RDP Thursday: Looking out of my back Door


Being afternoon, it is quieter than in the morning. We have a small garden, with two raised beds. I had it altered a couple of years ago as I could no longer bend for the garden work. On the right you can see our sparrow club. They always gather when they are hungry as that is where I spread the food. We also have a bird house on the other side, but that is more reserved for the tits.


If you look straight ahead on the right in the tree, our jay is perched there, but too small to see in detail on the photo.

Otherwise our back garden has a table with plenty of room to eat lunch or just to sit outside. We even have an electric point for the iron, if I want to do ironing outside, or for the computer, although my Macbook does not really need electricity as it has enough reserves.

We live on an estate, mostly with bought apartments, so you can see the other blocks in the distance. I find it an advantage with a ground floor apartment as we have a garden instead of a balcony. It is in a small village, and very quiet.

RDP Thursday: Looking out of my back Door

RDP Thursday: Nothing


On 29th December 2005 Mr. Swiss and I went for a walk in the local cemetery. It was a snowy Winter and what did we see: nothing of course. I was the only living person (except for Mr. Swiss who took the photo) in the whole cemetery. Otherwise there was nothing.

By the way seeing me in this coat reminds me of my mornings at home. I wear it to go outside in the winter. It is quite useful for sheltering from the cold air, especially when you still have your nightdress on.

And otherwise I have nothing to say.

RDP Thursday: Nothing

RDP Thursday: Gregarious

Sheep along the river Aar

“Who us, gregarious?”

“What do you think No. 2

“Suppose we are No. 1”

“I am definitely sure we are ”

“You are right No. 3, speaking as No. 4 or course.”

“No. 5 what about you”

“Most definitely, if you say so, although I think we should ask No. 6.”

“Gregarious is my middle name of course, but what about No. 7.”

“If you all say so, it must be true.”

“Hey girls we are forgetting someone.”


“The dog of course.”

“What does he have to do with it.?”

“We wouldn’t be so gregarious if it wasn’t for him. He is the guy that orders us to keep together.”

RDP Thursday: Gregarious

RDP Thursday: Puce


I wish the sky was puce
to make it more profuse
To let imagination run wild
And to add creative juice
Instead it is plain grey
Which does not call me to stay
There’s a lid hanging over my head
Which is leading me astray
Oh puce where have you gone
Please let me turn you on
Return to brighten my sky
Such a wonderful phenomenon

Sky at supermarket

RDP Thursday: Puce

RDP Thursday: Spiritual


And it’s over, the whole Christmas thing. The last  meal was cooked and there was nothing left. It is not the last tangerine, I have a few left, but just a symbol of was is left when the tangering is peeled and the inside eaten.

No. 2 son visited with his family, two grandchildren were here. one sleeping most of the time, being just a month old and the other discovering the opportunities that our appartment has to offer, although they left mid afternoon and Grandad and Grandma took a sleep afterwards.

So now another normal year is approaching and the Christmas fun is again 12 months away, thank goodness. I really think I am getting too old for it. If I buy something monthly for Christmas next year, I can just ignore it next year because I will have everything, although unfortunately it does not work that way.

So lt’s go back to normal. Mr. Swiss asked what we are eating this evening, my answer being the remains in the fridge. This evening I will make my shopping list for the week-end and the whole routine begins again. Nothing really spiritual about this, just reality.

Evening Sky

RDP Thursday: Spiritual

RDP Thursday: Chimney

Gösgen 06.08 (2)

There are chimneys, like the one at our local nuclear power plant. They are big and when you fly over in a plane you still see the smoke piercing though the clouds. Smoke? No of course not just harmless water vapour of course. Just leave the Geiger counter at home, it might begin to tick. That is a professional chimney.

Chimneys 24.11.2018

And then there are the medium sized chimneys, the ones that smoke all day and all night as well as all year: the permanent chimneys. Apparently also harmless, just burning the waste at the garbage plant.

Smoking Chimney in Langendorf

And there are the local chimneys. Nothing so bad, just smoking away if someone lights a fire.


And there are even people that tend to turn into a human chimney now and again.

RDP Thursday: Chimney

RDP Thursday: Flourish


All I can say is do not get too near to the computer, you might get burnt.

Our dentist has a screen on the wall that changes the pictures constantly. This time the picture was fixed and it was this fire. Whilst I was waiting I decided to take a few photos and this one is of the burning fire on the screen. The photo is by me, but I did not make the film. Anyhow it is flourishing away and keeping all the patients nice and warm in the surgery.

Afterwards I paid a visit to the tooth hygiene lady for a removal of some tartar that she found and a general polishing up. I must say when she was finished I had the feeling that my mouth resembled a quarry. Actually she praised me for the care I pay to my teeth. I am a golden oldie and am pleased to say that my own teeth are still present, with a few added bits and pieces over the years and naturally the famous fillings. I have one false tooth, a so called pivot tooth, and have had it for at least 55 years. It has become part of me. And what else does a senior citizen have to do all day, clean your teeth of course.

And now the most painful part follows, when I get the bill for the work carried out.

RDP Thursday; Flourish