Good Morning

River Aare, Solothurn

I am here again, but no-one really missed me. Thanks to the fact that I set my alarm an hour earlier my life is an hour ahead today. I had to be in town at 8.00 a.m as Mr. Swiss had an appointment with the eye doctor, and I had to visit my Doctor Vampire to donate two tubes of my precious body juice to the laboratories for various examinations.

My appointment was half an hour later that Mr. Swiss so I, of course, I took the opportunity to take a few photos before my appointment. The Doc Vampire has the surgery next to the river, so you are now getting a photo of the River Aare in Solothurn showing the pedestrian bridge with the St. Urs Cathedral in the background. We were also low on bread so I visited the supermarket  which was also in the area, to buy a loaf.

Suddenly my mobile phone quacked (no rings – it has a duck) and it was Mr. Swiss to tell me they have a new method for eye examination. Only a couple of drops in the eyes and the doc gets the results immediately. Mr. Swiss is doing well, no change in his eyes and only has to go again in a year. I had not even reached my Vampire Doc, was only just finished with the photographs. Anyhow as we were both in the same area Mr. Swiss said he would meet me at my doc. He was also able to drive home as it seems this new eye drop method is no longer so sight distorting as the old one was.

I arrived at my doc and the nurse extracted a tube of blood from one arm, but actually needed two. Unfortunately she had emptied the right arm and only a few weak drops arrived for the second tube. Vampires are never happy with small amounts and so the other arm was used for the remainder. I now have a plaster on each arm, although the blood has now completely stopped flowing. I will now have to wait until the next full moon for more and have two empty arms.

I am now back home again with time to spare. I had my breakfast before leaving this morning and so now to the normal work routine. Up to now there has been no rain, although there are grey skies

Hibiscus 10.07 (4)

My hibiscus is now flowering in the garden, so the rain must have been good for something. I have three bushes, all grown from  seeds from the original hibiscus which no longer exists. Actually it was a blue hibiscus, but with time the flowers returned to their original pink colour. And now I must really go, there are places to see in the appartment and rooms to visit with a vacuum cleaner.

Have fun, see you around

Good Morning

Renovation 29.06 (5)

Look, we have a new curtain, only unfortunately it might be permanent until the builders go back to where they came from. It hangs over our porch removing the little daylight that we  have  due to the shade of the scaffolding. Now I am really sharpening my claws and letting my corner teeth grow longer in the corners – is it full moon? Not only do we have to put up with the dirt and the noise, now they have stolen our remaining daylight. I do not know why, and I do not care, although it must have something to do with the repair work on the balcony above. I am keeping an eye open for No. 1 builder for an attack. Mr. Swiss tells me it is not the builders, but the balcony and roof people and I am not climbing up to the roof to find one. I will grab the first unsuspecting person wearing builders robes for an explanation.

I do not care if it is the King Builder himself, but it is annoying.  There are two days in the week, known as week-end, when we are builder free and life returns to almost normal and I do not want this thick red plastic curtain in front of my porch on Saturday and Sunday.

Otherwise I should concentrate on normal life which I believe still exists somewhere outside of where I live. The week-end shopping plan is made and they will let me out today to go shopping.

I had a rude awakening at 2.00 a.m. when I was deep in my beauty sleep. Two cats met outside the bedroom window: one growled and the other one screamed cutting through all decibels of noise. They seemed to be having a disagreement. We were both awake and our first through was our Tabby. However, we checked and found him sound asleep out on the porch on the other side of the appartment. He was safe and had no idea that two of his feline buddies were planning to kill each other. When cats fight they just go ahead and do not discuss it first of all. We opened the curtains but they were already gone and afterwards things more or less returned to normal, but my sleep was destroyed. There is nothing better than a healthy cat fight in the middle of the night.

I remembered my days in London, Many of us had cats and the slums were being cleared. Buildings were destroyed, but the stray cats remained and there were many. Most of them settled in an empty basement of a wood working factory just around the corner to where we lived. It was cat territory pure. London is not really cat country, but they survived with no problem, and reproduced to infinity.

It rained again in the night, but not so much. I noticed with pleasure yesterday that another flower was growing amongst the  building  objects outside. It might not be a tree in Brooklyn, but it is a hollyhock in our front yard next to the scaffolding fighting for its right to survive.

Hollyhock 28.06.2017

Good Morning

Morning Sky

It is a wonderful morning here: normal temperatures, a slight breeze, blue sky in the background and clouds which are gradually transforming into the fluffy stage. We had another thunder storm yesterday evening which was good for the garden. After a week of heat, at last it is recovering.  Of course this is all happening to the background noise of the building team circulating around our appartments, but that is at last some action. We used to live in a quiet, serene, sleepy part of the village where the morning chore would be to see what had grown in the garden overnight. Today we just take a look at the scaffolding to see what has appeared in the meanwhile.


This is the photo of today’s still life.  I awoke to the sounds of the roof workers ascending the steps to the top of the building, greeting each other on the way. It is all quiet on our side at the moment, although I hear footsteps above. They have left me in peace to eat my breakfast. They will soon arrive to continue the cladding of our appartment.

Yesterday I was a little annoyed with WordPress. I have my own little system and routine. I usually write my daily prompts on my Apple computer as it flows easy and no problem. When I finished I checked in quickly in the Reader before switching the computer off, and noticed that it was not the same as usual, but I was too quick to notice why.

Afterwards I fired up my microsoft Acer computer as I prefer this one for answering various challenges. I went to the reader to see what had arrived and was a little puzzled. Although I saw the newest events in the reader, my complete sidebar had disappeared. It is when such items are no longer there, you realise how much you rely on them being there. After a few tries, the sidebar remained stolen. I checked on my iPad – no sidebar in the reader. The first thought is always what did you do wrong. I was in Facebook and one of my followers was complaining that she could not transfer to Facebook very well from WordPress.

In the meanwhile I wanted to post on my One Word Challenge, the word being “gorilla”. I had taken pains in the supermarket to take a photo of a gorilla if I found one, which I did. Actually Mr. Swiss pointed it out to me in the toy section and said that one of the female customers was have a good laugh at my attempts to get a good photo. What we do for WordPress knows no limits.

To continue, I wrote my piece, but had problems to find the challenge to post my article because my sidebar was still missing.  I eventually found what I was searching for and when I was ready to upload I got a completely different, highly complicated method of crossposting to my Facebook community page. In the meanwhile I had written a complaint to WordPress telling them about the missing sidebar in my reader. They even gave me an answer. Did they say they happened to be re-organising. No – they told me it was a browser problem and perhaps I should try another browser etc. etc. This was combined with very complicated instructions where you had to be a second Bill Gates to understand what it was all about. Basically all they had to say was we are messing around again with our set up, be patient.

In the meanwhile my sidebar in Reader appeared again, all on its own without any complicated manoevres by me. The case was then clear. I was doing the wrong thing at the wrong time yesterday. The new set up for crossposting to Facebook remains. I suppose it goes under the name of “improvement”, although the original system was much quicker and less complicated. Cyber golden oldies really do not need this sort of occupational therapy.

I know some do not work with the reader, but we all have our own routines and for me routine is the basis of an uncomplicated online life where we know where we are going and why.

And now back to normal life, a little bit of cleaning, and a big bit of window cleaning, although not such a big problem as I do it regularly. I will leave you with another one of my spectacular photos of the Bernese Alps taken on Monday, the light was right.

Alps 26.06 (1)

Good Morning

River Aare 23.06 (8)

Guess who went for a walk yesterday evening? Yes, I dared to go out again. Since last week-end I was at home except for a few exciting excursions to the supermarket. I had the time in the evening, but not the energy, although I think it was more a head thing than a body thing. I was reading a good book that I really did not want to put down until finished – The Scarred Woman by Jussi Adler Olsen, one of his best. I was reading it on Mr. Swiss older iPad which he actually gave No. 1 son as he likes to listen to his favourite pop groups and watch on Youtube and other web sites. I felt a bit guilty using it although son No. 1 did not say anything, but now he has it again. I usually upload my own books on my Kindle, but if we both want to read the same, then we save double the costs by reading on each other’s iPad where we have both installed the Kindle app – oh what a cyber golden oldie team we are.

Cows 23.06 (1)

I decided to take the path to the River Aare and the bull and his brides were still grazing on the field next to the river bank. That bull is really leading a perfect life. His women look after all his needs. I was a little worried before I took off on my walk whether I could manage it after the heatwave we have experienced in the last week, but I was pleasantly surprised that I managed quite well with the walking. It was so peaceful along the river and there was a pleasant cool breeze blowing. In the evening it is quieter than usual. Many have now taken to the water with their boats, enjoying the coolness of the evening .

River Aare 23.06 (17)

I sat a while on my bench on the river bank and then began the ascent of the 69 steps to the top of the hill. I met a young couple before moving on and the lady spontaneously asked me if she could be of assistance, noticing my walking stick. It was a very nice gesture, but I assured her that I could manage OK. They are the perks in life which put you in a good mood. Anyhow I climbed the steps  and am quite proud to be able to do it without making a pause on the way.

River Aare 23.06 (20)

There is another stratigically placed bench at the top of the climb and is a good look out for photos. You have a view to the other side of the river extending to the hills before the alps begin to show. As it was a sunny day with heat there was not such a good view of the alps, but the corn fields ripening were just as good a view. A goods train appeared on the railway for some action, and I noticed there were automatic sprinklers watering the fields.

Stork 23.06 (3)

I looked up and saw a big  bird in the sky. Yes, it was a bird and not Superman. My knowledge of birds is not so good, but I was sure this was a stork, as it was really big. We have a stork colony in the village of Altreu further along the river. It was founded by a teacher at the local high school and I remember my step son having biology lessons with him. In the meanwhile the teacher has passed away, but the stork colony still exists. It used to be stationary, but now it is only a base for the storks, and they are encouraged to fly, which is an advantage if you happen to find them with your camera. The only problem is that if they happen to settle on the roof where you live they do tend to make a mess – storks have quite a digestive process. Sometimes they sit on the lamp posts along the road. This time there were two circling above my head so I did my best for a photo. I did not have the zoom lens on the camera, but the 200 lens, so got a clear photo.

It was now time to move on, although I warned Mr. Swiss that I would probably rest awhile on the way to take in the scenery. I was suprised that everything went so well. I felt really good when I got home and refreshed. I was really glad to get out for a while. As I was on the home stretch, I, at last, could take a few photos of the lavender we have growing around the trees in our settlement.

Lavender23.06 (3)

This morning the sun is nowhere to be seen but still quite warm – it is summer of course. I am glad for a little cooling down. I have no plans today, but who knows, perhaps another walk might be made this evening. It was so good to get out yesterday.

Good Morning

Cows 17.06 (1)

I think this cow wanted to tell me something, but as I do not speak moo I never found out what it was. It is another hot one today and it seems the heat wave is remaining until next week on Tuesday. I can manage with it, but will be glad when it cools down and perhaps a shower of rain or two.

Yesterday I had a hot weather programme – no cooking, just salad and the trimmings. It was almost a relief to go to the store as they have air conditioning. I am not a lover of air conditioning, but just now and again is not too bad in between. It seems we can buy a stand alone air conditioner and do not have to have the complete apartment equipped. In a month no-one will be talking about heat waves probably, so I do not really see the point. At the moment we have all windows open and there is a pleasant breeze blowing through. However as soon as the heat turns on it will be curtains closed and windows closed to keep the heat wave outside.

Today there were no half-naked builders in front of my window – what a disappointment. However, I heard them on the roof, and the upper floors with their hammers, drills and flame throwing torches, if only they could fix silencers on the tools.

Talking of silencers, we were in the car park at the supermarket and a car, Toyota, pulled in next to ours. It seemed to appear from nowhere, and then I noticed there was no accompanying motor noise. It was completely silent. Mr. Swiss said it must be an electric car. I saw a car yesterday advertising driving lessons only for Tesla cars. Again I asked the expert, and was told that would be driving lessons for only electric powered cars, Tesla being one of the makers. Does that mean that we no longer will have to tank gas and everyone will gradually get an electric point on the outside wall of their buildings to upload their cars overnight? Roads will  become silent places and golden oldies like us might have problems not hearing the car coming when crossing the road.

Yesterday someone dared to ring our doorbell as we were having our midday golden oldie sleep which is sacred. We live on the ground floor and it is always the easiest solution to ring our bell when the neighbours are not at home. Actually the apartment next to ours has been empty since April. It was rented and the people moved away in time before the big build and I do not blame them. Of course no-one is going to move in at the moment with all the dirt and destruction occurring around us and so there is no-one there to open the door and the next door is ours. We are friendly people basically, but not when we are slowly slipping into our dormant stage at lunch time. There was a female telling us they want to adjust the outside water tap to the size of the new facade and make the attachment longer and whether we had the key.

Mr. Swiss dealt with her, was not over friendly, and told her to ring the owners of the appartment. She said they had to do the job now, and we told her it was none of our business. She departed so we do not know how she solved her problem. Our midday sleep was ruined, although I remained hugging the bed. I do not have to sleep, but just relax: family Angloswiss are not available after lunch, that is law in our four walls.

And now to move on to something completely different whilst the sun is still on the cool side. Of course I cannot leave you without the building photo of the day. They had to remove the solid stone steps to our windows. This was the job for a weight lifter, carrying that weight.

Renovation 19.06 (4)