RDP Monday: Segue

Afternoon Sun

I remember waiting for the year 1984 to happen and it did. I was then 38 years old and George Orwell’s book was published in 1949 so how could he know. Big Brother was an idea, but he is here, in the shape of computers and watching us all.

In the meanwhile I have moved onto 2018 and time has literally flown past. 1984 was long ago, but I remember as a youngster thinking of the year 2000. I would count the years and I realised that I would then be 54 years old, that was then old. And so the year 2000 came and went and I am still here in 2018, aged 72. In the meanwhile many I knew have moved on. My mum already in the 20th century and dad in 2016, yes he become a centenarian.

Tomorrow will be 2019 and so time goes on. What does the future hold for me, for mankind? All I know is that there are too many familiar names I see as I take a walk through the local cemetery.

Solothurn Cemetery 07.10 (2)
RDP Monday: Segue

Good Morning


This morning we got a sunrise, the first time for a couple of weeks, although whether the clouds continue to lift we don’t know. Today is New Year’s Eve, so perhaps it might happen. I remember in the good old days when I was a working woman. This is was the time when it began to snow. No snow throughout the Christmas stress and then it would arrive with a revenge at the New Year, just when we were ready to begin working life again.

It seems since I am a member of the golden oldies, this does not happen and there is no sign of snow up to now, although in the higher reaches they have enough, but need it for their Winter sports season. I am not sorry about this.

So what are we dong for the New Year? Actually nothing special. There is no big meal planned in the evening and we will not be going to a New Year party: no-one invited us and if they had we would probably have politely declined. We used to stay up in the evening until midnight in the  past and serve a glass of champagne at the midnight hour. We would toast the New Year in with a hug and kiss. Since the golden oldie age has arrived we are lucky not to fall asleep before midnight and most probably will be hugging our beds already tonight. And the only cold refreshing drinks we have is pepsi cola or a bottle of mineral water. Times change as the new years pass bye.

I made a shopping list yesterday and noticed that we do not really have a lot to deal with. The shops are open again on Wednesday, so it looks like it will be a normal week again after the holidays. I am just hoping that there is not a siege in the supermarket today and I do not have to fight for a parking space. It seems when everything else is occupied there are always a few available spaces on the handicapped places. Someone told me in England they had posters saying if you take my parking space, then take my illness as well, or something in that way.

And now to move on. I still have some comments to acknowledge on my page, but will come back later as I have to go. I also had an update on my phone this morning from Apple or whoever. I was going for a wheelie yesterday, but I was too tired. Looks like my chair will have to wait until tomorrow for a journey into the unknown.

And now I must move on, things to do and places to buy food. Wishing all a happy bloggy  New Year and may it be a good one. And now all the church bells are ringing here.

New Year Clover

FOWC with Fandango: Pursuit

Evening Sky 06.12 (21)

We are always pursuing, but never arrive at the target. Here I was pursuing the sun but in the wrong direction. Today is Sunday so I only had the completion of a meal to pursue, but tomorrow the daily chase begins again. At the end of the day I reflect and discover although I achieved what I wanted to, the pursuance is never ending, infinitesimal until …. we all arrive at the same place eventually. It is not the supermarket and not as trivial as the game says.

FOWC with Fandango: Pursuit

RDP Sunday: Dirt

Vacuum Cleaner

This is part of one of my Dyson dirt sucking machines, know as vacuum cleaner.  Dirt is everywhere we know. Even our food grows in dirt, but that is different dirt, the home of insects and substances that encourage food plants to grow. Now we are talking about the dirt at home, the eternal battle to keep it clean in case you have unexpected visitors, or just for the sack of hygiene.

My vacuum cleaner helps with this battle against the dirt, but where does the dirt go. At the bottom of this photo, on this model,  you see a horizontal plastic container where the dirt collects until there is so much dirt that it has to be emptied. This is where Mr. Swiss comes into the picture It is his job to empty the vacuum cleaner,  far too technical for me.

This morning he opened the dirt collecting part and said a few profanities due to the cloud of dust that decided to invade his breathing apparatus. Of course he gave me a detailed analysis of what it contained and what I should no longer suck into the entrails of the machine. I was not really listening and it was a repeat performance from the last time and the time before etc., but eventually the bowels of the machine were emptied and so tomorrow I can again begin to fill it again.

This again was the proof that dirt is everywhere and we women are fighting an eternal battle to conquer it. Note I mentioned earlier one of my Dyson machines. You can never have too many vacuum cleaners, and I have a larger more powerful version for the larger spaces. This was also emptied this morning so now we can all relax and breathe deeply again.

RDP Sunday: Dirt

Good Morning


Nothing new to report. The usual crow is taking a walk to see if there is anything to scrounge and has not yet seen my bread remainders from yesterday.  The sparrows have settled in the trees and are ready to pounce after the crow has had his share.

Yesterday was a typical Saturday and I had to go to the store in the afternoon. Since the store now stays open until 6.00 p.m. instead of 4.00 p.m. on Saturday, it seems that many have now shifted their week-end shopping to Saturday afternoon. I do my main shopping on Friday but there are always a few bits and pieces left for Saturday. Sometimes I do not mind a shopping trip, but yesterday I was not in the mood. As soon as I got home again, I was back in the kitchen cooking. It is a sort of custom we have to have a cooked Saturday evening meal, so it was chilli con carne yesterday.

No. 1 son did his usual Saturday evening visit to town and someone left the key in our door inside after locking it. I was not very happy when he rang the bell to be let in, as it was blocked for his key, in the early hours of the morning.

Today I have some boiled beef for lunch with various vegetables. As it takes a while to cook, it is already in the pot and by lunch time it will be ready. A nice and easy meal and no work once it is started.

It seemed to have rained during the night, but is now clear, so I just might go somewhere this afternoon, if I do not hug the bed too long after lunch. And that is all I have to say. I have noticed that Winter gives less action to tell than Summer. Next week is New Year and the store closes at 4 p.m. in the afternoon on Monday, so it looks like another stress shopping day. I will be glad when these holidays are completely finished and life gets back to normal.

And having nothing left to say, I am now off to deal with my daily boring life. Have a good Sunday everyone.

Baseltor 25.12.2018

FOWC with Fandango:Temptation

Car Park for handicapped

Saturday afternoon and now the supermarket is open until 6.00 pm so plenty of time to do the shopping. I do my week-end shopping on Friday. Many families are working and this reduces the shopping competition in the store although there are still enough people there.

Saturday afternoon it is absolutely packed and the free parking spaces show a zero everywhere. I am handicapped, physically, but my brain still works. I can walk, something like a member of the Ministry of Funny Walks, but I need a stick at least and more suitable is a Walker, or the supermarket trolley does the job just as well. We have special parking spots for people like me and I am so glad and thankful. They are near to the entrance to the supermarket and I can save walking time. To use one of these special places you must have written permission from the police and show it in the window of the car. I have such a permission and mine is always in my car to be seen. I also have a wheelchair sticker on my car.

This afternoon I arrived at the supermarket for a few bits and pieces which I had forgotten the day before and every one of these special parking spots, 7 in all were occupied. I had a quick look and saw that I was the only person with permission. The others just happened to find an empty spot, at the cost of the less fortunate.

This was my temptation to find something sharp in my bag, a nail file or even a Swiss army officers knife, and scratch each one of these cars belonging to the selfish idiots who are fortunate enough to be able to walk normally, but as I said it is only my body that no longer works as it should, my brain still does. I found an empty spot next to these parking places, marked with a “X” meaning parking forbidden because it would block the delivery of goods. As it was Saturday, no goods were being delivered and I parked my car. I then went directly to the office in the store and registered my indignation.  The lady was understanding. Of course they cannot make an inspection every five minutes, but it worked. I began my shopping in the store and heard how over the loudspeaker five car numbers were called out to re-park their cars immediately. When I picked up my car there were a few more empty spots but one car, whose number was announced twice, was still there. Perhaps it was a handicapped person that could not hear so well.

I noticed there was an empty place next to my car, also on a place with a “X”, when suddenly a large combi wagon swept into the space and the driver climbed out and walked with no problems into the store.

I have now been given a telephone number and a name which I can call about this problem. Perhaps I am making a mountain out of a molehill and a stupid fuss, but when you either need a trolley or walker for support when getting your shopping and worry about falling most of the time,  I think just a little bit of thought could be spared.

Handicapped Sign

FOWC with Fandango:Temptation