FOWC with Fandango: Wall


I have a wall, actually two walls, built in my garden to keep the plants in. My feline adopted the wall. She likes to stare at walls, walls are her favourites. She seems to communicate with walls.

I remember the Berlin Wall that cut a city in half. It was not so much built to keep the people out, but to keep the people in. Eventually it crumbled, because the government that built the wall crumbled. Now we have a new wall built by a President who is still waiting to have it paid for from those that it was built to keep out.

The world is a funny place really. Hadrian built a wall in the first century separating Scotland and England (although those countries did not really exist as such at the time). The Chinese built a fortified wall across the country to keep the invaders out. Today Handrian’s Wall and the Great Wall of China are tourist attractions. The wall dividing Berlin was demolished, but if you were lucky you could rescue a  piece and keep it as a souvenir. The US-Mexican Wall is still being built. One Day it will be a big tourist attraction I am sure.

There must be a moral to these various wall creations, but I have not yet found it. At least we remember Hadrian because it was his wall.

FOWC with Fandango: Wall

RDP Saturday: Three

Three King's Cake

Some-one ate the Three Kings cake, leaving only pieces two
One of the pieces contained a plastic king, but it had fallen through
It was then that Johnny began to cough and said he was feeling queasy
He stomach was aching, he felt so sick, and life was not so easy
Mum and dad were very worried and saw that he was ill
Johnny was taken to hospital, but there was no cure with a pill
He said he had a stomach pain and so he was given x-ray
The doctor called his mum and dad and showed them the digestive way
They saw a very small plastic figure with a gift enclosed in its hand
So Johnny was given cod liver oil and this was very unplanned
He had swallowed a King from the three Kings cake which put him into bed
But the King soon appeared when the oil did its work, so he wore the crown on his head

RDP Saturday: Three

Good Morning

Sunset 04.01.2019

The view is not from this morning, but late yesterday afternoon when I decided to take a wheelie. Morning sunrises are not very spectacular at the moment, as the clouds are hanging low.

I had quite a lot of stress with my week-end shopping yesterday, although it is not so much the shopping, it is more catching up with stuff when I get back home. No. 1 son decided to go off to Bern for the day, so it was just Mr. Swiss and me and I had to drag four bags of shopping from the garage in the cellar to our appartment on the ground floor, which meant two trips with the lift. Afterwards I had some cleaning to catch up with, but I managed to serve lunch around midday.

I thought no chance of a wheelie in the afternoon in my chair, but after a sleep I decided to go all the same. The light was right, a little sun, and I decided on a trip through the graveyard down to the farm.

Solothurn Cemetery 04.01 (2)

As usual I seemed to be the only visitor at the cemetery, but it is quite near and makes a nice way to the farm.

Afterwards I wheeled through a few streets and arrived at the farm. I was rewarded by a few views of some of the animals, mainly feathered friends.

Geese 04.01 (2)

The geese seemed to be gathered for a conference and then I saw these.

Chickens 04.01 (16)

They have many chickens at the farm, and you can also buy fresh eggs there. These chickens are the newcomers and look a bit different to the others, quite unique, but apparently very broody.

Chickens 04.01.2019 (2)

The also set themselves apart from the other chickens and prefer to roam in groups. I first saw them on the path following the farmer who had just raided their egg supply. They were probably keeping a watchful eye on what he would do with their unhatched children.

Horses 04.01 (6)

As I wheeled on home I met these two ladies who seemed to be taking the horses for a walking exercise. The farm is just across the road from where I live and one of my favourite places to visit.

Feldbrunnen horizon 04.01 (1)

You also get a wonderful view of the Bernese Overland from the top of the hill where the local castle is situated, but no distant view of the alps unfortunately. There was quite a nip in the air, so after an hour I decided it was time to wheel back on home, but I was glad to get out in the fresh air and see something different than a supermarket.

Today I am staying at home. No. 2 son with wife and grandson will be visiting so everything put up on high out of the reach places. Grandson is growing and now at the inquisitive age.  At the moment we have a light snow, what we call wet snow, which means it will melt quickly and not collect: at least I hope so.

No tours today, but just taking it easy, as I hope you are as well. I will leave you with a view of the local castle I took on my walk yesterday.

Castle Waldegg 04.01.2019