FOWC with Fandango: Contemplate

Tree 14.03 (1)

There is a lot to think about lately. Our main parts have been detached, and so we must reorganise our thought process. That is not easy when you are a golden oldie and have worked all your life until the day when you are retired and the others do the work.

We are left with accomplished facts and so we have to get on with it. Daily life now has to be planned. It is now a fight for survival, especially if you live in a large town where everyone wants the same.  We are living in a science fiction movie and all those horrifying scenes we have seen of people fighting for food have become reality, although the authors were not always right. They should have shown fights for the last toilet roll, it would have been more realistic.

I almost feel guilty living out in the country in a small Swiss village where the cows and sheep say goodnight to each other. Even our stores have enough to sell, and there is no push or shove to buy your food. At first I was worried, especially as I am not so mobile, but up to now it is working OK. The roads are no longer so crowded, no-one has to go anywhere – except for the store and only 1 person per 10 square meters is allowed in the store. Up to now I have had no problem. There is plenty of room to move and keep your distance. I even get a free spray of disinfectant on my hands when entering. Stephen King, although I love your books and stories, you seem to have missed a few things out. It does not have to be a psychological drama, it can just be a case of supply and demand.

That tree would probably like to have its trunk again although it is probably already contemplating sending out a few new shoots. I only hope that when this Reality Science Fiction Show is over we have learnt something from it. We have cleaner air, the environment is slowly recovering from what we have done to it, and perhaps we could keep it that way, although people have short memories, and it will probably just be another chapter in the history books.

FOWC with Fandango: Contemplate

Good Morning


Bright and sunny this morning, so what could possibly go wrong. I am glad for every day that I experience the sunrise. There used to be a time when I might make plans to go places and see things and enjoy the weather, microscopic hairy pea shapes have changed it all. We are not exactly in lock down, like some border Kantons, but are prepared for anything. I intend to go shopping this afternoon, I have to, otherwise famine will set in, but I just hope to find something. Mr. Swiss tells me to order online. A very good idea and so I had a look yesterday what to order. Forget it. Even the panic horders have ruined that. There is a waiting time to get into the web site, about 10 minutes and when you eventually arrive the wait continues. They used to deliver the next day, but now you have to wait until Friday.

I made an extra step yesterday and ordered a freezer cabinet online. I only have a refrigerator size deep freeze which is really only for the bare necessities. and decided to get something bigger. I have room in my laundry room. I got a good deal and it should be delivered some time this week. I am also waiting for a refill of my MS medicine. Even that was delayed last week. I have to inject every second day and ordered it last week on Monday, knowing I would have enough until Friday. Even that was delayed and they had delivery problems. It is now programmed for today, which is actually a day late for my routine. However, the lady that organises it contacted my neurologist and he said that if I miss out a day or even two it makes no big difference. She confirmed that it had been sent last Friday by quick post, three parcels, and it should arrive today. At least when it arrives I will have enough for the next three months. This has never happened before, and generally I get the refill at once. Life is no longer as it was.

Mr. Swiss just stopped hugging the bed and his first question was whether I knew anything new. I reassured him no. I really do not want anything new to happen, but you never know. Our government has now stopped its sessions in the parliament as there are too many people present there.


I have something new in the garden. It is a so-called insect house. Currently they have a special event at the local supermarket. You get packets of free seeds: nothing special, but wild flowers and I have been sprinkling them around the garden. There are also articles to collect when you card is full of stickers, and this is one of them. The idea is that the insects build their homes in the box.

Mickey Mouse 26.12 (15)

Remember Mickey? He was living in my garden cupboard through December. He eventually disappeared and me, silly person, even fed him a few seeds now and again. Anyhow it seems due to the mild winter that there is a massive increase in the population of mice  and the first babies have already arrived, a little early, especially in our Kanton it seems. I have not seen any yet and do not want to. I have a cat but she prefers her food in a bowl.


I had a look around in the garden this morning and noticed that my peonies are now beginning to show.

And now to move on with a bit of this and that  I am hoping to get some shopping done today. Although all the restaurants are now closed, the food shops are still open.  I am hoping that there will not be a storm of people there when I arrive, but I am planning on the afternoon.

Look after yourselves, stay safe and wash your hands. One little bright light, my hyacinths have produced some flowers.


RDP Saturday: Calm

Stream Feldbrunnen

What can you do to stay calm when the world as you know it is breaking apart. Horror reports of an unknown illness. Are we back in the days of the black death, or will we come through it? This afternoon I decided to ignore it all. I took my wheelchair and made a tour through the cemetery to the local castle. I saw 2 or 3 people on the way but mainly it was a solo tour and I was glad.

I did not have to hear the latest news about the little peas with hairs planning an attack. I passed the local stream through the cemetery and top half of the village. It was rushing on its way as always. Everything was in place.


The horses were on the meadow and I managed to switch off for  an hour. There is no cure for this illness, everyone finds something new to say about it, and the only news is how many infections and perhaps worst. 

I enjoyed my hour of calm, and I treasured it.   This evening I will be spending a pleasant time at home with a television and I hope to get a good night’s sleep. I now feel a lot happier after organising 30 toilet rolls 🙂

RDP Saturday: Calm

I’m alive!


For those of you that might have even missed me, I decided to make an effort to let you know that I am still thriving , annoying Mr. Swiss and generally turning in circles. The Corona virus has not yet got me, although Switzerland are still debating what new tactics to used today. They have decided not to close the borders to Italy, so welcome everyone.

In the meanwhile life has not been running as smoothly as it should. On Monday I spent time in the garage dicsussing whether to have a new battery in my car or not. It seems, by various unanimous decisions, that I do not drive enough. After 12 months of my new car I only have 2,200 kilometers and that is not enough. It seems I should set up a record of distance driving visiting Zürich, Bern, Genva and perhaps even Lugano now and again to give my battery a chance to charge. I am still thinking about it. I even bought a new vignette to cover this year on the motorway and the new battery.

And then the next problem was there. I lost my iPhone. It has been missing since I returned home from the garage. After the garage I went to the supermarket and arrived home and am sure my phone was with me. I packed out the shopping together with Mr. Swist down at the computer and discovered there was no trace of my mobile phone. I have not left it in the car and after phoning the supermarket they told me that no-one had found the phone. I know I had it with my when I arrived home, but it has disappeared. As my phone has facial recognition, as well as a code, there is no danger that anyone would look like me and be able to use it.  Actually I am sure it is at home somewhere.

For me this is almost a greek tragedy as I live with it day and night. It tells me the time, has my shopping list, and some other facts and figures important to my existence as a human being. Thank goodness I have my iPad and did an update on my phone only last week. If I dial my Tel No. I only get the recorded socalled “combox”  saying I am not available. This means that I had switched it to flight mode and it is still flying somewhere.

However, I decided to look on the bright side of life and bought a new iPhone today, the newest version, with a super camera, the so-called 11 Pro Max – not cheap but now and again even a golden oldie needs to be cheered up. I have left it at the store and the guy is fixing it all for me. I decided to pay the little extra to save any nervous problems if I did it myself. He can take over the same number that I had and all my various apps.

I have decided to take a rest for the time being from anything connected to computers, iPhones and cars but hope that when I pick up my new phone tomorrow things will be back to normal. I think slowly I am getting too old for this type of excitement.

In the meanwhile I am sure you can now all sleep a restful night again, not having to lay awake and worry about me.

See you around again when life gets back to it normality.