RDP Thursday: Elaborate


I am on the lookout for a nice plant for my home: something a little different and then I saw them. I am quite an orchid fan, and have had all colours, but something like this never. There they were in the gardening section of the store.


The average price of an orchid is about 20 Swiss Francs in my part of the world. These were priced at 30 Swiss Francs. I decided to just take a few photos, it was much cheaper and I can look at the photos.  Thirty francs was just a little to much for my flower budget. But they were definitely elaborate and unique.

RDP Thursday: Elaborate

RDP Thursday: Discovery

Bee on  Coreopsis

The flight of a bee
was a mystery tour
On it way it discovered
A flower that looked demure
It spread its little legs
and decided to land
It then began to gather
the rewards of contraband
Summer was here again
Time to go to work
No time to lose it though
to gain a little perk
It sprang from flower to flower
In bee paradise
Life was so good
full of pollen spice

RDP Thursday: Discovery

RDP Thursday: Ingenuity


This in ingenuity pure. This is how I should be sitting in my room at my desk with the computer and writing whatever I am writing. The windows should be shut, the blinds clossed, Swiss ingenuity at its best. According to Mr. Swiss that is the only way to keep the heat out of today’s 38°C temperatures, but he has been telling me this for the past 50 years and I still do not listen. Over the last 50 years I have succumbed to this method and managed to escape into the outside world on the terrace when he lives in a sealed box “to keep the heat out” inside. I cannot dispute this method of reasoning, He is Swiss, I am living in his country (although have had a Swiss passport for the past 50 years) and so I make allowances.

Things change over the years. 50 year later I have MS and summer temperatures are giving me problems. I need air, I need light and I want to breathe.


And so I remain in my little room and have opened the window. The blinds also remain open and although scarce now and again a small breeze enters the room. On this side of the apartment there is no direct sun in the afternoon. Although we English people do not understand the Swiss (and other European) methods of keeping the heat out of the home, we consider a breeze to be a breeze and not a draught. I am happy in my little room with an open window. It is a room with a view and fresh air, my room. There are certain aspects of the Swiss way of life that I do not need or want.

And one day the cooler temperatures will return when long sleeves and socks will be worn again and me? No, never, I will remain in my t-shirts with short sleeves and no socks, but I am a Brit.

RDP Thursdy: Ingenuity

RDP Thursday: Farm

Horses 27.09 (6)

I live in farming country. Our village is Switzerland is surrounded by farms. If I decided to go somewhere, usually in my wheelchair, the first sight I see are the horses behind the local railway tracks. I always make a stop for a few photos. Sometimes there are just a few horses, and often there are many.  And so I wheel on, cross the road and yes, I arrive at the next farm.

Crops 02.06 (1)

This is the real McCoy where the farmer plants the crops. I must be quite honest, growing up in London where the only crops we saw were the weeds growing between the paving stones, I have no idea what is what, but I believe this is barley. The field was planted next to the local castle.

Crop  field by castle Waldegg in Feldbrunnen

Fields are everywhere, every spare space of land is planted with a crop. Now and again there is an empty field, where they just let the grass grow.


These are left to the cows for breakfast, dinner and tea. They are not fussy about the menu plan. as long as it is green and grassy. In the winter they get the dry version known as hay. If you can chew it, that is all that matters.

We are still in the castle grounds, and moving further down we get to the chicken coup.

Silky Chickens 04.01 (16)

Even chickens come in all shapes and sizes. These are the aristocrats, the silky breed. They usually keep themselves to themselves and apparently love to brood.

Goats and Chickens 25.08.2018

The average chicken is not so fussy and even shares its pastures with a couple of goats now and again.

Geese 03.03 (6)

And let us not forget the geese. They always seem to have something to cackle.

It is a mixture of neighing, mooing, cackling and crowing as you approach the farm, accompanied with the noise of the farmer’s tractor, even if it is only muck spreading. That is life out in the country, and I would not want to exchange it for anything else.

Tractor 23.02 (3)

RDP Thursday: Farm

RDP Thursday: Nurture


Go and nurture the garden
And that is what I do
Everyone is astounded
When hosta leaves break through
I bought a  bottle of fertiliser
It was a special offer
Dr. Crippens special mixture
It was delivered in a coffer
I had to sign a document
In my very own name
It stated that for any accidents
Dr. Crippen would not be to blame
Since the plant began to grow
Two gardeners and a dog disappear
They left no trace of where they had gone
And now I began to fear
People come from far around
To admire my expanding leaves
And now two women have disappeared
They were stealing hosta sheaves
The more that went, the bigger they grew
This is not the end of my moan
The problem came when the hostas flowered
And in the middle of each was a finger bone
It was the screams that attracted the police
Knocking at my door did not fail
That is the reason why I am writing this piece
Behind the bars in a jail
And where was Dr. Crippen
He was hung in nineteen ten
They said he had killed his wife
And he had Hostas in his den

RDP Thursday: Nurture