Good Morning

Currently the sun is appearing in the morning as it to say “I am still here, don’t forget me”. After the morning illumination it disappears, although at midday it returns for a few minutes. I suppose I should make the most of it and be glad it is still here. Our prophesied snow has not yet arrived, although the mountains are full of it. It seems that we will be having a so-called Föhn storm, which is a charge of warm air we get now and again, something to do with passing through the alps, and that is the cause of extreme weather situations. However this time it will be wreaking havoc in the south of Switzerland and in the alipine valleys, so we will probably be having some rain. Up to now everything under control. I am not really planning to go anywhere today, but I might make a quick escape this afternoon if the weather behaves.Tomorrow will also probably be a calm day so it looks like my freedom of movement is not under a threat at the moment.

I managed to get to the local store yesterday and passed this local little shop on the way. They bascially deal with book binding, but also frame your pictures and other such items. They always have interesting window decorations and their Christmas window is always a little artistic.

The weather had brightened up a little and I was rewarded with some clouds reflecting the sun that was hiding behind a tree yesterday afternoon..

I did not really have a lot to get in the store, but wanted to stock up on cold meats and bread, as I was not so sure how my mobility would be over the week-end.

This morning the magpies were doing a flight show demonstration again, although the target was to capture some peanuts I had put out for them. You always know when they a coming as they can be quite loud when calling to each other “Grubs up, come and get it”. This one seemed to be performing a dive bombing exercise.

Roschti, the local cat that lives next door, was also on his way. His first stop seemed to be the water bowl I have outside for any passing wild life. During the night I think it is often visited by the hedgehog population, if they have not yet hibernated. I never see them as that is usually the time when I also have my night’s hibernation.

Today I will be expecting my delivery from the supermarket online and this afternoon I will probably be a lady of leisure, although I plan on cooking a Swiss Cheese flan for the evening meal and perhaps a soup to go with it. And now to move on to the daily chores. Keep safe, the week-end is not far away. I leave you with a view of the local castle as I was scootering on home yesterday from the store. Note the snow covered Jura mountain in the background. That will probably stay with us now until next year in February.

Good Morning

At last we have a sunrise in all its glory. It was a long time coming and I was really getting a little depressed with my morning tea and breakfast not seeing any clouds outside. Everything was so dull, but today the sun has again risen in my little part of Switzerland.

I was not here very much yesterday, just in the morning, but I had a few things to deal with. First of all the helicopter operation of removing a tree caused some excitement and I just had to take a few photos of the event.

The tree is no longer here, just an empty space, but I am glad I managed to capture its last stand.

Then I had quite an organisation with my shopping list, mainly for meat. It was important for my future week, as we will be getting some snow from Friday, probably now and again over the week-end and I will probably be a little housebound, so I had to do some planning.

I was off to town in the afternoon and am glad to say I manage to get everything. I really had to write a detailed list, so as not to forget anything. I also had to do the online shopping list for all the side pieces to complete the four days without having to go anywhere.

I had not really been anywhere in the last couple of days, just local shopping and I was glad that our snow cleared away quickly and the streets were clear for my scooter. We will now have the Christmas lights in town until next January, and it really makes a difference. I am now quite prepared for my Winter excursions with my nice warm gloves and woolly hat. Even the Covid mask gives a little warmth on the face. I have two nice hats that I once knitted but naturally have not yet found them. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss has given me his woolly hat which is nice and warm and quite good. I have decided to have a search on the computer for a hat would be a good idea. I noticed in town that almost everyone is now wearing something warm on their heads. There is really quite a nip in the air and when you are riding a scooter there is a headwind to cope with.

When I returned home, my first chore was to put my meat in the freezer and vacuum pack a few items. I then sent my online order which I have planned to be delivered Friday morning between 10 and 11. I even had a slot for today, but at the moment I am nicely covered for food. Today looks like it will develop into a cold but sunny day and I will be off to the local store this afternoon, just for the fun of it and to pick up some fresh bread. I am planning a yellow pea soup with the evening food so will need some fresh leek: another new experience in my kitchen. Soups are quite easy to cook, once they are in the pan just leave it for an hour or so, not really a lot of work and all original ingredients.

I also had a little office work. In the days that I had a car, I had an extra insurance for legal protection and received a bill for next years subscription. I had to cancel it officially by e-mail which is not so easy for me, having to write it all in German. However, Mr. Swiss to the rescue and he set up a reply which I could copy. Speaking german was never such a problem, you can always use hands and feet if you do not know the word, but it is easy to make grammatical mistakes. German can get a little complicated when they have twelve versions of the word for “the” according to the case you are using. I know the general rules, but it takes time for me to work it out which is the right word to apply.

Having completed that little job, I moved on to the next task of organising the 30-40 photos I had taken during the day. Eventually I was finished and really had no extra time left for writing one of my Pulitzer Prize entries on my blog, so I decided to call it a day on the computer. Today is looking a little better.

Our local Jura mountains are really looking quite good now in their Winter coat of snow although if the snow stays up there where it belongs it is OK with me.

The birds are still arriving for their meals at my place This magpie was making a take off from the tree opposite my garden. We have plenty of action here. I hope you do not have too much action or stress today so take it easy. This Christmas stress can often be a bit too much. I am already planning my Christmas food shopping to see what I can already deposit in the freezer.

Just one more photo taken as I was entering the edge of town with some Winter scenery. See you around I hope.

Good Morning

You leave your bed in the morning, have a look outside to find the world is in order, and then you begin with the morning ritual of feeding the birds, installing you laptop in the kitchen and making breafast. Just as breakfast is almost ready you hear an approaching noise and then the block where you live begins to vibrate and the noise gets louder. You notice that your opposite neighbour is outside in the garden with her mobile phone camera.

It was then that I decided to take a closer look and saw a helicopter circling over our head.

You take a closer look at the helicopter and realise that it has a cable hanging from it. Now it begins to get interesting. There is also the noise of an electric saw in the background.

And then the helicopter descends a little and rises again, but this time it has a branch of the fir tree hanging on the cable. It is then clear that the tree on the right is being demolished.

We now have one tree less in our surroundings.

And now back to normal. I noticed that you can even see clouds in the sky today. Our snow has now disappeared. It stopped snowing yesterday morning and then it turned into rain.

It did not bother our sparrows so much and they continued foraging amongst the snow for the food I had spread for them.

These two even gave a hovering demonstration, deciding whether or not to settle for more food or have their after lunch relaxation.

I am glad to say that it looks like a normal day today with no rain or snow and the roads and streets are clear, so I will be off again into town. At least I will see something different. I will be doing my meat shopping today and the rest will be delivered on Friday from the store so it looks like we will survive this week. The carousel starts again next week. The next snow day should be on Friday but that does not bother me so much.

And now time to do the rest of the daily routine, to the tune of a helicopter in the background. Have a good day, take care. I leave you with the remains of our fir tree.

Good Morning

Yes it arrived, the first snowfall of the Winter. Mr. Swiss was up early for a few minutes and brought me the news that it was snowing. We had all been expecting it, and the weather forecast made the prediction yesterday. There were mega sized flakes falling when I arose but now, 3-4 hours later it has stopped snowing for some time and the heavy snow is now falling from the trees. Luckily the temperatures are over 0°C. I had stocked up on supplies for the next few days, although it looks like I can again escape tomorrow for some shopping should everything go according to the predictions. The next snow is predicted for Friday so I have enough time to plan. It would not surprise me if it did not begin to rain this afternoon.

I managed to drag myself out to the bird food depot to make sure that they would not go hungry, although I think they are the best fed birds here. You can see the tracks my walker left in the snow: it was a soft snow, so nothing unconquerable. I have a nice pair of pink plastic clogs which are quite useful for such conditions, but they seemed to have disappeared during the summer.

Of course I am not very happy about this weather, although it is quite pretty to see. I will be staying at home today. My cleaning lady called to say she has a cold and whether I thought it would be better for her not to come. I told her to stay at home. In these days of Covid it is better to take no risks. She lives a little up one of the local mountains, but she is not snowbound – yet.

I am really not sure how the week will continue for me. I do not have to go anywhere for shopping, have enough at home, but will have to compose an online shopping list for the week-end.

May it be a stressless day for all, although that is easier said than done. And here is a last look at one of the snow loaded trees, as the snow has already dropped to the ground.

Good Morning

I saw a cloud this morning. Nothing impressive, just some outlines of what could be. At least there is some movement in the sky. I am really getting a little depressed with this dull weather we are having, but according to the weather report, I should not be so negative. Tomorrow we will have our first snowfall, big deal. Today will be the last chance to actually go places – the store – and buy food, because Tuesday will become a day of isolation.

I did a quick mental check and discovered that I am covered for food more or less until Tuesday. I will add a few necessities today. What is with Wednesday? Apparently then no more snow, but will it still be with us laying frozen clinging to the ground. For lunch on Wednesday I have nothing, although wait a moment. The Swiss cervelat, our national sausage, is in the fridge. I have three of them left from the week-end and that will be ideal for lunch of Wednesday. In the meanwhile I will compose an online order from the supermarket to be delivered on Wednesday so what could possibly go wrong. At least we will not starve.

Due to my week-end exile indoors, there are no prize winning photos to see, just the remnants of what is still in the garden. The sedum had seen better days, but is still holding its head up with the remains of what was once a flower head.

The hostas are also looking the worst for wear, and all that is left are the dried seed pods on their stalks. That is also a small wonder, because I have not yet cut down the remaining stalks, or organisaed No. 1 son to do it for me. Seeds are no longer there, but they rarely germinate to form a new plant.

Otherwise I seem to have spent my Sunday with cooking lunch and the afternoon recreation with the computer. After watching a film featuring various sea monsters with a story behind it, I was confronted with the beginning of the Tom Cruise film week and naturally with a Mission Impossible film. Not really my taste, but I somehow get interested in those stupid films, full of stunts that no human being could perform in real life and all tricks of the camera. I think it was No. 5, Rogue Nation, of the series, but am not so sure. And that was my boring week-end.

The week-end was again a Swiss voting week-end, although we do our voting by post. Yes Mr. Trump, we have been doing it for years and no problem. I do not think I have seen the inside of a voting office for the past 20 years. I have a very good system.I look quickly at the information sent, and then have a look at what Mr. Swiss voted. I am mostly his opinion with a few exceptions. I did not have so much time last week, so decided to share his opinion. It all worked out OK. The voters have now given our local police more power with their investigations. That is OK, but I hope that we are not becoming a police Kanton.

And now to apply my own laws within my own four walls. We now have the week-end behind us and are slipping nearer to Christmas daily. Have a good day. Some of the neighbours are already applying their Christmas decorations,

but nothing too extreme up to now.

Good Morning

I am so getting fed up with our dreary low cloud covered sky. I am probably getting sun starved. I would so like to see it again. It does not even have to be shedding warmth, just some light and shade in this boring little corner. that is why I am showing our Christmas lights again, this time with my camera and not mobile phone. At least the nights are lively.

I had a little bright point this morning when Roschti, the neighbours cat, put in an appearance. He sat at the window looking at me with his longing eyes and I could not resist, so he got a snack to start off the morning.

Five minutes later, Neghbour’s cat No. 2 arrived and so he was also given his breakfast.

To complete the picture the robin arrived, although I must admit this photo was yesterday. This morning he was contented to feed from the deck where the sparrows have their laid table. The sparrows had been and gone by the time he ventured to arrive. Robins do not like to share their food I noticed.

Otherwise I had a day of semi isolation yesterday. I stayed at home and tended to the apartment. I had no desire to go anywhere in this dull cold weather. Although just sitting around and doing nothing is not my thing.

I decided to bake a fruit cake. I had so many left overs of fruit from the other cakes I have made I decided to use them in a cake creation. This time I had some cherries and some cranberries I could add. I also used some brown sugar for a change.

Which reminded me of a wake up song from Mick Jagger for the morning. So now we are all awake and I am going further on my daily household routine. I have a red cabbage to cook to go with the boiled ham for lunch so should get moving. I also just got a warning that my keyboard is low and I should upload it, which I am now doing as I am writing. The original keyboard on my Apple gave up the ghost some time ago. It still works, but not all the letters-

I must really move on now. Have a good relaxed Sunday and may it be a good one.

Good Morning

I decided to ignore my morning cloud today. It casts such a miserable feeling when looking out the window. Yesteday evening as I was closing the blinds on the front side of the apartment, there was this wonderful breathtaking picture outside. I had to look twice to see if it was real.

Our neighbour in the big house opposite had had the trees decorated with these lights. I have never seen anything so wonderful. He is one of the special neighbours I suppose He did not build a house, but a villa. I remember it being built when they even employed helicopters in the building process. He enjoys celebrations and has often staged his own firework display for our national day, or perhaps to celebrate the birthday of his wife. I only know him as a neighbour, but this time he has really done something wonderful.

Yesterday seemed to be the day of lights.

When I entered town yesterday I was impressed. The Christmas lights have had their official “switch on” and the town was again populated with people, you could almost say crowds: something I have not see for some time. I thought 1st December would be the day, but I was wrong in my considerations. Of course the Advent begins four weeks before Christmas and yesterday was the time for it to happen.

There was even a flock of birds flying back and forth over the lights. I managed to get them on a photo, but it was only my mobile phone camera, so did not really do them credit. They probably wanted to view the light effect from above.

I am not really a Christmas person, do not actually celebrate the meaning of the whole thing, but I think we need something now and again to raise our spirits and certainly at the moment with our virus curse. For a while you can forget it all and enjoy the atmosphere of the celebrations.

I had another meeting with an elderly lady in town yesterday as I was scooting along. She had a walker and found what a wonderful transport machine I had and asked where I got it. A conversation began and it seems her husband died a while ago after 53 years of married life and she was now alone. We had a wonderful little conversation about this and that sharing our thoughts on old age problems and life in general. I find it wonderful how you can meet people when you have something in common. She immediately guessed that I was an MS sufferer. Her problems were rheumatism and the knees, but she did not so much complain. I think our main problems are getting to grips with the situation and learning to live with it. Getting older brings problems for most of us.

The magpies returned again yesterday in the back garden and I managed to get this one just before he flew off with his peanut trophy in the beak.

My little robin also returned to see what the sparrows had left him. He is such a sweet little thing, although I see he is putting on weight. He always appears when the others leave and prefers to be alone.

The sparrows were again watching from their lookout in the bushes. The seem to have everything under control and with one common swoop they all descend together to reap the harvest of my daily food offerings.

I was again left with the TV yesterday evening when Mr. Swiss retired to bed. As it was Friday the British TV usually have a good reflection of musicians. Yesterday it was half an hour of Sir Rod Stewart. I always quite liked his music, but did not know so much about him. There were films from his very young days and of course the various music. I must say I really became a fan yesterday and enjoyed the programme very much. He is also one of the most popular British singers.

Afterwards the programme was followed by an hour about Gerry Rafferty. I did not know so much about him, but it was interesting to learn about his music life. He died at the age of 62 in 2011 which I did not realise, but I did know that one of his songs, is very much a favourite of mine, Baker Street.

And now its is time to begin my Saturday with all its chores.

I wish you all a good week-end, keep safe, and enjoy as much as possible. I leave you with a photo from our cathedral with the Christmas illumations.

Good Morning

This just about sums it up at the moment. Misty and dull and nothing to be seen. Not even clouds, just one big cloud covering everything. . Needless to say I did not go far yesterday.

This was the only interesting place I visited in the afternoon – our local store to get a few items. They buiilt it a couple of years ago and it is very useful for me to shop now and again. It used to be our garage, where we even bought our car, but they are moved just outside town in a larger area and as I no longer have a car, I do not miss it not being so near. They converted it into a supermarket where the offices and car showrooms used to be. There is still a large part still empty, but one day it will also be something new arriving there. I have a few wishes, but who knows what it will be.

The only other things I saw yesterday were the usual feathered visitors. The magpies always arrive in the morning to see what is on offer, but they can be very shy. They usually warn me with their cries that they are there. This morning there was quite a commotion as the neighbours cat decided to take a closer look at the meals on wings, but they were all off to the trees when then smelt/saw him.

They are so quick when the notice a movement and I can be glad to get a shot in with my camera. However, I managed to capture one of them with a peanut in his beak. They tend to ignore the walnuts as they are probably too big to carry off and leave the heavy work to the crows. The crows are not visiting so much this year, but perhaps it is a little early.

No. 2 son visited yesterday. He was tidying up his apartment in the nearby town as he is not using it at the moment due to having his home office in another part of Switzerland. Life is a bit different for all of us at the moment. We do not have such strict rules about family visits, although caution is always required. My son and the family would visit us, and we would be glad to see them. We decided to leave it until the whole situation calms down. We have contact by computer, iPad and iPhone and see the antics of our grandchildren and can talk together. It is not the same as real life, but at least we have that.

Our little robin is now often here, but always alone, unless there are a pair that operate on their own.

And now I must go: a short one this morning, but my online delivery of week-end food will be arriving in an hour and I should make myself respectable before the chauffeur arrives, although Mr. Swiss also takes care of it if I am not around. This afternoon I will probably be in town to get some wine for cooking in the other store. Otherwise I have nothing particular to buy. We are completely decked until Tuesday, just perhaps a short trip for fresh bread, although I also have enough in the freezer should the famine break out.

Have a good Friday. A few words to my friends in the British colony in America that I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving despite Mr. Covid, who was definitely not invited. See you around later.

One of the attic rooms in our old town.

Good Morning

Whether it is a good morning or not you can judge for yourself. It is very misty and cold and I am glad to be in my nice central heated kitchen. It is very unfriendly weather and the only activities seem to be the birds. I have never seen a bird that shivers and this morning they are everywhere having a peck at the food. The robin has been here quite a lot, waiting for the others to go so that he can enjoy it on his own. The magpie was also here. I had put out a few peanuts in their shells, and she made off with them one after the other. I have taken a few photos, but with my Nikon camera as the quality is better. I will have to upload them first of all. The phone camera does an immediate upload into my photo host, so you can see them straight away.

I did venture into town yesterday and when I arrived all the Christmas lights were switched on. I had the brilliant idea to do my shopping and afterwards take a few photos on the way home. As you can see the lights are hanging ready, but no light. It was only a test they were doing to see if everything was working and when I returned to town after shopping they were just hanging there. It seems we will have to wait until 1st December to see then again, but then they will be here throughout Christmas and the beginning of January.

I also noticed that our old Arsenal building has been prepared for the annual Christmas calendar. Every year they decorate the windows and on each day of advent another window is uncovered with its illuminated picture. It has become a tradition in our town. Luckily the building has 25 windows.

When I got home I completed my order for the store. I no longer do week-end shopping myself, but order it from the store. They are improving their service constantly and I can now order for the next day, although at the moment I am ordering once a week. If the weather gets too difficult in Winter I will probably be ordering more often.

There was quite a noise outside yesterday when I departed for town and I noticed that our murder of crows had decided to go on a group flight and eventually settled in the top of the trees. It is our local colony and have always been here. They were probably here before they even built out apartments.

This morning began with action. Again time for fresh linen on the beds. Before I have breakfast I put the new cover on my duvet and cushion and strip the bed. After breakfast and a shower, I finish the beds, including that of Mr. Swiss. He is no longer able to do it himself. I can still manage, I have my own system.

No. 2 son also called yesterday to say he will be paying us a visit. He is now working in his home office because of the pandemic, but he has a small apartment in the town near us where he works and he will be seeing to it today as he has not been there for some time. Life is certainly different with Mr. Covid and the problems he brings.

And now I am off to deal with this and that. Cannot sit at the computer all day, there is food to be cooked and housework to be done. Have a good one, look after yourselves and keep away from the others at a nice safe distance.

Good Morning

Not a cloud in the sky, or is it just one big cloud. I took this photo opposite my front garden as one of my first actions of the day when I raised the blinds. An hour later it looks just the same. Yesterday was not very much different and I noticed a temperature of 3°C when I was on my way home from town on my scooter. I am not very prone to cold, but even I was wearing gloves and even kept my face mask on which I usually remove when I leave town: not because of a safety measures, but it was just warmer. I think when our temperatures get down to 0°C it will be time to rethink my shopping tours and order more online goods or take the local train.

On the way into town everything was now looking quite bare and the leaves have now almost completely disappeared from the trees and are littering the remains of the lawns and paths, although our town authorities are constantly busy clearing them away.

I moved on to the store, crossing our Amthausplatz. The large building on the right is a bank. What else could it be in Switzerland. Banks are everywhere . Talking banks, mine sent me a new plastic card yesterday as the old one will soon expire. They now have quite a sophisticated design with black as the background colour. I got a letter with it to say they have now improved on buying in stores and there was a list of the advantages and instructions about registering to get the new improvements. There was also a little emblem I could scan, although that did not work Eventually I phoned my man at the bank, a very nice guy – known him for a few years. I asked how far they were intending to go with their new ideas in the name of safety. Although I am quite computer literate, I get older every year and am now becoming a platinum version of a golden oldie. The bank man informed that I would be getting a second letter with the entrance code for this new system and added if I had any other problems in connection with my banking. I told him at my age I am getting on quite well, the only small problems being the constant changes in the name of safety with their system. The guy muttered “I know” on the telephone, but more help was not offered. He did say I can always contact their help line if necessary. So life goes on in my banking world.

I eventually arrived at the store, parked my scooter outside (with this view from the store). unsaddled my walker which is fixed onto the back of the scooter and eventually found my mask which is law to wear when entering closed spaces.

It was then that I saw this dog patiently waiting for its mistress or master outside the store so of course I had to take a photo. I noticed that there were more people shopping and they had three cash tills occupied, usually there is only one or two. I decided Tuesday must be a busy day.

And so I eventually made my way home through town and noticed that the Christmas Trees are now appearing in he various strategic places.

The Christmas car was also now parked outside our oldest hotel as it always is every year. The Christmas lights are now installed in town, and all we need is the big switch on in December, although I am never so late in town to see them in their full glory. They are nothing really special but make a nice change.

And time to go, although Wednesday is a quieter day for me. I will probably be composing my online order for a week-end supermarket delivery. It seems after the new lockdown rules, things have got a little more reassuring and there is no problem with deliveries. I could order now for next day delivery, even same day delivery if I complete the order in the early morning hours, but I like to plan it for Friday delivery.

Oh what an exciting life I lead. Have a good day everyone and make the most of it.