Good Morning

Feldbrunnen village 12.12 (10)

A short one again, as time is not exactly on my side at the moment. The good news is that I will have a substitute car this afternoon to use until I get my new car after the Christmas holiday. I have become the planning master at the moment. No. 1 son did some shopping for me yesterday so that we will not starve in the meanwhile and I can take it easy this morning and pick up the car this afternoon and combine it with a shopping trip.

I have discovered that buying a new car comes together with many other things, including an insurance. Luckily my garage take care of the registration and I organise the details with the insurance myself.

Otherwise life goes on, it must. Of course I have not been for any wheelies lately and see the world from my window at the moment. I wish the surroundings were as sunny as in the photo above, but I did notice a minimal cloud formation this morning.

Morning Clouds

This morning I tried the new editor. I get the idea, but my first problem was uploading my photos. They are all online in Flickr which even has a connection to the editor. However the photo was not sharp and blurred. I have not given up and am sure it was just the first steps. I hope to get the idea eventually, it is not rocket science, but I do not have to like it, or do I.

Sparrows 15.12 (18)

In the meanwhile the birds are hovering around and I have the feeling I am being watched sometimes. They might be small sparrows, but a flock can be dangerous. It is when they begin to organise themselves sitting in a row in front of the window that I supposed I should begin to get worried.

And now I am off to do other things. For a change I am at home on Wednesday morning, my tour of Switzerland will be this afternoon when I will have to take the local train to the station and then the bus to the garage and pick up my substitute car which I hope I can handle. Afterwards I will be off to the supermarket to catch up on some shopping.

See you around, and keep safe.

Feldbrunnen village 12.12 (9)

Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening

Christmas 2012

This is just a short one to let everyone know that I am still alive and kicking, but took a day off today. This morning I was busy organizing a new car and dealing with various other details, and just had not energy left to write anything. My biggest problem at the moment is getting a substitute car to bridge over a couple of days until the new car is ready.

I hope to be back in my old routine soon, but I do not have a clue how tomorrow will look. So I have not broken any legs or arms and basically I am feeling OK, just needed to take five today and recover from the week’s stress.

FOWC with Fandango: Cartoon

There are many cartoons and as a kid I watched them all from Mickey Mouse to Yogi Bear and The Flintstones. One remained in my mind, When the Wind Blows, for adults. Unfortunately there is only a trailer on YouTube, but if you do not know this film, from the book, I would advise to take the opportunity to see it in full length. It tells of the nuclear war and the destruction of life on the planet. Ok, not a very happy theme, but seen from the eyes of a retired married couple that go about their life as usual, until the nuclear war arrives.

It does not have a happy ending, but how does a simple couple deal with this? More than food for thought, an awakening.

FOWC with Fandango: Cartoon

RDP Monday: Halcyon

Restaurant Christmas

Halcyon days are those quiet reflective times when you can enjoy the atmosphere and the surroundings and be a peace with the world. Unfortunately today is not the case, when your partner crashes the car into a lamppost and it has to be picked up by a breakdown service because the front is a “total” wreck and the antifreeze has drained from the car. A couple of parked bikes were also included in the damage, but nothing too bad.

Even in my direst moments I took a photo in the restaurant where we were waiting for a taxi to bring us home. At least that was a soothing picture. Tomorrow I will be busy examining the actual damage of the car which is now in our garage and probably make the decision for a new car, which is not actually the halcyon surprise I wanted for Christmas.

Yes, halcyon was not quite the ideal word for today’s prompt.

So why am I sitting quite cool at the computer writing a blog. This seems to be my way of dealing with excitement, and do something completely different.

RDP Monday: Halcyon

Good Morning

Back Garden

The snow has melted somewhat overnight and thank goodness our roads are clear. I just hope that it does not return at least until Christmas. My good morning posts might be a little thin this week as I hardly have the time for myself at the moment. My photo wheelies in my chair are becoming a rarity as my life has turned into shopping excursions and other household duties. We also have Christmas ahead, which is for us just a small celebration with three people, but our stores are shut and it amounts to a double week-end due to Christmas starting on Monday. Luckily the store is opening on Sunday as an exception, when I can get my shopping done.

I also have a doctor appointment to fit in somewhere with Mr. Swiss, probably this afternoon, so things are looking fairly stressy.

It was a dismal week-end with nothing special happening, but I was glad for a quiet Sunday. And now I must go. I have a shopping trip to organise. Have a good begin to the week everyone and hope to see you later.