FOWC with Fandango: Resort

Evening Snow

I am resorting to the fact that the snow has now fallen and slowly turning our garden into a Winter holiday resort. Children can sledge down the slopes and build their snowmen. I am also resorting to the fact that it if the snow stays and freezes life in the car will not be as pleasant as usual. Using the brakes is almost non-existent and I must treat them as if they were jelly, wobbly and fragile on the slippery surface.

On the other hand the snow might disappear and our local government will organise its snow ploughs to remove the snow from the roads and spray salt on the surface. If this does not happen, I will resort to staying in bed for the remainder of the week and resort to ordering my shopping online from the store. They have something called “LeShop” where you can do it all by computer. Resorting will become my hobby.

Garden in Snow

FOWC with Fandango: Resort

RDP Monday: Note


I should have made a note to say there would be a shout
It is snowing fast and furious with danger of a whiteout
Otherwise my notes appear upon a cloud
I can see them in my iPad and iPhone also allowed
When you become a golden oldie, you tend to remember to forget
So I write it all in notes, to make sure that it will set
I have a note with the shopping list, which I make the day before
Combined with Mr. Swiss phone, I want to be very sure
What I forget he might remember, and what I have so does he
There are no excuses not to buy, the list he can also see
And then I have a book list to remember what to read
All connected to Amazon whose choices I often heed
If I park my car in a parking house with a numbered place
I also note the number quickly, so that I know my space
Yes, my iPhone notes are my memory, it tells my daily life
Lest I might forget it all, am just a simple housewife
In the younger days of youth and action, we used to write a note
But the handwriting has become quite shaky, illegible when wrote
Thank goodness for the digital, does not allow for mistakes
Although sometimes when typing, my hand might get the shakes.

RDP Monday: Note

Good Morning

Garden Snow

How the weather can change from one day to the other. When I started to hug the bed yesterday evening it was a quiet evening and everything under control. When I took my first look at the outside world this morning I was confronted with this white stuff everywhere, almost everywhere, but mainly in the garden.

And then I got the accompanying acoustics of an ambulance travelling from the hospital over the river and the noise of the snow ploughs. The sparrows literally pounced on the bread pieces I prepared this morning as if their last chance of food. Everything is different.


In the meanwhile there is a magpie sitting in a tree diving for some bread in between and the crow has arrived to find breakfast.

I saw that temperatures today would be a few degrees higher so suspected that we might get some snow. It is not such a frozen mass and I am sure that the roads will be clear when I eventually make my way to the store.

I got my new car in the last few days of December, a belated Christmas gift, I never thought I would hit the road again in my advanced years, but never give up I say. This new car has no key, but the modern development is a button. Just press the button in the car an you have ignition. Even the door opens automatically, just grip the door opener, there is a click and everything opens, even the car boot, but is this foolproof. I asked the guy at the garage and he said that I am the only one with the key and it is enough to have it in my pocket and the signal is set for the car. I think it is all WiFi or something similar. I read a report in the BBC News this morning that the car thieves are already developing their systems to open such cars by computerised methods. Some thieves just cannot leave it alone.

Swiss Apple tart

Otherwise I occupied myself with baking a Swiss apple tart in the afternoon. I have apples left from my tree and they are still ideal for a desert. I keep them outside now on the porch where they are sheltered and stay in good condition. As they are near the house walls there is no great danger of freezing.

And now to prepare for my safari to the shops. First of all I will take a walk with my vacuum cleaner and mop through the appartment. I now hear the sound of traffic moving on the nearby road and it seems that everything is flowing as normal, so it is only my garden and surroundings that is showing a white coat. Now I can hear the village church bells ringing but have no idea why. Perhaps it is just a bell practice and they are far too jolly for a funeral.

Needless to say I will not be making any excursions this afternoon, too much snow around and it might even begin to rain. Have a good beginning to the week and remember, it can only get better. It is now snowing outside, but very small flakes bordering on something more wet I hope. Looks like the trees in the front garden will get another layer of snow.

Garden Snow