RDP Thursday: Deep

Skull found

The trouble is that if you dig down very deep, you might find a few things that you did not expect. this is not my photo, but was in the local newspaper when the were digging the foundations for the extension of our estate. Can you see it.

And here is a close up of what they found.


That is the sort of surprise you might get if you decide to build where there used to be the gallows. Luckily our building was already standing and they found no human remains. This is the block next to ours.

RDP Thursday: Deep

RDP Thursday: The Secret Door

Town Wall Marrakesh

“But how do I get into the city.”

“No problem, through the door of course.”

“I don’t see a door.”

“It’s over there.”

“I see only a brick wall.”

“That is because you do not want to see the door.”

“Of course I want to see it, I want to enter through the door.”

“But you know it is a secret door.”

“It seems to be so secret that nobody can see it.”

“Of course we see it. There are the people that have just left the city through the door.”

“But I did not actually see them leaving the city, they are just standing here.”

“Take my hand and I will lead you through the door.”

“But there is just a wall. No wait you are passing through the wall and so am I. At last I am in the city, but no, there is another wall. Where are you. I cannot hear you.”

“Are you searching for the door?”

“Yes can you help me.”

“Sorry, but I am also searching for the door, like most of us.”

“But there are many of you, and you are all searching for the door?”

“They say the door is so secret that only the chosen few find it.”

“And who are they?”

“Those that find the door.”

RDP Thursday: The Secret Door

RDP Thursday: A Flower Cried

re “img_4221

Is this from the sublime to the ridiculous? I do not think so. All flowers have their moments were we “ooh” and “aah” but even they are not immortal. These two orchids were bought in the same week, some time in April I think and they kept their flowers until two weeks ago. The pink one on the left went first. First the flowers wilt and then they drop off.A few days later the white one, on the right, was showing the same symptoms. Did I cry? No. Did the flowers cry, not at all, they stayed in their pots and went a little yellow in the stalks.


I cut the dead parts away and did not even hear a scream, the flowers were dead as a doornail. If they were human perhaps we would have gone into mourning, but they are flowers and we have the hope that they will return again with a new flower stalk. Perhaps not, but I can always buy a new one. My flowers do not cry. but they might get a little wet if I spray them or put them out in the rain – Such is the life of a flower. In the meanwhile I bought two new orchids to give these time to recover and return.

RDP Thursday: A Flower Cried

RDP Thursday: How green is blue


A good question: Mr. Swiss bought this creation from a painter many years ago. Not really my taste, but it has been hanging on the wall of the bedroom for at least 40 years and I never really thought about the actual colours until today, Is it blue or green orginally. It seems to have a green basis, covered in blue and then with the appliance of something sharp the green appears again, but what is blue and what is green.

There is a border between these two colours, which perhaps out of convenience we could say there is definitely a breath of turquoise mixed in somewhere.

But who am I to say, the daughter of a father who was completely colour blind, perhaps wearing a green sock together with a blue one, just like my No.2 son who is also colour blind. Did he inherit this from his grandfather? Without me he would have inherited nothing, but I am the only child of my dad, a daughter. Females are not often colourblind, only in the case that the father is colourblind and the mother is a carrier of the gene, just like me, but my mum was not a carrier. And so I am the culprit for my son’s colourblindness. I am the carrier. However I am drifting, because I really do have difficulty in defining what is blue or green. Blue can be quite green and green tends to drift into blue as far as I am concerned.

River Aare

RDP Thursday: How green is blue

RDP Thursday: Dawn

Sparrows 05.12 (1)

Up early in the morning when we prefer to sleep
But everyone expects us to make a merry peep
“Oh how sweet” they say, singing  from the trees
Gripping on the branches to survive a very strong breeze
“They are singing for their supper” the humans are so sure
But it is all a chemical reaction, blame the sun to force this chore
One thing we can assure you, we do not sing for us
It is all a stupid custom, called a dawn chorus

RDP Thursday: Dawn

RDP Thursday: Scratch


“Dracky, just look at our table leg. I will have to have it repaired. Every year the same problem. The nearer we get to Halloween, our furniture suffers.”

“But Morticia, every self-respecting vampire must have sharp fingernails for a good scratch at that time of the year. All the boys are busy bringing their fingernails up to scratch (ha, ha, ha – a pun) for the big night.”

“I don’t find it very funny Dracky, our furniture looks terrible. Even the hounds respect our private possessions, and they do not have nails, but talons. They do the necessary outside in the forest. The trees can renew their barks, but not my table legs.”

“What do you expect, that I go out in the forest to do the necessary. Do not forget,  we vampires only venture outside our coffins when night falls. I could catch a cold and it could  be the death of me in those nocturnal freezing temperatures.”

“Dracky, you are already dead and vampires do not freeze. In future you will not sharpen your nails on our furniture. It is bad enough when you have a daymare in the coffin, there are scratch marks all over the lid.”

“You really are hard and have no sympathy. What would you do Morticia when you dream that you are being prodded with needles and pins: the stake death in miniature?”

“No Dracky you will get no sympathy from me, and you cannot die twice.  Now go out with the hounds for a walk to get some fresh air. It won’t even kill you, and you can all sharpen your nails and talons together. And put your boots on, you look ridiculous walking around in your slippers in the form of the head of a poodle.”

“But they are so warm and comfortable.”

“Dracky you do not even know what warmth is.”

RDP Thursday: Scratch

RDP Thursday: Fungus

Mushrooms 12.06 (2)

Fungus on the feet is not very nice
You cannot paint your toenails, that would be too contrice
When they are in the meadow where they should be
Ensure they are not magical in a different category
You might begin to sing and even start to dance
Yes, fungus makes the difference if you go into a trance
You will see flying saucers filled with blue pink men
It means you are on a trip, might not return again
Stay with the athlete’s foot, the fungus can be cured
Swipe it with an ointment, no spaceships will be lured

RDP Thursday: Fungus