Daily Prompt: Fret


“Nice fret.”

“Do you think so. I thought it might be a bit flashy.”

“No, not at all. Ok, it depends on the music I suppose. My player is more into the mainstream sort of stuff. Nice and slow and relaxing. I suppose your musician is more the rough type: dirty fingernails, scruffy and uses the fret to hold his joints whilst playing.”

“Do you mind. Just because yours is a wooden lookalike, it does not give you the right to look down on me. and be insulting.”

“Just remember to get your strings washed after the performance.”

“I find your colours boring and nothing special. I am sure your audience falls asleep when listening to the music. I impress them all with my red, white and blue and you can even rap to my music. I have a unique fret.”

“Yes I am sure you do, shame you will have a short life.”

“I will live forever.”

“I don’t think so. The last three coloured guitar only appeared once.”

“What are you talking about.?”

“See for yourself the piles of broken frets let over from the guitars looking like a flag. The player gets carried away and gets high on his joint. The big final to the concert is to throw the guitar on the ground and jump up and down on it.”

“But then I will die.”

“At least your last performance will not be forgotten.”

Daily Prompt: Fret

Daily Prompt: Song


I heard many songs this afternoon when I went for a wheelie in my chair. The birds were singing their heads off, celebrating the wonderful weather and I felt good. You might have MS, might have broken your leg four months ago, but just an hour, or was it a little more, does wonders. The feel of the wind in your hair, if you happen to be wheeling in the second gear, and the steering really is inspiring.

I was on my way home and  saw these flowers in a bed, next the local road train station. I then heard the song of motor bikes. It seemed to be the time of the year when the bikers make the most of the sunny days. The weather was perfect, not too hot and not too cold.


I think they saw me as I was holding my phone up for a photo: at least they were looking in my direction. It could not have been better with a background of our local castle Waldegg and the Jura mountains. I can imagine they were thinking what is a golden oldie in a wheelchair doing taken photos. I also had my camera with me and zoom lens, but they were packed in my bag.


Clouds never fail on my photos, and there were a few interesting formations singing along this afternoon. Apparently we will be getting blood rain this evening. There is Sahara sand in the air which might change its colour when the rain falls.  I cannot wait, another opportunity for some interesting photos, I hope.

Daily Prompt: Song

Daily Prompt: Froth


Apparently if you serve a glass of beer, it should have froth. I remember pouring my first glass of beer for dad. He was not very happy. I just emptied the beer into the glass, and he got froth, it was almost all froth and no beer.

I the had my first lesson on how to pour beer into a glass, english metho, from dad. You hold the glass on a slant, and as the beer enters from the bottle you gradually straighten the glass. This produces the perfect glass of beer: a third of bubbly froth and the rest beer.

My washing machine sometimes complains that there is too much froth. It is unpredictable, but sometimes I get a warning that the wash programme will take more time due to froth development, which means when I go down to my laundry room in the cellar the programme still has half an hour to run.

And then there is the froth development which mainly occurs amongst politicians, comparable again with a washing machine, the programme for delicate material. If you watch through the window of the machine, you see a basis of water at the bottom supporting a window of froth, bubbles. This often occurs when a political speech is being held. There is a small amount of words used to express the problem. but let us be honest, the rest is froth, air filled bubbles with nothing really worthwhile to listen to.

Daily Prompt: Froth

Daily Prompt: Frigid

Frosty Morning 23.01 (20)

I am one of those people that rarely freeze, I have my own central heating system running through my arteries. At the moment I am sitting at the computer next to an open window.  Temperature is about 12°C outside, which is not really cold, but I am convinced that he who will not be mentioned will soon appear and ask if I  could shut the window as I am probably causing a draft in the home. Yes, he just appeared asking if I could shut the window as it seems a state of freezing temperatures has our house in its grip.

I am quite comfortable in my short sleeved t-shirt, even a little overheated. I am not wearing socks or any other foot cover, just my comfortable Sketchers. I suppose some of us do react more sensitive to the cold than others. Perhaps it is a symptom of my MS, who can say, the complaint with a thousand faces. If I go out in Winter, of course I wrap up warm on top with my padded jacket and woolly scarf around my neck but underneath? Still short sleeeves, no woolly jacket, I am warm enough.

My mum always referred to drafts as fresh air in our house in London. this was probably because our doors would never shut properly, or the windows. If your house was built in 1884 and survived two world wars, the second war having bombs dropped around you and the house foundations no longer as intact as they should be, you have a different outlook on temperatures. Every door had a space somewhere, as nothing was straight, but had a slight angle. The windows had sash chords, a system of holding them together with ropes. If the rope wore through you could not open or shut the window, but dad knew how to repair it and replace the chords. We were not spoilt. I remember getting our first fridge, when I was still a kid. We made the most of it and put ice in every drink we had, winter or summer. Gone were the days of keeping the butter cold and fresh by putting it in a bowl of cold water, we had our own cold system.

There was a problem in Winter, because most of our water pipes were outside and they would freeze. If water freezes it expands, and so the pipes would burst. Dad to the rescue again, with strips of recycled torn sheets or other material, he would wrap up our pipes outside to keep them warm. As the whole street had the same system, all the piping was dressed in this way, so nothing was out of place, it was the normal appearance of the houses.

They were the memories of childhood. In the meanwhile I have closed the window in my room, although I am warm enough. I only wanted a little fresh air.
Alps 03.04 (4)

Daily Prompt: Frigid

Good Morning


Am not sure what the day has planned weatherwise, so must wait and see.  This morning was again fresh bed linen morning. I can just about manage to cover my own  duvet and cushions with fresh linen, but the rest I must leave to Mr. Swiss, although he also has to take five in between. These are days when we remember how agile we were in the years gone past. It is not an every day job, for which we can be thankful.

Me at the computer

Yesterday it seems the paparazzi were busy at home. I have my photos online in Flickr and Mr. Swiss also has access, although does not use it  very much. I discovered this photo on my computer this morning. When asked, he said he found Tabby looked so good in front of the window. The fact that he captured me writing my daily prompt yesterday afternoon at my computer was secondary, but now you see the expert at work.

Yesterday I was busy with a big update on my Mac computer. It seemed to be a big one, although I did not notice any big differences afterwards. I had to remind Mr. Swiss to update his Mac as well, as he does not use it so much as I use mine.  I used to have only a windows computer, but one day Mr. Swiss brought home an apple computer, a smaller one, as it was a special offer. He said we can both use it. He even had it fitted with Word and Exel. He used it now and again and I fell in love with it at the first glance, but said I really do not need Window apps. After a while he organised the computer in my name, as he realised he never really used it and I got rid of the Window apps. In the meanwhile I decided I wanted a real good Mac and bought myself one, the best at the time. I gave him the smaller Mac for himself to use and now have my big Mac. I had also got a new Windows computer equipped with  Windows 10, so that is why I have two computers. I like to used my Mac for writing and my Windows for photos, although in the evening I only use the Windows.

Yesterday was a safari to the supermarket, so today will be a stay at home day with some cooking and a little bit of cleaning and a practice in walking with my stick. It can only get better. Make the most of the day and I hope the sun is shining where you are. If not, then enjoy the rain.  I will leave you with another photo masterpiece from Mr. Swiss, our bowl of daffodils on the porch which are not yet flowering.


Daily Prompt: Explore

Chickens 30.03 (13)

Today I discovered that the life of a chicken is a short and energetic life. The local chickens are divided in two hen coops. One is permanent,  the luxury suite, where the rooster roosts. The second coop is for the workers, those that produce eggs until the purpose in their chicken life is fulfilled. On this photo you can see the workers, looking out through the fencing. They are not fenced in, but can go for a peck outside now and again as long as they leave their eggs behind.

I was on my way today, with my power wheelchair, and as I approached this coop I heard nothing. There were no clucks, it was silent The chickens had flown the coop it seemed, there was not a chicken to be seen, not a single feather was floating in the air. It was empty, clean and outside tthe run was just plain earth. I was ready for another photographic session of the birds, perhaps a family photo with an egg or two, it was chicken-less. I wheeled on and discovered the luxury suite was still occupied, and the rooster was on patrol outside. It was then that a thought occurred to me. Was it time for the egg producers to go, because they were no longer producing eggs? Only the egg hatchers remain to care for their growing family and the rooster would be a happy father.

I have a friend with a farm and we were talking chickens once. She said she was expecting a new delivery of chickens. She has an arrangement with the chicken suppliers. When the chickens are no longer laying as much as they should, they are exchanged for the some new fresh layers. The rooster is happy, and the sales of eggs continue.

I am sure that the empty chicken coup will be refilled with innocent unsuspecting chickens, all ready to enter the egg laying competition and explore their new territory. They might hear the ghostly clucks of the departed chickens when they are settling in their new lodgings, the ones that are now laying their eggs in the sky. What a life. All I can say is think twice before you enjoy the next roasted chicken you eat.

Chickens 24.03 (11)

Although I suddenly heard the flutter of wings as a chicken arrived in the luxury suite. All the other chickens clapped with their wings and congratulated her on her great  escape. The only survivor to tell the tale.

Daily Prompt: Explore

Good Afternoon

X-rayNo Good Morning today as I had to go to the hospital for a check on how my broken leg was healing. First of all I had to have another x-ray to see if the repair work carried out last January was still in one piece. The x-ray people at the hospital were very helpful preparing me for the big pictures. Afterwards I had a few words with an assistant doc about my progress. He had all my pictures on his computer so I asked if I could have them as well. He said he could print them out, or he could take pictures. I gave him my mobile phone and he obliged with a couple of pictures. Here you can see the engineering work on my left leg. The strong white lines are steel. The top slanting one seems to be some sort of screw and the straight one is in the bone, all examples of good engineering.

And then we have the bottom part of the steel rod further down in the leg. I remember them inserting these two screws, as I did have or want a full aneasthetic and was awake by all the events in the operation. I suddenly hear an electric drilll which was when they did the drilling work to insert the two parallel screws. Isn’t modern medicine wonderful?


I saw the surgeon this morning and he said that everything was OK and I would not need to see him again. The surgeon also emphasised that I should put the weight on my left leg as much as possible to strengthen it as it was now weakened after the operation. It is often easier said than done with this good ideas. It took me a time to walk again with just my stick, as self confidence was failing, but I am getting there