Good Morning


Not as dramatic as it seems: a pleasant breeze and and wispy clouds above. It looks like it will be another hot day today, but I am only going places where I want to and not have to. I had enough yesterday with excursions that I had to fit in between shopping.

Altstadt Solothurn10.11 (3)

I had to drive first of all into town which was really a first for me, to a bank just here on the right a little at the front and out of the picture. There were people wandering around and enjoying the weather, not an ideal place to be with a car. Afterwards I drove on through the narrow streets, which were originally built for roman feet with sandals and perhaps a chariot here and there, but I did it: thank goodness there was no traffic in the opposite direction. Road laws are only for the survivors in our little market town. Eventually I found the way out and then to the next place to deliver the document which was not in town, but also combined with narrow streets where I did have traffic either behind me or in the opposing direction. I luckily managed to park half on the pavement to allow space for the others to pass by.

Afterwards I took Mr. Swiss home who was my guide through the town. I must admit we did have a few agreeing to disagree moments on my Paul Revere journey. Then I was off again to the store to get the week-end shopping. My son returns today so it was the normal shopping routine again. However, he will only arrive this evening and will probably not be eating with us today. He is coming by coach  with the other members of his handicapped group (he is autist) from Italy and will have to cross the Gotthard pass when arriving in Switzerland to get to our part of Switzerland. This morning early they already reported 14 kilometres traffic jam, which is normal for holiday times when everyone flocks to the south and returns again. However, he usually arrives early evening eventually. I will then have the pleasure of starting the washing machine marathon with his holiday clothes. So I will again be on my way with my car this evening to pick him up at the station.

I will be glad for a normal daily routine.


Otherwise life continues at home and my gardening is flowering like made. The sunflowers have arrive: not the mega size, but the normal size which do have more charm than the big ones that seem to have more seeds than petals.


My five franc orchids from the supermarket are also doing well. That was really a wonderful special offer.


These were not such a special offer, at thirty Swiss francs for a pot, but they were really something original. I don’t know how they managed to do the special colouring, probably something special in the water. Needless to say I did not buy one, just took a few pictures.

And so life continues. I might even manage a wheelie this afternoon into town. I just hope that temperatures are bearable, they seem to be increasing daily and are now around 30°C or more in the afternoon. I will not be sorry when Autumn arrives with its decent temperatures and colours.

Time to go, my shower is calling and general organising of my living space. Have a good week-end and above all enjoy, although I know it does not always work out as you would wish: been there and done that so they say.


Let’s have some petunias from the local store to brighten up the day.

Good Morning


A few planes have left their marks this morning in the sky showing some connecting lines between the casual clouds. I always hear the planes above, but not always see them, or if I see them am too late with the camera. Here a mobile phone camera is not enough to capture them. I take my photos with the phone camera mainly when I want a quick upload, but for something more elaborate, you can never beat a real camera. I used to take my camera everywhere, but since driving regularly again I no longer have the opportunity to use it. I really miss the journeys, even if it was only to the local store, when Mr. Swiss was at the driving wheel and I would be snapping away next to him from the passenger seat.

Life’s patterns change as you grow older. Mr. Swiss now stays at home with my camera, with just an occasional excursion with me in the car, and I am the one now concentrating on the road.

Yesterday was not really a shopping day, but after my midday sleep I had to pick up some medicine for Mr. Swiss at the doctors. The doc was alone in the practice so I could exchange a few words with her. She also helped me with my walker. She has a ramp on the ground floor entrance to the surgery, but as ramps go, not so perfect. I managed to wheel up having a little balance problem, but I was dreading losing my balance wheeling down. She came with me to the entrance and took over with the walker whilst I concentrated on descending the two steps with my cane. I was so glad and it solved all my problems. Afterwards I clmbed into the car and decided to drive off to the supermarket, just for a few bits and pieces. This was really a good shopping trip, as I was not in a rush, had really no big important stuff to get, and could take my time. I even went down to the lower level where the garden plants are, and the seeds. I had been thinking about planting some pansy seeds for spring flowering and got myself a packet. I love pansies with their little faces.


Some faces are better than others as this one shows from one of our local flowerbeds in town.

Today is week-end shopping. Son No. 1 will be arriving home from his two weeks holiday tomorrow evening where he will be bringing the usual gifts of dirty laundry, although as I had no beds to change this week, I am quite up to date and have enough time and space in the machine to deal with it.


My basil is at last showing some available leaves for a tomato salad. It took some time. At first the slugs brought their 600 teeth with them and had a chew, them we had a spell of colder weather (that seems so long ago) and now it has recovered and sprouting nicely.


I also noticed another echinaca/coneflower plant in the garden, they seem to be everywhere at the moment.

I am now off for a little session with the vacuum cleaner and mop after my morning shower. Let us see what the day brings. I am waiting for an important letter this morning and hope it arrives, otherwise it would mean an extra trip into town which I do not know how I would fit it in, but things are never how you would like to have them.

Hope you all have good day, with no unwanted surprises or stress. I leave you with my newest flower in the garden. Nothing really different, but the first to show on this partcular hosta which the gardener planted after the builders left us a couple of years ago.  I was surprised, but there are a few of them to come and they managed to escape from the jaws of the monster slugs.


Good Morning


That was all I could do for a morning cloud, and even that was has disappeared in the meanwhile. Looks like blue skies today and plenty of sun, although that is staying moderate at the moment with an accompanying breeze. Today I have nothing really planned, although I might make a quick trip to the doc to pick up some tablets for Mr. Swiss. I actually wanted to take a photo safari into town, but will probably have to postpone it. Sometimes I would just like to have some time for myself.

Yesterday he decided to come with me shopping and of course I forgot half of what I wanted and so did he. Luckily I froze a butter packet once. I had never done it before and will use it today. I have enough butter for the bread, but am not sure about the cooking. I have never used frozen butter before so I am interested to see how it works.


I decided to cook spaghetti with prawns today in a tomato sauce, so everything is at the moment defreezing. I am cooking far too much at the moment, as there are now just two of us instead of three.


My climbing rose has also began to flower again. It stopped for a while and most of the flowers did not have a long life, probably due to the heat wave we had. I was in the flower department of the store yesterday, hoping to pick up something in a pot but they seem to have nothing at the moment. They have now removed the plants outside the store and only seem to have orchids or cut flowers.

At the moment we are in the middle of the holiday season and I sometimes think we are the only people actually living in our apartment building at the moment. All the others are travelling. We had one of those letters from the caretaker company for our estate yesterday that it seems someone complained that our garbage is not being carefully put into the large bin. It is all packed in plastic sacks, sealed, but often the lid is not closed to the container and “animals” manage to open the bags. It did not say what sort of animals. No-one here has a dog let loose, and I have never seen a cat around the container. I suppose we can blame the hedgehogs. I hate those sort of letters, decided it has nothing to do with me, and binned it. There is always the unknown person that complains, now probably feeling happy that the letter has been written, and naturally remaining unknown.

And now I am retiring to unknown territory. Someone dropped a bottle of Valerian that I have for our cat to calm him down, although I never really use it. It happened yesterday evening and I am still working on getting the smell out of the apartment. We had all the windows opened during the night and I must have mopped the floor 20 times as well as cleaned the working surface as much, where it was dropped. At last the smell is gradually going. At least we had something to calm us down.

Hope your day runs smoothly, so take it easy.


A greeting from one of our hollyhocks.

Good Morning


For want of something better, a photo of the morning blue sky with a tree and the Jura mountains in the background: my normal scenery. It is really something to treasure to live in such a wonderful area and to see it every morning. We even had a semi moon eclipse yesterday. As I was preparing to hang up my laundry from the machine, I saw or heard something about it. It was 11.00 in the evening and when I finished hanging the wash I opened the window and took a short walk in the garden to see this spectacular. It was a night with almost no clouds and the view was quite good. Out came the camera, but as it was all a quick spur of the moment thing, I do not think my photos came out so well, a bit of a burred result. However, I have not yet uploded them onto the computer, so who knows.


And look what I discovered this morning. My lovely gardener lady had planted a few groups of echinacea (coneflowers) in the garden and now they are making theirselves noticeable. I am certainly getting surprises this year.

Talking of surprises I discovered something quite interesting yesterday.  My walking abilities are naturally not 100% because of my MS and 18 months ago I even managed to break my left leg, which has healed quite well with the help of two parallel horizontal screws at the knee and and long metal rod in the thigh bone, but now I noticed something. I always have to drag my left leg a little to catch up with the right one, although no pain, and I have to lift it to put it in the car. However, it has now come to my attention that the left leg a good centimetre shorter is than the right one, meaning that when my foot is on the ground on the right side, the left leg is still thinking about it. Is my left leg shrinking, or the right leg growing? Perhaps I might have an entry in the Guiness Book of Records “the lady with the shrinking/growing leg”.

Yesterday we had a complete day at home, although also out on the porch. I was  busy sorting my onine banking entry problems with the bank and am proud to say not once did I have to call their helpline, but worked it out all by myself, even if it did take an hour. Sometimes I can understand my 100 year old dad that always said he did not want a bank account. Of course he had his trouser pockets full of money, change and notes, but we did organise a cash box for him.


My bellflowers are developing nicely on their border and the air is full of little explosions (not really) when a new bud opens.

This afternoon I will be on a shopping safari once again. My shopping list has not yet been made or my menus planned until Friday. On Saturday No. 1 son will be returning from his two week holiday in Italy and in the evening I will pick him up from the local station. It will then be the big washing and ironing session for a day after he unpacks his case, but he is very organised and gives me no great problems. I have missed him when doing my laundry as he carries it down to the laundry room in my basket and brings it back when it is finished and now I have had to do it myself. I have a very large bag (one of the hospital’s patients bags for their clothing) and have been doing it with that bag, resting it on my walker. It worked quite well actually. I am always glad when I can manage on my own and keep my independence.

And now to the daily work. I made the mistake of deciding on potato rösti with Vichy carrots for lunch meaning I will have a bit more cutting work to do with the machine. At the moment Mr. Swiss is busy with the hoover on the only carpet we have in the apartment as we otherwise have stone floors or wood. I am not a lover of carpets – too much dust.

Have a good summer’s day (or perhaps winter for those down under) and try to take it easy, which is not always possible I know. See you around later.


Good Morning


This morning I am really later, but sleep seems to take priority. Now I am up and ready to go, not quite, but am doing my best. Yesterday evening it began to rain and I was not sorry. It saved me the bother of watering the garden and a rain shower is always better. I noticed that temperatures had dropped, although for me it was quite refreshing.


I even chanced a wheelie yesterday afternoon, but this time into the country part, up to the castle on the hill and through the cemetery where I took this photo as I crossed one of the bridges. And then something special, for me, happened. I was walking down the hill from the castle and there were two young ladies walking in front of me. They both seemed familiar and suddenly one turned, saw me, and made an exclamation of surprise, as we did know each other from a long time ago. The other turned and there I was more surprised, as it was someone I had worked with for many years. I did not realise they knew each other, but they grew up in the same village and were friends, just taking a stroll around my part of the world.

We were all so pleased to meet again.


Memories were caught up on and of course a few selfies were made to celebrate the moment in time. They said they didn’t mind featuring in my good morning blog so here we are. I think we were on the path for at least half an hour together. They live in another village, about 10-15 minutes by car, and it was a complete coincidence that they were in my part of the world on this afternoon at the right time. Life can be so full of pleasant surprises. I was sitting in my wheelchair so that is why I look a bit smaller than the others and of course I am a few years older.


i wheeled on hoping to get a few shots of some chickens and other wild life at the farm, I had not been there for some time and it seemed to be a bit forlorn. The grass and wild flowers had been allowed to take over and there were only a couple of chickens wandering around, although there were probably more hidden in the vegetation. I saw a couple of geese in the background. I was a little disappointed, as photo opportunities were not very good. The movable chicken coop had been moved some time ago to a more distant part, although I have the feeling that it is now time for the chicken changeover. They are probably no longer laying so well, and will be returned for a new batch. So is the life of a chicken it seems.


Otherwise the wheat is growing in the fields next to the castle and beginning to ripen. The clouds were also showing themselves from their best side. Eventually I made my way home and spent the evening uploading my photos. I now have them on two albums in the computer, but after the debacle my Flickr app had with the new server I decided that it would be safer to have them in another place as well, and WordPress have an agreement with Google photos which makes it a lot easier.

For a while I neglected my photo safaris, mainly due to the hot summer heat wave we had, but am now in the mood again.

I must really move on, I have been very lazy this morning and have a few things to deal with. My shopping expedition is this afternoon and I also have a few things to do on the computer. I am on a learning curve for our financial transactions at the moment, taking over from Mr. Swiss, and also have now got the job of finding out how our television works. We have had it for a few months now and it was always Mr. Swiss department. Unfortunately these new models are getting more clever and more complicated, expecially recording with the DVD thing.  I am still not interested in TV so much, but we are having problems it seems. Actually when I see modern day electronics, such as TV and finding the way in online banking, as well as just the computerisation of everything I wonder how the average golden oldie (something like my dad who never wanted a bank account) is managing. You just have to have someone to help you. I seem to be a glutton for punishment and still enjoy learning these things, but one day I will probably have my problems.


I am now gone to the land of vacuum cleaners and mops and showers, leaving you with a photo of a near farm. Usually there are a few cows on the meadow, but even they need their rest now and again from the hot sun. Have fun with your computers, make the most of all the week will bring. See you all later.

Good Morning


All I can say is what a wonderful day. 8.30 a.m., a blue sky and a slight cooling breeze, what could be better. I have just upbaked our platt bread for something fresh for the week-end, although I had a couple of slices of toast with butter and honey this morning. I have also given the garden a refreshing sprinkle and am ready for the day.


And yesterday afternoon I eventually escaped and took a wheelie into town: same place perhaps very similar photos, but it was quite crowded. This is a view of our market place, at least that is what it is called. The market takes place every Saturday morning and then it is crowded with stalls selling fruit and vegetable, and other foods and with a large selection of flowers for the garden. This was Saturday afternoon and it has all been cleared away and now left to the public that likes to see and be seen. It was my mother-in-law’s big morning of the week when she could dress in her best outfit and meet her colleagues with whom she mostly grew up with in our town.


I wheeled on seeing the familiar sights. This is our catholic cathedral being at the town entrance. It is quite a large building for such a small market town, but a centre of tourism and the steps are always occupied withe someone sitting their looking at the view across our main street opposite,


such as in this photo. There is always someone that is standing opposite the cathedral with a mobile phone in their hands taking a photo.

I entered the town by way of the local museum.


They have a water feature outside the museum and I wheeled past the entrance. They have a few chairs and tables outside and at last there was a lady their organising things a little. It has been a few years since I have actually been in the museum and they have some interest exhibits now and again, especially art by various well known Swiss painters. I took the opportunity to have a few words with her. I had been waiting for this chance for some time and asked how it would be possible for me in my wheelchair to get into the museum. The entrance would be climbing a few stone steps, which my wheelchair would not be able to manage. I had seen they have a lift at the back, but was not sure if I was allowed to use it as it is mainly for deliveries.

She said part of the reason for the lift was for people like myself and I should just ring the bell. Someone will give me an answer over the intercom and ask my intention. Then they send the lift down for my usage. Otherwise when I am in the museum and want to visit on another floor, there is also a lift at my disposal. She was very helpful and I will certainly take her up on her offer at the next interesting exhibition. A little bit of culture is always good.


I saw the stork tower on the opposite river bank as I was wheeling homewards. The baby has grown and no longer hidden in the nest. I also saw them in flight, but that is always the moment when a professional photographer is ready to take a shot and I am still fumbling to get the camera ready, when they have already decided to fly home. Storks are really big birds when you see them flying and very impressive.

Today is going to be a nice relaxing day. Something easy to cook for lunch (ham, green beans and potatoes) and I am good in my routine, having stopped hugging the bed at a normal time this morning. I might even go on a wheelie again this afternoon, I am again in the travelling mood.

Enjoy your Sunday wherever you are.


I leave you with a flowerbed of day lilies I noticed when crossing the cemetery on my wheelie.


Good Morning


I just love those cloudy mornings, especially with the blue background. I suppose I am lucky to see the wonderful scenery in my village with the ridge of the Jura mountains in the background. Today I am really intending to take a wheelie into town, I have not been there for a week and my camera wants to see something else than just my garden flowers. I live in a lovely village, but nothing really fantastic happens. Younger families are now moving in (and out), and a new background noise is the crying of their offspring, which really does not bother me, life goes on. I hope to see them growing up, the first day in kindergarten and school etc.


My mullein plant is still developing flowers and this morning had a visit rom a bee having breakfast.

Yesterday I did the weekly shopping journey, but nothing special happened. I am now getting into the routine of feeding one less, No. 1 son being away on holiday: although as far as food goes, No. 1 son could count as two less. I no longer have so many leftovers from the meal and am also buying less, of course. I am even saving money, although I have a bill coming up for a new bathroom shower and attachment, but the old one was 20 years old, so I shouldn’t really complain. Things are just not made to last forever. Mr. Swiss was having a problem with his instant coffee, which he likes to drink in the morning. Apparently they have changed the taste, although it seems to be a one off. I bought a new packet yesterday, and this has met with approval. I never drink coffee, due to digestive problems, so I do not know the difference. I stay with tea in the morning, and otherwise just mineral water.


Otherwise it was just a normal evening yesterday. I had a look at my favourite TV soap and Mr. Swiss decided to have an early night, at least earlier than me. We have a new routine, he used to be the one that went to bed after midnight and now he disappears already at 10.30. Always take the advantage of the system, I say, so after emptying the dish washer I organise a few things on the computer. Sometimes I have the laundry to hang up. Using electronic machines after 9.00 in the evening has an advantage: the electricity is half the price and that really makes a difference on the bill.

So now to move on, I am a little later this morning, spent too much time hugging the bed and processing the morning photos. For lack of new photographic material I had a look to see how my two new orchids are progressing.


They are both looking good. Since the weather is now a normal heat and not such a burning sun beating down, my plants are recovering. Too much sun is never good.

I will now leave you all to say good morning to my vacuum cleaner and mop, and shower of course, with a little bit of bed making in between. Have a great day or sleep well according to where you are in the time zone, I am now the power lady, with the bionic action.