and hour’s wheelie I decided it was time for home. It was really hot on the paths. The cows are still missing from the fields, but the grass is growing in their meadows, so they might be back, although probably some different cows. It is sad really I suppose. They have such a good life on our meadows, but a relatively short one. Today I think I will cook lamb for lunch, that usually comes from New Zealand, at least it is imported.

It is really a perfect wonderful summer this year. Plenty of sunny warm days and in between a real drench of rain to keep the balance.

Stream 19.06.2018

There are streams everywhere with enough water.

Yesterday we had a crisis at home. There was only half a bottle of Pepsi in the fridge left. I did report this the day before. The idea was that Mr. Swiss would buy six new bottles, but somehow it did not happen. It was then I heard that our enterprising autistic No. 1 son had bought cola on his expedition in town in the afternoon. I though how good of him to think about it, but when I saw his cola was a small can for I, me and myself, I decided to forget it. Anyhow I survived until the evening.

Our supermarket has a special offer at the moment. You fill a card with stickies and afterwards can exchange it for a small cardboard suitcase filled with various supermarket articles. There was a bottle of fizzy cherry drink, ice tea and orange. The orange looked very orange. Mrs. Swiss said it is cleaning liquid, I maintained it was to drink, but had another look and yes, it was cleaning liquid. We golden oldies should really be more careful, although I must admit it did look quite suspicious.

So now I must close down and get a move on. It is shopping day today (for six bottles of cola) and I have not yet said good morning to the vacuum cleaner. Enjoy you day and be careful what you drink, it might be floor polish. I will leave you with some daisies I saw growing in the village near the church. If you know their name, please let me know.

Daisies 19.06.2018

Good Morning

River Aare 18.06 (17)

It was another great sunny and warm day yesterday so I made the most of it for a wheelie in my chair along the river. Even on a Monday there were walkers enjoying the scenery, most of them with their dogs. I even saw a couple of men fishing on the river bank, but this one decided to do it in style.

River Aare 18.06 (4)

He was doing the right thing. Why sit for hours on the side of the river when you can be among the fish on the river.

Dogs 18.06 (8)

And then I met the lady with her two dogs. She was quite annoyed because she was throwing them a stick, which they obediently took in their mouth and dropped it in the river before returning to the bank. She tried to retrieve the stick from the river and almost fell in. I was watching with my camera when her dog decided to leave the river. Of course he did what all dogs do after a swim, had a good shake to get rid of the surplus water. Luckily I was warned and backed away with my wheelchair, otherwise I would have got a free shower.

As I was wheeling along I wondered where the ducks and swans had gone. I got to the bridge and there they were all gathered together on the other bank, so I naturally wheeled over to the other side.

Ducks 18.06 (14)

For me this was a photographer’s paradise. I had never seen so many ducks gathered together in one place. I am not sure what the big white ducks are, but I never see them so much otherwise. Perhaps they were gulls.

Swans 18.06 (2)

I also managed a find a swan pair amngst the ducks. I had to get onto the bridge and take the photos through the spaces, so some of the photos had a red tinge on them from the paintwork.

Ducks 18.06 (4)

I eventually had to tear myself away from my duck photos and made my way home. I just wish that they would make a nice smooth layer of pavement on the river path as it gets to be a very bumpy ride between the stones. I really enjoyed my excursion yesterday, because I discovered a lot of interesting stuff to take photos of.

River Aare 18.06 (15)

As I was crossing the bridge one of our street cleaning machines approached. The bridge is only for pedestrians and bikes, but these machines are small and light enough to go over the bridge and they keep it all nice and clean. I bet that guy had never had his photo taken before when working, but he just nodded as he passed by.

This morning the cleaning lady is here, so I am a little later with my Good Morning. Mr. Swiss is in town and will buy a few bits and pieces in the store. We had an emergency situation yesterday when I saw there was only one bottle of Pepsi in the fridge, although I can drink tap water if necessary.  He will be replenishing the bottles today. It is another wonderful day today, so it looks like I will be on my travels again this afternoon, but this time not the river. I will take it easy and do the cemetery run and castle probably.

And now to go, I have a few windows to clean, although they are clean, just a brush up. Make the most of the day, take it easy and see you all later.

River Aare 18.06 (9)

Good Morning

Morning garden

When the morning view from the kitchen window were I am sitting at the computer looks like this, then you do not mind it being Monday morning. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping, so what could be better. To finalise it all I am eating my breakfast. I cast my mind back to the days when I was a working woman and Mondays were the beginning of a working week. Up early in the morning, shower, eat, and depart in the car with No. 1 son. I would drop him off at his workplace and arrive at mine to begin work at about 7,00 in the morning.  It was then switch on the computer at work and look at the orders of the day. Working in export all over the world, whilst I was sleeping others would  be working in the Far East, and they never did seem to realize that work was not a 24 hour job.

Felbrunnen 16.06 (7)

Now I am a lady of leisure and can enjoy life in my little village somewhere in the backwoods of Switzerland where the cows say good morning to the flies. What a shame that you only get the chance to enjoy all the fun when you are no longer as fit as you used to be. I always looked forward to retirement, no longer having to go to work, but just enjoying life. Then you discover your body no longer wants to play and you can be glad to move around with support.

Those long walks in the countryside enjoying nature are now in a wheelchair and the only big excursions you make are to the specialist for a check up. One bright point on the horizon is that I can now get my permit for parking in places reserved for the handicapped. I manage my shopping trips now with just a stick for support (may the walker be banned forever after recovering from a broken leg) but after walking around in the supermarket I am a little exhausted when returning to the car. Having it parked outside the main entrance makes a lot of difference as I am always worried about falling.

Yesterday I spent the day at home. The weather was OK, but cloudy. I now have enough to do on the computer with my daily prompts and some challenges. The daily prompt sponsored by WordPress is no more. They do nothing more for the bloggers and so a few enterprising and helpful people are organizing something to replace it. The problem is that I do not really want a full time job on the computer prompting network. Just one prompt a day is enough, with my cat’s contribution as well. Unfortunately Tabby does not have opposable thumbs like the humans, so I have to do the keyboard work for her. She supplies the contents, from a feline point of view.

I see we now have three variations of a daily prompt from three sources, there might be more, but they do not arrive in may reader, so I have had to make a decision and have settled for one. This does not mean I will not try the others, it depends on the time I have. Photography is another hobby, as well as finishing the day with reading a book. In the morning I have a housewife clean up and there might be a shopping trip on the plan. There is also ironing and washing somewhere on the way and cooking a meal.

Who am I kidding, I have more to do now than when I was a working woman – so much for the golden oldie days of relaxation and retirement.

In the meanwhile  a hungry fly arrived at some jam remainders on the table,

Fly eating

I decided to enjoy his meal, it might be his last. The fly swatter is always near and according to where he or she is and what I am doing, his hours might be numbered.

So enough of this drivel, I must now move on to some occupational therapy with a vacuum cleaner and mop. Have a great beginning to the week and it will soon be Friday again. Time goes fast when you are enjoying yourself.


Good Morning

Morning Sky

And now the sun has joined us, so it looks like it is going to be a good day. Yesterday was also quite good so I made the most of the afternoon and went for one of my notorious wheelchair journeys. This time I took the path to the north-east of the village where the various farms are situated and old houses.

Feldbrunnen North 16.06 (7)

I think this must be one of the oldest houses in the village, although I am not sure. It is certainly something completely different.

Feldbrunnen North 16.06 (3)

We also have a few barns hanging around, probably for storing the hay for the winter food for the cows, or perhaps they are even cow sheds. The cows are still missing, and I slowly have to think of the film “The Silence of the Lambs”, substituting it for cows. That would be very sad, although I have steak today for dinner, so I should not be so hypocritical I suppose. At least my meat comes from an anonymous cow, I hope. If this continues I will become a vegetarian, or perhaps a vegan. No, I do not think so. My dad was very basic in his logic. He always found why vegetarian when there are enough cows walking around, although he very rarely saw one living in London.

Ibex Goat 16.06 (13)

I wheeled back to the central part of the village to see what the animals were doing and at last I saw the new arrivals again. There are two goats, at least I think they are goats, but only one one munching in the grass. She was at the edge of the chicken run and a couple of chickens got curious to see what this goat thing was. Suddenly the goat took a small gallop nearer to the hen shed and there were about 20 hens all running and clucking. They had a small shock I think. I am not so sure that this is a goat, but perhaps an ibex as the horns seems to be quite big.

Black Swan 16.06 (11)

The black swan pair were also around. This one was preening her feathers. I noticed she first of all dipped the beak in the duck pond and distributed the water in her feathers. You can see some tiny drops as she sprays the water. I do not know the idea of this, as she was standing on the edge of the pond. All the other ducks were having a swim so no photos as the pond is too low for me to get them.

I had pasta to cook for the evening with a creamy parmesan sauce and a tomato sauce. No. 1 son prefers his tortellini and ravioli with the traditional tomato sauce and Mr. Swiss and I like the cream sauce.

Taking photos is OK, but when you have 90 of them on the camera to upload you need time. I was out on the porch with my computer until 9.30 yesterday evening, but it was a pleasant evening.

We then discovered this creature crawling around on the corridor ceiling.

Katydid 17.06 (3)

It was enormous and Mr. Swiss found it to be a giant grasshopper, but I think it was more a so-called katydid. It was difficult for a photo as he was at a distance, but I took a couple with my normal camera, as the mobile camera is not so good for distances. I felt quite sorry for this insect and he was crawling very slowly trying to find somewhere to go. I would have liked to put him in the garden but it was difficult. Eventually it had crept over the main entrance and I opened the door and knocked him down. He made a thumping noise when he arrived on the ground outside the apartment, but he seemed to have lost all his energy. I do not think he survived the night.

And that was the excitement of the day. Today looks like a good one again, although sometimes I prefer a quite afternoon at home. Remember it is Sunday, a day of relaxation, so enjoy the day. Some of us arise in the morning and are convinced it is Monday. No names mentioned, I know it is Sunday, but other golden oldies are not so sure.  It looks like it will soon be harvest time in my area, although quite early this year due to the super corn weather.

Felbrunnen 16.06 (3)