RDP Saturday: Celebration

This was a celebration never to be forgotten. It took place before Christmas in 1956. I am sitting in the front row, third from left with a strange hat on my head. My dad worked for the Ford motor works and he would pay for my participation in the children’s Christmas party during the year. Of course I did not know that at the time, and was sure that Fords were doing it all to keep us kids happy. We children met at the company and were taken by a coach to an event. This year I remember it was a visit to one of the large London circus events in the Royal Albert Hall with clowns, elefants and all the trimmings. Afterwards we were transported back to the company and had a Christmas tea. We children were all called together and were given our Christmas gift and they were really good gifts – something for the boys and something for the girls and all organised according to your age.

We kids did not know each other, but that soon changed and on the way to the event we got to know each other and when we returned we were already in our own little groups. They were parties never to be forgot. My dad worked for the company, in the wheel department, until he retired. Of course Ford cars still exist, but the company is no longer the same place in Dagenham in London. Things change over the years and I think that we children must now all be golden oldies in our seventies, like myself. The Christmas parties no longer exist of course.

RDP Saturday: Celebration

Good Morning

We did get a small sunrise this morning, even if it was a small one. It is a dismal day and rained now and again through the night. The temperatures are also sinking and I believe that Autumn has now definitely arrived. However, it is bearable and I am decked with food supplies so what could possibly go wrong.

Our stores still have no supplies of bird food, although the birds still seem to be thriving. However I was very sly. I crushed the nuts that Mr. Swiss bought without salt and oil and now it has made a welcome change to the diet of the local birds.

The first to arrive was a blue tit, the first I have seen for some time.

The sparrows were not far behind and bird life seems to be getting back to the feeding days in my garden. However, I now only have enough bird food for a day or two, and am hoping that the store now stocks up again. I just miss the bird life in my garden.

I had been having a mobile phone problem over the week-end. Instead of the phone ringing everything was going direct into my combox and no-one could get through. I searched internet for a solution but found none that would work and also explored the Swisscom app on my phone (the Swiss supplier) but nothing helped. Mr. Swiss found no solution and so I called No. 2 son who is good at that sort of thing, but he also could not help. Eventually I contacted the helpline for my telephone supplier. I was lucky that they were operating on a Sunday and I only had to wait a few minutes for help, which was also surprising. The lady was very helpful, but as we do not have a landline as well, she needed another phone to do her test. Luckily she could use Mr. Swiss mobile and suddenly it worked. She got direct through to my phone with no combox problem and now everything is back to normal. She could not explain it and neither could I, but I am glad that everything is OK again.Basically I rarely need my telephone connection, just for calls to and from the doc or other official places. I mostly use Facetime or Whatsapp which works quite well and costs nothing.

Otherwise nothing special to report. Today will be a day at home and tomorrow I will be seeing my hairdresser again, after almost a year. Lockdown and isolation has its advantages, and I used the time to let is grow. It is now more or less long enough and all the same length to have a good cut. Our Autumn fair in town had its last days yesterday and I am not sorry.I can now visit the town with no problems with the fair installations.

I am now off to have a conversation with my hoover and other household appliances. I will also be indulging in a bread baking session some time this morning. Have a good start to the week.

Good Morning

Autum is slowly moving in. We still have the warm days, but mornings are cooler and as you can see the leaves are changing their colours on the trees, slowly but surely. I even saw a offer on my online store web site yesterday for bird food but it was only available in the gardening department, and not yet included in my deliveries. Mr. Swiss finds it is too early to feed then yet, but my camera is hungry for photos and the birds also of course.

Yesterday I was off to the store in town. I wanted to stock up on meat for my freezer. I like to have a reserve available as having problems with mobilitiy it is always good to be prepared. I seem to have a psychological system knowing what to keep as a food survival kit. I can always order basic needs online for delivery during the week. but I like to visit a normal butchers to choose the meat I want and not only prepacked. Winter is coming, the weather will be colder, perhaps even snow, and no longer so suitable for travelling by scooter.

There were still people meandering along the streets in town.

And there were a few musicians for entertainment.

I had a few small problems manoeuvring with my scooter. I am allowed to travel on the pedestrian zones and do not have to use the road which would be a little dangerous due to the traffic. However, the pavements can sometimes get quite crowded if suddenly delivery vans and, as yesterday, road construction companies were parking their trucks everywhere. Luckily I now have experience of where to travel, but it can get quite annoying sometimes. I just wait patiently until I am noticed by the working population with their hinderances and move to allow me to pass. It seems to be fashion to park with two wheels on the pedestrian surface and two on the road which can be quite a hindrance for me. Mr. Swiss always breathes a sigh of relief when I arrive home. First of all I vacuum pack my freshly bought meat supplies and put them in the freezer chest in the cellar. In my earlier heallthier days I would buy what I need when wanted and never spared a though about living on frozen goods. However, I have learned how to do it and the meat is perfect to cook after being frozen. I just have to remember the day before to put it either in the fridge overnight to let it thaw slowly, or for the smaller cuts in the morning when I stop hugging the bed as they thaw out nicely until lunch time when I cook them. Today I have a chicken casserole for lunch and had the chicken delivered fresh yesterday with my online delivery from the store, so no problem.

And now it is time to move on with my daily chores, although nothing drastic. First of all it is time to give my orchids their weekly water supply. I will be at home today, so no stress. Enjoy the day, yes, the week-end.

Our local town of Solothurn has the decorations for our trade fair evereywhere at the moment although the fair will open its doors towards the end of the month.

Good Morning

Not very much happening this morning. We are still having sunny weather, perhaps not summer warmth, but no problem. The sun is shining.

I discovered this snail on my apple tree, but not my best tree. This is the tree I planted from a seed many years ago and this year it has produced a large crop of apples, but nothing special.

I had a visitor yesterday evening. Son No. 2 is almost back to his old routine and now works in the office every second week for a week. He is still doing work at home on the other week, It means that when he is in the office he stays in his apartment in a town not far from us. He brought some good news. Since two years he has been studying and yesterday got the results and passed the examination with flying colours.

I seem to be having a strain of bad luck at the moment and yesterday my fridge and freezer in the kitchen gave up the ghost. I have had it for many years and half expected it to happen, although it is never good when it does happen. I was thinking about getting a new unit a few months ago, but everything was then still functioning so I decided to wait until the day arrived when it went kaput, which is now here. I even got an offer for a new combination so I will give the guy a telephone and order it, hoping that it will not take too long to be delivered. We are perhaps in a privileged situation as I have a second fridge with small freezer in another room the home, generally for storing my MS medicine which are injections and have to be kept at a certain temperature. I have three momths supply at the most, but have now used half so have room for keeping my fridge goods cold. As far as the deep freezer is concerned, I have a large freezer chest in the basement so that is also no problem. It is just a matter of organisation.

It seemed to be rush hour in the bee colony on my sedum yesterday and they were all making the most of the available pollen.

And that is all I have to say this morning. I have to call the fridge guy and also organise baking a bread which is no problem, I have time for that. It is a short message today, but I have to get a start on the day. It is also the day of fresh bed linen as if I did not have enough to do, but I have already dealt with new duvet and cushion covers.

Work is progressing on the new apartment block. They seem to be just digging holes at the moment and have already made to entrance roads for their trucks to remove the earth. The last time they dug so deep here they discovered a couple of skeletons as in the olden days it was the site of the gallows. Who knows what might appear this time.

And now to deaprt and wish everyone of pleasant day. I was just leaving when I had a visitor so here she is waiting for a morning treat.