RDP Thursday: Shard

There is a building in London, England known as the Shard so if you want to know more, just click on the link. It certainly resembles a broken piece of glass with its sharp edges at the top.I do not have any original photos, and apparently you can visit for a meal at the top, if you can afford it.

Broken Glass
I had my own shards at home this morning. My cleaning lady was back again and hard a work. Where people work accidents can happen, and so she created some shards in the bathroom. I have a a built in attachment for holding a glass (actually two glasses), but the apartment being now 20 years old, when a glass breaks we no longer find the original size. However, the drink company Cynar have glasses to fit. We ordered half a dozen some time ago in the case of breakage, which has happened now and again.

This morning there was the sound of glass tinkling as a glass hit the floor and we had our own shards. This was ideal as it fit today’s prompt, but not so ideal as I had to remember where we had put our reserve supply of glasses.

I knew I had seen them a couple of weeks ago and thought what a good idea that we have enough and so I began a search. After five minutes I found them all together in a bag, wrapped in paper individually. And so our shards are now in the garbage for the next collection and the situation is saved.

RDP Thursday: Shard

RDP Thursday: Partner

Wheelchair 28.12 (3)

I am suddenly finding partners everywhere. As soon as you have a wheelchair or need a walker, even a stick you are a member of the team. You park your car in places especially  for the handicapped next to cars belonging to others under the same circumstances.

The exchange of words starts immediately. Just a hello, a smile, or a discussion. It is not about your problems, you discuss those enough with the doctor, but you have something in common and so the contact takes place. Just a chance meeting perhaps in town at the local market: each of you in their own wheelchair and the contact is made. We talk about our hobbies, about places we go.  An athlete who lives in our local town once wheeled past me and greeted friendly. He has won many gold medals at the paraplegic games and is quite well known.

RDP Thursday: Partner

RDP Thursday: Spiky

Weissbauch Igel

I have a friend, although I have not seen her for a few years. She is a farmer’s wife, has 7 children and was always doing something new. Amongst her interests she bred African pygmy hedgehogs. At the time I paid a visit, and they were very small and very spiky.

Baby White Belly Hedgehogs - 3 days old

These three were only three days old when I visited. They were not yet very spiky. There spikes were  more like a punker haircut.

White belly hedgehog - 3 days old

The babies were quite sweet, and some had their spikes in white. They are quite popular as pets, although I did not have one myself.

This was 10 years ago and we have lost touch in the meanwhile. She also bred guinea pig, tortoise and special cat breeds. but the hedgehogs were quite unique.

RDP Thursday: Spiky

RDP Thursday: Pod

Sweet Pea 30.07 (3)

Why did I buy a packet of everlasting Sweet Pea seeds? Quite easy. I had a hedge and wanted to have some colour in my hedge. I planted the seeds and they grew and I had my colourful flowers in the hedge. They climbed up and took over hanging on to every leaf and stalk with their tendrils. Sweet pea is quite clever and moves around until it can grab onto the next object.  I just let them do their thing, which was perhaps not exactly a good thing. Were these the seeds that Jack planted when his beanstalk began to grow?

Sweet Pea 04.08 (5)

Pods? Of course they made pods. As soon as the flowers disappeared the pods arrived with the next generation of seeds.

Sweet Pea Seeds 2010 (5)

And the pods arrived after the flowers and they had seeds so we were sure to have more sweet pea plants, although the plants we had always returned every year. It seems that the pods opened and the seeds were catapulted in the neighbourhood. They went forth and multiplied. I did not really mind, they are nice plants and colourful flowers. We have a wild meadow next to our garden, which also now has sweet peas growing everywhere.

Sweet Pea 08.09 (2)

Opposite our garden there is also a patch left to itself with a few wild flowers. No, the wild flowers had to move over and yes, it has been taken over by someone who decided to add a bit of colour to a hedge by planting sweet pea seeds. Our estate gardener removes the sweet pea plants during the summer, which gives them more space to grow back again.

If you ever have the idea of planting sweet pea to make your hedge look better, then think about it. The sweet pea might, most probably will, decide to hang its tendrils onto a few leaves or stalks and take over, but it will bring some colour into the hedge. 🙂

Sweet Pea 11.09 (2)

They even change their colour now and again and we have a few white ones. They are so versatile.

RDP Thursday: Pod

RDP Thursday: Fumble

Bedroom, Castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen

It’s fumbling time in the bedroom again, but this is not our  bedroom. It is the bedroom at the local castle, we do not have such tapestries on the wall. I decided not to show a photo of our bedroom.  There are somethings that are not necessary to be internetted and this is not Facebook where people seem to be proud of showing their bedrooms to the whole world.

We have Mrs. Angloswiss, who succeeds in losing her balance now and again and walks like something from the Ministry of funny walks in the Monty Python Show due to MS, and we have Mr. Swiss who has problems with his back. And now we have two beds needing fresh bed linen. Actually the basis is completed. The duvet and cushions have their new covers, the mattresses have been turn and the bed has been cleaned and dusted below.

There is one problem, that is the fitted sheets for the bottom of the bed. Neither can Mrs. Angloswiss or Mr. Swiss do this any more. We are now waiting for No. 1 son to arrive home from work to complete the job. We are no longer going to fumble with this bed making, it will now be a family effort, with No. 1 son doing the organizing. Our cleaning lady was going to do it, but she is ill this week and so we decided to do-it-ourselves.

The great fumble can begin, No. 1 son has just arrived. Wish us luck, otherwise we will have to book a hotel room for the night.

RDP Thursday: Fumble

RDP Thursday: Putrescent

Cows 22.05.2018

Animals recycle according to what they eat
Was this a cow or horse? It is definitely not so sweet
But no-one smells like a rose when we expel the unwanted matter
It lands upon the ground and is a putrescent splatter
At last the deed is done and the smell will go away
But we have our farmers and they see that it will stay
They spread it on the crops to fertilise, just like machiavelli
The problem is that it lingers on, the air gets very smelly

RDP Thursday: Putrescent