RDP Thursday: Field Day

I suppose a field day is something special. An occasion to celebrate. The Christmas days are upon us and the usual customs arriive. This building is our old arsenal where the old weapons are kept. It is also a building which has 24 windows, useful for decorating at Christmas to make a Christmas Calendar. However this year we are saving on natural elements such as electricity. It has all become too expensive. It seems that our electricity, and also gas, is no longer so available as it was, so we have to save in Europe. The Christmas calendar iis not avalable this year and Christmas illuminations have been reduced to a minimum. It seems that the boss in Russia, Mr. Putin, decided to have a war with the Ukrain and turned off the gas and electricityfor Europe.

It does not bother me so much. I now live alone with my son and can do what I want. I do not celebrate Christmas and have no decorations at home. It neither bothers me or my son. I no longer need the Christmas stress. The only contribution I make is to eat good food.

RDP Thursday: Field Day

RDP Wednesday: Mosquito

I met my first mosquito in Switzerland. In London we did not have so many mosquitos. There was probably too much competition with the traffic. In Switzerland they usually gather late Summer, early Autumn. You do not really see them, but you definitely hear them with their buzzing- I am prepared with my anti mosquito weapons. Just fill it with some sort of liquid and plug it in. You are then mosquito free for the night. There is nothing worst than having to scratch all day with the itchy bumps they leave behind.

RDP Wednesday: Mosquito