Good Morning


And this photo is from this morning, taken on my mobile camera. It looks like rain, but I do not think so, just a remainder of some clouds floating by. At last my photo provider is back to normal, more or less. I spent some very nerve wrecking hours lately with this provider. I was in a desert, enough water to drink, but no photos. I still have not uploaded my last batch to Flickr but in the meanwhile have adopted Google photos as well.

I am still getting used to adding a Google image, but this one worked quite well, just a copy-paste. The cows posed for a group photo when they saw me with the camera. I will have to visit the other group over the week-end. They are the real thing and their farmer allows them to keep their horns. There is nothing less photogenic than a hornless cow.

I have not been so acive in the last couple of days on WordPress. My blogging routine was completely down and I missed out on a couple of challenges, not to mention my flower of the day opporunities, Now I hope to be back and fighting fit again. There is nothing more annoying to prepare 70 photos for an upload and afterwards they do not upload, but I hope this will be a thing of the past.


Even the chickens were out and about. I was not sure if this was father and daughter, or mother and daughter, but they remained together for the photo. Mr. Swiss assures me it is a rooster, and he should now I suppose.

Yesterday was week-end shopping, with the glorious mistake that I left my money at home and had to drive twice to the supermarket. It was probably a good exercise for my driving abilities. Now I do not intend going anywhere with the car for the next couple of days until Monday. It will be wheelchair time for me and perhaps another venture into the world of photography in town. I seem to be  succour for punishment.

And of course I also met my friends, the geese. They seemed to be having a conference , probably about when the next feeding time is due.

The weather has be super this week. The rains have more or less gone, it is warmer, but not too hot and my garden is growing. My No. 1 son has a week’s holiday next week. On Thursday it will be ascension day so all Switzerland will be closed, and most companies also give Friday as a free day as well. My son’s boss decided to close the company for a week, although son No. 1 with other colleagues is on call up in case urgent work arrives.

And now to continued with my daily duties. There are things to be dealt with, I just like to have everything neat and tidy and what else does a golden oldie have to do when she is not blogging or taking photos. Some even knit, but I gave that up years ago.

I hope you have a wonderful week-end. Take it easy and my your computers be working as they should. I leave you with a view from our local castle on the hill over the Bernese plane.


Good Morning


My first peony opened yesterday, just on the day when my photo programme was down for maintenance as they were shifting the complete programme to another server. At least I manage to upload this photo.


It worked. Just as I was finishing this little good morning, my photo arrived from this morning’s sky. It can only get better I hope.

I actually gave up yesterday with blogging and realised that without my photo hobby to accompany it, I was lost. Of course Flickr told us what was happening, but their 12 hours downtime for the complete job developed into “several hours” as they expressed it. That expression tells it all as they had no idea what was going to happen and when. It is still not working 100%. I took a photo this morning with my telephone app and that one is not quite ready yet (in the meanwhile it appeared). They did write that they were concentrating on computers and the other devices would follow. My iPad is also having problems.


Thank goodness my garden plants do not need software or updates to develop. I have never had such enormous leaves on my sage plant.  I must say there is something to be said for raised beds in the garden. You can keep everything under observation and removing the unwanted weeds is also much easier.

Yesterday afternoon I took a wheelie around the cemetary and local castle for a few photos (actually there were about 80 in all). I uploaded them onto my computer and got them ready to upload onto my online provider, but I am waiting for that until it is working 100%.  I took a photo of the local clouds this morning, but that has not yet appeared (now here).

I eventually decided to give up with blogging yesterday afternoon, this photo down time just removed my interest. However, there is always a bright side to everything I suppose. I decided to give myself some reading time and progressed with my epic book about the doings of Cicero in ancient Rome (thanks for the recommendation Marilyn). I remember the Shakespeare play Julius Caeser  that we read at school, and actually was the only one that really interested me. I preferred action to the sloppy love stories, although it was more fantasy than fiction and it seems that Mark Anthony was just a show-off.

However the book I am reading by Robert Harris is more based on the facts that fiction and yesterday I got to the part where Caeser was killed by his fellow senators. It had all climbed a bit to his head with his power and battle victories, and he had made himself a dictator. The thing was when he was gone there were no plans for future developments. It seems to me that history is always repeating itself. How many of our leaders met their downfall when they were convinced of their power.

So back to the realities of daily life. Today is week-end shopping day and my plans have been made for food over the week-end. Mr. Swiss did pass the remark yesterday that I always manage to have ideas of what to cook. I do not really have a choice as it seems no-one else has any ideas.

And now to move on to my daily cleaning and showering. The morning has no stress and I will take it easy. Have a good day everyone and hope to see you later and that my photo programme will be up and running 100% by this afternoon, or at least early evening.

Path by the Aar 21.05.2019

In the meanwhile one of our riverside paths I took a photo of at the beginning of the week.

Good Morning

I was not sure whether to post a “Good Morning” or not this morning. I have no photos to show. My web provider “Flickr” has been down since yesterday evening and will be for the next couple of hours. They are/were a Yahoo concern and were taken over some time ago by the photo support programme “Smugmug” meaning that the server is being transferred today. They reckon on 12 hours downtime, but who knows and it is difficult to say as they base everything on the time in the States and  I am in Europe. It is amazing what a difference photos make, at least for me, when writing.

In the meanwhile we have a wonderful sunny morning and I have now shifted my indoor plants to outside and hope they can now enjoy the summer ahead. I have also given the garden some water.

Yesterday was also a wonderful Spring day, although Summer will soon be upon us. I spent most of the afternoon in the store catching up on supplies. I also had a look in the gardening section as now they begin to get the interesting plants for summer which are worth a photo or two but a little too expensive for my purse. The advantage is also that they have good quality as they want to sell their plants.

Yesterday my peonies completely opened: a shame I cannot show them here. Otherwise everything seems to be producing giant leaves and I hope the flowers will also be giants.

Today is a day of relaxation and most probably an excursion into the wilds of the surroundings in the afternoon.  In this wonderful weather you have to make the most of it before it decides to rain again.

That is all for now, just to let you know I am alive and kicking. Have a good day and enjoy. Hope to see you later again, but the next time with some photos.

Good Morning

Misty Morning

Nothing romantic about our misty mornings here. It is damp and not very warm. After three nights of constant rain and  a day full of it since the week-end, the damp is now rising in the morning. At least my plants are happy about it, I have never seen such large leaves as this year.

Glass Disposal

I noticed that our two bags were quite full with glass and metal which we collect when used. It takes up too much room in the garbage bin, and such objects are recycled. Every town and almost every village have their own depot and so son No. 1 and I were on our way after lunch. It is not so far away, just on the other side of the village, but I have to saddle up the car as we are not carrying two heavy bags. When I arrive I can park the car just at the entrance which is very useful. Son No. 1 takes the bags and empties them into the correct containers. It is all labelled: green glass, brown glass and clear glass.The empty tins and other metal are their own containers, and there is also one for batteries, although I deposit the batteries in the boxes supplied in the store: Swiss organisation at its best. The actual operation take only about five minutes and we were soon home again. When Mr. Swiss was driving he dealt with it, but now it has become just another chore for me to deal with.

I afterwards retired to my bed for an hour. I really wanted to go into town. My photo system on the computer is closing down for the night our time, to be transferred to a new server, and I really wanted to capture a few photos. I decided that I had enough time after my sleep and was on my way in my wheelchair.

Altstadt 21.05.2019

There was not really a lot going on in town and there were not many people around. It was not very welcoming weather and a little cool. It seemed to me that the town was reserved mainly for youngsters and parents with their kids. Many of the shops seem to be closing down. It is only the special stores that manage to survive such as telephone communications where you need advice. The building behind the fountain was a department store. It was taken over by an Italian chain, but only survived a month and closed its doors. since half a year it is empty, still waiting for a new owner. Our town now seems to be full of restaurants and bars.

There were also a few people in their wheelchairs as myself and I also see many pushing their walkers. I always get a friendly greeting from fellow handicapped: perhaps because we share the same problems. I must say the walkers are really a brilliant invention. At first I did not want one, but they are ideal. I am more flexible in my wheelchair, but if I have to attend a doctor’s appointment I always take my walker with me in the car. Next month I will have an eye examination and will not be allowed to drive the car because of the eye drops. I will take the local train and go further with my walker, which will be ideal.

Train Bridge with Krummturm 21.05 (2)

At least the trains still call in. Here is one passing our bridge which leads to the main station. Our wonky tower is in the background: so-called because the architect in the middle ages made a few mistakes when calculating dimensions.  Our town of Soothurn is on the main line connection from Geneva to Zürich.

I decided there was not very much going on and so made my way home along the banks of the River Aar.

Aar 21.05 (4)

This time I decided to travel on the other side of the river at the beginning. As I crossed the bridge I got a good view of the appartment blocks where I live – the white ones in the photo.

Today nothing special. I will be around later I hope, perhaps without photos as the programme might be closed. In the meanwhile make the most of the day.

Horse Chestnut 21.05.2019

It is now that time of the year when the horse chestnut trees are flowering.

Good Morning

Morning Sky

Nothing special today. After two nights of rain and yesterday a day of rain, it has now stopped and perhaps it might brighten up, who knows. I am also later today as my cleaning fairy is here busy in my bathroom and shower. Otherwise I was also busy cleaning windows. I like to do them regularly so that they do not give so much to do.

Yesterday was a shopping afternoon and Mr. Swiss decided to come as well, although he disappeared when I arrived in the store and I only found him when I was finished. He did say that it made a pleasant change to his daily routine, but he is glad he does not have to come each time I go shopping.


At last my peonies have decided to open their buds which have been waiting for a couple of weeks. The German name for them is Whitsun roses because that is the time of year when they usually flower, although they are a bit early this year according to the time table.


As I am writing the sun has appeared, so who knows, perhaps I will be out and about this afternoon.

Swans nesting 18.05 (7)

A couple of days ago, on my last wheelie in my chair, I noticed this pair of swans on the river bank. I think they have built a nest and I will keep my eye on their results. I think there might be a few eggs that they are breeding.

And now I am off to the kitchen to cook lunch. Otherwise nothing special happening at the moment.

Have a good day, see you around.

Wild Flowers 18.05.2019

Good Morning

Front Garden

This morning is a rainy one. It rained througout the night and looks like it will be here to stay for the day, or perhaps week. I do not really mind as it means I can save our expensive water to spray the garden: nature is doing it for me.  My No. 1 son tidied up my garden a little yesterday. I had all sorts of strange growths in between the stones, but they were easy to remove. I still have my pot of dead daffodils and when I have the time and patience I will  plant them in the island in the middle of the garden around my buddleia bush.

Back Garden

One thing I have noticed with this wet and warm weather is that my garden is growing to the extent that it has become quite luscious and the leaves are twice as large and dense as usual. Only the flowers are waiting to open.

Naturally with this wet weather I am not going places. Yesterday afternoon was quite sunny and warm, but I preferred to stay at home and take it easy on the porch. Even my cat Tabby has now changed to her summer routine and sleeps outside more, although being allergic to the water that falls from the sky. she has now retired to her favourite armchair inside.

Back Garden

This afternoon they are letting me out on the road with my car to explore the supermarket. Since I have taken over the complete responsibilitiy for the shopping and food organisation I noticed that I am so good that the cupboard is really a bit bare I used to have a few tins of stuff like tuna fish and fruit but now I have used them all. They are quite good for an emergency although I also have a few packets of frozen veg. I made a note on my list to stock up.

Yesterday was again a day filled with the voting results of a few referendums for the Swiss government. One of the issues was to adjust our laws on armaments (guns etc.) to fit the European laws. The majority voted yes, so I do not what will actually change. Every able bodied man up to a certain age, has a rifle somewhere at home as they are eligible for military service once a year and have to be ready. They also have to go for a shooting practice on the ranges once a year. The only weapons I have are a few kitchen knives and of course a Swiss Army knife, which all Swiss have somewhere.

There was also something about our state pension scheme. The majority said yes, so I suppose it must be good for something. This morning I saw that our government have put forward the proposal to pay a 13th annual pension. This means that instead of every month, I will get an extra one during the year. I find this great and definitely it will be a “ja°. However I will be 73 this year and it will be probably a year until we an vote for it. Afterwards if it is accepted it will be another couple of years until it might exist. I can imagine I will be 80 years old, Mr. Swiss almost 90, when it actually happens.  At least my grandchildren will profit from it. The extra money might be good for a new pair of eye glasses, an improvment on my wheelchair, or cover the costs of a senior citizen’s home or a daily cleaning help. Or perhaps it will cover my life insurance.

And on this happy note I will depart for a few hours. I have some houshold chores to complete, although Monday is an easy day. May the health be with you as we golden oldie knights say and have a good week.

Iris bud

And my first iris is ready to flower (if it stops raining).

Good Morning

Morning Clouds

Reality has returned, and it was so good to hug the bed and relax, but action must be. I dragged myself to the kitchen and on the way had a look at today’s sky. I saw that there was a bit of blue in between, despite that it rained during the night. Actually those night rains are quite good, meaning I do not have to water the garden in the morning. Water has become quite an expensive commodity here.

Talking of commodities, I/we were quite shocked with our last electricity bill. We knew that again the prices had increased, but we are now paying a third more than the last time, and we (actually me) really save on the electricity where we can. I am the one that switches unnecessary lights off. The electricity gurus did tell us that there would be an increase, but I never realised that it would be so much.  I think we will have to return to the days of candlelight, although perhaps candle-wax prices would also increase.

Yesterday I did go for a wheelie in my chair in the afternoon. I was interested to see what shape the “fifties” week-end was taking in town. On my way there I got the first hint as I was wheeling along.

Cars of the fifties 18.05.2019

This car drove past and of course I was ready with my camera. It was a Pontiac and  they really do not make them like that any more. Probably such cars are/were more common in the states in the earlier days, but our roads in Europe were never really big enough.

As I arrived in town there were more such arrivals. They were still arriving when I was there, so I had to move over to allow place for them to drive in.

Cars of the fifties 18.05 (1)

I do not know what this one is, but I had to move over to allow it to enter. I also saw some people in town who were ready for the fifties. Most were in blue jeans with wide turn ups on the legs showing the contrasting lighter blue jean material from the reverse side. The men had peaked caps and dressed for the occasion with perhaps a small bow tie on the shirt. In my days of the fifties I was about 10 years old. I remember the fashions to a certain extent, but the man on the street just wore what was available and I do not remember bow ties. I do remember by first jeans, it was actually the first time I wore trousers and did I feel special.

Reading Circle in town 18.05.2019

I wheeled on and discovered this group of people at the side of river comfortably seated in various armchairs and settees. The guy on the right had a book in his hand, a microphone, and was reading. It was all situated next to our town book case where we have books you can bring or take for reading purposes. It costs nothing and I often see people there searching for the right book. The poster next to the guy says that anyone can read but there are rules that they do not sit there for hours of course, reading a complete book. I found it a good idea and it was very comfortably done I told Mr. Swiss about it, and he said it was mentioned some time ago on the TV and radio.

Plane in town 18.05 (2)

Opposite, if you look carefully, you can see that a plane had been parked. It was from a flying school advertising how easy it would be to learn how to fly. I decided I fly enough when I have my special falls where we have to organised men from the ambulance service to pick me up again, so I moved on.

And now enough early morning talk. I have a meal to prepare, a little bit of tidying, a little bit of bed making and a shower to perform. Let us see what the day holds for me. Perhaps I might return to the fifties this afternoon, who knows. Have a good one, take it easy.

I noticed the pigeons are at it again, the male all puffed up and ready to go. I often feel sorry for him after minutes of cooing and encircling his newly found mate and she is not willing and flies off leaving him to search for a new partner.

pigeons 18.05 (5)