RDP Wednesday: Infrangible


Another visit to the store this afternoon.. This time I had a look around at the deserted places, the parts that are closed up with no human visitors. We are only allowed to shop in the grocery and domestic departments for goods needed: no clothing and definitely no plants, but just a minute.

I parked this time in a different place, next to the main entrance. Outside the garden furniture was on display, although no-one is allowed to touch it or try it out.

And then we have the gardening department, also cordoned off and no admission. You can look at the goods, but no touching. The plants are still outside and someone in the store is looking after them, giving them water and making sure they do not die. They are still looking good in the outside sun and may they survive the coronavirus epidemic, just to prove that not everything has to suffer – I hope. They might not be infrangible, but with care they will survive, I am sure.

RDP Wednesday: Infrangible

RDP Wednesday: In Cold Blood


My new disguise when I go shopping and although I belong to the golden oldie group with underlying illnesses, whatever they may be, with the right protection you can conquer everything. I really did not want to go today, but it was necessary and so I ventured into the unknown on my own, not knowing what would await me.

It was the best shopping afternoon I had done in many weeks. People were few and we all kept our distance from each other. I then saw a shopper, a man, with protective plastic gloves handling vegetables. I decided I should also do the same, but gloves are now sold out. I then took two of those disposable plastic bags to cover each hand and felt safer. I eventually arrived at the butchers for my meat. The guy knows me and we of course had a little conversation about …… you know what, we all talk about the same today.

He took pity on my plastic bag covered hands and gave me a proper pair of gloves to wear, what a lovely man. In the meanwhile I have returned home safe and sound and we now have enough food until my next safari on Friday for the week-end shopping. And the supermarket has full shelves again. We are saved.

RDP Wednesday: In Cold Blood

RDP Wednesday: Flexible


Te older you get, the more flexible you must be. Certain changes in the body mean you begin to search online for aids and assistance to facilitate your life style, web sites for the handicapped. I have already passed this stage, but now we have a new virus and it seems that no-one really knows what to do with it, Our governments are running around like headless chickens, but they are trying to help and find solutions. The latest news from our government is that the emphasis will be placed on golden oldies.

This is very considerate, especially as it seems they are more prone to complications. I would say that I am feeling OK at the moment, no dry cough or other symptoms and I am doing all I can to stay this way. It seems that one of the most important contributions to staying healthy is to wash your hands: not just a normal dangle under the tap, but a thorough cleaning process for at least 20-25 seconds. Of course soap is necessary, but why settle for just soap when you can use hand sanitiser.

About a year ago I bought a bottle on the advice of Mr. Swiss but personally I never used it.  He used it from time to time but in the meanwhile moved on to something to apply to the hands after washing, alcohol based. Today I went on a quest to the stores to buy another bottle of sanitiser and to replenish Mr. Swiss special alcoholic solution, after all the government were recommending it.

I arrived at the store, got my groceries and moved onto the drug store department. I was confronted with emptiness. There was not one bottle of anything to be seen: nothing, rien, nichts, de nada. I am now clinging onto my remaining half filled bottle of this priceless liquid. I am convinced that I am one of the only in our area, perhaps in our Kanton, even Switzerland, that possesses this precious liquid.

As I was leaving the supermarket I was greeted at the parking space by a lady that actually works in the store at the cash desk. We had a conversation and she said that for a long while there have been no more deliveries of this liquid. She is especially annoyed, as she said that handling money all day at the till is really unpleasant. I would say before our brilliant government wants to help and support the golden oldies, they should make sure that they can realise their promises.

RDP Wednesday: Flexible

RDP Wednesday: Graceful


I do not do graceful any more, I never really did, but now situations in life no longer allow for it. I returned from the shopping trip this afternoon. Wheeling it around in the supermarket is not so complicated. I have a well balanced supermarket four wheeled trolley to pile it into. I might not be the quickest, but I manage to get everything on the list. I pack it all in various carrying bags (note paper – just one bigger plastic bag) and then I arrive at the car which is not so far away as I have the special places for the handicapped just next to the entrance.

Up to now I have been doing it in style and quite gracefully. I was now confronted with lifting the three bags from the trolley into the car boot. The trick to lift the bag and aim for the boot, hoping that that if you get enough swing into it and all the bags will fly gracefully into their places in the boot. Success, but of course it all comes with practice.  Driving home is the nice part: not too much traffic on the roads and I arrive safely in the underground garage. My walker is parked on my parking space at home and I move it into position next to the car boot. Again with graceful movements I place the bags on the walker. There is a system, and I usually manage to fit it all in. Today I had an extra large bag of bird food as I was running low, but I placed it on the top of the other bags. The rest was easy going: through two doors to the lift and up to the next level to the apartment. Who needs grace, it is all practice. This is the usual routine three days a week, yes practice makes perfect.

RDP Wednesday: Graceful

RDP Wednesday: Traffic


Last year I bought a new car and it arrived on 27th December 2018. It was a quick decision but I bought it all on my own. Our car was a heap of metal after Mr. Swiss somehow mistook a brake for a gas pedal, no further comments. We were left without a car and I needed one for shopping, living in a village away from the maddening crowds. I never thought I would again drive again in my old days. Of course I knew how to, and it was touch and go if I would continue to drive with my MS. My neurologist was the persuasion in the argument. He said yes, there is absolutely no reason to give up my driving licence and he was right.  I am only able to drive an automatic, but that is OK. My left leg is a little out of action.

It is now just a little more than a year and I am still with my car on the road.  Admittedly I do not make long unknown journeys and my routes are in the vicinity. I also notice that traffic is quite smooth running. In my days as a working woman I was on the road in the so-called rush hour, but now my times are in the middle of the afternoon meaning the traffic is quite reasonable. I also realise that the majority of the drivers at that time are women.

I took this photo on my way home today from the store: not something I usually do, but it was a red light and I had my mobile phone in my pocket. It was just a quick photo, but as you see traffic is no bother.  I even had a permit on my car showing I can drive on the motorway, but that was 2019. We now have 2020 and I did not bother to renew it. My car has never seen a motorway and probably never will.

So let there be traffic, but not where I drive. I prefer the stressless roads with set speed limits and no rush.

RDP Wednesday: Traffic

RDP Wednesday: Maelstrom

Rheinfall 06.08 (11)

We do not have any whirling pools on our river Aare. It has too many dams and is too well trained to be exciting. However, on the borders of East Switzerland we have the Rheinfall. I was visiting my son a few years ago. He lives in a village near to the falls, so we paid them a visit and they are the daddy of the maelstrom strength, although if necessary they can be switched off for some peace and quiet, just like Niagara.

Fish in Rheinfall 06.08 (1)

Funnily enough it does not seem to bother the fish that breed quite happily at the side of the falls filling the plates in the restaurants.

RDP Wednesday: Maelstrom