FOWC with Fandango: Carry

Me, mum and dad

I was always tall for my age, even as a 3-4 year old. Here I am on the left with mum and dad dressed in the style of the early fifties, almost like Princess Anne of England, although the quality of the coat was probably not the same.

It was a working class family: dad with he customary cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth and mum next to him. We were on holiday in Blackpool, a sea resort in North England. In those days you didn’t walk around in the bathing dress in the street or wear sandals with bare feet, it was all nice and neat.

And note, no-one was carrying me, that is until it was necessary, generally to do with the financial situation One of mum and dad’s favourite outings on holiday was a visit to the local horse racing course if there was one.  I do not think Blackpool had one, but we would often go on holiday to Great Yarmouth and sometimes a day out near London if there was a race

Mum and dad always took me with them. It was when we approached the entrance to the racing track where we had to pay at the cash desk. There was always a notice saying “children in arms free”. This was the signal for mum to struggle and pick me up and carry me into the stadium, because if she carried me the entrance was free.I was not really heavy, just rather large with long legs and arms and of course, I was not very happy about this. I felt stupid, but saving an entrance price with a child in arms was worth it. I remember my uncle and aunt, who had twin boys, often came with us and all three of us were being carried. I do not think any of us were very happy, but so was life in the fifties.

FOWC with Fandango: Carry

FOWC with Fandango: Shed

Garden Shed

My garden shed has its own secret way
There are things that creep, they always have their say
The insects are happy, have legs oh so many
Feelers on their heads and there are plenty
I once saw a spider he was big and expanding
There was also a centipede, and it was standing
Beetles are many, with legs more than six
The can be very fast and get up to tricks
Yes it moves and it squirms, better not to touch
Just keep the door shut and it will not do so much
Garden sheds are strange, they hide what they will
I once saw a mouse that wanted to kill
There are scissors and wires and bottles of strange things
And some of the creepies they also have wings
So if you look in the shed, do not shine a light
You might see something strange that will give you a fright.

 FOWC with Fandango: Shed

FOWC with Fandango: Haphazard

Export Department

My desk in the office did not always look neat
This was just for the photo, when I was sweet
In my head it was organised, although deepdown was a chaos
If you walked past, perhaps more like a pathos
My piles of papers had dog ears on the corners
They were not neat, more for the mourners
My boss shook his head and was sure I would lose it
I stayed quite cool and never abused it
He called for a document, I searched and eureka
In the meanwhile he drank coffee whilst I was a seeker
But somehow I found it at the bottom of the pile
Not in a second, it usually took a while
I had goods to send all over the world
They always arrived, the papers uncurled
Today I am different, it is really not so bad
I have nothing on my desk, not even a hapazard
Everything has its place, it is all in my thrust
But I do it because I want to, and not because I must
My boss is now retired and forgot all my sins
I am also retired, no longer needles and pins
Looking back through the years, was it really a splatter
We all survived, so what did it matter

FOWC with Fandango: Haphazard

FOWC with Fandango: Tryst

Me on the computer

They met in Internet decided to persist
He sent a photo, with him she had a tryst
He resembled Brad Pitt, with a wet t-shirt on his body
What a wonderful looker, he was really not shoddy
When he saw her, he loved her blue eyes
They were meant for each other, oh what a surprise
Everything went well, his glasses supermagnified
She did not realise that his photo was lied
Because her glasses were thick and all was distorted
Soon they got married after they courted
Their children were beautiful, they were really convinced
But when others saw them it was more like a whince
Internet is perfect for finding your lover
If the glasses fit, there will be no other

FOWC with Fandango: Tryst

FOWC with Fandango: Impose

Gul (1)

It was impressive to see them floating on the river
Where do they come from, arriving from hither
The gulls have returned after a summer of ducks
They are very imposing, a real deluxe
A day in Spring they decided to go
Perhaps to the sea, I really don’t know
But when Autumn arrives they return to our land
Switzerland has no ocean, but it must have been planned
Floating together in a synchronised swim
I am sure it was their aim and not just a whim

Gull 02.09 (3)

They occupy high places to look down below
Now they are here to stay and do not intend to go
The swans are amused and swim with them together
On a river in a country with Winter snowy weather
So let us be happy that they find a comfortable place
One day they depart again without leaving a trace

FOWC with Fandango: Impose

FOWC with Fandango: Property

Estate 23.07.2018

What is growing in the landscape in our area? Yes, we are in Switzerland and in Switzerland everything is organised. You cannot just build where you want to, it must fit into the surroundings.

You must show the outlines of what you wish to build at least 3 months ahead before the building work begins. It might be the case that someone does not want this high building planted opposite where he lives. I noticed myself when these poles appeared that I was not in complete agreement. with the height. It means that my view of the tall trees opposite is now reduced to only the top halves. Mr. Swiss finds this is not so important, but he is Swiss.

However, someone did have a problem with something and raised an objection. These poles appeared in April and only this week were they removed, meaning that the objection has now been dealt with by the local council with a building delay, and has not been given permission. Now the building work can begin.

We will now have trucks moving back and forth, excavators digging holes and cranes being erected to complete a new property for housing people. The property will be bought flats, as ours, but will they be sold? In Switzerland we have far too many empty apartments, because they have been building everywhere and everyone already has what they need.

FOWC with Fandango

FOWC with Fandango: Belong

Poster Cow Horns 08.11.2018

Yes, our Swiss cows want to belong, so say “Yes” to cows having horns to make them feel better.

That is the translation of the poster on our local road. Below in smaller letters “Yes to the Horn initiative on 25th November 2018”

Yes the Swiss are voting again, not unusual. We have referendums every 3-4 months. On 25th November our votes again will be cast and top of the list is the endeavour to make our cows belong to the universal communal cow tribes and to keep their horns. Are there any other countries where the horns stubs are removed from the heads of little baby calves by an electric burner before the little calves even realise that they might one day have horns?

I am not usually very political, but in this case a Swiss farmer in the alps has collected enough signatures to bring this issue to the vote. Today I received the official notification from the goverment. The booklet says the following.

“The People’s initiative for the dignity of the agricultural Animals (Cow Horn Initiative)

NO: The Swiss government and Parliament find the Initiative would do more harm than good. If it is accepted more barns must be built  where the cows must be tied up because if the cows have horns it simplifies their attitude. Cows with horns increase the danger of injury.

YES: The Initiative wants more farmers to let their cows and goats keep their horns. As this means that the farmers must work more, the country should support this with more financial help. In this case the animal world would be more in the centre.”

That is a rough translation of the official document, so what do we do. We have already voted by post and due to my forceful advice, I made sure that our family are voting for the cows to keep their horns. Yesterday I had a discussion with No. 2 son who finds we have worse problems to deal with, such as climate change etc. Of course he is right, but the cow problem can now be solved. According to the statistics it will be a very tight vote with 47% for the cows to keep the horns and 49% to have them removed. There is still a small percent of undecided.

I know this is of no interest of the all the people here, as probably it is does not come into the question because you probably have happy cows with horns. But look at the two cows on the poster, they are happy cows. It has never bee proven that the little calves have no pain by removing the horns. I am not a vegetarian and I like a good steak or beef stew, but let them live with their horns until their time has come. Wenn irgend eine Schweizer liest diese Wörter, denn Ihr wisst was zu machen ist. Wir wollen glücklicher Kühe. Entschuldigen Grammatikfehler.

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago in our village, the only cow herd we have with horns, all the others are hornless. Let our cows belong.

Cows 17.10 (2)

FOWC with Fandango: Belong