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my book

I once wrote a book and had it published (self publishing). It was never a best seller, did not intend it to be, just wanted to do it. I even sold a few copies to a few trusty friends.  It was published by a German publishing company (BoD), although it can now be bought generally from Amazon.
I just did not want to send manuscripts to various agents, knowing they would probably be turned down. It is a collection of short stories and short stories are not what the publishing companies are looking for. I typed it all myself in a special publishing word programme on my computer. I also proof readed it about one hundred times, but I am sure there are still mistakes somewhere.

Here is a link if anyone would be interested (which I cannot imagine).

Too Much Sunlight and other short stories

43 thoughts on “My Book – Too Much Sunlight and Other Short Stories

  1. Congrats on the publishing. Self-publish is a hard thing to do. I did it once and took the short story down because I felt it wasn’t good enough to be on there. It seriously needed improvement, which is coming. Horrible self critic here. I commend you for your bravery for stepping out in a harsh world of so many contenders, even the big authors like James Patterson, Stephenie Meyer, and Joan Collins. Again congrats!

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    • Thanks for the comments. I just went from the stand point that I had nothing to lose (just a few francs for the publisher, but I did it the cheapest way) wrote everything and uploaded myself. I don’t think I would do it again, I am not really ambitious. Probably just wanted to leave a mark in the world.

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  2. Self-publishing is harder than traditional publishing – you have to do all the marketing yourself. Congratulations. I read the preview on Amazon and when it stopped in the middle of a sentence, well, I just knew I had to have it. Pay day next week 🙂 Then there will be the inevitable three week’s wait for delivery (sigh)

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  3. Thank you Lyn, Yes it was a hard and difficult road to do this in self publishing, but I did it, and would not do it again. I very much appreciate your interest in my book, and hope it will not be a disappointment.

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  4. Yay! A book of short stories; I am planning to write one during this November’s NaNoWriMo. I am looking to self-publish the novella I wrote during April’s Camp NaNo by using Amazon’s CreateSpace, so it’s good to see someone who has already done it! And love the website layout by the way…the paisleys are great 🙂

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  5. In the US, May was short story month….you are in rapturous company. I think it’s the most difficult genre and look forward to reading some of your shorts. Are there some on your website? On WWWW, Sunday is book chat day, next up: short stories. Perhaps I could link to you 🙂

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    • My site on WordPress is mixed with short stories. Sometimes I might turn a weekly prompt into a story. The first blogs here are all stories, as at the beginning I just used WordPress as a backup for stories I wrote for various challenges on the site I had in Multiply. Unfortunately Multiply no longer exists, but I found a super solution with WordPress. It is inviting to take part in the short story month, but I only write when I have an idea. Being a golden oldie, I so not stress so much with my writing. It is nice to do what you want to and not what you have to. Is WWWW a site on WordPress. More information please, sounds interesting.

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  7. Pat, I’ve nominated you for some awards. You inspire me to be a better blogger. I wish I had your skill with humor. If your blog is an Award Free Blog, please accept my well-meaning thoughts and appreciation for the great job that you do. Thanks!

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  8. I recently self published children’s books and it really requires a lot of investment for marketing. But I did it because I wanted to and not to make money. I’ve sold 12 copies so far!

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    • The reason why I self published as well. I have sold a couple of books, but mostly people I knew. Our local book shop took two for their shelves. I found it a lot of work. Of course it would be nice to find a publisher, but I cannot be bothered to send my manuscripts everywhere, just receiving no thankyous. I have no great ambition, just enjoy writing.

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    • Gruessech Sharon and thanks for your comments. My mother tongue is really english, but after living 47 years in Solothurn Switzerland (married 45 of them to a Swiss) Schweizer deutsch (Solothurn style) has become my other language. It is German, but not quite what they speak in germany as you probably noticed when living in Switzerland. If I make mistakes in speaking I can easily cover up as most of the word endings in Swiss German disappear anyhow. I can write german, but not perfectly.

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  9. Pat, I’m so excited I found your blog! First of all, I lived as an ex-pat as a girl so feel a connection there. Second, I got off the train in Solothurn many years ago while traveling solo and had a very memorable stay at a fabulous hostel there. Third, I’m working on a collection of short stories, too, with much of the same attitude. (Congratulations on having it picked up!). Forth, you’ve got a great theme for your blog I’m now considering.

    Now I’m going to look for you on GoodReads.

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    • Hello Lauren, lovely to meet you. We lived in Solothurn for many years, but am now in a next door village, Feldbrunnen. I see you have a musical husband. My othe rhalf is a jazz lover and plays drums as a hobby, but as we are now both retired, it has become more than a hobby. Happy to see you here. I know the hostel, it is in town on the banks of the River Aar. Good luck with your short stories. I now just blog. Found you in Goodreads as well.

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  10. Hi Pat! Congrats on the book! That is also a dream of mine, to publish a book. You’re an inspiration because you have achieved it. Thank you for stumbling onto my nascent and fumbling blog.

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  11. Congrats on the self-publishing, it certainly takes lots of patience and perseverance! I’m also hoping to put together a collection of personal essays though I know it’s a daunting task but like you said, it’s something we, the writing addicts, simply want to do 🙂

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  12. Congratulations ! I like the streamlined design of your blog, and the way you have positioned your book. I did follow the link out to the Amazon website. I noticed that you only have it for sale as a paperback. Have you considered making it available for sale as a Kindle Book ? It is quite easy to set it up. You could do it yourself, I’d be happy to help you or you could hire someone off to do it for you. Best wishes, Hema

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    • I published it a few years ago, some of my stories. Just wanted to do it, but I would not do it again – too much work. Thanks for your interest. It never got into the best seller list, but I just leave it, you never know 🙂

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  13. I love short stories and just wondered if you are planning on a Kindle edition? That would have made it easier for me to buy from India.


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