Good Morning


The mornings are getting better and now I even see traces of the planes that have flown by. Yesterday there was a splendid view of the alps with all the peaks in their full glory, but I just did not have the opportunity to take any photos. I was driving down from the village where the supermarket is and they were spread out before me. Our supermarket is in the village of Langendorf which is an uphill journey as it goes towards our house mountain, “Weissenstein” in the Jura. I used to take such photos from the car when Mr. Swiss was driving, but now I do not even take my camera with me, just my cellphone for a few photos. I cannot do a photo shooting when I am driving unfortunately. It’s perfect weather for a camera shoot at the moment, but I will be at home this afternnoon.

Yesterday I actually managed to fix up my new camera. Luckily I know the workings of the Nikon cameras (this is my third) and they are all similar. I sort of squeezed a few minutes in and took a couple of photos. There are now crocus flowering in our wild meadow and I noticed even a couple of the early ones at the edge of my garden.

Crocus 16.02 (2)

It is so much easier with the zoom lens now as I do not have to change the lens (which I am usually too lazy to do at home) as it is permanently on the camera and has a range from 18-300 which covers almost everything. I now have my eye on a wide angle lens, but they are a little in the higher league of prices, over a thousand francs, but I am thinking about it.

I am now at an age where I really ask what am I saving for. I worked all my life and for the remaining years (OK I am not really ready to go yet) I should have some benefits. I cannot take the cameras with me when I go, as I am not sure if I will be able to upload the photos on WordPress afterwards (OK, I love a little black humour now and again). And if I stand at the local castle on the hill and take a photo of the alps. depending if you have a good visibility day, I would get the whole range and not just the big three (Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau). I am thinking about it.

I now also have a car to finance as well. Being a golden oldie you still need money, but there are no more perks to hope for. The government does not increase its pensions every year to suit the cost of living index like it used to be when working, and you just have to stretch it a bit more.

And now to move on. There are things to do, life is never boring when you are a golden oldie, and you must still eat, so I will be cooking. I also have No. 1 son’s bed linen to iron and a few other bits and pieces.

Have a good day everyone, and may it be a good one.


Good Morning


If you do not know where to begin in the morning, then a sunrise is always a good thing because that is where the day begins. Our weather is now bordering on Spring. The mornings are a bit frosty, but during the day it warms up and you ask whether it is still necessary to wear a winter jacket.

I did not expect yesterday to be a good one, but I survived. I had to go with Mr. Swiss to the hospital an hour after lunch there was no time for a relaxing sleep of a couple of hours, but I managed to squeeze in half an hour. I stayed at home in the morning, postposing my week-end shopping to after lunch whilst Mr. Swiss was at the hospital. And so I was yet again refreshing my driving knowledge by driving to the hospital and afterwards through our town up the hill where the supermarket it. As I finished the shopping he called to say he was finished at the hospital, so another drive through town to pick him up. He is OK health-wise, just getting older and is no longer driving a car, so I am now the only mobile person in the family, although I am not sure how mobile.

What I do know is that I will have to rethink a bit. As I now have to do it all on my own, I realise that “me” time is dwindling. I have my various hobbies: writing, photography and relaxing with a book, but in between washing, ironing, cooking, shopping and household, I have to replan a little. Mr. Swiss helps me where he can, but is also no longer as fit as he was.


One bright moment in the day was that my new camera and lens arrived, but coupled with the fact that I only had time to unpack it, the bright moment dimmed a little. Luckily I am acquainted with Nikon cameras, so know basically where what is. One new development is that you can now download an app and connect it to you electronic device, be it a iPad or Phone. I had a look, and found it not more complicated as other electronic stuff, but decided it would be no great advantage for me. I could download the photos direct from the camera onto my phone and name them and their location would be recognised. Flickr already has those options and I know where my photos are. From Flickr I also get the web address to upload the photos. I also noticed in the explanation that there were a few “ifs” and “buts” and so 100% foolproof in the result of the functions it is not, so I decided to leave it for the time being.

I have had absolutely no opportunity to take a wheelie lately and this afternoon I am again on a quick trip to the supermarket with a few bits and pieces I had forgot. I am not a keen visitor of a supermarket on Saturday afternoon.


I did manage to finish baking my week-end bread this morning. I buy it half done, and all I have to do is to complete the process of getting nice and brown in the oven. The bread is fresher that way. I used to make them myself from scratch, but that is also a thing of the past. I am even now getting rid of various baking dishes I have as I realised it must be a matter of years since I last baked anything. I prefer baking on my computer.

And now to the next state of my life, preparing dinner. It will be a Hungarian goulasch, but once the meat is cooking I can forget it until lunch time.

So here is a mixture of marigolds and fuchsia to accompany you on your way through the week-end, which I hope will be a good one.

Special Flowers 02.07 (2)

Good Morning


This morning’s sunrise which was the last chance before it faded to a normal blue sky. I took the photo from the back garden still clad in only my nightdress and there was a thin layer if frost on the ground. Even the cat’s water had a thin layer of ice. I must be crazy and no, the neghbours were all inside so no-one saw me I hope. The things you do for photography. At the moment my photos here are mainly from my telephone camera. My camera is still working, but not as it use to. I have to make too many adjustments.

I have a Nikon D7000 since so many years that I cannot even find the bill from when I bought it. A couple of years later the D7500 appeared improving on the D7000. Of course there have been many other new cameras from Nikon, but I am not a professional camera person and have now ordered the D7500. Actually the basic camera chassis is the cheapest part of the whole thing, although also expensive. It is the lens according to what you want that cost. I have actually enough lens to fit my Nikon, but saw they now have a lens 18-300 which I also included in the purchase.  I have a 300 lens, but I have to take it separately with me and a combined lens is ideal. As my photo expeditions are mainly by wheelchair it means I do not have to carry these heavy cameras and lens, but can just sit and shoot. Of course the wheelchair is not my chosen transport method, would rather be able to spring around and go places like in the old days, but MS does not want me too. I just make the most of what I have.

Sometimes I have difficult moving days but generally I manage. I have noticed that a bit of physical training helps a lot. It seems to keep the muscles working taking over part of the work that the nerves used to do when they were functioning normally. However, MS is a different kettle of fish for each person that has it, and what works for me does not always work for the others.

If I need stuff like this I usually order online with the same company. I notice how customer friendly these companies are becoming, probably because they now face stronger completion. Every thing is confirmed with e-mails containing the details and you also get a track and trace of the parcel. Yesterday my camera was already in the post sorting office and today it will be delivered. I even got the same details from something I ordered that came from China. The world is getting smaller it seems.

Crow on a roof

I noticed Mr. Crow was keeping an eye on things this morning from the opposite roof top waiting for me to spread out the bread remainders so that he could inform the muder/pack (a murder of crows?) to come and get it and they do.

Yesterday was a complicated day for me. In the morning shopping and afternoon a trip with Mr. Swiss to his doc. I dropped him off and had another parking adventure in the park house. It goes down in a circle until you find a parking space, so I was two stories below. At last I discovered where the reading machine was when I entered for my plastic parking card. It is at the end of the row of the ticket machine. Now I am amongst the professionals and just reach out with the card in my hand, show it to the flashing light and the barrier opens. I know you can all do it, but for a golden oldie that had a chauffeur, I have to learn this all again. I afterwards went to the doctor’s surgery to wait for Mr. Swiss and we drove home again afterwards.

Today is another doctor visit for him, but this time at the hospital. I also have the week-end shopping to do, so the plan is that I drop Mr. Swiss off at the hospital, drive on to the next village to the supermarket, get the goods and pick him up at the hospital afterwards. I do not have time in the morning to fit in the shopping and cleaning, cook lunch and then straight to the hospital after lunch as we have to be there at 2.30 p.m. I really have no time for mysself at the moment, but hope next week will be better. The weather is so good and I am missing it with these appointments. In the olden days we would split the stuff, but both of us are not getting any younger and Mr. Swiss has moving difficulties.

It is now way pass 9.00 a.m. and time to move on with the rest of the work. Friday again, but those that still have week-ends, enjoy it. For me life has become one long week-end.

Mistletoe 01.01.2019

I noticed the mistletoe was showing itself again last week on the trees by the river. Now is the best chance for a photo as in summer it disappears between the leaves of the trees.

Good Morning


Spring seems to be springing at the moment and the first crocus shoots are shooting. Suddenly the sun shines all day, although this morning there was ice in my cat’s water bowl and a frosty layer on the ground outside. Thursday is a day when I have no great excitement. There is no shopping trip, the cupboard is full, and the beds got their fresh linen last week.

Yesterday evening No. 2 son called to see mum and dad which was a pleasant interlude. Everything is fine with him and grandson No. 1 is growing and developing with first attempts at speech, which only he seems to understand.

Today seems to be something called Valentine’s Day and there is news about it plastered all over Facebook and a few blogs to remind me in WordPress. Mr. Swiss and I never actually had Valentine’s Day, we decided who needs a day to give a better turnover for the flower shops. Of course it is nice to get flowers, but I do not need a day for it, so that theme is quickly dealt with at home.

In this wonderful sunny warmer weather I would have liked to have gone on a wheelie into town this afternoon, but I will be driving Mr. Swiss to the doctor. It has been a busy week this week with various things to deal with. I have had to completely re-organise Friday and the week-end shopping will take place in the afternoon. Mr. Swiss has an appointment with a doc at the local hospital in the early afternoon, so I will drop him off at the hospital and afterwards do the supermarket tour. When I am finished I will pick him up again at the hospital. I will not have time to go shopping in the morning, clean the apartment and cook lunch. Lunch is already bought and I will stay at home in the morning and combine the necessary in the afternoon.


Yesterday evening was another splendid sunset. At the moment I am getting the better photos with my mobile camera as my camera is no longer managing very well. I will be glad when the new one arrives, although I will have to get used to that at first. It is again a Nikon so it will be nothing new for me.

And now I should really get a move on with the daily chores. I wish you all a good day, or sleep well over the big pond. Now for some action in my part of the world.


Good Morning

Morning Sunrise

What a wonderful sunny morning. I have not seen one like that for a long while. Is the Winter really thinking of saying goodbye. You never know, perhaps we might have snow again next week

Sunset in Feldbrunnen

Yesterday evening we had a great sunset as the sun descended in the West, although my camera did not capture everything. And now I have decided to raid my savings account and get myself a new Nikon camera. The one I have now is getting on in years and the motor no longer functions as well as it should for focussing. I was going to wait for a few months, but in the meanwhile I am not getting younger and all I need is the basis camera. I have all the lens I need, although a wide lens is on my list, but you cannot have everything. So today a Nikon D7500 will be on the shopping list,  an online order of course.

I must be swimming in money, as I also got the notification yesterday from my insurance that I will be receiving the annual car insurance bill within the next few days. It was an attachment in the mail so I printed it out and had a look. I am really supposed to understand 20 pages of clauses? Of course I had a look, but everything seems to be in order. Since buying my very own car I realise what it means financially.

But now to enjoy the day. I did have the widow open as I was writing, but have closed it again. There is definitely a nip in the air, but I am hoping that it will get a bit warmer during the day. I had a little bit of excitement this morning when cutting my bread. The last person(s) that cut bread were my other two family members at home. The first began to cut it on a slant to make bigger slices, I suppose, and the second continued. Now I just had the slanted remainders of the bread, which I do not like so much. I know I am fussy, but is it too much to ask for to have a nice straight end piece of  a loaf?

Again I slept too long yesterday after lunch and so had no time for a wheelie into town with my chair. I should definitely make an effort today.

This morning is a shopping tour at the local supermarket, although Wednesday is not so much. My problem is that the supermarket is such a large one and it seems I walk miles until I have everything. If only the trolleys had a motor.

Afternoon Clouds

Had some interesting clouds above yesterday so I was busy with snapping a few photos. The nice thing about clouds is that the picture changes frequently and you really catch a moment in time.

And now I must catch a moment in time and get on with my life with some housewife action with a vacuum cleaner a mop. Have a good day, and make the most of it.

Protea Nutans

Good Morning


Lucia is here, my cleaning lady, looking after my shower, bathroom and kitchen so I am a little later this morning. While she is busy with her work, I have been cleaning the windows. As it is later the sun has risen illuminating an almost cloudless sky which is even blue. It really looks like it will be a good day today, although it is never certain. It needs only one rain cloud and the day is ruined.

Yesterday it rained all afternoon, mixed with snow and so I did not go anywhere. I so wanted to have a look at the monthly market, but there is not so much happening in such weather and so I made myself comfortable for a nice sleep after lunch. I was also a little exhausted. The problem with this MS thing is that it never tells you what it might do next and I had a stupid attack whilst shopping in the morning. I came through it OK but was very giddy and my legs were doing what they wanted to do, meaning I almost fell. I was glad when my list was complete and could return to the car. As soon as I was sitting down I felt OK again. Our supermarket has no seating opportunities in the actual store, only after the cash desks and then I do not have far to my parking space.

Today I feel better, but am not sure whether I will be wheeling along this afternoon. Mr. Swiss should make an appointment with his doc as she has not seen him for some time and he will need a chauffeuse. He has a definite appointment with another doc on Friday afternoon which certainly does not suit my timetable as Friday morning is week-end shopping, but I will survive I suppose.


And look what I am cooking for lunch. It will be an asparagus risotto when it is finished with rice. Our Swiss asparagus season only really begins in March, and we have mainly the white ones, but these are an import from Mexico (the ones that flew over the wall that has not yet been built). The local supermarket had them at a reasonable price, so I decided to make the most of it. I will peel them and chop them in pieces and fry them and then add the risotto rice, some saffron and a little white wine and cook them. It will be something completely different and you can sprinkle some parmesan cheese over it when cooked, according to taste.

I will now move on to start the meal. Have fun, see you later.


Good Morning


I actually got a little bit of blue sky this morning, although not long, the grey clouds are back, but they are at least clouds and not a heavey lid. I was thinking that today would be a better one as yesterday. I was all prepared to go for a wheelie yesterday afternoon, but the wind picked up and storm Otto arrived in the afternoon with the accompanying rain. It was not safe to go out, especially in a wheelchair as I would probably have become the first lady in a flying chair.

There were reports this morning of the damage done yesterday in various places. Many planes were grounded in Zürich airport and there were also many that could not land. They either had to hover over the airport waiting for the winds to recede or when they landed they had to start through again. One of the daily newspapers on my internet say that the Winter is returning again. There was a very thin layer of white on the lawn this morning, but it was hard to tell if it was frost or a layer of snow, although I tip on frost. The newspaper I have online is not one of the good ones and is more for sensationalism and local Swiss stuff,  but it serves its purpose.

October Monthly Market 10.09 (2)

Today would be the monthly market in the local town of Solothurn and I was thinking of taking a wheel through to see something different, but it will greatly depend on the weather. I just go along to have a look and take a few photos, although I noticed that there is not anything really new.

This morning is another shopping morning at the local store for food. I must say since I now do it all on my own I have a better overall view on what I need and what I have. Of course it all depends that I note everything on my list. At my golden oldie age I tend to forget stuff now and again. so thank goodness for smart phones for the list. It seems that Mr. Swiss needs something from the drug store which is on the lower level of the mall, and I also have to get a bottle of white wine (for cooking purposes, I don’t drink) which is also in a separate store on the ground floor. Our supermarket, Migros, does not sell alcohol or cigarettes, The guy that founded it many years ago happened to be a teetotaller from everything and carried the idea into his store. He began with small trucks that carried the goods to various outlying villages, expanded to towns and eventually had stores everywhere. It is the biggest chain of supermarkets in Switzerland together with our Co-op. They have their own products, but the co-Op sell all the well-know brands.

And now to go further afield, the shower and apartment are waiting for my attention before I depart into the wilds of Switzerland. Have a good day, who knows what the week will bring.

St. Urs. 09.02.2019