RDP Saturday: Better


Better? No, nothing is better. It is the same. Perhaps where you live there are less cases of this coronus problem, but it is still there lurking in the background. I just had a very strong talk with my handicapped son (autism) who said “bye” and went on his usual walk through the town in the afternoon: a town that is now, or should be, empty of people. Perhaps there are a few ignorants wanting to enjoy the nice weather outside, but an autist does not realise that we are on other times. I certainly would not be keen for him to get ill, or even worse, bring the whole thing home. I cannot lock him in, but explained if he really wants to go for a walk, then he can do his walking locally in the woods or even the village (which is very small), but certainly not in town.  Thank goodness he has a mobile phone and I called him to say come home immediately. I was having my midday sleep when he left and did not realise it quick enough.

It has also not got better in the stores. To a certain extent yes, that we again have toilet rolls, but I decided to prepare something today where I need a large pack of flaky pastry, a double packing. All I found was one remaining single pack on the shelf. The panic crowds had struck again and it was all sold out. There was another lady next to me searching for the same.


I eventually bought a double pack of normal pie crust pastry and decided that if I did the bottom layer of the pie crust pastry I could do the top layer with the flaky pastry. I was again reminded of the second world war when my mum said they even made coffee out of chicory and eggs were in a powder form.

So nothing has got better and it will be a long time until it does. Let us not have any illusions that because the cases of this illness might be a little less and the curve is flattening (whatever that may be) we are a long way from normalisation of talking to each other without having to shout across the garden fence. And now to make my mincemeat pie, with one roll of flaky and one roll of pie pastry. Thanks you panic buyers, you are cutting in your own flesh. May you have no toilet rolls left and have to use newspaper.

RDP Saturday: Better

RDP Friday: Online

Me at the computer

Contrary to what most people think, I am not online all day, I have a strict regime about my time on the computer.

Of course I am online with breakfast for half an hour, perhaps a little more, but then I need action afterwards. I can assure you that I do not touch the computer again until the afternoon. If it is a shopping afternoon, it will be early evening, otherwise mid afternoon. If I have been on a photo safari, I need more time and most of the evening would be occupied with uploading photos.  This photo, showing happy me at the computer, was about a year ago outside on the porch on my big Acer computer, so I was probably doing some photo work.

Otherwise I prefer my Apple Macbook or whatever it is called. That is really a fantastic machine. I don’t have to connect it as it has enough power for a few hours and I can take it with me wherever I go in the apartment or outside. I can even use it whilst watching the TV from an armchair, although I usually then use my iPad. The iPad is such a handy gadget for in between to check on what my online colleagues are doing.

But as I said, I am not a computer addict. Not really, I can be without it although I would never hug the bed without having my iPad and Smartphone on the bedside table. They are a wonderful remedy if you cannot sleep which is one of the reasons why you might find a notice from me on your computer, although it is my early morning hours of around 3.00 a.m. It is a wonderful cure if you cannot sleep, as after doing a tour de computer it is the best sleeping potion you can take.

As I said, I do not have to be online all day, just part of the day and part of the night.

Me and my computer

RDP Friday: Online

RDP Thursday: Lonely


Do I look lonely? I have a computer and contact to the big wide world of bloggers everywhere. Even Mr. Trump keeps me informed now and again, reassuring me that at Easter we will all be back together again sitting outside. I am not quite sure about that one.

Otherwise, I am surrounded by bugs, ants and bees.There are also a few birds flying around. Now and again I wash my hands to keep unwanted objects away. I kill them with soap. No more stress, even isolation has its sunny side, especially out in the garden on the porch.


RDP Thursday: Lonely

RDP Wednesday: Infrangible


Another visit to the store this afternoon.. This time I had a look around at the deserted places, the parts that are closed up with no human visitors. We are only allowed to shop in the grocery and domestic departments for goods needed: no clothing and definitely no plants, but just a minute.

I parked this time in a different place, next to the main entrance. Outside the garden furniture was on display, although no-one is allowed to touch it or try it out.

And then we have the gardening department, also cordoned off and no admission. You can look at the goods, but no touching. The plants are still outside and someone in the store is looking after them, giving them water and making sure they do not die. They are still looking good in the outside sun and may they survive the coronavirus epidemic, just to prove that not everything has to suffer – I hope. They might not be infrangible, but with care they will survive, I am sure.

RDP Wednesday: Infrangible

RDP Monday: Slick


I returned from the store about an hour ago, just a little more. One thing is clear, that shopping has never been so calm and slick. No crowds, no stress and plenty of room. Everyone is making a large curve around the others. It has now got to the point that people are making more contact with each other verbally, at a distance of course. We all have something in common, or hopefully not in common,  and are doing our best to keep it that way. Although the idea is to lessen communication, it is  more or less having the opposite effect. Everyone is friendly and courteous.

And now our store powers have a new development. I must say they are really keeping on the ball and everything is being organised. I am sure the public relations department are busy.

We now have sticky posted lines all over the floors at certain intervals. Of course it is in German, as we are in a German speaking area of Switzerland, but in english it would be:

+Keep a Distance” and “That is how we protect ourselves”.

As I approached the cash desk, I waited behind the sign on the floor. There are two sections at every desk, but now you are only to use one and to wait until the person before you is finished with paying and packing the goods. Life in the Coronavirus World is certainly something completely different.

And to crown it all, success. I even bought another pack of 10 toilet rolls with no problem, and the sort I always buy.


RDP Monday: Slick

RDP Sunday: Sandwich

Egg and Tomato Sandwich

And there you have it, my favourite, plain and simple: egg and tomato. Of course you have to have bread which is no great problem today.

Today the egg and tomato sandwich has perhaps another name. We could call it the “Isolation sandwich”. You have the bread at home in the freezer for emergencies. A box of eggs is also something you can store for some time. The tomatoes could present a problem, so keep a tube of tomato ketchup in the fridge in case the tomatoes are not available or are too old to use.. I like my eggs with black pepper.

I wonder how the Earl of Sandwich managed without a fridge.

RDP Sunday: Sandwich