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Santa wait, where are you going? It is my birthday tomorrow on 6th December, you know St.Nicholas day where all the children celebrate in this country by getting a bag of treats, nuts, tangerines and sweet from you. You mean that on my 76th birthday I no longer qualify as a child. It seems I am too old for Santa. That’s life I suppose.
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FOWC with Fandango: Dangerous

This is a Bovi-stop meaning that all members of the bovine race (cattle) are not permitted to go further. They are to be found in parts of Switzerland where French is mainly spoken. We were in the Kanton of Jura and there are probably more cows than people living there. Unfortunately they cannot read as far as I know, so their cowboys have to tell them that they cannot walk any further. You cannot let the cows, or bulls, just walk around where they want to.
FOWC with Fandango: Dangerous