Good Morning

Solothurn Railway Station

No. 1 son arrived safely home yesterday evening from his holiday in Italy and  we picked him up and the local station. He is naturally very much sun tanned and enjoyed his holiday. It is not very often I go anywhere in the evening. Stations are not the best places to be I noticed. It is not a main station like Zürich or Bern: just a few platforms and trains that come through but there are always collections of people there from other places that make you want to avoid them. At one time if you arrived at the station there was always some young man that asked you for a few francs that he could stay at the overnight place for the homeless, although the money was usually spent on a supply of drugs.

Anyhow we survived and arrived home and I put the first load of washing in the machine that my son brought home as a souvenir. Actually he is very good and packs is nicely in plastic bags so all I have to do is empty and sort them. The first wash is already dry and I collected it this morning for the ironing marathon.

Sunset over the Jura

As we were driving home from the station I noticed we get some very interesting sunsets over the Jura in the evening. I should really undertake a few more wheelie trips in my wheelchair in the early evening. The temperatures are more pleasant and so are the phtographic results. Here you can see the sun set behind the town of Solothurn as we crossed the bridge.

Sunset over the Jura

The sunset even followed us to the entrace of our village.

It was a family day yesterday as No. 2 son with family also arrived. My grandson is growing and his favourite is now standing and holding onto something and making his first independent steps. His crawling abilities have improved and his speed is quite astonishing on hands and feet. We noticed that he is now at the stage where all interesting and breakable objects at the bottom of the bookcase should be removed. He is quite interested in books, but does not read them, just likes to have a touch and feel and move the pages. They are probably the first steps to becoming an author.

His language is still undefinable, but umm-mumm seems to mean food of which he is a great fan. There were no signs of fatigue and he was wide awake all the time, Just the grandparents were a little exhausted eventually, but it is lovely to see him and watch how he is growing.

Sunset over the Jura

And now life reverts to a normal Sunday where No. 1 son will probably remain sleeping until almost lunch time and I will take it easy. I really, really want to go somewhere this afternoon. After almost two days of colder, miserable weather this morning the sun is shining and my camera needs food.

Hibiscus 18.07 (1)

My hibiscus in the garden still has it daily show of flowers. They only live for a day but the next morning the new batch arrive already to replace them. They leave behind the seed pods which I like to leave on the bush. During the autumn and winter months they serve as a feeding station for our birds.

Have a good Sunday and relax. I know I used to when I was a working woman. It is the Mondays that used to bother me.

Good Morning


Yesterday the hot weather broke, at last. In the afternoon tbere were a few warning claps of thunder and it began to rain: not too much, but enough to cool down the temperatures and have a stay at home afternoon. This morning it is still dull, but cooler and it suits me. The view is from my front garden across the Bernese flat lands and you can even see the hills in the distance before the alps begin to rise.

I have just cleared the mess away from my breakfast. It will be a bit of a busy day today. No. 2 son is visiting with his wife and son this afternoon and in the evening No. 1 son returns from his 2 week holiday in Italy bring two weeks of washing with him. It is only once a year, but it will be a machine full of t-shirts and shorts mixed with our own wash,

Grenchenstrasse 20.07.2018

I noticed on our trip to the supermarket yesterday that the sunflower fields are still showing their flowers, although now more seed heads than flowers. Perhaps I might make another excursion there for some photos. I have not been so much out and about as I would like to lately,  but we had some hot weather, and daily life got a bit in the way. Yesterday we did the usual week-end shopping trip, but I was not so much into the details. Mr. Swiss and I are really only eating quick meals as both of us are not very hungry, but No. 1 son will be back today, and he is permanently hungry. I do not think it is so much hunger, he just eats what is there (unless it is broccoli or mushrooms which he will not touch). He now has two weeks of pasta behind him in Italy, which is one of his favourites.

Jura 20.07.2018

I will now be busy putting the linen on my son’s bed although Mr. Swiss will be helping as I have a bit of a problem with putting on the fitted sheets. Actually I am doing quite well at the moment. I rarely use my stick for support at home and can manage walking on my own, although it reminds you of the Ministry of strange walks, but I can do it. I decided some time ago that MS is a label worth fighting against. Of course I have my problems, mainly a tiredness, but five minutes lay down on the bed and I am back again. MS has many faces but I realised I can overcome a lot but sheer wanting to. I often forget where I have put my stick, and realise I  can do it without. The walker has now been banned, and only used for transporting stuff like my computer which I like to take outside on the porch when I have something to do on it.

I also noticed that I can do my house cleaning much easier without having some sort of apparatus for support. When I broke my leg at the beginning of the year I was almost helpless, but somehow I persevered, even if I was carrying the mop and vacuum with my walker. The day when I could do it all without extra support was a new life for me and I felt human again. OK, a certain person is always telling me not to overdo it, but I have to try it out, and after spending 4 months in a semi invalid state, I am read to go again.

And now to move on, there are things to be done today. I am not sure how much and whether I will be around today, but even blogless can happen. Keep well, enjoy whatever you are looking forward to. See you when I see you, most probably on the flip side.

Bipperlisi 20.07 (4)

Good Morning


I didn’t think I would ever get round to writing anything this morning. Sometimes life can get complicated, especially when you realise that new situations arrive as you get older. No deep explanations, but there are certainly responsibilities that I am now taking over and I can no longer just sit at the computer and celebrate “me” time. “Me” time is getting mixed up with other times, but it can only get better, I hope.

The day looks good, but no more empty promises about going places and doing things. Yesterday I intended to take a wheelie somewhere with the camera, but that was nothing. It was too hot and quite honestly I did not know where to go. I wanted to go into town, but again my midday sleep was too long so I had to cut things short. It really seems I have nothing else in my life except for blogs and computers, but I do have other interests and since being mobile again with my wheelchair I realise how important it is for me to get out, especially if I can combine it with photography. I know, but we all have to have our interests, at least I do.

Since having my new app with the night sky, I now study what is going on above my head in the sky and there is more than I thought. I also have to deal with the daily housewife chores and go shopping. Of course I could organise online delivery of the goods, but I still like to have a purpose in my golden oldie years of dealing with stuff myself, as much as possible and having contact with the outside world, no matter how crazy it can get.


So I prepared my breakfast with freshly baked croissants, jam and butter and they arrived. Not that I have a place full of flies, but as soon as sticky sweet food is on the table they make their selves noticeable, not just one, but a few. One was so rude as to sit on the edge of the jam pot. Another found that the computer screen was an ideal landing tarmac. I was glad to be finished with breakfast, cleared it all away, wiped all the jam marked surfaces and as if magic, the flies all disappeared to the outside world.

Back Garden

My lawn is still showing a few dry patches here and there, although it has improved a little. It was the hot dry weather, although we have been watering it twice a day, but the gardener discovered we have an invasion of June bug babies that are munching happily at the roots of the grass. The possibilities of killing them are with poison or another bug that would kill them, but my cat is not happy about that solution and neither am I. I just have to hope they go away to the neighbour’s garden.

Back Garden

Today is week-end shopping, although my son is still away until tomorrow evening when he returns home from Italy with his new brown skin layer from sun, fun and beach. I will also have a visit from No. 2 son and his wife with No. 1 grandchild tomorrow, so am not sure how I will be present here during the day. Next week  things return to as normal as possible, I hope.

Time to go and do some housework, one of the golden oldie pastimes. Hope you all have an exciting lazy day, otherwise make the most of it. See you around.

Good Morning


Good morning again, I am back this morning after yesterday’s misery of being cut off from the internet world and all the trimmings. I have a bit of a different timetable this week in any case. Since No. 1 son is away on holiday, we have far too much bread. Mr. Swiss and I are not big bread eaters, just breakfast and tea and more than 1-2 slices for each of us are enough. We have now changed to the bread that you can bake in the oven according to how you want it, so I am spoiling myself with croissants for breakfast. I love them, but there are disadvantages. They are nice and hot from the oven and when you eat them they tend to make flakes everywhere. I will not even begin to tell you about the jam splodges. I just had to spend a few minutes cleaning up the mess on the table, my keyboards and hunting the flies away. Eating by an open window door in the kitchen is not very advisable “Grubs up” says one fly to another and they are already there.

Now I have organised myself and hope for smooth runnings apart from the odd fly that has not yet given up.

Hibiscus 18.07 (3)

This year really seems to be developing into a super year for the garden. I have never seen so many flowers on my hibiscus since it began to grow from a seed. They only flower for a day, but the next day there are just as many to take their place. It also has disadvantages I read this morning in the local newspaper online. It seems that we have a record harvest of fruit and vegetable and the farmers have so much it is no longer worth their while. The prices they get for their harvest are not profitable enough. Of course they should sell it cheaper for the public, but then the farmers are out of pocket. It seems we grow food not to feed the people, but to make sure everyone earns enough money. I dread to think of what will probably be thrown away.

We have a record harvest of cherries in Switzerland. The cherry trees usually suffer from hail storms and weather problems, but this year our cherries are bigger and better than ever.

Baselstrasse 16.07 (1)

Due to heatwave weather yesterday and catching up on stuff I missed on internet, I did not go anywhere or do very much. I decided it was now time to sort my 30,000 photos in my Flickr photo programme. They are organised in various sections, but there are ways and means to find them quicker with tags. Doing it on the iPad is quite easy as I can relax in a chair.


It looks like it will be a good day today. When there a few fluffy clouds around in the morning, we usually get a light breeze to accompany them so I might venture a tour in my wheelchair this afternoon, with camera of course. There is nothing planned otherwise, just taking it easy. I hope you all can also take it easy and enjoy the day as much as possible.

Good Morning


Not bad for a 9 a.m. sky so it looks like it might be a good one today.

About two hours earlier I took this photo of the night sky above our appartment from my bed. It is quite a good app known as Sky View and is free of charge, although I paid 2 Swiss Francs extra to get the enhanced version with all the satellites and you do not have to go outside to get the pictures.


I am still getting used to how it works. Of course the planets are not so big with the naked eye in the sky, just little dots like stars, this is just to show what and where they are. The one with the rings is Saturn and the big colourful one is I think Mercury. In any case after getting this app I realise how much junk is flying around above. I keep getting rocket parts hovering around from various leftovers that we send up with our satellites. I also see a satellite now and again. They are all named and this morning one flew past that was only lauched a few years ago.  If we are the only civilisation in the big wide space, we have plenty of opportunities to fill it up with our celestial rubbish. I am enjoying this app. You also get the astrological constellations of the stars in an outline, and this one seems to be Sagittarius which is actually my sign for December. As said I am still learning, but it is fun.


Yesterday I had the moon,  Venus and Uranus. I always saw a very bright star not far from the moon and was sure it must be Venus, but now I have discovered it is actually Jupiter. And all connected to Leo it seems. Naturally these planets wander around a bit, so it is not always the same thing.

Aare 16.07 (7)

Yesterday afternoon I decided it was time again to go for a wheelie in my chair, and risked an adventure into the town of Solothurn. I am gradually getting there with my explorations and I decided to cross the river over our comparatively new Röti Bridge which was rebuilt some years ago. It was quite an interesting construction, as the new bridge was being built whilst the old bridge was still standing next to it. This bridge has a special path for pedestrians beneath the road and I discovered they had really done a good thing with the construction as there were no difficult stairs or steep slopes. I could wheel quite easily onto this part of the bridge.

Pigeons 16.07 (3)

As I walked along the embankment to the river I noticed the pigeons had gathered for the bread remains that people were giving them. Of course a gift for the camera, but I am always reading that now and again they have to shoot the pigeons as there are too many and they also have their illnesses. At least they die well fed I thought.

I really enjoyed my excursion into part of our town as it was something else to see. I wheeled my way from where I live along the river bank into town. I am not usually keen on this path as there are many stones and it can get a bit bumpy in the wheelchair. I was always careful and travelled in the slowest gear. Yesterday I tried the second gear and silly me noticed it was much easier and you hardly feel the bumps, it is also much quicker.

There were many ducks floating around, so if anyone can tell me what these are I would be very pleased. They have a beak like a bird of prey, are normal duck sized and have interesting marks on their feathers.

Ducks 16.07 (8)

And now I should move on. The cleaning lady has arrived and is busy, although this week she does not have so much to do as No. 1 son has been away and the shower does not really need cleaning, just a basic clean through. I will probably clean a few windows, but no big deal and Mr. Swiss has just popped off to the supermarket for a few bits and pieces.

Take it easy, have fun and if not, just make the most of it all. See you around.

Solothurn 16.07 (2)
Solothurn and the River Aare

Good Morning


At last a bit of cooler weather. It looks a bit grey, but no rain, just comfortable. As I get older I no longer do such hot weather. In my younger days I was a sun worshipper, could not get enough: probably as compensation for growing up in London where you only saw the sun now and again peeping through the concrete buildings. Now it does not interest me so much, I am outside most of the time, on the porch and always have a window open somewhere. I like to have fresh air.

The hot weather has also kept me at home. I do not have the energy to go anywhere at the moment. Even my animals that I like to take photos of are hiding from the sun, although the chickens are always out and about.

Chickens 13.07 (4)

but they are not as active as they were. Even laying eggs can make you tired.

It’s Monday again and another week begins, so what shall we do today. This morning we will go shopping, although our requirements are down to a minimum since there are only two of us. I did not realize that No. 1 son makes such a difference in food. I am now reprogramming our meals as we are not eating so much, but you cannot live on ham and eggs every day.  I do not really feel like cooking so much, although living from the micro wave is also not my idea of food fun.

Cannabis 15.07 (1)

Look what is still growing in my garden. My gardener pointed it out a month ago and said it was probably from bird seed. It is cannabis, hemp, for those that are not acquainted with it and really, honestly, it just arrived with no other intentions. There are the male and female types, but only the females are interesting to those that might like a smoke now and again. As a non smoker, that does not really interest me. Originally I thought it was a male plant, but in the last week it seems to have grown taller and stronger. When flowers or seeds appear, then it will be a female. It is only a smaller version, but does seem to be growing.

That seems to be the excitement of the day, and so we will prepare ourselves for the great shopping excursion, still debating what we are going to eat. In the meanwhile the sun has decided to arrive, but temperatures are still within reason. I hope your day will have a little more excitement than mine. The church bells are ringing in our village, but no idea why. Perhaps I missed something.

Canna 15.07.2018

Good Morning

Storm Clouds

Not a tornado, we do not have them in Switzerland, but a gathering of storm clouds yesterday evening as the night was falling on us. It was nothing really special, although if we had known what the weather was planning, we would not have bothered to water the garden, but we did. During the night I heard a few apologies for thunder and it rained most of the time. I did not really mind, I was safe and comfortable in my bed.

So now is the problem what to tell you all. I spent a quiet golden oldie day at home yesterday: had no interest in going anywhere, I was just too tired and wanted to spend some time with my computer

However thanks to the visit of son No. 2 last week I now have a few more interesting apps on my telephone. His interests are many, and some he shares with me. I know there is an app for flights, as a matter of fact if we saw everything that was flying above our heads in the sky we would ask if there was still room. Now I have an app called Flightradar 24 and it shows me every plane and helicopter that is circling over my head during the day, even gliders.,6.26/9  Check out this Screenshot from Flightradar24. The app that turns your phone into an air traffic radar.

We are the blue dot in the top right corner marking Solothurn. If I click on a plan I get a photo from the plane type, from where it is coming, where it is going to and the times of departure and landing at the airports. Not only official flights, but also helicopters and private jets, as well as gliders, are on the map. It covers the whole world and now I realise what a small world it is. Every time I now hear a plane above I do not  have to see it, probably too high in the sky. At the moment Münich-Santiago is flying above and a plane from Frankfurt is heading to land at Geneva. There is also a flight from the Swiss Flying Club, a small Aquilla A210 heading for Zürich.

I also have a Skyview app for the night sky and its objects, but will save that one for another time. I even paid two Swiss Francs for a special addition of satellites, so thanks son.

Today we were going out for lunch, but have now decided to take it easy at home. We are not eating so much at the moment and I have enough in the fridge to stop us starving until tomorrow.  I think this is the laziest day I have had for a long while. I did not stop hugging my bed until 8.30 this morning, and that only because I had to visit a certain place.


My buddleia has, in the meanwhile, unfolded her flowers and many. Last year it got a little lost in the building site we had. I will now crawl around the apartment with my Dyson and spend the time doing what I want to do, the privilege of the golden oldie groupies. I do not think I will be going anywhere today, but who knows. My wheelchair is fully loaded and ready to take me places.

Have a great Sunday everyone and if you do not feel like it, then do not do it. There is always tomorrow or the day after.

Duck 13.07.2018