RDP Thursday: Footprint

I was at the store for half an hour. When I arrived home I noticed something squirming in a bowl of water I have outside for varius cats, hedgehogs and other animals that might take a walk. When I looked closer I saw that it was a rather mega sized bee.

I think it was on its last legs when I fished it out of the water and left to dry out. It is still resting on the ground and I am hoping that it will eventually fly again, but it does not look so good.

It is still outside and Mr. Swiss said it is moving. I do not think the footprints could be seen so well, but I can see two legs

RDP Thursday: Footprint

RDP Thursday: Bask

Go for a walk with the dog to the river.

Give him a nice bright coloured ball.

Throw it into the river.

You will have one happy dog

Basking in the delight of being in the water.

Not once, or twice, but at least ten times.

In and out fetching the ball.

His name is Mo and belongs to my boss that I had when I was working.

I met them at the river this afternoon.

RDP Thursday: Bask

RDP Thursday: Harvest

Harvester 13.07 (9)

It’s harvest time in the country
The machines can be heard as they yield
They rumble and are cutting all the stalks they can fined
Every ear of wheat in the field
The mice are disappearing their homes are not safe
Wheels flattening the ground where they move
And now the crops are gone, wrapped neatly in bundles
Everything now looks so smooth
The cleaners arrive to remove all the rest
Flying high and low
They settle on the ground and begin to munch and chew
Of course it’s now time for the crow
Now there is peace, the noise has gone
but what is it now that  stinks
The ground must be fertilised to prepare for next year
Agriculture has many links

Harvest 09.07 (1)

RDP Thursday: Harvest

RDP Thursday: Homeless


A lonely chicken
On her own
Had wandered away
could not find her home
She heard a cock a doodle do
The rooster needed a hen
She decided one rooster was just like the rest
After all they were men
She followed the call
was no longer lost
Did not have to beg
The rooster was waiting,
Happy to see her
Together they made an egg

RDP Thursday: Homeless

RDP Thursday: Sand Castle

Alps 05.03 (5)

If the alps were made of sand
They probably would collapse
Instead of mighty peaks
It would have a lot of gaps
Skiing would be difficult
You would sink into the sand
The St. Bernard dog could not help
You would need a human hand
If you want to build a castle
then carve it in the ice
Keep it in the refrigerator
Decorate with edelweiss.

RDP Thursday: Sand Castle

RDP Thursday: Dancing

Break Dance 24.08 (14)

I am not really sure if break dancing counts as dancing. It is more acrobatics to music in my opnion, but the youngsters seem to enjoy it. I have never seen groups of women break dancing, I wonder why. This groups met in town, someone brought the music and everyone could take part. I was just watching from my wheelchair and squeezing in somewhere to get a good photo of the action. And here is some music go with it. It is from the Swiss groups Panadox and I have a special place for this group in my heart.

The young man singing was an office apprentice where I worked and with his twin brother they began to rap and with success. Of course they are singing in Swiss German, so no-one will really understand very much, but who really understands rap.

Otherwise this is all you get about dancing from me. I like to do my own little dancing to a pop song, but Mr. Swiss and I rarely dance together, it does not work very well.

RDP Thursday: Dancing