Good Morning


Actually it is not really good morning, but good evening as I am again playing with time. I decided I would not have time tomorrow morning to write anything worth reading, as I already have to leave with Mr. Swiss to his eye doctor at 9.30 a.m. to be sure to arrive by 10.00 a.m. Switzerland seem to have a love of early morning appointments at the crack of dawn, interrupting with my computer time table.

It is already quite dark outside and I have already pulled down the blinds in the apartment. I am now having a quiet few minutes in the living room with my computer with the TV running in the background. Mr. Swiss has already retired for an hour or so. Golden Oldies tend to sleep at various times during the day, and it is our good right to do so. We have lived our life following the rules and regulations of a working day, and there comes a point when we do what we want to do, doctor visits allowing for the variations. We now take care of each other, although my mobility is just  a little better than that of Mr. Swiss perhaps.


My evening photos of the garden are a little different to those from the earlier morning, when everything is bathed in the oncoming twilight. The light is burning on our porch which makes a little highlight.

It seems that there will be a an update for my Mac computer which I have not yet received. I have heard many negative remarks that the computer no longer works as it should afterwards, so if I disappear you know why. Although I do have the best of both worlds, as I also have a fully functioning “normal” windows machine. I had another update on my iPad and iPhone this afternoon.

I did my usual shopping expedition this afternoon in the store to tie me over until Friday with food supplies. That’s another thing with those appointments in the middle of the morning, I have to plan the meals around them. When I only arrive back at home around 11.00 a.m. I have to make sure I can serve a meal just after midday, so am hoping to have everything under control.


Our local supermarket is playing tricks with me at the moment. I just cannot resist a good flower selection. I have covered myself with the azalea choices and now the had this woderful display of kalanchoe for a very reasonable price. Mine is now slowly reducing the flower prodution, but I remained firm. I did not buy one, although who knows what will happen on Friday.

And now I say good night to all and sleep well, although when you read this it is actually morning (at least in my part of the world) so have a good day. And now to programme this work of literature.


Good Morning


Looks like it will be a sunny day today. At least we have a cheeful sunrise, even with a glimpse of the alps in the background.

It looks like another morning of stress today. Thursday is usually my day for changing the bed linen, but as Mr. Swiss has to be at the eye doctor tomorrow at 10.00 a.m. I am doing the necessary today, meaning I will be busy, but all going well, I will only need an hour at least, I hope. I have alreay finalised my duvet and cushion with new covers.


I seem to have developed a liking for azalea. The local store have such a wonderful selection at the moment and for a reasonable price. They have already reduced it twice, and now I have a selection of all colours. I added the white one this week. At the bottom is my kalanchoe which is still flowering. I had to find room for them. My feline no longer uses his cat ladder to get to the top of the cupboard: she is getting older and prefers to stay in safe places, so I have transformed it into a plant holder.


My pink orchid was also in the death throes and had only two wilting flowers left, so I replaced it with a new one (the deep pink one next to the white one). I still have my pink orchid and have also transferred that to my new plant holder on the top shelf. I will leave it in peace now and look if it might return to make flowers again. Orchids are another reasonable plant. I have had these for three months and they are still alive.

So what are we going to do today. After completing the bed overture, I will continue with the usual clean up and prepare something to eat – it will be spaghetti today. That is usually my Thursday thing, but due to my excursion with Mr. Swiss I will have to make something a little quicker tomorrow. This afternoon will be a shopping journey for food. I was also on my way yesterday afternoon as an exception, as we had a few necessities to buy (including toilet paper) and to be quite honest, I was glad to go places and see things, even if it was an exception and only the supermarket.


And look what I found in the garden. Another hollyhock is flowering, actually there are two new flowers. One of the wonders of nature, and so late in Autumn.

I noticed in my store yesterday that the electronics department is getting a face lift an it will be taken over by another company, although a partner company of the existing store. They also have a special offer of an external disc for my computer, with a 2 terabyte capacity. I already have one but the contact to the computer is a bit shaky and so I decided to treat myself to a new one. I spent some time yesterday transferring my thousands of photo archives onto the new hard disc, but after an hour I was finished. Mr. Swiss said he would also like one for his jazz music collection, so I will get him one today when I am at the store. It seems we are cyber golden oldies with our various computer hobbies.

And now I am off, so enjoy your day on the cyber circuit and otherwise. Perhaps we will meet again somewhere in the cyber world today.


Good Morning


Let’s see what we have this morning. At 8.00 I had a sky like this and thank goodness I took my photo as now we just have a colourless sky, a little grey, a little brightness for a few highlights but the clouds are staying away. My cleaning lady is now here and busy with the bathroom and shower and I have polished up my windows. They were not really dirty as we have not had so much rain lately, just a few light showers.


Dinner is already cooking, some chopped beef with veg so everything is under control, although not quite.

Our heating decided to stop heating again yesterday and now the guy has arrived to fix it. It is floor heating, fired by gas, and yesterday it said “not firing”. We also had to organise someone for our letter box as it is completely blocked and the key no longer works. We now have a label on the box telling the postman to put it all in the lower section of the box which is not locked. We call it a “Milchkasten” in German (basically a Swiss thing) and was originally used for storing the milk when the milkman brought the milk, although he no longer brings it as we buy it in the store. The locksmith will be coming on Thursday afternoon to fix it.

Mr. Swiss had his last visit to the dentist until December for a check yesterday afternoon and I was again the chauffeuse. This time I did not have a free parking place so just sat in the car after letting him out with my eye on the back window to see if a place became free. Eventually I had a free place and parked the car and hobbled over to the dentist. Mr. Swiss was ready and so we hobbled off together to the car again – what a life.


The cleaning lady has finished her work and the morning chores have been completed. I am off to the store this afternoon as an exception, so I will be taking the route to the next village. There are a few things I should buy. No. 1 son informed me that toilet paper is at a minimum, only 2 spare rolls left, and it seems that the jam jar is also almost empty, so I will have to replenish it. Just a few bit and pieces are necessary so I can load my walker into the car. I will not need the supermarket trolley.

I am not sure if I will have time for a good morning tomorrow as I have to bring Mr. Swiss to the eye doctor for an eye test to get the perscription for new glasses. For a golden oldie it seems I have enough to keep me busy. Perhaps I might right a good morning this evening and programme it for tomorrow morning.

I am now off to complete dinner. Have a good, safe day everyone.


Good Morning


What a surprise this is. I was debating this morning whether to take a few photos of our cloudy misty sky, where it is too early to see anything interesting. As I was putting out some seeds and bread for the starving birds which are now looking a little overweight, a flash of yellow caught my eye. I was even more pleased and surprised because I have two pots of canna. One was flowering throughout the summer and the other seemed to have given up. Now this flower appeared in the pot that had no flowers during the Summer, how amazing. Actually the original colour was orange, but they seem to do what they want to as far as colours are concerned. Now in the middle of October, when it is supposed to be Autumn, I have a flower on this canna. It is really amazing.


Otherwise I at last ventured into town again. This was Saturday afternoon and there were the usual leisurely visitors having a look around. It is no longer a centre for shopping and bargain discoveries, as our shops are slowly dying. Families that had their long established shops are now in the next generation, and the next generation have no interest in continuing the business. No-one really goes shopping today, they buy it all online on the computer. I know I am also guilty.


It was wonderful weather, and our restaurant mile on the bank of the River Aare was packed full of visitors having a drink in the sun.I took a wheelie along the street and had to weave amongst the people.


One sure sign of Autumn was this patch of mushrooms I saw growing along the river bank as I wheeled my way home. They looked so fresh and new.


The pigeons were also out in the sun enjoying their last chance of having it all to themselves, before the gulls arrive and the battle for food begins. I just love my pigeons The are such wonderful colourful birds and really seem to enjoy posing for a photo. There was a small flock of them around. What really annoys me as the kids that have fun in chasing them away. The birds all fly off and I am left with a camera with no subjects to shoot.


There were also a few swans on the river, but alone or in pairs. The nesting and growing season is now over and they are all preparing for the Winter. They seem to have gathered enough fat on their bodies throughout the Summer for survival.


This pair of ducks were also on their way. I just love this time of the year, the weather being perfect at the moment, no rain and plenty of sunshine.

And now I must be moving on. As an exception I have a morning shopping safari and should get going. I have to take Mr. Swiss to the dentist this afternoon and will not have time to include shopping as well.

So have a good day, even if  it is Monday, it can still have its good side. I will be back later. In the meanwhile I leave you with some Japanese anemones  I saw growing on our estate. Even Autumn has its colourful side.


Good Morning


Looks like it will be a good day today. Yesterday afternoon I ventured a wheelie in my chair and it was really pleasant. The sun was shining and not to cold. You can even see the alps in the distance on the photo. I was only using my phone camera.


Otherwise as the first job of the day, I was finishing the baking process of my half baked platt bread that I buy in the store. I have made them myself from the beginning, and this bread sort is a bit of a Sunday tradition, but I do not have the time to get up at the crack of dawn to make a yeast pastry, so I buy the half baked version in the store, which are quite good. I am still learning the baking process of my new oven but am slowly coming to grips with it. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss has arisen and warmed up his coffee in the microwave. He has discovered the advantages of modern kitchen technology.


My morning visitors outside are now getting sociable it seems. Where food is concerned, the sparrows peck away regardless of the big brother crow in the background who seems to be doing his own thing. I still have quite a lot of bird seed left from last year and yesterday I had a sort out disposing of the fat food from last year.  It is all in a box in the garden cupboard. Mr. Swiss still finds it too early for the bird house but the birds do not seem to care, there time is measured by the sun and their digestion, and where there is food it is eaten.


And the sparrows even venture nearer to the window where my cat has her water bowl, to have a drink. These are photos from yesterday morning, but when I look out of the window  they are all back again for today’s breakfast


including the magpies.


Even the crow seems to be fraternising with the magpie, but food speaks all languages. The crow had already taken his pick of the morning so had nothing to lose.

I was in town yesterday afternoon. It has been a week since I was there, although not very much has changed. We still have the outside restaurants along the side of the river and they were packed with visitors enjoying the wonderful sunny Autumn day.

Otherwise I spent yesterday evening uploading some photos with the TV in the background. It seems that the BBC programme find that quiz programmes are entertaining in the evening. They now have a new one “The Wall” where lights chase themselves up and down a wall and the contestant can either win thousands of english pounds or lose it all, the usual drama. The guy in charge is talking to “The Wall” as if it was human. “Come on Wall show us what you have” etc. so ridiculous.  I think I am watching too much of that rubbish. I had already suffered an hour of “Come Dancing” where the TV personalities dance with professional dancers and get judged on their performance. It is all such a false life on the TV.

And now to move on with a little bit of this and that in the apartment. Have a good Sunday everyone.


Good Morning


Actually I shot two photos of the morning sky this morning. I cannot really call it sun rise, as although I might be a early bird, it is already almost 8.00 a.m. when I am ready with the camera. At first we still had the remains of the mist.


And then the sun decided to appear and shed its illuminations on the few clouds that had appeared in the meanwhile. I also saw two jet planes rising in the distance from Zürich airport, although they were two small to capture with my mobile telephone camera. It would have been a good shot if I had my DSLR camera, as the sun was reflecting on their ascent. I wonder where people fly to so early in the morning, probably southwards where the weather if still warm enough to wear sandals and short sleeves all day outside.

I am still dressed in my t-shirt and trousers with a light jacket if I go places and having a fight with my feet whether to wear socks or not. Actually I find it warm enough without, but people can be so annoying when they compare my dress code with their own. I have a problem when putting a sock on my left foot. I cannot lift the foot and have to bend down and hope to capture it for pulling on the sock. It might sound silly, but when this had never been a topic for discussion your whole life, it can be quite annoying as a golden oldie with various body problems.


I have one tree opposite my garden showing signs of Autumn. Yesterday it was captured by the sun’s rays and showed that it really is turning red. I think it is a Shadbush in english, we call them “Felsenbirne” meaning  translated literally “cliff pear” although this one is growing on the grassy area.


The magpies (and crows) are still arriving in the morning after I spread some food. I really wanted to put out the bird house but Mr. Swiss finds it is still too early, so I make do with seed supplies on the stone step separating my garden from the meadow opposite. I have a comfortable position at my breakfast-computer kitchen table in the morning when the birds arrive for food supplies and can watch them enjoying the daily food supplies.

Otherwise the afternoon was filled with a shopping tour for the weekend food supplies. I managed to get everything on the list, but always have a feeling afterwards that something has been forgotten. I was thinking about entrecôte steak for lunch on Sunday, but Erika (the saleslady) pointed out that filet steak was a special offer and it was really a good bargain, so why not celebrate birthdays and Christmas during the year on a Sunday, you only live once.  Mr. Swiss, as a butchers son, was not disappointed.

I am glad at last to have a more or less normal day, although next week the special appointments have already begun. On Monday I will do the shopping tour in the morning as in the middle of the afternoon I will be taking Mr. Swiss for his last dental appointment. I have to pick up some documents from the tax office on Tuesday afternoon for our records and only know roughly where it is. However Mr. Swiss will come with me to show me. Afterwards in future I can do it myself. Thursday morning Mr. Swiss will be fitted for his new glasses. It is now a month since his cataract operations and his sight is now quite good, reading the newspaper and books.

Yesterday evening was the finals of the Master Chef cooking programme on the British TV. I love watching the contestants with their cooking skills. A lot of the dishes I do myself, but am not so expert with the presentation. It is strange but for years I contented myself with watching TV now and again, and almost always the German or Swiss programmes. Since Mr. Swiss not longer stays up so late in the evening, I am left with a free range of TV programmes and mainly stay with the BBC, although I noticed he is also becoming a BBC fan. We both always watch the East Enders sitcom since many years.


My local store still has a special offer with their azaleas. I have already bought two and am very tempted, for CHF 6.50, to buy another one. A white one would be very nice in my selection.  And now I have talked enough this morning (online) and will depart to do far far better things. Look after yourselves, enjoy the week-end, see you around later.

Good Morning


Today is a a misty morning, although the sun is appearing gradually.

At last I seem to be getting through my chores for this week and yesterday I got my tyres changed at the garage. It just takes an hour and they have a comfortable table and chairs to relax in until they are finished. I even get a coffee or mineral water offered, although I took my Kindle with me so that I have something to read in the meanwhile.


I know the people at the garage, as I have been going there for few years, but I noticed that the guy that is my usual contact was no longer there, for the Spring tyre change and yesterday. I asked the other guy where he was. He told me that he is now retired. I was astonished that other people also retire. He looked so young for retirement, but probably because I am also now retired, I just do not realise it.

Anyhow I am glad to now put it behind me. The next appointment is for a dental check for Mr. Swiss next Monday and an eye appointment for Mr. Swiss (hopefully the last one) next Thursday where he can get his eyes tested for new glasses. In between I should visit the tax office to pick up some documents. It would be easier for the tax lady to send them by post, but our tax office does not do things like that and  I don’t even know where the tax office is exactly. I only have time next Tuesday afternoon, so Mr. Swiss and I will go there together and then I know where this elusive tax office is. Oh life can be so complicated sometimes. I seem to have a programme comparable to when I had a full time job.


I have begun to feed the birds with bread remainders in the morning, not too much and also a handful of food until I get the bird house organised. These two magpies visit every morning, although after Mr. Crow has had his pick of the grass table.


The crow is always the first to arrive. They are really quite big and he waddles when he walks.


And this was the surprise visitor yesterday morning. I was taking random photos and noticed that this bird looked a bit different to the others. At first I though it was a duck that had strayed into the garden, but after seeing the photo I think it might be a woodpecker of some sort. The photo is not so clear as I was not prepared to take this photo, but if anyone recognises it, let me know.

And now I should make a move to the rest of the day. I was intending to organise my birdhouse today with help from No. 1 son and also remove all my various garden ornaments to put them in the hobby room until next spring.

Have a good day, for those that are not retired, the week-end is almost here, although even we golden oldies make the most of a week-end.