Good Morning

Computer Transport

This morning I am ready to go, not anywhere special, but ready for the daily chores. It all began 10 minutes earlier than my usual rising time, because it was Thursday morning and Thursday is the day for changing the bed linen, inclusive fix sheets and duvet/cushion covers. Mr. Swiss and I split the work. I can sit comfortably on the bed and pull on the new covers and he does the rest with the sheets and cleaning under the beds. This means a later start to everything, but there is no-one waiting for a golden oldie.

The photo is my morning transport system when I shift my computer to the kitchen on my walker. I no longer use the walker for walking, but it can carry stuff for me. On the right are daily uploads of my Kindle and two iPads to make sure they are ready for use. My iPhone was charged some time in the early morning hours when I awake for that nightly visit to that place where most of us go in the middle of the night, at least the golden oldies do.

Eventually I arrived in the kitchen and found we had a visitor in the kitchen sink.

Spider of the day 14.06.2018

I do not know who was more surprised, her or me (must be a lady spider, they are usually bigger). After taking a few photos to commemorate the occasion I removed her with some kitchen paper and placed her outside where she disappeared into our garden cupboard to cool down and perhaps spin a net for her babies when they arrive – who knows.

The next excitement was when the postman rung and only once, I thought they always rang twice. It was a special three month supply of my injections for my MS injections which always arrive in enormous cool boxes in Summer. The postman said we can take our time unpacking them as he has to do his round in our estate and he will collect the empty boxes on his way back. So I have had my 3 surprises already today and now want to take it easy.

Back Garden 14.06.2018

The weather looks good, the sun is shining so what could be better. My garden is now looking OK and even my lawn has almost recovered from the builder’s attack last year. There are a few small bare patches, but our gardener said when is has some pieces of ready grown lawn he will patch it up for us. Note the plant next to mowy, my automatic garden mower. They were selling large pots of basil again in the supermarket and that is the only herb that is missing at the moment. Last year I bought such a pot and it was infected with the dreaded creeping dodder, so I am keeping a special eye on this one.

And I have a new lodger in the garden.

Flamingo Ornament

It was love at first sight when I saw him (and his many brothers and sisters) standing in the supermarket garden section. It is a new arrival and I just had to take him home with me. He is full heavy metal and was not cheap, but I would rather pay money for a homeless animal and know it was all in a good cause. He feels quite comfortable in the front garden and even Mr. Swiss likes him. I was going to save the photo for an oddball, but he is no odd ball, he is now a member of the family.

Although I have no shopping trip this morning I still have a few things to do, although Mr. Swiss and I have now recovered the beds, killed a spider and organised my 3 months supply of injections in the fridge in my washing room in the cellar. We even defrosted the freezer yesterday afternoon, but that is another story, see link Cold in the Freezer.

Remember, be kind to your insects, they will be thankful. Have a good day, enjoy it, see you on the flip side.

Good Morning

Crow 12.06 (5)

This lonely crow sitting on the scaffolding on the block opposite ours says it all for today. We have a solid grey sky and it rained almost all night, not just rain, but a downpour, a monsoon. We have had so much rain lately that even a news report said that it is a record for Switzerland. The days are following the same pattern. In the morning dull and miserable with perhaps some rain and then brightening up in the afternoon with some sun through to the evening. As soon as you head hits the pillow you hear the drips outside. I was uploading my photos outside on the porch and this crow suddenly appeared. I put my photo chip back in the camera and managed to grab a few photos on top of the 60 I was already uploading.  That was really a last minute photo.

Yesterday afternoon I really wanted to get out to make the most of the break in the weather. The cleaning lady was due for her two weekly clean of the kitchen but Mr. Swiss was at home so he found I should go when the weather is stable. I decided to stay near on our side of the village nearer to home in case it began to rain again: no castles or river, although you see the river from a distance, but they have some interesting gardens and there are cows.

Cows 12.06 (10)

I set off in my wheelchair and it is a comfortable ride, all on paved surfaces and no stones or rubble for the wheels to bounce around. At the end of the village, before the forests and agricultural plantations begin, the farmer has his cows. This is really one of those nice picturesque scenes with the hills in the distance which are in front of the Bernese Alps. I was glad to see some cows, as everywhere else in the village the cows have disappeared. My usual cow pastures are empty, although due to the heavy rains we have had I noticed that it was quite muddy for the cows in places, although the mud did not seem to bother them. They still walked around almost knee deep in it.

Dustbin Truck 12.06 (3)

On my way through the village I met the garbage truck. I had to wheel past and so I took the opportunity of a few action photos. Our garbage trucks are quite clean and our rubbish is collected in containers which fit nicely onto the truck. It is all automated and the garbage men just fix the container to the truck. This was at the beginning of my wheelie. After I had done my round trip and was on my way back home I met the truck again and the garbage man laughed and greeted very friendly.

Sweet Pea 12.06.2018

I noticed on our estate we have beds of sweet pea everywhere, the everlasting sort. They are also in our wild meadow opposite my apartment block. I feel a little guilty because when we move in there were none. I decided to plant some in my hedge to brighten it up. I certainly did, but the seeds spread everywhere and this bed in the photo is opposite our entrance as a result, so it is all my fault.

It was quite a nice little wheelie. I dressed in my t-shirt with short sleeves as I thought it might get a little chilly, but when the sun came out it was burning down as usual.

Have a good day everyone. I will leave you with some mushrooms I found growing beneath a fence to a garden on my wheelie. I do not know if they are edible, they look like champignons, but could also be a poisonous sort. I was surprised to see them.

Mushrooms 12.06 (1)

Good Morning

Hedge Cutting

This morning is not such a good one. It started off well and then the gardener arrived. We were expecting him, but time was taken up by explanations and details of what to do. Then the chief appeared who is a really nice guy and we got engaged in a conversation with him. At last I could eat some breakfast whilst dealing with my good morning greeting and then the mouse on the computer gave up. It is a new mouse and probably the enclosed battery was on its last legs when I bought it, so I had to search for a new battery. Now it is working and you can see one of the guys cutting our hedge which was really necessary.

In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss and I discovered that our e-mails were again not working. We got new codes yesterday and everything was OK. This morning I renewed the codes again and now it is working. I should have stayed in bed. Some times life gets too complicated.

Road to Solothurn 06.06 (5)

Yesterday we spent most of the afternoon in town sorting our e-mails at the shop and it rained all the time. Today it is dull outside, not yet recovered from the rain.

The gardener has a lot to do, as I no longer do very much in the garden. He had a laugh when he saw that I had a small plantation of cannabis growing in one patch, probably from the bird seed he found. I assured him I do not smoke.

I also discovered that the slugs have returned after the wet weather. They have gone forth and multiplied and are settled and munching happily on every plant where they find something tasty. I had not seen a slug for at least a year, so they must have been hiding somewhere.

I will now travel on with the vacuum cleaner and Mr. Swiss is planning to go to town for some bits and pieces. Have a good day/night and may it run smoother than mine is at the moment.

Flowers 04.06.2018

Good Morning


What a lovely morning and it is: blue skies, sun and some clouds to complete the picture. Even our weather forecasters tell us that Summer is now here showing its best side. Of course now and again there will be a few summer storms, but no big deal. That is the idea. We have had a few around Switzerland in the past week, mainly in the Zürich area. I saw video films on the news of roads paved with ice from the hailstones. Yesterday afternoon I went for a wheelie in my chair. It was pleasant weather, warm and I wanted to make the most of it. I planned for one and half hours, but returned after an hour when I saw this in the distance from the castle at the top of the hill over our area.

Clouds 31.05 (3)

We do not have tornados in Switzerland, at least not the imposing stuff you get in other countries and this was the nearest I have ever seen to one. It was a black cloud formation in the distance which did not promise anything good. I slowly made my way home. Now and again the wind gathered as it to say I will be coming. I eventually arrived home in one piece. The grey sky was gathering, although the sun was peeping through. Mr. Swiss was preparing the evening cold cuts and salad and mentioned he was glad that I was at home as something was brewing. About half an hour later it began to rain.

Rain? that was an understatement. It came down in threads.

Rain 31.05 (7)

The metal gulley over our entrance to the block was soon a rivulet of water pouring into our front garden. Mr. Swiss was watching the back garden which was not much different. Of course this was all accompanied by loud bangs of thunder. I had never seen anything like it.

Rain 31.05 (3)

According to the national news, they reported that this time Kanton Solothurn where we live was hard hit by the electronic storms we have been having. I thought it was the end of the world, complete with dark skies. After half an hour it was over. We had no permanent damage, just the sun bed and a chair where the cushions were soaked because we were too late in taking them inside and no-one wanted to venture outside again to rescue them without wearing plastic from head to toe and carrying a king sized umbrella, which would probably have been blown away.  It looks like that cloud I saw in the distance was telling me something.

Crops 31.05.2018

We had had some heavy rain and a storm the day before, as a warning probably. As I wheeled on my way yesterday I notice some of the damage to the crops in the fields, although these plants will recover. I do not know what damage was done yesterday, but I can imagine a lot more. I felt sorry for my stork perched up on his tower with his baby exposed to the rain and hope that they survived.

Stork 26.05 (1)

I was intending to visit yesterday, but it was too far to go with such a storm brewing. I will have a look today. It seems that summer has now arrived, but what an overture it had yesterday.

Today is the day of week-end shopping and the list has been made, although we wanted to spice it up a bit with something new, but we had no idea, so it looks like the usual monthly circuit again. I should now move one, there are things to be done. I am now interested to see what I might write this afternoon without a daily prompt which has now been terminated by WordPress.  I am sure something will turn up and will do my best.

I will leave you with a few wild flowers I found on my wheelie yesterday before the rains came down.

Wild Flowers 31.05 (1)

Good Morning


It is a beautiful morning this morning. The sun is shining and my garden is at its best. My asian peonies are now flowering and look great in their little corner. I am later as usual on Tuesday as it is cleaning lady day. She arrives at 9.30 and so I have breakfast and do my little bits before she is here. I have no time for computer fun. Now she is busy at work and I have moved out to porch with my computer. It is far too good weather to sit inside. The birds are singing in the background so what could be better.

And here is the photo that some perhaps have been waiting to see, or perhaps no-one wants to see. I took a wheelie with my No. 2 son and No. 1 grandson in my chair yesterday and son took a photo of me.

Me in Wheelchair 21.05.2018

It was taken on the path to the castle and in the background you can see the white buildings belong to the estate where I live. As you can see it is quite a monster chair that I have, and is naturally too big to travel with indoors, but ideal for me to get to places and see things bing fully electric. I did not take my camera with me this time. Generally I have it on the seat with me in a bag. I am slowly getting a wheelchair sun tan from my many journeys.


The local castle is on the hill. The clouds were gathering but nothing rainy, just a good subject for a photo with my mobile phone. My grandson looked at me now and again, probably jealous that he does not have an electric pram like my wheelchair.

Geese 08.05 (5)

We wheeled past the geese and ducks but by them grandson No. 1 was asleep.

Today is a normal Tuesday and no more religious holidays until 31st May which is a Thursday for Corpus Christi, another catholic holiday. Thursdays do not bother me so much as a holiday. It is not a shopping day so it makes no difference to my routine when everything is closed. It is not bad living in the catholic part of Switzerland, we get all the extra holidays, although being a golden oldie, every day is a holiday more or less. Of course there are the various doctor visits that crop up in between, but life would probably  be boring without them.

So what shall I do today? A good question, but the weather is too good to stay at home in the afternoon, so it looks like another wheelie somewhere. Mr. Swiss has departed for the supermarket to buy a few odds and ends for dinner.

See you around later if I do not sleep too long after lunch. Have a good day everyone.



I have not been around this afternoon to write (visit from No. 2 son and family included my grandson). However what more can I write, Marilyn says it all in this post. I have been in such situations myself, that little step that leads to a big step to an injury. That feeling that nothing is safe, because you can no longer do it. Everything is out to get you. The youngsters here might be laughing but one day your time will come when you think twice before going down the stairs. I am even worried about taking my grandson in my arms in case I might drop him.

Daily Prompt: Awkward

Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life on Earth


Photo: Garry Armstrong

Me walking anywhere. More like limping. Me, trying to clamber into the bathtub and hoping, praying, I’m not going to fall down in the process.  Awkward is anytime I have to go upstairs. Worse, slowly and awkwardly going down. I rarely fear falling upward, but I’m always sure I’m going to fall down.

My days of grace have wandered far into the distance. Not that I was ever really graceful, even way back in the days of youth. I always felt like my feet were about to get tangled together and down I’d go. About the most graceful I ever felt was on horseback!

Now, I’m glad if I can get anywhere and not fall on my face doing it! Some of us are just born that way.

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