Good Morning

Not such a good welcome to the new day. It is raining, and has been the whole night. According to the weather report the rain will probably stay today, although perhaps it might clear in the afternoon. Yesterday I had no chance to go anywhere, it was too wet. I decided to make the most of the situation and at last dealt with my monthly order online. It reminded me of the good old days when I was motorised and would visit the store in the next village which really had everything. Online they also have everything, but now delivery slots are again getting complicated due to Mr. Covid. I was lucky to find one for tomorrow, otherwise it would have been 17th November. I do not order meat or veg, but prefer to get that myself in the store. That is usually something I cannot wait for two weeks to have.

Today I have a shopping trip planned in town, looks like it will be a wet one. I noticed my eggs are now in short supply, so tomorrow I will visit the farm across the road to get some fresh ones where they really have nice brown eggs. I realised when I bought the last eggs, that the stores rarely have the brown eggs. Basically there is no difference in taste and eggs are eggs, but they do look so good.

These are the laying hens, the farm has about 250 of them, and they are free range living outside and in their own appartment house on wheels as they please, so I know my eggs are always fresh.

In my attempt to brighten up the daily meals, I decided to make a pumpkin soup yesterday evening. I had bought a large piece in the supermarket. I am really on a do-it-yourself trip at the moment in the kitchen. I chopped the pumpkin into small pieces, and cooked it in a vegetable bouillon to get it softer. Afterwards I crushed it all with my mixer and then thickened it a little with some cornflower. I then let it cook for a while and eventually added some cream to it. Mr. Swiss was a little suspicious at first but came back for more which he rarely does with soup. My No. 1 son eats everything, but he finished off the pot. It seems to have been a success and Mr. Swiss found it super and I could make that again. I so like eating food I make myself and am never keen on ready made soup powder. I discovered it is no big deal when you have the machinery to go with it and you know what you are eating. I have not yet decided on my next soup adventure: perhaps a vegetable soup, even a tomato soup, although I have not yet found a recipe for that.

It seems that our new covid cases were a little less yesterday. Does this perhaps mean that we are now over the second hill in the statistics? That would be a wonderful sign, but we must be patient. I have now come to the conclusion that socialising with others is the main cause and not taking care, but I am no doctor. And now I am on my way like our local rain in the photo which passes through the village every half hour.

And now to investigate what is to be done in my apartment. Today’s menu in a Waadtländer Sausisson (a Swiss sausage) with lentils, again something new and not so complicated.

Keep safe everyone, and may the weather be with you, but not as wet as we have it at the moment.

Good Morning

This morning is a continuation of yesterday. I think we had some rain during the night, but now it is just damp and misty outside and I do not think it wil change very much today. As usual there was no halloween excitement yesterday for the simple reason that it does not exist in Switzerland. Today is the big day, although falling on a Sunday it could even go unnoticed. It is All Saints Day and the local cemeteries might get a little crowded with visitors. Weather permitting I will probably go for wheelie this afternoon and see if there is any action. The last action we had in the cemetery was when the local chickens escaped from their coop and began to make themselves comfortable between the graves.

I happened to be taking a wheelie through the cemetery when they were having the great escape. Since their hen house has been moved to a safer place.

I was in town yesterday afternoon for a few items. I saw that our Amthausplatz had again been decorated with various artistic objects: this time many wooden crosses, but I am not sure what they are supposed to represent: probably just something artistic. Since our semi lock downs and our various Autumn events have been forbidden, this is probably the compensation to keep the interest. There are all sorts of strange objects appearaing in town at the moment.

There are a few of this strange shields in red and white (our Kantonal colours) showing various objects associated with our town. This one was positioned in front of the entrance gate to the town core.

I had some medicine to pick up for Mr. Swiss at the chemists, but they were closed. I did not realise that they are closed on Saturday afternoons, but no problem. Mr. Swiss can manage until Monday.

It really seems that people cannot wait for Christmas. I saw these Santa Claus Parcels in the store yesterday. They are filled with Christmas chocolate, peanuts and other delights for the kids. It is custom to give them to the children on 6th December, St. Niklaus Day (and also my birthday), but it seems the voice of public relations and more profit cannot wait and they are already being sold. I ask myself who buys them already at the beginning of November.

The hut selling our hot chestnuts is ready for customers. There was no-one waiting in the queue when I passed by, but that was an exception. They are very popular during Winter, especially for the kids, although Mr. Swiss and I often bought a bag of them when we were in town in our younger days. He has his own roasting ovens at the back of the hut and they are always freshly roasted.

It might be Sunday, but I still have a meal to cook for lunch and a few other chores to deal with. I have an electric mixer for making my cakes and yesterday one of the mixing arms broke when it fell to the floor. Just a piece of plastic, but not easy to repair.. I have had it for at least 20 years and discovered that they are really not so expensive, so I will order a new one online today. I seem to be dropping too much at the moment.

Mr. Swiss just told me that our government personnel that organised the precautions to be taken against Mr. Covid are now under threats due to the fact that they ordered masks to be worn. I just cannot understand some people. We do not have to wear them outside, although it is recommended when there are crowds and I now wear mine when I am in town on the street in my scooter. It is a small price to pay for avoiding what could happen to you if you contract the disease.

And now I must go. Have a good Sunday.

Good Morning

This morning I was a little confused. It was so bright outside, the sun had already showed itself and the sky looked as if it had been waiting for me. Of course, we all slept an hour longer last night. I must have needed the extra hour as I did not even wake an hour earlier, but slept my normal rhythm and now feel refreshed and ready to go. Not exactly but it’s good to have an extra hours sleep due to daylight saving time.

It was a good sunny day yesterday and I had to go into town on a quest to my telephone supplier and other accessories. It was time to have a new front glass mounted on my iPhone. When I bought the phone I bought a glass and got a second one free. iPhones are expensive enough so I was glad of the second reserve glass. It was now time to have my glass front replaced as it had so many cracks and scratches that there was the danger of it falling off the phone one day. It is like when you drop a slice of bread and jam it always lands on the jam side. When I drop my iPhone it always lands on the protective glass side, which I suppose is a good thing.

I arrived at the shop, put on my mask and entered and discovered that the assistants were all nice young men ready to help. I also had a second quest to fulfil and decided that I wanted so-called iPods for my telephone for listening to my online music whilst busy with housework and cooking. I still had the old fashioned ear pods that I had to plug into my mobile phone which was a little inconvenient. As everything I have is Apple I decided I wanted the Apple iPods. More expensive that the other makes, but I knew they would be reliable for all my fruitful apple appliances. The young man had them in stock and probably due to my charm and irresistibility he organised them for me so all I had to do at home, if anything, was to upload them completely. I must say it is really much better now, and I can move freely without dragging my mobile phone around with me in my little shoulder pouch.

Of course when I got home Mr. Swiss decided he could also use such iPods. Although he is more sedately than I am, not such an action type, he found they would be more comfortable for listening from the armchair and watching films on his iPad. He has now also ordered a pair online. I am sure if I had not had the idea, he would not have bothered, but he likes to keep up with me in my computerised ideas.

My quest was now completed in town so I decided to go on a small tour before returning home. As I had no shopping to do at the store, I could roam around at leisure in places that I do not always have the time to visit. I had not been down to the restaurant mile along the river for some time and saw that covid or not, people were still enjoying the outside life for a drink and conversation. Here the keep safe rules are not so bad, as you are in the open air and covid can disperse itself.


It really was a wonderful afternoon, with blue skies and some ornamental clouds in between. I felt quite contented cruising around on my scooter and being amongst other humans, although not too close of course.

I left the river and took the slope back to town. there were quite a few people around, walking apart from each other of course. I even saw some of the masculine population still wearing their short trousers and some ladies still in short sleeves, although I found there was too much of a nip in the air for such experiments.

I eventually took the path home. I had a chilli con carne to cook for the evening meal, although I had everything under control and no stress. I also wanted to try out my new iPods and found they are ideal They are one of the little perks in life that I enjoy.

As I sit here at the kitchen table I noticed that a few sparrows have arrived in the tree outside the window. One of the morning delights. And now I should move on, there is a dinner to be cooked, a few chores to be dealt with and above all, listening to music on my favourite online sation.

Smooth Radio

It is really smooth, good music and nice and restful. I think I am now getting a little too old for heavy metal, although I always had a soft spot for Axel Rose and Guns and Roses.

Have a good Sunday everyone, just look in the other direction if you happen to see a covid 19 lurking around. I leave you with a view on our local Jura mountains in the back yard as I was on my way to town yesterday.

Good Morning

I am later than usual this morning, but the cleaning lady is here and I had to make a parcel of a kitchen cutter I have to return because it does not work. My wonderful cleaning lady will take it to the post for me. I am so glad as it is a little complicated to bring anything to the post when you have to park your scooter somewhere. The postage is already paid, so it should work out OK.

Otherwise I spent yesterday at home. I had a slight accident in the morning, falling, not being able to stand again and calling for the ambulance people to help me. I did explain it all in a blog yesterday, so will not repeat it all.

We also had a problem with our tap in the kitchen at the week-end. The top part separated itself from the bottom part. Mr. Swiss fixed it temporarily but yesterday I called our plumber. He arrive in the afternoon and after about a quarter of an hour had already replaced the broken part. He is another one of those wonderful people that you keep on your telephone list if you have a plumbing problem. He said that the fixing screw had broken and somehow disappeared.

As I did not go anywhere yesterday I depended on the food I had in the freezer. I had enough reserve for the evening meal in cold cuts and made a so-called Russian salad to go with it. That is a composition of cooked vegetables in a salad sauce.

It mixes well with the cold meat, especially if you serve it warm. My No. 1 son brought some fresh bread from the store as I had none left from breakfast. It was a well organised logistic event yesterday, but we all survived. Today I was still feeling a little dizzy, but during the morning it worse off.

If there are any orchid experts here, perhaps they can tell me what is happening on this stalk. The orchid flowered last spring and is now producing new leaves on the stalk. It looks like it could develope into a new plant and I am wondering if it would be a good idea to remove the leaves and plant them to see if a new orchid would form.

Otherwise this beauty is still not finished and producing yet another few buds. It flowered the second time this year and has still not stopped.

Today I must be on my way to the store again as my reserves on frozen meat are gradually diminishing. I defrosted a portion of veal for todays lunch, but I usually keep such such expensive meat for a Sunday, or high days and holidays and my mum would say. Although Mr. Swiss is quite happy to eat veal even during the week (and so am I).

The weather is getting colder, but the sun is shining during the day and I am managing OK to go outside. And now I must move on. I am again multi tasking cooking lunch and blogging and I now have a portion of bramata (a coarse sort of corn, to cook).

Have a good day, make the most of it. I leave you with another of our Autumn trees.

Good Morning

I thought I would never get here this morning. What could go wrong can go wrong and I have so much stress. First of all Mr. Swiss had a broken tooth yesterday, phoned the dentist and can go today – at 1.00 pm of all times when we usually eat. I had to work out a new plan. Luckily No. 1 son has today and tomorrow the day off, so lunch will be at around 12.00 which is no problem, although there was a problem. I planned on Spaghetti and realised I would not have time with everything else to cook the sauce. However, I have one ready frozen and that has now nicely thawed out so all I have to do is to heat it.

The second problem was that Paypal tell me my card has expired. I checked it and keep getting the report that it does not work, so come back later. Coming back later did not help. Eventually silly me realised it was an old card which I no longer have. It has now been deleted, so everything back to normal I hope.

The next problem is that today is the day of fresh bed linen. I have started the process and will be completing it after my shower. I have really had enough excitement for today.

At least I managed to get into town yesterday and visit the store for food. I did not really have a lot to get, but I am updating a few other articles I should have bought some time ago. I am gradually getting my kitchen organised and It was time to buy new oven gloves as those that I have are really looking in a sorry condition. Even a wash in the machine would no longer help. Then I realised that my potato peelers were no longer peeling so well, the ones that do a super thin peel, so I bought myself a new one. This time not one of the cheap solutions but one you could easily peel your finger if you do not be careful, but it does the job well. What a boring life I lead, but it is the small things that give you hope I suppose.

Oh and then I had to change computers from Apple to Acer as I suddenly had no connection to my photo supplier. When Midas touched things it turned to gold, my stuff just turns to sh** at the moment.

I was searching for an idea for a salad with the evening cold cuts and decided to make my own beetroot salad. I usually buy them ready made, but as I am not a keen follower of ready made and like to know what is in the food I eat, I found a recipe and tried it. I have a good cutter on a machine I have, so that was not the problem. The recipe said add thin stripes of apple, which was also no problem with my new super peeler. This is how the result looked afterwards, something like a vegetable blood bath, but it tasted good. I like the earthy taste of beetroot and the sauce was a good reciple. I remember when my mum would serve beetroot. She was no cook, and the British idea was just to add vineagar which was not such a delicate experience. My recipe had lemon juice (which I pressed from a fresh lemon) and some oil and spices. There was one small problem, Mr. Swiss is not a follower of beetroot. He eats it, but it is not his favourite. However, No. 1 son and I quite enjoyed it. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices when you want to eat.

And now I will depart and hope that the rest of the day falls into place with no unexpected surprises. Luckily no shopping today, just a normal routine I hope. Mr. Swiss is having a few dental problems at the moment and I really though it was now dealt with, but at the age of 80 I suppose anything could happen.

I will now leave you with a look at Autumn in our town of Solothurn. The leaves are now falling thick and fast and they make a good show in the sunlight. Please no rain, otherwise we have a nice slippery leafy sludge everywhere.

Keep safe, have a good day.

FOWC with Fandango: Ensconced

It looks so cozy and a above all safe: a plant, a jar perhaps containing biscuits, and a camera on the nice table. Outside the bird house waiting for the first visitors of Winter, must remember to buy bird seeds. And a walker ready for me or Mr. Swiss when we need it.

I was just listening to the news and that does not seem so safe. Where are we going with this covid pandemic? No-one seems to know. We are all walking around as if we were bank robbers with our masks. We avoid getting closer to other people and you can even get a fine for not following the rules. World governments are doing all they can, but to no great avail. mos of our politicians seem to be walking around in circles. I have seen many films showing the end of the world, but never one involving a pandemic and I hope I never will.

So here I am sitting in my own little world, heated because it is now getting colder outside, and writing all about it. I am living the history of the world. What will my descendants say about this one day.

FOWC with Fandango: Ensconced

Good Morning

Cleaning Lady day today, so I am a little later, but everything under control more or less. Dinner is cooking, and all I have to do is to cook the accessory. I will be cooking bramata to go with it today, a coarsely ground maize which I quite like. I have been organising my kitchen cupboards and found the remains of a packet which was still quite fresh. It will make a change from rice (which Mr. Swiss does not really like so much), or spatzle, which is a pasta variety. The only bother is that when it begins to cook it takes half an hour and I should stir it regularly to stop it settling on the bottom of the pan. No problem really, I am in the kitchen so will not be far away.

Yesterday I was in town for a few errands. The garden in one of the town villas is growing nicely as I wheeled past in my scooter. It is the place where Casanova once spent the night so the story goes. I think the lady of the house was quite pleased.

Since I have begun to bake a cake now and again, I noticed that I was getting low on sugar. I now have a new timetable during the day. I usually went shopping mid afternoon, but the collectors have problems with bringing my shopping home later in the afternoon, as they are a bit short on mobile staff at the moment. I am now off shopping after lunch, meaning I have to omit my after lunch sleep. However, I am surviving and as soon as I am back home, an hour later, I compensate with an hours sleep. It is only three days a week, so no big problem.

As our town is not so big, a small country town, I am getting a bit short on new and enterprising photos, unless someone somewhere does something special. I managed to get this shot of one of our more interesting photo subjects belonging to the fountain in the middle of town.

Otherwise nothing special happening. They had a special offer on pork chops, so I now have three freezing away in my chest freezer. I got a couple of hamburgers for tomorrow lunch. They always sell them in packs of two, so I have to buy four of them to cover our little family of three. However, the fourth hamburger is now also frozen for me. It is a chilli hamburger, and I like them hot.

Otherwise I spent the reminder of the day at home and the evening with a book on my Kindle and the TV. I noticed that the Brits are having a big problem with the Covid problem, and cases are increasing rapidly. World wide there is an increase, even in our little Switzerland it is not getting better. Strange the way things develop. We were once troubled by threats of war, bombs, and various foreign powers that wanted to take over. Now we are troubled by an invader which is so small that you cannot even see it. Even Mr. Putin, Mr. Trump, and Kim Jong Un are having to take a back seat. Oh I forgot Mr. Kim does not have any Covid cases in his country, so he says.

And now I should really finish my lunch. The cleaning angel is finished and flying off to another customer this afternoon and I am not quite sure what I will be doing on my afternoon. No shopping to be done so perhaps a journey to discover what my village is doing.

Have a good day everyone, may it be a good one and let us hope that the sun is shining for you wherever you are. Lunch in now ready.

RDP Wednesday: Zephr

A gentle breeze was blowing
A cloud was drifting past
But now the days have changed
How long will this calm last
There are mysteries in the air
Meaning no good for mankind
Spreading unknown dangers
Something new and undefined
This cloud will pass
Floating on its way
Our new cloud is invisible
We hope it will not stay

RDP Wednesday: Zephr