FOWC with Fandango: Enigma

Mysterious Mound, Feldbrunnen

This mound lays in the top part of our village. It is covered by grass that the farmer mows now and again to keep it neat and tidy. I pass this mound often when on a wheelie in my chair and I see it quite plainly when wheeling up the path to our local castle.

I have asked around why this mound is there but no-one has been able to give me an answer. Do I notice that the villagers pretend not to understand my Swiss German and look in the other direction? Do I see elderly women making a sign of the cross as they walk past the mound, although I must say the local church is near. Are my questions ignored and why does the farmer not plant any crops on this mound. Cows avoid it and the birds fly in circles above it but never land on it or on the few trees growing on the mound.

Perhaps it is my imagination. I asked Mr. Swiss, but he told me that people do not talk about this mound, and as I am only an adopted Swiss, I should avoid talking about it. It seems I am the Enigma in this village.

FOWC with Fandango: Enigma

RDP Tuesday: Anticipate

Baseltor gate 01.12 (1)

The door to 2019 has now been opened, is there something waiting for me?
I take a careful step behind and then I dropped the key
It fell into a endless pit and so I cannot go back
Typical luck throughout my life, again am on the wrong track
So let me go forward despite it all, I am sure I will find something new
Perhaps I will have a lotto win, and be able to widen my view
Take a plane to a far off land, at last to visit the Bahamas
But at my age that would be too daring, causing melodramas
Floating in a hot air balloon would also be a dream
But looking down I get vertigo, not a very good scheme
There is only one way to go, choices are not a plenty
I bide my time and enjoy my life and hope to reach Twenty-twenty.

RDP Tuesday: Anticipate

Good Morning 2019

Door Christmas decoration 25.12 (1)

Well I got there and arrived in 2019, although sometimes it looked a little doubtful. It began 2018 at the end of January with a broken thigh bone in hospital and now it seems to just be a thing of the past. My leg is still attached, and I have absolutely no painful reminders.  I managed to have two rescue sessions from the ambulance to pick me up from the floor at home where I had fallen and could not longer stand up on my own steam and the grand finale was being rescued from my bath, where my seat no longer held me. On that occasion the hospital found that it was jus a minor thing and sent two police to lift me out of the bath – how embarrassing. At the last moment I put on my nightdress to preserve a little decency.

I had to find a good cleaning lady for a few things at home, bathroom, shower and kitchen, as I could no longer manage it. I was lucky and Lucia has almost become part of the family with her weekly visits. She does more than clean, but helps in other situations as well.

I discovered that wheelies with my chair were excellent for taking photos and I did my first visit of many to town with it. I was a little apprehensive at first, but now it is part of the fun. I have to rely more and more on my walker, but you just get used to it.

Mr. Swiss is no longer as fit as he was and cannot manage long walking trips. He also has a wheelchair at home to make it a little easier. He came with me on shopping trips and helped, but that is also now a thing of the past. I now go alone to the stores and who would have thought that I have again become a regular car driver and even enjoying it. Unfortunately I no longer have so much time for my photo safaris, but still manage at least once a week.

And that is my life as I enter 2019. Yesterday I head the explosions of the fireworks from my bed as I was already falling asleep. In the years gone by I might have watched the fireworks from the window with a glass of bubbly and toasted the New Year in with Mr. Swiss, but we were both hugging the bed already yesterday.

And now I wish everyone a bloggy New Year, enjoy and make the most of it. As I get older I definitely make an effort to do it. A happy New Year to all that accompany me daily on my Good Morning rambles, and may there be many more this year.