Kammie’s Oddball Challenge 1/17/19

Carnival 12.01 (2)

In a month it will be carnival in our town of Solothurn and the stores are preparing. Some strange figures are appearing on the streets.

Ornament window 12.01.2019

It seems a new store is opening in the local town. I have no idea what sort of store, I suppose I should take a peep.

Baselstrasse 12.01.2019

I saw this chair on the street outside a house with a notice saying it is free and anyone can take it.  A good idea to rid yourself of unwanted furniture.

Kammie’s Oddball Challenge 1/17/19

FOWC with Fandango: Affable


The most affable person I have ever met is me
I am kind and generous, it is quite plain to see
I spend the money on buying food to eat
I am feeding the family, which also gives a treat
Washing clothes and ironing is also such a pleasure
The family wear them, so I wash again with leisure
My day is spent in giving and working for us all
I am so generous and really have a ball
I am allowed to clean the windows and also make the beds
I do this for the others to rest their weary heads
And when it is my birthday I will even bake a cake
Everyone eats it, so I do it for their sake
Perhaps you find this poem is getting quite ironic
but life needs these sacrifices to keep it all harmonic

FOWC with Fandango: Affable

RDP Friday: Chore


There it is waiting silently, daring me, even tempting. Shall I fill it with energy or not? A daily chore to be accomplished. I get a feeling that if I do not attack with its powerful lungs, inhaling dust, something is missing in my life. It is the household dragon that does not spit fire, just coughs up its dusty insides now and again when it is emptied. This monster fills itself daily. I was thinking of ignoring it, just leaving it to sulk in the cupboard. I can live without it, or can I? Life does not seem to work like that.

At the end of the day something is missing in my life. Is it a clean, dust free apartment. Do I begin to have hallucinations of corners with shadows of dust? Are there dark patches glaring at me from nooks and crannies. Perhaps a  spider has at last found its home. No, I cannot do this. I must let it suck and clean.

But wait, the mop is calling “what about me”. Yes what about you? After the dust removal comes the wiping of the floor surfaces, removing the stains, although there are no stains because you wipe daily, but if it is not done, you have a trail of guilt. It cannot be ignored and so the floors are wiped again, as every day. Something is missing in your life when it is not done. And the wet cells in your home. There is a toilet, a bath and shower – are these to be ignored? No, of course not, they are part of the assault, the daily battle to reassure you that it is done.

And do not forget the dishwasher It must have its chance to perform daily, and what it cannot do, you must complete yourself, otherwise there is something missing in your life.  Wet surfaces must be dried, otherwise there will be traces left.

At last finished, but wait. There is a pile of dirty washing calling in a corner. Feed us in the washing machine and afterwards let us be hung up to dry. And then the iron joins in. Do not forget me afterwards.

Extra chores: paying the bills, shopping, cooking, cleaning windows? They are the highlights to break the boredom.

Yes, life would be monotonous without.

RDP Friday: Chore

Good Morning

Morning Snow

When I looked out this morning first thing I saw snow which I was not expecting. Admittedly it was cold enough, but yesterday was a rainy day, nothing special, and a bit miserable. It is not actually snowing and the sun has now appeared, so perhaps it was just a small guest appearance.

Today is week-end shopping day. I have made the list and am glad to get going early enough, although first of all I like to tidy up. I tried doing it the other way round with shopping and afterwards the housework, but that is too much stress. My first problem this morning was my breakfast. I have cherry jam, which I quite like, but unfortunately the cherries drop off the bread and I had a sticky mess on the table. Not so bad but then it dropped onto my leg and that was not so pleasant. I also make my tea when I rise, but have to make enough water that the “sir” only has to heat it for a minute when he rises. He seems to have a yearning for coffee and the quicker the better it seems.

I also had to take down the washing that had dried overnight. Yesterday the cleaning lady was here and of course she needs cleaning rags. I usually carve up old underwear which is very practical for wiping surfaces when wet. I must have had at least 20 of these rags on the washing stand. However, everything is now in its right place, so another job dealt with.


The sparrows seem to be thirsty this morning. Actually the water is there for my cat, but she had already had her morning drink and is now sleeping so the water is for everyone. There were also a few crows hopping around helping themselves to the bread pieces from yesterday. It seemed there was a crow disagreement with a lot of flattering wings and cawing. Three of them all wanted a certain piece of bread it seemed. They have now disappeared, each with a beak full of bread pieces and the sparrows have now taken over.

Sparrows 17.01 (1)

We seem to have the best fed birds in the area, but only get sparrows at the bird house. We used to have great tits as well, the ones with the yellow breast, but this year I have only seen a couple. Perhaps because it has been a fairly mild Winter up to now and rarely deep snow fields. One thing is sure, we have the fattest sparrows and crows in the neighbourhood.

When I began to drive a car regularly again this year, at the age of 72, I though perhaps I was getting a little old to be a driver again. However, I am amongst the best company. Prince Philip of England, the Queen’s husband, is still driving at the age of 97. He even got into the headlines yesterday. He was taking a drive from his palace at Sandringham and as he got onto the road he had a collision with two ladies driving a Kia. Luckily he was not injured, but his Land Rover ended up on its side. It looked quite bad from the photos. However, apart from being badly shaken up (at 97 years old – no wonder) he did not need any serious medical attention, just had a check up from his private physicians. The other two ladies in their Kia had to go to hospital, but were released on the same day.  It looks like I have a good driving future, at least another 25 years at the wheel if my time does not come earlier. I might even have to get another new car in the meanwhile, who knows.  There is naturally now talk in Great Britain if it would not be time for the Duke to stop driving, but apparently he is not so happy about that.  Perhaps he also has to do the shopping for the Queen at the supermarket.

And now to move on. We had an interesting sky yesterday afternoon, it looked quite mysterious.

Afternoon sunset 17.01 (2)

A sort of shape of things to come, quite a doomsday effect. And on this happy note I will leave you to your daily chores. Have a good day everyone.