RDP Wednesday: Wanderlust


Lust zu Wandern hab ich schon, but my body does not agree
I used to follow the paths everywhere, and the sights were great to see
The sun would shine on my weary ways which I followed wherever they lead
But today I just look at the photos I took, and know I could not succeed
We saw the sea of fog from the mountain tops, and swam in its wonderful mist
On a clear day we saw villages and towns, like dolls houses they would exist
But that is all so long ago, long walks are no longer so possible
The steep slopes that mark the mountain way are absolutely not crossable
And so I sit and examine the photos and see how it used to be
Today I am thankful for the years when I could and reflect on it all with glee
Perhaps one day I might do it again, but Wanderlust is a thing of the past
So treasure the days when you are young and fit, perhaps they may not last

Weissenstein 23.08 (46)
RDP Wednesday: Wanderlust

13 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Wanderlust

  1. When our 25th anniversary came up, I wanted to go to Paris. It was much more expensive than going to Arizona or some other part of the U.S., but I realized it was stupid. I can’t walk anymore. I can’t walk the streets of Paris or visit Montmartre. I realized that MY wandering days are over too.

    It’s way I don’t have any “journeys” on my “list of things I really want to do.” Because I can’t do them.

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    • We went to Paris with the kids once and again alone. It’s a wonderful tow, but yes with a lot of walking, or we would take the metro. This was when I was younger, My last journey was to stay with my ?No. 2 son inear Schaffhausen, but now it would be too much stress


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