Good Morning


As I was still hugging my bed this morning I noticed the play with light effects caused by the sun on my widows with the curtain stripes. Having my iPhone next to the bed I grabbed it and took a photo, actually two. These are just moments in time, a play of light. My iPad is also next to the bed. I know space is getting cramped on my bedside table, but I realised that yesterday was Earth Day and in some parts of the world still today. What a way to show us its glory with such demonstrations of light, caused by a sun saying good morning.  I mentioned to Mr. Swiss this morning that it has been a long time since we have had such wonderful Spring weather. Every morning and all day sun, warm temperatures and nature is exploding everywhere. Even Kim Jong-un in North Korea  seems to be feeling the change: no more nuclear tests and even closing down one of his sites. Can we believe it? is he also celebrating Earth Day, or is he just proving his point that he can do it if he feels like it. Anyhow I find the light grey suits he now wears suit him better.

Clouds 21.04 (5)

And so I took yet another wheelie into the surrounding countryside yesterday afternoon in my chair. I was undecided, but Mr. Swiss found I should go and make the most of the good weather, he convinced me. At the moment I disappear regularly every afternoon for 1-2 hours, does he want to get rid of me?

Solothurn Kantonsschule 21.01 (2)

This time I decided to take a different route and took a trip around the grounds of the local high school. I never realised how large it was. I usually only see it as we drive past  on the way to the supermarket, but this time I had a look at it in detail. They have a few scultures in the surrounding grounds and I at last got a full view of this one, which has been there for many years. I have no idea what it is supposed to be, must ask No. 2 son, as he attended this school before departing for university.

Horse 21.04 (4)

I paid my usual visit to the stables on the way home via the cemetery, and the pony was outside with one of his bigger brothers. The pony is mainly there for children’s rides. You can also have riding lessons at the stables, but no my sort of thing, I just like to take photos.

Eventually I returned home and must say Mr. Swiss did have a good idea to send me on my way. I always feel so refreshed afterwards. I think I get out more now than I did in my pre-wheelchair days.  I can walk, and at home I hobble around on my cane. Now and again use my walker, which is more a transport system, but going places I have to take the car or general transport. But my wheelchair is ideal, it gives me the independence I need, and I can take my camera and additional lens with me.

Yesterday was the first evening we ate our evening meal outside on the porch and probably the first evening of many. The weather was ideal and somehow you enjoy food more in the open air, at least I do. With the help of No. 1 son, Mr. Swiss transported our sun shade again from the cellar to the porch. Now we are really celebrating summer. We still reflect back to this time last year when we had a scaffolding in front of the porch and a tiny table to make room for the building work. Yes last year was a lost summer in our lives, but we are now making up for lost time.

I hope your seasons are playing well with you, I wish you all a happy earth day, keep the rubbish where it belongs in the garbage can and be careful where you walk, a beetle or ant might also be taking a walk and would be glad not to see the sole of your shoe.

I leave you with some spring blossoms seen on a tree on my walk. If my horticulturist friend in California is reading this, I would be glad to know what these flowers are 🙂

Flowering tree 21.04 (2)

Good Morning

Feldbrunnen surroundings 18.04 (5)

It is just blue skies this morning and yesterday and since the beginning of the week. Of course I appreciate the nice summer weather, although I do appreciate some white fluffy clouds now and again. It is funny how people transform when the summer is approaching. Neighbours are seen more in the garden, clothed in shorts, perhaps even a bathing costume. The sun is here and the body at last changes its colour from pasty white, perhaps light pink, to a lighter shade of brown for the lucky ones.  I am permanently brown, but in summer more so than in Winter.

The sounds of lawn mowers fill the air and this morning our local gardeners are driving up and down on the paths. I am not sure what they are doing, but probably clearing away the remains of the Winter.

Road to Langendorf 19.04.2018

Yesterday the only journey I embarked upon was in the car as passenger with Mr. Swiss to the local supermarket. I took a few photos on the way, but nothing special. This one is when we were passing the local high school, which is hidden in the trees on the right. I just noticed I even managed to capture a few mistletoe bushes in the tree in the background.

Today I am on my own, Mr. Swiss is away at his class reunion, but will probably be back in the later afternoon, although I will have a visitor in the afternoon for an hour. My cleaning lady will be calling past to care for my kitchen.  I now do most of the basics myself, except for a thorough clean of the bathroom, shower and kitchen, that is still too much for me and will probably remain too much. I now have more time for myself when she does the job.

Road to Langendorf 19.04.2018

I spent the best part of the evening reading outside on the porch. That is the great advantage of the warmer Spring evenings. The temperatures are pleasant and daylight is still there, although a Kindle always has enough light to read.

And now to move on. I almost have a holiday today, with no shopping to be done and no great stress. I only have to cook for No. 1 son and myself so what could be better. Take care everyone, will see you later.

Road to Langendorf 19.04.2018

Good Morning

Morning Sunshine

It certainly makes a big difference in the morning when summer is around the corner. Mr. Swiss opened the blinds and I thought someone had switched the light on. Brilliant sunshine streamed through the window: no problem, it was time to rise and shine. I took this photo from the kitchen window and what a difference. No more bare trees, everything is growing, even my tulips. The trees are bearing their flowers and what could be better.

It will be a busy morning for both of us today. Mr. Swiss has a doc appointment and afterwards we both have to go on a hunt in the supermarket for week-end food. We did some pre shopping yesterday, have everything planned on our iPhone connection, and just have to shop for the rest this morning. Tomorrow Mr. Swiss has his annual class reunion so I will be alone for part of the day. He organises it in one of the local village restaurants, where the owner was also in his class. Sadly there are less that attend every year. I used to deal with the shopping myself with the car, but it is still too early to let me lose in the traffic with my mending broken leg.

Cows 18.04 (19)

Yesterday afternoon I did another wheelie in my chair and imagine my happiness when I saw that the farmer had now let the cows out. They had been cooped up in the barn all through the winter days and now it is time to enjoy the fresh air and grass under the hooves. It is a shame that I did not take a video of these cows. They were all marching in the same direction to get out and about.

Cows 18.04 (11)

On the other side, a little nearer, there were another group of cows from another farm. They were gathered around their water tank and also enjoying the pleasures of open air life. I walked on and notice there were not so many people around this time, just cows and they can make plenty of noise. I think these were younger cows enjoying their first sunny days.

Feldbrunnen surroundings 18.04 (1)

I wheeled on in the direction of the local burial ground and had a wonderfu glimpse of the local castle Waldegg with the mountains in the background. There were a few wispy clouds and many traces of planes that had flown overhead coming from Zürich Airport, as we lay on the main route towards West.

I eventually returned home as unfortunately I cannot wheel around all afternoon. As the season is changing to warm, and hot and very hot, I decided it was time to sort my t-shirts which were all bundled in my cupboard. It is amazing when you think you have nothing to wear, and when you get around to it, you discover new t-shirts, even comfortable trousers which you forgot you had. I have also lost about 8 kilo in weight, which is not so bad, as my t-shirts now fit me again. They were all a little strained at the edges. I can even wear my trousers comfortably where I had problems in connecting the waist. Being 78 Kg instead of 84 Kg does have its advantages. My waistline is almost there again.

I spent the evening uploading photos and wanting to read on in my Kindle, but German TV had a good criminal play based on a book by Nele Neuhaus, one of my favourite German authors, and a book I had not yet read. Actually I mentioned to Mr. Swiss that it is good that the Germans do not rely so much on imported english speaking films. They really have their own material and it is often very good. I suppose I am in the lucky situation that I understand it all.

So now to action. Whilst Mr. Swiss is away on his mission, I will  be busy with Mission housework and afterwards we will be let free for the shopping expedition. Make the most of the day everyone, see you around. I will leave you with a closeup of the local castle as I wheeled my way on.

Castle Waldegg 18.04.2018

Good Morning


The times of the interesting sunsets are now upon us. I saw this one yesterday evening. We are having almost summer weather and tempertures during the day are up to 25°C, which means out with a t-shirt. I am now even debating wearing my bermudas, the shorter trousers. At home I have been walking around in shorts for the past month.

I am making the most of the weather and time allowing, which it does at the moment, due to being a golden oldie with nothing better to do, I am out and about for an hour or a a little more in the afternoon.

Ducks 17.04 (8)

Yesterday I decided to take a trip along the bank of the River Aare, which is just along the path to where I live. It was a bit of a bumpy ride in my chair, as paths along river banks are stony and uneven, but I continue undaunted. We have quite a duck life on the river, mainly swans and mallards, but yesterday I met a few newcomers. At least they were newcomers to me as I had never seen them before. I have no idea what this is, looks like a mini pelican.

Ducks 17.04 (14)

I continued on my way and saw this duck. I have absolutely no idea what it is, but there seemed to be a duck meeting happening yesterday. It must be the time of the year, and they are probably searching for a mate.

Swans 17.04 (5)

Swans are everywhere and I noticed there are many last year arrivals which have not yet got their white feathers.

I wheeled on and reached the town, but no further. The weather was wonderful and there were many dog walkers along the path. I often saw some soggy wet dogs that had decided to have a refreshing bath in the river.

I have a bit of a silly week this week. The mowey man will be coming to find the interrupted cable somewhere embedded in our lawn, but there is no definite appointment. Mr. Swiss has a class reunion on Friday and will be away lunchtime and part of the afternoon. and I have now arranged for the cleaning lady to come on Friday afternoon as well. I had never had a cleaner before, but since breaking a leg and having MS as well, there are just some jobs I can no longer manage, and Mr. Swiss has his back problems. We are far from being rich, but I have decided in life there are some things that you can have to ease the way, so why not.

I should visit my hairdresser, as what is growing on my head is more a longer version of a punk style, but it will have to wait until next week, as this week I do not have the time. Due to the class reunion we are doing the week-end shopping on Thursday. In my better days I would take the car and do it myself on Friday, but I am not yet driving. Just another obstacle I will eventually conquer, I hope. Life seems to be full of obstacles at the moment, but I notice that when you overcome them the first time, afterwards they are no problem.

Clouds 17.04 (7)

Here is a view from the river path with the Jura mountains in the background and showing the buildings belonging to the estate where I live. Our appartment block cannot be seen on this photo, it is more towards the mountains.

And now to go, I have my daily therapy exercises to execute, combined with housework. I wish you all a good day with lots of fun, or pehaps not, but make the most of it. Every vacuum cleaner has a silver lining, and a bag full of dust somewhere waiting to be emptied.

River Aare 17.04 (10)

Good Morning

Clouds 16.04 (2)

It is Tuesday and my cleaning lady is here, so I am later with my good morning wishes. As it is still morning, they are still valid. Yesterday my only adventure was to the supermarket in the morning. As we were on the I took this photo as we were leaving the estate where we live. On the way in the car I saw some very interesting cloud formations. The weather was on the warmer side, although it looked a little stormy now and again.

Clouds 16.04 (5)
As we aproached out town of Solothurn, the clouds were still with us and made a good background to our cathedral. On the right there is a sign showing our three underground parking houses showing the free places. We drove on further, as our supermarket is in the nearbye village of Langendorf.

I had a little drama yesterday evening when I switched on my Microsoft computer. I had been working on my Macbook which worked OK. Somehow during the changeover time we lost contact with headquarters where the WiFi signals come from. I had absolutely no Internet connection and after exploring the situation my computer tells me that I should make a new configuration of the system. Mr. Swiss and Mrs. Angloswiss are not Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gates, so I left the problem to Mr. Swiss. He succeeded in putting a large aircraft symbol on my computer, to prove that there was no connection available.

We have a man that deals with our comuter problems, and so he was called. He said he would call past and take my computer to examine it as he did not have so much to do this week and it would be no problem.  In the meanwhile I fired up my Apple computer again and discovered that had also lost the connection.  I moved my Microsoft computer to another room and Mr. Swiss had another look.  Suddenly my computer decided he wanted to stay with me and found the connection again. We returned it to its original place, and it was still working. The Macbook was also online again. We called the computer maestro and told him everything was OK. This morning when I switched on with quivering hands, it was alive, so I am hoping this was a one off. It was the system that had problems, not the computer. A world had almost broken down for me.

Horse Chestnut Tree

My horse chestnut is developing and will soon become a real tree again, I hope. Although we were supposed to have some rain, it has not yet happened. I am making the most of the weather and today will probably be on my way again. I might attempt an excursion into town with my chair, I have not gone that far yet.

Front Garden

My front garden is now looking more like a garden, and slowly but surely my ornaments are taken their place again.

And so I will now leave you. Today is again asparagus, a risotto, and this time with the green asparagus. Mr. Swiss is in town at the moment, leaving me with my cleaning lady. Have a good day everyone, and make the most of it.


Good Morning


You get sunrises and sunrises, but this one this morning was particularly impressive: a little bit of everything. It was supposed to rain yesterday evening with Sahara sand and all the works, but there were only a few drops and it gave up.

Black Swans 15.04 (11)

I was out and about yesterday afternoon and visited the chickens and company. The black swan pair now have a family to look after and they went for a walk with their three chicks following. It is wonderful to watch them. Mum and dad are always close together and the chicks in between. I am surprised to see the babies are more white, but I suppose with time the feathers will change to black.

Ducks 15.04 (4)

Every time I take a wheelie  in my chair in this direction I discover something new at the pond. I had never see this duck before. They certainly have some interesting birds. It is a wonderful place which is mainly a stable complete with horses. They added the chickens and now sell their fresh eggs. Then they made a pond and the ducks and geese arrived. There is always something new to see. Luckily I have my zoom lens with me that cuts out the wire around the enclosure and gives me a close up.  I was not really intending to visit the animals, but just popped by to see what the black swans and their babies were doing, and I got hooked and eventually came home with 80 photos on my camera and another 10 on my mobile phone.

I also had quite a few challenges to complete yesterday evening for WordPress. Ok, I do not have to do them, but anything combined with photos arouses my interest. I decided to leave the photos to the last and then I soon discovered that my online photo programme was playing up again. I was eventually finished at 10.30 pm with everything, including my MS injection. I usually have everything done by 8.30 pm at the latest.

Japanese Cherry Trees 15.04 (1)

I cut through the cemetery on my way home and noticed that the ornamental Japanese cherry trees were still blossoming, but they will soon be finished.

And what are we doing today? It will be a shopping morning, no big deal, and in the afternoon my physio terapist will be paying a visit with more torture exercises. They are usually exercises to get me moving. I have now developed a good system. I combine doing them with working at the computer and cooking. I can practice standing and sitting when my computer is going through various scans before closing down, and whilst I am preparing food  I can do my balancing act.  I now even risk a few steps without anything for support, but very carefully.

I will now wish you all a good start to the week and may it be a good one. If it is cold and snowing, remember it will eventually go away. Otherwise may the weather be with you. I noticed some interesting cloud formations yesterday on my walk.

Clouds over Jura 15.04 (4)

Good Morning


It is asparagus time again. It is a sign of Spring that they arrive in the store. My son lives in Switzerland on the German border and tells me in Germany they have stalls along the roads where you can buy them freshly picked from their mounds. We have both green and white asparaagus. The white ones grow in mounds to keep the sun away and keep them colourless. I use the green more for cooking in a risotto with rice. They give work with peeling them and chopping off the hard ends, but the result is a tasty evening meal.


Which we usually serve with ham and other dried meats. A sauce hollandaise  is also a companion, and no, I do not make it myself, although it has been known in the past. It is not worth the time and trouble. The local store delivers a good ready to make powder. It is a sort of tradition for us to eat it on Saturday evening.

I notice that my Facebook page now confronts me with the following

“Protecting Your Information

We understand the importance of keeping your data safe.

We have banned the app “This Is Your Digital Life,” which one of your friends used Facebook to log into.” etc.etc.

I know all about this and that Mr. Zuckerberg even had to appear in front of a government hearing, so what am I supposed to do. If you join Facebook, and even have a computer, your life is no longer your own. And so all my likes are registered – no problem, it is part of online life. Everyone knows all my secrets. I am sure it makes an impact when my digital life knows about the murders I have committed (none so far) and details of my school life (which is actually in a separate section and nothing record breaking). I even re-blog my WordPress articles, although on my own community, but it might not be a community,  a world data base.

It doesn’t bother me, if it did I would not have joined a social site, any social site, in the first place. When I go I will leave footsteps in the world data bank. I must add that a shirt and tie does not suit Mark Zuckerberg, I prefer him in a t-shirt.


My daffodils on the table on the porch have at last opened their flowers. They were a sort of special offier at the store and I did not know what colour they were. I was delighted to see they have orange centers. They will now stay on the porch and when they are finished I will plant them somewhere in the garden.

As I did not go anywhere yesterday and do interesting things, there is nothing new in Angloswiss land. I just had a easy day, practicing walking on my leg and hoping I do not fall down during the exercises.

Enjoy the Sunday, I will. I will have fun doing a bit of cleaning and cooking and might even go for a wheelie in my chair this afternoon. It is strange, housewife cleaning is always a chore but since I am recovering from being out of action with a broken leg, I treasure every little bit I can clean again and am even beginning to enjoy it. Somehow it shows me that things can get back to normal. When I am cleaning windows, I know that I have returned.