Good Morning

Just as I was taking a morning photo of the Jura from my garden, this crow decided to do some photo bombing so I just had to take his photo as he perched on a neighbour’s roof. He also seemed to be admiring the view, but he had literally a bird’s eye view of the scenery.

Otherwise as it is Sunday, I was busy baking up my platt bread in the oven. It is one of my picks of the week to have a freshly baked bread on Sunday morning which I am now enjoying whilst sitting at the computer. We have wonderful Summer weather at the moment, warm and sunny and at last I can live my outdoor life on the porch.

The bees are still busy gathering their pollen. I wonder if they have a competition for the most busy bee and who collects the most. Perhaps they become bee of the year and get an exra stripe.

Insects seem to be everywhere and I saw this spider suspended from its nest, just hanging around. It looks like it might be albino spider. Eventually she stopped hanging and disappeared under a leaf. It looks like she is carrying an egg sack, so there will soon be some baby spiders making themselves at home outside.

My attention was then drawn to this moth that seemed to be relaxing its wings on the garden wall. Pobably relaxing after a full nights action.

Yesterday was another day at home, although I spent the afternoon out on the porch enjoying the good weather with my computer and a book. Today I will probably not be very much different. I noticed that some of the early flowers are already saying goodbye in the garden whilst the roses are beginning to flower. I am now off to cook lunch – veal with vegetables which does it all by itself after a few preparations. Enjoy your Sunday everyone, take it easy and make the most of it. Here is a final good bye from my iris that have now decided to leave me until next year again.

Good Morning

We are really spoilt for a morning sky: sun lighting up the trees and aircraft paths crawling across the sky. Mostly from Zürich airport, but also passing planes on their way to somewhere. Travel is slowly returning as covid statistics are reducing in Europe. I read yesterday that Switzerland will soon be dropping the masks in closed spaces on 28th June. I only wear them when I enter a store. Many of us are now vaccinated so I do not bother when outside. It looks like I will begin to recognise people I know again.

Yesterday I really did venture into town in the afternoon, the first time since more than a week. I was really getting lazy and gave myself a push and I was glad. I always enter town by the surrounding path which goes past our old fortifications. The trees are now bursting with leaves and making a nice shady walk. I was really glad to be out and about

especially when I wheeled past the museum gardens. It made it all so worth while.

Eventually I arrived in town and wheeled my way to the first store. That was only a short stop, just for Mr. Swiss cigarettes. Afterwards I saddled my scooter again and went down to the larger store for the groceries. They are still renovating the building next to the supermarket and again I had to travel a few meters on the main road in my scooter at the side of the traffic as the various delivery trucks were blocking the path on the pavement. I already had my supplies for the week-end which were delivered in the morning, but I like to stock up on a few frozen items and other bits and pieces that I cannot order online. My online supermarket pays me a dividend monthly which goes automatically onto a plastic card. I usually apply that for stuff I buy when in town and was surprised to see I had so much on the card I did not have to pay for anything. I only now use real money to pay my cleaning lady, otherwise I can do it all with my iPhone supermarket app on my card when it has funds on it. How life has changed over the years. I remember my dad who still lived in his world of bank notes and change in his pocket. He always refused to open a bank account, and always collected his pension money in cash from his pension account then it arrived.

On my way home through town I noticed that the town was alive again with many visitors sitting outside the street cafés. This one was closed since last Autumn. They were renovating it, as being open was not really worth it. They could only serve drinks inside. This has now changed and who knows, Covid might one day a historical fact. Something our grandchildren can tell their grandchildren one day. I miss the musicians in town, they have not yet arrived, but during the summer that will also happen,

This is one of the oldest restaurants. They even served Casanova when he spent a few days in the town a few centuries ago. They now have pots of rose trees outside where the public are relaxing with their drinks.

I could not resist taking my customary photo on the path back to my village which leads partially along the side of the railway tracks. I saw that some of the fields have now been ploughed and there are even crops growing here and there. These are the views that I can call home with the Jura moutains in the background and a few artistic clouds hanging over it all.

I was feeling rather tired and worn out over the past few days. I think I was still recovering from organising my garden cupboard, but I am now feeling a lot better. Yesterday evening was at last a TV programme to suit my taste. The last episode of our spring watch was on the TV where we saw all the various nests that had their hatched birds from the past 3 weeks. The baby birds really grow fast and their mums and dad have their beaks full supplying them with the constant food necessities. The parents will soon be off to the warmer countries and have to make sure that the babies will be grown enough to go with them. Afterwards was Gardeners World, showing the various chores in the garden and visiting various gardens.

I am now off to deal with my household chores, not a lot, but like to keep things organised. Enjoy your week-end, may it be a good one.

Good Morning

The sun arrived some time ago and it looks like it will be another sunny day in my little corner of Switzerland. I have had quite a stressful week with various chores , but I am now hoping for a normal Friday and am determined to go places this afternoon. I have been postponing my visit to town for more than a week. There is now good weather, no more rain, and I have no great deeds to complete today. I will be on a quest for Mr. Swiss supply of cigarettes, although I notice he no longer smokes so many, but that is his problem. I want to visit the supermarket and see what is on offer with frozen goods and special offers. I make sure that I have enough supplies in my store in the cellar, but now and again like to add to it.

The local feline, Roschti, still visits my garden, generally in the afternoon when he can have an hour of relaxation. Yesterday he made himself comfortable next to the roses

My basil and Dill seeds are developing nicely and growing well lin the good weather. Harvest time is approaching, although not yet, but they seem to be developing quicker daily. I also have a packet of parsley seeds and will be planting them at the week-end. I have grown parsley before and it does quite well. I was planning on baking a foccacia yesterday but no longer had any yeast which rather annoyed me. I changed the evening menu to cold cuts accompanied with vegetable spring rolls. It lead to the fact that son No. 1 ate the bread remainders for breakfast this morning and I was left with nothing, and I do like to eat something for breakfast. However, that emergency situation is also cared for. I have a complete loaf of frozen toast bread in the freezer. Two slices thaw out immediately in the toaster, so I treated myself to toast, butter and jam for the morning feast and am now washing it down with a nice cup of tea.

The bees were again doing their work on the sedum flowers. They seem to have replaced the birds with my action photos of nature.

My little bird still appears from time to time and here he seems to be serching for something in the underground of my herb bed.

Statistics on the Covid pandemic in Switzerland are sinking daily. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this dreadful virus would disappear. In our Kanton we are approaching the total of 50% of the population that have been vaccinated. Statistics yesterday showed that no new cases had been registered in our area. Life is gradually getting back to normal, although we still have to wear our masks in enclosed spaces.

My Friday delivery of goods from the supermarket will arrive this morning, although I did not have to order so much as I am fairly well covered for food over the week-end.

And now to move on. The week-end is almost here and I wish everyone a good one.