Good Morning

The sun has risen and according to the Swiss radio it will stay most of the day, although temperatures around 22°C which is warm but not exactly Summer. Yesterday, on our national day of fireworks the sun did eventually appear for an hour before the evening to allow it to happen. I heard the fireworks more or less until midnight so it seems the Swiss managed to achieve something.

I was amazed when the yesterday afternoon sky. In between grey clouds and rain, really began to look better.

I have already had a busy morning. As son No. 1 is on holiday at home I can make lunch for midday instead of half an hour later. Basically what does it matter, but I prefer to get my midday sleep half an our earlier and have more time in the afternoon for this and that. This morning my first work was to make a bread dough. It only really needs about 10 minutes and afterwards I quickly wash the machine and put it away and then I am ready to go. As I opened my kitchen cupboard I noticed there was a bad smell. I have everything packed in sealed special plastic boxes so it was a mystery. I only have the onions and garlic and potatoes that are open. Then I realised what it was. There was a plastic bag of potatoes that I had not yet unpacked from the store as I wanted to use the remaining few from the last delivery first of all. Then the smell became familiar, one of the worst I know. It was the smell of a potato deciding to go soft and brown. I emptied the bag and there it was: just one smaller potato, but that was all it needed. I have now disposed of the offending potato, and now my cupboard smells normal again (meaning no smell). Potatoes are one of the worst veg that can be offending. It only really might happen in summer, but even then not often.

Anyhow my bread dough is rising and I have more time during the morning for cooking. I have potatoes to peel and cook in my air fryer and that takes time, although Mr. Swiss helps me out with the peeling.

I had one of my feline visitors. They seem to be permanently hungry and naturally I have to feed them with something, otherwise they would be so disappointed.

I had facetime contact with son No. 2 yesterday so I could see how my grandchildren are developing. They are now both at the age where you need four pairs of eyes and four hands and legs to keep them under control, but he seems to have the routine. He is now off for a holiday with the family on one of the Swiss lakes for a week and will be visiting with the family when he returns. Luckily they also did not have any problems with the flooding in his part of Switzerland. It seems that the rainfalls were a record amount in the month of July since measurements began.

My garden seems to have benefitted from the rain and the slugs and snails are happy about the situation.

Today I will be at home. Monday is not such a good day for visiting town or the stores. There is never very much happening and the week’s special offers only begin on Tuesday. We golden oldies have nothing better to do with our spare time. I have another project. Since more than a year I no longer have my own cats, but still have two transport cages I used for vet visits. I will make a photo today and put them on Facebook market place to see if anyone would have interest in them. They are in a very good condition. I have a few other items as well, but have never done it before and decided to start with the cages.

Otherwise have a good week everyone, stay safe and may the hairy peas floating in the air stay away from you all.

I noticed the ivy has begun to spread on one of my garden borders amonst the sedum.

Good Morning

Not such a good morning. It rained all night, just once but did not stop. The sky has clouds hanging everywhere in more than 50 shades of gray and my morning did not begin so well. My first job is to empty Mr. Swiss ash tray. It is not such a bother as it is covered. I just have to take the lid off and empty the relics into a plastic bag. For the first time ever I missed the bag and emptied it onto the surrounds of the sink. Then No. 2 happened. Mr. Swiss had a half cup of cola on the side and I knocked it over: another mess to clear, but luckily also at the side of the sink. It was just not a good beginning to the morning. Of course Mr. Swiss should stop smoking, but at the age of 82 there are some things you cannot change. And as far as having a glass cola ready if you are thirsty – let us not talk about it.

In the meanwhile let us reflect on other events. Due to the wet night I spotted this snail on its way home. They seem to love wet nights. Now it has stopped raining and I am convinced it was now finding a nice crack between the stones for a warm wet relaxing session. At least it had the decency to wear a shell. It is the naked slugs I am not so keen on.

I also discovered this interesting fly yesterday sitting on my sedum in the garden. Even flies can be quite colourful

And let us not forget that today is 1st August, the Swiss national day, although the weather has dampened the fireworks and fires on the mountain sides that are our customs on this day. It might possibly dry out by the evening for the tradition of lighting fires on the mountain sides. As I am writing this the radio news is telling me that until evening it will improve, but will not be so warm. Perhaps there might be a chance to have a bar-b-que in the garden and watch a firework display. Me? No I do not think so, I am only half a Swiss and there are some things I do not bother with. No. 1 son might go into town to witness a few events.

I had a day at home yesterday, and today as well most probably. I am just getting too tired to go anywhere – some days are better than others. Have a good Sunday everyone, and a happy 1st August for the Swiss amongst us (certainly not a lot). I leave you with my buddleia flowers in the garden which also seem to be hanging their heads in the rain.

Good Morning

I take various photos of the morning sky. I have been doing it for the last couple of years and have quite a collection. I usually post one here, but the collection is my memory of the mornings I have seen. This time, for something different, I am posting as a beginning, the sky from yesterday evening around 8.30 pm. I have discovered that evening skies can be quite colourful. The blue background has disappeared but there are some interesting reflections of the sun as it sinks slowly in the West. This is a view of the south reflecting the sun.

Of course I also captured the morning sky – no sun yet, just clouds and a hint of blue. We had plenty of rain yesterday which I wrote about in a blog from yesterday afternoon with some photos. I was lucky. As I was leaving the local store it was quite dark and there were sounds of thunder.

Yesterday’s blog

However I made it home in one dry piece, although the rain drops had begun. I was lucky as when I got home I could watch the stormy showers from the window. It came and went throughout the evening but no deluge. There were other parts of Switzerland that were not so lucky and got their dose of hailstones. It seems to be the story of this years Summer. I cannot remember such a wet Summer like this.

Our neighbour’s cat, Roschti, decided to shelter on a comfortable chair outside on our porch, just as Mr. Swiss was planning to sit there. He had to move to another place, cats have priority. Here Roschti was just taking a relaxing yawn before settling down for a hour.

I was taking my usual stroll through the early morning garden and saw that the first bees were already at work. It is always wonderful to see them and good that they are still populating my garden. They also have their problems and it seems there are no longer as many as there should be. The photo is just a little blurred, but I had to snap it quickly with my mobile phone camera and get close enough.

As said I was on an excursion to the local store. I saw that my frozen supplies were not as good as they should be. My online deliveries cannot deliver frozen goods so I get them myself now and again and I also had a special rebate for them at the moment. You collect points on your purchase which means a good reduction when you get them once a month. It seems that for us golden oldies these are the highlights of the shopping experience. I noticed afterwards on my phone app that it was worth it. I would mention that they are really goods I would have bought in any case, and not just buying for the points or financial advantages. I also saw that they now have fresh green Swiss beans. It is now the season and I really prefer fresh veg to frozen. My freezer is now complete and so is my kitchen so I am all set for the next cooking experiences. Speak of that, I am planning on a meat loaf for today’s dinner so should get started on my daily chores.

Have a good Saturday everyone, avoid stress where you can and remember it is the week-end so do not overdo it with the work. I leave you with my buddleia bush which is now really doing its best for a pink showtime.

Good Morning

Even blue skies can get a little boring, but no. I should be satisfied that they are not damp, wet skies with rain clouds. According to the Swiss weather report we will be having enough of that at the week-end. That will dampen not only the surroundings, but the Swiss spirits. On Sunday we have our national day to commemorate the foundation of Switzerland, 1st August. It was when three Swiss guys were toasting their sausages at a fire in the middle of a field with a glass of beer, from three different Kantons in Switzerland. They thought it a good idea and decided form a country and do it every year – the birth of Switzerland? Not really, just my idea, although it was something on those lines. After last years disappointments due to Covid and keeping your distance to everyone, this year it is all allowed again, with celebrations, more or less. That means that anyone flying over Switzerland on Sunday evening might think the country is on fire, or perhaps at war. The traditional fires will be lit on the mountain tops and fireworks will be the sound track – so keep your animals at home. However it seems that nature is again mixing in and there willl be torrential rain, thunder and lightening and storms all throughout the day. It will be a wet b-b-que for the family’s celebrations. For us golden oldies it makes no big difference and No. 1 son will probably be in town hoping that not all the fireworks will suffer from the damp atmosphere, as he likes to see our local firework display.

Otherwise things continue as normal here.

A few friends of the neighbour’s cat, Roschti, called past. Unfortunately the feline delights I always have ready were not enough to eat, but they looked at me with delight in their eyes. Those cats are getting bigger it seems. Of course I took the photo from the TV screen. There is a daily half hour programme from Longleat which is one of the stately homes of England. Many years ago the family decided to turn their gardens into a safari park with various animals. They have a bit of everything, from lions and tigers, giraffes, and even koala bears. Mr. Swiss and I love watching the programme and they really have everything. It is open to the public. I have never been there myself – one of those adventures I missed out on my life in England. It seems they have one male lion and he has quite a few wives who seem to be doing most of the work and action looking after the kids.

Talking of wild life, I manage to capture the flight of the bee yesterday as it was winging its way to the food delights of my buddleia – one of the advantages of taking photos with the camera on my iPhone. There is a setting where every photo is a miniature video and you can choose the photo you want.

Yesterday was a day at home. No. 1 son left already in the afternoon for his music concert and arrived home again in the early hours of the morning. He is still sleeping in. It was really good weather for an open air concert – no rain and a clear night. I had a good restful evening as I did not bother with preparing the food for only Mr. Swiss and I. It was a serve yourself evening which made it quite relaxing. I am expecting a delivery from the store this morning for the week-end food, so I probably will not be going anywhere this week-end.

Have a good week-end everyone, may the sun shine and the rain stay away, although it will probably be raining here.

Good Morning

What a wonderful sky this morning. No sign of rain all through the night and now the sun is poking through. My rose decided to add to the photo and the world is perfect – up to now. I checked on the weather forecast and everything is OK, no rain.

I am particularly glad because son No. 1 is going to an open air concert this evening in a nearby village with one of his local bands. He knows them all and they know him and he is really looking forward to it after being so long isolated at home due to Covid. I cannot lock him up. He is vaccinated as many are at the moment. He called the organisation and they informed that it would not be necessary for him to show any proof of his vaccination. I checked on the 48 hour weather forecast and this is really the one day in the week where no rain is forecast during the day or the next evening. If I was more active I would go to the concert as well, but unfortunately those days are now gone for a golden oldie.

My buddleia in the front garden is at last showing its flowers. I was a little worried about this plant as I discovered that it had an aphid infestation a couple of months ago. I began to give it a shower daily and wash them away and after a few days they disappeared. A few leaves were affected, but nothing too serious and the plant eventually recovered. It is now flowering as always. I love the buddleia as they have the talent to attract butterflies.

The bees are also quite at home on its flowers, so what could be better.

However the bees are happy with anything that has pollen and my coreopsis is being besieged by the bees at the moment.

Otherwise today will be a restful day. No. 1 son will not be here this evening for the meal, which is actually just coldcuts and a salad, so I think it will be a selfservice meal. Mr. and Mr. Swiss will just take our pick from fridge, there is always enough to eat. I have to keep a check of my freezer and fridge supplies, one of the reasons why I inspect regularly the dates. If I freeze I always put the date on the day I froze it. I noticed I have quite a collection of minced meat, mainly beef but some pork. I decided it was time to make a meat loaf so I sorted it all yesterday. I like a meat loaf with a pork and beef mixture and I have enough for a week-end meal with some carrots and pasta.

Otherwise have a good day everyone. Life is never boring when we all have a computer. I realised that I know so many wonderful people, have regular contact with them, but have never met them or seen them in reality. They keep me company and that is good. So enough of being sentimental. I am now off to make myself busy in the apartment and otherwise. I leave you with one of my feline friends who decided to take a sleep on my porch yesterday afternoon.

Good Morning

Words fail me. It’s raining again, no pouring, since I stopped hugging the bed. I was listening to the local weather forecast for our area, and it will continue during the morning, but at midday we have the promise of sun for the rest of the day. Here it is not so bad. The river is down below, although the water volume quite high and there are some parts of our Kanton that has really had some street floods in their villages. Our village has stayed OK up to now, although the water collects here and there. This summer will remain as one of the wettest in my memories.

I had a feeling today would be a wet one so I made my way yesterday afternoon into town to enjoy the sunny, warm weather as long as it lasted. The field next to the railway path was looking quite green and luxurious which is no wonder with the amount of rain it has collected over the past couple of weeks.

Town was as always and the locals had also decided to enjoy the weather by strolling on the streets. One of the advantages of our old town is that there is almost no traffic: only tradesmen and hotel guests, although we have a lot less tourists this year, at least from other countries. I also noticed that the lines of people outside our old riding hall which had been converted into a vaccination centre have now disappeared. The vaccination places have now been abandoned. A good half (if not more) of the Swiss population have now been vaccinated and the idea is that they can now get their jabs from their doctor. All our family have been vaccinated, Mr. Swiss, both sons and my daughter-in-law, so there is nothing more we can do but wait for this trial we are having to bear to disappear.

I spotted this sparrow perched on a bike as I was on the way to the store. Someone had spread some bird seed around and the birds were making the most of it.

Then the piegeons moved in so the sparrow decided to leave.

I actually was really only in town to escape from the daily boredom. My store did have a few special offers for meat so I decided to investigate. I had already received my delivery in the morning so there was not a lot to get. The restaurants were quite fully occupied outside with people enjoying a break. Since the rules for Covid have been relaxed more people are venturing to the great outside.

I will be relaxing at home today with no excursions anywhere.

I will be observing the insects on the flowers and I will probably be observed.

I had already given Roschti, the neighbour’s cat, some feline snacks this morning but he wanted more. He even took a walk around my apartment, but he afterwards just waited outside for more. I was determined not to give him more, but when Mr. Swiss arrived he decided to spoil him further. How can you resist such pleading eyes.

And I will now move on to further exercises. There is food to be cooked and I also have a pile of washing to fold, but it is still quite damp. It usually dries overnight but with the amount of humidity we have at the moment it is still damp and waiting. Have a good day everyone, make the best of it.

It seems the local farmer mowed the wheat field yesterday.

Good Morning

After all the rain and the humidity we were bound to have a misty damp morning and that arrived this morning. Although the sun is now brightening things up, it was quite dull up to now. As it is Tuesday my cleaning lady is here for a few hours bringing my kitchen, shower and bathroom up to scratch. My son is also here now for the next two weeks, but is still sleeping.

To compemsate for the dull morning, we did have an interesting sunset yesterday evening.

On a walk through the garden with my camera I also discovered this guy/dame yesterday evening, probably training for the luxuries of the night. I always seem to meet it in the evening in the same area. I think it quite likes us and is becoming a pet. Luckily I do not have to feed him/her, it just absorbs everything that is in the way.

I met a cousin this morning on the way sliming up the wall to my raised bed. This one had the decency to wear a cover on his way.

Yesterday evening seemed to be quite interesting for some insect portraits. There were some colourful flies lounging on my Tansy. It seems to be a plant with a talent for insects.

I was glad to be able to capture a nice close-up of a bee on the tansy. At last I had a portrait with a few details. He really looks like something from a horror film.

And now I should move on. I am expecting a delivery from my store this morning. I am also thinking about making my weekly trip to town this afternoon as the weather should be rainless today. Tomorrow is more storm and wet, not so good for travelling by scooter. I should also get on with some cooking. Relax everyone, take it easy and take care. We have so many universal threats with climate change and Covid, life is one big risk at the moment. I have even managed a Good Morning greeting this morning.

Good Morning

I awoke again to the sound of rain outside: nothing drastic, just a steady drizzle. Now it has stopped raining and the sun has appeared. I really do not understand our weather at the moment. I was surprised by the news from London, my home town. It seems for the first time I can remember that the town is under water. There are small streams in the streets flowing through the well known land marks and but London busses are not able to move further. Some hospitals are flooded and are having to refuse new patients. There have also been some new problems in Switzerland, but every new shower of rain can be a problem at the moment. We luckily live on a high level and the rain is not a problem in our area.

It is really amazing how quickly the weather can change. Just a little sun and five minutes later everything looks different.

I even saw a bird perched on a tree opposite. This has become quite rare. They are here but I do not see them so much. However, this little sparrow was not hiding. It is a photo from my telephone so a little blurred at the edges.

It is Monday, the beginning of a new week. Son No. 1 now has two weeks holiday. He used to go for two weeks to Italy on a special holiday for handicapped, but this has stopped for last few years due to the pandemic. His days of bathing daily in the sea and excursions to Venice are finished for the time being.

I am also spending my summer months now with the birds and the bees.

Yesterday the crows were flying again. They had a very noisy gathering and decided to take a flight.

I spent the afternoon outside on the porch yesterday with my computer. It was quite warm outside in the sun.

Otherwise I am just watching the apples grow. I have two trees and this year looks like a good harvest, at least 200 apples. I am going to be busy in autumn collecting them all and organising,

And I am now off for the daily routine. I have a bread I want to make and bake and a dinner to cook. As No. 1 son is at home dinner will be a little earlier, meaning my midday sleep will be earlier and I might even take the opportunity of going for a ride in the afternoon. Have a good beginning to the week and may it be a good one.

Good Morning

We are really getting some miserable weather at the moment. After a week of monsoon, we had a week of heat wave and now the rains have returned. Not so much monsoon, but claps of thunder and lightening. It is Sunday morning and really not an inviting day to go anywhere. Yesterday evening I uploaded the battery of my wheelchair. Not that I was planning on going anywhere, but I rarely use it and I should keep the battery charged at once a month. I use the wheelchair more for pleasure trips as it is handy for taking photos with my Nikon camera as I travel, but if the weather does not improve today, I will not be going anywhere.

A negative aspect of this damp humid weather are the flies. They seem to be multiplying in the fly olympics. These two were doing their best on the window frame this morning to ensure that they maintain the race. Needless to say my kitchen floor is littered with their remains. On my last shopping trip I refurbished my supply of fly swatters. Luckily they only sell them in groups of two so now we have enough. I find it the best method, but you have to be quick. I am becoming an expert, and the best place to swat them is when they are sitting on the floor. Luckily Ii have stone tiles in the kitchen, so no problem to remove the deceased flies afterwards.

I had another visitor this morning who was quite demanding in his wishes. I am not sure if he was yawning or getting my attention. Of course I fulfilled his wishes with a portion of cat treats. He then left, only to return a few minutes later sitting at the window entrance with a pleading look on his little feline face. How could I resist, so he got a second portion. A little later Mr. Swiss arrived in the kitchen remarking that he had already fed Roschti and our other feline visitor early in the morning whilst I was still sleeping. How sly the cats can be. I know for sure that the human he owns feeds him enough.

The bees were also quite busy yesterday examining my coreopsis flowers and completing their week-end food shopping. They must have known that we would be having another few days of rain.

Otherwise we had a nice cloud formation yesterday early evening. Today will be a nice relaxing quiet day. It really seems that this Summer is like a summer I have never experienced. Climate change is really here it seems. I will now make my way into this Sunday. I might even have to wear long trousers instead of my shorts, there is a chilly wind blowing. Armed with my fly swatter I will now make my way into the apartment. There are also a few items to be ironed. I wish everyone a good Sunday and may the weather gods look with sympathy upon you. They do not seem to be very happy where I am at the moment when I look at my hosta leaves.

Good Morning

It is raining again. It looked a bit cloudy yesterday, and was warm and getting humid. Up to now the humidity was under control, but now we have it in all its quantities, but no qualities. It began to rain some time during the night and had stopped when I arose this morning, but now it has returned, a constant damp shower.

It did not seem to bother this guy/dame who was making its was across the stones in my garden. It usually makes the way into the deepest part of the flower bed, but this time was sliming in the other direction, probably realising that there would be more of this glorious damp weather to come. As long as the rivers and lakes do not begin to rise again.

I made my way into town again yesterday making the most of the sunny days. It is good to get out and see something different. The tower of our concert hall was showing itself through the trees on the way. I always take the cirular path to get to town. There is more rural scenery and a nice easy path to travel on in my scooter. The town streets tend to be quite bumpy with their quaint cobblestones.

I continued on my way to the store and passed our square where the main local government offices are to be found. They replaced the normal fountain some years ago with this modern design and there were a few kids enjoying the cooling waters. I am sure their parents would not be happy when they return home wet. From here it was a quick move to the stores. Although I had a delivery in the morning there were a few items I had forgot, not very much but a good excuse to go somewhere. Above all I had no plastic bags for my rubbish disposal. We have to use special bags supplied by the auithorities. They are quite expensive, but the extra charge covers the costs of their disposal.

And the musicians have returned to our town. After a year of abscence, due to covid, they were now slowly appearing on the streets. They usually arrive at week-ends. This group were Italian and their music was really very pleasant, a group of brass instruments.

This duet were also quite good. She was singing something South American and he was playing the accompaniment.

And there was a guy playing the violine. He had an orchestral accompaniment playing as a backing so it sounded OK. It seems the town is waking up again and things are normalising a little, although Covid is still hanging around.

I eventually got what I needed and made my way home.

I noticed a few crows hanging around as I entered our estate.

Today I think I will be stranded at home. It is too wet to go anywhere and I have been on my way enough lately. Have a good week-end everyone, take it easy and I hope that the climate changes will not interrupt your routine too much. There has been much to much strange weather occurrences lately. This brave little dandelion managed to find some space to grow.