FOWC with Fandango: Noble

I was convinced that mum found me in a basket deposited in front of the door with a crown hanging on the handle. There must have been some nobility somewhere, but mum said we were not posh, just normal. I am sure I was cheated out of my birthright, so I had to make do with visiting some noble places.

Patrick on the stairs of the Natural History Museum

I think my son felt quite noble when he stood on the stairs in the Natural History Museum in London.


Or a visit to Westminster palace, the seat of the British government.

Waltham Abbey 15.07 (12)

Or what about a trip to Waltham Abbey?

FOWC with Fandango: Noble

RDP Tuesday: Angle

Solothurner Filmtage Hauptbahnhofstrasse 19.01.2019

It is that time of the year again for the Solothurn Film Days, our very own film festival. It is a Swiss thing, no Oscars or Emmi awards, just eight days of Swiss films to be seen and yes, the Swiss do have a film industry. It has even happened that a Swiss film was nominated and won an Academy Award for the best foreign language film. One of our  film directors, Xavier Koller, produced the film Journey of Hope in 1990 telling of a Turkish family that wanted a better life in Switzerland and the hardships they had crossing the borders illegally. However, such prizes are few and far between in the Swiss film scene. As I live in Switzerland, I am quite up to date on what our film industry produces, but understand that if you do not speak one of our 4 Swiss languages then the contents are lost on you.

However, for once in a year our town is transformed. Hotel rooms and even private rooms must be found for various film people who visit and want to see the films. It used to be a time when the bearded, extroverts were regarded as something completely different when they would take over the restaurants in the evening, but now Solothurn has enough of their own daily extroverts and it is no longer so special.

Landhaus Solothurner Filmtage 19.01 (3)

I was taking a wheeie in my chair through the town and as I approached our so-called Landhaus and I saw that preparations were already being made for the festival. The building where the films are shown was being decorated with various banners calling for some acrobatic actions of those decorating and a  conquest of various angles aided by a crane.

Landhaus Solothurner Filmtage 19.01 (1)

Is it all worth it? Of course and the film showings are sold out regularly. We have even had some film “stars” attending various films that they appeared in. Maximillian Schell, Bruno Ganz and Marthe Keller to name those that might be known in other countries and have even appeared in international films. Bruno Ganz gave a very good performance of Hitler in the film “Downfall”.  Marthe Keller played in many Ameican films one being “Marathon Mann” with Dustin Hofmann, and Maximillian Schell with his sister Maria belong to a well know film dynasty.  Otherwise Swiss film stars are not so well known over the borders, but yes we have them.

Even our little market town of Solothurn can become an important place for various festivals. And then we have the national literature days where authors meet and give lectures. But enough, that is in a months time. I will be back.

RDP Tuesday: Angle

Good Morning


There is really not much going on outside at the moment. We have the same dreary sky, cloudless and moonless (have not seen the moon since its spectacular appearance in other parts of the world). All I have to offer are a few trees, leafless and waiting for the Spring to arrive. We still have temperatures moving around minus to 0°, but at least no snow or ice.


Some time last Summer this reed began to grow in my garden. Actually it started the year before, but expanded a little last year. I thought it might be the remainder of a Japanese reed I once had, but that was a little different, much taller. I noticed a neighbour has the same thing, so probably a seed found a place in the garden or the roots crept over and settled. I left it for the Winter and find it quite decorative. I just hope it does not have bamboo similar aspirations to grow and spread and take over.

Yesterday was a morning of shopping so I was too exhausted to go anywhere in the afternoon. As a lone shopper I have got used to my new routine of going alone, although there are times when I do miss a partner with me. Mr. Swiss and I did so much together, especially after I also retired and shopping was one of the items on the list. He would usually drive, I would take photos on the way (sometimes to his annoyance) and we would shop together. I miss the conversations in the store, buying together and just the general atmosphere. He is feeling his age and can no longer manage such excursions. Now and again he might come with me, but life is not longer the same. We all get old and our patterns of life change with it. And so I go to the store and return and he helps to unpack the goods and I cook.


I just heard quite a commotion outside and had a look. It seems that the crows were having an active discussion about who gets the best pieces of bread.


However they soon calmed down and realised there was enough for everyone and so I got a murder of crows in front of the window, five of them altogether. Needless to say the bread reserve has now disappeared and only the crumbs are left for the sparrows. As I take the photos with my mobile telephone, they are not as sharp as I would like them to be.

And now to go. I have booked the plumber this morning to replace the shower hose and head. Since I now use the shower as the bath is no longer a possibility with my handicap I noted there are a few things I would like to have improved. My No. 1 son never bothered with such stuff as the main shower user.. I also want to see if I can get a folding seat constructed in the shower. I do not need it – yet, but one day I probably will. I can stand OK in the shower, but I only need one dizzy spell and we will have the problem. I am now celebrating the first annual anniversary of breaking my leg.

Swan 19.01 (18)

And leaving you with a swan photo out of the water for a change searching for eatables, I wish you all have a good day.