A Photo a Week Challenge: Unexpected Windows

From Langendorf car park

Mr. Swiss had parked the car at the supermarket parking silo on the second/top floor and I was left sitting in the car whilst he put the trolley away. So what do you do. Well I take a photo of the view through between the roof and the fence. Opposite are the Jura moutains, some trees and clouds. Even in car parks the scenery in Switzerland is OK.

A Photo a Week Challenge: Unexpected Windows

A Photo A Week Challenge: Bridges

I live in the town of Solothurn in Switzerland with a river running through it, the River Aare. Of course it has bridges to enable people to get from one side to the other, and here are a couple in our town.

Rötibruck Solothurn

This is the Rötibruck, the newest of them all. I remember it being built about 30 years ago. The old bridge was still standing and this was built parallel to it. What I like about this bridge is the walkway below although at the top there is a road and sidewalk.

M - Kreuzackerbruck, Solothurn

We also have the Kreuzackerbruck which is reserved for pedestrians and bicycles. Very rarely a tourist new to Solothurn might take his car on the bridge with the result that he appears in the daily local newspaper the next day.

Railway Bridge 22.09.2018

And then there is the Wengibruck in the front which actually only has busses allowed on it and again bicycles. Parallel to this bridge is the railway bridge for our connection from the French speaking part of Switzerland in the West, towns like Geneva and Lausanne, to to Zürich and further in the East.  These are the three main bridges that we have.

A Photo A Week Challenge: Bridges