Good Morning

I eventually got a decent photo of the morning, but the sun has decided to wait a while until it appears, but it will eventually. We have had one sunny day after the other over the past two weeks. It is not warm, but quite good for this time of the year.

Autumn is showing itself from its best colours – my favourite time of the year as a very amateur photographer. My daily routine is not so daily as my cleaning lady is here and busy with her chores. I have been very lucky with Lucia. She is also an expert on the mechanics of my Dyson.Yesterday evening No, 2 son dropped past as he was working in his office in the nearby town of Biel. He now has a pahdemic routine of one week in his apartment and one week at his home in the Eastern part of Switzerland, Kanton Shaffhausen.

I will be off to the local town of Solothurn this afternoon. It is time for my weekly visit to see what the stores are offering. I noticed a few interesting offers for various meat and the town has the only butchers department with fresh meat on offer in the store. Prepacked meat is O.K. but the quantities are ofter to much or the meat is not cut how I like it. We are still under the duty to wear a mask in the stores, otherwise if you are in enclosed spaces such as a restaurant, your must show your Covid certificate to show details of your vaccination and also your identity card. For the first time in more than a year I saw that we had one case of Covid in our little village yesterday. Cases seem to be going up and down constantly and I will be glad when this curse disappears forever.

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday when I saw that my so-called Christmas cactus had produced two buds. It is not a very successful plant, and I am hoping that the buds do not drop before opening.

Otherwise nothing happening at the moment and I am now off to begin to cook lunch. I am also expecting a grocery delivery. Have a good day, keep safe and well.

Good Morning

I have really have a mix up this morning. Trying to reduce my usage of the space allowed on my site, I cancelled the photo of my friendly cows on the main page. I am still working on something new and discovered that I have a lot to learn about fixing it. In the meanwhile you will have to bear with me. To begin the day here is Autumn from my area. All we have at the moment in the morning is mist and nothing clearly to see.

Yesterday I went for a journey in my wheelchair along the river again. I was quite pleased that I even managed to get to town and back and my wheelchair was still on full power. I really neglected it during the summer with trips to town on my scooter, the problem being that my scooter has an attachment for my walker which I ineed when carrying goos from a shopping trip and my wheelchair does not.

Of course I took a few photos on the way. This is our River Aare taken with ny camera as I was crossing the bridge into town.

And this is the patth across the bridge for pedestrians. The bridge is on two levels. The level above is the road, also for pedestrians, but this is much safer with no traffic. I remember when they replaced the old bridge a few years ago. It was done in a year and they constructed it parallel to the old one.

And after wasting so much time on fixing something like a header on my site, I should begin to organise my day. I do not really plan going anywhere. I have a bread to bake and some organising to do with the vacuum cleaner – and of course finding something decent for my web site header. Have a good day everyone and have fun. I will be back I hope, if the WordPress organisation does not stop me.

Good Morning

Luckily the trees have put on their Autumn dress, otherwise it is just a misty Sunday morning. According to the weather report it will be a sunny day. Yesterday I uploaded my wheelchair and plan to go for a wheelie along the river this afternoon. However, I have too many plans for today.

Yesterday I roasted a chicken for the evening meal and on top of the baking sessions for my daily bread, my oven is looking a little worst for wear, so I should indulge in a cleaning session. Then I have some ironing few hobbies to tend to as well as uploading the photos I will be taking on my wheelie this afternoon.

I have been busy tidaying up ny WordPress pages and removing what I no long need. My capacity is now at its limit, but it makes no difference. I can cancel what I want, but the amount of usage (97%) remains the same, Is the only solution really to add to my subscription for $24 monthly for extra deals – this is ridiculous. However I am still working on it. I was also planning on baking a swiss apple tart, but I am not sure I will have the time. I always thought Sunday should be a day of rest in our culture, but it seems to be a day of stress. In only a week we will have to add an hour to our time which I do not mind so much. It means an hour more in bed. I will at last find my stolen hour from Spring.

My feline visitor Röschti has discovered that the Autumn afternoon sun bathing can be quite pleasant on my porch. My cat treats are slowly going to an end and I have only enough remaining for today. My next delivery will be on Tuesday with my other groceries, but I am sure he will survive.

I discovered this strange insect in my apartment, but believe it to be a cricket. Now the Summer days have gone and it was searching for a warmer place probably. I left it to do its own thing and felt quite sorry for it. A day later I discarded its remains as it had gone to the happy cricket hunting grounds.

i also saw a spider on my herb bed outside, another refugee from the last days of the warmer weather. This morning I wanted to take a better photo, but the web is no longer: Another disappearing insect. I never realised so much how they all disappear during the colder seasons.

And now I will disappear to deal with my daily life, but I will be back. Have a good Sunday.

Good Morning

Another glorious sunrise on a cold Autumn morning. I even had photos from my grandchildren that arrived on my mobile phone so that really completed the morning for me. They seems to be growing every time I see them. Mr. Swiss thought it was Sunday when he appeared this morning the first time, but I also have the same problem. I suppose because I have housewife chores in my thoughts to keep me on track, With a shock I realised I had no jam in the fridge so Mr. Swiss volunteered to fetch me a new glass from our store in the cellar. I have to plan the meals and the organisation of the food deliveries so I am more in line with the food. I even do my online ordering sometimes in the early morning hours when I am hugging the bed on my iPad. It helps me to sleep afterwards.

I find that Winter has more choice for vegetables than Summer. Summer is mainly salad, tomatoes and cucumber with mediterranean vegetables such as courgette. In Winter the larger potatoes arrive and we have brussel sprouts, chicory and of course the Autumn pumpkin sorts. I have ordered a butternut squash which I can cook in my air fryer. They are big enough to serve for twice and also stay fresh- This reminds me I should remove my pork chops from the freezer for today’s lunch.

I saw that the moon was hovering above this morning. It is naturally always somewhere, but the sun had enhanced its reflection. Did I see the outline of a child playing with something? Now the moon has long gone from the sky for me and the sun has arrived so it looks like another good day here. Again I will be at home as I do not need to go anywhere.

The neighbour’s cat paid a few visits yesterday. When he realised that his daily ration of feline goodies were finished, he settled in my garden and observed nature from afar, hoping that a few birds might arrive, although I think his hunting days are now over. Why bother when we humans do all the hunting for him.

I am now off to deal with a few chores and I also have my orchids to give their weekly water ration, all seven pots plus two new pots where my new orchid shoots are slowly rooting. I am still working out how to transfer them to the sink in the kitchen for their water as I would need three hands. Must wait for Mr. Swiss to arise from his bed to help – the second time.

Have a good start to the week-end and no stress or rush. I leave you with the Autumn condition of my sedum in the garden. their colour has now intensified to a nice rich red.

Good Morning

Let us have some afternoon clouds this morning. It seems that in the afternoon the sky awakes to produce something interesting. In the morning it is grey and damp and really nothing interesting. I noticed that WordPress limit my photo availability. It seems that after almost ten years of blogging here I have used 97% of my available space and they advise me to update to a WordPress Business Plan for $25 monthly, or am I misunderstanding something here. I will definitely not be paying so much. I have my photos mainly in Google and a little in Flickr. I like to show photos in my blogs. I have now removed all my photos from 2012 and have begun in 2013, but up to now it does not make a lot of difference. I was wondering how do you add photos and is there a better way to do it, saving space. It is for me especially difficult as photography is one of my hobbies.

In the meanwhile I continue and see what happens. This morning my hostas showed me that they are gradually losing their colour and decided to disappear from the garden. That means more Autumn work. No. 1 son will be needed to help to remove the leaves, but I wait until they are really finished and then we can just pull them out of the ground.We are then left with the stalks with the remaining seeds of the flowers to cut down. Eventually I can forget the garden until Spring when the crocus and daffodils appear. I also have various ornaments to transfer to the cellar for their Winter sleep. There is always something to do.

Today I will not be going anywhere and just relaxing at home. And now I am off to the usually daily tasks. I am getting an online delivery of groceries today and will be organised for the week-end.

Have a good Friday and enjoy.

Good Morning

Here we are, some place and almost same time. We had a very windy night, storms up to 110 kph, but we all survived and everything is still in place outside in the garden. There were a few areas where some trees were uprooted, but nothing dramatic. The clouds are now clearing and according to the forecast, it should be over this morning, although the winds are still blowing. As I do not intend going places today, no problem.

Today we can congratulate my Mr. Swiss to his 82nd birthday. He is celebrating it with a second visit to the dentist. He had the first part of the treatment yesterday and today it will be completed. Even the dentist congratulated him yesterday when he noticed that today would be his birthday. Not exactly the best way to celebrate, but afterwards everything we be completed. I cannot even cook anything special to celebrate for him as I have the feeling it will not be so welcome.

I now have all my orchids indoors on the table in the living room where they have plenty of light from the window and they are thanking me by developing further. During the Summer they were out on the porch floweing all the time and productiung leaves and new plants on the stem. Two of them have had babies growing on the stem. I could not organise them outside , but according to some instructions I received from our resident expert (hello Tony) I have been able to organise a pot of material and the new roots are finding their way – I hope.

I spray the new material to tempt the new roots and it seems to be working. The roots are stretching and I even have a few new flower shoots developing. My other orchids have also developed some new shoots and I am looking forward to brightening up the living room with their results. It has been a long training programmne over the past 5-10 years but it is now bringing results.

This orchid is still producing many flowers inside.

Mr. Swiss pointed out to me that I was being watched by a magpie yesterday from a tree in my back garden. It must have been sitting there for some time. I would have put out some food, but the stores still do not have any, although I saw today that it will soon be possible. I am looking forward to have them as company again the morning in my garden. The bird house is ready.

And now to move on to my daily chores. At some time I will be baking a bread and preparing a spaghetti lunch which is one of my No. 1 son’s favourites. Otherwise no stress and a comfortable day at home. May you also have a good day and no unwanted problems, although they arrive out of the blue sometimes, Glad to say my bathroom is now behaving and no more unwanted surprising leaks anywhere. See you around on the flip side and here is a view of my Japanese maple with its Autumn clothes.

Good Morning

And another super sunrise appears with a promise of sun. Yesterday was similar and it even warmed up a little in the afternoon. My adventures continue in the outside world and I was again on a tour, but this time in town. I had not been there for at least a week. My groceries are usually delivered, but now and again I like to take a tour of the stores myself and see what they have to offer. The best store is in another village which I used to visit when I still had my car. However, without a car it is no longer possible, but my grocery deliveries are from this store in a special department and it serves my purpose very well.I had a chance meeting with a colleague I had not seen for at least a year or two in town. She used to work at this store but is now a golden oldie like myself. She also hsd multipe sclerosis like myself, but no two cases are the same. She manages to walk around but with a stick for support. We compared notes on life a it progresses. Whereas I freeze my food for later use, she goes a step further: buys a lot and cooks it and freezes it so that she has to do is thaw it for cooking. Many roads lead to Rome and that is also a good system.I think I did a record freezing session yesterday, although it does not take so long to vacuum pack it Now I am really prepared fo the weeks ahead. I just have to make sure I label what it is with the date, which works well with my indelible pen.

I noticed there were some interesting cloud formations on my way to town yesterday, but it was a lovely sunny afternoon. My first stop in town was for a bar of cigarettes for Mr. Swiss consume for the next week.. At the age of 82 I let him get on with his pleasures, although it does not mean that I approve.

I noticed that Autumn is now taking over fast and furious. You could still see the bench in the museum park, ,although gradually sinking in leaves.

They seem to be laying everywhere at the moment, but also have their attractive side. I dread to think that when December arrives it will all be covered with snow, perhaps even in November. I was checking on holidays this morning and it seems to be OK this year with the Christmas holidays beginning on a Friday through to Monday. The stores will not be closed so long and planning the food will be OK. I will be organising most of it already in November – oh the delights of a freezer. Our next closed day will already be on 1st November for All Saints when most people visit the cemeteries and lay candles on the graves to commemorate. We have a couple of family members in the local cemetery, so might be making a visit. It is the day when the cemetery can get quite crowded.

On my way hone from town I could hear the sounds of cows doing their mooing song and saw that one of the local farmers now has these delightful cows in his field next to the railway tracks where I joirney home. There used to be horses on this field, but I noticed that since a year there were no more horses grazing there and it seems that the cows have now moved it. I found these cows really attractive with their grey colour.

They also seemed to be curious to see what I was doing with a camera and even posed for a couple of photos.

I was now nearing home. When I arrived I had a couple of items for the freezer and as they cannot deliver ready frozen goods on my online orders, as their vans do not have the freezing capacity, although I heard they are working on it.

I settled nicely at home and had a restful evening, although visited my laundry room for a washing session: so is the life of a modern housewife. I wonder how my mum managed without all the machines we have today, just to mention a dishwasher and washing machine.

I now wish everyone a restful day, we already have mid week. I will be spending the day home for a change, I have been touring enough since the week end. I was thinking about making a focaccia bread with the evening meal today. It does not take so long.

Good Morning

Look what I got this morning – a red sunrise, not quite one of the best, but for a few minutes it was there.

When I looked a little later, this was all that was left. I suppose you cannot have everything. Yesterday was another great Autumn day so I saddled my wheelchair and took it for a drive down to the river. I was careful as I had already used it the day before on a longer journey, but it took me along the river bank.

And there was plenty to shoot with the camera. Autumn at its best with the trees and their reflection in the river. I almost had the path to myself, just a few people taking a stroll. Even the clouds played their part in the scenery.

And this must be the most photographed swan on the river at the moment. It was completely alone. It was quite an angry swan as it kept hissing and I did not know that they hissed. I was glad it stayed in the water. From the colour of its feathers it was one of the swans from this year in Spring. There was an elderly couple also taking photos of the swan.

I must have taken at least 20 photos of it. I really enjoyed my wheelie. It has been a long while since I rolled along the river.

This shot was from the side of the river in the part where some trees are growing. They are also feeling the Autumn atmosphere.

I also noticed a bird flying into a tree. I was not sure so took a few photos and I was surprised to see I actually managed to catch it on the camera, although not so perfect. I believe it to be a magpie from the colours, but am not sure.

My plumber called again yesterday morning and replaced the leaking parts below my bathroom sink. It is now perfect and no more suspicious pools of water on the floor. We have now been living here for 25 years and never had to replace anything in the bathroom, except for a couple of sinks where we had cracked them (the insurance paid) so I cannot complain and we have a very good plumber. I think living in a small part of the world, everyone sort of becomes family colleagues.

This afternoon I will take my scooter to town as I have a few items to get. Mr. Swiss cigarettes and I notice a couple of interesting offers in the grocery store in their meat department.

My cleaning lady has come and gone already and I also had a delivery from my online store, so I now comfortable for the week. I hope you all have a good day wherever you are. I leave you with another glimpse of our river in its Autumn clothes.

Good Morning

I was tempted not to take a photo this morning as all I could see was mist everywhere. I waited some minutes hoping for a brilliant sunrise with all the trimmings, but the sun is still hiding behind the clouds, although it is a little brighter. This is what we have at the moment with a promise from the weather men on the radio that the clouds will clear by midday and even temperatures will rise to 18°C, which I will only believe when I witness it myself.

I did manage to break out yesterday afternoon. I was determined to witness something more than my four walls at home. Actually I also wanted to use my wheelchair again. I used it a week ago after fully uploading the battery and it worked OK for my needs, although the battery lights switched to one green one after an hour which was a little suspect. When the battery is freshly uploaded it should stay with the two green lights for a day at least, if not more, I decided on a journey to the nearby farm yesterday which is quite a distance when I do all the detours. My battery was on full power again after uploading it and I was glad to see that it was now behaving normally. I should really use my wheelchair more regularly. It is not suited for trips to the store as I cannot deal with my shopping so well, and prefer my scooter as I can hang my walker on it and transport more supplies.

Apart from the cows, I also had a flock of birds circling overhead. I do not know what they were as they were too far away. The migratory birds have long left for the warmer countries, so this could be some crows having a group flight.

There were also a few grazing horses. I was trying for the horse in the background but the other horse decided to do some photo bombing, showing it was the boss.

The farm owners had at last moved their chicken apartments to a place where I could take some useful photos. They have two of these mobile chicken coops. The chickens can stay inside or take a walk outside according to their mood. As it was a sunny day most of them were outside, doing what chickens do.

The weather had encouraged many people to take a walk around our castle surroundings. It was a perfect afternoon for it. I eventually returned home. Sunday is a stressless day for me: no chores to deal with in the evening as everyone serves themself from the fridge and I was happy on my computer uploading photos and organising my next grocery deliveries for next week.

I have one strange problem at the moment. We have two sinks in our bathroom and one is losing water. The plumber was here last week and discovered that the sink was not waterproof when it was completely full. I never fill it completely, but he said it was probably from splashes. I have now stopped using this sink as we get on fine with just the other sink. However, it is still leaking and I discovered from the join in the u-turn under the sink. I called the plumber this morning and he said it was because of the leaking sink. I told him I have not used the sink for a few days but I have discovered where the water is coming from, although just dripwise. I now have a towel under the leaking part. It is not a lot of water but collects and spills onto the floor if nothing is done. The plumber is coming again to take another look this morning, These things are really annoying, especially if they happen over the week-end.

And I should now be moving on, not knowing if I might just escape for half an hour in this wonderful weather this afternoon. After all no-one is waiting for me.

Have a good beginning to the week and avoid stress if possible. I leave you with a view from my wheelie yesterday towards the Jura mountains including some of the fields on the local farm.

Good Morning

The misty Autumn mornings are now here. During the day quite sunny, altough quite cool, but bearable. It is really the weather that says take a walk, or in my case a wheelie with the scooter or wheelchair. It seems that the outside insects, mainly the bees, have now disappeared to wherever they go when it gets colder.

There was a time when my sedum was full of them. From one day to another they were gone.

The sedum, the favourite for pollination, no longer has fresh flowers and is now just an autumn colour.

However I still have my feline visitors-

Roschti, the neighbour’s cat, still arives for his tit bits regularly.

And Joux-joux often appears, but she wanders further to visit the other neighbours.

Yesterday I saw that this little bug was slowly drowning in the bowl of water I have outside for any creeping visitors or birds I might have in the garden. He was struggling to survive so I carefully removed him and put it on dry land to recover. Aftar a few seconds he seemed to be again mobile and crept off. That was my good deed for the day,

And now to move on for my next chores although it is Sunday so not so much to do. I always make sure that dinner is short and sweet on Sunday: a couple of steaks do the job nicely with some frites from my airfryer and an easy vegetable – today brussel sprouts and some carrots for No, 1 son who doesn’t like sprouts,

Have a good Sunday, take it easy – no stress. How about some cosmea – I stole the photo from the neighbour’s garden, but they do look good in the Autumn mists.