Good Morning

Feldbrunnen village 12.12 (12)

One of my shots on my last walk from the top of the hill where our local castle is. And now to continue. This morning is a boring sky, no clouds, but a promise of a little sun. It is still quite cold and my cat’s water in the bowl outside was again frozen this morning. My first job of the day has become to refill her water. She waits for me impatiently outside looking at me and the bowl – feline communication.

Apple tree 12.12 (1)

And now to continue. I spoke of the apple tree at the local stables, still full of apples, but that has a reason and here it is.

Geese 12.12 (1)

The geese, and the ducks, have plenty of winter food for the time being. I saw them discovering the apples fallen from the tree and eating them. It is a good idea. I saw at least 4 geese enjoying their apples.

And now to yesterday, although not such an exciting day. I had to venture into town to see my neurologist, and this had to be carefully planned. I had to take the car and my walker. I parked in our underground car park, 3rd floor down, the one at the bottom. That is the floor with the most empty places and it suits me. I do not have to search for an empty spot. I packed out my walker which I had in the boot of the car and just opposite there was another lady, about my age, with her walker. Of course a conversation arose about how we transport them. Her car was about as big as my Skoda Fabbia, but just a little wider and she could put hers at the front. My car does not have the width, but I manage OK in the boot.


And here I am on my way with my walker. The window front opposite was an idea opportunity for a photo.  Just a walk along the road and through a small tunnel.

Gasse zur Tiger 28.11.2018

And then just around the corner and I was there.

Gurzelngasse Dr. 28.11.2018

The steps were not so easy to conquer with the walker, but when i entered and left there was always a friendly lady passing by that saw me dilemma and helped. I was so glad. My neurologist afterwards told me that with my parking permission for handicapped it meant that I could enter the town and park where I wanted, in front of his surgery even. This is naturally quite good, but I decided that parking in the park house and walking the few steps was also not so bad. One way or the other our town still has cobblestones. He decided that I was doing fine and suggested perhaps another visit to tunnel machine to measure how my nerves look with the MS. I told him is it really worth it? and he had a smile on his face when he decided, no really: another ordeal saved for me.

Bus stop Amthausplatz

I passed by the bus stop on my way back to the car and noticed a lot of police standing around, although there was no bus there. A lady told me that the latest idea is when the bus arrives all the doors are locked. No-one can leave or enter except for the police and all the tickets are inspected. It seems we have too many fare dodgers on the busses. I found this method a bit of show time, but I suppose it works. I drove off home after leaving the parking house. I am really getting the hang of this car driving again.

Today it is week-end shopping. The list is made and I am now off to the shower to get my shopping done first of all.

I almost had a problem with my amaryllis this morning. It is now top heavy.


For the present I have deposited in the kitchen sink and tied it together with some string. When I come home after shopping I will have more time to think over what to do with it.  Last year my amaryllis topped and broke and this year I will do what I can to prevent this happening again.

And now I am off, so hope your Friday is a good day.

Good Morning

Morning Sky

Good Morning is a little later today, but this is how the sky looked around 7.30 a.m. It is now 11.30 a.m. and we now have blue skies with a few clouds. I would say a promising day and a change from the high winds and rain we have been having this week. By the way I noticed something in the sky when I took the photo. On the left below the clouds there is something that looks like a moon, a silver dot, although very small. It is probably a planet that was still hanging around. According to my SkyView App it could be Mars.

Today was supposed to be a cleaning lady morning, but she called to say she had a cold. She could hardly speak on the phone so this week no cleaning lady. Acually everthing is quite clean at home. We had planned to put fresh linen on our beds as I can no longer do it all myself. I can managed the duvet and cushion and stripping the beds. The most difficult part is putting the fix bottom sheet on the mattress and for that I need help. The day would be Thursday but she is only here on Tuesday. I will now see if my No. 1 son will help on Thursday, which he probably will. To compensate for no cleaning lady, I cleaned all the windows on the west side of the appartment.

I was at the docs yesterday giving blood for a long term diabetes test. I should really do it every 3 months, and tend to forget these things as it was now six months. So the nurse prodded the left arm, which is the one where you find the veins easier. After filling a tube she discovered that there was no blood left for a second tube, so she had to search for a vein on the right arm and she found it. I went home with two empty arms but the doc/vampire got her blood.


I do not have any really impressive photos at the moment as I have had no time to go places and see things, except for the supermarket. So here is a photo of the entrance with the restaurant on the left and various other shops on the right including a hairdressers and at the bottom, the gardening department.


I had a look in at the garden section and found that Poinsettias are quite the thing at the moment with many varieties. I bought mine a couple of days ago, but still like to see what else is being offered.

And that’s that for the time being. I hope to get out this afternoon again with the camera. Although there is a nip in the air, the sun is shining and the birds are singing.

Sliced Pork, veg and Saffron Rice

So all I can offer is a photo of lunch cooking: on the left sliced pork and veg and on the right saffron rice.

Hope you all have a good day.

RDP Monday: Uniform

Grandad and me in brownie uniform
All my life I was in uniform at least it seems to me
It started with the brownies as far as I could see
The photo shows my uniform together with granddad
A family photo to remember, in the dress that I was clad
We brownies were in brown although the tie was yellow
and then I progressed to the guides in blue, I became a fellow
Eventually I left the guides and entered my high school
And there it was another uniform all according to the rule
This time I was all in green And even wore a tie
It was striped with green and red, it really made me sigh
We had a badge on the jacket and also on the beret
to be seen at all times, that did not make me merry
And now the years have gone their way, no longer uniformed scenes
Although when I go out today I always wear blue jeans

 RDP Monday: Uniform