Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

Poatage stamps USA

I used to collect postage stamps when I was a kid, up to the age of about 12 years old. Sometimes I would buy them in a shop, but mostly I got them from various people I knew. My Aunt Lil worked as a cleaning lady in an office in the City of London and would empty their garbage cans as part of the work. She often found some interesting envelopes with foreign stamps and would give them to me. Here I have only taken a photo of part of my stamps from the States. I do not suppose there is really anything rare amongst them or valuable, but who knows. Perhaps some of you might remember the time when these stamps were in use, but it would be at least 50 years ago. I had almost forgot I still had this album, but when searching for something rare I found it in the cupboard. There are some rare memories of a past gone by that you never let go.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

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  2. I also collected stamps and people used to give them to me. I recognize several of your stamps. Mine are in a big envelope. I haven’t looked at them for a long time. Thanks so much for this post 🙂

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  3. Some of them probably are worth something. How much, I’d have no idea. My brother collected stamps and I have no idea what became of his collection. It would be pretty old by now. I recognize some of those stamps from when they were in use … a long time ago!

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    • I think they have to be in mint condition to be worth a lot, if at all valuable. Mr. Swiss had a good collection, but gave it to his sister many years ago and no-one seems to know what happened to it.


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  5. I remember having fun collecting all sorts of things as a hobby in The Sixties, cool lapel buttons, unusual and arty business cards, as well as, coins and stamps.


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  7. I used to collect stamps as well when I was a kid. About the same way. Family members (parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents) started to collect all stamps and gave them to me. When my godchild started to collect stamps I gave my collection to him. Seeing your picture I wonder what had happened to this stamps when he moved out and went to university…

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    • They are things we should really keep. I was glad to see I still had my collection. When I moved from England to Switzerland, my parents got rid of a lot of things I had, but not all thank goodness and now and again I brought something back with me to Switzerland when I have been living for the past 50 years.

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