Good Morning


It is a rainy morning today: drip, drip, drip all the time, but who cares. Today is Sunday and I do not have to go anywhere unless I want to.  I was thinking about a wheelie in my chair this afternoon, nothing big, just  a local look around, but it will have to stop raining first of all.


One of my first chores this morning was to finish my semi baked platt loaf in the oven. I buy it half finished in the store and I need 8 minutes to finish it off in the oven. We then have nice fresh bread for Sunday: one of the luxuries of modern life. Otherwise I am taking it easy today and am gradually getting used to my new life without a car. At the beginning it was a little disturbing, but I have now realised that it functions quite well. I worry about unnecessary things: will we have enough to eat, will I be able to cope as well without a car. The answer is yes, just take your time and adapt. Mr. Swiss is now calling me the logistic expert.

Yesterday was the first Saturday since I do not have my car that I really did not have to shop anywhere. We have enough at home and my only mission was to pick up cash from the machine in town. It was a pleasant visit to town, did my chore and was back at home within an hour. Of course I stopped here and there on the way home for a couple of photos. I am now realising that as you get older you do not have so many demands, especially at meal times. Mr. Swiss with his 80 years no longer eats so much and I have quickly had enough. My. No. 1 son is happy with everything that arrives on his plate, so what more can you wish for.


My garden had a nice surprise this morning when I saw two new roses that had opened behind my allium. The raindrops completed the picture.

It seems that I am rediscovering my english roots in my golden oldie years. TV evening have returned. For a while I stopped bothering. We mainly watched German TV which do have a few good series and Mr. Swiss always enjoyed the political discussions on the Swiss TV. I usually read a book, although watched the TV from the corner of my eye. I had no problem in understanding everything. After living 53 years amongst German speaking people, you have no problems.

However, since Mr. Swiss now goes earlier to bed I watch the BBC (British TV). They often have interesting documentaries. On Saturday evening there is a series where a guy travels around in the Far East using the various train systems mainly built in the 19th centuary. He has been to Viet Nam, Hong Kong and Burma and a few other countries, and yesterday it was Singapore. He also includes historical facts about the various places he visits and it is a very interesting programme. I had to interrupt my TV evening with a visit to the laundry room to empty the machine and hang up the washing.

Afterwards there was an hours programme based on the music of Eric Clapton. Oh that brought back some memories, especially when it included the old music when he was with Cream and other bands. There were also some good recordings showing the late Ginger Baker who was really a super drummer. I had to tear myself away from the TV eventually at 11.30 our time although the programme was not quite finished, but I have to get my beauty sleep.

And now to move on to the essentials of the morning like a little bit of hoovering, a little bit of ironing and a little bit of cooking.  In the meanwhile it has even stopped raining. Have a good Sunday everyone. I leave you with a couple of horses I saw yesterday as I was wheeling into town.