FOWC with Fandango: Ambitious

Hauptgasse Altstadt 01.12 (6)

Me, ambitious, no not at all
But life has surprises, no matter how small
A walking problem is not such fun,
But I will not stay at home so I jumped the gun
A year ago my wheelchair arrived
Not something that I really strived
But make the most of what you get
And so I departed on my own jet
I could travel quite quickly but where could I go
At first in the village, the chair had its flow
And then I discovered that I could take some shots
with my camera, there were lots
with the lens in my bag I was fully equipped
There were no holds barred and ready for a trip
One day I decided to go into town
And that was the ambition that gave me my crown
From this day on I knew no limits
I visited everything and used my wits
My photo collection has now quite grown
The lady with the camera is getting well known
So never despair, I have become quite capricious
Do all that you can, and become ambitious

FOWC with Fandango: Ambitious

RDP Wednesday: Ebullient


Over lunchtime we got snow. It began this morning but was a wet snow and the roads resembled more rain than snow. When I awoke after my lunch time sleep, everything was white and the the branches on my tree in the garden were already sagging under the weight of the snow.

I do not get ebullient about snow, but I heard screams of delight from outside my window.

Sleigh in snow

The neighbourhood kids were outside sliding down the path equipped with their sleighs and covered from head to foot with their snow clothing. They were full of ebullience, if that is the right noun. There was also an adult keeping an eye on things. At least someone was having fun with the snow. I like to take photos, but that is all. I do not ski and have no intention of going anywhere in the snow. I will be glad when it melts.

Sleighing in snow

RDP Wednesday: Ebullient

Good Morning

Snowy Morning

This morning everything is against me. First of all I overslept – well not really, goldien oldies cannot oversleep, because they have no real quests: just a little shopping and tidying up, but I awoke with the alarm and usually I wait for the alarm. However, no damage done, just had to do the preliminaries and little quicker. I had washing that had dried overnight and a cat to feed with fresh water. And the worst was it was snowing. It had snowed, and I thought that was it, but no, we now have bigger flocks coming down.

According to the weather prognosis it will stop around 10-00 a.m. with a little sun, which I am hoping for. I have a shopping trip to do today and it will be my first with snow on the roads, although it seems to be a little wet snow and I am hoping that our road maintenance guys will have cleared most of it away when I leave.

I was behind with everything: visiting posts that arrived in the night and returning comments and looking at the new arrivals in the reader. However, life is more than what a computer has to offer I suppose. My mum always said, when the cigarette prices got more expensive “What else does an old boy have”. Ridiculous I know, there is a lot more to life than cigarettes, like computers. But when my computer/WordPress does strange things, like this morning, then I have even more distrubances. “What does a golden oldie have in life than a computer” could be the modern day version of mum’s favourite wise words. Even my header photo did not want to from my hoster at first, but that is now working.

The shopping list is made so what could possibly go wrong. I am now off – have things to do and places to visit like a shower. I will leave you with a photo of my daily visit of the crows, although this one was yesterday morning.

Crows 08.01 (10)

Hope your day is developing better than mine so far. Even my publish button from WordPress is in pink instead of the normal green, which might mean something.