Good Morning

Water drops

So it rained through part of the night. We even had claps of thunder yesterday evening. I heard a loud noise some time early in the morning as if somewhere something heavy had been dropped, or was my cat Tabby having a happy hour in the appartment. I did not really care, because the main thing was that I heard it all. I heard the noises of the night. I could near water running in the bathroom when I washed my hands. This morning I heard our buiders greeting each other when they arrived for work and when I eventually arose there were already sounds of work being done outside with various machines. I do not complain about these things any more, they are part of the background music to life. On Sunday and Monday my hearing disappeared due to my ear canals being blocked with enough wax to construct a candle. Yesterday the doc, may she live forever, removed the objects in my ear and lo and  behold, my hearing returned. I was one of the lucky ones, because normally I can hear with no problem.

Mr. Swiss is now operating the vacuum cleaner, sounds of life. OK, let’s not overdo it, but I am still celebrating my return to the world of sound.

And now to celebrate my return to a normal day in the life of the Family Angloswiss. I have nothing to interrupt my daily routine so it will be an excursion to the supermarket with Mr. Swiss as usual. There was a small problem yesterday when he was adding to our online cloud shopping list on the mobile phone and managed to delete the list. Luckily I still had the list on my mobile phone, so I had to reconnect him to the cloud. After a few tries, I remembered how to do it and now we are both on the same wave length again.

It was time for a new book and  I decided to take the plunge with the first volume of “Game of Thrones”, the title being “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin. I know that the TV series is breaking all records as the most successful fantasy epic, but I do not like sitting in front of the TV, binging through one film after the other. I like to take a stroll through the books. I was really unsure of this project, as the book has over 800 pages according to Amazon. However, Amazon allowed me to read the first pages free on their Internet site. There were so many characters and I had to be careful not to lose the thread. I also have my complete reading experience in the Goodreads site and saw a few remarks from those that have read this book. Most said that the beginning can get confusing with so many characters, but once you get into the book it all falls in line and it is really a great read. OK, uploading it on my Kindle (the machine that does not smell like a book, or feel like a book) was no problem, costing only 2-3 € which was really minimal. Had I decided to order a kilo of expensive real book with the heavy covers and pages, I would probably have a sprained wrist eventually by holding it. I am now getting into the book, having read 10%, and it is really well written.

Mr. Swiss told me some local news this morning. Any tennis followers may know the one time German star, Boris Becker. He is now too old to play, but trains Novak Djokovic who is not doing so well at the moment. Boris Becker is also not doing so well having Forty million Swiss francs debt. However, Boris has a damaged ankle joint which had to be operated and he has now been operated in our local clinic in Solothurn where they apparently have one of the best surgeons for the job.  My two sons were also born in this clinic and I have also had a couple of ops there. I had to pay for my treatment, although I was covered  by my insurance which I have to pay regularly. I was wondering how  Boris is managing to settle the bill for his treatment with so many debts. I suppose there is one law for the rich and another for the poor. Of course the whole thing was kept secret about this special patient, until he was realeased.

Enjoy the day everyone, be careful when cleaning your ears with cotton wool buds. Due to the rain, my garden is bursting with energy and here are my buddleia mixed with my tansy flowers.  I can almost hear them growing, although no quite, but with my new improved hearing it can only get better.

Buddleia and Tansy25.07 (1)

Good Morning

Clouds 24.07 (8)

The photo shows how my left ear felt when the wax plug in my ear was washed out with the mega syringe  the doctor was using. The blue sky shows how my hearing began to function, not completely, but it was arriving.

This morning it was another early morning. After a shower I had my bottle of wax softening ear drops ready, 5 drops into each ear and afterwards let them do their work. I was laying on the bed and my cat, Tabby, decided to lay with me as moral support. After 10 minutes the job was done and Mr. Swiss and I made our way to the doc. I heard now even less due to the cotton wool stuffed into each ear to stop the drops escaping. The doc was ready with her utensils and after emptying what seems like a liter of water into my ears under pressure, I heard again. I was released from my world of silence, I could even hear my own voice, and that was only one ear. Afterwards we moved to the right ear and the same procedure was repeated. I could now hear stereo.

I had survived, my ears were functioning again, but I had to sit for a while, as my system of balance also had to recover. I wanted to tell Mr. Swiss all about it afterwards, but he said he heard it all. He was sitting outside the surgery and it seems my voice was quite loud and carried through the walls. I was rejoicing. We learn from our mistakes. The first mistake is never ever use one of those cotton buds to clean your ears. I should have known better, but it was really not something I often do. Instead of removing the wax it pushed it nicely further inwards, resting eventually next to the ear drum. And to improve it all, I did it with the other ear as well. All I wanted to do was cure an itch in the ear. I had seen some really negative shots in Facebook of creatures that decide to make a home in an ear and my imagination ran away with me. That was the second mistake and I have now blocked these films in Facebook.

I can even now hear the workman marching on the scaffolding in front of the window and their machines creating wonders with our building.  Mr. Swiss is listening to music in another room and I hear my keyboard taps on the computer. It is something we all take for granted, and I now realise how it must be if you are deaf.

Yesterday the most popular Swiss pop musician passed away, Polo Hofer. He is known outside of Switzerland, perhaps in a few neighbouring countries, but his compositions were great. He was not an international success. He was from Interlaken, a Bernese, and had no star allure. He was a natural. He has been ill for some time. His last words to everyone were “Goodbye everyone, it was nice.” I will also miss him, visited two concerts, and he was one of the best. I know you not understand the words, but one of his most successful songs was “Alpenrose” (alpine rose) so for Polo

Good Morning


Morning everyone – I am here but not so much here as usual in the morning. I lost about 90% of my hearing in the left ear yesterday and was convinced it would come back on its own. It did not, so this morning it was off to the doc. She has given me something to soften the wax works in the ear and tomorrow morning I will yet again be missing early, as she has decided to clean my ears out tomorrow, both of them, just to be sure. It seems I have my own candle manufacturing plant in my ears at the moment.

Everything is so still at the moment, except for those that have to shout to make sure I hear what the are saying.

I will be back later. As my computer does not talk to me there is no problem with blogging.

Enjoy the day.

Good Morning

Blue Tooth Cars

These are the latest addition to my car park and I have never seen anything like it before, although leading a quiet life I am not so up to date. Yesterday No. 1 son returned from his holiday in Italy. He goes every year with a special group of handicapped, as he is autistic. He knows most of the colleagues that go with him. It is well organised and this holiday is for those that are not so handicapped with movement. He stays in a hotel, has his own room and usually spends the days on the beach. This is one of the reasons when he returns he has a very deep tan.

As he is quite independent, most of the time he can do his own things, and the group also went on an excursion to Venice which is quite near.

He usually looks around in the shops for some sort of souvenir and this time he bought himself these cars. They are not just inactive objects, but they do things. One of these new developments. He said everyone in the group bought one, he bought two. I call them a “blue tooth” car, because they do not only have flashing lights and a siren noise, but they talk to you something about a blue tooth connection. I am not sure how it works, but they have a built in radio, something to do with your smartphone. Son No. 1 does not have a smartphone, just a normal mobile.

Blue Tooth Car

Anyhow they are quite colourful and something completely different. He also brought us a souvenir from Venice, one of those fridge magnets from Venice. We now have quite a collection from his various holidays, but usually stick them to the door entrance to the kitchen which is metal.

Venice Souvenir

I was in Venice about 50 years ago for a few days at Easter. I was then single and carefree and we were four english girls all living and working in Switzerland that had met up somewhere and on a whim took the train to Venice from Zürich. We did not even have a hotel, but soon found a decent one. Venice is certainly something completely different, although at the age of 19 you do not really have so much interest for monuments, more the daily life of the male population. Needless to say it was an interesting four days.

This morning I have an “ear” problem. At the moment I have reduced hearing in the left ear which I hope will clear itself up eventually as it is Sunday and I am not in the mood to visit the ER at the local hospital, I have other things to do like cooking and ironing etc. etc.

It rained most of the night and this morning it will probably clear up again with a little sun I hope. Have a good Sunday everyone.

Feldbrunnen village 10 (3)

Good Morning

Clouds 21.07 (6)

Yesterday evening a storm began to brew overhead. There was high winds and the rain fell, although no thunder or lightening. My clean windows are now splashed again with the marks of building residue but nothing that a wipe over with a cloth will cure. This morning it is still dull but with a brightness in the distance which tells me it can get better. I used to be a summer person, loved laying in the sun getting tanned, but now I am content to sit on the shady side – must be a sign of golden oldieness.

I was thinking about going into town this morning, with the train, on my own. It is market day. I went last week and have now decided to stay at home and take it easy. I have a few payments to make online and why stress. I can always take a walk in the evening if I feel like it. Mr. Swiss will go on his own to the supermarket for a few bits ane pieces to ensure that we do not suffer from famine over the week-end.

Something was missing this morning and then I realised our builders also have a week-end and there was no noise to be heard. Yesterday Mr. Swiss and I had a conversation with the roof chief. He said they only have about 5 meters on the roof to work on and then they will be finalising the work by making everything green again: it seems to be the thing to have a garden on the roof. I asked when the day will arrive when we will all be invited for a cocktail party up on the roof to celebrate the new look. He looked at me with a doubtful look (as most people do when I make a brilliant remark) but said it was not planned as it could be a little dangerous. What is the point of having a roof garden when no-one is there to see it?

Mr. Swiss was again playing paparazzi at the supermarket yesterday. He said smile and took a photo as I was struggling up the hill to the main entrance. I find the trolleys quite good for me as I can do my shopping and do not need to used my stick I found they would be better than a zimmerframe when the day came when it would be necessary. He found that they would be a little to large for use in our appartment.

We have a problem with fly swatters at the moment, they disappear continuously. There are too many flies, that is the problem. I have a swatter in the living room, in the kitchen and in my little room that I like to call office, but I never seem to find one when I need one. It is summer and we have the windows open and they seem to prefer indoors than outdoors, probably where the food is. Some of them are quite computer freaks and often take a walk on the screen or the keyboard, but through weeks of practice I have now develped the right swat. Unfortunately it means having the dead remains on the floor afterwards.

Have  a good week-end beginning everyone, and take it easy, no stress. WordPress will stull be here in the evening – I hope.

River Aar 20.07 (9)

Good Morning

Jura 20.07 (1)

I escaped again yesterday evening. I was thinking about it all day, shall I or not? The last time I did a marathon I felt like one of those near-collapse survivors when I arrived home, because I missed the train home and had to walk. There was also a problem of having the zoom lens on my camera which is OK if your subjects are on the other side of the river, but not if they are in front of your nose. Sometimes simple brings better results than complicated.

This time I decided no train: a straight walk along the river bank and back again with a couple of pit stops on the way. It was a pleasant evening with a soft breeze. Although it was cloudy there was no rain. The photo above is of our local mountain, Weissenstein, where you can see the outline of the restaurant and some sort of radio mast at the top.

I plodded on and there were people sitting on the bank of the river here and there lazing in the evening sun, or perhaps taking a swim in the river. I always keep my eye on the river for an exclusive photo of something in the water. What I saw, twice, was the flicker of a tail and a quick furry body. Rats are everywhere, and they are the species river rats. You do not often see them as they tend to hide in the stones, but we have them. As long as they keep to the river they are not a great problem. I wish I had caught one on a photo, but they are so quick and very shy.

Horses 20.07 (5)

I saw a horse making its way across the field. There is a group of younger horses kept in this area which extends to the main road on the other side.

My actual target was to reach the next bridge which was built to connect the new secondary school for the students. This was really the limit of my walk, but I arrived in one piece.

River Aar 20.07 (13)

I managed to drag myself for a complete view of the bridge (photo follows on another blog), this is just a side view. The bridge is only for pedestrians and bicycles. I heard the clock(s) chime throughout the area and decided it was time to return as it was 8.00 p.m. and Mr, Swiss might be imagining all sorts of problems.

There was one small problem I had. Our local authorities decided that it would not be necessary to place benches along this stretch of the river. They were there, but without backrests and in concrete. I prefer the wooden type of thing where I can relax and so I continued, although I would have loved to have sat on a bench. My next meeting was with a man and his dog. The dog was chasing after a ball in the river and so I stopped for a photo.

Dog in Aar 20.07 (1)

The owner of the dog, a very nice man, laughed when he saw me taking the photo and wishes me a very nice evening. That is the nice thing about those walks, there are few people around, but they are friendly. I decided I needed the next bench, but when I approached it I decided to do the rest for home. I was already dragging my left foot, but was sure I would not lose it for the last few steps.

I arrived home, tired but happy and uploaded my photos onto the computer. No-one had missed me in the meanwhile. I decided that tomorrow there would be no walk, not wanting to overdo it.

Today is a day of shopping and tomorrow Son No. 1 will be back home some time in the early evening from his two week holiday in Italy, probably completely sun tanned. Enjoy the day, it is Friday and for the non-golden oldies it means you have a week-end to relax. Our life is full of week-ends. Keep well and do not go for long walks without a bench in between. A last look at a wild flower I saw growing by the river bank – no idea what it is.

Wild Flowers 20.07 (1)

Good Morning


My first view this morning from the porch was a murder of crows gathering, probably on their way to a conference. It is not yet migration time, and our crows do not migrate. They stay where they are, especially as Mrs. Angloswiss feeds them throughout the winter with her bread remainders. It is a breezy cooler day today, and even a few drops of rain have been seen. Unfortunately not enough rain to deter our builders from working with their machines.

The ladder to the roof is placed outside our sleeping quarters. In the early morning hours when the builders arrive at their workplace and ascend the ladder, they first of all have lengthy noisy conversations concerning the events of yesterday evening whilst I am still dozing. The appartment next to ours is empty and will probably remain empty until the building curse is finished, but they constructed the stairway to the roof outside our appartment. It is definitely not a stairway to heaven.

Mr. Swiss and I have been living without No. 1 son for almost two weeks and realise that when he is here, we never have leftovers. I have to rethink my food supplies. We have far too much bread remaining at the end of the day and with one less you do not bother so much with evening meals. For two people it is not worth the fuss and bother. Some cold cuts, cheese and a little bit of tomato and cucumber does the job nicely. I eat my bread and jam for breakfast, but otherwise one slice is OK for the evening meal. I should also rethink lunchtime cooking. I am still making enough pasta and rice as a supplement for lunch to feed an army. It will be reheated in the evening, but then we do not eat the bread. I am sure a third world family would be shaking their heads at these remarks.

Renovation 19.07 (4)

Yesterday I discovered that living with builders in the house can be dangerous. I was outside looking up in the scaffolding to see if anything exciting was happening. Just as I turned away a ladder dropped down in front of me. If I had still be standing there my fingers may have been trapped under the ladder. The guy on the next floor naturally did not see me standing there. A few seconds later a rubber tube arrived. On the other side of the appartent they had positioned cladding material on the scaffolding in front of my office window and in the evening we saw that a block of cladding material was dangerously placed in front of the remains of my hollyhocks and balloon flowers. Needless to say I “reminded” the workers to remove it before they made their way home.

Today is a day of rest for me. It looks like storm is approaching at the moment, but if the weather improves during the day I might venture an excursion this evening. I asked Mr. Swiss about our bus tickets and he was not happy. He suspects I am again planning something completely different for my evening walk. I have an idea, but no good causing too much worry, so I will keep it to myself.

My pink buddleia are now flowering. With this view I will leave you for the morning so enjoy. I will be back, I hope, this afternoon. Even a computer deserves down time in between.

Buddleia 19.07 (5)