Good Morning

Again a normal Summer morning with clouds and a blue sky. No rain clouds to be seen and the promise of a sunny summer week. Probably we will all be complaining about the summer heat at the end of the week, but that’s life. At least the danger of flooding has almost disappeared, although we have one lake in Switzerland that is still a small threat, and in Germany it is raining again with a threat of flooding.

I had a bird visitor yesterday afternoon. Actually during the afternoon I now and again I have birds in the garden, although they disappear quickly. I suppose the babies are no longer babies and are discovering their wings. At last the mother birds can relax and no longer have to permanently feed them.

I spotted this guy in my garden cupboard this morning, but he is no bother. they like to hang around in dark places where other insects also hover. It must be something like a five star restaurant.

As said, I ventured to the store yesterday afternoon.

I saddled my trusty scooter and made my way. Had a small problem when taking this photo, after finishing the shopping trip. I parked my walker on one side and forgot to pull the brakes on it. It is not always necessary, but I left it on a slope so it became independent and rolled away. I was then confronted with quite a distance to walk without any help. However a lady saw my predicament and brought the walker back to me, so no problem. I realised how dependent I have become on these various helps and more and more. MS is a progressive problem, and my walking abilities are getting less and less. My right hand is also having problems, but luckily I can still type on the computer. I just have a pins-and-needles feeling in it. I will have to have a few serioue words with my neurologist when I see him next week, althogh probably there is not very much he can do.

There was not a lot of traffic on the road yesterday. On the right you can see the path next to the railway tracks which I usually travel when returning and leaving our village. This is just a smaller road leading to the various villages.

The local train also passed me on my way. It is also a connection between the villages and stops at our local town of Solothurn.

We even have a sign on the way showing that you will soon be entering our local town of Solothurn, the most beautiful baroque town in Switzerland, at least that is what it says. The way is well equipped with paths at the side for my scooter which I am very glad about.

Otherwise it was an easy day. I only really need about an hour to get to the store and back, so had some relaxing time in the afternoon for sorting my photos. I am no longer so active in the evening and prefer to have an early night – must be old age catching up on me. Today I have no big plans and will not be going anywhere. It is so pleasant now to sit out on the porch watching the world (and clouds) go by.

I wish everyone a good Sunday (or for those in other parts of the world – sleep well).

Good Morning

I almost gave up on a photo of clouds this morning, but decided to wait a while and eventually the sun appeared and some shape came into the sky. Otherwise it was just a grey sheet, the remainder of the rain from the night. It is still raining in Switzerland and our rivers and lakes are full to the brim and in some places spilling over. There are a few floods in villages and cellars under water. Luckily not so much damage on the houses. In Germany it is a different story with people missing and still waiting for help sitting on the roofs of their houses. We are lucky to live on higher ground.

Of course there are always some that enjoy this miserable weather and like to make the most of it. They also seem to increase in size. This slug was really a big one making its way across the wall in the garden. Another insect awakening are the midges/mosquitos. This morning early whilst I was still hugging the bed my hands were irritated and then I heard the familiar buzz passing my ear. I automatically did a swipe at my ear and with a stifled buzz I actually managed to send the mosquite to the eternal buzzing grounds. My first instruction of the day to Mr. Swiss was to organise the mosquito traps in the bedroom. We have little bottles we fill with anti mosquito liquird and then you have to plug them into the elecricity. That does the job qute well and they usually then disappear. They can really be an annoyance when buzzing aroud. Sometimes living near a river is not such a good thing.

My smoke tree looks especially good after the rain showers where the remains of the flowers are covered with water drops.

Today will be a day of isolation. At the moment it is dry and there are even a few small patches of blue above, but I am not so sure. Tomorrow looks better and then I might chance a trip along the local road. I am expecting a grocery delivery this morning, otherwise I will be taking it easy – probably counting the slugs. Funny how the wet weather seems to draw them out of their dark places.

Have a good day everyone and may the sun shine on your side.

Good Morning

We had a weather warning yesterday evening and it rained and rained and rained throughout the night. However no floods, just wet everywhere.

Of course it was an attraction for some unfortunately and this guy was sliming its way across my patio this morning.

My hosta flower stems also suffered from the deluge and are now hanging their stalks from the weight of the water. This morning there is no more rain, the sun is shining at the moment and we even now have blue skies. I hope the hostas will recover during the day.

Another insect species has also returned with a vengence and I am busy with my fly swatter helping them to meet their end. I always have the window open during the day, weather permitting, and they take it as an open invitation.

Otherwise this is going to be a quick visit. I hugged the bed longer this morning and am later than usual, although what difference does that make in the life of a golden oldie. I am not going places or doing anything special. Just the normal routine. I get a grocery delivery this morning and I just got the confirmation of my list showing that everything will be delivered as ordered.

I am now off to catch up on lost time. Have a good one, see you later.

Good Morning

A boring sky this morning. No matter where you look it is grey and more grey. It got a little chilli yesterday in the evening and is not exactly a warm Summer morning today. I began my new timetable yesterday and must say it is really more relaxing to go to bed early with no evening chores to deal with. the washing was finished and hanging already. The dishwasher was running and Mr. Swiss emptied it some time in the early morning hours on a trip to the kitchen. I have a good programme on the dishwasher which does not go so long. I never have a lot in it, and it is rarely full. It only takes a few minutes to empty. I think Mr. Swiss was quite surprised when I told him I was also going to bed so he could switch off the TV especially as one of my Star Trek films was on the TV. He really thought I would stay up to watch it, but at the moment I have no interest. And if necessary there is alwas a DVD to record it, although that is not my thing. I was really looking forward to a nice restful sleep.

Yet another of my hostas now has buds, It is not the last, as there is still a bed full that up to now have no buds. They are the ones that seem to be the favourite part of a slug diet, but I have placed enough pellets on the ground to give them no chance of feeding on them. The leaves are looking good with no traces of the 250 teeth marks of the individual slugs.

I stayed at home yesterday. It begun to rain at some time in the afternoon so it was not exactly inviting to go anywhere. I made myself comfortable with my current book. If you are a tennis fan you could have watched the TV, but I am not and 2-3 hours of Wimbledon is not my thing. At least a Swiss bloke won it (I think), Roger Federer. We seem to have more success with tennis than football. England will now be in the final of the European Football Cup and everyone is convinced they will win.

I noticed that my kalanchoe outside on the porch is developing some nice leaves. Perhaps it might even make flowers again. I have had it a year, but throughout the Winter it did not do very much. As soon as it is outside in the fresh air it begins to recover. I have to make sure it does not get too much rain, although up to now it does not seem to be suffering from damp feet. They make such wonderful groups of flowers and I would love it to flower again.

The roses and my honesty plant seem to be battling for a place to be noticed.

I will be finishing my weekly grocery order today for delivery on Tuesday. That is the advantage of online orders. I can always visit the web site and add to it. I think I did the main part of the new list some time in the early morning hours on my iPad from the bed.

Have a good Sunday everyone. I think we will be having a wet Sunday, but another opportunity to relax at home with no stress. Here is a reminder of the good sunny days near where I live two days ago.

Good Morning

This morning was such a wonderful sky display I did not know which photo to choose. It was sun, clouds and nature at its best.

Even a passing plane decided to add some decoration. So now I am wide awake and ready for the new week. Yesterday I am afraid I got a little lazy. I was really intending to go somewhere in the afternoon, but preferred to relax and hug the bed for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I just did not have the energy to go anywhere or do anything energetic. At some time in the afternoon I decided to do something constructive, so organised the computer outside in the wonderful weather on the porch.

I disovered this development on an older orchid I have. It seems that it has decided to produce a new plant. I noticed two new leaves some time ago and left it to its own thing. It has now produced two sturdy roots and more leaves, but still attached to the mother plant. At some time I think the idea would be to separate this new growth and plant it in its own pot. It is something new for me and I hope it will be a success. Any advice from experts would be very much appreciated.

I had one of my usual feline vists this morning waiting patiently for whatever I happen to have in the feline section of my kitchen cupboard. She did not leave disappointed and got her morning breakfast treat. Satisfied she left for further explorations in the neighbourhood, or perhaps some more treats from other cat people like myself.

We had a couple of hours of thunder and rain during the night which formed some background music to sleep. This morning everything was so fresh and clean. Monday is a day at home with a bread baking session. We have had more rain and storms predicted, but at the moment it looks very friendly outside. Some parts of Switzerland have had floods, but our part has had no problems up to now.

I will now move on with a few routine household chores and wish you all a good start to the week. I might not be around so much tomorrow as I have the cleaning lady and also a visit to the doc.

Good Morning

Nothing special this morning, but no rain during the night and now the sun has appeared, so what could be better. Another week-end arrives alhough I have made no plans to go anywhere and do anything. I am glad for a stressless peaceful week-end with nothing special happening. However 47 years ago it looked a little different. I was off to the local clinic and a day later I had a second son. Today he is celebrating his birthday. Time goes so fast and the years pass quickly. His first words and first steps are long gone, but he has made his way in the world and the next generation has already arrived in the shape of two grandchildren.

I spent my day yesterday with the usual routine. My ideas of meals is waning. It is only myself and No. 1 son that appreciate and enjoy food. Mr. Swiss is at the table, but no longer eats very much and really just nibbles.

And now to something completely different.

My usual visitor appeared yesterday afternoon. I gave him a few treats and he left. Half an hour later he returned for more and I told him quite clearly there is no more today. And so he sat there and stared at me, but I was immovable.

Eventually he decided to emphasise his wishes, but to no avail. I remained firm. He decided to take a walk in the apartment, and eventually returned to the kitchen staring at the cupboard which remained closed. Cats can be so obstinate.

And I will now depart for the usual routine. On Saturday morning there is never very much to say. The only excitement is that my online supermarket no longer has a pack containing four liters of milk (4×1) in the assortment, so I now have to order them as four single pieces. Not really a big problem, but these little things are part of my daily life it seems.

Have a good day everyone, any may the week-end be a good one.

Good Morning

What a wonderful fresh morning. It rained yesterday evening throughout the night with a few claps of thunder. At the beginning it was quite windy which managed to sweep one of my orchids to the ground outside and break the covering pot. However no damage done so much to the plant. Afterwards we decided to take the orchids inside during the night to be on the safe side. And now the clouds are going and the sun has arrived and we have fresh air. The heat wave is no longer and I feel so much better. We have normal summer temperatures thank goodness.

And the gardener has arrived and is already cutting my overgrown hedge.

Here he is the hedge cutting artist at work. I asked him for his permission to show the photo here. We do not always have the same gardener but he is often here to do the work.

Our local cats seem to have decided that my garden is the best for relaxation. This one settled on my chair outside to take it easy. I seem to be slowly the cat mother of the area.

Roschti, the other neighbourhood cat, also paid a visit yesterday, but he was just passing though and did not make a stop.

And I am now ready for the week, although nothing special happening at the moment. Perhaps I might be a little more out and about if the weather stays as perfect as it is now. My wheelchair is ready for action and so is my scooter. It is really wonderful to be able to breathe again and have not such problems with walking and fatigue. Have a good week everyone.

Good Morning

I lay in bed during the night hoping to hear the distant sound of thunder and eventually the pitter patter of the rain drops, but nothing. A still unmoving heat encompaces me as I am hugging the bed. Eventually I sleep hoping to wake to a good rainy day. Well today, it almost happened. I stopped hugging the bed and put my head out of the window, stepped into the front garden and I felt a drop of rain on my head. I saw a few spots on the paving stones on the ground. It was nothing spectacular, but perhaps a beginning. I had a look at the back garden and the same was happening. Ok, it was a three minute event, but it happened. The sun is not shining, there are clouds above and it is a little cooler. Perhaps it was an announcement of the things to come.

My hostas really developed in the heat wave and seem to grow bigger every year. I saw the first flower stalks here and there already.

Livestock is also already ariving indoors, but a harmless crane fly is no problem, so I let him hover a while. There do not seem to be so many flies this Summer, just now and again a solo one. Even for them it is too hot to fly.

They had mowed down our wild meadow and left the grasses to dry on the ground in the sun. The sparrows were watching from the trees and decided there was an interesting meal laying on the ground. It did not take so long and they soon arrived. This one was perched on the hedge and watching for any insects that might be moving I think. It was good to see them again.

And that is all I have to say for this morning. The sun has still not arrived and there is no more rain. I will be spending a quite day at home with no travels except for in the garden. Have a good Sunday everyone.