FOWC with Fandango: Determined

Renovation 29.09 (3)

There are determinations that can pull your little world apart. There we were living in our little apartment, on the ground floor and by a majority decision it was decided to have everything brought up to the new “norms”. I thought this word “norm” was something German, but it seems to exist in all languages, meaning the modern state of the object.

Our block was “only” 20 years old, but there were certain decisions made with a determination to coat it with gold. I remember the morning when two men, looking quite official with paper and pen in their hands, and of course a board to support it all, were walking around in our garden and pointing here and there and making notes. I knew something would be done and when I inquired they astonishingly asked if I did not attend the meeting the evening before. Attend what, no I did not, had no intention, I wanted my own little quiet haven, but no. It had been decided that the big renovation would take place and so it came to be.

Our king sized table was now in the cellar replaced by a miniature version and the summer was now spent behind iron support construtions, ladders and strange people, under the name of workmen, that determined our daily routine with the aid of drills, screwdrivers and paint brushes, all in the name of improvement. This was 2017, the year of the lost summer. Note that we kept one detail on our demolished porch, the cat’s bowl for its water remiained. The days of enjoying lunch, even breakfast, outside were now a thing of the past. And so life continued in a new sense of the word.

All things pass and so did this. Where are now Mario, Giovanni, Paolo, Ivan and Ali, our friendly workmen who accompanied us through our life for eight months. They were the new neighbours who arrived with their tools of the trade, scraping and boring all day, especially after lunch when I usually settled for a quiet sleep.

We thought it would never end, but we survived and our porch was eventually back to its normal state of affairs.

Tabby 01.07 (1)

FOWC with Fandango: Determined

RDP Friday: Forecast

Weather Forecast

A weather app on my telephone, and my iPad, as well as the computer? Of course, you must be prepared. The sun is shining, so what could possibly go wrong, but just a minute. at 7.00 this evening it will snow, but no problem. Tomorrow morning we have a grey cloud at 4.00 a.m. with snow and rain and tomorrow morning at 7.00 it will be raining.

Does this really matter? If you have to go somewhere, you go no matter what the weather predictions say, although my mum was convinced if visitors were expected they would probably not come “beause it was raining” (she was a Brit so is excused, Brits live by the weather conditions).

I was sure that the weather forecast on the TV was Mr. Swiss favourite programme. He would be ready every evening at 7.55 to see what would be happening around us and we were to be silent so that he could concentrate. Switzerland is a small country, so there is no big problem in prophesying the weather. Everything under control, almost.

Well it did go a little wrong here when Sandra Boner, our weather lady, forgot the words and inserted a “bla, bla, bla” but she organised it afterwards. The basic language is Swiss German of course. The weather report is usually read from the roof of the television studios in Zürich, so the meteorologist are dressed for the occasion. In summer with a summer dress and perhaps a light jacket, as it can be quite breezy on the roof. During the deep Winter they might be clothed with a woolly hat and scarf and protective padded jacket. This looks like it was early Summer. Actually the young lady is a sort of neighbour of ours, living in the town of Solothurn. I do not know her personally of course but now and again see her in the local store with her two children. She is not actually a meteorologist, just tells everyone the weather from information supplied by the meteorologists.

But it is a fact that more than half of our conversations revolve around the weather and you can be sure that if you meet someone, the weather will be mentioned. So thanks to modern day technology, my weather prognosis on my iPad showing the sun was correct.

Afternoon Sun

I wonder how the weather reports look if you are living in an oasis in the Sahara Desert, or perhaps at the North Pole where an ice berg is floating past. Sahara: “Today we have a very long hot spell that will cool up a night” or Arctic: “Today it will be cold but only for a short time  because the the day is only a few minutes”, or something like that.

RDP Friday: Forecast

Good Morning


At least we have a decent sky this morning: not exactly a glorious sunrise, but it will do to see some light between the clouds and now I see the sun is shining – what could be better. My first disappointment this morning was my breakfast. I do not have a glorious feast of bacon and eggs, just two slices of bread and jam suits me with a cup of tea. However,   it was more holes that bread. It seemed to be such a good bread when I bought it, still warm from the oven in the store and the first few slices were OK. This morning we were in the middle of the loaf and the air bubbles had taken over. You know how it goes. Spread it with jam and it falls through the spaces and you have a messy table.

So enough complaints, the sun is shining and crows and sparrows are eating their breakfast outside the window and I feel OK this morning. My cat decided to meow in front of the bedroom door this morning early, she was sure it was time for us to stop hugging the bed. When I eventually appeared she was still waiting and after five minutes she is having a sleeping session. I do not think I will ever understand the feline logical system.  Perhaps she just felt lonely.


I also got a shot of the moon this morning: nothing spectacular, it was with my mobile phone camera so not such good quality,  but at least it could be seen.

Solothurn Film Days 23.01.2019

It seems that our annual film days are now slowly moving into the local town. It happens every year in January and they have now taken various buildings into possession for the film shows. As it all happens in the evening I will not be going to any of the films. Now and again a film might make it to the international circuit, but very rarely. They are either in French, German or Italian and only the english spoken films seem to get popular. There are posters all over town and tickt booths have been erected to make sure of a seat.

I will be doing my Friday journey to the store today for the week-end shopping. The list has been made, under consultation with Mr. Swiss. One of the problems with a shopping list is to decide what you want to cook. My No. 1 son will be at home for all the meals meaning that certain green vegetables cannot be served (broccoli or brussel sprouts) and he also does not eat cheese, although he does not mind cheese tarts or a fondue. Otherwise he is a good eater and due to him I never have any food remainders.

And now to move on with the cleaning programme, although two golden oldies have everything under control.

Ducks 23.01 (1)

I do not really intend to take a wheelie in my chair this afternoon, but who knows. Usually on Friday I am too tired to go places in the afternoon. Tomorrow evening Mr. Swiss decided on a pizza from the store for the evening meal, which suits me fine. All I have to do is heat it in the oven, or even Mr. Swiss, meaning I will have plenty of time to have a look around. At the moment I noticed that the duck population is almost exceeding the humans on the local river. The mallards are everywhere.

Have a good Friday, it will soon be the week-end, so enjoy when you can. See you around.