Good Morning


And it is a very wet morning and still raining. I even had to shelter my kalanchoe plant under the table as they do not like too much rain. It is a very quick hello this morning. My cleaning lady is here very busy and I have just finished freshening up my windows. They are not so dirty, just rain splashes everywhere.

My insurance man will be calling in half an hour as by law I have to make an insurance for my cleaning lady in case she has an accident whilst in my employment. I also just called my dentist. I made an appointment for a check in March and they could only give me an appointment for this month. In the meanwhile it is the day when Mr. Swiss will have his eye operation, so no chance that I have time for have my teeth cleaned and I called to postpone and she tells me I will have to wait another three months. I reminded her that this was slowly becoming a joke, as we are always told it is important to see the dentist at least once a year and I never get an appointment in time.

She became quite unfriendly to say the least and told me she must go as she has other patients to deal with and I got a new appointment for December. This is ridiculous and I was very annoyed at her attitude. Luckily my teeth seem to be OK, and all I need is good clean up and check.

And now I must begin to cook and am really pressed for time. See you later if things get a little less stressful.


In the meanwhile I will also bury my head to avoid things that are determined to bother me this morning.

Good Morning


After a thunderous night things have calmed down and there are just a few clouds hovering above. It rained most of the night and  I heard the storm in the background, but nothing serious. I had already put my plants in shelter, so no damage done. As usual it was not half as bad as the weather gods prophesied.


Of course the wet weather was again an attraction for our garden livestock, but I now leave them to it.

It was a quiet Sunday yesterday. I decided to relax and stay at home. It was a pleasant afternoon and I was outside on the porch. Funny, even if you are retired, Sundays are still Sundays. I am not a church goer and religion is definitely not my thing, but to the background of church bells and more peace and quiet, you realise that there is no stress anywhere.


I noticed the horses in the field next door are also outside again. We see few animals during the hot days of summer as the farmers tend to keep them inside during the day and let them out at night when it is cooler. I have not seen a cow for a few months, they are doing the night shift when it is cooler.

This week is going to be a bit of a stress week and I am not sure how and when I will be here. Just to let you know, Mr. Swiss has his first eye operation on Wednesday for his cataract. These ops have become quite routine over the years, just a “simple” procedure to replace the lens, that takes about half an hour. The preparations before and after take more time. I will have to bring him to the clinic, about 10 minutes away by car, and pick him up after the operation. In between I will have to fit in a bit of housework and cooking for lunch at home and I am not sure if I will be here for a good morning hello. I might programme it the evening before.  Wednesday afternoon I will be shopping and I have a similar procedure on Thursday when the bandage is removed from the eye. We will have a repeat performance in two weeks for the second eye, so it looks like a bit of stress. However, everything passes, and we hope for the best. The operation has become quite a routine over the years and we know many people that have had it. I might be having the same in a year or two according to how my eyes develop, but at the moment they are OK, although the left eye has its beginnings it seems, according to the eye doctor.


So let’s have something to brighten up the day. My carnations have not quite given up and still throw up a flower now and again. This one with a background of my savoury herb flowers.

And now I must go, there are things to do and places to visit, such as the shower and apartment cleaning. Let us hope we all have a good beginning to the week with no complications.


Good Morning


You can see it is a little brighter on the left side, because that is where the sun will eventually arrive. This is the West side of the apartment. The sun has already appeared on the East side.


Yesterday I escaped again into town. On my entry I looked up to the statues on the St. Urs cathedral and saw this ladder leaning on the building. I was wondering what the reason was. Perhaps the birds had been extra active with their recycling system and they decided it was time to clean it all up a bit.


Otherwise I was confronted with this when I arrived in town itself. One of our alleys, or streets perhaps, had been transformed.


Various inflatable arches and a bed of plastic had been placed and filled with water. At the top was an organised queue of the younger folk dressed in their bathing clothes and carrying whatever they had that was inflatable: mainly a swim ring. There was an organised queue for those that had bought their admission ticket at the entrance and they could float down the waterway at their pleasure. I am sure it was an enjoyable ride- I know yesterday was the day of the river Aare swim, where the swimming adults make their way along the river on a planned journey, a sort of competition to see who is first. I was down at the river, but there was no-one there, just the marked route. The swimmers had already departed on their way, and so they probably organised this pseudo Venice look in town for the kids.

It was interesting for a few photos, but I was a little annoyed as I was in my wheelchair and I always take the route along the road. The sidewalks are too high for a wheelchair to climb and descend and the street was blocked with this river lookalike. As I am in the minority I have to adapt. It meant wheeling through town, making a turn towards the river and wheeling back to get to the bottom of this watery lane.


Eventually I made my way home, as apart from the water slide there was not very much happening in town. There seemed to be a swan congregation on the river, they were everywhere. Must be one of their group excursions before late summer becomes early autumn.


I saw no cygnets, they were probably in a cosy place somewhere with mum and dad. This seemed to be an adult gathering. they are really beautiful birds and so graceful. Only on land they have a little problem with their big feet waddling around.

Otherwise it was a pleasant day weather wise and I spent it out on the porch when I returned with my computer dealing with a few blogs. In the evening I uploaded my 50 photos which has no become a major task for me. I have them on two sites on the computer and on the computer itself, as well as an extra disk.

And now another Sunday with various things to do. Not really, I just like to do them. I cannot just sit around and enjoy the view, I feel so useless. I have already baked up my half baked platt bread that I get in the store on Friday. I have a nice quick meal of steak today so no big cooking venue.


And now I will make my way to the shower. Enjoy the view on the Jura mountains where you can see the TV or radio antenna on the top (am not sure which). Have a good Sunday and will see you later.

Good Morning


Here I am again. I always feel good when I can convince myself to stop hugging the bed and arrive in the kitchen in one piece. Even the sky looks quite adventurous this morning with its many shades of grey and even a bit of blue mixed in.


The day began with a mini drama. Mr. Swiss was ahead of me in leaving his bed this morning, and his first movement of the day is to make a cup of coffee: nothing special, just an instant brew as it goes quicker. It was then a cry of help was uttered, there was no milk. Now I was very unhappy about that situation as it meant someone would have to buy milk today, and I really did not intend on buying anything. My shopping was completed yesterday and milk was not included. I never drink milk and due to a lactose problem it is non existent for me unless someone, who will not be mentioned, inserts it in my cloud shopping list. We had milk problems during the heat wave and even our long life milk was turning to a watery development of a flocky mess in the fridge. For this reason I had begun to put the unopened milk in my fridge in the laundry room which I keep for storing my medication. I told Mr. Swiss there should be a litre in the cellar, and he even went personally to have a look. That proves that it was an emergency. Yes, luckily there was a litre box still available and we all breathed a sign of relief. I already have visions of shopping on Saturday afternoon for milk. Son No. 1 is already on his way for the day to Zürich, so he would not be available and I had intended to take a wheelie into town this afternoon. Having saved the day, Mr. Swiss had his cup of coffee, retired again to the bed and I could begin my usual programme of breakfast with a computer.


Not without making a visit to my garden for a few photos. My sedum has now decided to open some buds and I am sure the bees and whatever flies and makes a buzzy noise will be delighted. An extra ingredient on the dish for their daily food or whatever. There is a sad side to sedum as it takes all summer to grow and when the buds open it is a harbinger of Autumn. Now that would be a word for a daily prompt, I even had to look it up to see if I had used it properly.


Our skies were quite busy yesterday. As I was in the bathroom it seemed that the complete apartment was shaking. Not due to the jet that was flying overhead yesterday morning, but we had helicopter traffic. I was a little disappointed that I did not capture the helicopter with my camera. It returned and it was a very low flyer. This time I was prepared outside, but it was here and gone and all I got was a shot of the neighbouring trees. Luckily this jet was passing as well, so as a compensation I took the photo. What seems to be just a trail of white steam in the sky, becomes quite a large aeroplane when viewed through the zoom lens and enlarged when uploading.

It was quite an eventful morning up to now, and now to embark on further adventures of Mrs. Angloswiss like having a shower and cleaning the place up. It is now the third day that I am managing without dragging my walker wherever I go in the home and I am managing quite well. I am not a perfect walker, a bit slow and quite amusing with my unsteady wobble, but faster without the walker and I seem to be getting things done much better. Of course, there is always a danger of falling, but I am also learning to move more carefully, and falling is just as easy done with or without walker.


My last roses of summer have now opened and so I bid you goodbye for the time being. There are places to go (in the apartment) and things to be done (also in the apartment). Have a good week-end everyone.

Good Morning


This morning the sun is rising with a glare: no clouds to be seen and a blue sky, so it looks like it will be a good day. It is week-end shopping day, and I have not even made a list up to now. No. 1 son is off to Zürich tomorrow for an outing and so it will be just Mr. Swiss and I for lunch, meaning I can get what I like, as he no longer eats so much. How the human can change when it reaches the later years.


And yesterday afternoon I decided to venture into the unknown again. It has been at least two weeks since I went on a wheelie in my chair, but I have been so busy with other chores, I was just feeling too tired. I decided to stay in the area to see what has changed. I noticed the corn was now ripening and many fields had been cleared to the pleasure of the crows.


The season for farming is slowly approaching its end and soon Autumn will be upon us. It has been a fast summer this year, probably because my life no longer runs as smooth as it did. How I miss the walks in the country with Mr. Swiss, visits to town for a drink, but he can no more and is more or less confined to the home. Now and again he takes a walk around our village: not very far or long, but at least he can get out with his walker.

I seem to spend my time organising life for both of us: keeping the home tidy, making beds, laundering and cooking. I am also no longer as mobile but have noticed the more I make an effort to move, the better I feel. I am now no longer using my walker so much at home. Although there is a risk, with my MS, that I might fall, I am managing quite well at the moment and more movement seems to strengthen the muscles. Of course I rely on the car for shopping and my electric wheelchair for excursions in the area, but at home I am managing quite well.


I visited the local stables and farm yesterday. The egg producing hens have now been shifted to another part which is difficult for me to visit in my wheelchair, too many stones on the rough path. However, they have a special breed of chicken that wander around the grounds of the farmhouse which are quite amusing to see.


They have amusing feathers and I think they are known as Silkies. I am not sure how they are with the egg prouction, but I did see a rooster walking amongst them. He disappeared when I wanted to take a photo.


There are still a few horses at the farm and I often see people having a ride. I think they look after the horses that belong to other people.


I wheeled up to the hill with the castle and was rewarded with a wonderful view from the top.


I also got a view over the town. There were some interesting clouds floating by.

And now to move on, I have some planning to do for the afternoon shopping tour and a little bit of cleaning at home, although not so much. There are also a few items to be ironed from yesterdays wash. Another week has come and gone and I get a little concerned sometimes about how time flies. Have a good day, enjoy. See you all later. I will leave you with a view of our castle taken from the main road with the Jura mountains in the background,


Good Morning


Will it be a good morning or not? The clouds were hanging around when I stopped hugging the bed, but since then they are dispersing and it even looks like the sun might arrive. During the night I awoke now and again, which is usual for me, and noticed that I might be getting a cold, although everything is now under control. I often wake at about 3.00 in the morning. I have my iPad and iPhone on the bedside table, and usually have a trip through my WordPress site, acknowledging comments and having a look at the daily newspaper which is usually online at that time.

It passes the time for half an hour and afterwards I settle down again in my nest and sleep well until morning. I even set my alarm for 7.30 a.m. Not that I automatically rise at that time, but it often happens, I take a few photos with my iPhone, and drift off to my breakfast, taking my Mac with me. Mac computers are very movable, do not need constant power supply and does the job nicely. I also have a Windows machine, but use that more for photos and online payments. Other ladies like to buy new clothes, I like to keep my eye on the new computer developments, the advantage being that I do not need a new computer with the changing seasons. At my golden oldie age, my classic uniform has lasted for the past years, trousers and a top, nice and comfortable. I do not even know what the latest in fashion is. As long as I do not stick out in the crowds that is OK with me.


So what did I find in the garden for my camera? The same as usual although perhaps more. I am really thankful for my black-eyed susans, I have patches of them everywhere.


I noticed that my two pots of calla are not doing so well this year. Perhaps I should give them more fertiliser, but I am only getting a sporadic flower in one of the pots. The other is just leaves. I have had them for at least 10 years, and perhaps they are getting tired with time.


The gladiola flowers my No 2 son brought at the week-end are developing wonderfully and all the buds are gradually opening. There is a good mixture of colours.


To be quite honest I was never really a gladiolus fan, but have become one. I find a vase of gladiolus does them more credit that having a patch in the garden which disappear far too quickly.

I was on my shopping trip yesterday afternoon which was quite pleasant. I have discovered that shopping in the afternoon is much better. There are less people, it is easier to move around and the store has enough supplies to last. Bread is being baked constantly. I like variations in my bread sort, not always the same selection, and I usually choose the one that is quite warm, fresh from the oven. They have a french loaf week this week with variations on the long french bread. Yesterday there was one with diced bacon which had arrived fresh from the oven, nice and warm, and passed well to the evening meal of a cucumber salad and some cold cuts.

Today is a catholic holiday in our area for Assumption day and the stores are all closed. I actually forgot that everyone does not need to go to work today and dutifully marched into son No. 1’s bedroom to pull the blinds and make his bed. Naturally he was still sleeping and astonished that at 7.30 in the morning he was having a disturbance. I immediately realised my mistake and retreated. I am just no longer used to these holidays the rest of civilisation have. He is now sleeping further and I will move on to the every day routine, regardless of holidays.

Have a good day, take it easy, and just make the most of it. For those still hugging the bed, sleep well.


Good Morning


Not this mornings clouds, because we have none, just a clear blue sky. A nice expectation for the day, but just plain blue shows no action, so here are some clouds in the late afternoon with a bit more excitement.


And look how my garden is now nice and tidy. The gardeners did a great job yesterday with the hedges and also cleared all the unwanted growths between the stones and the plants. I am not hoping this will last until the beginning of Autumn through to Winter. It was quite an action packed day yesterday with cleaning lady and gardeners and I decided to spend it at home during the afternoon to relax from the excitement.


At the moment it seems to be fly time. During the Summer I did not have so many, but I am being bombarded at the moment. However, now and again, something more colourful arrives worth a photo like this little bluebottle, although it is more green than blue. He was outside on the patio. The slugs and snails have now disappeared for the time being, but I am sure they will return.


One of the nicer insects are the bees and if I am lucky I manage to catch one as it helps itself to whatever it needs in my black eyed susans.

Today I will be off shopping in the afternoon. Tomorrow is a day’s holiday in our catholic Kanton in Switzerland for Asumption Day, although I have a holiday every day being a golden oldie. I might go for a wheelie tomorrow and there might be some ation at the local cemetery. My only excitement is shopping and doctor visits for myself or Mr. Swiss otherwise.


Everything for the working population seems to be having its normal routine again. The kids are back to school and there will be a little more traffic on the road as I drive past the high school with parents bringing and picking up their kids, and the busses that like to block the road.

We just read that the post in the village where my supermarket is, will be closing and shifted to the shopping mall. I am glad as when I might have post to deal with, it will be easier for me. Mr Swiss just said that everything changes today. I reminded him that the younger generation are accustomed to change and we oldies just have to get used to it. The computer world is always making so-called improvements, and I have managed to keep up with them at to now, but I noticed that the 8 year age difference between me and Mr. Swiss tends to give him problems in that direction.

And as my action packed day has nothing more to offer I will make my way to the general cleaning operations in the apartment and the shower of course. Have a good day everyone, enjoy. Even my roses have decided to throw out some new buds.