FOWC with Fandango: Tree

Hermitage Rüttenen 25.08 (2)

Tree? Just one tree.  There is a German saying “man sieht den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht” in English “you cannot see the wood for the trees”, used if the problem cannot be recognised. Where I live I can really not see  the woods because we have so many trees.

“I disagree”

“Who said that”

+The fir tree on the right. If it wasn’t for us trees you humans would all be suffocating. Look at the places where the trees have been removed. You are getting climate changes, the soil is disappearing and the animals and insects as well.”

“He’s right you know.”  said another tree and soon they were all telling me that you could never have too many trees.

It was when the trees began to pull up their roots and begin to march, I decided to go. I think they were annoyed about the treatment they were getting. After all even the humans lived in the trees when they were still eating bananas. Although they looked a bit different then, but that was many years ago.

If you happen to see a new tree in town, then just leave it. It is only trying to regain its place in the world.

Clouds 15.08.2018

FOWC with Fandango: Tree

RDP Tuesday: Balance

migros trollies

I am one of the few that cling to a trolley, to be sure I will not fall
In the store I need this helper to be at beck and call
Others just need it for shopping, to carry all their buys
For me it is a must for balance, it is my compromise
Everywhere I go, must have help with a walker or stick
It might look strange, even silly, but it is my only trick
When I was younger, just a kid, I could not ride a bike
I tried for almost forty years, but me it did not like
And now in my advancing years, it gives me so much stress
Twas some years ago the doc confirmed my MS
But things could be worse and to be quite fair
I now do longer journeys, speeding along in a wheelchair
I pass them all, have it under control,  but always steer in a line
Some might say I am too fast, but the police never gave me a fine
Usually when they are thinking about it, I am already in the next street
They have no chance against the speedy chair, my agility they cannot meet
There are now posters on the wall, I am one of the most wanted
But they will never catch me alive, their efforts I have affronted.

RDP Tuesday: Balance

Good Morning

Morning snow

Yes it snowed yesterday and enough, although now the sun is shining and it can only get better, I hope. This afternoon we have the annual jabs for our cat, Tabby, so it means out on the road. The vet is not far and I need only five minutes to arrive. The problem will be that Tabby is in a cage and Mr. Swiss used to deal with it on his own. Now he no longer drives a car and walks with a stick. Although I am driving, I also need support for walking, preferable my walker, but we will have to work this one out, and there are steps leading to the entrance and carrying a cage does not make it easier.

Solothurn 30.06 (7)

It looks very inviting but not for my walker and there is no rail to hold onto when climbing the steps. However there are parking places at the side entrance which Mr. Swiss finds are ideal and only two steps to climb afterwards. I do not find it so ideal as the parking places are a little awkward, but Mr. Swiss is a man and has less problems with such things. On top of it all comes the snowfall, although I is now melting under the sun.

This morning I am later as our cleaning lady has now finished her first aid course and practice in the senior home and will be cleaning again regularly once a week on Tuesday morning.

So it seems my day is planned and may we have no more snow.

Dinner is cooking, everything is clean or being cleaned and my good morning greeting is now completed. I am short and sweet this morning, but I am here. Have a good day, enjoy, and I will see you later.

I took some night shots of the snow in my garden yesterday evening.

Garden in Snow