RDP Thursday: Beam

It seems to me that all our large older buildings have beams to hold their roofs together. This is our concert hall where I had my jabs for Covid. I had a 15 minutes to study the beams before leaving as we had to wait so long after the jab to make sure there were no ill effects afterwards.

Even my doctor’s waiting room has beams

as well as the roof to the supermarket parking.

RDP Thursday: Beam

Good Evening

I have the feeling it has been evening all day: dark and dismal and even the flowers in the garden are hanging their heads with the weight of the rainwater. So what is there to say today? Nothing really although I had a little bit of excitement this morning when my groceries arrived from the supermarket. As I was unloading them there was another ring at the doorbell. What an excitement, two visitors within a few minutes. I was getting spoilt. After Mr. Swiss left for his golden oldie refuge I do live quite a secluded life during the day.

My other visitor was the village carpenter. Living in a small village with only about one thousand people, you know who to call for when you have a problem and this man does the necessary jobs you need done.

My problem was what I call my Mondrian cupboard made in the style of his paintings. We have had it for at least thirty years: not an expensive piece of furniture but both Mr. Swiss and I liked the style. I suppose it was a product of somewhere in the Far East, probably Hong Kong. Some 10 years ago it began to suffer. The hinges broke on the large red door which hangs down and Mr. Swiss did a temporary repair with sticky tape and screws. The decay continued and more repairs were made until it got to the stage where he finally stuck the top red door to the rest of the furniture, and we were no longer able to open it.

Yesterday morning the catastrophe was complete and the red door broke away completely on one side. and I had to put something in front to stop the door falling off (my Dyson vacuum cleaner charger). I decided it was time and I called the village carpenter. Being now a golden oldie myself I really did not want a new cupboard and I was sure a repair would be worth while.

Inside this part of the cupboard I had all my text books for learning various languages. Most of it was Russian, there was also an Italian and Turkish language learning book and a small collection of how to speak Arabic. I also discovered my many foreign language dictionaries. I also found my Pitmans stenography books. Perhaps I might brush up my foreign language knowledge again. I also discovered my earlier gameboy instruments with a collection of games. I had not played with this for many years. I would have to replace the batteries or recharge them and they might work again.

Yesterday the carpenter took the door with him to fit it with the necessary hinges and this afternoon he assembled it again together. Here he is at work. After half an hour I again had a perfect functioning Mondrian cupboard and I am so glad. Just the job for a rainy day. At least I had a little bit of excitement.

And that is all happened on my exciting day. I am now off as I have an evening meal to cook. It seems the weather might be a little better tomorrow and I might even be able to get out again. Hope your weather is more pleasant wherever you are. I leave you with my poor wet and soggy hyacinths in the garden.

RDP Saturday: Clink

Here is a collection of clink. All you need is to fill up a glass or two with the right liquid. Our clinkers lead an isolated life, separated from the liquids that should fill them because the various assortments of red, white or even rosé wine lives alone in the cellar and I do not think it has been touched for at least a year.

Wine is something you buy and collect in case you have visitors, or even if it might be renowned as a good drop, something particularly special to keep for a special occasion. However, our wine bottles are still waiting for the special occasion. Mr. Swiss stopped drinking wine slowly as the golden oldie years arrived and I am tee total and drink no alcohol. So there we are with empty glasses, wine in the bottles and no-one to do a clink.

I told No. 2 son to come and collect what he needs, but his wife’s family have a wine mountain and make it themselves.

So cheers everyone, Prost.

RDP Saturday: Clink

RDP Monday: Inimitable

These are really original. As I walked past I could almost here them rattling their wooden teeth. They are so good that who would want to buy them as a wooden spoon? It would be a shame to have them mix up pastry or be dipped in some sort of milky sticky substance. They deserve to be left in peace.

RDP Monday: Inimitable

Good Evening

Morning sun and it stayed all day with some warmth although I remained at home. I had nothing to buy in town, my cupboard, fridge and freezer is full and I decided to get down to a job that I had wanted to do for some time. At last I have cleared a wardrobe that was full of objects that do not belong in a wardrobe. There were various document cases full of documents, so old that I found after ten years they were no longer worth keeping. I also found two cheese fondue rechaud and an electric hot plate. Also many cases full of documents.


I found this, an Apple CD player for my computer. Of course I decided to try it with a video to see if it works. I have almost no idea of these things, but I pushed the disk in the slot after plugging it into my Apple computer and it worked. The film began to play on the computer screen. Now I had the problem, how to stop the film. Somehow I did and removed the player from the computer, still containing the film disc which was the next problem as I no longer have a Mr. Swiss at home for advice. I had a look in Internet and discovered a symbol on my screen for an Apple CD Rom and found an instruction “eject CD”, so did a click and lo and behold the CD was ejected. I am really learning things here.

Then I found this nice looking Danish water boiler. I plugged it in, filled it with water and discovered it was working and I believe never been used seeing its condition. Another discovery although I already have a water cooker, but I am sure I will find someone in the family that can use it. Today seemed to be my second Christmas and then this appeared.

Nothing I could really use, but there were three bags full of drum sticks, Mr. Swiss being a drummer throughout his years. There were also a pair of drum brushes, which I can use. Mr. Swiss showed me once how they work. I still have two sets of drums at home, one set up in our hobby cellar, but I do not think I will try them. I also found many music notes for drummers.

Some people find clothes or books and I find drumsticks and computer parts.

I was so busy with my discoveries I had to leave the birds to their own thing.

And that was my exciting eventful day. Now I have to recover from dragging very heavy plastic garbage bags to the container. Have fun everyone and resist cleaning out cupboards etc.

Good Evening

I went to town this afternoon and arrived just at the time to see our carnival figure being placed for the evening. It is stuffed with fireworks and it will be burnt in the evening to celebrate the end of the carnival..

I have a completely different routine now. I am on my own during the day with Mr. Swiss in his residence and my No. 1 son working full time during the day, so I am left to my own devices. I did my usual cleaning routine in the morning and ate a small snack for lunch.

Sliced mushrooms in a white wine cream sauce on toast, one of my favourites.

Aftewards a midday sleep and then I went to town. Mr. Swiss really needed new slippers and I had some business at one of the banks.

In between I managed a couple of photos of my feathered friendsl

I am really not sure what this is. I thought it might be a female blackbird, but I had never seen the patterns on its breast before. It might be a starling. If anyone recognises it, let me know.

Mr. Swiss is now a permanent guest in his senior home. He was classified as a holiday guest, but he now has his own room and is officially a member of the home. He had a choice of rooms to choose from, but decided the room he has suits him. I am glad that it is now definitely settled.

And now after our evening meal which is actually dinner I will have a relaxing evening. Keep safe and well everyone. I will now compose my list of groceries for the next delivery.

Good Evening

I was going to begin with our sunrise this morning, but suddenly noticed how strong the sun was reflecting outside in the glass of the windows this evening, so I took a closer look, with my camera of course. The sun always sets behind the Jura mountains and was on its way so it was really a glorious sunset with a touch of drama. It was almost like a landscape painting, although it was the real thing. I did not even touch up the photo, all natural shades of nature. There was no storm here in Switzerland, just a little more windy than usual and a bit of a nip in the air.

At midday it looked quite friendly with a nice cloudy sky and a blue background. I had an afternoon at home as I changed my bed linen yesterday and I had my duvet and cushion cover to iron, with a few other garments.

I had a call from the home where Mr. Swiss is to say that they have now organised for him to have his booster jab for Covid next week. They really look after their golden oldies, although Mr. Swiss is not so enthusiastic about the exercises he has to practice to strengthen his leg muscles for walking, especially because they do them outside in the grounds. He would prefer a nice quiet relaxation time instead, but I find it a good idea that he is given some action now and again. My No. 1 son brought his new contract home today for his now full time daily work and it is looking good. Funny how you have so many disappointments in life and suddenly everything begins to look better.

I did some furniture moving today. It is really astonishing how much dust gathers behind a cupboard all on its own. And that was my exciting eventful day. I did misplace my telephone this morning and had no idea where it could be. Luckily No. 1 son arrived home from work and found it by calling it with his iPhone. I had left it in the shower room of all places.

And now is the promised photo of this morning’s sunrise. Have fun and remember, the week-end is almost here.

Good Evening

it was a nice sunny day today and I visited Mr. Swiss this afternoon and took a few photos from the window in his room. This is a view on the estate where I live, so we are really not so far from each other. Yesterday he had a visit from the hairdresser who visits the home every Thursday and now his Father Christmas beard is back to normal and the remaining hair has been trimmed.

I was busy organising my desk this morning which was quite a task. I removed the filing cabinet and shifted it into my office room where I had also made a few changes. I have to keep myself busy somehow.

I called our computer guy this morning and he will be calling past next week to help sort this cable salad. I am sure that half the cables are no longer connected, but it really needs someone that knows what they are doing to sort it all. It is otherwise impossible to clean away the dust and dirt that has collected over time beneath the cables,

Although I am not removing everything. Yesterday I discovered this Leica camera and decided that Leica are too expensive to dispose of. I found the manual as well so have a chance to discover if and how it works. It has a card in the camera but nothing like those of today. It is twice the size and I am sure it would be almost impossible to buy a new one if necessary. Is there perhaps someone here that might recognise this object?

Mr. Swiss also has a nice view towards the Jura mountains from his window.

And this little cottage is next to this home. They have a small animal farm next door with some goats and sheep.

Otherwise I was busy sorting things at home. I am now quite pleased with my office although I write most of my contributions now in the living room at the desk that Mr. Swiss always used. I spoke to No 2 son on the phone this evening and him and his family are now almost Covid free, although they all have a slight cough as a reminder. From tomorrow they are allowed under the population again, although will wait until next week to be sure.

The day began quite misty with some heavy clouds, but they eventually cleared away to make room for the sun.

When the mist dispersed you could again see the slopes of the Jura mountains.

And that was my day today. Tomorrow I might visit out town again if the weather remains good and on Sunday I will be visiting Mr. Swiss again. Have a good week-end everyone.

Good Evening

Another quiet Sunday and nothing special happening. Our social helper arrived this morning and got Mr Swiss ready for the day and I did my usual morning chores. Another bright and sunny day but a cold wind blowing.

I did not bother so much with photos today and the birds seemed to be quite happy and satisfied.

Son No. 2 called me today to say he will be visiting end january as our local spitex help organsation have called a conference at home. My doctor will be here, the person responsible for Mr. Swiss in the organisation and my son. Mr. Swiss future will be organised with talk about an automatic bed to improve his mobility. I will also be organising an emergency button at home which will enable me to call for help night and day if Mr. Swiss or I have an accident at home and fall. There will be a monthly charge for the service, but nothing impossible to afford and it will be more secure for all of us.

Our local crane is now a permanent fixture here and will be here for the next year when the new appartment block is built.

And that is all I have to say for today. Have a good Sunday everyone.

Good Evening

There I was wondering what to use for a photo and this plane appeared above, so what could be better. I suppose it was departing from Zürich airport, or perhaps just passing though. Yesterday I was just too tired to make an effort for writing, but today I have tanked up a little energy again. Mr. Swiss was being particularly difficult through the night, although I did manage to get my sleep. I no longer worry so much and just let him get on with it. He is not so steady on his legs, but neither am I and we both just have to take chances. We both survived the night.

This morning I had the usual visitor from our Swiss help group to get Mr. Swiss out of bed and ready for the day, although he usually goes back to bed afterwards. I do not bother to get him for lunch now but bring it to him. He eats very little and survives more on creams and carbhydrate food with the special vitamine drinks that are delivered regularly.

I have realised that older people can be so negative with everything. I had a few words with the people that visit to care for him. They have many elderly people in their care and confirmed that it is a general condition.

But now back to normal life.

The sparrows were here again enjoying what wa available. One was on an approaching flight, but eventually found some space.

A tit also joined in, but they prefer to balance somewhere for their treats.

And a magpie also arrived, but not finding anything worth scavanging it left again.

And some birds got quite thirsty.

That was that for the afternoon entertainment. I spent yesterday evening in front of the television. I think it was at least a week since I had switched it on, but this evening I am hoping to have time for it again. I have a chicken for the evening meal, already cooking in my air fryer. In the meanwhile night has arrived almost and I discovered an almost full moon outside.

Have a nice relaxing Saturday with no stress – after all it is week-end for the working population