RDP Thursday: How green is blue


A good question: Mr. Swiss bought this creation from a painter many years ago. Not really my taste, but it has been hanging on the wall of the bedroom for at least 40 years and I never really thought about the actual colours until today, Is it blue or green orginally. It seems to have a green basis, covered in blue and then with the appliance of something sharp the green appears again, but what is blue and what is green.

There is a border between these two colours, which perhaps out of convenience we could say there is definitely a breath of turquoise mixed in somewhere.

But who am I to say, the daughter of a father who was completely colour blind, perhaps wearing a green sock together with a blue one, just like my No.2 son who is also colour blind. Did he inherit this from his grandfather? Without me he would have inherited nothing, but I am the only child of my dad, a daughter. Females are not often colourblind, only in the case that the father is colourblind and the mother is a carrier of the gene, just like me, but my mum was not a carrier. And so I am the culprit for my son’s colourblindness. I am the carrier. However I am drifting, because I really do have difficulty in defining what is blue or green. Blue can be quite green and green tends to drift into blue as far as I am concerned.

River Aare

RDP Thursday: How green is blue

RDP Wednesday: Mimic


I can never have something for I, me and myself. I always have an eye on the special offers in the local store and this week I saw they were offering an external hard disk for the computer with 2 tera bytes. I could not resist and as my other 2 TB disc had a loose connection I was waiting for the chance to buy a new one.

And so I was ready to go shopping when Mr. Swiss said I could also use one of those. Typical copycat I suppose. My need was for my photos, his for music.  Armed with his credit card I picked one up for him at the store. So now there are two, his marked with his initials and mine marked with my initials.

RDP Wednesday: Mimic

RDP Monday: Humble

So this morning I was in the supermarket, doing my usual shopping. And then I suddenly saw two legs and feet on the floor as I turned the corner to one of those king-sized refrigerators.


As I moved on further, I saw this prostrate figure on the floor. Humble is one thing, but you can overdo it. Perhaps he was feeling so humbled by seeing the special reduced prices on the goods (Aktion=special offer), who knows.

OK, to put the facts straight, something was being repaired, but I must admit it was a strange apparition.

RDP Monday: Humble

RDP Sunday: Splitter


It’s dying, dwindling, losing its flowers one by one. The remaining are holding on for dear life.


Three months are a long time for a bargain orchid in the store. Its white sister is still looking good, but eventually her time will also come.

I am now left with the splinters of a wonderful flower, but she might return. I will wait and hope.

RDP Sunday: Splitter

RDP Saturday: Shadows


Shadows are everywhere, especially if the sun is shining. As I was driving long the path on the river bank I noticed I was constantly being followed by a monstrous apparition, I was convinced it was the bionic human with mechanical attachments instead of limbs and it was gigantic. “They are here” I thought, where is Stephen Spielberg? Perhaps they were shooting a new film.

It was then that I moved my arm and realised the apparition moved with me. The case was obvious, it was me sitting in my wheelchair taking a wheelie along the river bank and the Autumn sun was shining. The shadows of wires and strange protruberances were my wheelchair and I was sitting above it all.


And here are a few “normal” shadows as I was entering our town of Solothurn.

RDP Saturday: Shadows

RDP Friday: Thankful

Handicapped Sign

I am not thankful that I have an illness (MS) for which there is no cure, so making the most of bad luck I am thankful for special parking places for the handicapped. In my case there are six in a row on a higher level of the mall. There are also three on the lower level, but if you park on the higher level you have direct access to the grocery department. It is also a direct entrance to the electronics.

And that is all I have to say for being thankful, because there are still members of the public that cannot read or ignore such signs to save their precious time.

We do not have thanksgiving in Switzerland, we just thank the tourists for visiting. The tourists are also thankful for seeing our mountains, enjoying our wonderful scenery and the hotel owners and tourist organisations are thankful for the tourists spending their money in Switzerland.

Today I arrived at the store and discovered there was only one handicapped place free, at the end of the row. This meant walking to the store entrance was a  little further, but we can be thankful that we have a reserved parking place. At the same time a gentleman, also walking with a stick like myself, had parked his car in the row. And then a young lady, quite fit, left the store entrance with a new TV (one of the special wide screen versions) and walked to her car, in the best place for the handicapped at the end of the row next to the exit and lifted her television carefully into the boot of her car. Both myself and the elderly gentleman with the stick, were being a little impolite and staring at the lady who climbed into her car and drove off. At least there was again a parking space free for those, like myself and the gentleman, that rely on it.

He began the conversation with his complaints about the ignorance of the people today and I must say I had to give him a little support. Of course there are always people that care, that realise not everyone is a fit as they are, but if someone is in a hurry, picks up the new expensive heavy TV set and finds a nice handy parking place, they do not care who they are taking it away from. They have no time, they have a parking place where they do not have to push the trolley too far, and they can get home quickly.

It was interesting talking to the gentleman, who was Swiss and mainly complained about the sorry state that Switzerland now has. I did not agree with everything he said, but it is sometimes nice to realise that I am not the only person that gets annoyed about the thoughtlessness of the others. Of course we can contact the police (the store does not do that) and they will come and fine the wrongly parked car. However the gentleman informed me (and I did not know that) that the next motorised police are in a neighbouring area and they only arrive after about a quarter of an hour, so what is the point.

No, I am not going into praise and thankfulness, I have to find my own way. I also have to pay for any official support I need and often the money would be necessary for other daily needs. There are always helpful people and I am often thankful when they ask can I help you, seeing I might have difficulty in loading my car after shopping, but these are usually those have the time. The general public is stressed, they no longer have time, they are short cutting constantly at the cost of others.

I am one of the lucky ones, had a steady job all my life, although was a working mother and wife, but I can afford a reasonable life style and I realise not all can do this. I cannot extend my thankfulness to the people that only think about a quick parking place and their own benefits. Even I help the handicapped if I see someone has difficulty.

RDP Friday: Thankful