A Photo a Week Challenge: The Great Outdoors

Jura mountains

It was a difficult choice to make because wherever I look in my adopted country I enjoy the great outdoors. Whether a river, a lake or a mountain range, as the Jura in the photo, it is great and breathtaking. This photo is taken just across the road in our village, The Jura mountains are in our back yard.

Even the towns of Switzerland such as Bern, Zürich or Geneva for example have their charm. Towns built many years ago and still showing the original buildings. New buildings are only allowed with planning permission to fit into the surroundings.

Our local town of Solothurn, founded by the Romans, still has its cobblestone streets and the buildings fit together in the core.

Altstadt 12.01.2019

A walk through the town, or in my case with the wheelchair, always reminds me of the wonderful assembly of the buildings that fit perfectly in their own style.

A Photo a Week Challenge: The Great Outdoors

FOWC with Fandango: Inane

Railway Work 14 (1)

“Do you have to click away with that camera while I am driving?”

“But I am capturing the moments of the day.”

“Well I do not see anything interesting in repairing the local railway lines. The men are doing their work.”

“But look at the photo on my camera.”

“I only see pairs of feet.”

“That is what I mean. Why are their four men working when three are just standing still. I can see only one pair of feet that are actually doing something worthwhile. The guy with the interesting tattoo spreading the tar.”

“I think you are only interested in taking photos of tattoos.”

“No of course not. It is a fact that four men are being paid to work, but only one is actually working.”

“Of course the others are working.”

“What are they doing.”

“I am sure one is the boss.”

“And the other two?”

“Someone is giving instructions to make sure he is doing the job properly.”

“And the other one?”

“Don’t ask silly questions. I have to concentrate on the driving.”

FOWC with Fandango: Inane

RDP Sunday: Timely

Solothurn Clock
If you ever visit the town of Solothurn in Switzerland you will have to hurry. Our day only has 22 hours: 11 at midday and 11 at midnight. 11 is the magic number of the town. If you have decided to stay a few days, then remember that everything must be done in time. You have two hours less daily.. The clock even chimes 11 strokes at midday and midnight together with the Solothurn song.

The Biberstein Sisters are a local group, four sisters and I would add, just to say, that the lady on the left is a very good friend of mine. The song may sound familiar and appears in many countries with other words. Our version translated says “It was always like this”.

Oufi Beer sign - Weststadt

Our town even brews its own beer known as “Oufi Bier” which translated is “11 Bier”.

St. Urs steps towards Kronegasse

Not to mention the stone steps leading to our cathedral. There are 33 steps, divisible by 11 of course and fountains?

Simson Fountain 24.11.2018

Yes, Solothurn has 11 fountains, how could it be otherwise.

And I nearly forgot, the official beginning of the Solothurn carnival is on 11th November, although the processions and festivities are in the following Feburary in the next year. Solothur has a carnival tradition and preparations have to be made. The various organisations begin their preparations on 11th November.

Yes, time is something with another meaning in Solothurn. We have our own.

RDP Sunday: Timely

Good Morning

Jura 12.01 (1)

Yesterday afternoon I let myself out. It was a little warmer, no snow on the roads or pavements and I decided to get some fresh air. My first photo on the way was of the local Jura mountains and as expected they were covered in snow. The white patch in the middle at the top is our house mountain, Weissenstein. There is a lift to take you up to the top, The last time Mr. Swiss and I was at the top was almost two years ago. We are both no longer so fit to take walks on the slopes, so now I just admire it from below. It was unfortunately a bit of a misty afternoon.

And so I wheeled on into town in my chair.

Altstadt 12.01 (2)

For a Saturday afternnon there were not so many people around, but the days of Saturday shopping seem to be past. Our supermarkets and mails are a little outside of the old town and the only people we seem to get are either tourists or those that live in the outlying villages and decide to visit the big town.

River Aare 12.01.2019

There was really nothing going on, and even the River was quite empty, although it made a change to see other places. I decided to wheel on home along the river bank. Just as I was leaving town I saw some strange equipment on the river bank next to a car.

Diving 12.01.2019

When I got nearer I saw that it was diving equipment that two guys were loading into their car. They were sort of early middle aged and were still wearing part of their diving gear. They gave me a greeting and I returned it and could not resist to ask if they had been diving in the River. They said they were now finished with their diving. I would have liked to ask more but decided not to overdo it. I know we have a diving club on our river and there two looked like the professionals. Now and again they have a big clean up of our river and they pile up the trophies on the river bank for all to see. It is amazing what people throw in the river. I could never undertand that amongst the stuff they find there are always about 10 bicycles. It is the diving club that usually help with the work.

I continued on the way home along the river and was astonished to see armies of ducks and a few swans taking an afternoon swim.

Ducks 12.01 (10)

The ducks were mainly mallards, but there were also some black headed ducks swimming amongst them and I have no idea what they are. I had never seen them before. Perhaps they were refugees from the sea.
Ducks 12.01 (14)

Here is a closer look.

When I got home it was time to catch up on a few items on the computer and of course to cook the evening meal. No big deal, but someone has to do it. I also had a small collision with a cupboard door and my wheelchair which seems to have dislodged the right arm rest a little so I will have to get the guy to come a fix it. As it is the arm with the steering, I do not want to risk any journeys at the moment, and it is a week of rain in any case, although there was a bit of snow mixed in today.

I will be having a lazy Sunday today. I spent at least two hours uploading photos yesterday evening and had no real time to relax, although in our new golden oldie days we are now usually hitting the bed by 11.00 p,m. at the latest and we already switch off the TV at 10.30 for lack of anything we want to watch. I prefer to read a book and Mr. Swiss it busy with his own thing. I am wondering if our electricity bill will be a lot less, although I do not think that TV time is expensive.

And now I am on my way to the shower followed by some housewify stuff. Enjoy the day, take it easy, I know I will. I leave you with some pigeons I saw in town taking a stroll on the wall by the river

Pigeons 12.01 (2)