RDP Thursday: Beam

It seems to me that all our large older buildings have beams to hold their roofs together. This is our concert hall where I had my jabs for Covid. I had a 15 minutes to study the beams before leaving as we had to wait so long after the jab to make sure there were no ill effects afterwards.

Even my doctor’s waiting room has beams

as well as the roof to the supermarket parking.

RDP Thursday: Beam

RDP Thursday: Distorted

I was just going to throw this photo out when I saw the subject. I do not know how it happened, it looked OK on my phone, but when I uploaded it this was the result. Perhaps my hands were shaking.

At the moment I have to wear this support on my arm as the feeling in three fingers is just pins and needles fsince a while, probably something to do with the carpal tunnel and I would not be keen on an operation.

At the moment everything around me seems to be a little distorted.

RDP Thursday; Distorted