Good Morning


It is not getting any better. Since almost a week we have been covered with a solid cloud above. I have not seen the sun for a few days. Is this the armageddon that everyone is talking about, I hope not.

Undaunted I decided to find some fodder for my camera yesterday afternoon. It was cold, unfriendly and again all outlines were somewhat blunt. I seemed to be the only person going anywhere in the village, or almost.

25.01.2020 Feldbrunnen South (47)

This feline suddenly appeared. When he or she saw me with the camera it immediately changed direction. Eventually it decided that I was not a threat to its territory, nor did I have any food and so it walked past. I recognised it as belonging to one of the neighbours and now and again pays a visit in our garden for a water sample from my cat’s bowl in my garden. It’s a tabby cat with a difference and has most distinct markings on its body.

25.01.2020 Feldbrunnen South (31)

Further on my quest for something completely different I discovered that they were building again in our village. It is a rural village, surrounded by farmland, but now and again there is a space amongst the inhabitants which can be developed for more inhabitants.  I found two such areas, but not for houses, more apartment blocks. The modern trend is for senior living space, so the age average is being raised. Most of the families with younger children are gradually moving out and we golden oldies are being left to ourselves.

25.01.2020 Feldbrunnen South (10)

This was the general view I had from the village, it would have made an ideal background scenery for a supernatural film. Now and again a car would pass by, but just single appearances usually leaving or arriving at their homes. We are not so interesting for sightseeing.

25.01.2020 Feldbrunnen South (14)

The sheep pen was also abandoned waiting for the next arrivals in Spring. This was the sort of weather that makes you long for the winter to be gone. It was really bitter cold, although I was warmly dressed. When you travel by wheelchair there is not much chance of mobility to keep you warm. It is the only time that I actually wear gloves.

I decided it was time to return to the warmth of my home, but at least I had escaped to the great outdoors. It was an interesting experience to roam around alone, and I really felt like the last survivor, although one man crossed my path taking his dog for a walk.

And now onto the Sunday routine. Every day seems to have its own theme. At least it is stressless and I can please myself what I do.  I might even go for another wheelie in my chair this afternoon to break down the boredom, but this time in a more lively place. I really had the feeling I was approaching the river on my way to meet Hades yesterday, surrounded by gloom.

25.01.2020 Feldbrunnen South (21)

However I only got as far as the top of the river bank looking down on it all and decided to postpone my visit to Hades. He can wait a few more years.

So let us hope that in your part of the world there is daylight, perhaps even the suns rays are breaking through. Look after yourselves, I will be back later.

Good Morning


This is going from bad to worse at the moment. We seem to be captured by mist currently and it hovers all through the day. Yesterday I was on my way home from the stores. It was about 4.30 in the afternoon, and the mist began to get thicker. As I drove through the various streets I only had the outlines of the surroundings. I was glad to arrive home.

I now have a new game in my car to pass the time. Since I now have the correct screen on my car, at least the one I like, I discovered that I even see the names of the streets I am driving through. That is quite interesting, although I know most of them, I know this interests no-one, but I had Weissenstenstrasse, Grenchenstrasse, Herrenweg, Obere Sternenegasse (where we once actually had an apartment for a few years) and then Baselstrasse where I turn off into our little estate into the Mattenstrasse eventually arriving in my garage. My own street does not appear by name as it does not have any traffic. I also discovered that I should concentrate more on the traffic that the street names perhaps. It is really fantastic the progress we make with such gadgets. I suppose it is all combined with my GPS, which I must admit have not used up to now.


I am afraid my new photos are far and in between at the moment. I used to take photos constantly as a passenger when Mr. Swiss was driving but as his mobility is quite restricted now, more than mine actually, I have to concentrate on the road as I am the only driver in the family. I miss all those road events like tractors, road works and the surrounding fields. My only opportunity for photography now is from my window or when I take a wheelie in my chair. Wheelies are only possible at the week-end and perhaps a couple of afternoons during the week when I do not have other things to do.

I just got a reminder on my computer and iPhone that next week on Tuesday afternoon, I must take my cat to the vet. It is her once a year appointment, now combined with taking blood samples to see how her kidneys are. She is now on a constant diet of special food and a daily dose of medicine, but she seems to be bearing up for a 17 year old feline. None of us are getting younger unfortunately and time is really creeping up on me. I know too many people in the obits in the daily newspaper. Others I do not even recognise if I meet them on the street because their hair colour seems to have changed from their dark browns to a shade of grey or white, just like mine.

And now to go. It is Saturday, the week-end, but there are still things to do, although no shopping. If it does brighten up in the afternoon I might go for a wheelie somewhere, who knows.


Here is another wonderful bright and clear photo of the morning mists. That is not the sun in the middle, but  a street lamp. I hope your weather is a little more clearer than mine today. Have a good one and make the most of it.


Good Morning


Nothing very much to say this morning. The weather is not playing good at the moment and everything is shrouded in a fine mist in the morning with a plain grey sky above.


Even the water bowl outside has a layer of ice on the top. If I had nothing better to do this morning I would have remained hugging the bed, but a woman’s work is never done, according to my mum, so here I am at the kitchen table writing my daily piece of wisdom.

Even the birds are becoming rare in the morning.


Although my little robin arrived again yesterday – always same time and same place. She waits patiently until the sparrow group has gone and then she is there posing for a photo.


If I was a hungry bird I think I would also wait until this group of sparrows had disappeared. I am sure they are increasing in size and weight daily. At least I do not have any hungry birds here.

Yesterday I paid a quick visit to the garage and at last had a nice young lady that organised my car for me and explained very clearly a few things I wanted to know. My next visit will be in approximately 222 days according to the information on my bord computer screen. That is the magic date for my oil change. I also now know now how to organise the time on the screen of my car. It is quite simple really. I sometimes wish the instruction manual would be written in english, although even in english I swim a bit in the technical phrases. My clock in the car had decided it was summer, and it was showing summer time, an hour in advance. I know I am not the perfect driver and really only use the car to go the store for my shopping trips.

The time really flies past as you get older. Today is again week-end shopping and it seems only yesterday that it was last week’s Friday. I had quite a busy evening yesterday as I had a washing machine full of bed linen which had to be hung up to dry afterwards. I usually do it in the apartment overnight. I am well organised with the laundry stand and it dries overnight. The sequel is that I now have a pile to iron, which I hope to complete this morning. When I was finally finished with the laundry and emptying the dish washer it was already my bedtime. I had a quick look at the daily news on the TV, the BBC news, but decided nothing dramatic was happening in the world.

There was an interesting article in an online newspaper this morning. It seems that when Mr. Trump arrived in Davos in Switzerland for the WEF meeting all the people living in sight distance of his helicopter were instructed to close all their blinds and curtains. Some homes were also searched, this all being done by the Swiss authorities. How stupid can you get or perhaps they were worried that he might have a fall on the Swiss snow and ice as he walked to the car.

I must really be stuck for excitement at the moment if the only point of discussion is the visit of a man from the States.


I leave you with a very boring and uninteresting photo of the train barriers descending when I was leaving the village. I naturally had to wait for the train to pass and the barriers to be raised before I could travel further.

Have a good Friday, and remember tomorrow you can perhaps lay a little longer in bed as it is the beginning of the week-end, although golden oldies do not have week-ends: each day seems to be the same.

Good Morning


Just a normal very cold morning with a drab sky. I had to give myself a push to leave the bed as today is bed linen change day and I like to get an earlier start. Mr. Swiss used to do do it all, but with creeping golden oldie problems I began to help and now I do it all myself unless I need him to give a hand with the complicated parts. I broke my left arm about 8 years ago, and still feel the twinge when I have to cover a certain corner of the mattress with a fitted sheet. At the beginning the whole job was very exhausting, but I have now developed my own logistic over the years and manage the whole thing in half the time.


My jay again paid a visit yesterday in the garden. I was so excited when I spotted it the first time. Since then he brings his mate as well, takes some food and afterwards sits in the tree eating it.


I read somewhere they are hoarders of food and like to do it all in secret. They usually only appear when the other birds have left.


On my visit to the store yesterday one of the customers had left her two doggies outside to wait for her as they are not allowed into the store. As I left my car I saw them and naturally took my camera for a photo. They saw me and that two such small dogs could make such a barking, yapping noise I did not know. The pulled at their leads to get closer to me. If they were free to run around I might even have been a little worried, but they made such a perfect poise for the camera. The smaller one on the left was the noisiest. When I left the supermarket an hour later they were no longer there.

Otherwise it was just a normal day with no great surprises. This afternoon I will make a short trip to my garage to make an appointment for my first service. It is apparently now time for an oil change.  I also have to take Tabby, my feline, to  the vet next week for her annual jabs and check up. She has now been on special food for her kidneys and medicine once a day and seems to be keeping OK. Of course at the age of 17 she is now an elderly lady, and not as adventurous as she used to be. However, she still likes to have a little wander in the apartment now and again and look out the window to keep an eye on her territory. She no longer goes out so much, but we are having quite cold weather.

Although the results of my blood test were normal, Mr. Swiss had an appointment with the doc (we have the same doc) and she mentioned that my Vitamin D levels were low and I should take the drops. I must admit I still have my bottle at home and forgot them. However, it seems that everyone now needs Vitamin D. Is this something new and modern. Vitamin D is the sun vitamin, if I remember rightly, and something you give babies, especially if they are born during the winter months. Now it seems we all need them. Probably as  golden oldie they are important. Another signal to organise on my telephone. I already have one for my MS medicine NS  one for the dishwasher in the evening. My life is composed of acoustics.

And now to move on. I still have half the beds to complete and some housewife chores. Have a good day, will be back later.


Good Morning


Looked like the sun was on its way an hour ago, and yes now it has appeared, although very cold outside. I managed to keep myself warm enough at home with the morning routine: making my son’s bed (he is now at work), organising Tabby’s recycling tray (the cat) and feeding the birds and of course making something to eat and firing up the computer. The usual gang has arrived: the crows, magpies, my pair of jays and not forgetting the sparrows.


The only visitors I go yesterday were a few magpies


I managed to get one of them on a take off manoeuvre but otherwise there was no great birdy action.

The only action we have at the moment is the arrival of Mr. Trump from the states. It is a real comedy show, although it is becoming more and more difficult to laugh. He is facing an impeachment trial, but still manages to arrive in Davos for the WEF conference. Even the commentators on the news were quite critical about his visit. One said he was probably feeling comfortable  amongst his friends, the rich businessmen. They added that he was not longer regarded as such a friend and was mainly being ignored. Die he speak about the dangers we have with climate change etc.? No, he did not, but he did say that we have too many “doom prophets” in all countries, dismissing it all as some sort of fairy story. He added, of course, that he is working on the problems and eventually America will have the cleanest air from all. He did not mention that their production of carbon dioxide in the world atmosphere is second only to China.

Of course Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager, also had her say at the conference. I am not really a great follower and supporter of her, but must admit that I am glad she is there. At last someone who is speaking clearly on the problems. She is very aggressive, but you have to be aggressive when dealing with the politicians that only see the profits to be made by fracking etc. I even read somewhere that Mr. Trump said he has created thousands of new jobs. I am sure he has, but what jobs he did not say. Someone has to replace the immigrant labour force that is now kept behind a very expensive wall being built. They once built a wall in Berlin, it no longer exists, but there are people that have pieces of the broken parts at home as reminders.

So enough of politics. It is  a comedy show similar to Monty Python, but Monty Python  presented the jokes to laugh, certain politicians think they are doing a serious job in their delusions of power.

And I am now off. Today I have some shopping to do, but no stress. I called my garage yesterday as my first car service in looming on the horizon. It is now a little more than a year since I got my new car. It has only 2050 kilometres which is not very much, but I still have to get the oil changed and have it looked at. I should also have it washed, which is not something I ever do. I hate those washing tunnels. Another problem is not having my car for a day and having to travel by local train and bus to pick it up again which can be very complicated when travelling with a walker. The guy on the phone said it would be a good idea to just call in and talk it over when making an appointment. By car it is only five minutes away, so that would be a good idea. Perhaps I can organise something. Mr. Swiss said perhaps I could have a car for the day from the garage, but as I can only drive an automatic, I said that might be a bit difficult. Let us see.


In the meanwhile I will be busy dabbling with a little housework and try to calm down by watching the river flowing past.

Enjoy whatever you are doing, if not, make the best of everything.

Good Morning


It looked quite good when I stopped hugging the bed, but the sun has only now discarded the cloud cover three hours later. I must admit I am also not so fast to rise in the morning: otherwise very cold, but no rain.

Today is cleaning lady day and she has been busy in my kitchen, has now progressed to the bathroom and the grand finale will be the shower. I must admit, I am so thankful for what she does. Admittedly she is paid, but she invests care and responsibility. I was talking to her this morning about her country of origin which is Columbia. It was an interesting discussion and it seems that Columbia is doing OK, but they also have their problems. It began with cooking food, of course. When two women discuss it often begins with food. She said that Columbia has plenty of meat, and a good choice of grain, the Andes being an important region for supplies. She cooks Columbian and Swiss. A big problem in Columbia are the immigrants they have, mainly from Venezuela. It sounded similar to our European problems with immigrants entering from the poorer countries hoping to make a better living. Otherwise economically Columbia is doing well.


I had a nice little surprise one morning this week when I saw a flash of red outside and a robin was perched on one of my raised beds. I love these little birds, but they are really the loners of the bird world. I never see them together with other birds, but only alone.

10.01.2022 Baselstr Cemetery Waldegg (6)

My jays are now becoming regular visitors and they arrive every morning for breakfast. At first there was only one, but now I notice it is a pair. I have no idea who the lady is or the man, but I am looking forward to marital bliss in Spring if they begin raising a family. They also keep themselves separate from the others and sit in the trees watching until the coast is clear. No-one wants a crow or magpie disturbance when collecting food.

Yesterday I was on a shopping trip and apart from a package of Pepsi Cola it was a nice compact shopping tour. It certainly makes it easier when you have a detailed shopping list: one of the advantages of being a cyber housewife. My Iphone accompanies me all day and when something comes to my mind that I must buy, I jot it quickly on the list. When I eventually go shopping everything is nicely organised. Our chemist is also well organised. If Mr. Swiss needs something I can just call in the morning to ask if they have it. If not they order it from the local supplier and it is delivered in the afternoon. I can then pick it up after shopping at the store as the drug store is in the same complex. It certainly pays off to be organised.

Today I have an extra tour to the doc with Mr. Swiss. I will drop him off, return home and he will call me when he is finished. It saves me time and the bother of driving into the parking silo.

And now to move on to better things, like finishing cooking the lunch. Enjoy the day, have fun, or just make the most of it. See you around later.


And enjoy your meals, like this horse I met on my trip to the farm.


Good Morning

10.01.2022 Baselstr Cemetery Waldegg (72)

The day begins with a freezing cold morning, no sun and a few clouds, although this photo is from yesterday afternoon when I went for a wheelie in my chair. The weather report had then already predicted we will be having the coldest night in the year, and it definitely was. The strange thing was there was no ground frost and the grass did not have the usual white surface from the ice.

10.01.2022 Baselstr Cemetery Waldegg (47)

Yesterday afternoon I made my way to the local stables with attached chicken run to see how life was going for them all. I heard the animals before I saw them. The geese were having quite a loud conversation and the chickens were joining in. I think this is the rooster in the photo.


They have shifted the chicken coop in its movable house to another place, but they are not yet let out to examine the surroundings. Perhaps it is too cold for them and I think these are the egg layers. There is  a second chicken house where they are running free.


I find chickens are fascinating creatures. Probably another symptom of growing up in a town as big as London. The only chickens I ever saw when I lived there were on a plate for a meal although our neighbours did have chickens in their back garden when I was a kid, but mainly for their own food I believe.

10.01.2022 Baselstr Cemetery Waldegg (36)

I wheeled on and noticed I was being watched. The kid goat was getting inquisitive. His mum was not far away.

10.01.2022 Baselstr Cemetery Waldegg (38)

Otherwise it was a usual Sunday with nothing special happening and I was already home after an hour’s tour. It was quite cold and dreary. The sun decided to stay behind the clouds.

10.01.2022 Baselstr Cemetery Waldegg (71)

The stables are in the surrounding grounds of the local castle Waldegg, so I stopped past for a photo of the main entrance, although it is rarely used.  I think it is just there for the show of it, you generally enter on the other side. It was looking quite colourful as some of the shutters were closed. It used to be inhabited by the von Sury family, one of which was serving in the Swiss guard in the Vatican, but that was many years ago. It now belongs to the Kanton of Solothurn.

Today is again Monday, so time to go shopping again, but that will be this afternoon. I also have to make a call at the chemists for a few items.

And now to the daily chores: a little clean up of the apartment and I have a lunch to cook.

10.01.2022 Baselstr Cemetery Waldegg (16)

On my journey I take a short cut through the cemetery and saw this bright display on one of the graves. Even Winter has its colourful side.