RDP Thursday: Lonely


Do I look lonely? I have a computer and contact to the big wide world of bloggers everywhere. Even Mr. Trump keeps me informed now and again, reassuring me that at Easter we will all be back together again sitting outside. I am not quite sure about that one.

Otherwise, I am surrounded by bugs, ants and bees.There are also a few birds flying around. Now and again I wash my hands to keep unwanted objects away. I kill them with soap. No more stress, even isolation has its sunny side, especially out in the garden on the porch.


RDP Thursday: Lonely

RDP Thursday: Hold my Hand


Holding hands is now a thing of the past. Our supermarket now has new rules and regulations and I must say I do not blame them. We have already been told to keep our distance to the others, which is working very well.

If I now go to the supermarket I have to wait at the entrance until I am given a card telling me that I have admittance and must return it when I leave. The new rules are that not more than one person per 10 square meters is allowed. Mr. Swiss assured me that our supermarket has many square meters and plenty of people will have room. I had a look in Internet, but although the store has a web page there is no mention of how big it actually is. Tomorrow I am going for my week-end shopping, so I am hoping they will let me in.

They have also put high plastic protection next to the cash desks for the people working there. I find that very sensible as working in a supermarket at the moment is not a desirable job.

I never did hold hands in the local supermarket with anyone, and very rarely otherwise, not even Mr. Swiss. Now the only thing I seem to be holding in my hands lately is my protective gloves or at home a bar of soap. Yes times are changing.

RDP Thursday: Hold my Hand

RDP Thursday: Green


What do you do when you need green. There are various possibilities. Open the door go out and see the grass growing, or watch if there are any leaves on the tree. I decided to go on a search for green in the local supermarket. I was planning on a shopping trip to get me out of the house for a while.

The first thing that greeted me in the store was the new Spring arrangements and to be quite honest the same as they have done for the past five years. The warped stylish green metal container with the wonderful pink Plastic flower branches. Come on, I am sure you can do better than this. So I moved onto the vegetable and fruit selection.


It’s approaching the courgette season and there they were, all in rows, ready for the next ratatouille: at leat that is what I do with them, adding aubergine, peperoni and tomatoes


And of course adding some fresh basil leaves to spice it up.


I even found some nice fresh limes if you want to get a sharper taste into your food.

I decided enough is enough: everything seemed to be infused with a green highlight today and it was a good opportunity to try out my new iPhone camera which worked perfectly. I have had such a miserable week: first of all a new car battery, then I lost my mobile phone, but make the most of it. I have a new phone, my dream phone and I even had the choice of getting a midnight green one, but I stayed with silver.

RDP Thursday: Green

RDP Thursday: Looking Out of My Front Door


The problem being perhaps, that everyone knows my front door, although it is the front window. since a few years, perhaps too many years, I write a “Good Morning” greeting on my page here and if we are lucky enough, you will also get a sunrise in all its glory. That is when I stand in the front garden at 8.45 a.m. with my mobile camera (and mostly in night dress with dressing gown or long coat in Winter). This  view is straight ahead, but if I turn to the right I see the sun rising. I took this photo about half an hour ago and our front garden, looking eastwards, then has shade. Only in the morning for a couple of hours do we have sunshine on this side. The sun is now coming from the West which is why the top half of the photo is bathed in sunlight.


Of course we have a front door, otherwise everyone would have to enter through the windows, on the left hand side. It is an apartment block, but only three stories, and we are ground floor. That is why we have a garden on both sides, the other flats have balconies.

As you can see the entrance to our garden in on the left. There used to be part of the hedge there, but we had it removed as it makes it easier to enter with my wheelchair. We have blinds on all the windows, but I am not a lover of blinds. I like daylight and so I have these curtain stripes which I can close or have open.

And there we are. I would say come back again in Summer, then I have flowers and my buddleia (butterfly bush) in the middle is flowering and doing its work of attracting the butterflies.

RDP Thursday: Looking Out of My Front Door

RDP Thursday: Most Desirable


Sitting at the kitchen window
Watching the sparrows fly
it looks so very desirable
Although they are very shy
Just a movement from me
can disturb their calm
They all fly away
does not act as a charm
Sometimes I wish
I could move so freely
Instead of depending
on my chair for a wheelie
But I pass the time
with my camera lens
enjoying the world
with my feathered friends

RDP Thursday: Most Desirable