FOWC with Fandango: Forlorn

3 lonely socks found on the stairs

Have you ever wondered where the lost socks go. They are neglected, lost for ever, forlorn. I found these three socks on the steps of our apartment house. There are not many appartments, just six in our house, we have the ground floor, so who does the socks belong to. I decided to collect them and hang them over the bannister in the hope that they will be reunited with the other socks. This photo was taken in 2008, so I can only hope that they have found their partner in the meanwhile.


But just a moment. This is my sock drawer. Ok at home I never wear socks, too warm and I do not like them, but when I go out it looks more respectable to wear stockings or socks, especially in Winter. I dislike stockings, because of the nylon aspect, and I only really wear trousers.  And I always place them in pairs in the drawer. My days of skirts in Winter are now gone. So I had a look in my sock drawer, I thought I could hear some moans and groans, and what did I find. Yes, two socks that had been deserted by their partner. They could have paired up together,  but black did not want to mix with grey as they knew I would not wear them in this condition.

Where are the lost socks? Is there a land, a dimension, where they meet in the afterlife. Perhaps they are beamed up to a planet where the socks live in harmony again, with no segregation according to colour or size. Do not tell me that the washing machine eats them, that is not true. My washing machine gives what it gets, and the mistake happens when feeding the washing.

We are a three person family, used to be four, but No. 4 now lives in another sock world where his wife must come to terms with the disappearing socks, perhaps she lives in a world where they are happy and stay together.

Three people, seven days a week x 2 socks, makes 42 socks a week to sort into pairs after they are washed. Perhaps a few less, as I wear socks only 3-4 days a week according to whether I go places. How can it happen that the weekly sock allowance dwindles. It is a mystery. I will keep my eyes open. Since 2008 I have no longer found any escaped stocks on the stairs of my apartment house. There are sometimes strange noises at night – is it perhaps the sock devouring monster? Who knows.

If you have the same problems, perhaps we could unite and start a campaign to rescue our lost socks.

FOWC with Fandango: Forlorn

RDP Sunday: Flight

Red Kite 16.03 (4)

Meet the red kite. Not that I am a bird expert, but seeing the title of this prompt reminded me of one of the few times where I really got a chance to take photos of a bird in flight. It was in 2017, one of the last journeys that Mr. Swiss and I did. It was not so far away, just up a local mountain, the Balmberg,  which even had a road to the top and a bus, although we went by car. Mr. Swiss saw the Kites first of all, recognising them by the forked feathers of their tail. It was a Milan in German so I had to look up the english name. Being a Brit from London town,  I only really knew pigeons and sparrows.

Red Kite 23.02 (15)

And then we saw a pair flying above our heads.

Red Kite 07.10 (8)

The are quite big birds and I was fascinated.

Red Kite 16.03.2017

And this one decided to land in front of me, although a bit of a muddled photo.

Red Kite §4.02.20§7

And that was my experience of taking photos of flying birds. Of course I have made my experience with local swans and ducks, but that is more luck than judgement. Swans you can hear before you see them, sounding like the take off of a jet plane, but the kites were alone with me on a mountain and it was a flying show they were offering. The more they flew, the higher they got.

M - Balmberg

And that was a great memory of a day on the Balmberg. I might go again once, but next time I will be driving the car and I am not so keen on driving up mountains, although in Summer it is quite a good drive. It is only half an hour away from where I live, if the going is good. Now and again the big birds might visit us in the lowlands, so look out for the forked tail.

RDP Sunday: Flight

Good Morning

Clouds 26.01.2019

Yesterday afteroon we had some blue sky, even sun and yes, clouds. This morning it is raining, real rain, and temperatures are above freezing. Looks like  Spring is thinking about it, although you never know. We have had snow in March in the past and with our so-called climate changes, anything could happen.

At least I could get out yesterday and went for a wheelie in my chair into town.

Altstadt 29.01 (4)

It seems many of the locals had the same idea and the town was full of people taking a walk and shop windowing. It was not crowds of people shopping, but just having a look, meeting others and taking a drink in an outside café: good humour everywhere.

Landhausquai 29.01.2019

Even my hands were warmer, although I still wore my gloves, but it was not as freezing as I had been experiencing. Of course the main theme in town at the moment is our annual film days.

Solothurner Filmtage tickets 26.01.2019

The ticket booth has been erected at the town entrance and even a separate window for those that are guests or especially invited with the SRF sign (our national TV station) is available. Mr. Swiss remembers before we met and got serious, that he attended the film days once many years ago. I have been in the town now since 50 years and the film days were started by an enterprising teacher about 52 years ago, so I have been here almost since the beginning.

Concert Hall 26.01.2019

Even our concert hall is showing the banner. I think every large public building has been requisitioned for a film showing.

And so after wheeling around for an hour I decided to make my way home along the river bank. I had taken my usual pack of photos, but am reserving some for other occasions. I seem to be taking photos with my challenges in mind.

On the way home I met this swan on the river bank and was astonished and pleased that he puffed out the feathers for a photo. It was then that I heard a rather untypical swan noise leaving his back passage.  Yes it seems that even swans suffer from flatulence, but I must say, he did it quite gracefully.

Swans 26.01 (6)

I saw many swans and ducks on the river, as well as flocks of gulls. The swans still seem to have family swims, although the kids are now fully grown swans and when Spring arrives they will probably be starting the next generation.

Swans 26.01.2019

I eventually arrived home and warmed up. Even wheeling around you feel the wind on your body. It was a plain and simple evening meal, and Mr. Swiss dealt with it. He only had to cook ready made pizza in the oven. I had a relaxing evening with uploaded my photos although No, 1 son had disappeared into town for a concert and I was left to start the washing machine and fetch the wash from my laundry room to hang it up. He usually does it for me.

And now for a less energetic day today. I have roast beef for lunch and intend to bake a Swiss apple tart this afternoon. There will be no excursions into the wilds, looks like it will be a wet day.

Have a nice relaxing Sunday, no stress, and see you around.

Jura 26.01.2019 (2)

We still have some snow on the Schmiedematt  (Smith field) up on the Jura, hovering over our area, but that is always the last to disappear.