Good Morning


A bit of an explosive sky this morning: it is raining and there is a cold wind blowing but I ventured out to see the action. After a restful week-end I am now ready to battle through the week again.


I went into town on Saturday afternon to see some action. There were groups of shoppers here and there, but it seems that people do not shop as they used to. The streets used to be packed with families clutching shopping bags and so were the stores. The stores have now reduced themselves, and we have just one large store in our town. The others have closed and are being refurbished into appartments or restaurants. I can see a future of empty buildings and the housewives sitting at the computer ordering everything online. It used to be such lively town. I had a wheelie in my chair past our Advent calendar transformed old arsenal, which is now a museum showing old Swiss weaponry and suits of armour. Every day a new window is showing the advent picture. It has become a Christmas tradition in Solothurn.


In the meanwhile we have got some blue sky and it has also stopped raining, even the sun has appeared, so it looks like good day after a slow start.

I have no big plans today. It is Monday and there are no important appointments. My weeks of stress now seem to be normalising. I will be off to the store this afternoon with a shopping list. There are only two dental appointments this week, but both at a sensible time in the afternoon and nothing big time.


The big birds are still visiting in the morning. Here is one of the crow tribe with two magpies. I notice the are no longer feeding so much. I now have half a food supply left in the evening. It seems their requirements are now filled.


The tits now like to sit comfortably in the trees and keep an eye on food supplies. I always spread some food on the ground which seems to be a favourite sparrow eating place.


Yesterday was the second Sunday in advent and so it was time to light the second candle on our Christmas wreath. This year I am making an effort to brighten up the mid Winter days with a few decorations. Some of the neighbours have a complete light show on their patios and balconies, but I keep it to a few decorations indoors.


On this note I will leave you for the beginning of the week. May it be a good one, no unnecessary excitement and keep well.


One Word Sunday: Layered

Front Garden

About two years ago our building was given a face lift. The garden also had to suffer, and to make room for the scaffolding they removed some of the stones from the porch, but they piled them up neatly in the garden. After the work had been completed they were replaced. In the meanwhile I found them handy for my potted plants.

One Word Sunday: Layered

Good Morning


I am actually saying good morning in the evening and to prove it I took a few photos outside. The neighbour already has her illuminated Christmas tree in her garden outside.


This photo did not come out so well, but I took it, as the other night photos, only with my telephone camera. It was cold and dark outside and I did not want to have an accident whilst stolpering in the garden. I think my hand was shaking a little as the dots of light became pillars.

Otherwise I will not have so much time tomorrow morning as at 10.30 I will be on the way with Mr. Swiss to the dentist for a dental appointment at 10.45. It is no big deal, as most golden oldies he will be have nice new teeth and we are hoping that we are now approaching the end of the dental work.

Today was a bit of a stress day for me. All sorts of adaptions were necessary on my computer and sometimes that stuff can really get confusing, especially if you are a golden oldie. I got a new credit card a couple of weeks ago, and am still discovering certain payments that do not go through because I have not yet entered the new number. They have now all been completed I hope.

It was a dark day today and I only left the supermarket when it was already dark. I noticed that driving on dark evenings, especially with rain, is not ideal. However I arrived home safely and proudly showed Mr. Swiss the Christmas wreath that I bought.


I got the seal of approval. The first candle will be lit on the first Sunday of Advent, next Sunday. I have not celebrated Christmas for a couple of years, but am now feeling like a little kid and cannot wait to get into action. Over the week-end I will be raiding the cellar to see what I can find for small decorations. And now to move on. I would like to spend a relaxing evening with the TV. Have a good day everyone.