FOWC with Fandango: Remorse

Norah Street

One of the streets of the old East End, Bethnal Green, London. Actually the street where I grew up but eventually it was left to itself and demolished.

Why this street? It resembled most of the streets built in the 19th century to house the working class: toilet outside in the garden and no hot water. It is also a typical street where Jack the Ripper, the local killer, killed 5 women. His victims were prostitutes and they were left mutilated on the street with the exception of one who was killed in her rooms. It all happened in the area known as Whitechapel. I would walk through the streets on my way to school. Most of the original showplaces no longer existed, being demolished and new buildings replacing them. Even some of the streets had disappeared.

Jack the Ripper was never caught. There were suspicions, even including a member of the royal family. Some thought it might be a member of the medical profession. He was a serial killer, one of the worst, but his name has gone down in the history of London. The nickname of “Ripper” explaining the nature of the murders.

Did this man fell any remorse? Definitely not. Why did the killings stop? Perhaps he had left whilst the going was good, perhaps he might have died, no-one knows.

I grew up with the legend of Jack The Ripper, the murders being committed in my area of London and who he was remains a mystery to this day.

FOWC with Fandango: Remorse

RDP Thursday: Partner

Wheelchair 28.12 (3)

I am suddenly finding partners everywhere. As soon as you have a wheelchair or need a walker, even a stick you are a member of the team. You park your car in places especially  for the handicapped next to cars belonging to others under the same circumstances.

The exchange of words starts immediately. Just a hello, a smile, or a discussion. It is not about your problems, you discuss those enough with the doctor, but you have something in common and so the contact takes place. Just a chance meeting perhaps in town at the local market: each of you in their own wheelchair and the contact is made. We talk about our hobbies, about places we go.  An athlete who lives in our local town once wheeled past me and greeted friendly. He has won many gold medals at the paraplegic games and is quite well known.

RDP Thursday: Partner

Good Morning

Morning Snow

Is it a good morning when it looks like this? Admittedly it looks very pretty, one of those wonderful snow scenes, seen from my front garden, but what does it hold for the roads. Actually I do not think it will be too bad, It is no longer snowing and I hear the snap crackle and pop of slowly melting snow, meaning that if the weather behaves I will have a clear road this afternoon.

Mr. Swiss has decided to make an excursion this afternoon with me at the wheel of the car. Nothing exciting, but he needs a new mobile phone and we will be paying a visit to the mall where there is a store. Yes, even golden oldies like to keep up to date with their electric appliances. I said only if the roads are normal, and as rain has been predicted today, it looks like it will be all systems go. Mr. Swiss said I have new Winter tyres on my new car, so there should really be no problem.  I hope I also have the Winter driving programme on my body.

At the moment I am suffering a little from cabin fever as there are no wheelchair rides in weather like this. I can only see the outside world from my home. Yesterday I had a shopping morning in the supermarket, but the roads were clear. The big snow came only in the afternoon and it looked like this.


Even the sun and some blue sky with clouds decided to put in an appearance.

Snow Clouds

The local kids decided to do some sleighing outside

Today there is a little action time as the bed linen will be changed. Mr. Swiss used to do the heavy duty stuff, but can no longer without my help and I need help from No. 1 son to put the fitted sheets on the mattress. He is at work in the mornings, so will do the necessary this afternoon after lunch, although last time we even managed it ourselves. Depends on whether we are having a good day or not so good, and Mr. Swiss is still hugging the bed. The biggest excitement I had yesterday was when my stick holder broke on my walker. I ordered a new one and realised in the meanwhile that it was not broken after all. No problem, I can always use an extra one.

And I will now move on whilst watching the snow melt (I hope). Hope your day is a good one and everything under control.

Afternoon Snow Sky