Good Morning

Where do you start to write in the morning. I have stopped hugging the bed, and the first stop is to go in the next room and open the window, naturally with your iPhone camera and take a few photos.The photos are always the same place, but according to what our weather has decided, they are all a little different. I must now have a collection with over 500 morning photos, same place, same time, but they all have their own charm. This morning it was a misty morning, no sun and everything in a haze. The Jura mountains were invisible and the neighbour’s house shrouded in the mist, but no problem. There are already signs that the sun is pushing through and the red leaves of my Japanese Maple tree are defying the mist.

I was busy in the kitchen yesterday afternoon and had decided to make my very own genuine pizza for the evening meal. Just one for Mr. Swiss and I as No. 1 son prefers his tuna fish pizza. I decided I would make a traditional pizza, one for my taste. I took out my Italian cooking book and found exactly what I wanted. I had the pastry recipe on the pizza flour packet. It was not my first pizza pastry and that was the easiest part. I make the dough and left it to rest. I then began to cook the tomato mixture as the first layer on the pastry.

Now I could take it easy whilst the tomato was cooking. The strange stalk poking out of the mixture is origano which I still have outside in my herb bed. In the meanwhile I took it easy and was doing my usual computer stuff. It was eventually time to prepare the evening meal. I had cooled down the tomato mixture in the meanwhile. The pastry had risen and I formed it into its shape by hand naturally. All pizza experts toss it in the air and work it with their hands. I pulled it into shape and even tried the professional method of spinning it on my two hands. I noticed that was not so easy, but practice will make perfect I am sure. Eventually it was in shape, not quite a perfect circle, but it looked like a pizza ready for its toppings.

I decided on basic toppings, nothing fancy so it was mozzarella cheese, some black olives and a sprinkling of basil and origano and some parmesan. I eventually put it in the oven, although not the recommended 220° C as I find that is a little too hot and reduced it to 200°. After 20 minutes baking it was ready just at the right moment for the evening meal.

And here is the finished product. I forgot to take a photo of the complete pizza but here is the half after cutting the first pieces, with a pizza cutter of course. It was enjoyed by all and I must say I was quite proud myself of the result. I think I managed t genuine self made pizza. Any additional tips are welcome. And there was none left afterwards.

Otherwise I had a peaceful evening, no washing to do. As it was Friday evening the BBC had their usual “Top of the Pops” films and No. 1 son joined me as that is his hobby. He knows all the old songs and singers. Mr. Swiss disappeared off to the bedroom and we spent a musical evening together although I was reading my book at the same time.

I did have a few moments for a tour of the garden world yesterday and discovered this moth on my sedum. It looked quite lifeless, but I gave it a slight poke after the photo and it flew off I do not know what sort of moth it was, but looked quite interesting.

Otherwise I am hoping for a quiet and peaceful day today. I might just pop along the road to the local grocery supermarket for a few bits and pieces. I am thinking of another apple tart on Sunday afternoon, but should get some ready rolled pastry for it. I am sure I will find a few other articles as well.

Have a good week-end everyone and take it easy. Not everyone has to be a bread-baker and pizza constructing machine as I seem to have become. However, we golden oldies have to pass the time somehow and knitting socks and scarves is no longer my thing.

I noticed that my buddleia in the garden has begun to already sprout new leaves for the next season. However, the gardener will be here on Monday, and the bush will probably get a short back and sides when he is here.

RDP Friday: Lamp

This is just one of the few hundred lamps that decorate the streets of our town, but my interest is more in the lamps that decorate my apartment, one in particular. Regularly in the evening at 9.00 p.m. the lamp in our living room begins to flicker on and off. Sometimes it continues for a full five minutes, other times just for 2-3 minutes. I often wonder if we have a house ghost that wants to make his presence know. It is not to be ignored with the on and off of the light source at quite a quick tempo. What is the explanation? Ghosts aside, (although our appartments are built on the place where the gallows once stood some 100 years ago and skeletons have been found when building the appartments), I suspect that there might be some sort of switching over at the local electricity works. I mentioned to Mr. Swiss that I would call them and ask. He found that was overdoing it with a telephone call. And so in the meanwhile our light continues to flicker at the same time in the evening. I would add it is only one lamp that performs in this way.

Or perhaps it is one of the local storks performing his balancing actions on the local street lighting.

RDP Friday: Lamp

Good Morning

It is a misty one today plenty of moisture in the air, although no rain. Otherwise all is well with the world except for the bang, bang, bang of the neighbouring jackhammer pounding consistently. At least I think it is known as a jackhammer according to the translation from internet. I only know the German word for it although the noise is the same. They have dug out a giant hole to lay the foundations of the new block of flats. Perhaps they have met a rock bottom. I do not remember that noise when they built the rest of the estate.

I took this photo yesterday as a reminder of what the view from my place is before the block is built as it will probably cover the bottom half of the trees.

I have decided to avoid going anywhere today. I have all the groceries I need, actually until next week on Tuesday – as planned. I did forget pastry for an apple tart, but will send No. 1 son to the store to fetch some. I just have to begin to use up the apples. Yesterday we had a small drama. Mr. Swiss went to the dentist which was just an inspection to decide how to do the further work. Having no means of transport, he is also dependent on his scooter, but does not have so much practice as I do. He does tend to forget things (at the age of 82 that is not surprising) and arrived home without his stick which he needs for walking. He thought he had left it outside the dentist, but No. 1 son had just arrived home for lunch and said he remembered seeing such a stick laying on the road as he walked home. He only works half days so after dinner I told him he could go and have a look. He is a quick walker and it was not so far away. In the meanwhile I cleared away the dinner crockery and tidied the kitchen which he usually helps me with. After 10 minutes he was home again with – yes – the lost stick. It must have fallen out of Mr. Swiss scooter holder. Mr. Swiss was very happy to have it again – as we all were. My No. 1 son, although an autist, is full of surprises. He might have a slightly different logic but his mind and memory is very similar to a film camera. He was praised and we were all very happy that he solved the mystery so quickly.

Otherwise I busied myself with baking a wholewheat brown bread. I had not baked such a bread for some time as I found the flour sort was very heavy going with all the wheat particles. However, I decided not to sieve the flour as that was the part that took time with all its bits and pieces. It was a little tough going mixing it in the machine, but it worked and here is the result. Everyone praised it, even Mr. Swiss who is more a lover of unhealthy white bread. I basically wanted to bake it as I know it would be better for my diabetes, but even if I say so, it was really good and is now part of my bread baking programme.

Insect life is a little scarce at the moment. Yesterday my pet home spider gave up the ghost and was no longer hanging around, but in a crumpled heap on the table. I suppose his summer of life was now finished. I discovered this specimen outside on the bin for my gardening refuse. I decided to leave him or her to its own devices. It was again just a normal garden spider so nothing dangerous.

And that was our adventures for yesterday. Today will not be very much different, although I have the excitement of a grocery delivery this morning and even have some ironing to do, but not very much. I had my usual feline visitors.

First of all Roschti arrived at the window with that “I am hungry” look in his eyes although he was as well fed as always.

Shoo Shoo, the other neighbour’s cat, was not far behind and my packet of feline goodies is now less. I must re-order in the next grocery delivery next week.

And now time to go, so have a good day everyone, the week-end is just around the corner, although we golden oldies no longer have week-ends, we work every day with vacuum cleaners, dusters and sometimes mops. It helps to break the monotony.

RDP Thursday: Another Day

Not quite the usual day. It is the day of the carboard and paper collection in our village. It is when we can at last present our reading trophies of the past three month and put them outside. The lorry soon arrives and everything is taken to the paper hunting grounds never to be seen again. In the meanwhile we have already begun to collect again for the next collection as we now have space. The procession of neighbours pushing their carts to the street loaded with carefully tied parcels is now finished. Another paper collection day is over.

RDP Thursday; Another Day

Good Morning

I was wondering should I show my dismal Jura mountain head in the clouds this morning or perhaps yesterday’s sunset which was showing itself from the good side.

I decided to show both of them so that you are not missing anything. I was just getting ready to close the blinds for the night yesterday evening and noticed the red glow in the sky, so I was out with the camera to shoot a few pictures. It was really worth it. We often get those glorious sunsets in Autumn.

Otherwise it became a busy day yesterday.

It was again paper and cardboard collection time in our area. It seems to me they have reduced the pick- ups. It used to be 1-2 months, but now it is down to a three month collection. One way or the other I had to get my planning organised – with the help of No. 1 son. The photo shows the contribution of our part of the estate. I noticed that since days of lockdown and online orders, we all have a real collection of cardboard. Everything is delivered in a cardboard box. The trick is to fold them flat, following the seams at the side, to make it easier to get them on the street. The deadline is to have it all ready and waiting by 7.00 this morning and we got the notice two days ago. I was quite proud of No. 1 son and myself organising it all so well. My cellar now has breathing space again. I combined the work with again clearing some surplus from our hobby room. I discovered two bags of old magazines and papers. Mr. Swiss was not so happy, he is a hoarder and found they were documents that would come in handy. “Coming in handy” has not happened in the 20 years they have been in the cellar, so with a few words of persuasion (not very friendly) he began to sort them throwing the most in one of our large plastic refuse collection bags (the easy way to do it). I then again got into action and bound it all with string in neat piles which No. 1 son and I put outside for the collection. It would have needed Mr. Universe to have lifted those plastic refuse bags for the normal rubbish collection stuffed with documents and books.

Afterwards I went outside for a few photos of the memorial day. I happened to meet my hairdresser neighbour which is her cardboard and newspaper collection in the photo. She noticed with astonishment how my hair has grown. I told her the time is now ready for a new cut and amongst the cardboard boxes we had a discussion of how it would be cut and she found it is now long enough to do the perfect job, so I will be seeing her in the next few days.

Otherwise the bees were buzzing on my sedum again. The told me it was now the perfect weather, as they prefer to do the work in the sun. They were now adding the finishing touches.

Otherwise it was again a day at home and I spent my time relaxing. I even switched off the TV in the evening when Mr. Swiss disappeared to the bedroom. There was nothing really interesting to watch. The daily report from the London Chelsea flower show was finished which I like to watch. The Exhibition happens once a year, usually in Summer, but this year it is later for pandemic reasons. It is interesting to see the wonderful plants and all the TV gardeners were giving their opinions and some good tips. There was a section about hostas where the gardeners showed how to make a garlic solution to spray on them which would keep the hungry slugs and snails away. I am still thinking about it, as boiling two full garlic bulbs in water and mixing it afterwards might be a little messy and smelly in my kitchen.

I am now off to continue my daily chores. There will be a bread to bake and spaghetti to cook and Mr. Swiss will be on his way to his dentist. Let is be a good day, make the most of it, see you all on the flip side.

Soo Shoo the neighbour’s cat just called past for a few treats.