RDP Thursday: Flatus


I am not sure what the reason was for this when I met these two on a near field this afternoon. I noticed that there were no horns anywhere, and they both seemed to be  the milking kind. Perhaps it is a bovine way of helping with the digestion, but the cow at the front did not seem to be impressed by the antics of her girlfriend.

RDP Thursday: Flatus

RDP Thursday: Fire in the Sky

1st August Fireworks

If you happen to fly over Switzerland on 1st August you might think that the country is on fire. It is our national day, yes we have one. As custom would have it, every village, even town, lights a bonfire somewhere, usually on a mountain peak if you happen to have a mountain. Various places also have a celebration, again coupled with a fire, not to forget the fireworks. I took the above photo at our town celebrations. Fire tends to wander on a photo and gets a bit shaky if you are not using a tripod but who cares.

Schanz, Solothurn, 1st August

This photo was from the town celebrations in 2012 which was the last time I attended. I remember it began to rain afterwards. They usually hold the firework display around our old fortress in the moat.

RDP Thursday: Fire in the Sky

RDP Thursday: Rear view Mirror


I went for a wheelie in the surroundings today and managed to capture some cows in the rear view mirror of my wheelchair. Otherwise my mirror is really a necessity. I have often been wheeling along on a narrow path and here a “ting-a-ling” begind me. It is generally a cyclist to warn me that he is coming and wants to pass by. Even wheelchairs need a driving test

Railway Tracks 08.06 (2)

It is necessary to keep an eye on the rear view mirror, you do not always hear them coming. There might even be the local train passing through.

RDP Thursday: Rear View Mirror

RDP Thursday: Bark

Tree Cutting 16.05 (7)

When you walk the same path often, you get to know the trees. It is only when they are no longer there, you realise that something is missing. I stumbled upon this guy as he was sawing the tree into pieces. This was almost a year ago, and the remains of the tree are still laying in the same place.

Tree Cutting 16.05 (8)

The remaining trunk of the tree is also still there, but now just dead wood. The guy that cut the tree down told me that it had died which was why he was removing it. It had even lost its remaining bark. Every time I now take a walk along the path I think of the tree that is no longer there.

RDP Thursday: Bark

RDP Thursday: Like a Circle in a Spiral


There I was wheeling my way home in my chair, mobile camera in hand and thinking where the circles are hiding in a spiral, or was it the spiral  finding a place in a circle. I looked up as we  did have some interesting clouds this afternoon and I saw it. Circles and spirals everywhere.

The overhead train cables with all their bits and pieces. Surely there must be spirals and circles to fulfil the prompt.

RDP Thursday: Like a Circle in a Spiral

RDP Thursday: The Blues


It is really a blue day today. I went for a wheelie this afternoon and combined the quest for blue on my travels. I arrived in town and saw the wonderful contrast between our cathedral and opposite building against the blue sky. There was not even a cloud to be seen.


I wheeled on and saw this blue glass sphere reflecting a blue sky with a few clouds, so what could be better.

And I leave you with the song “Azzurro” from Paolo Conte, one of my favourite singers. He composes the songs himself, plays piano – a style he calls himself “razzamatazz” in his own style of Italian English. He was originally a lawyer. His music eventually became so popular, that I do not think he still is a lawyer, but I love the man, his music and songs and have quite a collection of his recordings. Azzurro became a very popular song sung by the Italian singer Adriano Celentano, but many forgot that the original and writer was Paolo Conte.  I just found that singing Azzurro was a good finale to the blue theme.

RDP Thursday: The Blues

RDP Thursday: Limp

Left leg shorter

You do not really see it.  Apparently I always belonged to that group of people that had a side ways sway when I would walk, but no-one said anything. It was just accepted it was the way I was. When the sordid truth was discovered and my accident happened, there was no holds barred.

It was also discovered that I had MS which did not help.

“I always thought you walked strangely” “you seemed to have a bit of a limp” were a couple of the remarks that I began to hear. Breaking a leg does not help, and when you begin to carry two pins and a rod of steel with your bones, it tends to make a difference.


I discovered that my legs were no longer the same length, one being shorter than the other. Driving a car means only with an automatic, as the advantage is that you do not have to use your left foot for any manoeuvres. If I mount the car I have to lift my left foot manually because it refuses to do it all by itself.

On the other hand, you are now an interesting person. You carry your limp with pride. You get the free seat on the bus or train, people ask if they can help at the supermarket. Although I am still waiting for the invitation from Monty Python to act in his TV programme.

RDP Thursday: Limp