FOWC with Fandango: Tepid

Slugs love tepid weather, plenty of rain, damp and they now have the ideal conditions. I have never seen so many in my garden. They are everywhere. I got a pot of thyme yesterday, today it had about a dozen of these mini monsters munching away. I can now throw the plant away. The Swiss meteorologists are happy, we now have the perfect weather to fill up our rivers and lakes. They should ask me if I am happy. These monsters are everywhere. I have a few plants that act as a deterrent, but they just avoid them and visit the other plants. I have holes in the leaves made by their hundreds of hidden teeth.

I even found this slimy example crawling up the window and silly me takes a photo.

FOWC with Fandango: Tepid

FOWC with Fandango: Sporadic

I no longer understand the computer world. I have two computers – why not. One is my Apple which serves its purpose well for my daily blogs. My other is an Acer Widows model and has served its purposed for almost the past 10 years, which is a small wonder. It is an Acer Aspire Nitro and I mainly use it for uploading my Photos, but also saving files and writing, a very versatile model. When I bought my Acer, Mr. Swiss decided he also needed a new computer, although he always made such decisions after I made them. He then bought the same computer, but decided after a few months it was not good enough and bought another computer: his decision and problem, His Acer was then forgotten (by him) and put to rest on a shelf. Time passed and in the meanwhile he had a few computers, but I was still using my Acer, even today. He is now in a golden oldie home and I have been organising at home. He is no longer able to handle a computer.

And now I have a problem, The power adapter on my computer is no longer loading. It stopped at 6% snd it seems to have given up the ghost after so many years. Not wanting to invest in a new one I decided to use the power adapter from the Acer computer that Mr. Swiss never really used. It was ideal and worked well – for a few months. Now it has stopped loading at 60%. And so I took the old adapter to see if it had recovered in the meanwhile, Yesterday I plugged it into my computer and a wonder has happened. It loaded to 100% and today it is still working. It is the black box in the bottom middle of the photo. I do not know why it now works and if it will give up the ghost again. One day I will have to get a new computer I suppose, but that is not my intention at the moment. I wonder if Bill Gates had such problems with his computer.

FOWC with Fandango: Sporadic

FOWC with Fandango: Receipt

I do not always keep receipts, although my online groceries automatically give me an online receipt. However, it is worth keeping a receipt for an important item. This is actually also a guarantee document and is now almost nine years old showing when I bought my Mac computer on which I write my blogs daily. At 10.21 hours on 24th October 2014 I bought it. I seem to have got a good rebate on that day. It is still my faithful companion, I gave it once for a service after five years as even Apple can get worn down, but it still serves its purpose. I also got a new keyboard a few years ago as the original decided not to print a few letters, but now everything is working well. For a computer almost 10 years old it has served its purpose well.

FOWC with Fandango: Receipt

RDP Tuesday; Imminent etc. etc.

How to get confused with the English language, especially if you actually use it very rarely. Of course writing my blogs is done in English, but you have to understand what it is about and I do not always understand. My imminency is often unimminent and the words tend to fall into the wrong places. Speaking Swiss German dialect as my daily language does tend to confuse you, and I often find when writing I have to look into the computer to see what the actual english word would be, or often I have to discover what the actual German word would be for the English word that has been suggested to understand what it is all about.

Back to the blog, the snow was imminent today, I think, and we were all taken by surprise with the white scenery this afternoon. It did not seem to bother the birds so much, they always have enough to eat in the feeder. This blackbird was quite happy sitting in the snow it seems. And yes, the snow is here to stay for a week at least.

RDP Tuesday: Imminent etc. etc.