FOWC with Fandango: Jeopardize

You see some strange things at the cemetery now and again. Here there was a laid table: something to drink, a bite to eat and even a coffee pot. It was all arranged on a stone bench. Nearby there was a group of people all gathered around an older gravestone. Perhaps it was a memorial event, but they certainly would not go hungry.

FOWC with Fandango: Jeopardize

Good Morning

It still looks like Autumn outside, and now we have some rain adding to it. I took the photo this morning opposite my garden. I must say it is a colourful time of the year.

A box of eggs? It is something completely different, but yesterday I took a wheelie in my chair to the local stables/farm to visit the chickens and horses and whatever other animals. This time I met the farmer’s wife, a very nice young lady and so I got into a conversation with her. They have a small house with fresh eggs for self service, and I told her I would love to get my eggs from her farm, but have difficulties getting into the house to get them. She said no problem, and there is always someone around to help. So I made the most of the situation. I had money with me and asked if she could sell me some. And here are my first fresh eggs from the farm, I probably even might know the chicken that laid them, although they have 250 chickens at the moment. She even asked me if I had a preference in colour, but as there is no difference in taste. I said a mixture would be fine. And here they are, my 10 fresh farm eggs.

I then moved on to see what the chickens were doing, but they seemed to be interested in pecking around for what was available. These are the Silkie chickens, a special breed, and live in the grounds around the farmhouse. The other hens have their own self contained apartment further out on the land.

They are certainly a fluffy bunch.

I moved on to the horses and this one seemed to be getting ready for a ride.

The geese were also parading with a few ducks and seemed to be interested in something as they were all looking in the same direction. I just love those journeys around the farm, it is so interesting to see the various animals. Growing up in a large town like London, I missed all the pleasures of country life and today it fascinates me very much.

As I made my way home I passed the cow pastures. They seem to be looking quite well fed at the moment, or will there be calves arriving quite soon. I have no idea, but it looks like it to me.

This cow seemed to have a particular interest in my camera and somehow an Autumn leaf had got attached to her nose.

It had begun to rain, just a light rain, but decided I should make my way home. It is only across the road and not so far. Mr. Swiss was quite pleased to see the fresh farm eggs I brought home.

It really make a nice break to get out, especially when it is just in our village and not so far to travel. Today I will be off to the store along the road. I do not have so much to get and have everything organised. I like to plan that I do not have to do any shopping over the week-end and just by choice for an excursion into town. Currently we are still able to go places and there is no curfew or lock down due to corona. Our government had a conference yesterday, online, but again emphasised how important it was to wear masks and refrain from large meetings, The same advice that most countries now have to live with. It is worrying to know how this virus is rapidly expanding and we are in the midst of the second wave. We can only hope it stays away from us.

And now to busy myself with this and that. Have a good day everyone, the week-end will soon begin, although I seem to have a week full of week-ends. The farmhouse cats were also around yesterday.

Good Morning

Nothing out of the usual this morning, but there are contours in the sky.

Even the apology of a cloud that is slowly disappearing. It is now colder in the morning. I even saw a bird venture nearer to my kitchen window and grabbed my camera only to be disappointed by its quick disappearance due to the neighbour’s cat springing through my garden hoping to make the catch of the day.

Unfortunately my photos were limited yesterday as when I was in the store I realised that my plastic card was missing. I do not often use it and most of my purchases are done on line with the showing of my app at the cash desk. I had no more interest in lingering for photos and got home to see if it was mislaid at home. It was still stuck in the device I use for online payments luckily: the forgetfulness of a golden oldie.

However I did capture this autumnal study as I was on my way to the store. It shows our concert hall surrounded by the trees now changing in their colours. Autumn is a good time for capturing the wonders of nature.

Otherwise the day had a few telephone calls for Mr. Swiss congratulating on his birthday. He has a long time colleague from his musical days who called and is the same age as Mr. Swiss. Its wonderful to still have such contacts as you get older and talk about the old days. In this case with musical connections. I know many of the musical connections Mr. Swiss has and they often played together in various bands. They are now all in the golden oldie age group, but I still remember them as active musicians in the bygone days. Some are still playing, but just for the fun of it. Mr. Swiss gave up his drumming some time ago as the body no longer wanted to assist, although now and again he will disappear to our hobby room in the cellar and revive a few old memories with his drum set. I miss those days sometimes when he would have a musical get together with his colleagues.

A photo of a “jam” session from almos 20 years with Mr. Swiss on drums.

Today I am having a day based at home, although will probably go on an excursion somewhere in the afternoon. I have no appointments today for shopping, the larder is quite full and most of the week-end shopping already dealt with. My new hobby seems to be the logistics of housekeeping and organisation of food supplies. It has gained in importance as we never know how the new developing cases of Covid are going to affect us if we do have a lock down. Cases are increasing rapidly in Switzerland at the moment and it seems the emergency ward in our our Kanton’s main hospital is now fully occupied, although the cases are not only from our town but the complete Kanton.

I am also now more concentrating on preparing more healthy food such as fresh vegetables and salads. As we are carnivores, meat is also on our menu plan, but that can be frozen. I actually think that due to the virus wandering around, my attitude to food has changed and cooking is slowly becoming a new hobby and have been exploring its possibilities. This week-end I will be serving my own self made chips (French fries) from my new air fryer with real potatoes and not the frozen ones. I have had a special cutter for many years but have not used it very often and now the time has come to explore its possibilities. Today is spaghetti day. For some unknown reason we nearly always have spaghetti on Thursday, usually served with my tomato-meat sauce, although sometimes I vary it with tuna fish in the sauce or perhaps prawns just to make a difference

Unbelievable but look what just returned for a photo session. The neighbour’s cat is not longer here and so the mystery bird has decided to pay another visit, in front of my kitchen window. I had to be quick with my phone camera but managed a capture and I discovered to my delight it is a robin. We see them now and again, but they are the loners. Always appearing on their own and are also very shy. At the moment I have no ready bird food as the stores have not yet stocked it, but it will probably be available in a couple of weeks. I have such wonderful feelings when I see that the birds are arriving for their Winter feeding sessions. My bird house is outside but empty and ready to be filled.

And now I will make my way through the apartment and the shower. Keep safe everyone please: wash hands, cover face and keep space – you know the routine of current daily life and something we can all share universally currently.

FOWC with Fandango: Accent(uate)

No matter how many languages you learned
The accent remains, cannot be spurned
Have been speaking german for fifty years at least
But I still get the same questions, I am a movable feast
You have a strange accent, are you perhaps dutch?
Perhaps they speak more foreign languages and we British not so much
And so I say no, no, and then I do admit
Not double dutch or Schwyzertütsch, I am an original Brit

FOWC with Fandango: Accent(uate)