FOWC with Fandango: Detour

Baselstrasse 02.09 (5)

Detours can get complicated. At the beginning of the year I again became the owner of my own car. I had a car when both Mr. Swiss and I were in the work force. He has his car and I had mine. He no longer drives and I bought my own car at the beginning of the year and am again discovering the intricacies of driving.  I am not a fan of detours, especially when they are unexpected and sometimes they can get a little complicated.

Road to Langendorf 15.11 (4)

Here even the police seem to be having a problem.

FOWC with Fandango: Detour

October Photo a day Challenge: Fun

Children's Play Day, Schanz 24.08 (15)

At the beginning of September there was a day organised for the children in the old moat of our town fortress. I think the kids really had fun. You could travel in a small lift

Children's Play Day, Schanz 24.08 (11)

or even slide from the top to the bottom of the slope.

Children's Play Day, Schanz 24.08 (21)

And there was also the opportunity to take a ride.

October Photo a Day Challenge: Fun

Good Morning


Actually it is evening again, although you will see it tomorrow morning (my time of course). Again fate has played with my “me” time and I am condemned to another action packed morning.

I do not always hear my telephone when it rings as I mignt be elsewhere, cleaning a toilet or perhaps a kitchen, even in the shower or making a bed. So is life, but at least it is not boring. I suddently saw two calls from an unknown capacity. If there are two calls it means for me call back. Someone somewhere wants to speak with me. Yes indeed, it was the company instructed to deliver and fit my new oven. The delight of the whole thing is that they will be doing it tomorrow morning. Pro forma I asked when, but these handworkers always like to get the job started early, so of course they will arrive at around 8.00 am, meaning yet another lost morning. No comfortable breakfast with a computer, but eat and get ready for the visitors.


This is what they will be replacing. At the bottom is the oven. It is about 10 years old and the switches no longer function but tend to lose contact, meaning if I do not sit in front of the oven whilst it is cooking, it might switch itself off and nothing will be cooked.

I decided at the same time to have the micro wave replaced. This is 20 years old and would be pefect if it was not for the fact that due to one of my “accidents” I knocked the glass covering door off which broke in many tiny glass pieces. These micro wave things operate with a mystical heat and who knows what strange rays of energy have been escaping in the meanwhile.

And so the beginning of my day is ruined.

Otherwise today went quite well. Mr. Swiss now has a full tooth repair and can smile again showing all of his pearly teeth. He even had time after the appointment to go to the shop to get himself two pairs of trousers. He discovered that jeans are no longer jeans but have curious names today like “chinos” which are apparently the lighter coloured trousers. He also found that the slim leg is now fashion. After losing so much weight (about 30 kilo) he really needs something more suitable.

Autumn Trees 25.10 (4)

OK, I am cheating with this photo, it was taken a little more than a year ago, and then we had an Autumn. This year it still looks like a dying summer outside.

And so life goes on and I cannot wait to see the rest of the surprises for this week. Mr. Swiss did mentioned that next Monday at 4.30 p.m. he will have the final dental appointment to remove the stitches and to see how it has all resulted. Another disturbance to my day, as I am usually at that time in the supermarket shopping. On Monday in that case, as an exception, I will be doing the shopping in the morning. Oh happy days.

And now I will leave you with another wonderful evening view of our estate, without moon, but its light is being shed by the sinking sun. Enjoy the day ahead and may it be smooth runnings.


RDP Tuesday: Slow


A flapjack, a kalanchoe species: I saw it and decided it was just the thing for me. Anything with the name kalanchoe appeals to me: the wonderful succulents that seem to be permanently producing little flowers and can almost live forever. The label in the store said kalanchoe,  on the pot the name “flapjack” is embellished,  so I was sure it would be a winner.

I had it outside during the Summer as it seems they like the sun, but not too much. Now it is spending the Winter days inside. It is known to be a slow grower. The name flapjack is probably because of the red rimmed large leaves. It is not a very thirsty plant, just some water once a week to make sure it does not dry out.

My dreams of flowers have remained dreams. Apparently one day, with good treatment and conditions, it will flower with a stalk growing over a meter tall. After this burst of energy it will collapse and die leaving its little baby plants behind that afterwards will grow if replanted.

In the meanwhile I watch it grow. The smallest leaves in the middle have grown a little, but there is no rush. I love this plant. It might not be as flowering friendly as its cousins, but it takes its time: no stress and no hurry.

RDP Tuesday: Slow

Good Morning


Another one of my morning posts, written the evening before. What fun we have with computers shifting time just to please us. I took this photo at the unearthly time of 7.00  a.m. which is half an hour earlier than normal. The sky certainly has an interesting mood so early in the morning. It was all part of the dental task this morning. Having to be there at 9,00 I needed the extra half an hour. However everything ran more or less smoothly and I dropped Mr. Swiss off at the dentist in time. I then returned home and began the morning housework, waiting for the telephone summons to pick up Mr. Swiss. I was finished with my work early and still no phone call.

Generally I clean the doors on Monday morning (just half an hour work, no problem) so decided to risk it and do it whilst still no Mr. Swiss. I was just on the finishing touches when the phone rang. He had survived and I could pick him up.

Bipperlisi Rötistrasse, Solothurn

I had a small problem on the way. This is our local train approaching the top of the hill and I was waiting in my car to go. One car after the other continued and it was my turn. Unfortunately there is a small problem with the lights. It can be that you have crossed the white line to go further and the light changes to red behind you. Of course you do not realise this, and this was my situation this morning. The local train is actually god and no-one disobeys it and this train was getting nearer and I was trying to squeeze my car away from the railway lines when suddenly god (the train) stopped. I had done the impossible. I had forced the train to stop. I looked up at the driver high on his seat and he waved me on. He had stopped the train to allow me to pass. Of course I waved back as a sign of gratitude, thinking how embarrassing.

When I arrived at the meeting point for Mr. Swiss I wanted to let him know I was there, as he waits in the dentist surgery until he gets my call and yes, I had forgotten my telephone at home. I parked the car and hobbled towards the surgery with my stick and as luck would have it Mr. Swiss was already walking towards me (also with his stick), so no problems.

This afternoon I was off shopping and collected with various medicines in the chemists shop for Mr. Swiss.

Tomorrow morning, a repeat performance, but it will not be so long. I also have the cleaning lady tomorrow, so will fit her in whilst I circulate in the traffic for Mr. Swiss. Same routine as today, but not such a long appointment. All going well, I should even serve up a lunch at midday. My next drama will be Thursday afternoon when I have to get my summer tyres changed to winter.

And so I wish you all a good day no stress and take it easy (easier said than done) and here is a photo taken outside this evening. As it was only with my mobile camera, the quality is not so good but it makes a change from the sunny blue morning skies.