RDP Thursday: Fire in the Sky

1st August Fireworks

If you happen to fly over Switzerland on 1st August you might think that the country is on fire. It is our national day, yes we have one. As custom would have it, every village, even town, lights a bonfire somewhere, usually on a mountain peak if you happen to have a mountain. Various places also have a celebration, again coupled with a fire, not to forget the fireworks. I took the above photo at our town celebrations. Fire tends to wander on a photo and gets a bit shaky if you are not using a tripod but who cares.

Schanz, Solothurn, 1st August

This photo was from the town celebrations in 2012 which was the last time I attended. I remember it began to rain afterwards. They usually hold the firework display around our old fortress in the moat.

RDP Thursday: Fire in the Sky

Good Morning


The sun is up and waiting and the rest remainder of the clouds are disappearing slowly but surely, so it looks like it will be a good one. Today is the day of changing the bed linen. My  bed is almost half done, if you count the new covers on the duvet and pillow. The rest will follow, but now time for breakfast and a little computer therapy. I am not going anywhere special this morning, so one thing after the other.


Yesterday was an excursion to the store in town. I noticed on the way that the farmers are now busy mowing the fields and drying the grass in the sun during the day. Our animals will have enough hay for their winter feed it seems.


I was also quite happy to see that the farmer opposite on the other side of the road had planted a field of sunflowers. I suppose they used crop rotation every year and it is always a delight to see that sunflowers are the choice. They are not grown for an artistic purpose, we have no Van Goghs in our village, but for the seed production which is a source for sunflower oil. This field is just beginning to open its flowers, but in a month it will be one yellow cloud and I am looking forward to it.


Otherwise there were not many people around in our town. Straight ahead you see the Basel gate as the Eastern entrance to the old town and on the right, the building half hidden, would be our local army administrative headquarters. Mr. Swiss was except from army duty due to kidney problems, so he had to pay his extra tax there once a year for the privilege. That was about 40-50 years ago. Afterwards online payments arrived, and after reaching a certain age he was exempt in any case. On the extreme right you see a corner of our cathedral. I leave the town through the Basel gate and then have a straight stretch until my village about 10 minutes away by wheelchair. Walking would probably be about 20 minutes according to how fast you can walk.

I managed to get my shopping. I now have to think differently with the food planning, not having a car at my disposable, so I tend to buy a little ahead and freeze it. It is working very well, I am becoming an expert on the logistics of food planning. I like to buy my meat over the counter if possible so that I can choose how much and what I want. Prepacked is OK, but not always what I really want. I have a good stock of frozen veg, but also prefer to get fresh. Since becoming carless and shopping in town more often, I am getting to know the helpful shop assistants. They are always ready to help with handing down goods a little high up on the shelf and the butcher assistants are very helpful with  my meat choices.. I usually have it vacuum packed which makes it easier to freeze.

Today no shopping expedition is planned and I will probably just do a quick wheelie locally to the castle or cemetery. I just need my excursion in the fresh air and so does my camera.

Have a good day everyone, remember to take your masks with you if necessary and wear them of course. I rarely wear mine as we have very few, if none, cases of corona in our Kanton and I am mainly in the open air: the stores are also not crowded. If I would have to travel by local train I would definitely wear mine.

On the way to town I saw this local house amongst the greenery from the main road. And now to finish my bed linen change.