RDP Wednesday: Innovative

World of Information 25.05.2016 Exhibition 10010ENTER0101 (35)

And it all began with something like this
A terminal and a keyboard and now you were in bliss
Today I bought a new camera, and also got a lens
But believe me when I was finished, I was almost round the bends
I have a online company and they are very good
And so I sat on my computer and did the things I should
I even have a list with passwords and all that stuff
But at my first attempt it did not seem to be enough
And then I got a kaptcha with photos showing cars
there were also bridges and busses and shopfronts with steps and bars
But it did not want to eat my texts and so I took to the phone
I called the company and spoke to a human, one with flesh and bone
He was very good and said my name was my e-mail address
That was my mistake as Angloswiss was far too less
And now the deed is done and my card will pay the bill
But at the same time Mr. Swiss was also ready to kill
They have a new login system at the bank to protect you well
But when you reach 80 years, it really makes you yell
So imagine two golden oldies, whose inventive talents are gone
Let’s just switch on the TV and retire to our salon

RDP Wednesday: Innovative

RDP Wednesday: Mettlesome

photocourse - movement 014

This is mettlesome drumming
Blurring active movement
The hands not leaving the arms
An energetic practice
A photographic memory of a drummer’s wife
Soft active noises as the wires touch the surface
Time melting into vibrations
Shhh say the brushes
Quivering with each movement
A smooth rhythm accompanying energy spent

RDP Wednesday: Mettlesome

RDP Wednesday: Wanderlust


Lust zu Wandern hab ich schon, but my body does not agree
I used to follow the paths everywhere, and the sights were great to see
The sun would shine on my weary ways which I followed wherever they lead
But today I just look at the photos I took, and know I could not succeed
We saw the sea of fog from the mountain tops, and swam in its wonderful mist
On a clear day we saw villages and towns, like dolls houses they would exist
But that is all so long ago, long walks are no longer so possible
The steep slopes that mark the mountain way are absolutely not crossable
And so I sit and examine the photos and see how it used to be
Today I am thankful for the years when I could and reflect on it all with glee
Perhaps one day I might do it again, but Wanderlust is a thing of the past
So treasure the days when you are young and fit, perhaps they may not last

Weissenstein 23.08 (46)
RDP Wednesday: Wanderlust

RDP Wednesday: Immerse

Fish in Rheinfall 06.08 (3)

No, I do not think so, water is far too wet
The Rheinfall in Schaffhausen would make me fret
Of course I can swim and so can a dog
Just throw him in the water,  he becomes a canine frog
If you throw me in the water I am sure I will sink
And so I do a doggy paddle and water I will drink
Give me a book with a story line so fine
I will immerse in all the words reading every line
Books are not wet and don’t come up for air
I do not tire with arm strokes, sit in an armchair
Immersing in thought is another thing I do
Especially when I’m writing, I’m sure you do too
And now to blog away in my Ragtag daily prompt
I might start blowing bubbles but am sure i’ll not be swamped

RDP Wednesday: Immerse

RDP Wednesday: Quest

Swan 06.04 (1)

In Spring last year the local horse farm had a new arrival at the pond. There were two black swans. I was searching through my photos yesterday and discovered that some of my swan photos had disappeared into the wrong section where I keep trucks and tractors. I must have had a sleepy moment.

I am always on a quest for some closeups of the duck/swan population and it seems I had them, but stowed away in the wrong place.

Swan 06.04 (2)

I was a pair of black swans and I was pleased to see that I did actually capture them with my camera. I had really forgotten these photos.

Swan 06.04 (11)

Pairs of swans rarely stay on their own and one day they were accompanied by their cygnets.

Black Swans 15.04 (8)

And as time passed, mum and dad swan took the kids for a walk to show them the other birds-

Black swan 10.06 (5)

And the cygnets began to grow, although still stayed with mum and dad.

Swans 09.08 (2)

And eventually there was a whole family of black swans. Mum and dad are still there and I see them now and again, but the kids no longer. The last time I saw the cygnets  they were no longer such white fluffy balls but had began to get their black feathers although a little mixed with some white. They are probably now in their own ponds and will be fulfilling their quest this year to build their own family.

I had never seen black swans before, only on Australian stamps. As a kid I would collect stamps from other countries, and was always fascinated by these swans. It took many years, but last year I saw a complete family growing up just across the road.

RDP Wednesday: Quest

RDP Wednesday: Ebullient


Over lunchtime we got snow. It began this morning but was a wet snow and the roads resembled more rain than snow. When I awoke after my lunch time sleep, everything was white and the the branches on my tree in the garden were already sagging under the weight of the snow.

I do not get ebullient about snow, but I heard screams of delight from outside my window.

Sleigh in snow

The neighbourhood kids were outside sliding down the path equipped with their sleighs and covered from head to foot with their snow clothing. They were full of ebullience, if that is the right noun. There was also an adult keeping an eye on things. At least someone was having fun with the snow. I like to take photos, but that is all. I do not ski and have no intention of going anywhere in the snow. I will be glad when it melts.

Sleighing in snow

RDP Wednesday: Ebullient

RDP Wednesday: Mystery

Basil and Dodder 23.09 (1)

It all began when I bought a basil plant to add to my other herbs for cooking. Basil is always good to have in the kitchen and the leaves make a good combination with mozzarella cheese and sliced tomatoes for a Summer salad. I notied that our local store was selling fresh basil plants in large pots which was ideal for my needs. I bought my potted basil and it began to grow, so everything under control, or was it?

A few days later I noticed some fine white strands growing out of the plant and was pleased to see that it was independly growing roots and I could even grow more plants from my original, although I was not aware that basil was so self growing. At least that was what I thought, but these white fine threads were growing and growing and I was not sure where they were going.

Basil and dodder 18.09 (3)

The were twining all over my basil plant and hanging down, as if searching for somewhere to twine on. In the meanwhile I had removed some leaves for a salad, and so at least we were surviving. However, I had my doubts, and these strange growths were definitely not new roots for a new plant. What do you do? Today we have computer and online colleagues everywhere. I started an enquiry in Facebook and discovered that the answers to my questions were not the answers to my problems. There were suggestions that did not meet with my mystery growth.

Basil and Dodder 23.09 (4)

In the meanwhile my basil was still being captured by this strange growth and then an expert noticed my dilemma in WordPress and gave me an answer. He said that this was most probably a parasitical growth known as dodder and was quite widespread in parts of the States. Once it discovered a suitable host, it grew to the extent that the original plant became a dodder, because the original plant was being absorbed by the dreaded dodder. I naturally had a look in Internet and the suspicion was confirmed. The mystery was solved.

There are various European forms of dodder, although I think I had the original imported from the Stats. In the meanwhile a couple of online colleagues informed me that they also had dodder in their garden and it was almost indestructible. What a Swiss basil plant, probably with origins in another country, perhaps Italy, was doing with  dodder I do not know. I did not know where my local supermarket got their garden herbs, but somehow the dodder seeds were in the earth and happy to take over my basil.

In the meanwhile the dodder was growing at a fast pace and my original basil plant was being strangled by its threads. I then made my decision. After warnings about dodder taking over gardens and other plants by just  spreading its threads and seeds (yes it was even flowering in the meanwhile), I removed my basil and threw it into the compost. I am sure it is now still growing somewhere and supporting the dreaded dodder, but not in my garden.

The mystery had been solved. It even twined around itself when it found nothing better.

Basil and dodder 18.09 (5)

RDP Wedneday: Mystery