RDP Monday: Blunder


I was driving home from the supermarket this afternoon on my usual route. I know the streets by memory. Driving down this particular street in the photo with the traffic lights at the end was the street where I once lived for five years, so no problem. Of course it is now Winter and a dull day. However, the traffic light is still there. There is only a 30 kmh speed limit on this road, so a place to be very careful with the gas pedal. The light was red and I was the first car (and I think the only one) in front of the traffic light. What could go possibly wrong? I just had to wait for the light to change to green.

And now the difficult part is there. From the left there is a road with traffic that stop behind the white line to allow traffic from my side street to turn left. There is now a problem.  Two cars, not just one, had driven over their white waiting line and had stopped. They were almost blocking me from turning left. Are you with me? It is a bit difficult to describe this blundersome situation. Now I had green and should go, but where? Would I have enough room to turn left when one car was almost half way blocking my path from the left. For a golden oldie this was not an easy problem to solve. I decided to take the chance and did a sharp left turn hoping that luck would be with me. It was and I managed to complete my left turn and continue on the way home. Of course I shook my head as I passed the first car that was blocking my road, but to no avail. There was no driver in the car, the car was empty. I took a quick look in the second car behind the driverless car, and discovered there was a driver in it.

I still do not know what to make of this predicament. As I drove further along the road, which was now safe, I saw a police car parked on the right.

Someone blundered somewhere. Where was the missing driver and how could the queue of cars behind him drive further when he was blocking the road. I must have a look in the newspaper tomorrow.

RDP Monday: Blunder

RDP Monday: Torch

Renovation 23.05 (10)

3 years ago our apartment building was being torched now and again. They renovated everything and it was often fire and flames. What a wonderful opportunity for a few photos.

Blow Torch

Not being from the trade, I was not really sure what they were torching.

Renovation 23.05 (1)

It often got quite exciting, especially when the sparks were flying.

Renovation 24.05 (4)

I remember when the guy did this bit of work, he told me to stand back otherwise it could be that some sparks might land on the lens of my camera: one of the problems of being an “on the spot” reporter. When they eventually left after 7 months I had over one thousand photos in my files of the work progress.

At the time I just took shots now and again, but I am glad. I now have many memories to reflect on of when they torched the building.

RDP Monday; Torch

RDP Monday: Daylight


I get enough daylight when I am on my way to the store in the afternoon. I took a few photos today from the entrance of the store and what do I see? The first thing you see are the bicycle stands opposite the entrance of the supermarket. On the right is a building which actually houses the village Kindergarten. Of course the whole thing is bordered by the ever present Jura mountain range.


On the other side is the top floor of the parking spaces for cars and shopping trolleys, not forgetting the special trolleys for the kids that seem to resemble small trucks. And behind them are the three reserved parking spaces for the handicapped, although I rarely use them but prefer to drive further to the side of the supermarket next to another entrance direct to the grocery department where there are 6 reserved spaces.

Today was a particularly sunny day with hard shadows everywhere, but such weather makes it all worth while to go places.


And now it is gradually evening and we are rewarded with yet another glorious sunset.

RDP Monday: Daylight

RDP Monday: Temporal


How temporal can you get. Yesterday the sun was shining, reflecting on the moon, although it was mid afternoon. On the one side the sun, the other the moon. This was reality. The gull flew on, unimpressed and regardless of this unique event.  There was a river down below and the evening meal was swimming around in it.

RDP Monday: Temporal

RDP Monday: Pastel

Sky over Feldbrunnen

“Cupid have you been playing with my paint box again?”

“Stay cool Juppy, I got one of my own for the midwinter solstice and thought I would add a bit of romance to the sky. I am fed up with the blues and greys and sometimes even black, according to your moods.”

“That is not the way things are done here Cupid. I am Jupiter, not Juppy, and I decide the mood of the day.”

“How am I supposed to do my job when you ruin it all with your boring skies. Boy meets girl, I sharpen up an arrow, or two and then we get rain and a clap of thunder and the arrow misses its targets. Since I painted the sky with some pastel colours everyone is falling in love.

“I am not in the mood for love Cupid.”

“I thought you had your eyes on Venus.”

“I did, but she stood me up for Saturn, she said he was always looking on the bright side. and here she comes.

“What a wonderful sky, was that your idea Juppy.”

“I was thinking about it Venus.”

“Typical Juppy, just because he is the boss he takes the credit for everything.”

“Oh, hello Cupid. Now you can really go to town with your bow and arrow.”

“At last, I was thinking of having a shot to keep my arm in practice.”

“Go ahead Cupid.”

“I thought you were together with Saturn.”

“I was, but he was shining so bright, I had to wear dark glasses all the time.”

“Ok then here I go “twang” and another “twang””

“Ouch. You pierced me with your arrow Cupid.”

“Of course I did Juppy and I also pierced Venus, so make the most of it.”

Venus and Jupiter did not exactly live happily together for ever after, only until Cupid used up all his new paints and Jupiter took over again with some stronger colours. Cupid found it was worth the effort to paint a few pastel skies now and again.

RDP Monday: Pastel

RDP Monday: Band

Music Leue 036

Being married to a “jazzer” that plays drums I have seen many bands come and go with Mr. Swiss at the drums. This photo was taken almost 10 years ago when everyone was young and lovely. The are still lovely, but no longer so young of course. Mr. Swiss on the Drums and it was in a local restaurant where there were playing a gig for the evening.

RDP Monday: Band

RDP Monday: Mix


I am now planning for Christmas. What I buy now I do not have to buy next week.

This is red cabbage, shredded into fine pieces, precooked and ready to eat. It just needs warming up in a saucepan, so what could be better. I cooked red cabbage myself for years. I sliced it finely, fried it quickly in butter, added salt and some red wine, put the lid on and let it simmer for 1-2 hours. You cannot really overcook it. About 15 minutes before serving I added some fruit vinegar to give it a bit of a slight sour bite and then it was ready to serve. Today I buy it in a paket. I deserve a rest now and again when cooking and it tastes just as good. I will be serving it with a cooked ham and potato on boxing day, a traditional Christmas meal.

However there is something missing. On high days and holidays (an expression from my cockney mum)  I like to add some cooked chestnuts to it. Today I was on the search for ready cooked chestnuts as I do not intend to spend time peeling and cooking them: ready cooked and peeled are just as good.

It became a problem.

Chestnuts in caramel sauce

The only ready cooked chestnuts I found were in a caramel sauce and that is not really my thing, although I will have to consult Mr. Swiss. If he approves of the mixture I might buy them. Otherwise there will be no mix and we will be eating pure red cabbage.

RDP Monday: Mix