Good Morning


I should not really be here, but neither should the moon, although the moon cannot change anything. It is still hanging around due to the sun’s reflection. There are also a few wispy clouds to enhance the scene and it looks like another sunny day in our part of the world. I, for my part, should be busy putting new linen on the beds. I had to miss out on my routine the last time due to varioius Mr. Swiss doctor visits having his cataract repaired at the eye doctor, but we now have that behind us and I am still catching up. However I was determined to try to stick to a normal day so here I am with my breakfast sitting at the computer.


I even managed a trip into the garden where late Autumn is moving in. The flowers are still there, but no longer as keen as they were and the blooms are dwindling.


My rudbeckia are now showing a droop in their petals and it will not be long before they disappear completely. It has now been a year since the gardener organised my new garden with the raised beds, and I must say it was worth it. No more bending to remove the dead flowers or to plant something new. I now have everyting under control.


My herbal raised bed has proved to be a success. I have never had such a good show of thyme and savoury. Even my little rosemary tree has grown and expanded a little. Only my sage showed symptoms of sunburn during the year, but I have now replaced it with a new plant. My kalanchoe is still flowering in its pot after three months and needs almost no water.

Yesterday was an afternoon of shopping, but this time my mission was a bit of a failure. I forgot too much, which is not usual with me. The problem was I forgot to write a couple of things in my online list and that is never good. My golden oldie memory needs those reminders. I even forgot to drop an official letter in the box although nothing drastic and I hope I remember today. I even had the letter in my bag, but forgot it completely. The result is that I must go on my way again this afternoon for a few small items, although I like to get out and was not planning on anything important otherwise. The village post office where my store is will be closing down in a month and shifting to the mall with the other stores. I will be glad as for me everything will be in the same place and no more organising things. Just along the road towards our next town there is also construction work going on for a new store, which will be quite a big one. That will be handy for me if I forget anything. It is within the range of my wheelchair and it will be a new experience for me to enter the store and shop in the chair. Others do it, and I am sure it will be no big problem. Of course I could also manage the shopping with my walker for small amounts, but it will be just a little far away to get their on my own steam and I do not like climbing on busses so much with my walker, although it works OK really: just a matter of comfort.

As you can see no big happenings in my neck of the woods, life continues as usual, despite a little golden oldie forgetfulness.

Have a good day everyone, see you later.


My orchid show outside on the porch is still doing well, although I take them in throughout the night when it cools down. I was going to get a foutth orchid yesterday, but they did not have such a good selection. These are now almost three months old and still keeping their flowers. The sprinkled one was the last arrival and still has a few buds to open.

Good Morning


I think our spell of summer weather in September is now drawing to a close. The sky is still looking friendly enough, a little more cloud, but blue in between, but there is a colder wind blowing, at least most would find it cold, I just find it nice and fresh.


I went for a wheelie yesterday afternoon, but just around our village. I saw some horses grazing on the field as I wheeled along the path next to the local railway tracks,


And I even saw some cows making the most of the last days of good weather. During the summer I rarely see them as in the warmer weather the farmers only let them out in the evening to graze through the cooler nights, the bovine night shift. Otherwise I just wheeled around to see what I could find, and that was not very much.

I though I might see some local chickens on the way, but there were none to be seen. It is probably that time of the year when the chickens  go to the happy hunting grounds to be exchanged for the younger generation that are more productive in their egg laying capacities. I find it rather sad, but that’s the life for a chicken.

Otherwise I was busy doing a little office work yesterday. I have now become an employer. I had forms to complete in connection with my employment of a cleaning lady. In Switzerland everything has to be organised. It is all to do with state pension money or sickness benefits. I sent off the form a couple of weeks ago, and as custom is with such state organisations, I got a reply thanking me for doing my duty accompanied with yet another form to complete with my banking details. I am getting back to business life it seems. I also got a new plastic card for my post office account as  the old one was wearing out through usage. At least we golden oldies do not get bored and always have something to occupy ourselves with.


I thought I might at least get a view of our alps on my wheelie up to the castle, but they were mainly in the clouds and I only got a misty view of the highlands before the actual mountains. A least a bird did me the favour of catching him in flight.

It is a very pleasant time of the year to taking walks/wheelies. You notice how nature is adapting to the next season. The insects seem to be retreating and searching for a winter quarter, often my home, although I have everything under control. It is a bit early in September for the bird feeder, but I am thinking about it.

Today I will be off to the store to refill the food supplies. which reminds me that I still have to complete my list of things to buy. Thursday is by tradition for us spaghetti day, although I do not know why, but at least I know what to get. Which brings me to Friday lunch. Oh the planning problems I have and then when I go shopping on Friday I have the week-end shopping again. At least I do not have any doctor excursions in the next days to fit in. I saw they have yet another special offer on orchids in the store, and I am tempted.


I wheeled past the local Castle Waldegg yesterday and noticed they have a wonderful display of Autumn blossoms in the garden.

And now enough said, I should be off to tend to my apartment and me. I hope your day will go well, if not it can only get better. See you around on the wires, have fun.


Good Morning


Let’s get started at last. Have been busy doing this and that, and Tuesday is cleaning lady day, so everything is a little later. However, I did managed to get this photo with my iPhone camera this morning of the moon. I was quite surprised to see how big it seemed and it was nicely reflecting the light from the sun.

I have an iPhone X and now there is a new one, the No. 11 (I suppose XI). Apparently the camera has been improved on with wide angle photos and it is tempting. Admittedly these telephones are not cheap (although this one is a little less that the last one I got), but a wide angle lens for a camera is an expensive toy, and I would probably not used it as much as I should. The phone has everything incorporated, coupled with the fact that it is also a phone with all the tricks for a mobile phone today, so perhaps I might be a victim for a new one. Mr. Swiss still has his iPhone 8 and if I get the new one he could have my X: the problems of a cyber golden oldie.


I was not so much out and about for photos this morning, but took this one of my late flowering rose yesterday afternoon. I was so surprised that it decided to make a few new blooms.


Over the week-end I went for a wheelie into town and captured this photo. Two sparrows and a pigeon. The sparrows seems to be ignoring the pigeon and the pigeon is still working out whether to eat them or just keep an eye on them.

Today is a day of not doing anything particular. I had enough stress yesterday bringing  and fetching Mr. Swiss from the dentist, the advantage being that I was finished earlier in the afternoon with my shopping which I did whilst he was at the dentist, and had more time, although I had a shorter midday snooze after lunch as the appointment was already for 2.00 pm. The next appointment is in two weeks and then it will hopefully be finished.


I decided to cook something completely different for lunch today. It is the so-called hunting season in Autumn in our part of Europe and there are various dishes which are not available otherwise during the year. There was a special offer on deer at the store so I decided why not. It is already half cooked in the traditional way, although I added a few things to it, such as red wine and some fresh veg. They also had freshly prepared chestnuts at the store so I got a packet and that is also stewing in the mixture. I just wanted to do something different. Mr. Swiss is not even so keen on it, but I must say it does smell good in the kitchen.

And that’s that for this morning. I am not sure what the day will hold for me, I might even venture a journey this afternoon. Have fun, enjoy the day and see you later.


Good Morning


I am not sure how this morning will progress so I am taking things as they come. On Saturday morning Mr. Swiss lost a tooth – no big deal really,, no pain, but mainly inconvenience. These things always happen at the week-end when no-one is available to help. It is now Monday morning so he will be calling to dentist for an appointment and I am not sure if and when I have to play chauffeur to get him there. At the moment I am carrying on as usual. I am sure the dentist is not waiting for Mr. Swiss so I might have time. I am not keen on morning emergencies as I like my routine at the computer and having breakfast. I also have to shower and get ready.  At the moment Mr. Swiss went back to hugging the bed and I am doing what I always do. Looks like another sunny day today, although the weather gurus say there is a cold front coming.


I discovered a brave carnation in my garden this morning, although it looks like it had to fight its way to be seen. Perhaps there might be a few more appearing.

It was a lovely visit by No. 2 son with his family yesterday, although I discovered 2 year olds can be quite exhausting. He is now making first steps at communication with his own language, his dad’s German dialect and naturally his mum’s vocabulary.  It is quite amusing to see how he sorts it all out. I never thought my offsprings would be speaking a different language to mine, but after 50 years in a polyglot country like Switzerland you are ready for everything.

Things going as normal today, I will be off shopping this afternoon, although I must go shopping come what may. I will just have to fit it in somewhere. Sometimes I just long for a life where there are no musts, just wants.  I always have to check at the beginning of the week whether Mr. Swiss or I have a doctor’s appointment. Getting old is not always fun. Even we have our stress situations.


I noticed this swan family on the river at the week-end and I am sure they are the swans I saw nesting on the river bank with their eggs. The cygnets would now be at the stage with their still brown feathers and there were 5 eggs in the nest.

Brooding swan with eggs 15.06 (3)

Perhaps only three chicks made it. I love see the swan families, they are always so perfectly organised.

And now I must organise my life. Mr. Swiss is still hugging the bed and I have time to do what I want to.


My garden is looking good with the rudbeckia, sedum and reeds which decided to make their home there.

Take care, have a good week beginning, and hope to be around later, whatever the day brings.

Good Morning


It’s a misty one this morning, although I am sure it will clear away in the next hour and the sun will be back: just a typical autumn begin to the day. Yesterday was another beautiful one and I escaped for a couple of hours in the afternoon for a wheelie in my chair to make the most of it.


I did one of my round trips though the cemetery and eventually arrived in town through the back entrance. People still seem to be embracing the Autumn weather and no sign of winter jackets yet, making the most of it all.  For our standards, it was quite a crowd that were enjoying a walk in the sunny weather.


I encountered this strange object on my way: an enormous bubble. Eventually I found the reason.


There was one of those guys doing it and he even showed this kid how to do it. There is always something going on it town on Saturday afternoon.


One of the local musicians was also showing some entertainment. He is a local character and plays and sings very well: one of the ex members of a music group. He gave me a smile and a wave as I wheeled past


I also noticed that there are still some brave ones that venture onto the river in their rafts. Autumn has not yet take over, but thinking about it.


I met this wet dog on the way home along the River Aare. He had just had a swim and was ready to shake off the water from his fur. It was when I discovered he had quite a loud bark I decided to move on, although his lady called him back with  a warning. I did not want to stay away to long and wheeled along the path home. I had a chicken to cook and a few computer jobs.

I am not sure if I will be around very much today. No. 2 son is visiting with No. 1 and only grandson and I will be busy with this, that and the other. I now have to put my Sunday roast in the oven to cook it nice and slowly to be finished by midday. Have a good Sunday everyone and have fun. I found an Autumn bush on my journey yesterday, but it seems to be the only one up to now.


Good Morning


So here we are again with a wonderful sunrise including pattens of passing planes. I have been spending time taking a few quick photos in the garden and also watering my plants as Saturday in watering day.


And at last I see to having success with a cyclamen. It has now been two weeks and not one leaf has turned yellow or have I lost a flower. I think I used to kill them with kindness. Now I only give water once a week and from the bottom in the pot and not pour it over the bulb. These were the tips I got from a site in Internet and it works. I even noticed a new flower appearing now and again. I have chosen Saturday morning for my plant watering day and spent some time with giving water not only to my cyclamen, but also my three orchids which I have had for a couple of months. I just love my flowers.


At last success in the garden and my rose has now opened its buds. I am so glad as the summer display was cut short by the burning sun and now it has decided to produce some new flowers in mid September. This is most likely due to the wonderful sunny Autumn weather we are having: no rain and temperatures staying around 20-25 °C.


Otherwise yesterday was again a week-end shopping day with food supplies. I had to make an excursion into the basement of the store to get a lamp for the shower room. One of those long ones that need a so-called “starter” to go with it. Sorry do not know the technical name for them. My other lamps are still working but one decided to have a fall out last week, which we managed to redeem, but I realised we really have no reserves. I took one of the old broken lamps with me and  the guy in the store found what I needed, so I got two of them just to make sure if we have a black-out in the shower.

They also have some plants in the basement, more garden stuff, and at last I managed to get a sage for my herb bed. I had such a lovely plant but the sun killed it almost, leaving only one surviving stalk. Now I have  nice new plant with plenty of sage leaves again.

Tomorrow No. 2 son with his wife and offspring will be visiting so I am not sure if I will be around very much. No. 1 grandchild is now becoming very active and has discovered the power of talk, although it seems it is mainly his own language, mixed with ours. He is already becoming quite linguistic surrounded by various various german dialects.


On my last trip to town I noticed that there are street repairs springing up everywhere. Looks like some underground tubes are being replaced here, ready for the Winter season when it gets too cold to repair anything.

Yesterday evening I seem to have been busy sorting varioius stuff. I at last managed to order my trousers online over the computer. I am so glad I found a good Swiss company that has exactly the manufacturer that I like. I also had to bring my list of internet site passwords up to date. The printer decided to go on strike and did not produce anything. I decided to wait a couple of days, perhaps it might function again, but Mr. Swiss went to work and after a half hour of profanities the printer seemed to realise something was needed, and the mistake (whatever it was) was repaired. Thanks to Mr. Swiss and his online knowledge, although he found it was more luck than judgement.

I am now off to do a far better thing than I am doing now than I have ever done (based on “A Tale of Two Cities” from Charles Dickens) although I think the the words were about an execution with the guillotine.

On this happy note I will leave you to your daily chores, which I hope will be successful. Time to go, have fun, until later.


Good Morning


Another blue sky day and no sign of the Autumn colours up to now. Yesterday afternoon I went for a wheelie in my chair into town and could wear short sleeves without a jacket, it was quite warm. I was glad to have the time to go somewhere: no shopping to do. I had forgotten to get a bread on Wednesday, but No. 1 son was also in town in the afternoon and brought me a bread so I really had no stress. I have never entered a shop in my wheelchair, although I suppose it would be possible, but even that might be chaging.


On my way into town I saw this along the road. For me I thought “at last”. It is where our Skoda (and also BMW) handler was. It has been empty for some time and we read that our largest supermarket will be opening a branch there in Autumn and now it seems to be happening. For me it means that I can pop in there and get anything I might need urgently, even with my wheelchair. It is too near to take the bus and in 10 minutes I would be there. At the moment they are busy rebuilding and transforming it into a store. It used to be a car show room and offices, so there will be plenty of room for shelves with daily needs.


I wheeled on and saw that just outside the town entrance progress is being made on the structures for our annual town fair in two weeks. This is the first building you see outside. It seems that it will be something to do with our electricity suppliers.


The town is full of banners suspended in all the main streets advertising the HESO, which is the name of the fair, adapted from the name “HErbstmesse SOlothurn” (Autumn Exhibition, Solothurn), but for us locals it has always been known as HESO since the beginnings about 30-40 years ago. I remember the first fair when I would take my kids to see the exhibits. No. 1 son will be 50 this year, time flies.


I took a wheelie along the river in town and noticed that the seating for the outside restaurants is still fully occupied. It was really a good day for outside life and I saw many still dressed in the Summer clothes with short trousers and t-shirts.

I have also decided to stock up a little on clothing. It has been a few years since I bought anything, one of the reasons being that my favourite shop in town closed down a couple of years ago due to failing customers. It is actually a point of discussion in our town that we have a shop dying session. One after the other is closing, due to computer online competition, and in their place we seem to be getting either a hair dressing saloon or restaurant. No-one sells goods today.

I always bought the same style of trousers, which I can no longer buy in town, but after some research I have discovered I can now buy them online from a well known Swiss shop. They have all colours and sizes which is ideal. Also the prices are the same as I paid in my shop in town. A golden oldie does not need the latest fashion, just something classic and above all comfortable, a bit stretchy.


The sky was full of various planes yesterday winging their way over the town. It was probably the weather for it and we do have a small airport near us in the next town of Grenchen. The are many people who still have a flying hobby and own a few old timers like this one that flew over.

And now to move on. I hear Mr. Swiss has just stopped hugging his bed and drifing around, so it is action time.


I leave you with a view I took yesterday on my way of our so-called house mountain, the Weissenstein. They have now finished the renovation work on the restaurant and have removed the crane. It has now been two years since my last ascent in the mountain railway and I would like to go again. The last time I only needed my walking stick for support, but now I would probably need my walker. If people can take their skis up the mountain in the railway cars, I am sure I could get my walker into it.

Have fun, may you have a good day and remember tomorrow is week-end time again. See you later.