Good Morning

After a dull afternoon yesterday and a little rain during the night, this morning looks like it is brightening up a little. Even the sun makes an appearance now and again, so let us hope for the best. I would really like to thank everyone for their good wishes yesterday, I was really feeling a little down after a somewhat rough night and uncertain feeling in the morning. It really helps to have such good friends, even if we have never seen each other or spoken in real life, but your messages of kindness are really a great help. You do not feel so alone in the world. Mr. Swiss helps where he can, but his possibilities are now also limited and I do not want to overwhelm him with too many problems.

And now back to the realities of life, although I am not going anywhere today. My week-end groceries will be delivered this morning and this afternoon I will be keeping myself busy making a pizza pastry for a home made pizza (never been done before by me). It will only be one round pizza for me and Mr. Swiss. Son No, 1 has his own. He prefers it with tuna fish.

I had a little visitor (actually quite large for his species) climbing up the wall in the bedroom. It is next to the open window to the garden so we often get such visitors. I did a quick check and discovered his only danger was the intrusion in my private space, but not a lethal problem, so I let him go his way. He has now disappeared so I suppose he found his way into the great wide world again. It is now the season that nature is awakening. You do not only get the nice spring flowers but also their friends and helpers.

I at last finished my 900 page book yesterday.It was “The Evening and the Morning”, the fourth in the Ken Follett Kingsbridge Series. I have read all four books. They tell of the growth of a city in England from its beginnings as a collection of a few houses on the banks of a river to a town having its own cathedral. Of course stories of people are intertwined with the developments, The common people, the town elders and the monks and religious individuals that do not always take religion so seriously. There are villains and good people. There are invaders such as the ruthless Vikings that take what they want and leave death and destruction behind them. Ken Follet wrote the fourth book about the beginnings (the year 998 until 1003 approximately) and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had neglected my reading for a while, but have now reduced my blogging a little to spend more time relaxing with a good book. I like to blog and my Good Morning greeting remains; perhaps with one or two other contributions, but I am getting older and need more restful time. Reading is good, it keeps the brain active and a good book is always something wonderful.

I still have my camera resting next to me to capture any bird life outside in the garden, but at the moment it is mainly my friend the robin that pays his regular visits, This photo was yesterday, but he has already arrived this morning for a few seedy treats.

I also saw these two on the bird house. I think thaey are finches, but am not sure. I had never seen one with red feathers on the head before- I suppose they are all now sprucing up for the mating season. the men like to look their best for the ladies.

I am really dreading my second injection for covid, I am hearing all sorts of horror stories of the after effects and already having MS it is not exactly a great help. However, I have time to organise my journey to the injection station. It is along the road, but I will not be sure if I can drive home afterwards with my scooter. I have enough time until the end of the month when it is due. Mr. Swiss goes a couple of days before me, so I can see how it will work on him.

And now time to move on. I have some ironing to do from yesterdays linen change on the beds, just the duvet and cushion covers. Mr. Swiss was quite astonished that I managed to do it yesterday, but to be quite honest so was I. Keep safe everyone and the newest idea is to let the fresh air in due to Covid. That is no problem for me as I always have a window open somewhere, although Mr. Swiss is not so happy about it. He finds it draughty when I find it fresh air. Anyhow our little village is still Covid free with its 930 population since half a year and before we only had one or two isolated cases.

Good Morning

A bit of a dull morning, but even the sun likes to hug the clouds now and again. I am sure he will arrive some time later. Yesterday was another bright day and on my afternoon journey with my scooter I was even wearing a lighter jacket. The mornings are still quite cold but it warms up eventually.

Yesterday I was off to the store in town. Now that the weather is more pleasant I can get a few items in the stores. I still use my online deliveries for basics and the heavy stuff, such as mineral water but ordering meat online is not always so perfect. Now and again they do not have what I want and the quantities are not so ideal. I had to go to town for Mr. Swiss and his cigarettes, so called in at the store and stocked up with some pork chops and steak which I could freeze for when needed. There was also a special offer on a few frozen items. I am now well covered for my needs. During the Summer months I now have the best of both worlds, online and virtual shopping and I no longer have to go anywhere when the weather changes to rain as I can still order online for the goods to be brought home. It was certainly a wonderful change to get out and about and mingle with the others, although naturally at a safe distance. I had really lead a life of semi isolation during the Winter. That also had its advantages, not stressing around and spending more time catching up at home with various chores. I think I have now perfected my bread making, everyone at home is now spoilt with daily homemade bread, except for Tuesday and week-ends. . I have my cleaniong lady on Tuesday and I do not have so much time to make and bake bread and at the week-end I do not need so much bread.

My next project is a pizza for me and Mr. Swiss on Friday. I often make my own, usually with bought ready pastry, but during the week I buy the ready made just for the two of us and No. 2 son. I have now found an ideal recipe for pizza dough and have organised the contents. All the dough needs is pizza flour, yeast, and some olive oil. I will just follow the recipe. Just a plain one with tomato, mozarella cheese, some ham and artichoke hearts and a sprinkling of mushrooms on top.

I wheeled through town and it was again alive with more people. The lock down is gradually being relaxed and stores are opening, although the restaurants are not yet fully open: just to pick up a take away, but everything going well that will change soon. I just hope that our covid statistics continue to sink.

There are still restrictions as to how many people are allowed in the store. I noticed that C& A had a 50% sale. The Winter clothing is no longer needed so they are probably reducing their stocks. It seemed to be quite an attraction amongst the public and they were queing outside waiting to be allowed in. It is probably the novelty of again shopping, although it does not interest me. I do not have to wear the latest fashion and it seems to me that it has lost a little of its importance. We are just glad to be fit and well and able to move freely outside again.

Even the pigeons were making the most of the sunny day. I had a sneaking suspicion they were on the search for a partner to spend the Summer with.

I noticed that our stork visitor had again made itself at home on the chimney of our concert hall. The pair are now regular visitors annually, although it seems the town authorities are not so happy about the tons of material that are deposited on the chimney for the nest as it has to be cleared away again in Winter.

I eventually made my way home, passing the entrance to the riding hall where I had my jab this week. The helpers were waiting outside for new customers and as I wheeled past they all gave me a wave and a cheery greeting. I really must have made a good impression.

And now to move on with my daily routine. The bread pastry is rising and I have a few bits and pieces to organise. I wish you all a good day, make the most of it.

Good Morning

And a wonderful morning it is. I was up early enough to cath the sunrise from our front garden. In the meanwhile I have done all the bits and pieces, had some breakfast and welcomed my cleaning lady.

The big news is that I have had the first jab against the dreaded Covid. It happened yesterday afternoon. I now feel complete and no longer stood up and waiting. It was very well organised and I really felt like someone special. It took place in our local concert hall where I remember watching a few jazz concerts, rocks concerts and even an opera recital. It had now been converted with various small tented cubilcles for the victims. My welcome was perfect. I arrived on my scooter and was immediately helped with a perfect parking place in front of the entrance door. I had my walker with me hanging on the back of the scooter, so could move under my own steam. After having my temperature checked quickly, I had to give my medical card for a check, although that was routine. The whole show was free of charge. I then moved on to a table with a doctor and his helper that asked me a few questions about allergies and my medical condition. And then it was on to the jab. A trainee doctor, or doctor was jabbing everyone. I was in a separate cubicle and it was a very friendly atmosphere. Afterwards I was show to a place with seating where I had to wait 15 minutes before I was realeased.

We were mostly golden oldies, although a few younger people were also there. There were not so many people and it was quite pleasant.

I even had time to take a photo of the roof construction in the hall which I found quite interesting.

The whole thing was organised with help from the community service, nice young men with armbands being generally helpful everywhere.

After waiting my 14 minutes I had to register my departure at the desk where these two young men were sitting. I was given all the necessary documents to take with me as they would be necessary for my second jab which will take place in four weeks in the same place. I felt no ill effects afterwards. I was now on the other side of the hall where the exit was, but one of the nice young men came with me back to the entrance where I my scooter was parked. My next appointment was planned for 10.00 am which is a little early for me. However I had a phone number and called this morning where a very nice person changed the appointment to the afternoon.

I am now really glad that I am one of the club of jabbed citizens. I was a little annoyed reading about everyone was getting their vaccinations and having to read the bad effects I could have. I was also being constantly asked if I had already had my vaccine. I was probably one of the lucky ones that felt OK afterwards. Apparently after the second jab you can get a Covid arm, but as I am used to injecting myself with MS medicine every second day, that should be no problem for me. I am glad we got the Pfizer Vaccine and that it will be done with in four weeks. So that was my vaccine advenure yesterday. Apparently the protection is actual in about a week.

In the meanwhile life continued as normal at home and Mr. Swiss was surprised to see how quickly I was back at home again and fit and well. So that was my adventure for a Kovid Jab.

Hope you are all keeping well and the Spring weather is also upon you.

Good Morning

It was a misty morning, but gradually the clouds are lifting and even the sun has now appeared. At last I arrived, but have one of those complicated mornings behind me. First of all I got up punctually to prepare a bread. That is not so problematic as the machine does most of it, I just have to feed it with flour and yeast and a little salt for the dough. It is now since an hour slowly rising in a nice warm place. I can forget it for another hour whilst I tend to the rest. I always have my camera next to me in case anything astonishing might happen and it did.

My robin appeared outside. This photo is from yesterday afternoon. Today’s photo is still in the camera. However, my camera was not doing what it should and I was getting blurred photos all the time. An expert photographer would have known why, but my expertise is not as good as it should be. It was clear to me that something small had been shifted on the camera, but I had to search until I found it. After a time I did, but it was most annoying. It was really just a small switch to change the focus operation and now I am happy again. As if to conpensate my robin returned and so I could catch up on what I missed this morning.

Otherwise I managed to do the normal roiutine, making No. 1 son’s bed and generally organising the daily bird food and making my breakfast, so I am now back in the old routine, although perhaps a few minutes later, but who cares. We golden oldies have all day. I got yet another message on my phone yesterday from the local vaccination centre reminding me of my appointment this afternoon for the jab. The really want to be sure.

I even went for a short trip on my scooter yesterday afternoon to check that battery power was OK. This is a view of the main road towards the railway station at the bottom of the road. You can also see the train lines in the middle of the road. It was good that I went for the trial run, as I am not using my transport methods so much at the moment. I have now uploaded my scooter through the night and it is now on full power.

And now I should see about getting myself on full power. I have wasted enough tine this morning with bread and the camera. It is time for the daily shower and cleaning ritual. I will be hovering around today, but not so much on the conputer. I also have a real life to lead. Take care everyone and may it be a good start to the week.

Good Morning

Not such an impressive morning, so I suppose we cannot have a brilliant sunrise every day. It was similar yesterday, but during the day the sun appeared again and we had a very pleasant afternoon, so I made myself comfortable outside on the porch with my book, although only an hour. I decided to prepare my super self made meatloaf for tomorrow’s lunch to give less stress for Sunday morning. I also had a pizza to prepare.

At the moment I am reading “The Evening and the Morning” by Ken Follett. It tells of life in England during the year 1,000 so it really goes back in time when people were settled in small hamlets, usually around rivers. King Ethelred was on the throne. At that time it seems all the people had such strange names beginning with an “E”, and there were even slaves employed. Now and again the Vikings would invade, leaving death and destruction behind them after taking all that was worth taking. I started the book some time ago, but did not get so far as I was busy with other chores. However, I have now reduced my blogging somewhat and have more time to enjoy a good book. I have read most of Ken Follett’s historical novels and enjoy them very much.

I had a pleasant surprise as I was finishing. Someone rang the doorbell and it was not the postman, he only rings twice.. I was not really expecting anyone, we rarely get visitors, but my computer superguy was standing at the door with my newly repaired Mac computer. It was not really broke, but after eight years the internal battery was getting flat. Apple have internal batteries, so it needed an expert to replace it. He was passing by on his way home from his office and decided to drop it off, knowing that I am usually at home. We switched it on and it was alive. Strange how you can forget your normal routine on a computer after not having it for some time. I attached my mouse and after remembering my password (which was almost a miracle) I was back on line. The computer looks quite new, the screen being again spotless and clean. I do clean my screens, but it never looked as good as it did yesterday. My computer guy stayed to make sure I had everything under control again. We were very lucky to find him and he has often helped us out of difficulties. He was recommended by a neighbour we once had. It is almost like a new computer now. It was the best and most modern Mac they had at the time and since nothing really better has appeared. They have a few keys now that do things automatically, but that is just a gimmick for me. We golden oldies all have our little quirks and one of mine is my computer(s). I also have a windows machine for my photos, so the best of both worlds. It is surprising how you get out of the routine when one of your computers is away, yesterday evening after a few minutes I was back in the apple system of doing things.

As I was a little home bound yesteday I concentrated on a few photos of the local feathered friends. This tit was observing what I was doing from this tree.

A few sparrows gathered outside, but did not stay long. their feeding days are now gradually disappearing and in a couple of weeks I will leave them to their own devices. I am sure they will not go hungry. I rarely see a sparrow in the warmer months. they probably retire to the forests to begin nesting and raiding their families. I have never even seen a baby sparrow.

Today I might take a trip to the local farm to see what the chickens are doing. This chicken is quite a nice fluffly one, something special I think. There is always something interesting for a photo. I want to use my scooter a little today so that it will be worth uploading the battery this evening. I will be needing it for my excursion to the vaccination centre tomorrow to get my jab, although it is just a about 20 minutes along the road by scooter. I remember the good old active days when I called walk it with no problem. You never know what might lie ahead in life.

I am now off to my Sunday routine, which is not much different from other days. Perhaps I might cook something a little more special. Have fun, enjoy the day and wear a mask if necessary.

Good Morning

A bit of a nip in the air today, but up to now no rain, although I think there might be a couple of drops later. As I am not going anywhere or have any plans, so no problem. The view is nice and clear towards the south. Mr. Swiss had his vaccination yesterday. Switzerland has now received material, enough to cover the golden oldies like myself. I will be having my jab on Monday afternoon and then we both wait for the second jab at the end of March. By coincidence we will be having it on the same day, although different times. You have to go when they call you up and cannot play with the time. I met one of my golden oldie neighbours yesterday and he said he will be going for his first jab next Friday, so things are moving along at last. We have the Pfizer vaccine which I believe originates in the States, although we are getting it via Germany. Mr. Swiss was feeling quite tired after a couple of hours and so he was off to an early night. He slept well and everything is now back to normal. He managed to get to the vaccine place and back with no difficulty with his scooter. However, he had forgotten to take his stick with him, which he needs for support when walking around. This was no problem, and the guy at the center fetched a wheelchair for him. He said he felt like a VIP as he was pushed around at leisure and brought to his scooter outside, in the wheelchair. Everyone was very helpful

This morning was a cat visiting day for their usual tasty bits. Roschti sits patiently outside waiting for his treats.

However this cat is getting more adventurous every day and enters the appartment in the morning. This morning she decided to explore the kitchen and jumped up on the surface where I have my meat slowly thawing out from the freezer. I ventured to give her an ear cribble and stroke over her head and she was quite happy, waiting for more. She took a stroll around and eventually took up her position outside for a few treats. I had 3 cats for 18 years and the last one left last year for her 10th life, so I love to see my visitors, although they actually own a couple of my neighbours.

Here is a photo of one of the storks that arrived last week from wherrver they go to in Winter I think ours are not so adventurous and are usually in Spain or North Africa, She might even be already sitting on an egg waiting for the first new arrival, We have a couple of these towers in the neighbourhood and I think they were originally for something electric, but no longer used, so the storks have taken them over. This one is just outside one of the high schools. It is apparently annoying when they make a nest on chimey stacks as removing the tons of material can be a problem in Winter.

The surrounding fields are quite bare at the moment, but it will not be long before the farmers begin to plant the crops and some life returns to the area. The trees are still quite bare, but there will probably be an explosion of new green leaves soon.

And I am now off to some housewife chores, just a little bit of tidying up. I was eating peanuts again in the living room yesterday evening whilst reading and they do tend to spread and multiply on the floor although my trusty Dyson vacuum cleaner will quickly remove them. Have a good day, may the sun shine somewhere, otherwise just be patient. Eventually it will appear. Even snow has its pretty moments.

I pass this house every time I wheel off along the road. It has such interesting trees in the garden.

Good Morning

Good morning everyone. As the golden sun rises in the East it looks like another sunny day. Yesterday was great, sunny and warm, almost too good to be true. Mr. Swiss said something about a light rain today, but no sign of a cloud up to now. I will probably be at home, I did enough wandering yesterday.

The good news is that Mr. Swiss and I are going to be vaccinated. It all happened so sudden. I got a telephone message from the vaccination centre for an appointment on Monday with confirmation of the second appointment end March. It seems that our Kanton has now received enough supplies to do the necesary. In the evening Mr. Swiss got a personal telephone call to say he could be vaccinated today, so he will be one step ahead of me. We are both glad. I suspect that our Kanton has now recevied the long awaited supplies. Afterwards there was a feverish search for our immunisation cards where all our jabs are registered. We keep them in an iron safe box and I found them. At least those from me and Mr. Swiss. I even had a couple of cards from my British days when I was immunised against polio as a kid. So now we ar ready to go. However, the card from my No. 1 son was not there. He is not yet on the list for an immunisation, but will be in the next month or so and so I sent him on a quest to search in his desk hoping it would be there.

About half an hour later he appeared with his immunisation card, so he is now ready. We have to take them with us when the time comes, as well as our insurance card, which we always have with us. It is a free vaccination service but we have to prove that we are insured.

I again ventured out yesterday afternoon for a wheelie. I just had to make the most of the wonderful weather and the sunshine. Vitamin D drops are Ok as a substitute, but the real sun is always better.

And look who I saw at the farm.

Our beautiful rooster was out and about showing his feathers off for the ladies. I am sure they were impressed and the result will probably be a lot of brooding with resulting eggs.

He is certainly somthing special. I have to laugh when he struts around with his very heavily feathered feet and legs.

There were also a few ducks around showing off their plumage.

And let us not forget the geese, although they make so much noise you cannot overlook them.

The horses were also out enjoying the weather. It was just a wonderful afternoon. I went a little further to the stork nest, but there was only one stork there and I only saw his head peeping through. At least they have arrived and there will soon be a family there. Everything is going so quickly at the moment, sometimes life can really be wonderful.

Meanwhile back at the Angloswiss ranch life was taking its usual course. I was talking to the neighbour and he confirmed that we are getting less and less birds. They are no longer so interested in feeding time as apparently they are finding plenty ot eat in the bearby forest. We are probably spoiling them too much. This blackbird arrived, but I think it was just a sighseeing tour. The gardener tidied up my garden yesterday and it is now looking muach better, so now I am really ready to go. Today will probably be a day at home. I will be getting a delivery this morning of some food supplies to get me through the weekend, including Monday.

And now to get on with my daily routine, no problem. Have a good day everyone. I say goodbye with yesterday’s photo of the local castle in the sun.

Good Morning

Looks like another wonderful day today, The sun is, no has, risen. Although there is still a nip in the air it will soon disappear and today we are again promised temperatures of 20°C. It is almost unbelievable and rare for the month of February. My days of isolation are slowly coming to an end and in the afternoon I like to go places and enjoy the weather. Yesterday I was at home in the afternoon and made myself comfortable outside on the porch with a book abosorbing the sunshine.

In between I baked a bread for the evening meal. Alhough I say it myself, I have now really got the routine and it is no hard work, just a matter of having the time to let it rise and bake it afterwards. I do not have a lot of work with kneading the bread as my kitchen aid machine does it all for me. I just have to put the pastry on a floured surface and knock it into shape.

This morning I went a step further with my bread experiment. As it will be a wonderful day and I want to go places this afternoon (just a wheelie in the countryside) I would not have time for my bread. I decided to make time and so the experiment begun. When I stopped hugging the bed and taken my morning photo, I organised a pastry for a brown bread. I had an eye on the clock and found I only needed about 20 minutes for the pastry and to clean up the machine afterwards. I then fed my two visiting cats and the birds outside and did some routine stuff in the kitchen, including my breakfast. At 8.30 a.m. I was sitting at my computer in the kitchen with my breadfast and computer, so everything under control. I can now bake my bread this morning and it will be finished by midday.

Mr. Swiss charged up the battery to his scooter yesterday, so it might be that he is also planning the great escape today.

The birds are still here but probably no longer as the weather is really improving and they have nesting ideas. The first insects will soon be appearing and the vegan diet will be finished for them. Baby birds prefer something warm and living like a nice juicy worm. The flies have not yet arrived.

On my last wheelie thrugh the surroundings a few days ago I could hear the sounds of sawing and chopping and I discovered this pile of tree remains and branches ready to be removed. It is now the time to have a nature clean up. My gardener will be here this morning to do some garden preparations.

I had contact with son No. 2 yesterday. I just had to call him as there was a report in one of our online newspapers that in his little village there was a murder and afterwards a suicide. I just got curious and he said he heard the police car and ambulance. It was in the other half of his village, and he did not know those concerned, but it seems to have been a so-called relationship offence. Even in the backwoods of Switzerland we have our moments of excitement.

And now I should continue with the normal daily chores. Today it will be spaghetti with a side salad, no problem. I have all my groceries and tomorrow will be another delivery. From next Monday our minister has told us that all the stores will be open again as normal, just no restaurants. I no longer need stores so much. I am enjoying my new organisation of life and I am now concentrating more on home life. If our wonderful minister would get a move on with distribution of vaccine material (which we do not have) life would become a little easier for all or us.

Have a good day and hope you also get some sun, otherwise just make yourself comfortable at home, bake a bread, read a book or just enjoy what you are doing.

Even the heather is beginning to show its colour.

Good Morning

I am loving the slow change in the seasons. At last the cold, wet weather is taking a rest and the sun appears daily in the morning. Perhaps you might think I am showing the same photo daily, but I do not care. Every morning the same sunlight brightening up the start to the day, what could be better.

And I am getting out and about. Yesterday I took a trip to town. Mr. Swiss had a new medicine to pick up. They now have Vitamin D drops that you only take once a month and his doc had given a perscription. I am still taking the daily drops, although for me it ia a better solution. Once a month stuff I tend to forget. It was a good chance to have a word with the lady in the chemist shop about whether I should continue to take them and she said no problem. They do more good than harm. I am always careful about taking medicine.

The town was very empty and few people on the streets. All restaurants and stores are closed, only the grocery shops are open for business, although they also do not have a lot of customers. I order my food online. However, yesterday I had to replenish my supply of wine, not that we have a glass with the meal, but I use it for cooking. A meat dish is not the same without a dose of red wine, or white according to whether it is beef or chicken. I buy it in the liter bottles and always have two bottles in reserve in my store in the cellar. Mr. Swiss also had to have a supply of his coffin nails (cigarettes). At the age of 81 you no longer think about giving up and I no longer bother to say anything about it – no point.

I happened to scooter past our local vaccination center yesterday and one of the official guys was outside and asked if I was coming to be vaccinated. I took the opportunity to have a few words with him and told him I would have my vaccination now. Of course when he realised that it was one of my attempts at humour and that I did not have an appointment he said I would have to wait until I was called for. I had to laugh as no-one in our Kanton is being called for. Although they are dealing with 400 jabs a day (so he said) it is only the second jab, and otherwise the thousands of Solothurn Kanton inhabitants are still waiting. Our government seems to have missed the bus to buy enough material to deal with the population.

The pigeons have not yet deserted the town and they are brushing up their feathers determined to impress the next female that happens to hop past. This one wanted to get a real birds eye view of the scene.

As I entered town I saw that our St. Urs cathedral was now clad in scaffolding. Apparently there is work to be done on the blinds. Not so good for the tourists perhaps, it will be there for a few months. It was featured in the film about the American Gerneral Patton “Brass Target” when Hollywood once visited us in 1978 and a stuntman had a injury when he had to jump from the tower. He had a stay in the local hospital for a few days to recover. One of our Solothurn memories. I remember when it happened. Even Sophia Loren paid a short visit to the town for a few secenes, although most of the work was done by her double.

I have really been making up for lost time lately after being locked down throughout the winter at home, but the weather is now very inviting. I am catching up on lost moments by a visit to the local farm where even the horses were showing themselves outside. Now is a good time to visit the country areas when the vegitation is not so thick and you can see the shape of things to come.

The apple orchid is ready to go and it will not be long until the trees are blossoming. I called my gardner this morning to organise something for my garden. It is time for tree trimming and a general tidy up in the beds, although my son and I have cut down most of the bare stalks. The gardener will be coming tomorrow to do the necessary.

At home birdlife continues and I saw that Mr. or Mrs. Robin was again hopping around in the garden yesterday. It will not be long and the local birdlife will be gone as they all begin to build their nests and prefer some meat in their diet. Worms are always No. 1 on the menu. I am still scattering seeds and still have customers.

And now to move on. I have decided on a day at home today. This afternoon I will be relaxing in the garden with a book sitting in the shade to protect myself from the sunlight. What a wonderful choice. A few weeks ago I was sheltering indoors to protect myself from frost and snow.

Have a good day everyone, keep safe.

Good Morning

This morning looks exactly like yesterday morning, so another pleasant day in my neck of the woods. I am really stressed for time this morning. The cleaning lady was here, I cleaned all my widows as I noticed during the Winter months a yellow layer had collected on them whieh was not so noticeable, espeially the kitchen from cooking and otherwise. They are now spotlessly clean at last. I just do not like dirty windows. Afterwarrds my online shopping arrived. This time it was a young lady chauffeur for a change and she told me she only started this week. She was very nice and did her job well.

I fully loaded the battery of my wheelchair during the night, so yesterday I was up and away to the local farm. It has been a long while and I was wondering if I would find any animals.

Of course I did and it seems the goose population as increased considerably. They had made themselves comfortable and greeted me with a chorus of goose noises. I discovered they are very loud creatures but some of them still managed to sleep.

I suppose if you have enough feathers to bury your head into, you do not hear the noise so much, although this one was still keeping an eye on things.

It was wonderful to get out into the fresh air again, although is some parts it did not smell so fresh. I do not know what type of muck the farmer was spreading, but it had quite a strong smell.

The alps were not showing themselves this time, so I just got the view of our village and in the background the hills of Kanton Bern.

And now I must go, dinner is cooking, I am a little late and have a few things to deal with. Even Mr. Swiss had to step in and help in the kitchen this morning. I had a few things to vacuum for the freezer and go down in the cellar. Have a good day everyone. Am not sure if I will be back, I should go into town this afternoon as I have a few things to get, and want to make the most of the good weather. Have a good day.