Good Morning

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Another dull morning: no sunrise and it’s raining again. I managed to drag myself out of bed, feed the birds and organise my morning routine, although I do not really feel like it today. I noticed yesterday I was sneezing a little more than usual and there was an irritation in the back of my throat. I seem to have the beginnings of a cold which I am not very happy about. At the moment it is a nose and head cold, which is not as bad as a throat cold. I am not coughing consistently, my head just feels heavier than normal. However it can only get better, I hope. The weather is getting colder, but nothing extreme and I suspect that one of the many shoppers at the store managed to spread a few germs in my direction. 


Otherwise I was getting constant reminders from my smartphone, iPad and Apple computer that tomorrow is the garden rubbish collection. No. 1 son and I have been preparing the containers, I have two, and filling them with the remainders of Summer. There is quite a lot and we have two such containers. They are the official green disposal trolleys and will be emptied tomorrow. It is all organised. We have an annual programme showing when everything will be collected. I will have to organise No. 1 son to take the two trolleys to our disposal place at the end of the row, today, in preparation.  I will probably be hearing the rumbling of container wheels all day as the other neighbours prepare their garden refuse. Actually it is mainly those that live on the ground floor as we have gardens instead of a balcony. The balcony people just have their potted plants and window boxes.


There is quite a flutter of wings in the morning when I fill up the bird food. Our poor little overweight birds are hungry and must make sure that their beaks do not stay empty.


A drink is also provided to give them something to wash it down with.

I will be off on my usual shopping trip this afternoon and the list is already made. Mr. Swiss has also added a few items meaning a visit to the chemist store. It is next to the supermarket and only a small detour with the car to get there. I was there on Saturday but they did not have everything, so I will pick up the rest today. They have a central supply depot for their medical supplies as they cannot stock everything in the shop. It is all very well organised with prompt deliveries of necessary medication.


Yesterday evening there was a new serial on the British TV. A new production of “The Ware of the Worlds” by H.G. Wells has been made. Of course I know the story. Earth is invaded by space monsters that plan to take over, killing all living earthlings in their way. Eventually the invaders are defeated, not by he british army, but by various bacteria, just the common cold virus. I can understand the logic. At the moment I am also being conquered by a common cold virus, although not being extra terrrstrial I have a chance of surival. The first episode was not bad, but I have seen so many versions of this story, and have also read the book. I will see how it develops.

And now to move on, I have other things to do. Have a good beginning to the week and may it be a good one.

Good Morning


I did it, I arrived, although it was definitely not smooth runnings. Being Sunday I treated myself to half an hour longer hugging the bed, the first mistake: but what’s half an hour, just 30 minutes of the time I could use for other things, like getting everything ready for a relaxed breakfast. Second mistake was I decided to empty the garbage can in the kitchen. I had forgotten to get new 60 litre bags and had to wait a little longer to transfer it into the big bag. I bought them yesterday and as I was removing the garbage from the kitchen the bag fastener broke apart and the whole thing was fixed in the can. I pulled it out, but also dislodged the bag holder and needed 15 minutes to put it in place again. That is not an easy job.


Afterwards I moved on to feeding the birds, the big ones and the small ones. The big ones are always the first to arrive in the garden, the smaller ones perch in the trees until the big ones move on. This crow was looking at the magpies as if to say make room, it is now my turn. After filling the bird house and distributing the goodies and chopping yesterday’s bread I eventually moved to the kitchen for breakfast, But wait, not yet, I had to switch on the oven and heat it up to finish baking the half baked platt bread I had to prepare for this evening. And then I remembered to remove a frozen butter from the freezer as I forgot to buy one yesterday. I have enough fresh butter for my breakfast, but not for cooking. And now I am eventually sitting at the computer recovering from the early morning stress.

And here is my photo of the month. As you know I became a grandmother for the second time on 11th November. The Schaffhausen News, my son’s local newspaper in East Switzerland, has a feature, “button of the week” and they brought a photo of him, his wife, son and newly arrived daughter. It is a wonderful photo, taken in the clinid.  Son No. 2 said it would  be OK to show it here, otherwise we are not such a public family in that respect. However, when thousands of people in the Kanton of Schaffhausen see the photo in the newspaper, it no longer makes a big difference, so here it is. We are mighty proud of him and his family. The text is in German, the usual journalistic jargon, just a short description of the family. They are now all back home after the birth.


I had a few bits and pieces to get at the store yesterday. I do not like shopping on Saturday, too many people, but I had nothing better to do. I decided to treat myself to a second poinsettia. This time I got a pink one. They are really reasonable, 5.90 Swiss francs instead of 7.90 and wonderful examples: fresh and full of green and coloured leaves, so how could I resist. I now have to  be careful how I treat them. No too much water and above all no draughts. Up to now they are looking fine.



Have a good Sunday everyone, and my the sun shine now and again, otherwise enjoy the Autumn colours that surround at the moment. Except for those down under, of course, they are enjoying the first Spring flowers.


Good Morning


When I stopped hugging the bed this morning I thought “another dull day” but as I was busy preparing my morning actions I notice a shy light arriving outside. My next action was to grab my mobile phone ready perhaps for a photo, and sure enough the sun was rising over the clouds. The second action was to return to the kitchen and get my Nikon DLSR with the zoom lens to get a closer view, although the sun was already retreating behind the clouds. However I shot a few photos and the action was finished. This is the photo from the phone, but everything seems to be there.


Otherwise not very much action this morning. The birds were all waiting with patience for me to fill the feeder(s). I now have to scatter some food on the path from the meadow to keep the big birds happy.

Yesterday was the Friday trip to the store for the weekend food. Mr. Swiss picked up the new glass frames that had been organised as the others as the hinge had broken off at the edge, so whilst I was touring from shelf to shelf in the food section, his new glasses were being fixed. I was glad to get it all behind me yesterday. It was a stress to actually get organised. Golden oldies tend to forget things when they go places, and I had to return home after just leaving as Mr. Swiss realised he had forgotten the eye glasses he needed. Despite the fact that we were later arriving yesterday afternoon at the store, I managed to make up for lost time somehow. Although we senior citizens do not have lost time, we just have time.


The green finches returned yesterday, so the other birds left. Somehow they have respect from these sharp beaked visitors, I think they are probably the bird mafia, and have first pickings, although it seems the food supply had already been emptied on this photo.


I treated myself to a poinsettia yesterday at the store. They had a large selection at reasonable prices and now it is the time of the year for a Christmas plant I suppose. I must admit I have pushed Christmas to one side over the last couple of years. It is not my thing (being a non believer), but the decorations and atmosphere are nice to have at the end of the year. Mr. Swiss and I decided an excursion into the hobby room would be an idea to see what we still have in decorations. I know we have two miniature Christmas trees and another one that even has music when it turns, so they will be retrieved.

I am really proud of No. 1 son as the moment. He is such a good help and has now cleared my front garden of the leaves from my Japanese maple and removed all the unwanted plants. I have been sorting stuff in the cellar and he told me yesterday he has put the 60 liter bag I filled into the garbage container. I was so pleased as I actually wanted to divide it into two bags as it was so heavy but he said it was no problem. It was full of shoes from my earlier days when I even went for walks. Today I am glad to have something comfortable for my feet and the only walks I do are with the supermarket trolley for support or in my wheelchair. Things are progressing with my removal of no longer needed articles.

And now to move on to the shower and other chores. Have a good day everyone, enjoy.


Good Morning


This morning is dull and rainy. An hour has aleady gone since I left my bed and I am only relaxing now with my breakfast and the computer. I had a laundry to remove which reminded me of last night’s catastrophe. I put the washing in the machine and when it was finished went down to the laundry room to get it. Strange, I thought, only the bed linen was in the machine, where was the rest? in my stress actions yesterday I forgot to put everything in the machine and I really did not want to do it all again today. It was a 1 hour and 10 minute wash, 10.10 in the evening, so I did a second wash with the rest. At 11.30 the machine was finished, I descended to the laundry room, removed the wash  from the machine and hung it up. This morning everything was dry and washed, but that was a stress situation I really did not need: a golden oldie forgetfulness.

Yesterday went well in the morning, although I even had to get to the dentist with Mr. Swiss by 9.30. I found a nice parking space just behind the dentists and went with him. He only had a half hour appointment so I waited until he was finished. I busied myself with taking a few photos, one of which was Mr. Swiss sitting in the dentist chair and the dentist doing his thing.  The door happened to be open to the waiting room. Luckily we know our dentist quite well, a young guy with humour thank goodess. He even posed a little for the photo. And no, I am not showing the photo here, some things are to be kept for private viewing, but it is really amazing how you look when being dealt with in a dentist chair. Even the dentist looks like something from outer space with his magnifying  goggles.


I also took a photo of the street outside the dentist. It is mainly the back entrances to the stores at the front and it seemed to be the delivery day yesterday. Our back streets are very narrow,  only  allowed for delivery cars, otherwise just for pedestrians.  I would be allowed to park there because of my handicapped permit, but I ask how. Fitting in those little spaces is not my thing and how would I escape afterwards when everything is packed with waiting transport. As I was waiting for Mr. Swiss there were two other golden oldies also waiting for their dentist and I notice each one of us had a walker. Mr. Swiss had already parked his walker next to the dentist wardrobe. It was almost a traffic congestion.


I also took a photo of this wonderful amaryllis in the dentist reception. When Mr. Swiss was finished and we were ready to go, he realised he no longer had his mobile phone. I called him with mine but it was not ringing anywhere. I thought it might have fallen in the car. On the way to the car my mobile rang and it was No. 1 son. He said that dad’s phone was ringing at home. I then realised he had fogotten to take it with him, so that problem was solved. Thank goodness for a thoughtful son. He might be an autist, but he reacts very well in such situations.


And how’s this for an action photo yesterday. I was just snapping a few photos outside and got the sparrows in a descent approach. And now to carry on with my daily routine. It is week-end shopping day and it will be combined with a short visit to the opticians for Mr. Swiss. My plan is made for the week-end food which I did yesterday evening whilst waiting for the washing machine to finish in the cellar. I am hoping there will be no emergency situations today.

Hope you all have smooth runnings with no unplanned interruptions.


These two seem to be on the lookout for something.

Good Morning


It should be “Good Evening” as I am doing this one in the evening, so here is a photo of an afternoon sky just to mix it up a little more. This morning I will be taking Mr. Swiss to the dentist and will be away about an hour, so thought I would write my piece this evening.


I even managed to get a photo of a pair of sparrows enjoying a drink outside on the porch today.

Today I really had a stress day, although my own fault. I was doing my usual routine in the morning and suddenly remembered I should change the bed linen today. I had already made the beds, so I had to unmake them again. Tomorrow I will be at the dentists in the morning with Mr. Swiss and no more time for the job this week. And so I peeled the bed linen, cleaned under the beds and covered the beds with new sheets and new covers on the duvet and cushions. In between I prepared lunch, with help from Mr. Swiss, thank goodness and somehow I had it all finished for lunch. I had to get it done as son No. 1 had to go back to work afterwards. The beds were eventually finished and after dinner I collapsed into one of the newly made beds for half an hour sleep.

Afterwards I was off shopping to the store, more stress.


Christmas is slowly becoming noticeable at the store and the first selection of poinsettia have arrived. I thought I would buy one, but had so much else on my mind that I forgot. However, they will not all be sold today and I can pick one up the next time, which will probably be tomorrow afternoon as I will be taking Mr. Swiss to the store with me to pick up his glasses which are being replaced. The first pair, new, broke at the joint.

Today was a weight lifting job with the shopping as I had to get two crates (each one with 6 1-1/2 liter bottles) of mineral water and pepsi as well as the rest of the supplies to carry me through until Friday lunch. I am now hoping for a nice relaxing evening in front of the TV. I hope your day tomorrow/today  be a better one, today mine was really not so good.

I managed to find time today to take a photo of the supermarket Christmas Tree that arrived last week. Have a good day everyone, will be back later.



Good Morning


When I rose this morning it was quite dull with a few grey clouds. As I was doing the morning clear up I notice the sun had arrived. In expectance of something good on the horizon I ventured outside, with my long winter coat over the nightdress, and what did I see? Yes, another wonderful sun rise with a few scattering clouds. It is mornings like this that make it all worthwhile to stop hugging the bed.

I removed the dried laundry from the stand, which had dried overnight and folded it. Then I moved on to No. 1 son’s  bed and made it. My cat had used his tray during the night so I emptied it. This time is was a little more difficult as I had to fill it with some new litter and it was a new bag containing 10 liters. I managed to lift it without having an accident. In the meanwhile I noticed that Tabby the cat was still having a sleep on the settee and did not notice all the work I was doing on her  behalf.

Eventually I was ready for the kitchen: placed my computer on the table and made something to eat, although first of all I had to prepare the bird canteens outside. Everything was empty again and so I filled it all for them. Even the special hanging piece of coconut with its seed and fat filling was pecked empty.


I thought this would happen today as the poor starving bird had to actually sit inside the shell to scrap out the remains. In the meanwhile a colleague made the most of the hanging seeds.

And now there is a new bird at the feeder. Not really so new, For some time I noticed a sparrow similar bird, but it had a small strip of yellow on the wing. Mr. Swiss had a look and said it was a “Grünling” which was another word I had never heard. Had he said “Grünfink” which would have been more to the German vocabulary, I would have realised that it is a green finch.


And here it is, complete with its yellow stripe and greenish feathers. It was busy munching on the bird house and seemed to have it all to itself. Mr. Swiss said they do not tolerate other birds so well, and the other birds tend to hold a distance with them. Their beaks are a little stronger than the others and when they feed they want no audience it seems.


I made the most of the photo session with this new arrival.

Otherwise it was a day at home yesterday although today I will have to go places, mainly the supermarket, to stock up on food. I have quite a heavy list today. Cola is down to one bottle and my fizzy mineral water is also on a low level. I also have a few things to tidy up down in the cellar. I am still on my clearing out mode, but am making progress. I have now realised in my golden oldie years how much unnecessary ballast you collect through life.

And now to move on. Time goes so quickly when you are having fun, especially at the computer. I hope you can all take it easy in between, have a good day.


Good Morning


Better late than never. This morning my cleaning lady is here and my routine is a little different. And when I saw this sun rise I just had to take a few photos. Even the moon is reflected in the top right hand corner as it was on its way to the other side of the world. Now I am awake and ready to go, although today I have no intentions of going anywhere. I have become a little lazy lately and prefer to take it easy at home.


The only interesting photos I have at the moment are from my ornithological visitors, the birds. They seem to be quite happy feeding from my bird house or the ground with their menu. I also noticed they are getting quite round.


The crows and magpies are always the first to arrive in the morning for breakfast and usually disappear with the bread that I put out for them from the dried ends of the loaf. The magpies are quite careful when the crow is around. He gets the first pickings of course, being a head and shoulders taller than the others.

Yesterday was again a shopping day and Mr. Swiss came with me as he had to get his eye glasses repaired. Luckily he had two pairs made when he got the new ones. They did a temporary repair job on the frames and a new frame has been ordered which should arrive by tomorrow. Whilst I was on my food buying quest for survival, Mr. Swiss stocked up on his various treats that he like to have in the kitchen, not necessarily for survival. It was a dismal rainy day and we were both glad when we arrived back home. My No. 2 son is keeping me nicely informed regarding the new arrival in the family of my grandaughter. She is doing well.

And that’s that for now. I must see what the day holds for me. Lunch is cooking, and even if I am doing it myself, I must say it does smell quite good: chopped beef with veg and  saffron rice.


And now to continue with daily life. Enjoy the day