Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – May 26, 2017

Renovation 22.05 (11)

Our ways are paved with trodden surfaces and buliding material at the moment.

St. Kathrinen Cemetery 21.05 (1)

The gates to the town cemetery of Solothurn, Switzerland.

River Aar 25.05 (2)

The path on the banks of the River Aar which is on the righthand side, Feldbrunnen, Switzerland.

Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – May 26, 2017

Daily Prompt: Meet Fuzzy


Generally I am not known so much for being a doggy person. This does not mean that I do not like dogs. I would love to have a dog. In my younger days in London I begged mum for a dog but no way. I never really found out why, although mum was often scared of the unknown. If she saw a mouse in the house, she would have a fit and usually either dad or I had to chase it away. Whilst the mouse was sharing our living quarters, she would not enter a room on her own, without sending us as the advance guard to make sure the room was mouse free. I could never understand that, but I was always an animal lover.

Our mice were the normal average house mouse, just trying to find scraps of food for their families somewhere in the area. When you live in a place that was often bombed in the war, and you were surrounded with waste land and half derelict housing remains, it was ideal conditions for a mouse village. We even had the ruin of an old factory in the main road, but that was not so much mouse land, more rat infested. James Herbert’s novel The Rats was most likely inspired by this, as his origins were in the same part of London as mine. His relations even had a market stall along Bethnal Green Road. I am diverging, but this was the reason why I grew up as a cat person. Mum decided that a cat was the best solution to combat the visiting mice. I was quite happy, better a cat than nothing, although our cat was not eactly the brave mouser. He liked to play with the mice if he found one.

So now back to Fuzzy. I never did get around to having a dog, but stayed with cats, so I had my enjoyment with other people’s dogs. This morning we met a good friend of ours with her dog Fuzzy as we were leaving the supermarket. She has been widowed for a few years and some time ago adopted a dog. This dog was found neglected on the streets of Croatia, a republic of ex Jugoslavia. There are many organisations in European countries that help with adoption of these stray dogs, and arrange transport to other European countries, either by plane or truck. I know of a few colleagues that have gladly adopted stray dogs from Cyprus giving them a chance for a good life.

Fuzzy was one of these dogs roaming the streets searching for food  and now enoys a wonderful life with our friend. Unfortuntely he somehow picked up an injured foot on the way and wears his little sock to prevent more wear and tear on the foot. He can walk quite well, and never complains. Our friend takes Fuzzy everywhere. If she is shopping in the supermarket he waits patiently outside where they have a special waiting space for dogs. If she decides on something to drink in the supermarket restaurent, Fuzzy comes too. He sits patiently under the table and enjoys his life to the full. I took the opportunity this morning to take a few photos, not then realising that Fuzzy would be a subject of my blog today.


Daily Prompt: Meet Fuzzy

Daily Prompt: The Final Pages

There is always a problem when I reach the final pages of the book I am reading, because I have to decide what the next book will be.  I enjoy reading, losing myself in other worlds and imaginations of the authors.

I do not read books made of paper and hard covers. I have a Kindle. I gave up with books a long while ago, as my space was getting smaler, we already had 6 book cases packed with books. When I married Mr. Swiss I discovered he was also a reader and many books I brought into the relationship were the same that he already had, his were in german and mine in English. That is one of the reasons why we no longer buy real books, we have no room.

We both have Kindles and find it the best method for our reading addictions. Another advantage is that we both have the app on our iPads, so I can also read books that he has on the Kindle on my iPad and vice versa. I have my own taste of fiction, a little different to that of Mr. Swiss. He prefers the realities of daily criminal life with their plots and “whodunnits” and I like mine tinged with a little supernatural perhaps, but not always. We often meet in the middle and I wait for him to finish what he is reading so that I can read it as well. He is now reading the latest Jussi Adler Olsen book “Selfies”. We are both fans of the Carl Morck adventures and when he has finished I will read it on his iPad. Olsn is a Danish author, but the first editions in a foreign language are usually in German which Mr. Swiss reads. I do not have a problem reading in German, so I do not have to wait for the english version.

It is easy to choose a new book from Amazon, they have everything and it can be uploaded withint seconds.   My problem is that everything that interests me is usually in a series of many books.  Last week I read the first book in the Alex Cross Series by James Patterson (a american detective who is also a psychologist). Patterson has wrote many Alex Cross books and of course I began with the first. At the same time I am reading through the Terry Pratchett books on the Discworld, am now on No. 9 and there are more than 40 . The Invisible Library Series by Genevieve Cogman is also one of my favourites, and am now ready for book 3, there being 4 books in all up to now, not to mention the Peter Grant books by Ben Aaronovich, of which a new one is appearing later this year, bringing the total up to 7. It seems I am always on a quest for the final books and will probably never reach my goal.

Book Series seem to be the popular today. Now and again I might pick out a best seller from the New York times list, or the Guardian. My last book was my second Friedrich Glauser book, a Swiss author from the 1930’s with his police officer Wachmeister Studer. I read them in original German (with a slight touch of Swiss German now and again). I prefer reading in the original languages when possible, although it seems Glauser is also available in English. Glauser wrote many books, but not in a particular reading order, so I can choose my next book t random.

I must say one advantage with Kindle is that you cannot quickly flip to the last page to see what happens in the end. It is possible, but too much bother, and it would also spoil the fun of the suspense of the book.


Daily Prompt: The Final Pages

Daily Prompt: It can only get better


It can only get better. It is raining cats and dogs, although even my cat is refusing to go out, he does not like wet fur. So what do you do on a rainy afternoon when you cannot go out to play, not that I wanted to go out to play, I prefer taking a walk with my camera. I discovered I had forgotten an important item on the shopping list. Mr. Swiss bravely volunteered to fetch it this afternoon and in solidarity I said I would come with him. He said he would go alone, as it would be quicker and he wants to bake an apple flan this afternoon. My attempt at escape was foiled. I was not needed. I must admit I was not really sure whether I wanted to go shopping or would prefer staying at home watching the rain falling in front of the window.

So I am sitting at home watching the rain fall down and am still bored. I had an idea. I could show everyone my poinsettia.


I know, no big deal, although I braved my way into the rain to take the photo and it was very wet out there. The thing with this plant is that it gives me a spark of hope on a dismal rainy afternoon. We had a wonderful non-rainy Spring with warm weather and my poinsettia had survived Christmas and had new leaves. I built up hope for a nice plant during the Summer outside, and perhaps next Christmas I could encourage it to produce those nice red leaves at the top (although I think this one had pink leaves).  And so it was happy to be outside until that night the weather changed and we had frost.

It was a sudden attack and the leaves dwindled and fell – so much for the good idea. My plant was reduced to a mere collection of bare stalks. In the meanwhile the builders came, saw and conquered but they had sympathy for my poor dying poinsettia (although I was sure it was already dead) and move it to a safer place with no threats from building material or suffocating dust. Yesterday I dared to have a look, as the weather was now spring warmth, and saw that it had gone forth and produced new leaves. It can really only get better, and now it is happy to be out in the rain. I know it does not look like very much at the moment, but it is still a living thing and I have not yet given up.

In the meanwhile it is still raining – oh what a miserable day. Everything is so quiet outside, there is no-one to be seen, no action. I am alone with my computer and thoughts: no background music, just the dripping of the rain outside. Yes, definitely, it can only get better.

Mr. Swiss has just returned from the supermarket. It is the first time for a long while that he has visited the supermarket on a Saturday afternoon and most probably the last. In the meanwhile the supermarket have introdced shopping until 6.00 p.m. on Saturday afternoon and no longer 4.00 pm. Due to this, the Swiss Family shoppers have turned the Saturday afternnons in a real family excursion. Mr. Swiss said “never again”. There were no parking spaces available and it was crowded. There were also few spaces to move in the supermarket. He managed to fight his way to the checkout and escaped with the spoils.


Yes, just a rainy afternoon and now he is busy with his apple flan.

Daily Prompt: It can only get better

Good Morning

Renovation 02.05 (9)

Only two months ago I would be awakened in the morning by bird song, I would turn over in my bed, hug it for an hour or so and even fall asleep again – my world was OK. Two weeks ago the building invasion began and now I am awakened by the calls of the workers, accompanied by the sound of demolition, drills and hammers. I might even get used to it eventually. I lived in a quiet place and in the early morning hours as I was sitting in the kitchen eating breakfast and saying good morning to my computer, I would look out the window and see that everything was green and growing. An occasional crow would fly past, magpies would sit in the trees and my furry monster, Tabby the cat, would go on an exploration of her territory.

Now I sit in the kitchen and see various workers walking past carrying pieces of metal or concrete and perhaps even nodding to me as I watch and uttering a good morning.  Now instead of taking early morning photos of the bird population, I am snapping the working population, although it gets you thinking. I was an office worker and also Mr. Swiss. We also had to begin work early in the morning, but our only physical movements were to sit at a desk and switch the computer on. These building workers arrive at their building site and are already in action demolishing with heavy duty tools and rebuilding. Their first opportunity to relax is the morning break, around 9.00 a.m. They sit together in a quiet corner, eat their sandwiches or whatever and drink their coffees. After a quarter of an hour they are back to the heavy lifting and working.

They balance on the scaffolding with no problem. It is a different world. Today they begin on the ripping down on our building and the remaining blinds on our appartment will be removed.

Horse Chestnut 30.04 (2)

In the meanwhile, in the real parallell world, life goes on and my horse chestnut tree is still showing its very first flower after 15 years, however to a background of scaffolding. Even a tree grows in Feldbrunnen. It might not be Brooklyn, but miracles happen everywhere.

I hopped over to Facebook this morning as usual, and saw startling news from Buckingham Palace. The Queen has called for a conference with all her personnel and no-one knows why. Will she be retiring after all, I mean if the pope can retire, then surely she could as well. I was forced to retire at the age of 62,  two years too early, but had a fair arrangement. The queen is 91, so perhaps it is time for her to let someone younger take over, although this might not be the case – no-one knows. Personally I could not care, she will not have to search for a care home and wait in the queue until she gets a place. She can stay at the palace and still have her own personal carers. I am also sure she will be looked after privately, and not have to rely on the National Health Service.

And now to move on, no shopping today, just a small window cleaning session to keep me out of mischief and a few photos to take here and there of the working force in front of my window.

See you around, have fun.