Good Morning


Now and again it rains a little, but nothing drastic. It is a little cooler, but the weather report says a little cloudy with sun and eventually 25° C which is not so bad. I am hoping for a less stressful day being Sunday, with just a little cooking and perhaps a wheelie into the open air this afternoon if the rain stays away.


I went for a wheelie yesterday around the outskirts of town in the area that I call the religious area. It is full of churches and other similar places. There is also some land in between and this year it seems that Maize is the chosen crop.


As I wheeled past one of the chapels, I saw they had the door open with a view into their yard where there is an entrance to a shop they have. I did not enter and assume they are selling various religious relics and perhaps some medicinal items they they produce theirselves.


It was Saturday afternoon in town and I wheeled through on the way home, but not a lot of action. The cathedral seemed to be a place of attention and I saw a few visitors arriving there.

A sort of funny thing happened to me over the weekend, not really funny, but perhaps a little coincidence. The British TV have been showing a small film series about life in Monaco: that little country (more a larger town) which is a playground for the rich and famous. Apart from a royal family, they even have a few citizens and not all are immigrants. Naturally the citizens are a privileged people and also not poor. This week I was wheeling out of town where there are a few parking places and a large limousine, very expensive car, had decided to fit into an empty place. I first saw how the driver let out his wife and teenage children who were really dressed perfectly. He then drove past me and I am always careful in a wheelchair, so I stopped to let him go. He saw me, and said in a loud clear impolite voice in French “Attention” which was not really necessary as I had no intention of wheeling further. He parked the car and I wheeled past the front of the car on my way. What did I see? I saw a Monaco number plate, something you rarely would see outside of Monaco. Of course a very low number, as there are not so many people with cars from  Monaco. Was he one of the rich and famous? No idea, but I was still carrying impressions of the TV series I had  been watching.


I noticed our farmer had let his horses out onto the pasture as I wheeled past.  They were all grouped together making the most of the meadow.


And of course I made another stop as I wheeled past the sunflower field. It is growing daily with more additions. Van Gogh would have been pleased to be in our village. He would have had enough material for a painting or two.

Our corona statistics are not so good in Switzerland at the moment, and we seem to be slowly getting the second wave, although not so bad as the first. However, we are now having more daily cases (yesterday over 60) and it does seem that people are becoming careless. Personally I feel that we should have waited a little with relaxing the lockdown, but it now seems to be fashion and I have a feeling that it is gradually becoming a competition between various countries on who does it the quickest. Our Kanton still has no new cases thank goodness, but I am careful. Wearing a mask is not so necessary, but absolutely something you must do when travelling  by public transport.

And now I am off to my daily rhythm. Take care everyone, coronus is still here, even if you cannot see it.