A Photo a Week Challenge: Yellow


When my lady gardener planted my new garden, we discussed the flowers to be included, but that was last year in early Autum and I forgot what we decided upon. Imagine my pleasant surprise when my garden began to flower this year. Parts of it are a yellow sea of flowers, mainly thanks to the rudbeckia.


And a mullein that we call “Königskerze” in German meaning King’s Candle.

A Photo a Week: Yellow

A Photo a Week: Endings

The End of the Wisteria

 I would call this the end of our Wisteria. It grew and climbed and eventually became a threat to the house front when it began to creep up the wall belonging to the neighbour. We decided it was time for it to go after ten years and this was what was left after removing the roots. This too also met its fate in the garbage.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Endings

A Photo a Week Challenge: Three of a Kind


Every morning I go outside to see if there is anything worth a photo. This is the only view I have of the Jura mountains from my front yard. the neighbour’s house opposite is also in the picture and the Jura in the background. This photo was from this morning.

Jura Morning with clouds

This was from 12th March, when we even had some blue skies.


And at the end of April it snowed up in the Jura. You can also see how the trees vary in their growth in the photos.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Three of a Kind

A Photo a Week Challenge: Beauty

Alps 05.03 (7)

Living in Switzerland with the Alps at my back door, what choice do I have. I am in Kanton Solothurn, which is the next Kanton North from Bern and the Alps are at home in the Kanton of Bern. The big three, Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau are the ones we see. This is a Winter view, so a little more snow, but in Summer they also have snow on the tips.

For a tourist they are impressive mountains, but for the Swiss they have names and throughout my 50 years experience of living in Switzerland, I now recognise them by name. The tall one on the left is the Eiger. We would often spend our Summer holidays in Grindelwald and the Alps are then not at the back door, but in the garden more or less. We would look out of the window of the chalet where we were staying and the Eiger was watching us, at least it seemed so.

If the light if right then we have a good view of them from the top of the hill where our local castle is and from where I took this photo, which I took with the zoom lens. And if the clouds play right, you can get some really good views. And so presenting the Bernese Alps.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Beauty