Good Morning

A bit of a nip in the air today, but up to now no rain, although I think there might be a couple of drops later. As I am not going anywhere or have any plans, so no problem. The view is nice and clear towards the south. Mr. Swiss had his vaccination yesterday. Switzerland has now received material, enough to cover the golden oldies like myself. I will be having my jab on Monday afternoon and then we both wait for the second jab at the end of March. By coincidence we will be having it on the same day, although different times. You have to go when they call you up and cannot play with the time. I met one of my golden oldie neighbours yesterday and he said he will be going for his first jab next Friday, so things are moving along at last. We have the Pfizer vaccine which I believe originates in the States, although we are getting it via Germany. Mr. Swiss was feeling quite tired after a couple of hours and so he was off to an early night. He slept well and everything is now back to normal. He managed to get to the vaccine place and back with no difficulty with his scooter. However, he had forgotten to take his stick with him, which he needs for support when walking around. This was no problem, and the guy at the center fetched a wheelchair for him. He said he felt like a VIP as he was pushed around at leisure and brought to his scooter outside, in the wheelchair. Everyone was very helpful

This morning was a cat visiting day for their usual tasty bits. Roschti sits patiently outside waiting for his treats.

However this cat is getting more adventurous every day and enters the appartment in the morning. This morning she decided to explore the kitchen and jumped up on the surface where I have my meat slowly thawing out from the freezer. I ventured to give her an ear cribble and stroke over her head and she was quite happy, waiting for more. She took a stroll around and eventually took up her position outside for a few treats. I had 3 cats for 18 years and the last one left last year for her 10th life, so I love to see my visitors, although they actually own a couple of my neighbours.

Here is a photo of one of the storks that arrived last week from wherrver they go to in Winter I think ours are not so adventurous and are usually in Spain or North Africa, She might even be already sitting on an egg waiting for the first new arrival, We have a couple of these towers in the neighbourhood and I think they were originally for something electric, but no longer used, so the storks have taken them over. This one is just outside one of the high schools. It is apparently annoying when they make a nest on chimey stacks as removing the tons of material can be a problem in Winter.

The surrounding fields are quite bare at the moment, but it will not be long before the farmers begin to plant the crops and some life returns to the area. The trees are still quite bare, but there will probably be an explosion of new green leaves soon.

And I am now off to some housewife chores, just a little bit of tidying up. I was eating peanuts again in the living room yesterday evening whilst reading and they do tend to spread and multiply on the floor although my trusty Dyson vacuum cleaner will quickly remove them. Have a good day, may the sun shine somewhere, otherwise just be patient. Eventually it will appear. Even snow has its pretty moments.

I pass this house every time I wheel off along the road. It has such interesting trees in the garden.

Good Morning

Good morning everyone. As the golden sun rises in the East it looks like another sunny day. Yesterday was great, sunny and warm, almost too good to be true. Mr. Swiss said something about a light rain today, but no sign of a cloud up to now. I will probably be at home, I did enough wandering yesterday.

The good news is that Mr. Swiss and I are going to be vaccinated. It all happened so sudden. I got a telephone message from the vaccination centre for an appointment on Monday with confirmation of the second appointment end March. It seems that our Kanton has now received enough supplies to do the necesary. In the evening Mr. Swiss got a personal telephone call to say he could be vaccinated today, so he will be one step ahead of me. We are both glad. I suspect that our Kanton has now recevied the long awaited supplies. Afterwards there was a feverish search for our immunisation cards where all our jabs are registered. We keep them in an iron safe box and I found them. At least those from me and Mr. Swiss. I even had a couple of cards from my British days when I was immunised against polio as a kid. So now we ar ready to go. However, the card from my No. 1 son was not there. He is not yet on the list for an immunisation, but will be in the next month or so and so I sent him on a quest to search in his desk hoping it would be there.

About half an hour later he appeared with his immunisation card, so he is now ready. We have to take them with us when the time comes, as well as our insurance card, which we always have with us. It is a free vaccination service but we have to prove that we are insured.

I again ventured out yesterday afternoon for a wheelie. I just had to make the most of the wonderful weather and the sunshine. Vitamin D drops are Ok as a substitute, but the real sun is always better.

And look who I saw at the farm.

Our beautiful rooster was out and about showing his feathers off for the ladies. I am sure they were impressed and the result will probably be a lot of brooding with resulting eggs.

He is certainly somthing special. I have to laugh when he struts around with his very heavily feathered feet and legs.

There were also a few ducks around showing off their plumage.

And let us not forget the geese, although they make so much noise you cannot overlook them.

The horses were also out enjoying the weather. It was just a wonderful afternoon. I went a little further to the stork nest, but there was only one stork there and I only saw his head peeping through. At least they have arrived and there will soon be a family there. Everything is going so quickly at the moment, sometimes life can really be wonderful.

Meanwhile back at the Angloswiss ranch life was taking its usual course. I was talking to the neighbour and he confirmed that we are getting less and less birds. They are no longer so interested in feeding time as apparently they are finding plenty ot eat in the bearby forest. We are probably spoiling them too much. This blackbird arrived, but I think it was just a sighseeing tour. The gardener tidied up my garden yesterday and it is now looking muach better, so now I am really ready to go. Today will probably be a day at home. I will be getting a delivery this morning of some food supplies to get me through the weekend, including Monday.

And now to get on with my daily routine, no problem. Have a good day everyone. I say goodbye with yesterday’s photo of the local castle in the sun.

Good Morning

Looks like another wonderful day today, The sun is, no has, risen. Although there is still a nip in the air it will soon disappear and today we are again promised temperatures of 20°C. It is almost unbelievable and rare for the month of February. My days of isolation are slowly coming to an end and in the afternoon I like to go places and enjoy the weather. Yesterday I was at home in the afternoon and made myself comfortable outside on the porch with a book abosorbing the sunshine.

In between I baked a bread for the evening meal. Alhough I say it myself, I have now really got the routine and it is no hard work, just a matter of having the time to let it rise and bake it afterwards. I do not have a lot of work with kneading the bread as my kitchen aid machine does it all for me. I just have to put the pastry on a floured surface and knock it into shape.

This morning I went a step further with my bread experiment. As it will be a wonderful day and I want to go places this afternoon (just a wheelie in the countryside) I would not have time for my bread. I decided to make time and so the experiment begun. When I stopped hugging the bed and taken my morning photo, I organised a pastry for a brown bread. I had an eye on the clock and found I only needed about 20 minutes for the pastry and to clean up the machine afterwards. I then fed my two visiting cats and the birds outside and did some routine stuff in the kitchen, including my breakfast. At 8.30 a.m. I was sitting at my computer in the kitchen with my breadfast and computer, so everything under control. I can now bake my bread this morning and it will be finished by midday.

Mr. Swiss charged up the battery to his scooter yesterday, so it might be that he is also planning the great escape today.

The birds are still here but probably no longer as the weather is really improving and they have nesting ideas. The first insects will soon be appearing and the vegan diet will be finished for them. Baby birds prefer something warm and living like a nice juicy worm. The flies have not yet arrived.

On my last wheelie thrugh the surroundings a few days ago I could hear the sounds of sawing and chopping and I discovered this pile of tree remains and branches ready to be removed. It is now the time to have a nature clean up. My gardener will be here this morning to do some garden preparations.

I had contact with son No. 2 yesterday. I just had to call him as there was a report in one of our online newspapers that in his little village there was a murder and afterwards a suicide. I just got curious and he said he heard the police car and ambulance. It was in the other half of his village, and he did not know those concerned, but it seems to have been a so-called relationship offence. Even in the backwoods of Switzerland we have our moments of excitement.

And now I should continue with the normal daily chores. Today it will be spaghetti with a side salad, no problem. I have all my groceries and tomorrow will be another delivery. From next Monday our minister has told us that all the stores will be open again as normal, just no restaurants. I no longer need stores so much. I am enjoying my new organisation of life and I am now concentrating more on home life. If our wonderful minister would get a move on with distribution of vaccine material (which we do not have) life would become a little easier for all or us.

Have a good day and hope you also get some sun, otherwise just make yourself comfortable at home, bake a bread, read a book or just enjoy what you are doing.

Even the heather is beginning to show its colour.

Good Morning

I am loving the slow change in the seasons. At last the cold, wet weather is taking a rest and the sun appears daily in the morning. Perhaps you might think I am showing the same photo daily, but I do not care. Every morning the same sunlight brightening up the start to the day, what could be better.

And I am getting out and about. Yesterday I took a trip to town. Mr. Swiss had a new medicine to pick up. They now have Vitamin D drops that you only take once a month and his doc had given a perscription. I am still taking the daily drops, although for me it ia a better solution. Once a month stuff I tend to forget. It was a good chance to have a word with the lady in the chemist shop about whether I should continue to take them and she said no problem. They do more good than harm. I am always careful about taking medicine.

The town was very empty and few people on the streets. All restaurants and stores are closed, only the grocery shops are open for business, although they also do not have a lot of customers. I order my food online. However, yesterday I had to replenish my supply of wine, not that we have a glass with the meal, but I use it for cooking. A meat dish is not the same without a dose of red wine, or white according to whether it is beef or chicken. I buy it in the liter bottles and always have two bottles in reserve in my store in the cellar. Mr. Swiss also had to have a supply of his coffin nails (cigarettes). At the age of 81 you no longer think about giving up and I no longer bother to say anything about it – no point.

I happened to scooter past our local vaccination center yesterday and one of the official guys was outside and asked if I was coming to be vaccinated. I took the opportunity to have a few words with him and told him I would have my vaccination now. Of course when he realised that it was one of my attempts at humour and that I did not have an appointment he said I would have to wait until I was called for. I had to laugh as no-one in our Kanton is being called for. Although they are dealing with 400 jabs a day (so he said) it is only the second jab, and otherwise the thousands of Solothurn Kanton inhabitants are still waiting. Our government seems to have missed the bus to buy enough material to deal with the population.

The pigeons have not yet deserted the town and they are brushing up their feathers determined to impress the next female that happens to hop past. This one wanted to get a real birds eye view of the scene.

As I entered town I saw that our St. Urs cathedral was now clad in scaffolding. Apparently there is work to be done on the blinds. Not so good for the tourists perhaps, it will be there for a few months. It was featured in the film about the American Gerneral Patton “Brass Target” when Hollywood once visited us in 1978 and a stuntman had a injury when he had to jump from the tower. He had a stay in the local hospital for a few days to recover. One of our Solothurn memories. I remember when it happened. Even Sophia Loren paid a short visit to the town for a few secenes, although most of the work was done by her double.

I have really been making up for lost time lately after being locked down throughout the winter at home, but the weather is now very inviting. I am catching up on lost moments by a visit to the local farm where even the horses were showing themselves outside. Now is a good time to visit the country areas when the vegitation is not so thick and you can see the shape of things to come.

The apple orchid is ready to go and it will not be long until the trees are blossoming. I called my gardner this morning to organise something for my garden. It is time for tree trimming and a general tidy up in the beds, although my son and I have cut down most of the bare stalks. The gardener will be coming tomorrow to do the necessary.

At home birdlife continues and I saw that Mr. or Mrs. Robin was again hopping around in the garden yesterday. It will not be long and the local birdlife will be gone as they all begin to build their nests and prefer some meat in their diet. Worms are always No. 1 on the menu. I am still scattering seeds and still have customers.

And now to move on. I have decided on a day at home today. This afternoon I will be relaxing in the garden with a book sitting in the shade to protect myself from the sunlight. What a wonderful choice. A few weeks ago I was sheltering indoors to protect myself from frost and snow.

Have a good day everyone, keep safe.

Good Morning

This morning looks exactly like yesterday morning, so another pleasant day in my neck of the woods. I am really stressed for time this morning. The cleaning lady was here, I cleaned all my widows as I noticed during the Winter months a yellow layer had collected on them whieh was not so noticeable, espeially the kitchen from cooking and otherwise. They are now spotlessly clean at last. I just do not like dirty windows. Afterwarrds my online shopping arrived. This time it was a young lady chauffeur for a change and she told me she only started this week. She was very nice and did her job well.

I fully loaded the battery of my wheelchair during the night, so yesterday I was up and away to the local farm. It has been a long while and I was wondering if I would find any animals.

Of course I did and it seems the goose population as increased considerably. They had made themselves comfortable and greeted me with a chorus of goose noises. I discovered they are very loud creatures but some of them still managed to sleep.

I suppose if you have enough feathers to bury your head into, you do not hear the noise so much, although this one was still keeping an eye on things.

It was wonderful to get out into the fresh air again, although is some parts it did not smell so fresh. I do not know what type of muck the farmer was spreading, but it had quite a strong smell.

The alps were not showing themselves this time, so I just got the view of our village and in the background the hills of Kanton Bern.

And now I must go, dinner is cooking, I am a little late and have a few things to deal with. Even Mr. Swiss had to step in and help in the kitchen this morning. I had a few things to vacuum for the freezer and go down in the cellar. Have a good day everyone. Am not sure if I will be back, I should go into town this afternoon as I have a few things to get, and want to make the most of the good weather. Have a good day.

Good Morning

We got a sunrise this morning. It looks like the cold freezing snowy days of Winter are on tbeir way out, although never be too sure. They can return now and again as a warning, but I feel a lot better. Yesterday was a sunny warmer afternoon (12° C) and that is an invitation to shake off the cobwebs of Winter and escape, go out and sniff the fresh air and absorb nature (naturally with a distance to other humans). In the big wide open spaces a mask is not so important.

I saddled my wheelchair and decided to take it for a wheelie. I was a little apprehensive as I had not used it since before Christmas. It was not on top upload, but I had decided to do a practice run in the nearer parts of the village and no great distance. I managed to get away from the appartment and was on my way, passing the path down to the river. It looked very inviting, my first view of something a little different.

When I saw the row of trees on the near horizon I was really happy. It was like a new life and I was on my own. Sunday afternoon is probably not the chosen time for walks in our neighbourhood, but it did not bother me. Seeing the sights and breathing the fresh air again after being cooped up at home was reward enough, I did not need other humans, the trees were enough company. Yesterday there was a TV pogramme showing an area where it was ideal to hug trees (although hugging a tree is a bit solitary, they do not hug back). The people hugging the trees were taking it in turns on the same trees, even giving them a kiss now and again and naturally leaving their germs behind to be spread to the next hugger. Sometimes we should really be a little more thoughtful. Trees do not get covid, but the next tree hugger might. Just one of my quirky ideas. We golden oldies have strange thought patterns.

And then I saw this. I was still in the village, but on the high rise going towards the river and the alps were there in their full glory, from left to right Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. I had not seen them is such clarity for many months and now I realised my isolated life was getting less isolated. The days of outdoor life are reutrning, but with a little difference. My days of trips to the store for groceries are now over, also during the warmer months of the year. I have learned the advantages of online deliveries and no longer need to waste time with exhausting journeys choosing my food, I can now do it from my chair on the computer and have more time to really enjoy my journeys with the camera.

I even saw the moon and this was 4.00 p.m. reflecting the light of the sun. I was so surprised. My little excursion was so rewarding and I am now re-organising my life a little. When I returned home after my short but rewarding excursion I made myself comfortable in a sunny warm place on the porch with a book. I had regenerated my Kindle which was quite dead and again began the book I started half a year ago. I had already read about 100 pages, but had lost the thread, and so decided to become a reader again. It was wonderful in the open air surrounded by the sounds of nature. Oh the joys of the warmer days again. Athough I enjoy my Good Mornings here, I will probably not be around so much during the day, unless the weather is not so good. Wheeling around in the rain is not so good, which will be my opportunity to write more, otherwise my routine is changing a little. I want to enjoy my new found freedom as long as I can.

I also had a visit from these two in the afternoon. also enjoying their freedome of movement. They were probably also surprised to see me outside.

I am not sure what I will be doing today, I am not making plans, that is boring. I prefer to be spontaneous. Have a good day everyone and enjoy.

Good Morning

What a misty morning this was when I looked out of the window. Nevertheless I ventured outside for a photo. It is no longer so cold, although I did have my padded long coat on. Standing outside in my nightdress is not exactly the thing to do, you never know who might be looking, although I did have my radio playing. My favourite classical piece was accompanying me, the Karelia Suite by Sibelius, and when you have that as loud as it gets it can wake up the neighbours.

So now that you are also awake I will continue. My next step was to the kitchen when I realised with dismay that there was only a pathetic piece of bread left, hard and dry (the end piece), but I am prepared for everything.

I always have frozen toast bread in the freezer which thaws in a minute, so whilst I was making my tea I prepared the toaster and was soon sitting comfortably at the computer with a breakfast, after smothering the toast with some butter and jam.

In the meanwhile I noticed the sun had arrived, so another excursion to the outside world hoping for an astounding sunrise. Even here the clouds were interrupting, but it was at least a little brighter. And this was all happening in my first half hour in the awakening world.

My robin also appeared. Sorry a little blurry on the photo, but I was using my mobile phone and he was a little far away and I had to down size the photo. I have not seen him (or her) for some time and thought I had been deserted. However, the coast was clear and he did not have to share the food with the greedy well fed sparrows, although the robin is also getting a spare tyre around the breast.

I decided to make a chilli con carne this evening, meaning that I will be baking a bread to go with it. We prefer to eat it with bread, although many choose rice as an accompaniment which is not our idea of a good chilli.

The blackbird was also on a visit yesterday. This is a male as they have the better colourful beaks and the black feathers. It will soon be time to find a partner and the nesting season will begin.

I am now planning next week’s food, although I should use some of my meat reserves in the deepfreezer.

I found this lamb rack in the freezer which will do nicely for lunch. I usually cut it into fair sized pieces. Afterwards I can fry them with some herbs and a nice portion of garlic which will do nicely with some french fries from my air fryer and as a veg I thought some chicory would complete the meal. Such are the pleasures of a golden oldie in exile. Mr. Swiss gave a nod of approval. The good thing is it is not a lot of work and no long cooking time. In 30-40 minutes everything will be ready, and in between a bread dough will be rising for the evening meal: all a matter of logistic and planning.

Now to the active part of the day with some housewife chores to keep my limbs working. Stay safe everyone, and enjoy the week-end, just make the most of it. I saw this finch again watching from his tree.

At least I think it is a finch.

Good Morning

Looks a bit stormy this morning, but no rain and not too cold. I think slowly we can look forward to some early Spring weather. I noticed that my little garden is looking a little overgrown in places. I sent No. 1 son out to cut down some bare stalks left from last year. This morning I also did some chopping practice. It is not yet looking perfect, but an improvement. It will soon be time to call the gardiner to put the finishing touches and then I can again spend my time more outside than inside. Sometimes I really wish I could be more active as it used to be, but with age come problems, so you just have to get used to it.

Someone attached this to the tree opporsitie and it has got quite popular amongst the birds that like to hang around.

Yesterday I was feeling quite exhausted after putting new linen on the beds, but I survived I went for a midday sleep as always and forgot to set an alarm, meaning I slept the first half of the afternoon although I did not miss very much.

At the moment I am on the search for some new house shoes. The ones I have are almost a museum piece, barely in one piece. It is difficult when you no longer can actually go to a store and choose what you want, but stores are closed due to lockdown and with Sketchers shoes, which I very much like, I know my size and fit. They have never disappointed up to now.

I am really a succour for new kitchen gear and I spotted this new version in my cookery group online. I already had one, but it was years ago. This is the new version with glass instead of a plastic holder and much improved. It is ideal for making mayyonaise and beating eggwhite. There is also an egg separater integrated. Anything to save time and I so like to make things myself.

And now I should move on. No bread baking to do, but a little more ironing from the bed linen. I was a little later hugging the bed yesterday but I got caught up with the film “Valkyrie” starring Tom Cruise. He played the part of the German officer Stauffenberg that was in the group planning to assassinate Hitler in the war. The attempt failed and he was executed along with the others involved. I had seen the German film a few years ago. It just did not seem so realistic with Tom Cruise and everyone speaking with their American accents. It also seemed to me to be a little Hollywood styled.

As you can see there is not very much excitement in my part of the world so I will move on to some more inspiration in my appartment. I managed to break a small glass bowl yesterday when emptying the dishwasher. I managed to sweep the remains together before retiring but still found a few memories on the floor this morning. Glass can be so annoying when it breaks into its thousand pieces.

Have a good day, may the sun shine in your corner of the world. It has just appeared here so it may not be such a bad day after all.

Good Morning

It is a misty morning today which might mean that the way is being paved for the sun to arrive. There was even a very thin layer of ice on the water bowl I have outside for the thirsty birds. I did not have a very comfortable night. Just as I was preparing to hug the bed I felt very cold and began to shiver.This is a reaction that sometimes happens with my medical injections for MS, not very often, about once or twice a year, so I can live with it. The doc has no answer for it, but I am not alone. If it would persist I would have to do something about it, but now and again is no problem. So I grabbed a tablet and hoped that the problem would eventually disappear, although I did have an uncomfortable hour until the tablet began to work. Chills are not very pleasant especially if you are shaking. This morning everything returned to how it should be, although it is also the day of fresh linen on the beds. I have stripped mine and recovered the duvet and cushion and Mr. Swiss bed is half way there. A woman’s work is never done and Mr. Swiss cannot help very much., but it has to be done. I also noticed that my Vitamin D drops are almost at an end yesterday, so No. 1 son fetched me a refill. They are still examining whether they are helpful against Covid, but that is not why I take them. It gives me the Vitamin D I need when the sun is not here so much.

Talking of Covid I noticed that Britain is the only country that is now making trials about the effect of the illness and infecting volumteers for their experiments. Of course, it will all be under control and the volunteers are getting £4,500 for their co-operation. Money speaks all languages, but I prefer to remain Covid free and not join in with the experiments.

It was another bread baking session yestrday, although does not really give a lot of work. I mix the intredients in my machine mid morning and leave it to rise and bake it in the afternoon, producing a nice fresh warm bread for the tea in the evening. The remainder I have for breakfast the next morning. I am not sure if I will bake one today as I have spaghetti to cook with a tomato meat sauce and the beds to finish with the new linen. I like to hoover under the beds when I do it and a general clean up, although doing it regularly prevents the dust collecting.

I had another photographic session in the garden yesterday and spotted this little bird watching from the tree opposite. I think it is some sort of finch.

I also had a flying demonstration from the sparrows.although did not realise it until I uploaded the photos.

I am not sure what today will hold for me. I might even venture in the outside world to the local store and fill up with a few frozen items, although I noticed yesterday that my deep freezer is well equipped with meat and veg. In the days of pandemic and isolation my logistics are completely different.

Have a good day wherever you are or sleep well for those on the other side of the world. See you around.

Good Morning

I like to make the most of my mornings and my first action is to go outside and see what is happening. Today was no disappointment and the sun had risen on a clear sky When I was growing up in the big city of London I just saw sky, but never anything like this. I suppose the pollution in the air in the fifties made a lot of difference. There are no real advantages from our pandemic but being less traffic on the roads the air is much cleaner and it seems clearer.

My next move is to the kitchen in the morning with a view from the window onto my back garden. Nature really has wonderful ways of setting you up for the day. On the radio this morning I hear that the British naturalist, David Attenborough advised everyone to just sit outside for ten minutes silently and absorb the atmosphere of nature. He is of course right, although not everyone is where it can be done, but as I get older it is something I often do.

I was again at home yesterday with no bread or cake baking exercises. The cleaning lady was here for my kitchen, bathroom and shower. The other rooms in the appartment I do myself daily, but the awkward corners in the bathroom etc. are difficult for me and I can no longer stand on a ladder to reach the top parts.

I spent most of the evening yesterday organising my food supplies for the week-end. It seems that the last week-end has only just passed, but I like to get it done with time and choose a good delivery slot for what I need which for me is usually Friday morning. The basic food I need for the family is OK, but it is the extras that are needed which I cannot forget. I have to make sure I have the flour and yeast I need for baking bread and the fresh veg. Although I have quite a stock of frozen veg in my freezer, I prefer fresh veg when possible. The frozen veg is more for a backup. I also have to keep in mind the meat I have and whether I should stock up on a reserve. Last week I ordered a bag of potatoes and discovered I already had a full bag in the cupboard, so I have been working through them. I now have enough for the week-end and did not order any yesterday.

The birds are still visiting, although their days of food in my garden are now numbered. I am running out of bird seed and have probably ordered my last 5Kg bag for this year. Afterwards they will begin nesting and the baby birds will be getting fresh meat in the shape of insects and worms from the surroundings and my garden will no longer be so interesting.

I noticed the first blue crocus appearing in my garden. We have had such cold and freezing weather in the last week and now temperatures have at last increased. It is amazing how quickly nature overcomes the cold and as soon as the sun and warmer temperatures arrive everthing begins to burst into life in nature.

And now I am bursting into life with a few housewife chores to deal with, fixing a bread creational session into the morning and cooking lunch. Today it is hamburger with fried potato from my air friar and I will be cooking fennel as a vegeble. I was watching one of the cooking programmes yesterday on the TV and they always seem to purify veg instead of eating it as it is. Yesterday they minced down a cooked cerleriac and I have often seen the same done to fennel. I think eating veg as it is is no longer so fashionalble. I am not a fan of mashed veg and I almost never make mashed potato. I do not like it, and prefer my potatoes to look like potatoes.

May your day go as you want it to, although little problems seem to arrive when you are not expecing them. I am not really planning to go anywhere today, but who knows.