RDP Wednesday: Consequences

Just a tap (or faucet for some) with plain water. Today water has become a precious and expensive, article, at least in our part of the world and so you think twice before using it. Taking a full bath has become a thing of the past. With my MS I can no longer even get into the bath and so, I take a daily shower, making sure that the water is not running continuously, but stopping in between and just using it to rinse off the soap. Living in our own apartment in a complex, once a year there is a list to show how much water has to be paid for from our administration. It was always the job of Mr. Swiss to examine it, but now he is no longer here, being in a golden oldie home, I now carry the responsibility. I did not even realise that water is measured in cubic. A very good friend of mine informed me that something is not correct with the records of our water usage. I am alone in the home with my son and our cubic usage is way above normal, the highest usage here, We have made a table of our usage over the past seven years, as this has long been so much. My husband did not realise this and me, being new in this world of usage, now carry the responsibility to examine the problem. I have contacted our water supplier and they will look into it as something must be wrong somewhere with the measure-ring system. I have now got in touch with our administration and they will instruct our water supplier to examine our statistics. Life for me as a single lady keeping everything under control has become quite complex, but I am getting there. I feel as if I am now a general manager in a small concern.

RDP Wednesday: Consequences

FOWC with Fandango: Poignant

I took this photo some years ago on a visit to England. It must have been some time in November, as we Brits tend to commerate the wars in Britain. This was in the town of Tonbridge Wells and their decorations were still remaining: wreaths of red poppies and names of the soldiers that lost their lives embellished on the walls. My family was lucky in that sense as all our men returned. My uncle was a Prisoner of War for many years in Germany, but he also came home afterwards.
FOWC with Fandango: Poignant

RDP Tuesday: Fractal

Most of my fractal photos are based on tricks that the light plays, shadows. Here is the back of a chair with its pattern from the light.

Anc a simple bridge construction with its reflections in the glass.

The light through the curtain stripes at home.

The stairs to our national Swiss Circus when it was in town.

I could show many such photos, but now I must stop. They can be very fascinating.

RDP Tuesday: Fractal

FOWC with Fandango: Succulent

What could be more succulent than a nice Swiss Blood Sausage, although I must admit it is a matter of taste. My first confrontation with such a sausage was in Switzerland at my mother-in-laws table. I will try anything, you never know, perhaps it is the food that was ideal for a good meal. I did eat it, as I eat most food that is served. However, it was not as I imagined it to be. The blood was not solid, but a little soft and juicy, as blood would be. The farmers and butchers make them usually in Autumn and are known as a delicacy. There is also another variety, the liver sausage, but not much better. Are they succulent? I suppose they are but the idea of turning fresh blood into a sausage is not everyone’s idea.

FOWC with Fandango: Succulent

RDP Monday: Stable

I almost live next door to the stables at the nearby farm. They haave their own horses, but also take in other horses.

There is also a pony which is used for children’s rides.

My favourite horse was this one. The owner of the stables told ne they bought him from Ireland, one of the old types of horse with the lovely fur on the feet. This was a few years ago, and he was then quite old for a horse. Unfortunately he is no longer, but I have some photos to remember him,

There is always something to see at the stables. I cannot ride, although once had a lesson. My problem was getting on and off the horse. They are quite high. Also the warmth from their body disturbed me a little, they were a living animal.

RDP Monday: Stable