RDP Thursday: Vast

It had to be the Swiss alps: a view from the top of the hill in our village, where the local castle is, on a clear day. I have never actually climbed them, but taken the train that goes through the inside of the mountains. It stops at the Jungfrau with a wonderful view of all the surrounding mountains, although due to the thin air on the heights you can get quite giddy . If the weather is really playing well, I can even see the tips of the mountains from our garden, although it would be at least 1-2 hours to reach them from our village by road.

RDP Thusday: Vast

RDP Thursday: Another Day

Not quite the usual day. It is the day of the carboard and paper collection in our village. It is when we can at last present our reading trophies of the past three month and put them outside. The lorry soon arrives and everything is taken to the paper hunting grounds never to be seen again. In the meanwhile we have already begun to collect again for the next collection as we now have space. The procession of neighbours pushing their carts to the street loaded with carefully tied parcels is now finished. Another paper collection day is over.

RDP Thursday; Another Day

RDP Thursday: Scot Free

When I go to town I pass the front garden of this house. I know an elderly guy lives there – something like my age – and he must have grandchildren as I often see them playing in the garden. He has a wonderful idea of making sure he has no ballast at home. Everything no longer used he puts on the wall outside the garden with a notice that it is all “scot” free and you can help yourself. I have never needed anything but when I pass by on my way home most of the gifts are gone. I find this a good system for reducing unwanted items and I am sure somewhere a child is happy to have a new book.

RDP Thursday: Scot Free

RDP Thursday: Rusty Relic

I think I almost fell in love with this the first time I saw it. It was in an alcove on the path to the supermarket. Everytime I went shopping I saw it. It was a relic from the good old days when you pumped out the gas you needed for your car. You do not see them like that very often today and must now be a museum piece. However, like many such treasures one day it was no longer there. Perhaps it went to the scrap merchant, or someone might even had taken it home and found a good place for it to spend its remaining days. It must have seen many old veterans of the road in its time.

RDP Thursday; Rusty Relic