Good Morning


You are never alone with a bird or two. The blackbirds were out this morning, visiting for breakfast and believe me it is a very cold morning. There is an icy wind blowing which does not deter the magpies and crows from joining in the feeding ceremony.

Otherwise last night was a good one. I managed to sleep quite well and only awoke once.  Up to now I had been getting constant pain in my left knee but it has now improved. The therapy lady gave me the advice to put an extra cushion under my left knee and it is now showing results. I was so glad, because sleep deprivation is not such a good thing and you walk around like a zombie during the day. I can also now climb into the bath/shower for my usual morning wash, not standing, but where there is a will there is a way.  I have even now got a little cleaning routine in the morning. Not like it normally should be, but I am making progress,

Of course cleaning is not the peak of happiness, but I am functioning again. Sitting around and doing nothing all day is so boring. There is a time for everything. It is just the normal daily events that I miss.

Yesterday evening I even watched a film that Mr. Swiss had recorded. “Being there” with Peter Sellers as the main actor Mr. Chance. It is a film from 1979 and I watched it many years ago. I found it quite a bizarre film, but my online friend Marilyn reminded me of it in a blog last week and I mentioned it to Mr. Swiss. She said seeing it so many years later does tend to put a different angle on the events, and she was right. I always liked Peter Sellers and he was quite a versatile actor. This was his second last film as at the age of 55 he died unexpectedly of a heart attack. He was well known in Great Britain, as being one of the members of the famous Goon Show, together with Spike Milligan and Harry Secombe, a humour which not everyone understood, although I loved it. I remember my mum hated it and said they were all nutcases. It was british humour and a forerunner of the Monty Python Show.

And now I will move on to see if I am still functioning today. My first work is to get the meat slow cooking (boiled beef and mixed veg). Have a good day or night, wherever you are.


Good Morning

Before I begin I would just mention that since my broken leg incident and following hospital stay, I have not only been having leg problems, but the right two fingers and the right side of my right hand has been giving me problems. It began with a numb feeling and I am having difficulty with feeling things properly.  I can still use it, but not very well and it has a sort of pins and needles feeling. I have spoken to the doctor and therapist and it is uncertain whether it had something to do with my accident or an MS relapse. No big deal, but if you notice some strange mistakes in my writing now and again this is the reason. I can still type on the keyboard, but often my fingers do not do what I want them to and I have to correct. Some of the mistakes might slip through.  I think it is probably MS related, which means there is not very much I can do. Just persevere and hope.

Sparrows 23.02 (3)

Yesterday the birds were quite active again. mainly the sparrows. although the blackbirds and team crow were also here. Now is actually the time to think about putting the brakes on bird feeding, but we have a sudden cold snap here, although in Switzerland it is not anything uncommen. Apparently we can blame the Russian weather situation that has intruded on our usual cold air coming from the arctis making a little bit more. Temperatures of up to -6°C and more have been predicted for the next week and everyone is walking around in their fur lined jackets with hoods, gloves and all the trimmings.

However we are tough in Switzerland so no big deal. I read reports on the BBC news that Great Britain must prepare itself for the  cold weather and it seems they are already called out for emergency situations with various code descriptions. They always did tend to over exaggerate when temperatures got dangerously near to freezing. I remember our old house in London, which had no central heating or central anything. The pipes were all outside the house and the water tended to freeze in them. When water freezes it expands, and we often had burst pipes. Dad would repair them by tying strips of cloth around them, like all our other neighbours: oh the good old days.

I must say a few words of praise to Mr. Swiss. Since  a month I have not been able to go shopping, but only take part in the logistics. He has done it all and quite well. Yesterday he got the week-end shopping thank goodness, so all I have to do is cook the food.

I was also quite pleased to see how the Swiss team in the Winter Olympics are doing so well. Not exactly first in the table but in the top half. Many countries do not have such interest in the snow and ice sports, but in Switzerland it is our way of life in Winter.

And now to move on, I have an excitement packed day today, climbing into the bath and out. Something that used to be so easy and has now become my own sort of Olympic discipline. Have a nice day, take care of your bodies and computers. See you around.

Sparrows 23.02 (4)

Good Morning


I have never had a Poinsettia like this before. I always buy one in the local store before Christmas sporting its crown of red leaves, suspecting that after a couple of weeks the red leaves will drop and many of the other leaves, being left with a plant skeleton when the new year arrives. This time there was a difference. I placed it on a surface in front of a window and was careful not to be too generous with the water. When the earth became dry, very dry, I filledup the over pot, left it to soak and drained the surplus water away.  this happened once a week, sometimes after two weeks and in the middle of  February I still have some remaining red leaves and new shoots are appearing in between. I still have my plant from last year, no more red leaves, but it has become quite a size. After so many years of practicing, I am at last getting some results. I do not expect it to produce a new batch of red leaves for next Christmas, but who knows.

Otherwise my therapy lady arrived yesterday. I know her from my previous series of therapy from my MS problems, but this time it was different, as I have a broken leg. I realised that she got the hang of my various problems straight away. Yesterday was more or less examining the situation, but when she left I already had my first exercises to practice which was standing and sitting only holding onto my chair and not using my walker for support to strengthen the leg muscles and yes, I can do it. Since my accident I had completely lost my trust in my body parts. She will be visiting again next Monday and Friday and it at last feel that I am getting somewhere.

We visited the bathroom together and she gave me some tips of getting into the shower, although I will need someone to help, but I think I can do it.

Nera in Bathroom

The idea is of course to remove the cat (although Nera left us for the etnernal cornfields of mice a few years ago) and sit on the end. Then swing my legs into the bath, where I have a seat, and do the necessary.  I will need help with my left leg as it is not for swinging yet, but I can do it. I had a dry practice. Otherwise I now feel a little more confident. She said for a broken leg to heal 100% it needs a complete year, although by practicing my movements, I should be able to move around sooner. She also found it a super idea that I now have an electric wheelchair and reckons in a couple of weeks, I should be able to make a few short journeys with it.

Today I was hugging my bed longer than usual, but I was quite happy about it. Mr. Swiss is tackling the week-end shopping in the meanwhlile and I will do my slowly but surely stuff at home.

And now to move on to the excitements of the day. Keep safe, see you around.

Back Garden

Good Morning

Daily Medicine

What a morning. It would be so easy stop hugging my bed and wander to the kitchen to make breafast and perhaps see what the world was doing outside, but today is day of the fresh linen on the bed. I did my best but it was not best enough, and my duvet cover somehow lost the corners of the duvet. Mr. Swiss to the rescue and I moved on to other things, like sorting the laundry for the machine. Now it is all ready for the washing this evening. I generally only run the machine in the evening from 9.00 as electricity is then half price in our area.  I notice that in our house you rarely hear a washing machine during the day. We all have our own private laundry rooms in the cellar, but they are only used in the evening mainly, due to the half rate in electricity.

When I eventually reached the kitchen, my next job was sorting my medicine before thinking about breakfast. I think I will now begin to rattle I tried to reduce my pain killers, but it does not work yet, although I now only take one sort instead of two. I am still on blood thinning tablets until the end of the month to avoid an embolism. This coupled with my diabetes tables, should ensure that I will survive the day and can still indulge in chocolate now and again.


Speaking of chocolate, we have discovered a new sort in our local supermarket. It is a lookalike of a Lindt chocolate known as Chocoletti, but our Migros supermarket calls them Quadretti. They are packed in little cubes and flavoured with blood orange. We prefer the dark chocolate, although you can also have them in milk chcolate. They are very good, and eaten best of all straight from the fridge.

And that would be my highlight of the day. Yesterday I even managed to clean again. I am not quite ready to do the general walkabout with the mop and pan, but I wanted to see what I could achieve. Mr. Swiss was not so happy about that, imagining all sorts of accident scenes, but I survived. I am really fed up with just sitting around and looking out  of the window. It is a sad state of affairs when my only news is the latest chocolate and my medicine.

And now  to move on, who knows what excitement lays in wait. Have a good day.

Good Morning


Breakfast is ready for me and the crows. The crows are still thinking about it, but one or two have already appeared and I can hear them cawing in the background. The weather is still quite dull and there is nothing special to report. I already have my first telephone call of the day behind me to confirm my first therapy tomorrow afternoon. She wanted to alter it to the morning, but it would be too early for me. I need twice the time to get into action at the moment, so it remains a late afternoon session.

Mr. Swiss will be doing the daily shopping and how I wish I could go with him, get out a little and see something different than my four walls at home. The cleaning lady came and went yesterday. I have to get used to these things. She did a good job, but it is not what I am used to. I have had to deal with a lot of stuff that I am not used to since my accident and it is very frustrating.

I so miss my nicely organised daily rhythm. Breakfast at the computer composing my good morning writing and a few photos of the surroundings. Afterwards a half hour clean and brush up of the appartment. Now I do not even manage to get outside on the porch. I suppose I could, but the first steps in the morning are the most risky ones. The biggest success I have had up to now is to be able to dress myself in the morning on my own and that is not an easy task. We talk about when I can move around again. Of course I can move, but something like the tortoise, although he managed to get there eventually. I so wish I could walk without support from my walker, which I am beginning to hate.

It’s a short good morning this morning and now I will drag myself onwards to the bathroom.

Enjoy your day, and remember, every step more that you take is a triumph and an obstacle overcome, at least it seems like it to me.

Good Morning


I am later this morning as the cleaning lady arrived and is now busy with the work. I had to show her where everything was, and now she is getting on with it. At last I had an almost pain free night from my broken leg, what a relief. I slept normally and now feel more refreshed since a long time.

I was a little disturbed this morning by a strange remark on my yesterday blog that the content was not my usual clean blog content. I do not know if anyone else noticed some strange remarks or perhaps photos, but please let me know. Personally I could see nothing suspicious. You know me for many years, and that is really not my style. Now and again I might make a few negative remarks about certain politicians, who will not be named, but we all have our preferences.

In the meanwhile I am sitting comfortably and heard noise outside. The lumberjack has arrived.


He is removing a few trees opposite my window so I have a perfect view of the work. He even waved to me when he saw I was taking a few photos. I do not know why the trees are being removed, perhaps they were now considered unsafe after our various storms.


After the removal of the trees, my next door neighbour salvaged a few twigs and branches. I think she is constructing her annual easter tree that she has in the front garden and the tree remains would be quite useful for the purpose

Cutting Trees

He progressed to the roof of the bicycle shed and continued to chop. Afterwards his female assistant arrived and it seemed it was her work to shred the wood into smaller pieces.


And that would be the excitement for today. At last new photos for my camera.

Mr. Swiss has now gone shopping and my cleaning lady continues with her work. Have a good day everyone, see you some time later.


Good Morning

Blackkbird 16.02 (3)

Good Morning says Mr. Blackbird, munching his way through the seeds that dropped to ground level from the birdhouse above. The birds never give up and arrive regularly for their share of food. Soon March will arrive and the time to stop feeding them and let them do their own thing. It was a wet day yesterday and only rained once, but all day. Of course I did not go anywhere or do anything in particular. but watched it all from the window.

I usually visit my computer after my after lunch sleep, but yesterday had no go. Eventally I gave myself a push, and got into the swing of things. I even managed to cook a chicken for the evening meal, although had to rely on Mr. Swiss for the lifting of the chicken into and out of the oven. I am being spoilt at the moment. Due to a broken leg, I cannot do everything and after meals I just walk away leaving the removal of the dishes to my staff of Mr. Swiss and No.1 son. Something I have never done in my life. I suppose I should make the most of it, but will be glad when I get back to my old routine.

This morning I decided to hug my bed longer. It’s slow cooking this morning, and when I get the meat going I can forget it until lunch time.

Great Tits in Birdhouse 16.02 (2)

The only bit of excitement in my life at the moment is watching the birds outside. Remembering my days back in London, we also had birds, but really only sparrows or pigeons. The neighbour had racing pigeons in his back yard and he would let them go for a flight now and again. He just had to shake his bag of bird seed and they would return to their pigeon loft.

Whisky on the window sill

We lived in a house dating from 1884, and was a so-called slum as it got older. There was no running hot water or bathroom and the toilet was in the garden. There were two floors and grandad lived on the ground floor, where mum grew up with her sisters and brother. When dad came home from the war and got married we moved into the top floor and that was where I stayed for the first 20 years of my life. We had a cat, Whisky, and his favourite place was sitting on the window ledge of our kitchen and watching the bird life on the roof opposite. It looks quite precarious, and it was. One day he got excited at the prospect of a nice juicy pigeon for lunch, made a grab for it and fell to the ground below. However, cats have nine lives, and he spent one of them on that day. Mum and I both peeped timidly to the ground and saw Whisky walk away as if nothing had happened.

And now to move on, slowly but surely. Make the most of your Sunday and for the golden oldies, yes, it is Sunday, in case you have not noticed. I have to remind myself every day wat the name of the day is.