FOWC with Fandango: Wait

Fluffy, Tabby and Nera waiting for tuna fish

It was time to serve the tuna fish
All three felines were waiting
They heard the clank of the tin opener
And smelt the odours baiting
Three dishes were placed in a row
The suspense it was now over
Three cats were munching to their hearts delight
They were now in feline clover

These were my three cats Tabby at the back, Fluffy my blind cat bottom left (a Selkirk Rex) and Nera bottom right, Tabby’s litter sister. I now only have Tabby. Fluffy and Nera are now living their tenth life in the eternal corn chambers removing the mice.

FOWC with Fandango: Wait

FOWC with Fandango: Ethnicity

The Swiss national sausage, the cervelat

Today is a day of patriotism
My challenges tell me to write a criticism
This is in praise of the cervelat
A very Swiss word and rhymes with Zanzibar
How can I say that the cervelat is bad
The Swiss all love them, the best they have had
It is just a sausage, you can eat it cold or fried
sometimes with mustard, always keep one on the side
Without the cervelat there is something missing
The Swiss feel quite lost and begin reminiscing
Forget the snow, and who needs skis?
Just eat your cervelat, much better than cheese

FOWC with Fandango: Ethnicity 

FOWC with Fandango: Profile


How could I refuse. It said profile, so I did a selfie with a difference and managed to capture my profile. This was more luck than judgement because I had to turn my head and could not see what I was actually taking a photo of.

And now you can all admire my wonderful nose. Its shape and size are really unique. Shame that Alfred Hitchcock is no longer is with us. I am sure if he had produced a film with the title “The Profile” using my portrait it would have been a resounding success.

FOWC with Fandango: Profile

FOWC with Fandango: Clear

Garage Zuchwil

This afternoon I did a quick trip to my garage. I have been the proud owner of my own car since a year and some things are still not clear to me. I just need a transport possibility, not a miracle machine with so many gadgets and extras that I have to discover how they all function.  I have so many helps: cruise control, GPS and a radio with many stations. From the day I bought this car I was happy. I could drive it, no problem. That is the most important thing. I think the salesman was quite disappointed when I told him he does not have to organise my car radio with its many stations. It was the same with the telephone connection. When I am in my car I drive it and go where I want to go. Sometimes Mr. Swiss calls me on the phone which is OK, as long as it is not in the car, because I then ignore it. I have never bothered to find out how the GPS works.

Today I had a purpose, something about when I should change the oil. I arrived at the garage and a young lady at a desk asked how she could help. I told her I was not really sure why I was there, but I think I should soon have my annual service. We then went together to my car and she switched on one of those bord screens where I see the various details of my car. She showed me how to find the information I needed on the screen and after a few minutes I discovered it was not so difficult. She was a wonderful person and really a big help and I did not feel like a complete idiot. Somehow woman to woman is much easier as woman to man.

And now the best of all. I do not have to take my car to the garage for a service. They would fetch my car from my garage and bring it again after the service is finished. It is a service they have. They just leave their own car in my garage while the service is being done. I am so glad as for me it is really complicated to travel with the local train and bus to arrive at the garage with my walker. Climbing the steps with it is not very easy and public transport tends to shake from side to side causing me to lose my balance. Balance is not something that I have.

The best of it all is that my service and oil change is only due in Autumn and I can then combine it with the winter tyre change. What could be better? I am now a very happy person.

FOWC with Fandango: Clear

FOWC with Fandango: Refuse

Garbage Burning Zuchwil 16.01.2020

If I stand at the top of the river bank I can look over towards the little village of Zuchwil. Not such a little village, it once had many factories, names like Sulzer and Robert Bosch remain in my memory, but now no longer. I even worked for the Scintilla, which was a  connection with Robert Bosch, in my first job in the area. A memorable place for me, where I met Mr. Swiss, but that is another story. The factories closed or were reduced in size and production is now being made in other places. One industry still remains.

Our garbage burning plant is there. The chimneys pour out their smoke day and night and we are assured it is not dangerous to the environment.  I have taken many photos of it over the years, but it always seems to look different according to the background or how the wind is blowing We all produce garbage, and in our area it is collected in the  official plastic bags and afterwards burnt.  The bags are quite expensive, but help to cover the costs of burning. and they are quite original in design.

Garbage bags 19.02 (2)

They demonstrate their hunger for the garbage.

If you have anything larger, such a furniture you can take it yourself. Mr. Swiss once took two armchairs. You drive onto the scales with your transport and it is weighed. Afterwards the refuse is tipped into the eternal fires and again the transport is weighed. The price for burning is then calculated according to the difference in weight.

And what other garbage burning plant has the mountains of the Bernese Overland in the background, including the Eiger.

FOWC with Fandango: Refuse

FOWC with Fandango: Valid


Today I got the results of my blood validation test, at least I think I did. A few days ago Mr. Swiss and I both made our annual appointment to see if the red stuff revolving in our bodies was good enough to use. I am diabetic and also have MS combined with injections every 2 days and Mr. Swiss has a bit of everything.

The idea is we should have a our blood checked at least once a year if not twice. I discovered that my last analysis was almost 2 years ago. Mr. Swiss had an appointment today so he picked up my results as well. A copy had already been sent to my neurologist.

I was now presented with a sheet of paper with all the results. That is the problem. Basically everything is fine, Mr. Swiss as well, as there is no cause for excitement or making my last will and testament. I noticed in the hematology section that my neutrophile values have increased and the lymphotocytes have decreased, although I did not realise it myself. There are quite a few thick black arrows going up and down.

As said I feel OK and I now have it on paper. I am still searching for my sugar values, but am not sure of the correct words that I need. In any case I will continue munching my chocolate and carry on life as usual. Why can these medical people not write in a normal language?

FOWC with Fandango: Valid

FOWC with Fandango: Egregious

18.01 (69)

This is in the underground path to town. It enables you to avoid the traffic when crossing the road. What is this egregious buiding. Yes, I used the word, but am still not sure whether correctly.  I even consulted the german meaning, and I must honestly say it made more sense. The word “ungeheuer” means more to me than egregious. I think I have been away too long from my english surroundings.

I am drifting. What is this desolate building in an underground path. Its original purpose was a kiosk. You could buy newspapers, your lotto tickets, and magazines. There was even the opportunity to buy sweets. This must now be at least 20 years ago, although I believe more. It was closed as it probably was not showing any profit. It has not been used since. I often wonder what it looks like behind the closed blinds. Perhaps it is now used as prison cells for criminals. The blinds have not been moved for the last 20 years.  If you ascend the slope to the world above,  the local police station is the first building you see. Ungeheuer isn’t it?

FOWC with Fandango: Egregious