A Photo a Week Challenge: Unexpected Windows

From Langendorf car park

Mr. Swiss had parked the car at the supermarket parking silo on the second/top floor and I was left sitting in the car whilst he put the trolley away. So what do you do. Well I take a photo of the view through between the roof and the fence. Opposite are the Jura moutains, some trees and clouds. Even in car parks the scenery in Switzerland is OK.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Unexpected Windows

FOWC with Fandango: Heresy

St. Urs 19.01 (1)

It was just a couple of weeks ago, when we had normal snow free days, that I took a wheelie into town in my chair and a slightly different route around the walls of our cathedral and discovered this on the wall, so took a photo. Not out of religious grounds, but I like the effect of the shadows of the tree on the wall with the sculpture.

I live in a catholic town with a cathedral, living in a roman catholic Kanton of Switzerland. Mr. Swiss is Swiss Reform Church  and  I am officially Church of England (yes the church that Henry VIII organised, so that he could get married again).

So where do you go with so much variation in the family. Grandmother decided to become pentecostal to add to the confusion. Mum and dad attended church for funerals and weddings and christenings. Me? No not really anything, I just like to take photos and visit graveyards. My connection to religion is with nature, perhaps I am a Pagan, who knows, but I love taking photos of clouds, sunrises and sunsets – yes I might even be a druid.

Does it really matter, just be kind to the others, no matter what they believe and of course, keep taking photos.

Rathaus 16.09.2018

FOWC with Fandango: Heresy

RDP Thursday: Camouflage

Solothurn Carnival 2007

It will soon be that time of the year again when the night turns to day and strange costumed people, or perhaps they are not costumed, will be roaming the streets. In various parts of Europe it happens and goes under the name of carnival. Either you live in an area where your town changes it name to Honolulu, as Solothurn does,  or you do not. Our town becomes something completely different. Luzern also celebrate at the same time as Solothurn and Basel, the biggest carnival in Switzerland, is a few weeks later.

Every town has its own timetable and our town begins at 5.00 a.m. in the morning some time in February. I am not sure how the calendar works, something to do with Ash Wednesday which is usually included, but at the beginning the town is populated by figures dressed in white nightshirts with a night cap and tasse, and everyone is wearing a red scarf around their neck.  Of course you carry something that makes a loud noise: a cow bell, ratchett, drum – the louder the better. Me? No thankyou I prefer to spend the morning in bed and let the others make the noise. In the afternoon there is the childrens parade and many are still roaming the streets dressed in their various costumes.

This goes on for a week, ending with a bonfire in the middle of town where a large dummy is burnt to celebrate the end on Ash Wednesday. In between there are masked balls, two processions and a lot of tired people. Some might take the week off work and others battle on, falling asleep at their desks in the offices, trying to camouflage themselves from the boss.

It is all to do with camouflage and generally if you are in one of the carnival restaurants, the masked will enter, sit at your table and begin a conversation with the words “You don’t know me, do you?”, which is clear as they are in disguise and the the joke and the fun begins, unless you are not a carnival person and it could annoy you (like me, that is why I avoid it when I can).

There are various organisations that spend time and money to make the whole carnival a success. You wear a badge if you attend any official events, as the processions, which are not cheap, but show the theme of the annual event. As said I do not partake, too many crowds, but who knows. I might venture into town on one of the quieter afternoons for some photos, as a I did a few years ago when I took the last photos.

Solothurn Carnival 2007

RDP Thursday: Camouflage

Good Morning


No morning snow photo but sunset from yesterday evening for a change.  I was on my way to the hairdresser for my short back and sides and am I glad that the job is now done. I was feeling uncomfortable with hair all over my head. I am fed up with the snow already, and we have only had it a few days. At least we are not subject to the polar vortex as my online colleagues in the States, although I am sure that yesterday was one of the coldest nights.  I am glad that today I do not have to go places shopping. That will be tomorrow and I am hoping that tomorrow will be better.

Yesterday I had to go shopping, but it was surprisngly tame on the roads It was wet but no skiddy bits although it was snowing all the time: sometimes more and sometimes less. I never thought I would have to drive in winter weather again, but Mr. Swiss no longer driving or being able to come shopping, it is all I me and myself. Luckily my shopping time avoids the working traffic and the roads are quite empty.

As soon as I put out some bread this morning the crows pounced following by the sparrows. This is the weather where they are glad for my canteen food and for a drink of fresh water from my cat’s bowl outside.


I just got the expected telephone call from our vet with the results of Tabby’s visit to the vet this week- Tabby is her usual self actually and shows no signs of illness, but as with most golden oldie felines, she is feeling her age and has a kidney problem. She now needs special food, which is also available in pellet form, even from Hills which she has lived on since her kittenhood.  She will also be getting a medicine to take, available as a tablet or liquid. I decided on the liquid and felines seem to have something against tablets, unless tuna fish flavoured.  Our vet is a lovely lady, and very helpful. She noticed that Mr. Swiss and I are somewhat incapacitated with walking and at the moment we are sinking a little in snow, so she will send us what we need by post for the moment, which I am quite glad about.

This seems to be a general problem with elderly cats. I remember our cat in England which was 60 years ago. Vets never did such tests then, although probably the cats also had their kidney problems. In herself Tabby is as usual and sleeps her normal 22 hours a day. She is also drinking well.

And now to move on to the daily chores which keep me going with a target in mind for order at home. What else does a golden oldie do all day. Of course we also blog, even the vet asked me if I am still blogging. I seem to have become well known in the neighbourhood, even if I do write in english and not German.

Snow morning

This is the morning view of the garden. If you see the tracks on the righthand side, they are from me and my walker when I supply the morning bread for the birds. Mr. Swiss asked if I my shoes get wet, but I told him no problem. I return in the same tracks as I went, and the snow is quite dry in the morning. Sometimes my walker gets snowy wheels, but I shake it off before entering, and our floors are stone, so no problem.

Have a good night/day and wrap up warm especially if you have a polar vortex.

FOWC with Fandango: News

Pigeons 26.01 (2)

“Look there are bread crumbs on the wall.”

“Tell me something new, they have been there since this morning.”

“Well let’s eat them before they disappear.”

“Old breadcrumbs from this morning? Forget it.  Just be patient, that human just bought a hamburger. Watch him, he will throw the empty box in the trash can and then I will pounce. Nothing like hamburger bread with all the accompanying juices of the hamburger.”

“Where you flying off to, leave some for me.”

“Sorry first come, first served. Go find your own hamburger man, or eat the crumbs from this morning.”

“Have you heard the latest. They have just finished serving breakfast at the restaurant. The bin is full of half eaten croissants and that bread with the seeds on it.”

“Seeds, oh I love seeds, I am on my way.”

“Go eat your hamburger, I am having a meal of seeds.”

“Move over pigeons, it’s our turn now.”

“What are those gulls doing here?”

“Eating breakfast of course, we heard it on the news. You pigeons are broadcasting it everywhere. Cannot keep your beaks closed. ”

Gulls 01.12 (6)

FOWC with Fandango: News

RDP Wednesday: Wanderlust


Lust zu Wandern hab ich schon, but my body does not agree
I used to follow the paths everywhere, and the sights were great to see
The sun would shine on my weary ways which I followed wherever they lead
But today I just look at the photos I took, and know I could not succeed
We saw the sea of fog from the mountain tops, and swam in its wonderful mist
On a clear day we saw villages and towns, like dolls houses they would exist
But that is all so long ago, long walks are no longer so possible
The steep slopes that mark the mountain way are absolutely not crossable
And so I sit and examine the photos and see how it used to be
Today I am thankful for the years when I could and reflect on it all with glee
Perhaps one day I might do it again, but Wanderlust is a thing of the past
So treasure the days when you are young and fit, perhaps they may not last

Weissenstein 23.08 (46)
RDP Wednesday: Wanderlust