Good Morning

Early Morning

A very light sprinkle of snow this morning, but it is icy cold. The water in my cat’s bowl was frozen solid. If you look carefully you can even see the first crow of the day in the background on a foraging expedition.


The next visitor was a magpie seeing what he could get before the crows arrived.

Yesterday was a typical lazy Tuesday. The weather was cold and there was a cloud blanket over everything, so I decided to stay at home. My lunchtime sleeps are getting longer unfortunately. I should really give myself a push and stop hugging the bed, but it is so warm and comfortable. I saw a guy arriving for us and was sure it was the plumber. However, he was dressed too business like for a plumber and it was our insurance guy who I though would be arriving on Thursday: a moment of golden oldie confusion. We decided that my wheelchair should be insured and it seems that there is a so-called electric insurance that covers all electric stuff, including computers. As we have a few computers, we decided to go for it. Electric wheelchairs are also expensive objects, and if anything happened to it, it would be an expensive replacement.

As the insurance guy was finishing the plumber arrived about our shower. He fittend the new hose in a couple of minutes and we had a look about having a seat built into the shower which seemed to be a good thing. Both Mr. Swiss and I are having balance problems and our legs are no longer as good as they were, so we decided to go for it. It will mean a day of hammering and boring to get it attached to the wall, but nothing out of normal and we are not getting younger. It will be a seat that claps down when you need it so will take no room in the limited space of the shower. At the same time he can fit a good metal soap holder and a grip on the wall for support when standing and sitting. We are not rolling in  money, but at our age, prefer to spend it on such improvements to our life style.

Looks like my idea of a new camera and lens will have to wait a bit., but you have to get your priorites settled.

Today I am off to the store for to find some food. Yesterday was rice, tomorrow is spaghetti so it looks like today will be something with potato, but preferably fried and not boiled. In the evening cold cuts, although is getting too repetitive, but we have no alternative suggestions. I might fry an egg tomorrow with a slice of thick spam (Fleischkäse Swiss style). And that seems to be everything organised.


I noticed the store again now have primroses in the gardening department on my last visit, so it seems that Spring might be arriving eventually. My crocus are already poking through in my flower beds.

And with this bright promise of the warmer times to come, I wish you all a good day. Look after yourselves and if it is cold outside, you can always curl up with a computer.

Good Morning


There is really not much going on outside at the moment. We have the same dreary sky, cloudless and moonless (have not seen the moon since its spectacular appearance in other parts of the world). All I have to offer are a few trees, leafless and waiting for the Spring to arrive. We still have temperatures moving around minus to 0°, but at least no snow or ice.


Some time last Summer this reed began to grow in my garden. Actually it started the year before, but expanded a little last year. I thought it might be the remainder of a Japanese reed I once had, but that was a little different, much taller. I noticed a neighbour has the same thing, so probably a seed found a place in the garden or the roots crept over and settled. I left it for the Winter and find it quite decorative. I just hope it does not have bamboo similar aspirations to grow and spread and take over.

Yesterday was a morning of shopping so I was too exhausted to go anywhere in the afternoon. As a lone shopper I have got used to my new routine of going alone, although there are times when I do miss a partner with me. Mr. Swiss and I did so much together, especially after I also retired and shopping was one of the items on the list. He would usually drive, I would take photos on the way (sometimes to his annoyance) and we would shop together. I miss the conversations in the store, buying together and just the general atmosphere. He is feeling his age and can no longer manage such excursions. Now and again he might come with me, but life is not longer the same. We all get old and our patterns of life change with it. And so I go to the store and return and he helps to unpack the goods and I cook.


I just heard quite a commotion outside and had a look. It seems that the crows were having an active discussion about who gets the best pieces of bread.


However they soon calmed down and realised there was enough for everyone and so I got a murder of crows in front of the window, five of them altogether. Needless to say the bread reserve has now disappeared and only the crumbs are left for the sparrows. As I take the photos with my mobile telephone, they are not as sharp as I would like them to be.

And now to go. I have booked the plumber this morning to replace the shower hose and head. Since I now use the shower as the bath is no longer a possibility with my handicap I noted there are a few things I would like to have improved. My No. 1 son never bothered with such stuff as the main shower user.. I also want to see if I can get a folding seat constructed in the shower. I do not need it – yet, but one day I probably will. I can stand OK in the shower, but I only need one dizzy spell and we will have the problem. I am now celebrating the first annual anniversary of breaking my leg.

Swan 19.01 (18)

And leaving you with a swan photo out of the water for a change searching for eatables, I wish you all have a good day.

Good Morning

Full moon in the afternoon 19.01 (2)

No super blood moon eclipse here this morning. There were too many clouds and to be quite honest, 5.00 a.m. is not my time of the morning, even 6.00 a.m.  I am still hugging the bed, or drifting through my iPad to see what has happened during the night on WordPress. I took this photo on Saturday early evening as I was wheeling home along the river path. I was quite astonished to see such a big moon. Although a little pale I took my photo. It was later I discovered that it was the overture to the big moon show.

It is still cloud cover here so nothing spectacular to see.


Another one of my first duties in the morning is to fill Tabby’s bowl with water outside. Of course she also has a bowl indoors but the bowl outside seems to be the big morning highlight and she waits for me to go outside in the freezing cold to complete the job. When she is finished she goes for a sleep, being exhausted from her sleep during the night, and the sparrows move in and take a drink

Yesterday was a day of rest. The sun decided not to appear in the afternoon and it was not very welcoming weather for a wheelie in my chair. I did not take one single photo, but there was nothing worth a photo. Instead I am still browsing around for a new camera. I have decided which one it will be, and have now also seen a super lens which I would like. It  costs as much as a new camera, but is a 500 zoom lens. Otherwise I have enough lens to fit a new camera as they are all Nikon. However there is no rush. I will probably wait until Spring arrives. After buying a new car, I will have to look at the financial side of it.

Money would be enough, but I am not getting younger and you never know what might lay ahead for care programmes and I notice in Switzerland that it is usually the wealthy that can afford something decent. I want to stay in my own four walls for as long as possible, after all I have a new car and want to travel for the next 10 years at least. I am continuously hearing stories of people with relations that are over 90 years of age and still travelling on four wheels (car not wheelchair). Even Prince Philip of England still drives his land rover, or did last week. He probably now needs a new one as he had a little crash with it whilst leaving the palace

Swan 19.01 (6)

By the way I noticed that family swan were still swimming around. The little cygnets from last year are now almost real swans, but still with some brown feathers. As I was taking the photos a young lady stopped to look and asked me if I was shooting the transition from ugly duckling to beautiful swan. I also met another groups of divers as I was wheeling along. They had finished them session. I asked one of them what they actually find in the river and he said a lot of Wels Catfish. Of course you never see them unless you dive for them.

Today is again shopping at the store, and the list is made so what could possibly go wrong. I am now on my way to complete the morning programme. Take care. It is another Monday morning, the start to the week, so who knows what will happen.

Clouds 19.01 (2)

Good Morning


As long as there is a patch of blue somewhere, you know there is a chance of the day being bright and sunny, despite the temperatures of 0°C, at the moment -5°C, but it is early morning.   I noticed yesterday evening that the daytime is now longer and at 5 in the evening it was still quite bright outside. Yes Spring is around the corner, but first we have to say goodbye to any snow that just might arrive to keep up its reputation.

Jura 19.01 (1)

At last they let me out yesterday afternoon. It was my first journey in the wheelchair since the guy fixed it and everything was working fine again. It was just a matter of fitting a few screws in the right places. I had a collision with a cupboard at home because of a key protruding, but I now remove the keys before maneuvering out of the apartment. It is always complicated when I come and go. I have to have someone to open doors and close them again when leaving the apartment block. One of the first photos I make is the local Jura chain of mountains. I had not seen them for a while because of cloud cover, but now they had returned. It was a sunny afternoon and they were now covered with their normal layer of snow.

Kronengasse 19.01.2019

I took a bit of a different route when I entered our local town of Solothurn yesterday and went by the back entrance of our cathedral. I arrived at the top of the 33 stairs (dividable by 11, the Solothurn number) and had a view down onto part of the local Hotel Krone and another building of the old town.

Hauptgasse von St. Urs. 19.01 (2)

The best part was to look down from the top of the steps for a view of the main street into town, if you can call it a main street. Traffic is only allowed if you are delivering stuff to the local busiinesses or bring guests to the hotels. I also have permission to drive into town if I am on a visit to my doctor or other business, due to my handicap, although I usually use my walker, when not in my wheelchair. I do not like the idea of weaving my way on the cobblestone streets among the pedestrians in a car.

Landhausquai 19.01 (1)

Due to the wonderful sunny weather, although a slight nip in the air, the river bank restaurants had put out their chairs and tables again and it was full of people relaxing in the sun with a drink, or taking a walk. The river Aare also makes a good background to the scene.

I crossed the river to see what was happening on the other side. There is a wall along the bank and a favourite place for pigeons and now gulls to have a flying rest

Gull 19.01 (1)

I never see a gull during the year, but in Winter they arrive in flocks probably knowing that there will be a good meal somewhere.

I spent my usual two hours making the surroundings uncertain in my chair and arrived home glad to be out and about again, with my camera of course. I had an evening meal to prepare (a mincemeat pie) but with my housewife training, it was no problem. I spent part of the evening uploading the photos. I am now seriously thinking about a new camera. Mine is now almost 10 years old and would like the newer model Nikon D7500 which always had good reviews. I only really need the basic camera, as all my lens are Nikon and fit on all the models. At least there is a small advantage in having a wheelchair, that you can easily take everything with you and do not have to carry it, although I often think it would be nice again to take a walk with Mr. Swiss as we used to when we were young and active.

And now to the daily routine. Have a good Sunday wherever you are and make the most of it.

Horses 19.01 (4)

The neighbours were also enjoying an afternoon in the sun.

Good Morning


It is cold, very cold with -6°C. Admittedly it has been colder, but not this Winter. It has not been snowing, probably too cold to snow, but the little bit we got yesterday is still laying around, unthawed. Luckily the roads and pavements are clear. Even the news  reported that yesterday was the coldest night of the year.

Yesterday was a shopping morning and for once there were enough parking places for all, so I did not have to complain. The store also did not have so many customers. I forget that it is only golden oldies and those that do not work that can go shopping during the day on Friday. The supermarket seemed to have a special day of multi packs. I had to get a bottle of descaler liquid as we have a lot of lime in our water. They were giving three bottles at a special price, so one heavy weight for the shopping trolley. Then there were the bulky goods like two rolls of kitchen paper. Eventually I had to sort it carefully in my various shopping bags and load it all into the car. When i arrived home I left half in the garage for my No. 1 son to carry into the apartment.

Today I will have a relaxing day, although I really want to get into town this afternoon. Yesterday I was too exhausted with the shopping and cooking lunch and compensated with a nice relaxing midday sleep, but this morning I am at home, stressless, and I hope to go. The sun has now appeared, the clouds are dispersing.


Mr. Crow and his colleagues appeared again for their morning bread and that is the big news of the day.

Since I have been driving again, I am basically only going to the same places so know the routes. Now I start thinking about other places and how to get there. This morning I spent at least half an hour (in bed) working out the best way to get to a neighbouring village. Not that I have to go there, but our local hermit lives there and these places are always useful to know. My new car has a navigator and a very modern radio, but I still do not use them. Of course the guy in the garage explained everything, and I nodded in agreement, but I never listen to the radio in the car as it distracts me from the road conditions and I have just not been bothered with the navi up to now. I know I should, but life for a golden oldie is just one big learning curve it seems to me. All these new gadgets are sometimes a little too much of a good thing.

Even opening the car door is no longer as simple as turning a key. Now you just put your hand on the door grip and the door clicks to tell you it has automatically opened. However you have to know where and how to put your hand. Yesterday in the garage I had to try different hand positions, until it worked. Of course it was my fault, but I felt like an idiot and what happens if I park the car and lock it and afterwards want to drive away again and the door does not open.  I liked my old cars with keys, because you did not have to think about how to turn the key. It just functioned.

S0 now to move on to the bathroom and life in general. Make the most of the day and take it easy. See you later.

Ducks 04.01.2019

Good Morning

Morning Snow

When I looked out this morning first thing I saw snow which I was not expecting. Admittedly it was cold enough, but yesterday was a rainy day, nothing special, and a bit miserable. It is not actually snowing and the sun has now appeared, so perhaps it was just a small guest appearance.

Today is week-end shopping day. I have made the list and am glad to get going early enough, although first of all I like to tidy up. I tried doing it the other way round with shopping and afterwards the housework, but that is too much stress. My first problem this morning was my breakfast. I have cherry jam, which I quite like, but unfortunately the cherries drop off the bread and I had a sticky mess on the table. Not so bad but then it dropped onto my leg and that was not so pleasant. I also make my tea when I rise, but have to make enough water that the “sir” only has to heat it for a minute when he rises. He seems to have a yearning for coffee and the quicker the better it seems.

I also had to take down the washing that had dried overnight. Yesterday the cleaning lady was here and of course she needs cleaning rags. I usually carve up old underwear which is very practical for wiping surfaces when wet. I must have had at least 20 of these rags on the washing stand. However, everything is now in its right place, so another job dealt with.


The sparrows seem to be thirsty this morning. Actually the water is there for my cat, but she had already had her morning drink and is now sleeping so the water is for everyone. There were also a few crows hopping around helping themselves to the bread pieces from yesterday. It seemed there was a crow disagreement with a lot of flattering wings and cawing. Three of them all wanted a certain piece of bread it seemed. They have now disappeared, each with a beak full of bread pieces and the sparrows have now taken over.

Sparrows 17.01 (1)

We seem to have the best fed birds in the area, but only get sparrows at the bird house. We used to have great tits as well, the ones with the yellow breast, but this year I have only seen a couple. Perhaps because it has been a fairly mild Winter up to now and rarely deep snow fields. One thing is sure, we have the fattest sparrows and crows in the neighbourhood.

When I began to drive a car regularly again this year, at the age of 72, I though perhaps I was getting a little old to be a driver again. However, I am amongst the best company. Prince Philip of England, the Queen’s husband, is still driving at the age of 97. He even got into the headlines yesterday. He was taking a drive from his palace at Sandringham and as he got onto the road he had a collision with two ladies driving a Kia. Luckily he was not injured, but his Land Rover ended up on its side. It looked quite bad from the photos. However, apart from being badly shaken up (at 97 years old – no wonder) he did not need any serious medical attention, just had a check up from his private physicians. The other two ladies in their Kia had to go to hospital, but were released on the same day.  It looks like I have a good driving future, at least another 25 years at the wheel if my time does not come earlier. I might even have to get another new car in the meanwhile, who knows.  There is naturally now talk in Great Britain if it would not be time for the Duke to stop driving, but apparently he is not so happy about that.  Perhaps he also has to do the shopping for the Queen at the supermarket.

And now to move on. We had an interesting sky yesterday afternoon, it looked quite mysterious.

Afternoon sunset 17.01 (2)

A sort of shape of things to come, quite a doomsday effect. And on this happy note I will leave you to your daily chores. Have a good day everyone.

Good Morning

Afternoon sky 16.01 (3)

We are not getting very impressive photos lately. The clouds are grey and boring, but in the afternoon they have been disappearing and we get the good skies as in the photo. Yesterday would have been a great afternoon for some photos but my wheelchair was waiting for a screw to fix it. The guy arrived yesterday afternoon with the necessary screw but it was too late to go anywhere. I had other stuff organised, like blogs to write and I was tired from the morning shopping and cooking.

Afternoon sky 16.01 (1)

I am later this morning. My cleaning lady has returned. She had her rightfully deserved Christmas break and afterwards was on a course training to become a helper. She had been working for a couple of weeks in a local senior home looking after the older people. Now she is back and busy looking after my kitchen, bath and shower this morning. I am glad. I can do it OK myself, but am not able to climb very well to the higher places. I am glad she is back in the old routine again.

Yesterday I was shopping again in the local supermarket. Perhaps I am crazy, but I quite enjoy going to the store. It gives me a change of scenery and I meet people. After buying my stuff in the same place for the last 20 years I really know most of the assistants and they know me.

Today who knows. I have spaghetti to cook for lunch, should now start. There is also a salad to prepare and if I do not oversleep after lunchtime I might even take a wheelie in my chair into town. They did say something about rain yesterday, but no sign up to now. I am hoping it will brighten up a bit for some good photos somewhere and the rain stays away.


And look what I found in my garden yesterday. The first snowdrops have arrived. What a wonderful surprise.

Enjoy the day, look after yourselves and remember, the Spring is on its way and will eventually arrive. Perhaps you also have some snowdrops somewhere.