RDP #82: Yarn

Sheep 17.04 (3)

I think he is coming to take off my coat
sharpening the shearers and not for the goat
Where can I hide, perhaps in the shed,
burying myself to cover my head
“One sheep is less” said the farmer to his men,
“I am sure it is Woolley disappeared from the pen”
They searched all the day, the week and the year,
but Woolley was gone, the shearing she did fear
The other sheep were happy their yarn was now shorn
No longer with wool, they were feeling new born
Where was Woolley they wanted to know
But Woolley was happy. she knew where to go
The shepherdess saw her, alone in the field
So she took her home, to her she appealed
She lived in a cottage, in winter was cold
Woolley lay on her bed, her wool was not sold
But then came the Spring, it then began to rain
she could no longer move and they needed a crane
It was only her nose that peeped through the wool
They cut off her coat the room was quite full
Now Woolley could move again, so slim much better
Fom the yarn they made a blanket and also a sweater.


RDP #82: Yarn

RDP #81: Tender


She invited the family for her birthday meal and chose to serve meat nice and lean
Invitations were sent to relations near and far, although not all were too keen
Morticia was not a very nice person, she was always on the scrounge
But her aunts and uncles accepted all the same, they wanted to have a lounge
The day of the feast soon arrived, and everyone was wearing their best gear
What would she serve was the question they asked, perhaps she might serve deer
Wonderful smells came from the kitchen, to tantalise appetites and fancies
Sitting around the table, the main course arrived, and the first to eat it was aunt Nancy.
She chewed on the meat and was pleasantly surprised to find it was juicy and tender
Uncle Charles followed and had two portions, he was always eating food on a bender
Cousins Cyril and Joan were eating with the others and soaked all their food in gravy
Cyril had to cough on a very small bone, Morticia told him it would make his hair wavy
Everyone laughed at this very strange joke because Cyril actually had no hair
He also laughed to join in the show, although he almost fell off the chair
But this was family and everyone belonged, they were making jokes with a laugh
The food was so good with an almond sauce, and Morticia assured the meat was calf
Suddenly auntie Nancy coughed, her food suddenly tasted bitter
Within an hour she had taken her last breath, she had now become a quitter
The others followed one after the other, choking on the food they had been given
Morticia gave a little laugh on the side, from her humour she was now driven
The doctor was called and then the mortician who happened to be a very good friend
It was clear that death was caused by choking which was why they all met a grave end
At the trial it was found that Morticia was innocent, she had mistaken arsen for salt
She was found not guilty and sent home free, it really wasn’t her fault
The moral of this story was very sweet, it was flavoured with genuine honey
Morticia is now a very rich girl, because she inherited all the money.

RDP #81: Tender

RDP #80: Reticent

Chuchilade. Statue

Reticent was his middle name, there was no need to speak
He stood day in, day out at the store, some said he was a freak
Is he real, or is he not, was the question people would pose
But Reticent ignored them all, not even wrinkling his nose
Why was he there, what did he want, he was working for the shop
Standing there, he was not deaf, and voices he would eavesdrop
His tray was always being held with a card telling people to enter
But no-one dared to pass him by, because he was standing in the center
And then one day it began to rain, and he then got very wet
Someone wiped him dry with a cloth and they noticed he did not sweat
It was also obvious he did not breathe, and he never went to bed
So they left him there to do his job, but no-one thought he was dead
People come and people go, the business was closing soon
Reticent did not know this fact, to noise he was now immune
Everything was sold even Reticent, and now he was smelling miff
His arms and legs could not be moved, Reticent was now a stiff
The garbage men threw him into the dump, they were sure he was a goon
But strange noises were heard in the empty shop when it became full moon

RDP #80: Reticent

RDP #79 Dog

Dog 25.06 (9)

It’s evening in Switzerland and I was just shutting my computer down when I saw an RDP about Dog. I do not have a dog, have never had a dog, although everytime I see one on one of my walks I take a photo of a dog if they are doing something doggy that is interesting. Of course I like dogs, how can you not like a dog.

Ok if they have come out of the river and give the sign that it is time to shake the water from their coat, I usually retreat before I get a shower. If I have my camera and a dog walks past I do not even have to ask if I may take a photo. The owners of Fido laugh and are happy to see that their pride and joy is having his photo taken. I like dogs, but my cat Tabby does not like dogs, one of the reasons I do not have a dog, so I only take photos of dogs belonging to other people. They have to look friendly, not shows their teeth and then they are on my camera.

Dog 10.08 (3)

Dog 25.07 (3)

Dogs 18.06 (3)

RDP #79: Dog

RDP #78: Respect

Cows 16 (4)

Let’s got for a walk and visit the cows
said my husband to me, I was in the mood for some prows
So we wandered uphill, the cows were in a troop
I took out my camera and was beginning to shoot
Suddenly my husband arose with a pull
He said I am not staying here, there is also a bull
I thought all cows had horns, and were easy to detect
My husband knew better, from bulls he had respect
I was still taking photos when my man disappeared down the hill
He said keep away from the bull, he might intend to kill
And I thought he looked so sweet with his nice pointy horns
My husband was sure they were a crown of thorns
When we departed the bull looked so sad
no-one likes a bull, he is a cow’s dad
I waved to him carefully, it was the thing to do
He followed my waves and started to moo
Then he stamped his hooves and charged in a blast
And then we began to run,  to getaway fast.

Cows 16 (2)

RDP #78: Respect

RDP #77: Encircle

The sky in the afternoon

You think we are alone because there is nothing
the sky is void of all
Just take a telescope or activate an app
And you see everything at beck and call

It is afternoon, just after three,
We are not alone
You cannot see them,  they are hiding
But across the heavens they will roam

The sun shines on everything, there are no clouds
See its neighbour, a large brown ball
They call it Mercury nearest to the sun
At night you might see it,  it won’t fall

The little white dots spread out in between
might be stars, if not rocket rests
Now and again a rocket flies past
They become celestial pests

They are American, they are Russian, others Brits
The satellites encircle with force
Are they peaceful, are they weapons
Who knows, they just follow their course

The earth takes its place in this orbital game
One day we might not be there
Blown up by an encircling asteroid
And then we will not really care

RDP #77: Encircle

RDP #76: Freedom

Baseltor 30.07.2018

In the olden days our town was closed down for the night to stop others getting in, or was it to let the people get out? One way or the other freedom had many meanings in olden times.

Personally I have discovered the meaning of freedom when I no longer have it. I could always come and go as I pleased, it was a natural part of life. It was because I could do this it never had a deeper meaning. Today, especially over the last couple of years, I have realised what freedom is. I was perhaps one of the lucky ones, as my MS was “only” diagnosed 3 years ago. I did not realise that I was slowing down and that my problems with walking were an MS reason. I would tire out quicker and long walks suddenly became a burden more than an exercise in the fresh air.

And so the problem was clarified by a specialist and complicated examinations, I had MS. Ok, no big deal, many people have MS and I was one of the “lucky” ones as my problems were not as bad as others, although I got tired quite quickly. Suddenly my walks were reduced to half an hour at the most. If I fell it was a big problem to get back on my feet, although once I was up I could move again. I slowly became a prisoner in my own home and body, only going places with Mr. Swiss in the car. I could still drive a car. My problem is my left leg which decided to detach itself from my body now and again, but who needs a left leg to drive an automatic gear change in a car. You only need a right foot. I was hobbling around with a cane most of the time, but could still move independently within my own 4 walls. It got to the point where my freedom was limited going into the garden because I fell now and again.

One day we had a discussion about it and I decided the solution was a wheelchair, but an electric one. I wanted to regain my independence and did not want an official wheelchair-pusher. Wheelchairs seem to be an threat hanging over your head if you spoke to the experts. They would warn you that I should be careful otherwise ……… and all that jazz. I got there before them. I decided why not and so I did it all my own. I did not ask the doctor or specialist I had a look around and found the place where I could buy one, not too far from where I live, just a short journey. And now I am free again.

Since last Christmas I have my wheelchair. It was delivered, suited to my taste and a guy came with it to give me first instructions. I remember my first trial run around my home outside. The guy came with me. Opposite our place there is a steep ramp to get to the path.


I asked him if I could do that, and he said “try” and I got to the top in no time, although the first few weeks I avoided the ramp and took the straight path. I only did local trips for the first few months and then came Spring and I went a little further. I realised combining the new experience with photography was ideal. I did not have to carry my camera and only take one lens with me. I organised a nice roomy bag and now I am on my way with the camera and 3 lens, what could be better.

It was only last month that I chanced my first trip into the local town with the cobblestones, but I survived. I am surviving too well it seems as I now disappear quite often for a wheelie. I have my freedom of movement again and it is a decision I have never regretted. I noticed a certain reluctance, almost shock, when I informed my doctor and specialist, but I know I did the right thing. I had regained my freedom again.

RDP #76: Freedom