FOWC with Fandango: Cognizant


About a year ago, a little more, I had my garden refurbished. The lawn was removed and I had two raised beds for my herbs and other useful plants. I also had a wide border around the garden. I discussed with the gardening lady, the architect, which plants I wanted and told her nothing that would only live a year, but perennials. I am getting too old for hopping around in the garden renewing plants and I wanted a relaxed garden.

We discussed various plants and I got a good result. there was one mysterious plant that was growing, but only made some strange leaves. I decided to leave it and wait and see. This year my patience has been rewarded. I remember discussing with the garden architect that I would like one of those ornamental thistles. She said they might be difficult to find but would do her best.

And now I have discovered that this mystery was an ornamental thistle. Today I noticed that the top of the plant has a thistle similar head and there are no thorns to be seen. It is only the beginning and now I am waiting and hoping for flowers to appear.

FOWC with Fandango: Cognizant

Good Morning


A very dramatic sky this morning, but no signof rain and I think it will be a good day today. I hope so as No. 2 son and his two grandchildren will be visiting. Since the corona lockdown I have not seen them as it is was safer to stay at home. However both our Kanton of Solothurn and Schaffhausen where my son lives were not so badly affected by the virus. Yesterday I saw we had 19 new cases of corona in entire Switzerland.


Otherwise I was yet off on a trip to the store and crossed through town on the way home. They are really taking this distancing quite seriously and now have less chairs and tables outside the restaurants. Here I found they have even spread them, to have more accommodation, onto the street, although these tables were still empty. It is probably not so pleasant to sit in the sun where there are no umbrellas whilst having a drink.


Our cathedral at the end of the street was also reflecting the sun with its white stone. On the right there is part of one of our best hotels, so everything is near if you happen to be paying a tourist visit. Due to corona, tourists are not so many at the moment, but as summer increases and the restrictions will be further relaxed they will be arriving again.

Once again I almost overdid it on my shopping expedition. I really only wanted to get a few things, but because I had more space and there were not many shoppers, I bought some supplies for my reserves, mainly frozen accessories. I also noticed there were special offers on some meat, so I decided it would be a good idea to buy some to freeze for later. When I got to the cash desk the assistant said just put the bags on the belt, she will empty them which I was glad for. I managed to stand to pack them and the customer desk is quite near so the guy took my full bags and then I disappeared. They are brought home by our collectors. As usual when I eventually arrived home they were already delivered. I must say we do have a good system if you have mobility problems.


I took some photos as I was on my way home. This is a view on our pedestrian bridge. We have very little through traffic in our town, mainly tradesmen delivering goods or hotel guests. The parking spaces are on the fringe of town, although when I had my car I could park anywhere really with my special parking permit. Up to now I am not really missing my car and am managing OK. I do miss my old supermarket at little as they have a much large choice of goods as it is one of the bigger stores in the chain. However I am getting used to my new stores, and now have two. I have also noticed that we no longer eat so much, with the exception of No 1 son and I should really buy and cook less. After so many years of feeding big eaters I really have to get used to it. Even I have reduced my food intake, although my weight and shape is not reducing  very much.

And now to disappear. I have a Swiss apricot flan in the oven and have some cooking to do for my guests. I am no longer so used to cooking for so many, but I always get some help somewhere.

Have a good week-end, take care and enjoy. Leave the statues where they are, they are only lumps of stone and not doing any harm really.


Even our wild weeds are improving some spaces along the railway.