Good Morning

Cleaning Lady day today, so I am a little later, but everything under control more or less. Dinner is cooking, and all I have to do is to cook the accessory. I will be cooking bramata to go with it today, a coarsely ground maize which I quite like. I have been organising my kitchen cupboards and found the remains of a packet which was still quite fresh. It will make a change from rice (which Mr. Swiss does not really like so much), or spatzle, which is a pasta variety. The only bother is that when it begins to cook it takes half an hour and I should stir it regularly to stop it settling on the bottom of the pan. No problem really, I am in the kitchen so will not be far away.

Yesterday I was in town for a few errands. The garden in one of the town villas is growing nicely as I wheeled past in my scooter. It is the place where Casanova once spent the night so the story goes. I think the lady of the house was quite pleased.

Since I have begun to bake a cake now and again, I noticed that I was getting low on sugar. I now have a new timetable during the day. I usually went shopping mid afternoon, but the collectors have problems with bringing my shopping home later in the afternoon, as they are a bit short on mobile staff at the moment. I am now off shopping after lunch, meaning I have to omit my after lunch sleep. However, I am surviving and as soon as I am back home, an hour later, I compensate with an hours sleep. It is only three days a week, so no big problem.

As our town is not so big, a small country town, I am getting a bit short on new and enterprising photos, unless someone somewhere does something special. I managed to get this shot of one of our more interesting photo subjects belonging to the fountain in the middle of town.

Otherwise nothing special happening. They had a special offer on pork chops, so I now have three freezing away in my chest freezer. I got a couple of hamburgers for tomorrow lunch. They always sell them in packs of two, so I have to buy four of them to cover our little family of three. However, the fourth hamburger is now also frozen for me. It is a chilli hamburger, and I like them hot.

Otherwise I spent the reminder of the day at home and the evening with a book on my Kindle and the TV. I noticed that the Brits are having a big problem with the Covid problem, and cases are increasing rapidly. World wide there is an increase, even in our little Switzerland it is not getting better. Strange the way things develop. We were once troubled by threats of war, bombs, and various foreign powers that wanted to take over. Now we are troubled by an invader which is so small that you cannot even see it. Even Mr. Putin, Mr. Trump, and Kim Jong Un are having to take a back seat. Oh I forgot Mr. Kim does not have any Covid cases in his country, so he says.

And now I should really finish my lunch. The cleaning angel is finished and flying off to another customer this afternoon and I am not quite sure what I will be doing on my afternoon. No shopping to be done so perhaps a journey to discover what my village is doing.

Have a good day everyone, may it be a good one and let us hope that the sun is shining for you wherever you are. Lunch in now ready.

RDP Wednesday: Zephr

A gentle breeze was blowing
A cloud was drifting past
But now the days have changed
How long will this calm last
There are mysteries in the air
Meaning no good for mankind
Spreading unknown dangers
Something new and undefined
This cloud will pass
Floating on its way
Our new cloud is invisible
We hope it will not stay

RDP Wednesday: Zephr

Good Morning

Same old sun rising in the morning and same old blue skies with the promise of a good day. A bit of a lazy Sunday morning, but I am finally here. Actually I had a dizzy spell when I stopped hugging the bed. I get them now and again, the last one was a few months ago. I have to be careful sometimes when lifting my head in the morning – always look ahead. Anyhow I have tablets, so no problem. My neurologist tells me it has nothing to do with my MS, but the balance from the ear, good old Meniere is back again. However I have my tablets and with luck it will disappear in a week, perhaps a little more. Another golden oldie problem to be conquered.

Yesterday was really a day of rest. I was thinking about going into town, but realised it was not necessary. I have enough supplies to last for a month, so I just took it easy. My scooter was getting low on the battery, although I could probably have easily done a trip somewhere, and the wheelchair can be a bit complicated sometimes, although that also has its advantages.

So allI have to show are the current events at home. My orchids are still flowering. They have been doing so since at least three months for the second time in their lives and do not seem to think about giving up.

New buds, one after the other are regularly appearing.

I have two orchids which are still laying dormant and then I saw this appear on one of the stalks. I think it will become a flower stalk eventually, perhaps two stalks. Another success I hope. I have had orchids for at least 10 years but never had success with new flowers. This year I am even getting cramped for space on my table outside.

So what shall I do today. Perhaps I might pay a visit to the cows, they are my neighbours. I might even persuade Mr. Swiss to come with me. What a romantic journey side by side in our respective scooters. We could have a race, but as they are the same models, more than 10-11 kilometers per hour as not possible.

Or perhaps we could visit the chickens. I am sure they are missing us. I should really get out and about to enjoy the good early Autumn weather we now have.

First of all I have a few things to do at home. I made a mess in the oven yesterday due to a new tray I bought which makes everything more crispy. The crispy bit works, but it is adjustable to the size of the oven and that does not work so well. Mr. Swiss is now developing a system to fix it in the right place in the oven.

Otherwise nothing really exciting at the moment. Have a good Sunday and make the most of it. See you around.

RDP Friday: Again

Look who turned up again. Our neighbour’s cat Roschti was here. He decided to wait outside at the window. He still remembers the days when Tabby was still with us and her food was in the kitchen. When the coast was clear Roschti would make a quick visit for an extra snack in between.

Now he sits at the door waiting patiently. I am getting a guilty conscience as I have nothing for him. My cat days are now gone, but he is still hoping.

RDP Friday: Again

August Photo a Day Challenge: 31. Goodbye August

August left us with a wet taste. The outside restaurants are empty, it is too cold to enjoy street life and a drink and no-one goes inside with Kovid hiding in the corners. Perhaps it is good to say goodbye to August and let us hope that September will be an improvement on life. The sign on the window says “life is good” in italian. Let us hope that it will be good.

August Photo a Day Challenge: 31. Goodbye August

Good Morning

Not exactly a super morning, but at least we have a few contours in the sky from the clouds. It is slowly cooling down here and the hot Summer days are becoming a thing of the summer past, although I feel fine at the moment, no problems with the heat. Rain is forecast today until the afternoon, and now it has stopped ranining.

My shopping was dealt with yesterday for the week-end, so I do not have to go anywhere today, although I might make a short excursion somewhere.

Yesterday I scooted through town on my way home and noticed our town masterpiece of a clock was showing itself. The figures move on the hour and it is one of those objects that our tourist like to stand and observe. At the moment tourists are at a minimum thanks to corona, but they will come again.

I did not have a lot to get in the store as I already had quite a lot at home. It is just the fresh meat and veg that I go shopping for. They often have special offers in the butchers department and I like to buy them for freezing. I also met a musician friend of Mr. Swiss who has also made a name for himself locally and plays drums.

I was quite impressed to see these two dogs in town. They seemed to be obediently waiting for their owner side by side: two of a kind but with a different colour scheme.

Town was quite empty for a Friday afternoon. this interior decorators even had a chair outside but it remained vacant.

I just discovered some more with this block system, although I still find the word “block” false. It is as it always was, block=paragraph. I saw at the side I had an alternative for a rounded photo, not that I love rounded photos, but I thought I would try it. My photo was already on the site, square as usual, so i decided to have a round one and here it is and a press in the right place. I see possibilities with this new thing that no-one really wanted. It is one of he buildings in our main street.

Yesterday evening I made some minced meat cakes which I froze for Monday lunch. The recipe quite appealed to me. My favourite programme was on the TV, Gardener’s World. I really enjoy it. The guy that does it has an enormous garden, but shows you his plants, which I also have, and how to improve their performance. There are also films from other people with gardens (normal like me) showing what and how they plant. One lady had a greenhouse full of pineapples and also in her apartment, which she grows herself. I have done it myself, but never really persevered. I now have inspiration again.

And now I should be on my way. Saturday means nothing special, although I have a chicken to cook for lunch and I should give my orchids their weekly supply of water and fertiliser. Yet another orchid has opened its first bud, one of my older white orchids. I have also noticed that the orchids from this year that are no longer flowering are also beginning to think about it, producing promising bulges at the end of their stalks.

May you all have a good week-end, perhaps not too much unwanted excitement.