RDP Thursday: Fame

As my call to fame has not yet been answered there is not very much to say, but I have a memory of a young man, Georgie Fame, who would appear in one of the public houses in  Bethnal Green Road (where I grew up)  with his music. He played piano and became quite influenced with jazz as he grew older. With time he was discovered and not only was he in name “Fame”, actually born Clive Powell from Lancashire, but he got the fame he deserved. He moved onto London and his career began. I have chosen the song Sunny which is a personal favourite of mine: so introducing Georgie Fame.

RDP Thursday: Fame

RDP Thursday: Distinguished

Great Gran and grandad Baldock
They certainly looked distinguised dressed in their Sunday best, my great grandfather Jason and great grandmother Emily. And she had a figure with a wasp sized waistline. He was a farm labourer and she was his wife and mother of 16 children, although my grandmother always told me she was the only girl and had eleven brothers, so a few got lost on the way.

The last photo I found was many years later. My grandmother, being the last born, meant that her mother must have been in her later years when she arrived and definitely older than 40 years..

Jason & Emily Baldock with my grandmother
Great grandmother Emily’s wasp waist was still there, perhaps a little thicker and great grandfather’s moustache had now become so-called mutton chops. And he was still wearing his watch chain on his waistcoat. The athletic style figure was now the Victorian gentleman, but it did not seem to bother my grandmother. She was now quite the distinguished little girl with her leather boots.

They lived in the priests house at Sissinghurst castle in England.

Cranbrook, sissinghurst, Kent

The photos and postcard are very old, sort of family heirloom.

RDP Thursday: Distinguished

RDP Thursday: Suitable

Pigeons 30.04 (14)

It’s Spring the month of May, so what could be more suitable than the pigeons getting to know each other. I was having a wheelie through town in my chair and the wall on the river bank seemed to have become a meeting place to meet your favourite pigeon. They are getting to know each other, the male with his puffed up throat and both dressed in their best feathers.

I decided to stay a while to see how the situation would develop. And then……

Pigeons 30.04 (6)

She found it would be suitable to sit on the wall, and he was looking on, probably playing hard to get.

Pigeons 30.04 (9)

He lost his patience and decided now or never. He did what every respectful male pigeon would do, he packed whilst the iron was hot (english saying). and he stayed a while and I took one photo after the other.

Suddenly they saw me taking photos of this private moment between pigeons, or he decided that he had completed his work
 Pigeons 30.04 (10)

And so he spread his wings and departed, but she followed determined that she would not be raising a family of pigeons on her own.

This was a moment in time, and I must admit it was something I had never witnessed before. Even pigeons have their suitable moments.

RDP Thursday: Suitable

RDP Thursday: Cornucopia


An explosion outside
Someone said it was Spring
The goat’s horn is full again
Vegetation is having a fling
A concucopia of delights
With flowers and berries and such
The bees are buzzing, the flies have returned
It’s getting a little too much
Spring is making the most of it
But there is thunder in the air
It is all part of the picture
The goat now has a care
Give me back my horn right now
Stop filling it with delights
It is a part of my appearance
And I need it for my fights

RDP Thursday: Cornucopia

RDP Thursday: Compromise

Car Park for handicapped

I am too old to go in for a compromise. I am growing hair on my teeth. I believe you can say that in English as well as in German. So here are the parking spaces reserved for those like me (see my car on the right with the wheelchair sign). I was a little doubtful today that my shopping expedition would go a little wrong as it is the last day of shopping before Easter and I was almost right.

As I approached the store I saw there were at least 70 spaces still free for parking – oh joy. But this was not to be, as every single space for the handicapped had a car on it, although they did not have the permit in the car. I had no choice but parked on the next space which was actually reserved for deliveries to the electronic department of the store with a big X on it.  Lo and behold there was a guy standing there dressed in his orange coat, wearing a cap and looking very parking attendant official. He immediately came to me in my car and said I should drive further down the road and park. I had lowered  my window so that I could speak with him in a clear voice. As this “down the road” meant parking on a lower floor. I told him to forget it. He was quite surprised at my reaction and explained that he knew that a few spaces reserved for the handicapped had been occupied by non-handicapped but there was nothing he could do. I told him there was nothing I could do about it either and parked my car. He suddenly disappeared.

The funny thing was I had a short business in the electronics department and told the guy that served me that I was on his delivery park place. He laughed and found no problem. Everyone parks there now and again and there was nothing he could do about it. By the way there were no compromises in the electronics. My Philips electronic toothbrush had given up the ghost, although the guarantee was still valid. I had brought my toothbrush with the original accessories and it was exchanged for a new one without any objection. I even got Forty Swiss Francs back on the new one because they had altered the model.

I am drifting and so my car stayed where it was, I did not get a fine, because it seems no-one fines anyone at our store.

I decided there is an age limit on compromise. One of the advantages of being a golden oldie.

RDP Thursday: Compromise

RDP Thursday: Cast-off


It is snowing.

Not the cold hard cover-the-ground snow that can be slippery. No, it is the wet, soggy, apology for snow that makes you cast off your wet clothes when you arrive home after going out. It is the snow that is heavy, enough to bend a daffodil, causing it to plead for mercy.

It is also the kind of snow that is annoying when you have to go somewhere and need a parking space and find that they are all occupied. I had to bring Mr. Swiss for a dental inspection and deposited him as near as possible, as he also has mobility problems. I drove off, made a circle and arrived back to where I began, found a parking space at a distance and had to walk to the dentist afterwards in the soaking wet sludgy snow. I have to take the long way round,  because I cannot walk down the steep stairs for the short cut to the dentist, especially with my walker.

Road to Solothurn 06.06 (6)

Solothurn is not the most comfortable place with its narrow alleys, stairs and cobble stones, and when wet even less inviting. I eventually arrived at the dentist where Mr. Swiss was already in his consultation. When he was finished I told him to wait five minutes so that I could bring the car nearer to pick him up. And so I was on my way again, with my walker of course. Eventually I arrived at the car and it was still snowing in a very wet way. I managed to fold my walker and heave it into the boot of the car and drove off, thinking that Mr. Swiss would now have made his way to the pick up. Forget it, so I called him on my mobile phone and after another few minutes he appeared. In the meanwhile my car windows were steamed up although I could see through them. Mr. Swiss enters car and plays with switches to clear the windows. This had the effect of making them even less transparent. I really should study the book I have with this car.

Eventually we arrived home where I cast off my wet clothes to feel again like a normal person. We have had spring weather since mid March, not a drop of rain and today it decides to snow when I have to go places. At least my daffodils on the porch on the table are still standing.


RDP Thursday: Cast-off