FOWC with Fandango: News

Pigeons 26.01 (2)

“Look there are bread crumbs on the wall.”

“Tell me something new, they have been there since this morning.”

“Well let’s eat them before they disappear.”

“Old breadcrumbs from this morning? Forget it.  Just be patient, that human just bought a hamburger. Watch him, he will throw the empty box in the trash can and then I will pounce. Nothing like hamburger bread with all the accompanying juices of the hamburger.”

“Where you flying off to, leave some for me.”

“Sorry first come, first served. Go find your own hamburger man, or eat the crumbs from this morning.”

“Have you heard the latest. They have just finished serving breakfast at the restaurant. The bin is full of half eaten croissants and that bread with the seeds on it.”

“Seeds, oh I love seeds, I am on my way.”

“Go eat your hamburger, I am having a meal of seeds.”

“Move over pigeons, it’s our turn now.”

“What are those gulls doing here?”

“Eating breakfast of course, we heard it on the news. You pigeons are broadcasting it everywhere. Cannot keep your beaks closed. ”

Gulls 01.12 (6)

FOWC with Fandango: News

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