Good Morning

Clouds 20.11.2018

So let’s see what we have this morning. Our sky is grey again, but looks promising, so who knows. Yesterday afternoon on my wheelie through the top half of the village we had some blue sky, although it was quite cold. I was wrapped up in my scarf, padded jacket and gloves, so carried on regardless. I decided it was time to see what was going on in my village.

Church Feldbrunnen 20.11.2018

The sun was shining on the village church, which is always a good sign. Like all churches it is perched on a high point for everyone to see when they go past.

Castle Waldegg 20.11.2018

Our castle Waldegg was also looking good, although the gardens around it are now quite bare. Most of the flowers and plants have been removed for the Winter although I noticed a few arrangements still existing in the cemetery as I wheeled through.

Flowers 20.11.2018

I do not know what these are, but I think some sort of sage. The cemetery was empty, except for the permanent residents of course and I was the only living visitor it seems. It is on my way and gives me a good scenery when wheeling.

Cows 20.11 (2)

I was surprised to see a few cows out on the pastures grazing. Probably their last chance before the frost and snow arrives and before they disappear into the stalls throughout the Winter.

Chickens 20.11 (2)

The chickens seemed to be holding a meeting and discussion of the daily affairs, huddled together.

Goose 20.11 (1)

There we also a couple of geese around keeping an eye on the chickens, so everything under control. I do miss the summer days when there were all sorts of livestock moving around on the farm. The ducks were probably keeping warm in their various little houses now and the swans were nowhere to be seen. Again I seemed to be the only one moving around outside, but I needed the change from being cooped up at home. I was only away for just over an hour.

Today is again a shopping morning. My plans are made for lunch. I decided on a plain hamburger, garnished with some fried onion and baked tomatoes with fried mini potatoes. I think these little cooking experiments are the highlights of my housewife life. Otherwise no big plans for today and I decided to take it easy.

Today I will buy a Christmas cactus at the store. My online friend Marilyn reminded me in her post that they were beginning to flower again. The one I had last year suffered throughout our summer and it was not such a good one. I had bought a pink one, but the red ones are more resistant it seems to me.  As you can see my daily life is full of excitement.  I just saw a misunderstanding outside my kitchen window in the garden between a crow and a magpie. They both wanted the same piece of bread I had thrown out, but the crow won and the magpie is now sulking in a tree. I have just heard the first ambulance siren of the day passing through the village from the local hospital, not a happy sound.

And now to move on with the daily clean and tidy up. Mr. Swiss asks why I bother every day, but something is missing in my routine when I do not do it. I have a good feeling afterwards

So look that you also have good feelings today and make the most of it. Those that are still sleeping, enjoy it.

Flower Arrangement 20.11.2018

And here I am stealing another grave arrangement for the flowering greeting of the day.

Good Morning

First Snow

We got a little brushing of snow yesterday, but nothing impressive. It began in the morning with some ice crystals falling and after my lunchtime sleep, we had a very thin layer. Of course any outings were now cancelled and I watched it through the window.

I am a little later today, as it is cleaning lady day, but she phoned hardly able to talk as she has caught a heavy cold and is staying at home. Actually I do not mind because Mr. Swiss and I had a restless night behind us. He had back pains and I was restless in bed and did not sleep very well at all. I think it was because I probably slept too long yesterday lunchtime. The result was no-one really wanted a cleaning lady this morning, but I did not want to call her off. She did it herself with her cold and now we are settling down to a relaxing morning. I did my own cleaning and everything is fine.

Railway Barrier 19.11 (1)

Yesterday morning was a normal trip to the supermarket and just as we were leaving our estate the barrier descended from the local railway. I also noticed that we could see the Jura mountains in the background which are usually covered in clouds in the morning.

Christmas Tree with lights

When we arrived at the supermarket I was please to see that the lights were still burning on their Christmas tree. They usually turn them off before we arrive, but yesterday was a dull day.

Christmas Supermarket Decorations

Even the entrance of the mall still had the lights burning. By the way if you wonder what the name Ladedorf means, it is “Shop Village”. I am really not a Christmas person, but I do enjoy the decorations.

Mistletoe 19.11 (1)

On the way home from the supermarket I noticed that the mistletoe was again visible on the trees. During the Summer it disappears amongst the green lush of the tree, but as soon as the leaves fall in Autumn we see the bunches hanging again.

Now I just have to cook lunch and take it easy. If it would brighten up this afternoon, I would risk a little journey somewhere. I have not been through the cemetery or to the farm for some time. Sometimes I like to get out for some fresh air and see what the animals are up to.

Chickens 08.11 (4)

I just had a quick look through my photos and realised that the last farm visit was a couple of weeks ago. I am sure the chief rooster is missing me.

And now to cook something for lunch. It will be some sliced pork with veg and something we call Spätzli, which is a chopped pastry, fried in whatever you fry it in. I am a butter cook. It goes well with the sauce to the meat. Spätzli actually means little sparrows in English, although I do not know why it is called with that name.


And here are my spätzli. I could make them myself, but it is a lot of messy work and the ready made ones in the supermarket are very good. They are made with egg and flour and all the usual pastry ingredients.

And now I am off to cook and generally laze around. Today is a day of rest. I have even cleaned my windows, although no big job as they are quite clean. Just rubbed them up with a special cloth.  Mr. Swiss just remarked how clean everything is at home, but I have nothing better to do really.

Enjoy your day, take it easy, and no stress. It is not worth it, we get there eventually one way or the other.

Jura 10.11 (7)

Good Morning

Jura 18.11 (8)

We got a sky again. This was yesterday afternoon around 4.00 when I took a wheelie in my chair into town. All day we have grey in grey and in the later afternoon the clouds decide to lift and show us what is behind. I noticed that we now have a sprinkling of snow on the heights of the Jura but with temperatures of now about 1°C it is not a surprise. In the lowlands we still have green meadows, but they are no longer growing.

Rising in the morning is also now a slower process. I used to be ready to sit at the computer with breakfast around 8.00 a.m. and now it it 8.30 until I can make myself comfortable. I just have my little chores I like to get finished before taking it easy. There are curtains to be opened and blinds to be raised. I like light and air in the apartment. If there was a wash yesterday I clear it away and afterwards chop some bread remainders for the crows and sparrows. Making breafast and setting up the Mac computer is no big problem, but it all takes time. Then I sit and begin and then notice I left my mouse behind in the room where I have the computer. This is all done in slow motion with the aid of a walker and stick, but now I am here.

Christmas Tree Solothurn 18.11 (2)

So what did I see in town. It was quite empty, with a few smaller family groups taking a walk around. Our Christmas trees are now arriving. This one is on the market place. At night they are illuminated, but I do not take wheelies in the evening.

Zezghaus 18.11.2018

Our old Arsenal museum has again been decorated to represent a Christmas calendar. When December arrives they will begin to uncover the various windows and probably there will be a Christmas ornament showing afterwards. I do not really do Christmas, but enjoy the various decorations. It gives my camera something to do.

Von Roll House Smoke 18.11.2018

I noticed that in the garden of one of the town villas someone was heating an oven up in the garden, probably for roasting chestnuts. The house belongs, or belonged, to the Von Roll family of Solothurn, the place where Casanova once spent the night with Lady Von Roll so they say. I have told this story before, but we Solothurner people like to dwell on the old legends.

Swans 18.11 (3)

I wheeled down to cross the bridges over the River Aare and noticed that swan pairs are still drifting around seeing what they could find in food in the depths. Although it was chilly, I was glad to get out again and move around. I had quite a restricted week last week with visits to the hospital for infusions and not being on my best, but now things are normalising a little, although I am no longer as active as I was and everything is going in slow motion. I like to keep up my routine, but feel a little uncertain walking around. However I can still manage my daily cooking and cleaning. Just keep going is the best I find, no good giving up. I must admit I did have a little shock with the whole thing and it was the first time I really experienced a relapse with my MS.

Reeds 18.11.2018

I took this photo of some reeds growing on our estate. They have also decided to retreat for the Winter, but they will re-appear again in Spring I am sure.

I decided it was now time for the home run again and chanced the wheelie along the riverside. I like to watch the calm flow of the water and now and again meet a group of gulls or ducks making the most of it. And now I should move on to do the rest. I have some shopping to do this morning, the list has been made and I even enjoy getting out to the supermarket with a little bit of action.

I hope you all have a good start to the week or are sleeping comfortably in your beds at the moment. Some are already active I noticed on my computer, the late sleepers in the States, but I really appreciate your visits. We might be miles apart, but it is comforting to know that there is someone there.

St. Urs 18.11.2018

A last glimpse of the turrets of our cathedral as I was leaving town.

Good Morning

Back Garden

I was debating whether to say Good Morning today or not. I was hugging the bed a bit longer, being Sunday and really have nothing to say. Yesterday my No. 2 son visited with his family and there was a little more going on than usual, so I was a little exhausted in the evening. Although I could relax with a book in the living room. Life is not so bad as a golden oldie, not as much stress as there used to be. I think my son and family have more stress looking after a 15 month old that has now found his feet and discovering the world. The first thing we did was to put all little objects on top of a cupboard before he decided to discover their advantages.

I am still a big giddy from my MS problem last week, but am generally adapting to the new situation. Today I am hoping to do a wheelie in my chair this afternoon, perhaps in town, although Sunday is never very much happening. There is a nip in the air, but I think I will survive enclosed in gloves and a winter jacket.


Dinner is already cooking. I have a piece of beef which is slowing cooking for the next 3 hours and will add veg (carrots, celeriac, leek to it) with potatoes which will warm us all up for lunch, so what could possibly go wrong.

I still have a little bit of tidying up to do in the apartment, but no so much. Mr. Swiss is dithering on his computer in the living room and I am dithering on mine. We golden oldies need a little diversion now and again.

And through lack of interesting news I am now off. I have a blog to catch up with from yesterday. The subject only arrive almost at midnight yesterday. We Europeans always get the stuff later due to the time lapse and if it arrives late in the States, it is even later in Europe.

Have a good day everyone, let it be a good one.

Horses 10.11 (3)

Good Morning

Morning Back Garden

I am really getting fed up with this grey lid over my head every morning. I have not seen a cloud for at least a week, not to mention perhaps just a little bit of blue sky or even a sun ray. Although it is not so cold, at least I think so, it is depressing weather. Even the birds have forsaken their feeder in the morning although they usually arrive at lunch time.

Sparrows 16.11.2018

Sparrows are always hovering around to see if there is something available, but even they were only watching. I have to take the photos through the window otherwise they fly away.

Toast Hawaii

Yesterday evening No. 1 son was again off to a concert in town. No big deal, just a duo playing in one of the clubs that he likes to visit. This was an opportunity to make something for the evening meal that he does not like so much. Autistic people have their own taste in food, although my son usually eats until there is nothing left on the plate, but he is not a big cheese lover, prefers meat, although he will eat a cheese fondue or a Swiss cheese tart. So I made toast Hawaii. The last time I mentioned this, no-one seemed to know what I was talking about. This time I took a last minute photo: a slice of bread, slice of ham, a pineapple ring and cheese on top, over baked in the oven to give it a nice colour. Before eating I sprinkle mine with paprika. Mr. Swiss prefers his with paprika and grated nutmeg. It served us well for an evening meal.


Just as I was wondering to write about, I got visitors. I always have a bowl of water in front of my kitchen window, mainly for my cat Tabby, who finds drinking beneath a sky outside is more refreshing than indoors. Three sparrows have now arrived to indulge in Tabby’s water, although she is not bothered, she is already sleeping again.


The sparrows have now gone and Mr. Crow has arrive to see if there is anything left for him. A magpie also visited but he flew away before I could get a shot. It is a real active birdlife this morning.

And now I should get active as I have visitors for lunch, my No. 2 son, wife and grandchild, and I will be cooking, but everything under control. My MS problems are gradually settling themselves again, although I have to be very careful with movements. a slight giddiness is the remainder at the moment, but I have no stress at home and the week-end shopping is completed.

Migros Parkhouse 16.11.2018

At least we don’t have to do this, this morning. The supermarket is dealt with for the week-end, unless Mr. Swiss feels like a trip into the unknown.


Have good relaxing Saturday wherever you are and I leave you with an amaryllis I discovered yesterday in the store. It is amaryllis time again. I have already got myself one, a nice white one, but it has only just started to grow.

Good Morning

New Hostpital Building 15.11.2018

I am still stuck with hospital photos as it is the only place I have been over the last few days. Our hospital is quite big, but apparently not big enough and since a couple of years buiding is going on and a new building is being added to the buildings we already have. The original building is now quite old, and the newer was built about 50 years go, and now we have something more. We have a choice of general (6 people in a room), 2nd class (2 patients in a room) and the new building will only accommodate first class patients and 2nd class, if you can afford it. I have always been general. I like an audience when I am in hospital and time passes better when you have people to talk to. the nurses and doctors are very friendly and helpful.

Chinese Restaurant Dornacherplatz 15.11 (2)

Since I have been back and forth to the hospital for various infusions, I pass through a different part of the town, the suburban part. On the way is our first Chinese restaurant. We have two in town, but I must admit I have never eaten there.

Solothurn Station 15.11.2018

The area is a bit more modern built than our old town and here we are approaching the main station before turning left at the front. Just the normal street scenes in any town.

Today I hope for a more normal day. I composed my shopping list yesterday and have to go to the chemists to pick up my tablets for today and tomorrow and then it is finished. They wanted me to go to the hospital today for another infusion, but I said no way. I have shopping to do and other stuff on Friday and the doctor said no problem, I can now take tablets. I must say it all helps and I no longer have such discomfort, just a little giddy now and again.

Tomorrow I have visitors as No. 2 son, his wife and my grandson will be visiting for the day. I hope to get some better photos today, although I do not plan on going anywhere this afternoon. Now to the usual clean through and shower. I might not be around so much tomorrow, so no alarms if a post or two are not existent.


Our cat Tabby has already made his first morning walk and it seems everything is under control in the territory so what could possibly go wrong, and I will now be on my way to make my first walk with the vaccum cleaner. Mr. Swiss has already uttered a profanity because he had to empty the Dyson, but it is now ready for me. Oh the problems of a housewife.

Have a good day everyone and keep calm, no matter what. Tomorrow is again week-end.

And some flowers from the neighbour’s garden.

Flowers Estate 12.11.2018

Good Morning

Infusion Hospital

The real thing: me sitting on the bed in the hospital being infused with cortisone against infection. The whole thing goes half an hour and I have to go again today, so do not have a lot of time. I am becoming a regular customer at the hospital. I have already ordered my medicine at the chemists and can pick it up on Friday because I can continue with tablets until Sunday and then the whole procedure is over I hope, just for a relapse of MS. My giddy feeling has now disappeared although I am being careful of taking steps at the moment.

Poor Mr. Swiss also has his back problems and has been moving me back and forth to hospital. Luckily it is only a 5-10 minutes car drive from where we live.

I have not had a lot of time to do what I would like to do this week. No. 2 son paid a visit yesterday evening to see how mum was doing offering if he could help although there is nothing he can do. On Saturday he will be visiting with wife and my grandson. I thought I might have to call it off, but am now in my usual routine. I had a visit from the doc in hospital whilst I was there and told him I am just carrying on regardless and he confirmed it was the best method. There are people a lot worst than myself with MS, and I do not have such a strong case, although who knows what the future holds.

And now to carry on further. I am really stealing time at the moment as I have to go at 10.00 a.m. and have to shower and a bit of this and that. There is also a meal to cook. I was thinking of starting the spaghetti sauce now and reheating when I get home to lose no time. I also have No. 1 son to feed at lunchtime.

I hope you are all keeping well and no negative surprises. I am off, See you later in the day when I have this all behind me. Oh, how I hate stress so early in the morning.

Autumn Tree 14.11.2018

I even managed to get a photo of an autumn tree on my way home from the hospital yesterday. Always have a camera with you, you never know.