Good Morning

Morning Sky

According to the forecast this week will be Spring weather. According to me I can believe it after seeing this morning’s sky although yesterday morning was similar and it developed into grey clouds followed by rain. It can now only get better. I decided not to go anywhere yesterday and stayed at home in the afternoon and baked a Swiss apple flan and now the apples have all be used from my tree’s last year harvest. Apart from the few that were captured by a few worms and other undefinable insects. It was a super harvest with at least 200 apples. At the moment the apple tree is still sleeping but I am sure it will not be long before the first leaves and buds appear.


My raised beds are gradually doing something. One is full of herbs which are growing nicely and the other one in the photo is more for decoration. I planted the crocus last Autumn and now they are growing nicely. Eventually they will disappear into the earth and I am hoping they will return again next year.


I even managed a close-up of one of the crocus. Nothing special but i found not too bad for a mobile phone camera. I mentioned before there is a guy that has a course for mobile phone photos and daily he has an except from his teachings in Facebook. It would cost around $100 dollars for the complete course, but the bits and pieces he gives away are enough for my purpose.  It all depends of course if you have one of the newest developments on the mobile phone cameras. I have an iPhone X which has it all.  I like the “burst” photos where you take about 10 photos continuously. They run like a film afterwards and you can pick the photos you want, or you can keep all of them.

Stork Nest 16.03 (3)

Here is another one of my stork photos. This time it is on the tower on the opposite river bank and you can see mum and dad stork together. It looks a little strange because of the angle, but one is sitting and the other is standing next to it. I am so looking forward to the babies arriving. They do not seem to be wasting a lot of time, already nesting in March.

Altstadt 16.03 (7)

As I mentioned I went into town on Saturday afternoon and the weather was at its best. Our restaurant mile along the river Aar was packed with people sitting outside in the sun enjoying the warm weather.

And today back to the old routine. This morning I am off shopping as the cupboard is bare and I want to get covered for food until Wednesday lunchtime. I also have an excursion planned with No. 1 son and two bags of glass and metal to take to the recycling deposit containers. It is in our village and I am the chauffeur to just along the road. My son takes the bags and distributes the recycling stuff in the containers. The last time I went was about six weeks ago.

And now to get down to the daily tasks. Breakfast is finished and I should move to make sure I am finished for the shopping trip. Keep well, have a good week and no stress.

River Aare 16.03 (4)

A view of the local River Aar in the sun from last Saturday.

Good Morning

Morning Sky

And this at 8 a.m. Spring is now firmly on its way. With temperatures of 20°C in the afternoon I am not complaining. Of course it really invites you to go outside and enjoy the weather, although Mr. Swiss has just shut the window in the kitchen where I am on the computer as he finds there is still a nip in the air. I suppose computer work keeps the circulation in order.

Horses 16.03 (3)

Of course I made the most of the weather in the afternoon and went for a wheelie into town in my chair. The first sight I had on the way were the horses grazing outside in the next farm. Actually I drive along the side of the railway tracks and when I get to the next station there is a space in the fencing and a good opportunity to take some photos. It seems to me they have more horses every time I pass by.

Baselstrasse 16.03.2019

The path on the left is where I travel next to the railway lines and on the right is the main road from our town of Solothurn which would eventually take you to Zürich after almost 2 hours journey. There is a motorway which is naturally quicker and after an hour you are in Zürich. This road is used more locally and where most of my car journeys begin.

Solothurn cemetery 16.03.2019

After leaving the path along the railway I crossed over the road (a very wheelchair friendly crossing) and arrived at the town cemetery. I can now drive through the cemetery and enjoy the peace and quiet. During the Winter there was not very much happening in the way of nature, but now the ground cover has began to grow and the trees are forming the buds for the leaves. I cut through the cemetery with a purpose as afterwards I can join the sreet leading to our high school, not that I am interested in the high school, but the tower next to it.

Stork Nest 16.03 (5)

Perhaps not so interesting, but to someone that lives in the area I took a photo and was rewarded. Yes, the storks have returned. This white appearance on the left at the top of the tower is a stork. Storks are perhaps lazy and do not build fresh nests annually but often return to the previous nest. Our town workers keep the nests ready for them. Last year I watched the stork family grow throughout the summer with their babies and this year I hope the same.

My next surprise was as I was entering town and had this view.

Alps 16.03 (2)

It is not very often that you see the alps from our town, but in some places you can get a clear view if you know where, and if the light is right and the weather. This time it was perfect with the North wall of the Eiger on the left.

Eventually I did get into town and afterwards travelled home again along the banks of the River Aare. I certianly had fun with the camera yesterday and even the moon accompanied me on the way, although it was mid afternoon. Again another play with reflections of the sunlight.

Moon 16.03 (1)

And now to deal with other things, like having a shower, tidying up the place and above all cooking lunch. Lunch comes first as I have a pork roast today and like to cook it slow through the morning. Enjoy your Sundays and relax, forget the daily stress, although I can talk about it, but I have to deal with it as well.

Tree 16.03.2019

I have no idea what this tree is, but it was flowering so also getting ready for Spring days. I saw it along the river bank.


Good Morning

Morning Sky

It is not raining, there is no trace of snow, and we have some blue in the sky. Perhaps it will be possible to revert to a good day where I can go places and see things (with the camera of course). It must be the first time I have seen patches of blue in the sky since more than a week and now we even have a little sunshine. What could possibly be better.

Saturday in a morning of rest for me. There is nothing special on the timetable and everything under control. I even managed to iron my new bed linen yesterday morning, so that is out of the way for the time being.


I even bought myself a new rosemary plant yesterday in the supermarket. This is the one I already had, not exactly a bush, more a bonsai. It served its purpose but not exactly full of promise.


This is the new one which is still a baby, but I am sure it will grow and spread. I am planning on pork chops for dinner and that will add some flavour.

At the moment this Spring thing is slowly convincing me that I should get myself organised. I am now cobweb free at home and yesterday attacked the top of the cuboard in my office and removed the two cat cushions which had enough fur on them from the cat to make a coat. Having cleaned them up there is no Spring cleaning left. I do not really believe in Spring cleaning and prefer to do it daily.

Morning Sky 2

And since I began writing this the sky has changed to this, some good clouds and more blue. What a pick-me-up for the day.

And now to the work: not really work, just a housewife hobby. I had to order my MS medicine yesterday as I do every 3 months and it will be delivered next week. We have a good system. There is a lady that I can just call and she organises the rest and also deals with any questions I might have. It is all syringe units and I have been injecting now since three years every second day, so have become quite a professional.

Lent and Christrose through the tree

My garden is now growing and along with the plants, some weedy stuff that I will have to remove, although I will probably call the gardener some time next week.

I am now off to deal with life and trust you are having a good day wherever you are. Keep safe and well.

Good Morning

Snow in Garden 14.03 (1)

Not such good wetter prospects. Yesterday was a mixture of snow and rain all day and I was glad that I did not have to go places and see things. There is also a fresh wind blowing and not very inviting. Needless to say I was at home all day, although busy doing this and that. Me time is in the second half of the afternoon when I attend to my various hobbies like writing ad organising photos. In the evening I like to read, generally on my Kindle. Even golden oldies are now to lazy to hold a book in their hands, and where am I supposed to go with books. I already have more than 6 bookcases full, mine and Mr. Swiss.

Rain in the morning

I treated myself to a pot of daffodils in the store a few days ago. My son retrieved my table and chairs from the cellar for the front garden and I completed the picture with my daffodils. However, it has not stopped raining since. At least I do not have to give them any water. I always have something outside when Spring is on its way. When they finish flowering I plant them somewhere in the garden.


My poinsettia still has its red leaves which surprises me. I have had it since before Christmas and usually it begins to dwindle after Christmas, but it seems to like my apartment and is still looking quite healthy. It lost a few leaves on the way but is now producing new shoots. I generally put it outside during the Summer months, although it does not always survive so well. It does not seem to like direct sun.

So what do we do today? I have yet another excursion to the store this afternoon for the week-end shopping. I constructed my list of things to cook over the week-end yesterday. What else does a golden oldie have to keep busy.  Son No. 1 is off to a concert in town this evening so Mr. Swiss and I will be having yet another romantic candlelight supper together. Actually it will be in the kitchen and no candles, but still homely.

Our new bed linen arrived yesterday. We ordered it only two days ago online so a good service. It was washed yesterday so now I will have an ironing session this afternoon: two pillow and duvet covers. That is the disadvantage of having new linen. I do not like the idea of using it straight from the packing as it still has the smell and feel of new. There is also the disadvantage that we are now constantly getting mails from the company where we ordered it with new offers. That is modern life.

As I look out of the window I see the rain and snow mixture again. I am now off for some housewife exercise to keep me warm. I also have to recharge my mobile phone. Sometime in the early morning hours I wake and hang it onto the electricity. I sleep further and it is fully uploaded when I rise. This time I forgot. It has enough power but I like to recharge it in the morning to be sure. Mr. Swiss constantly forgets. At the moment we are both busy uploading them.

Gulls 12.03 (1)

Have a good day or night as the case may be and let us just wait until Spring arrives, like these gulls seem to be doing at our local river.

Good Morning

Morning Sky

One of those grey mornings with the remainder of the rain clouds. I heard the rain during the night, quite a heavy downpour. This morning everything is wet, but the rain has stopped. Who knows? Perhaps today might brighten up. Yesterday was quite a good one: no rain and even some sun now and again.

I was preparing my Dyson vacuum cleaner to take with me. It fell had the motor had a stop-go syndrome. I had another look at it and found a cover to the motor part. I screwed it off. Dyson made a strange murmur and the motor decided to return to the normal condition. I think it must have had some sort of poltergeist inside that I expelled. I was glad as I did not have to take it with me. I even found a second vacuum in the cellar, exactly the same and I still do not know why we bought a new one. Anyhow now we have two of them plus the big model.

I embarked on a cobweb removing campaign yesterday and sucked them all away between the places where the ceiling meets the wall. There is still one room to do today and afterwards I will be ready for the new invasions of the spiders in summer. I never actually see those spiders spinning those webby strings but they appear and suddenly I realise they should be removed. We bought our place 20 years ago and it is still in good condition. A new layer of paint would be a good idea, but on the other hand it still looks OK and at my golden oldie age I really do not want an invasion of painters meaning I would have to dissemble our bookcase and have heavy furniture shifted. As far as I am concerned it will do for the next 20 years when I will be 92 and Mr. Swiss 100 years old: so what’s the problem.


My raised herb bed is in good conditions and survived the Winter well. On the left I have my chives and parsley: next to it thyme and a patch of savory at the front in the middle. Savory is something I did not know in my earlier days is in England, but it is a herb that the Swiss like to cook with green beans or mix in a bean salad. Its taste really suits the beans. My gardener planted it when I was constructing my new herb bed and it is also growing well. I also have a sage and out of the picture rosemary. I had an enormous rosmary plant that flowered constantly but had to say goodbye to it. I now just have a smaller version, perhaps I might get a new one, but they tend to take over. Now is the fun time for me in the garden especially with the raised bed. It makes it easier to plant seeds and discover new herbs. I intend to plant some dill seeds for my cucumber salads as well for fish dishes.

I am not sure if I will take a wheelie this afternoon somewhere. First of all the rain should stop and the cold gale force winds

Bird 12.03 (1)

I have another little bird mystery. I was wheeling along the river in town and heard it before seeing it. It was singing its little heart out perched up on a tree. I had to circle around the tree to get a good view. I though it might be a crow, but crows do not sing, they caw,  and I saw it had a nice yellow beak.

And now I should be moving on and bring some action into my day. Today is spaghetti day. For some reason it settled on a Thursday which suits me. Not so much to do and Mr. Swiss can be recruited to make the salad.

I wish you all a successful day whatever and talk to your computers now and again that they do not feel so neglected. I noticed that Facebook had some sort of outage yesterday for many hours and I could not crosspost my blogs on my Angloswiss page there. This morning it was working again. Many were lamenting on Facebook as if the end of the social site world was nigh. Basically I could not care less. I live my online life in WordPress and have no wish to tell the world all my personal problems. I just get curious to see what the others are saying. I leave you with some pansies I saw in town. Even the pansies are now flowering.

Pansies 12.03.2019

Good Morning

Morning Sky

As I took this photo I did feel a spot of rain, so who knows what will develop. There is also still an icy cold wind blowing, but it is yet early in the morning. I did hear the wind some time in the night, it is not yet Spring although yesterday I took a wheelie into town withe my chair and the sun accompanied me.

Jura 12.03 (2)

I was glad to get out and was greeted by a view over the Jura at the part they call Balmfluköpfli in our area. Mr. Swiss tells me the names as he grew up in a small village on the slopes of the Jura and knew all the peaks and hills, although naturally Swiss German orientated.

St. Urs 12.03 (1)

I arrived in town where the St. Urs cathedral greets me as first building. I have taken many photos of this cathedral, but according to the angle you take, it always looks a little different. There were only a few people wandering the streets. Town visits are no longer as they used to be. Before the days of online shopping it would be quite crowded with housewives. Today it mainly consists of cafés, hairdressers and other service shops. Even the drug stores as closing one by one. We have one large department store, but there is always enough room to move in it.

Amazon is not so big in Switzerland for online sales, but there are plenty of other opportunities. We need a new set of bed linen and I was really not keen in spending time in the store and probably not finding anything suitable and so we had a look online. We found a link that specialises in bed linen in Switzerland with a large choice. They even have Pasetti which is a very exclusive Italian brand, but twice as expensive as the rest. Eventually we found something ideal in price and design. Not only can you order it, but there is always a trace and trace to see when it leaves the company and where it is on the way. I can understand people no longer going through the exhaustions of buying in shops. For such items it is so much easier to do it all from your own living room with a few computer clicks – modern times.

Crane 12.03 (1)

I noticed this guy perched up high on a crane doing something to the roof of one of the town buildings. He was probably cleaning the drain of leaves. There seeemed to be a general spring cleaning operation going on everywhere: benches were being replaced for sitting a leisure in town and our two roasted chestnut huts have now disappeared until next Autumn. As soon as our carnival is over it seems that everything is ready for a clean up. The stores are now filing up with Easter bunnies and eggs although that is in a month, As long as the turnover increases in the stores, that is the main thing.

Ducks 12.03 (9)

I wheeled on home along the banks of the River Aare. Duck life seems to be changing again. The swans and mallard ducks are always there, but I spotted a group of these ducks that seem to have red beaks. Once again my knowledge of duck life is exhausted and I really do not know what they are.

This afternoon no time for tourist trips as I am shopping. Mr. Swiss said something about coming with me, but I will wait and see. Have a good day everyone and see you around some time later.

Aare 12.03.2019 (2)

Good Morning

Jura Morning with clouds

Who would have thought that there would be such a wonderful view on the Jura mountains from my front garden this morning. The sun is shining, it is very cold, but we have blues skies instead of the rainy grey and it looks like today will be a good one.

Yesterday we had snow and rain together and very high winds to mix it all.


The snow was luckily not laying on the ground, but you can see the isolated flakes dropping on the photo. Yesterday morning I was on a shopping trip to feed the family. As I was talking to the lady in the meat department she suddenly said look at the snow outside, and it was a real white curtain falling down. When I left the store it had already stopped and it was just wet outside. Monday is my stress morning as I get the cleaning done and afterwards continue to the store. Otherwise my shopping is done in the afternoon.

I also had a problem with my Dyson vacuum cleaner. It is the one that loads on a station and it fell and the container with the collective dust and dirt opened. I was just getting ready to go, but Mr. Swiss to the rescue. He collected the mess with the other Dyson (the bigger one) and then we discovered that the one that fell had problems. The motor was on a stop and go all the time. When I returned from the shopping trip, everything under control again. The stop and go problem was now in the cellar as we had another Dyson down there which was working perfectly. We seem to be surrounded by Dysons. However, the stop and go problem will now be taken to the store on Wedenesday afternoon where I bought it as I discovered the guarantee is still valid until 2021. I even gathered praise from Mr. Swiss that I have such a good organised system with my guarantee documents. What else does a golden oldie have to do all day?

I am a little later this morning as my wonderful pearl of a cleaning lady was looking after my shower and bathroom. She does the cleaning I can not longer do and I am so glad. I was busy cleaning my windows as the rain left its calling card on them yesterday and now everything is perfect. I will really make an effort to go into town this afternoon for a wheelie so I hope the weather gods play nicely. Dinner is cooking and now to take it easy.

May your day be a good one, if not it can only get better. I leave you with a greeting from my garden.