Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: August 12, 2018

St. Urs. Fountain 22.07 (2)

I have been busy wheeling around in the town and found this on one of our fountains.

Baselstrasse 06.08 (1)

I suppose there are easier ways to cut grass or is that the guy that always carries a scythe with him.

Ornaments 22.07 (1)

Looks like the dwarfs were on their annual school trip

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: August 12, 2018

Good Morning

Morning Sky

Today we have stormy skies and I hear a very distant rumble. Does this mean a break in our hot airless weather. I do not think so, but every little cooling breeze is welcome. It is now raining, just a few drops, an apology for a shower. I hope I am back in the old routine with no unexpected accident, my ear is now thread free, although it looks a little different to the other ear.

Circus Knie 06.08 (10)

An now the circus is in town. I am not really a circus fan, but those that enjoy clowns and all the trimmings, why not. I noticed on our journey to the supermarket yesterday moring that the reserved area was being prepared and the tent was being constructed. Just a quick explanation. Circus Knie is an established family circus for many years in Switzerland, now in the third or fourth generation and it continues from father to son, now daughters, and the family is well known here. They have their Winter quarters on a land tongue on the Lake of Zürich and otherwise during the Spring to Autumn they tour the towns of Switzerland.

I decided this would be a photographic oppotunity and made my way into town yesterday afternoon. When they arrive they take over. The tent and the zoo with their various animals are in one place and the caravans belonging to the artists and workers also need quite a lot of space.

Circus Knie 06.08.2018 (2)

They have been given a large space on the banks of the river Aare for the people emloyed by the cicus. They recruit the workers from villages in Morocco. That is also a tradition and the same families in the villages are employed during the summer months. This gives welcome work to the poorer areas of Morocco and the men a secure job. As I wheeled back in my wheelchair I notice the police had cordoned off my usual path, but I continued all the same although it was a narrow path along the river.

Circus Knie 06.08 (1)

It was a mixture of closely packed caravans with the background of our town of Solothurn complete with cathedral. I really intended to take some photos of the animals, but as the circus had only just arrived the zoo was still closed. That is a separate part and you have to pay an admission fee to get up real close. I gladly pay for the privilege and will probably go again this afternoon to try my luck.

Camels Circus Knie 06.08 (1)

I caught a glimpse of these dromedaries with my zoom lens. It is not very often you see real camels in our little market town.

Sleeping Pig Circus Knie 06.08.2018

As I later wheeled on my way home I notice a few other animals were relaxing in their cars that had been converted to a stable. Mr. Swiss tells me this is a hog, a male pig, and you can see his long tooth. I am no expert, but it is really fun to take a photo of something you do not see every day. I saw no elefants, lions or tigers yesterday, but they have perhaps not yet arrived. They do have them in Circus Knie as I remember once that an elefant escaped in the town of Zürich. I am hoping to see more today.

My cleaning lady is now busy and I should follow her example instead of sitting at the computer. Mr. Swiss just made a surprise return visit as he had forgotten his purse and had no money for the shopping. Oh, the problems of us golden oldies.

See you later, after cleaning a few windows and cooking lunch. Keep safe and may the weather be with you. I will leave you with a curious circus circus llama.

Llama Circus Knie 06.08 (2)

A Photo a Week Challenge: Music


You asked for music so here it is. My husband Mr. Swiss, on the drums on the left, and the others have been around for so many years, they more or less grew up together in the jazz world. No traditional jazz here, think of mainstream and you are near to it. Mr. Swiss loved jazz from the beginning when he had his first drum lessons as a young teenager. We now have two sets of drums, in the hobby room in the cellar. Thank goodness we have good insulation and he can practice.

The photo was from a jam session in 2012 in a  renovated farmhouse that belongs to one of the music colleagues. They sprout up everywhere here. Now we are 6 years later. The jam sessions are now few and far between, the youngsters now golden oldies, but they can still play and still have their fun.

And here is another one in a local restaurant with another group. And me, I can play piano, but nothing to appear on stage with and I am one of the most qualified experts on Bebop and mainstream as a part time job. When you are married for 50 years to a jazzer,  you become a part time expert.

Music Leue 036

A Photo a Week Challenge: Music

RDP #64: Novel

Snow 07.11 (4)

Snow in August in Switzerland? Yes. the heat wave  has at last released its grip on Europe. The Swiss are now busy fetching their skis from the attic and garages are inundated with requests for fitting the winter tyres on the cars. No longer do Mr. and Mrs. Swiss have to water their parched lawns, nature is doing it all for them by snowflake.

After the summer of the century with temperatures hitting over 35° C daily, we now have Winter at the beginning of August. A little earlier than usual, but it all has to do with the climate change it seems. And there are still a few ignorant politicians that refuse to believe it. Instead of taking a cooling swim in the local river it has now become the local ice rink. What happened to Autumn, you might be asking. It seems that this year Autumn was cancelled from the programme. The trees shed their leaves some time in Summer due to the high temperatures and lack of water. There are even some stores that have already begun to advertise for Christmas Shopping and are selling Christmas Trees.

Put your bathing trunks away, deflate your swim rings and put on your winter boots. Get out the snow shovels and start shovelling. Make the most of this novelty, it might not last very long. There are already reports of Sahara sand clouds moving towards the alps, the Sahara decided it also wanted some snow and is making room for it.

In the meanwhile a lonely cat can be seen searching for some shade beneath a tree. He has not yet noticed that the seasons are a changing.

The lonely cat

RDP #64: Novel

Good Morning


Yesterday my day did not actually develop as I had planned. It should have been a tidying session, some ironing, cook lunch, midday golden oldie sleep and then up and away for a tour somewhere with the camera. My No. 1 son was at an open air rock concert all day, so it was just the two of us. Unfortunately due to one of my famous falls in the morning we were four, or was it five, hours in the “Notfall” (ER in english) in the afternoon in hospital. I had a few knocks, but also managed to alter the shape of my ear a little with a neat and tidy cut. After an hour waiting and a few registration processes that they actually knew who I was and insured, I eventually saw the doc.

She saw that there was a large tear in the  cartilage on the ear and it was not just a question of sewing it together. It needed a specialist. They found him and eventually he got to work with an assistant. First of all I had to have a few injections, something like the dentist. During the op he added a couple more. Poor Mr. Swiss had to sit around waiting for it all to happen. Eventually I was sewn together again and now resemble Van Gogh the painter with a bandage cover on my left ear. He chopped his ear off in a fit, I just did it all by accident. The ear is still there of course, but will now become an interesting ear when the stitches are removed next week. I am now confined to home until tomorrow, when I can remove the bandage. I do have a photo in glorious technicolor that the doc did for me with my iPhone, but will keep it in the files. Not everyone enjoys such photos.

View from the window

Luckily life does not only have a dark side. Yesterday it rained now and again, by the afternoon it had cleared away and this morning we are back to normal. It is still nothing special, with a lingering mist in the air from yesterday’s rain, but the weather prophets have declared a return to heat wave temperatures this week. The view from the living room window looks OK. Do you see the plant at the front on the right? That is my mint plant in the living room.


I also have one outside on the table on the porch and this one is in the kitchen. They are there for a purpose. I don’t mind a mint tea, but that is not the reason. I read somewhere in internet probably, that mint keeps the flies away. They are an annoyance outside and in the kitchen and living room. It only needs one or two buzzing around. Armed with a fly swatter does not help much, they are the survival acrobats. They were selling the mint in the supermarket so I got a few and I must say I now rarely see a fly indoors and we can now eat outside without any buzzing interruptions. There is always one or two that slip through the radar system, but it does help. I could plant the mint in the garden., but it is a plant that spreads and can take over the garden.

Pine Hawk Moth - dead

Anther interesting discovery this morning was this dead moth outside on the porch table. After examination and comparison it seems to be a Pine Hawk Month that had got lost on a flight and did a kamikaze nosedive. After having its photo taken we disposed of it. It was really big, perhaps escaped from one of those laboratories, who knows.

Today is a no stress day for all I hope.  My mum always did a Sunday dinner whilst me and dad disappeared to the Sunday morning market “down the lane” in my old home town section of London in Bethnal Green. Look after yourselves and be careful where you walk and how you walk, although as long as there is an ER there is a way.

Echinacea 25.07 (2)

Good Morning


Good morning again, I am back this morning after yesterday’s misery of being cut off from the internet world and all the trimmings. I have a bit of a different timetable this week in any case. Since No. 1 son is away on holiday, we have far too much bread. Mr. Swiss and I are not big bread eaters, just breakfast and tea and more than 1-2 slices for each of us are enough. We have now changed to the bread that you can bake in the oven according to how you want it, so I am spoiling myself with croissants for breakfast. I love them, but there are disadvantages. They are nice and hot from the oven and when you eat them they tend to make flakes everywhere. I will not even begin to tell you about the jam splodges. I just had to spend a few minutes cleaning up the mess on the table, my keyboards and hunting the flies away. Eating by an open window door in the kitchen is not very advisable “Grubs up” says one fly to another and they are already there.

Now I have organised myself and hope for smooth runnings apart from the odd fly that has not yet given up.

Hibiscus 18.07 (3)

This year really seems to be developing into a super year for the garden. I have never seen so many flowers on my hibiscus since it began to grow from a seed. They only flower for a day, but the next day there are just as many to take their place. It also has disadvantages I read this morning in the local newspaper online. It seems that we have a record harvest of fruit and vegetable and the farmers have so much it is no longer worth their while. The prices they get for their harvest are not profitable enough. Of course they should sell it cheaper for the public, but then the farmers are out of pocket. It seems we grow food not to feed the people, but to make sure everyone earns enough money. I dread to think of what will probably be thrown away.

We have a record harvest of cherries in Switzerland. The cherry trees usually suffer from hail storms and weather problems, but this year our cherries are bigger and better than ever.

Baselstrasse 16.07 (1)

Due to heatwave weather yesterday and catching up on stuff I missed on internet, I did not go anywhere or do very much. I decided it was now time to sort my 30,000 photos in my Flickr photo programme. They are organised in various sections, but there are ways and means to find them quicker with tags. Doing it on the iPad is quite easy as I can relax in a chair.


It looks like it will be a good day today. When there a few fluffy clouds around in the morning, we usually get a light breeze to accompany them so I might venture a tour in my wheelchair this afternoon, with camera of course. There is nothing planned otherwise, just taking it easy. I hope you all can also take it easy and enjoy the day as much as possible.