Good Morning

Back Garden

This morning I decided to be kind to my bed and rested a while longer. I have no urgent chores today, just the usual. The cleaning lady did her good work yesterday and it is not clean linen on the bed day this week. I changed and washed the bathroom and shower garniture yesterday and now I am up to date on everything more or less. My car is now on the parking place outside until the evening as they are cleaning out the garage today and so I have no stress.

As you can see it is quite a grey day today, but I am hoping for a little sunshine in the afternoon and the opportunity to go out in my wheelchair and see things. It is has been quite a stressful week with hardly any “me” time and photos have only been local.  My camera says give me something new, so I will do my best.

Amalanchier - Wild Pear

There is quite a bit of action in the garden however. Blossoms are appearing everywhere. In the first photo you can see a tree on the right and here is a close up of the blossoms. It is what we call a “Felsenbirne” in German, the latin name being amalanchier with many variations in english. Literally translated it it would be a rock pear and the cnglish descriptions in Wikipedia are many. I choose to call it a Wild pear. It has no pears, just some messy dark berries in Autumn. The neighbour says you can eat them, but I am not interested.

Apple blossoms

And look what I discovered this morning. The first apple blossoms have arrived, meaning that the tree survived yet another year in its 18 year old life and we might get apples this year. Last year was a record harvest of over 200 apples and we only finished baking apple tarts from the supply a month ago. I have a second apple tree, gala, which I planted from an apple seed. Also that bears apples, but it flowers later than my other tre which is a fiorina apple.

And we had livestock in the kitchen yesterday.

Crane Fly

I noticed movement on the kitchen tiles and discovered a visitor: a crane fly I believe. It was quite big and fluttering around. I waited for it to settle and managed to get a few shots. Except for the fire bugs that is the only insect I have noticed up to now. The flies have not yet returned from wherever they go in winter and as far as I am concerned they can stay where they are. I had a good solution last year for keeping them away. They do not like mint plants so I always had one in the kitchen and the living room and it worked. I had almost a fly free summer in the apartment-

And now time to move on. A woman’s work is never done, although today I have time. I am in suspense to see what the day will bring. Every day can be an adventure. Mine is usually that I survive until the evening without falling. Have a safe day everyone, and may it be a good one. I will leave you with a glance at my hawthorn bush which is now flowering, in spite of the fact that a neighbour tried to kill it with the garden shears. I still have not forgiven her.


FOWC with Fandango: Cantankerous


Cantankerous was me today, late afternoon. First of all I had to write a piece which took an hour of my time. Time that I would rather have spent on a wheelie in my chair.

At last I could deal with my bloggy stuff and began to write when suddenly the right hand glass dropped out of my glasses Admittedly it had been a little shaky lately, but now it dropped out. After examination I realise there must be a minute, microscopic sized screw somewhere that was holding the frame together on the righthand size. Without glasses I could not find it, so I gave up.

What to do? Without glasses I cannot read, write and worst of all drive the car. I searched and found my last pair of eye glasses and although not exactly perfect I could see. I am an action woman so the next step was climb into the car and drive off to the supermarket where my optician is. In two minutes I was finished  with the repair work and the young man cleaned the glasses, replaced the screw and I was seeing again. I was no longer so cantankerous.

Next Friday afternoon another visit to the optician for an eye test. I really need new eye glasses. It has been almost 10 years since I got the last ones.

FOWC With Fandango: Cantankerous

RDP Monday: Dazzle

Tulip 08.04 (2)

I decided to dazzle everyone with my tulip that opened this morning. I was off shopping this afternoon and wanted to make a few more better photos of this tulip when I returned home. My tulip went on strike. It had been teasing me with its buds since a week. It was closed this morning, but just before lunch it opened, with its colleagues.

When I returned from my shopping trip I equipped myself with my mobile phone and camera and decided to take a few more better photos. My tulip had closed its buds. How could it be so mean? There I was ready to take my Pulitzer prize award winning photo and the tulip refused to pose. The sun had also disappeared, so perhaps tulips only open when the sun shines or they only open for a few hours during the day.

My dazzling tulip photo is not as good as I wanted. Our hawthorn bush is also flowering, so here it is as a compensation. I nearly killed the neighbour this morning. The hawthorn bush separates her garden territory to mine and it only began to flower yesterday. There she was out in the garden with her garden shears cutting off twigs of the hawthorn. I really did not want an argument, called Mr. Swiss and we both got rather loud. She heard us (which was intended). She asked if we meant her. We said yes and now was not the time to cut twigs off a flowering hawthorn. “But they are dry” was her weak answer. Of course they were not dry, they had not yet produced the flowers, but leaves were there. She was also thinking about attacking another bush, but realised that it would not be such a good idea and eventually disappeared. This was not the first time. I was dazzled by her actions.

So here is the hawthorn, and there are still some berries on the twigs from last year.

Hawthorn 08.04 (1)

RDP Monday: Dazzle

Good Morning

Castle Waldegg 02.04.2019

I really cannot put you all in a dull mood by showing today’s sky which is grey in grey to say the least. The sunny days of Spring are now taking a rest and to increase the negativity it is also raining. Whether we will have some snow tomorrow as indicated by our weather frogs (in Switzerland there is a belief that if you have a pet frog in a jar he will prophesy the weather) I do not know, but perhaps only in the higher places. In the meanwhile you see yesterday’s afternoon weather as I took a wheelie in my chair to the local castle Waldegg and its stables and farm

Chickens 02.04 (1)

And they have yet a new rooster on the farm, or the old rooster has put on weight and grown a new luxury coat of feathers. As I was standing a distance behind the fencing I could not get a better view.

Goats 02.04 (1)

A year ago they had an addition on the farm of two goats. They were settled next to the chicken run and seemed to be doing well. I noticed on one of my early visits this year that there was now only one goat and she had her own pen. Laying next to her were two kids, which must have arrived last Autumn. Daddy goat was no longer there, I had tried for a few photos and yesterday was success. There was a girl feeding them with grass and the kids were curious to see if it was something new on the menu. At last I managed to get a photo of them. Usually they are usually laying next to mum in their pen.

Cows 02.04 (9)

And the cows were out. It was the first time that I had seen the cows this year on the pastures, although I had heard them from inside their barns. They seemed to be enjoying the fresh air and I was glad to see them again.

It was quite a rewarding trip yesterday afternoon and I managed to shoot 120 photos, which was a little more than usual.

I had a little problem with my Mac yesterday. I could not charge it with current, the plug was dead. I tried the plug from Mr. Swiss Apple which also did not work. I have visions of having to bring it for repair as it seemed it was the computer and not the plug, but that could not be. Apple computers live forever, at least almost. I was disappointed. It was when I wanted to upload the electricity for the wheelchair I realised the problem was not the computer, but the current supply. We have two contact rails attached and one was not working. I was so glad. When I plugged into the other rail my computer was uploading current again and my wheelchair was also uploading.  I was relieved as I realised how much I love my Mac. It is such a quick machine and I can work on it for hours without having a connection to the electricity. I also have a windows machine, which I mainly use for my photo archives and online banking etc.

This afternoon I will again be on my way shopping. I also have a few bits and pieces I want to deal with as I got a little behind yesterday due to the time lost on rescuing a computer which was not even broken. I was uploading photos and checking on my WordPress challenges in the evening. I still have to upload my over 100 photos into my archives on the computer, but that can be done today as I do not have such a heavy programme this evening. Sometimes I have the feeling that my WordPress life is a full time job. I have often had the thought of leaving it for a day, but I never do. I seem to be an addict for a busy life.

But now I really must go. It is morning and I have a few housewify chores to complete, As usual I leave you with a flowering departure, something seen in the cemetery – at the moment the graves are been refurbished with new flowers.

Daffodils 02.04 (11)

Mid week, so if we have got this far the rest is just a cinch. Have fun, enjoy and look on the bright side of life.