Good Morning


Sunday morning and everything is right with our part of the universe. The sun has risen and shining and the birds are singing. I have just enjoyed m breakfast and even Mr. Swiss has stopped hugging the bed and already in the computer world. I am enjoying the peace and quiet outside.


The cat next door has also paid a visit, but seemed to get engrossed in a conversation with my frog and meerkat, although naturally using telepathy.

I was having fun on my iPad this morning whilst still hugging the bed. They are such useful instruments, handy and compact and can be used in a horizontal position. I made an online order from my store supplier last week again, risking to see if they now had normal deliveries. I stick to large bulky standard goods and should get my delivery Wednesday afternoon, which is not too bad. It used to be next day delivery in the good old pre corona days, but they are getting better all the time. There is a national holiday on Monday for Whitsun, so we lose a day next week.  Anyhow this morning I decided to mark all my articles that will be in my favourites to save time when placing an order. I

I was on a quest for sweets in  town (candies for those over the pond) for Mr. Swiss. They are not really my taste, but he especially likes the fruity ones. As I now shop in a different branch of my chain store they do not have all the various sorts that he likes. I eventually found something to his taste, but will have to put those that he likes on my online favourite list. Since age has caught up with him (and me) he no longer goes anywhere so he depends on me.

Otherwise I found a couple of special officers in the butchers department which I decided would be a good idea to deepfreeze for another time. I am really getting used to this new way of shopping. When I had a car I just bought what I wanted when I saw it. Now I plan more for the future. Bulk goods I have delivered which would be really too heavy to organise and when visit the store I pay for the goods and afterwards our wonderful collectors bring it home to me. It usually arrives about an hour later. What could be better.


I really had a surprise yesterday when leaving my home and wheeling past the other side of my garden hedge. I saw these wild strawberries growing below the hedge. We do have wild strawberries in our area, but I had never seen them in our estate before, and I certainly did not plant them. They are a lot smaller than the usual strawberries, but are edible. However, I decided not to try them. Anything growing at the side of the path would be a visiting place for any dogs or cats that would walk past, and perhaps not so hygienic for human consumption.


I almost forgot to show off these. The mother plant on the right is a sort of kalanchoe. If it would ever flower it would die afterwards, but in the meanwhile it makes small offshoots. I planted its daughter in a pot and it is growing well. As you can see there is yet another shoot from mummy, and I will probably plant that one eventually. At least it keeps me out os mischief.

And now I should really move on. I will probably be on a short trip to town today. Although everything is closed, I must get some cash from the machine. I usually live on plastic, but I have a few cash bills to pay next week.

May Photo a Day Challenge: 31. Goodbye May


I took this photo today of one of the flower beds as you enter our town from the eastern side. The bed has now been planted. Even a banana palm in the centre. Now  we all have to wait for it to grow and expand during the Summer months, but the end of May marks the beginning.

May Photo a Day Challenge: 31. Goodbye May

FOWC with Fandango: Homecoming


When I wheel through this old fortress gate on the Eastern side of our town, known as the Baselgate, I know I am on my way home. I can leave the last cobbled ways of the old town behind me and travel on smoother surfaces along a straight road for about 5-10 minutes and I have reached my village.

I have had many homecomings during the past years. Once a year I would visit my dad in London for a week, flying from Zürich to London. After the week I would again land in Zürich, seeing the fields below me. Landing at Zürich Airport is like landing in the middle of a group of fields. I would then descend to the railway and get the direct train to my adopted home town of Solothurn. As the train sped along the route I would recognise the various villages and towns I would pass through. From Zürich Airport the train would stop at Aarau, Olten and perhaps Oensingen (according to the route) and eventually arrive in Solothurn. From Solothurn I would take the local train to my village, just a five minute distance and then I was home.

It was a good feeling to see my family again and Mr. Swiss was glad that I arrived safely.

It has now been 5 years since my last journey to London and that was for my dad’s funeral. Since I have no longer been in England, but I do not miss it. My homecoming is Switzerland since 53 years.

FOWC with Fandango: Homecoming

RDP Saturday: Outdoors


Nothing better than being outdoors when the Summer arrives. Either I am on my way shopping or as now, sitting outside on the porch. Of course I always take my computer with me at to the porch. This afternoon I had to go to town for a few bits and  pieces, but I was glad. The first view I get when leaving home is the view on the Jura mountains and if you are lucky, as I was, a couple of fluffy clouds to enhance it all.


People are now leaving their isolation slowly and in town the usual group of locals were gathering on the streets and again relaxing on the stairs of our cathedral. Although I live here, at least just along the road in the next village, I felt as if I was on holiday.


Even the way home in my wheelchair on the side of the road was fun, with a sky to complete the painting.

RDP Saturday: Outdoors

Good Morning


Another sunny one today, although a breeze is blowing. At least the heat will not be too intense – yet. The summer days are not yet here, but in a couple of weeks they will be. June and July were always the holiday season, but this year I am not sure. Many people are now staying in Switzerland and it seems that Swiss holiday resorts have again became popular. My autistic son No. 1 always goes on a special holiday with other similar handicapped to North Italy, but this year it has naturally been cancelled thanks to our universal virus. The company offered instead two weeks in the Italian part of Switzerland, but even that was a little too risky for me, bordering on Italy. Son will be staying at home and enjoying the sun in our area.


Another sign of the progressing seasons is that our gaura is now showing itself from its budding side and the first flowers have already arrived. It usually blossoms throughout the complete summer.

Yesterday was another day carless, but everything went well. Everyone is so helpful in my local store, I think they know me now. there is plenty of space to move in and within half an hour I already had the goods I bought delivered by my young guy on his bike with container attached. I have also collected a few bulk articles but will place an order online today and every thing going well it will also be delivered some time the end of next week – I can wait.

This afternoon I decided on a short excursion to town for a few bits and pieces in their store that they do not have in our local store. I am actually looking forward to going somewhere with a purpose. It will not be a lot to organise as the bicycle guys are not delivering on Saturday at the moment, but will be again mid June when everything will be back to the new norm. There are still new cases of corona virus emerging in Switzerland daily, and yesterday there were again ten. We can only dream of the day when it one day will be zero or just one or two.


In the meanwhile dinner is already cooking. I bought a lovely piece of beef in town and will be be having it boiled for dinner with vegetable. It will be slow cooking so no stress this morning.

And now I must move on, a few things have cropped up in the meanwhile. I wish you all a good Saturday and may the week-end continue in a positive way.


My roses are now flowering everywhere.


FOWC with Fandango: Resign


I did not really want to take a photo of this house. I was more interested in the blue flowers at the front of the photo, but the house decided to get into the picture. I took a photo of the blue flowers on their own afterwards.

I pass the house every time I go to the store. A few years ago a company moved in. The front garden became quite interesting when they planted the grape vines which are still there. They must have been growing the grapes for wine production, although the house was not a wine producing company.

Now the second floor is up for rental since a few months. No-one seems to want it.

Wild Flowers

FOWC with Fandango: Resign