RDP Thursday: Farm

Horses 27.09 (6)

I live in farming country. Our village is Switzerland is surrounded by farms. If I decided to go somewhere, usually in my wheelchair, the first sight I see are the horses behind the local railway tracks. I always make a stop for a few photos. Sometimes there are just a few horses, and often there are many.  And so I wheel on, cross the road and yes, I arrive at the next farm.

Crops 02.06 (1)

This is the real McCoy where the farmer plants the crops. I must be quite honest, growing up in London where the only crops we saw were the weeds growing between the paving stones, I have no idea what is what, but I believe this is barley. The field was planted next to the local castle.

Crop  field by castle Waldegg in Feldbrunnen

Fields are everywhere, every spare space of land is planted with a crop. Now and again there is an empty field, where they just let the grass grow.


These are left to the cows for breakfast, dinner and tea. They are not fussy about the menu plan. as long as it is green and grassy. In the winter they get the dry version known as hay. If you can chew it, that is all that matters.

We are still in the castle grounds, and moving further down we get to the chicken coup.

Silky Chickens 04.01 (16)

Even chickens come in all shapes and sizes. These are the aristocrats, the silky breed. They usually keep themselves to themselves and apparently love to brood.

Goats and Chickens 25.08.2018

The average chicken is not so fussy and even shares its pastures with a couple of goats now and again.

Geese 03.03 (6)

And let us not forget the geese. They always seem to have something to cackle.

It is a mixture of neighing, mooing, cackling and crowing as you approach the farm, accompanied with the noise of the farmer’s tractor, even if it is only muck spreading. That is life out in the country, and I would not want to exchange it for anything else.

Tractor 23.02 (3)

RDP Thursday: Farm

RDP Wednesday: Sibling

Swans nesting 18.05 (9)

It all began when I went for a wheelie in my chair along the river path and saw these two swans sitting side by side. Swans are mostly in pairs, I believe they stay together for all their lives. A guy walked past with his wife and said he believes they were brooding. There was a collection of twigs below the smaller swan, probably the female. We were all surprised as it was at the side of a path where many people went for a walk.


This awoke my interest and I made a point of walking on this bank of the river to see if there was any progress. I noticed that a fence had now been erected around the swan pair, probably by the kind officials of our town, to let them have their peace and quiet. Often one swan would be swimming in the River Aare and the other staying on the nest.


On my last visit one swan was in the river and the other as usual brooding. However, brooding needs patience and now and again even a swan has to stretch her legs and change the position and then it happened. Of course I was ready with the camera and I saw the eggs, five of them. I had never seen a swan egg before and they are quite big.

Every year we have a swan family swimming along the river. Swan parents are devoted to their children, and look after them until they are almost fully grown. I am now looking forward to the day when I take a wheelie and see the little cygnets swimming with mum at the front and dad at the back.

RDP Wednesday: Sibling

RDP Tuesday: Droplet


A dog and its droplets after taken a quick swim in the River, it is just dripping droplets everywhere

Talking of droplets, I got my own dose of droplets this afternoon. It was time to go to the eye doctor. Admittedly I had been postponing it for a while, but today was the day. I had to order a taxi to get to the docs as they informed they would be putting drops in my eyes and no way could I drive in my car. And so today was the day. I had more than a few droplets in my eyes, it was almost a swimming pool, and probably my cat would have got jealous to see the size of my pupils afterwards. Afterwards you sit in a small room for a few minutes waiting to get the right size of your pupils. As I was waiting a second lady entered the room and sat next to me. We had a lively conversation about everything looking blurred, and then I had my exmamination.

My right eye is still quite good, almost 100%, but the left only 80% and so there will be another visit in a year to check and see how it it progressing. I am slowly but surely developing a cataract in the left eye, but nothing life threatening and it seems most golden oldies have problems as they get older, some earlier than others. There is no rush and I can take my time.

And so I found my way home on my own with my walker, using the train. It was one of the rare occasions that I had to walk a distance with the walker, avoiding high steps and steep slopes. I survived and I am just glad that it is a rare occasion

Water 13.06.2019

RDP Tuesday: Droplet

RDP Monday: Breeze


Today there was a breeze
Curtain stripes swaying to the motion
A rhythmic back and forth
At least that was the notion
In Britain all windows opened
Mum said it was fresh air
But now I am in Switzerland
And they have a different care
Fresh air becomes a draft
You could catch a very bad cold
Running nose and coughing
So I have been told
Close up all the windows
A breeze becomes a threat
Is what the Swiss have told me
I do not believe them yet
Temperatures are high
Sweat pouring from my brow
Mum said it is fresh air
The British show us how

RDP Monday: Breeze

RDP Sunday: Rabbit

Long eared rabit in pet shop

We have wild rabbits where I live, but because they are wild you very rarely see them. I think they spend most of the time underground. The rabbit in the photo was in the local animal store, but I decided that was the best place for him.

I once had a rabbit, but that got a little complicated. My kids wanted a rabbit and someone I knew had a dwarf rabbit and passed it on to me. My kids were delighted, and  we had a cage for it. I felt sorry for this little rabbit all alone in its cage so I decided to let it out for a walk in the apartment. This was a mistake. The rabbit was happy, it was hopping all over the place.

Do you realise what a rabbit has for a recycling system: little round balls, something like ball bearings, and because they are small they appear like the product of a machine gun. I was finding them everywhere. Admittedly they were hard, not soft and messy (unless you happened to tread on one by mistake), but they were everywhere. Its recycling production was something for the Guiness Book of Records. And of course the kids were not interested in following Brer Rabbit to sweep them togetether. Who said miniature rabbit, there was nothing small about its digestive system.

And then I got lucky. I was attending an evening course for sewing and I got into a conversation about pets. One of the ladies said she would love a pet rabbit. A week later my wonderful reproductive recycling rabbit machine was on its way to a new owner and our carpet was no longer covered with little brown pellets.

So warning! Think twice before you decided to have a sweet little bunny rabbit as a pet. They do not have trays like cats and you cannot go for walkies with them like dogs. They just drop it everywhere, about 1-200 little balls daily. At least that is what it seemed to me.

RDP Sunday: Rabbit

RDP Saturday: Night

Cathedral, Rochester, Nightview

A night view of Rochester cathedral in England on one of my nightly excursions.

The ideal photo for a night view would be the local vampire taking a flight, but as we all know vampires are basically shy creatures and these days they can do self service at the local blood bank. Why cause a commotion attacking people to get your blood supply when you can do it with discretion, but back to the subject, the street is not crowded with vampires at night.

To move on here we have a photo of my model cat in the front garden.

Night 09.10 (1)

Unfortunately you can only see his eyes that light up at night using some sort of solar cells. As it is a black cat, his body remains invisible. It does have the advantage of scaring unwanted visitors away on their nocturnal wanderings – vampires again?

Road to Bellach via Solothurn (18)

Tunnels even have night during the day, not so vampire safe as they like to take refuge in tunnels if they do not get back to their coffins in time after a night out.

Solothurn by night

And this is what happens if you are taking a night photo of the town and see a vampire, you are nervous and the camera shakes with you. Remember to take a tripod the next time.

Solothurn by night - View towards South

And here the perfect night photo. No vampires to be seen – too many illuminations, and taken from a balcony.

Road to Langendorf 01.12 (45)

And now time to go home as the night is arriving, away from the vampire threat.

RDP Saturday: Night

RDP Friday: Delay


Today I was delayed with my usual timely blogging. I had a pile of ironing from the bed linen yesterday and a few other items. I squeezed it in after returning from the week-end shopping. It was either to blog or to iron and if I did not iron today it would have to be tomorrow, but now the deed is done: two duvet covers, two pillow covers and a few other bits and pieces. Yes I was dashing away with the smoothing iron again, although I did not look so calm and organised as the young lady in the video.

RDP Friday: Delay