Daily Prompt: Where is the nest?

Spider 22.08 (1)

“Eeek, aaah”

“What’s happened, did you have accident?

“No, yes, kill it.”

“Kill what?”

“That spider, it is disgusting.”

“But it’s only a small spider and has now run under the cupboard. You frightened it away. What are you doing?”

“I am moving the cupboard so that you can find it and kill it.”

“No way, that cupboard is far too heavy.”

“Then help me to shift it.”

“Stop moving the cupboard, you have frightened it and it is walking across the floor.”

“I am really not interested in the path of a spider, tread on it, squash it.”

“Definitely not, and come down from that chair.”

“But it might creep onto my foot.”

“It will not creep anywhere. It is now going up the wall. What are you doing with that fly swatter?”

“I am not doing anything with the fly swatter, but you can knock it off the wall and when it arrives on the floor, squash it with the swatter. Where is it now?”

“I think it disappeared into the bathroom.”

“You will have to find it.”

“But it will do no harm in the bathroom.”

“How do you know, there might be another spider hiding there. I saw one last week, but it escaped. There might be a whole nest of spiders in the bathroom and I am not going into the bathroom to find out.”

“Ok, just stay cool, I will have a look.”

“What’s that noise?”

“No worry, I dropped a glass, but found another one to cover the spider. All I need now is a piece of paper. Look, it is now trapped beneath the glass on the piece of paper.”

“And what are you going to do with it.”

“I will now put it outside in the garden where it belongs.”

“You can’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“It’s freezing cold outside and it will probably die.”

“Just a minute: I have pushed a cupboard around, jumped into the bath to eventually catch the spider because you were in a panic and now I have caught it, I am not allowed to put it outside because it might freeze to death. I thought you wanted it to go.*

“Of course I do, but not outside, that is cruel.”

“OK, no problem.”

“What are you doing.”

“I am putting it on your Palm tree in the living room.”

“But it might spin a web and live there.”

“Exactly, that is what spiders do. They spin a web to make a nest and sit in it all day long. Perhaps it might trap a fly or another insect in the web and then we kill two flies with one spider.”

“I don’t want a spider living on my palm tree.”

“Forget it, it will be able to spend a nice warm winter in our home and I am sure it will no longer take a walk across the floor.”


“I have to shift a cupboard back to the corner and afterwards sweep the glass I dropped in the bathroom.”

“You broke my tooth brush glass.”

“It slipped out of my hand, I had to use the other glass afterwards. Now leave me, I want to watch a good film on the TV.”

“Which film is that?”

“Arachniphobia. What’s the matter, come out of that broom cupboard, there might be spiders in there.”

Daily Prompt: Where is the nest?

Daily Prompt: It’s a droll life

Funny bird

It all began with a meeting. Democratic decisions were made and it was quickly discovered that democracy is only for those that agree with each other. The minority that did not agree were those with the silver threads in the hair and too old to realise what it was all about. There was a second meeting and this one was completely democratic because those that were laughed at the first time with their grey hairs and senior pensions did not bother to attend.

The result of this democratic decision was that everyone had to bare with the uncomforable situation of being surrounded by a building chaos, but it was only 7-8 months, a summer of a golden oldie life. Eventually the work was finished and the chaos disappeared, although not quite. There was now a breath of fresh air in the chaos and you could have something that the others did not have, although at an extra price.

This shed a new light on the situation. Democracy was no longer called for, the dices had fallen and there was freedom of decision if you had the money to go with it. People are not all the same. It can be quite droll when a staunch opponent of a democratic decision finds that it was a good idea after all, especially if they can have something the others do not have and are pleased to tell everyone how nice it looks.

After all the discomfort and inconvenience was worth it. Droll isn’t it.

Daily Prompt: It’s a Droll Life

Good Morning

Morning Sky

There is some sort of structure in the sky this morning, which is more than  I can say for me. My bed was too comfortable and it did not want me to leave. I managed to wrench myself away and arrived in the kitchen. It was a mistake but there was no turning back.

Yesterday I had a wonderful surprise. Mr. Swiss was shopping and returned with something for me, which was not food. It was a real gift something I had needed for a long while and never found it. I needed a new handbag, but not just a skimpy neat looking object, something that had room and it had to be a shoulder bag. I had been searching online for some time but you cannot see the actual size on a computer screen. I had a look in the local shops but if the bag was big enough it was not a shoulder bag and I no longer carry a handbag in my hand. It works much better for me across the shoulder.

Why such a big bag? I only carry a purse with money. I keep my mobile phone in the pocket of my jacket. It is because I like to have room for my camera. Mr. Swiss took the trouble to inquire in a leather shop if they had something suitable, and they did. The saleslady had to search for it and found it in the shop window. It is ideal: there is a special pocket for my mobile phone, although I probably won’t need it so much, but ideal for my camera. There would even be space to also carry my zoom lens with me, although on my shopping safaris taking photos from the car window, it would not be necessary.  I take my flower photos with my mobile phone camera in the store.

However, this was an answer to my wishes.  I have a few camera bags, but they are not what I need. I needed something more versatile. It is just perfect and a wonderful strong leather.

Replacing Tiles

In the meanwhile my tile pile in the front garden is slowly disappearing as the gardeners replace them. Work is progressing and they will do the rest this afternoon and the tiles will eventually be gone. Next Monday it is planned to  redo my entrance to the front garden by not planting the privet bush they removed, but leaving it open for me to enter and leave with my wheelchair. They will also pave the space that is now just earth in the same style as the rest of the garden, all included in the costs, with nothing extra to pay. Things are really now getting back to normal.

I will be so glad to be able to get out and about again, although my wheelchair will probably only be delivered end November just in time for the first snowfalls when I avoid going anywhere.

Christmas Tent

Today is again time for the week-end shopping, the Christmas sales tent is waiting. Time goes so fast it seems only yesterday that I composed our last list. I did my list yesterday at the table after the evening meal. Mr. Swiss said he had no idea, and whilst he cleared the stuff away it was alreay set up on my phone. I realise how much making notes really helps. As a golden oldie I forget so much, but if I write it down straight away there is no problem. Who needs a phone for telephone calls? No-one calls me, I just call my doc now and again. It is my lifeline for making notes. Take a photo of a plant in the supermarket, get home and cannot remember what it was? No problem, just jot it down in notes on your phone and of course all my life saving apps.  I know the iPhone X is a luxury, but I deserve luxuries at my age. I never had time to indulge in them my whole life being there for the others. It has a good camera and other qualities and I am used to it. I never got the hang of a Samsung, I am an Apple person.

Autumn 08.11 (3)

And now I am on my way to my normal daily life. Actually it is a good life in a way. It is shorter than it was, but I am a lucky person to have what I need (that is until I get my iPhone X 🙂 )

Enjoy the day and remember to clean your computer screen. I had to give mine a wipe over yesterday, too many stains from breakfast.

Share Your World – November 6, 2017

Would you rather take a 2 week vacation with an organized tour or take a cruise of your choice?

Leaving England

Organised is not a word I associate with holiday or vacation. Organised means accounting for the time of the day and that is something I did when I was a working woman. No more long vacations, but perhaps short trips made spontaneously. Cruising is OK, I did it when I was 17 years old on a school trip around the Baltic Sea. It was great visiting all those countries you would never otherwise see, but we were young and time had another meaning. Today I might take a boat trip along the local river to the next town, but not further. Even my flying days are over. Since my dad passed away in England I no longer have a reason to travel so far and to be quite honest I am glad. Travelling on long holidays is not for a golden oldie like me.

Did you like swinging as a child? Do you still get excited when you see a swing?

Playground, Restaurnt Einsiedelei, Rüttenen

Of course I liked to take a ride on a swing when I was a kid. Growing up in the East End of London, we had our playgrounds with swings. It was a concrete playground, but we would swing with no worries, it was the survival of the fittest. It was all made of metal and wood, so you might get a splinter or have a bad fall. The swings were held by strong metal chains. Today the swings seem to be something more refined, colourful and of course very safe and all in plastic or some sort of artifical material. Life today is full of “health and safety” rules and the swings are the victims. No more danger of falling or taking risks in the official playgrounds.

What is the most important thing that you ever learned ? (I bet it’s not something you learned in school)

No idea, although perhaps being able to operate a computer or iPad, even an iPhone. And I could recite the poem “Jabberwocky” from Lewis Carroll by memory.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Clouds 30.10 (1)

I decided to join the Cloud Appreciation Society. I had been following it for some time as an inactive member, but now I have joined. Clouds are fascinating objects and change constantly. It is an international society and there are members all over the world.

I also ordered my electric wheelchair last week. I need my mobility to go places and relying on my stick is no longer such a sure thing after having two falls. My journeys are limited to 40 kilometers with the battery, but that is far enough. My limit will probably be around 5-10 kilometers according to where the photos are.

Share Your World – November 6, 2017

Daily Prompt: Walking around with my head in the fluff

Cloud Books

If you have decided on something new, then do it properly. Do not beat around the bush (or clouds in this case). go to the point. Join The Cloud Appreciation Society and read all about it in two of their publications. The book on the right is a general “know your cloud” book with all the variations and names. I quickly discovered that learning latin at school would have been an advantage knowing the cumulus, nimbostratus, cirrus and all the other various descriptions. Cloud is not just cloud. If you boil water you get a cloud in the kitchen. Its composition is similar to those hanging over our heads, being 100% water drops, but the ones outside have more space to spread and develop and go forth and multiply.

Clouds 18.o07 (1)

If you want it fluffy, then take a look at this one. It was hovering over my village of Feldbrunnen on 18th July, although it is not just one cloud, but a complete tribe.

The Cloud Collectors Handbook is more for the professionals like myself (I will get there one day). On the first page you write your name showing that this book belongs to only you. It is a hardcover book full of wonderful cloud illustrations in colour and you can record your cloud sightings, if you know what you are seeing. You do not upload such books on your Kindle. This is my one exception of smelling a real book and the feel of it. A cloud deserves more than an electronic device.

And so I am now walking around with my head in the clouds and a camera. Unfortunately this can lead to slight accidents if your foot remains in the wrong place: hanging around with the clouds can be a dangerous pasttime, but also a rewarding one.

Clouds 22.09 (5)

I very much like this one, and I think it is called a cirro stratus. I am still not 100% certain of the names of these clouds, but I am getting there. I saw this one of 22nd September hovering over the Jura mountains as we were leaving the village. Am I boring you, yes I know, we cloud people do tend to get over enthusiatic when we begin to talk about our cloud collections.

Fluff used to be what my vacuum cleaner found when doing its work, but now the word has taken on another meaning. I used to take photos of the surroundings and now when Mr. Swiss drives off to the unknown I have my camera ready to follow the clouds along the road. I even now suggest that he parks on the top floor at the supermarket (there are only two floors, groud level and No. 2) because the view from the top is much better for taking cloud photos that are even hovering over the pre alps.

Clouds 21.10 (1)

Sometimes the fluff gets a little confused and does not know which was to go. The life of a cloud is rarely longer than 10 minutes, so you have to be quick and ready for your photo. Is that why Mr. Swiss gets nervous when he sees me aiming at a cloud in the sky, wondering if I will survive? At least the last photo on my camera for the day will be memorable and definitely a cloud.

Daily Prompt: Walking around with my head in the fluff

Good Morning

Clouds 28.10 (5)

I am not welcoming you this morning with a morning cloud photo, because it is grey in grey and looks like the pillows on my bed when I leave it in the morning. This is from yesterday evening. I noticed with these cloud shows you have to be quick to capture them at the right moment. Five minutes later the sky begins to darken and the big light effects are gone. Of course when Mr. Swiss saw me moving a little further afield to catch the complete effect he gave out warnings about falling and being careful, so I had to hurry. As I turned he was standing outside with his iPhone camera also capturing the moment, so I say no more.

Anyhow after my depressive moments yesterday it can only get better. I now trust myself again to walk around inside with no aids from a stick. I still have a reminder in my left foot from my fall, but now it is just a reminder and not a warning. I would like to thank all of you that uttered your words of sympathy and advice. You no longer feel so alone in your bad moments, we all have our crosses to bear.


I had another lifting device yesterday. My garden is now approaching the dying time, when you should clear out the yellow and brown leaves. I asked my son if he would do me a favour and remove the dying hosta leaves, but only if they easily could be pulled away. Hostas are good if you wait long enough, they just give up parting from the ground and it is easy to complete the job. I had to explain exactly what and where, him being an autist, but he set to the work with no problem and did the job in five minutes, where I would have needed half an hour if at all. He never says no when you ask.

We now have this thing called daylight saving time, although we called it “putting back the clocks” in my younger days. This means that I got an hour more sleeping time. Of course your routine is toally upside down. On the other hand you awake and realise there is no rush, you can lay a little longer. I found myself catching up on my comments on my iPad at 5.00 a.m. instead of 6.00 a.m. but this had its advantage. It was an hour earlier, but afterwards I put my iPad to one side on the bedside table, closed my eyes, and yes, I slept for a further hour. Even Mr. Swiss compensated with an early morning sleep which is rare for him.

Oh and I had a dream, a real event. I was on a cruise ship with the family and we eventually docked in at Geneva. Geneva is on a lake, not an ocean, but we could not enter the harbour and so we had to wait next to the beach. This was all very surreal, especially when we arrived in a restaurant on the coast (which Geneva does not have) and I left the family to take some photos of Geneva. The photo taking was complicated because I had to walk to get to the right place through a hotel and when I finally returned after taking some great photos, the restaurant was empty and Mr. Swiss had disappeared. I was then very lucky, I awoke, so I do not know if I ever found him. Another warning not to get carried away by taking photos I suppose.

Anyhow I awoke this morning feeling refreshed and ready to go and now for a nice quiet Sunday. It is very cold ouside and we have high winds, but there is a freshness in the air. Beginning the morning hours with no darkness  certainly makes a difference.


And another boring moon photo: we have now reached half moon. I keep rehearsing with these moon photos, without using my tripod, until I get there.

Have a good Sunday, with or without changing your clocks. If you forgot even better, you win an hour that you did not expect. I love that time changing in October, I get another hour’s sleep. We are now all digital with our computers, so there is no excuse really to forget.

Good Morning

Plane trails in the sky 21.10 (1)

No, I am not flying anywhere today, but it is late for my good morning, so I this will be short and sweet, although I am not so good at that, but will do my best.

First of all I took the photo this morning as I had nothing better to do. It was with my zoom lens, so got the plane closer as usual. Otherwise the reason for my late start you can blame on my browser connection or whatever. It seems they lost or cut a cable in our area and the villages of Biberist down to Feldbrunnen were without Internet connection. OK, no big deal, because I am convinced that our little villages are  small places on the world map compared to towns like New York, Zürich or even Paris. It was a big step for us because we were lost and had no way to connect.

This really showed me how much we depend on this computer stuff. I knew nothing what was going on in the world because I had no Internet. I wanted to tell everyone that today is Mr. Swiss birthday (78 years old). He is now in town for a few bits and pieces and called in at our local browser office to see what was happening and they gave him the news. In the meanwhile the exclamation mark disappeared from my WLAN symbol or whatever, and I was alive again.

And now to the kitchen, this was just a short interlude. I also have a few comments to answer on my blogs, but that might arrive later. I have rice to cook and my special chicken breasts wrapped in bacon slices for the oomph in the taste. Leaving you with a few morning clouds (did I tell you that is my latest hobby), enjoy the day and don’t worry be happy, even if your Internet breaks down, life goes on.

Clouds 21.10 (2)