Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

A Visit to the River Mosel area in Germany

Going places and seeing things is not something I can do very well today. Being a golden oldie with walking difficuilties, I can manage a walk with the camera where I live, or perhaps a drive out somewhere different.

However, last year my No. 2 son got married. His wife is from the Mosel area of Germany, where everyone seems to have their own vineyard. I stayed for a week and it is a fascinating area. Vineyards are on every slope and The River Mosel runs through it all.

Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

21 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Wanderlust

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    • I travelled by train from Basel and here and there were vineyards but when the train met the river Mosel it was vineyards all the way. I stayed in the family guesthouse surrounded by grapevines above the river – it was beautiful.


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  3. The place looks so wonderful ! ,it could be because of the river that flows throughout the year making irrigation on the farm more easier to be carried out.Wow!! a very nice place to be! Keep it up for the good work,vineyard.Enjoy more bleassings in the new year 2021.God bless

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