Good Morning

Back Garden

A very bright sunny morning today, although a fresh wind is blowing. I am still sitting outside on the porch, although this time with a cardigan. Today is cleaning lady day and whilst she is busy polishing my bathroom and shower I am now have a little “me” time with the computer. I have also done my duty and cleaned all the back windows although they were not so dirty. I find doing them regularly once a week needs maximum half an hour and no hard scrubbing involved. Being a golden oldie with nothing that I have to do has its advantages.

I did not go anywhere yesterday. I was thinking about it, but after hugging the bed after lunch I decided again the stress of getting myself ready for a wheelie and stayed at home.

On me last journey on Sunday afternoon I saw a father on our estate with his little boy organising his model aircraft that got tangled in the bushes.

Model Plane 23.09 (3)

He got it sorted and the plane was released and could fly again. It was ideal weather and I watched for a while father and son having fun.

Model Plane 23.09 (5)

They are the unforgettable moments in the life of a little boy and I hope he remembers them when he is older. “Remember dad when you helped me to fly my plane”.

Yesterday I uploaded the new programme Mojave on my Apple computer. That is the nice thing about Apple, the new programmes are free to upload. Windows 10 costs me an annual fee to keep it, although before they had that system you had to buy each new programme.

Of course these new programmes are business for the computer companies. I read all about Mojave before I uploaded it, the new developments and goodies that I can have. I can now choose between a darker screen or the same as always. They are the things that annoy me, the new developments which seem to be just an alibi for something new and I really do not need them. You upload the newest development and are confronted with all sorts of questions about do you want this or that etc. etc. I get used to my programme and have no wish to have it all done differently. Might be an age thing, but sometimes improvements are not always improvements.

I was also having problems with WordPress yesterday as it would not accept my likes and I had to go around three corners to make it work. Perhaps it was the new Apple programme, although I do not think so. This morning everything was back to normal again.

My No. 1 son usually goes into town in the afternoon and at the moment is also a regular customer at our town fair. He keeps me informed if there is anything new.  He is autist, and enjoys the Autumn fair. He told me that during the day they also have a few music bands there so I will have a look this afternoon. I am still exploring all the possibilities.

And now to move on and think about cooking lunch. Enjoy the day or sleep well according to where you are in the world.

A few flowers from my garden, so called Rudbeckia Laciniata, the taller relative of the black-eyed Susan flower. The are one of the last to flower in my garden, before it closes down for the Winter.

Rudbeckia Laciniata 22.09.2018

Good Morning

Clouds A 23.09 (3)

Yesterday afternoon was strange weather in our neck of the woods. We had been warned that a storm was heading our way. I was in town in the afternoon and shot this photo across the town with some strange cloud formations above. The darker clouds were beginning to gather. The wind was picking up, but it was warm. I even met a friend of mine when I returned along the River Aar. She was always very fit and emerged in bathing costume from the river after a refreshing swim, which shows that the weather was still behaving

Luckily I had organised No. 1 son to clear the bits and pieces from our gardens and removed them to our hobby room in the cellar with our small garden table a two chairs during the morning. Everything was clear and as the wind picked up in the evening Mr. Swiss put the chairs in a safe place outside. We were ready for the storm. I will not say nothing happened as it whistled through the windows and picked up in speed and I could hear a few objects banging around outside, although not from our garden, but there was no rain. Some time during the night the electricity disappeared, but we only noticed it by various electric time devices on our machines in the morning.

This morning the sun is out and the temperature has dropped to 11°C, which is not so bad, but not the 20° that we have had before. I am still sitting outside on the porch and keeping myself warm with a knitted jacket and moving my fingers on the keyboard of the computer.

HESO 2018 (8)

I paid another visit to our local fair yesterday afternoon, but just a short one. Outside they were demonstrating the monster grills you could have for your estate, ideal for a bar-b-q if you invite the village. We do not grill, too much stress, but such a monster would certainly be ideal if your garden is big enough.

HESO 2018 (6)

This time I ventured inside the tents of the fair. As the weather was still quite good, there were not so many people in the various restaurants, but they all had an outside area attached where it was quite crowded. This is the pasta restaurant all decorated in our Kantonal colour of red and white.

HESO 2018 (3)

Our local newspaper also had a booth, although also quite empty. In the pleasant Autumn weather we had, there are more people outside than inside. Mr. Swiss said he did not realise I was such a fan of the HESO, but I am doing my own thing and I find visiting these centres of stress and action are much more enjoyable when on your own. You can do your own thing as you please. Of course, I had to be careful with steering the wheelchair amongst the crowds, but I had time to wait until they saw me, so no problem.

St. Urs Stairs 23.09.2018

I cut into town on my way home to see if there was anything going on and passed the steps of our St. Urs cathedral. This is always an attraction for the Solothurn people in the town on a pleasant afternoon, especially Sunday when it is a free afternoon. They often gather for a sit down on the steps and watch the world go by. The pram reminded me of the film Battleship Potemkin, a Russian silent film, with the memorable scene of a pram with baby rolling down the Odessa steps, connecting the waterfront with the central city. Many dramatic scenes occurred, but in Solothurn we do not have a revolution breaking out and people were just relaxing.

Swans 23.09 (2)

I again wheeled on my way home along the river. There were a couple of swans relaxing on the river and a few ducks diving under for whatever it is they dive for. A nice peaceful scene to finish the afternoon wheelie.

Today it is back to the old routine of shopping and cooking, but nothing special planned. There are sometimes advantages being a golden oldie. I am also feeling quite comfortable in the cooler temperatures.

I trust your week is beginning well and it will soon be Friday again for the next week-end, but we should enjoy the days as they arrive, otherwise we are “wishing our lives away” as my good old working class cockney mum would always say.  She was not exactly wise, but had her own phrases.

Good Morning

Solothurn 22.09.2018

Our town of Solothurn is showing itself from the red and white side at the moment due to the opening of the local trade fair. There are banners hanging everywhere on the bridges and the streets. The photo is of our bicycle bridge leading into the old town with the Jura mountains in the background. I arrived yesterday afternoon. There is an underground tunnel to cross the road to get to the entrance of the fair and I think it was the first time that I had to wait to get into the line of people as I have to take the slope part and not the stairs due to my wheelchair, but no problem. It used to be a bit of a Mr. Swiss and me visit, but he can no longer walk so well and I am wheelchair bound for long distances. He never did like crowds in any case and since I have become independent thanks to my chair, I do my own thing for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

Now I am let loose so make the most of it, with the camera of course.

HESO 2018 22.09 (4)

There were the usual kiosks selling the fast sort of hand food at the entrance in a row. As I entered the main area the crowds increase, but it was all down in the old moat mostly. I took most of the photos with the zoom as it was not made for wheelchairs.

HESO 2018 22.09 (12)

This was the first year that they had even installed steps down to the bottom and there was no longer a petting zoo for the kids. There was a track made for the racing piggies. I do not know how that works, but it seemed to be quite an attraction and I had no chance to get closer. There were people everywhere.

HESO 2018 22.09 (23)

I moved onto the part where they had various booths with fairground sort of stuff where you could win all sorts of fancy dolls. I managed to get through quite well and people were very considerate about moving to one side. I took many photos, some very interesting, but will show them now and again in a challenge. As I was sitting in my chair I felt someone tap me on the arm and give a friendly greeting. It was the lady who was in charge of our village group for first aid help, where I did the accounts. I had not seen her for some time. She was with her daughter who is a neighbour of mine, but we rarely see each other. That is the nice thing about those local fairs, you meet people again.

I saw that all the large tents were made easy to navigate by wheelchair, but decided to save that visit for later. The fair in on for 9 days in all, so I have plenty of time. I moved into town and saw that there was also some action there.

Street Musicians 22.09 (4)

This group of street performers where very good. They all seemed to be French speaking and the young lady had a really powerful voice. I watched for a while and could have stayed longer, but decided to roll my way home again.

Swans 22.09 (5)

As I crossed the river the swans appeared again: this was in the town part. I noticed that the cygnets were no longer cygnets and have developed a real mixture of colours before getting their final white coat of feathers.

Yes life in our little town of Solothurn is good, always something different happening: not always but most of the time. Mr. Swiss remarked when I got home that he did not realise I was such a fan of the local town, but quite honestly I now just do my own thing. It would be nice to go together, but he does not really enjoyed all the rummel and I am now the lone rider in the wheelchair with the camera, but I enjoy it very much.

Today I will probably not go anywhere. It is pleasant at the moment with some sun, but the wind is picking up slowly and the storm of the year has been reported for this evening with warnings to tie everything down outside and to beware. I have already started to move my potted plants inside. It is 9.00 in the morning at the moment. No. 1 son only arrived home this morning at 4.00 am from a night out, but as soon as he is in action I will engage him to move most of the outside porch objects to their winter quarters in the cellar – the various ornaments and a couple of chairs and a small table.

And now to start cooking lunch – we decided on a pork roast and noodles, so no big work. I hope your all have a wonderful Sunday and if you are not going places and seeing things, then stay in bed – why not, that is also fun.

HESO 2018 22.09 (1)

Yes, our fair even has its own little train circulating around the town. We have everything in Solothurn.

Good Morning


Yesterday late afternoon I got this sky above whilst I was sitting on the porch. Did we have rain? I think about 5 or 6 drops then it just went back to a cloudy sky. It was quite windy and the weather prophets said some about a Föhn storm which is a dodgy warm wind we now and again get, something to do with the alps I think. Of course they said it was not for all regions, but in the second half of the night it could rain, which it did not.

Morning clouds

And now I am sitting outside on the porch again at 8.00 am and the southern skies show this. The North is already blue  with a promise of sun, so it seems the weather is really doing what it wants to. I can already hear neighbours watering their gardens, to compensate for the missing rain yesterday.

Clouds 21.09 (3)

The only place I got to see yesterday was the supermarket for the week-end shopping and the mountains were still showing themselves from their better side in the morning.

Our annual Autumn trade fair known as HESO has now opened its doors officially, after the first day which is reserved for the famous and well known in our area. I will probably risk my first visit this afternoon to test the possiblities of driving with a wheelchair. Outside there is no probem,  but in the various halls it could be a little crowded. I am sure when they see me coming they will make room. I saw in the local newspaper they again have a section with animals, a sort of petting zoo for the kids and yesterday they had the first piggy race. Various piglets run against each other and you can even place bets. Actually I feel sorry for the pigs, I am sure that is not their natural state of affairs.

I have a strange state of affairs on my Apple computer at the moment. Some time ago I noticed e-mails we not functioning on my iPhone or my iPad. My computers, the Apple and Windows machine both were OK. I went to the local Swiss com shop and the guy fixed it for me. My iPhone is now OK and so is my iPad but my Apple computer could no longer operate with the e-mails. I made a mistake and phoned their telephone hotline. The guy that answered was OK and I spoke in our Swiss dialect. This was a mistake as he did not understand me and understood only high german. Eventually we got together on my computer. He did all the necessary and was getting the same results as I was. The next step was to be confronted with a screen where I could fill in a new password for my e-mails. I told him forget it, I am not changing my password when it works on the iPhone and iPad as well as my other computer. I think this confused him. Somewhere along the a line contact was broken and that was that. I will probably now get a bill from Apple for the online help that I did not get.  I can manage OK without the e-mail connection on my Apple computer, but it is annoying. One thing I have learned, do not request online information from Apple. The guys do not think they just follow their list and also do not understand Swiss German, which only the Swiss understand.

And now for lack of important notifications to tell you I will close down. Today I hope to be on my travels again to collect some local events by camera. Have fun, see you later.

Pigeons 18.09 (1)

Good Morning

Clouds 18.09 (7)

I actually managed to get a photo of a plane passing by. They can often be quite elusive to the camera lens. You see the plane quite well, but when you want to focus through the camera you have to find it amongst all that blue sky space and when you do the focus slips away, at least with me. It is all a matter of luck. We seem to have a lot of low flyers at the moment. I never realised there are so many people owning a plane privately, or perhaps they are the ones used for the gliders. Gliding is a local sport, we have an airport  about 10 minutes away by road where you can meet the enthusiasts.

Clouds 18.09 (6)

Again I was a stay at home type of person yesterday and did not even manage a short wheelie down to the river. I am still recovering from my bug attack a couple of days ago. I thought it was a one day sort of thing, but it seems to be hanging on a bit. I just do not trust it at the moment. I was just thinking about going out yesterday afternoon when there was another warning sign, so decided it would be better to stay at home and watch the garden growing.

Back garden

Although the garden is not growing very much at the moment. The lawn has more or less given up and never did recover from the summer drought or the attack from below of the June beetle babies which enjoy chewing on the roots of things that should grow. We are now waiting for the gardener to remove it all and put down a nice surface of stones and hope that the insects afterwards choke on them. My amaryllis from last year is flowering about 2-3 months too early, but surprised us all, so I will keep it for a while. On the left at the front is the remains of the poinsettia from last Christmas. I am keeping that as well and see how it develops inside when the weather gets too cold for it. Otherwise I can see the sedum which is now flowering quite nicely in the background, giving the bees and wasps something to do now and again.

Today is the day for week-end shopping, although who knows what will be bought. My No. 1 son is always ready to eat, but his dad has no appetite at the moment and after my bug attack I am being careful. I seem to have lost the enjoyment of eating at the moment. I decided to stick to chicken with variations over the week-end and fish to play safe.

Swan 18.09 (2)

Sometimes I wish I could do my food shopping like this swan. Just stick your head in the food supplies and peck away at what you find.

I am now off to do some housework therapy to keep me busy. I hope you are keeping on top of things and will have a good week-end ahead – already week-end and time goes so quickly. Here is a doggy photo to brighten up your day, although he looks a little curious.

Dog 18.09 (1)

Good Morning


Nothing big happening in the sky today, just the traces of the flights passing over. The main thing is that I have returned to the normal world. Yesterday I spent almost the complete day in bed recovering from the attack of a bug which decided to empty my body of anything it might contain – no details, but it was not pleasant. Even Mr. Swiss remarked that I  rarely have such attacks. Somehow I crawled to the kitchen to fix the men with food at lunchtime and then went back to bed. I think I slept more than my cat does yesterday during the day. I hope I am now back. At least I had some breakfast (I was hungry).

Obviously I did not go places and see things yesterday, but the day before I took a trip into town. I was crossing our footbridge in my wheelchair and at last it was empty for a good photo, although at the last minute a man and his daughter came into sight with a married couple.

Rötibruck Shadows 18.09 (1)

I thought no further of it until the man on the left climbed onto the railings at the side of the bridge and dived into the river below, quite impressive. I was more impressed when his daughter, about 12 year old, also climbed onto the railing and dived after her father. It was no short distance to dive and they both swam to the bank of the river where their wife and mother was waiting. She was also dressed in a bathing costume, so probably did the same before, I was impressed, quite a family of swimmers and such a young daughter.

I like to take a trip into town now and again as there is something different happening, although not always.

Military Truck 18.09.2018

There seemed to be quite a lot of military vehicles on their way, probably a manoeuvre taking place somewhere, it is now time for the Autumn recruit schools and we have a barracks near our town.

Dog 18.09 (2)

It seems to be a bit of a lazy dog days at the moment and this one was taking it easy waiting for its owner to appear from the shop.

Mr. Swiss took care of the shopping yesterday and I do not even remember him going. Must have been some time in the morning but he got the provisions. Today I am hoping to have a normal day again with cleaning and cooking. It is funny how you miss these things when you cannot do them. I am now going to catch up on the lost day of my life and hope to be back later. Take care and beware of bugs, they are always lurking somewhere and waiting. I will leave you with a view of our cathedral taken the day before yesterday with some interesting clouds in the background.

Clouds 18.09 (4)

Good Morning

Morning clouds

This is a very quick good morning, the good thing being we had a nice sky with a few clouds and some sun in the background. Just to say I am alive and breathing. Mr. Swiss had an appointment at the clinic for one of those fiddly examinations this morning and almost overslept. I had the cleaning lady coming and also had to have a shower and get ready and and and, so no time for a computer.

Mr. Swiss just called to say examination over, but is still sleepy as he was put to sleep while it lasted. He is also waiting for the report from the doc. Everything a bit upside down at the moment, but will be back this afternoon.

Ducks 16.09 (2)