Good Morning


I was determined to get a photo of my snowdrops before they disappear together. This is through the window with the phone camera, so not the best quality. It has also rained in the meanwhile, so the window could do with a polish. I do not feel so secure to go outside with my walker yet. I planted the snowdrops about 10 years ago and they return every year as one of the first flowers in the garden.

Monday again and a new week begins. Tomorrow my cleaning lady will be here for a couple of hours in the morning, so I am not quite sure if and when I will be here in the morning. As she will be occupying the bathroom and shower, I will leave her to it. It might seem strange, but I have never had a cleaning lady. I always managed to do my own cleaning. I know a few people that employ them. Even in my working days, I managed to fit it in myself. I was going to work, had school kids but I never even thought of having someone to clean.  Since being retired I had the time to do it all myself.  It is part of my daily life, and now I have had to give up. Mr. Swiss does what he can, but he also has his back problems. It is really only the bathroom, shower and kitchen that needs polishing up and windows now and. again. As I did everything regularlly, it never really got so dirty. Mr. Swiss was always telling me I was doing too much of a good thing, but now he also reallises that it was just right. I never had stress. Now I just let is go, I am too weary to do anything.

I don’t know about you, but I have Google Chrome as my browser and every day they bring a new doodle featuring the olympic Winter games in Pyeongchang in South Korea, which is a good start to my day. I am not watching the games intensively, but Switzerland has won a few medals up to now. Yesterday they showed that there are many empty seats at the games, and that they have now begun to distribute free tickets.

I will now move on, to deal with my daily tasks, which are not many at the moment. Mr. Swiss is off shopping and I have the logistics to do. Have a good beginning to the week.

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Photo Challenge: Sweet

Valentine cake

This Valentine’s Day cake is now 4 years old. It is amazing what you find in your archives when you search. I do not even remember buying the cake and I also am sure I did not eat it. I am more into whipped cream and fruit than dry cake mixtures. Someone had a touch of romance and bought it. I suspect Mr. Swiss, as it is more his sort of thing and it is the though that counts.

After 50 years of marriage, who needs a cake. We are both sweet enough.

Photo Challenge: Sweet

Good Morning

Morning in the kitchen

Morning has broken once again and I am ready to go, lonly my leg is complaining and says take it easy, we are not going to win the olympics this year. My breakfast table is set. It used to be so easy preparing everything. Now I have to balance with my walker next to me until I have got everything prepared with Mr. Swiss lurking in the background ready to help. I do try to do it all myself to get back to the routine. I will be glad when I can take a few alternative photos, but I am back to square one with my balancing act composed of a camera and me with my walker. I managed to spread my slices of bread with jam, the tea is ready and my computer is now up and running as normal.

The fluke I had with an unrecognised hard disk seems to have disappeared, I hope. My mouse installation is also functioning again, thanks to Mr. Swiss, and so I am ready for the daily computer workout to keep my keyboard fingers in action.

Yesterday I at last had an uninterrupted run-through and managed to get some bits and pieces done on the computer.

However life is not only computer of course, but when you are tied to a chair and walker, there is not much scope for other action in life. It is strange how you have a routine day after day, at least golden oldies do, and suddenly everything is completely different. I am now the spectator watching the others. Mr. Swiss does the daily run with the vaccum cleaner, which he always did and afterwards the stuff that I used to do. He now goes on the shopping trips on his own after we compose the list of stuff to be bought.

I even miss all the assistants in the store. After being a customer for many years you get to know each other and share your problems and a little bit of your life. There is always a small conversation when buying the goods. The daily things in life that you realise how much you treasure when they are no longer part of the day. Of course we might meet people we know also on the shopping trip. My dreary daily life is no longer so dreary and I wish I had it back.

I might risk taking a photo of my snowdrops in the garden today, although even standing up and walking around is a risk at the moment. I am not used to a life of doing nothing.

But now on with life. I am now off to the bathroom in slow motion and afterwards there will be another communal cooking session with the Angloswiss golden oldies. Today it will be pasta, a Kalbsbratwurst and some sort of vegetable.

Have a nice day everyone, I will be back.

Road to Langendorf