RDP Thursday: Summer Fun

Was it really fun sitting on an inflatable unicorn floating on the river, exposed to the sun? It was fun to take a photo of those doing it, but I am now glad for the quieter days of Winter.

Sitting at home in the evening, early nights, read a book or just relax in front of the TV. No more bites from mosquitos, no more sunburn on the skin and no more weaving your way through the strip show on the banks of the river, everyone competing to see who could wear the less covers on the body and still stay respectable. The smell of burnt meat in the air from the various b-b-qued examples of roasted flesh and a flaming grill which might have got a little out of control and polluting the air with its smoke clouds.

Summer fun? What about Winter fun?

What did you say Mr. Blackbird. “Give me the Winter any time, we don’t have to search for food, we have a laid table and no nesting, meaning no screeching babies with wide open mouths waiting for the worm that we early birds are supposed to catch. No, thanks, it’s Winter fun for us, with bird house visits daily. and seeds for breakfast, dinner and tea.

RDP Thursday: Summer Fun

RDP Thursday: Paint

“Are you boys finished? My arms hurt and so does my back.”

“Stop making such a fuss. Think of Michelangelo when he painted the roof of the Sistine Chapel and that took four years. You are complaining after four minutes.”

“But no-one had to hold up the wall for Michelangelo. He could lay on his back and relax.”

RDP Thursday: Paint

RDP Thursday: Pelt

Took a wheelie to the local farm this afternoon. There is always some action there, especially amongst the chickens. They are not very good photo models. I was ready to take a nice close up of a so-called silkie chicken and suddenly he decided to pelt off, so the head was not completely on the photo. I think the chicken felt that an egg was on its way and did not want to give birth in the middle of the field.

RDP Thursday: Pelt