RDP Monday: Jumble


it was a jumbled afternoon. Mr. Swiss had to go to the dentist and I was the chauffeur. No problem, you might think, but our dentist happens to find himself in this narrow alley. I dropped Mr. Swiss off near by and moved on to the supermarket for some shopping. We arranged that he would call me when he was finished and I would pick him up.

No problem? No, not really, but it meant driving back in a different direction and my driving talents then get a little strained because I am approaching the target from a different direction. More by luck then judgement, I found the right road to take. After I picked him up, on the way home, he said in the car that the next time I could drive him to the front door of the dentist  and also pick him up there, it would be easier for him.

That may well be the case but turning into this street with the car is not my idea of easy driving. I told him that it would be fine if another car does not decide to cross my path in the opposite direction He found that there is plenty of room to cross and you can always drive up onto the pavement to make room.

I know that I was not driving for a year and got a little out of practice, but this sort of conjuring trick is not in my line of driving. Our town was actually built in the days of chariots and horses and not for motorised vehicles. I have to make the journey again in October for the next appointment, twice in the same day. I am hoping he has forgotten about the new suggestion by then.

RDP Monday: Jumble

RDP Monday: Fervid

On Friday I bought six bottles of Pepsi Cola in the supermarket. They are packed in plastic but we prefer pepsi to coca, and so we are probably in the minority. When I arrive home I have quite a lot of shopping to take from the basement garage to our apartment on the ground floor. We have a lift and I usually manage to pile it all onto my walker. I usually park the six bottles of cola (or perhaps it might be mineral water) still packed in the plastic next to the car and my No. 1 son afterwards fetches for me when he is home in the evening.

This time I forgot to tell him and so they were still in the garage over the week-end. On Sunday I needed the car and saw that the bottles were still there. However, only three instead of six. I managed to take the three bottles to my apartment and naturally asked my family if they knew where the other three were. Of course no-one knew, so I actually forgot the whole thing, although it seemed strange to me.


Today I went shopping and when I left the garage I saw this bottle, half filled with Pepsi standing on the wall outside the garage. When I came home it was still there. I decided to take a photo of it and as I entered the garage I met my neighbour. She told me that she had put the bottle outside the garage. Apparently someone had put it on her trolley that she has parked next to her car, and had also made a mess by emptying most of it on the garage floor


Here are the stains to prove the case. Now the question is who ripped open the plastic cover to my 6 bottles of Pepsi and removed three of them and why did this person empty half of the bottle in the garage. Our garage is generally locked although cars enter and leave during the day. It is now being fervently searched for the guilty party. Yes, we seem to have a Pepsi criminal case in our house. Nothing is safe from theft today, no even pepsi cola.

RDP Monday: Fervid

RDP Monday: Marvel


Why does it always happen to me
Going to the store is as easy as can be
Today was the day when my coupons were ready
I stood at the till and was sure it would be steady
There were 70 francs worth of special points
My shopping added to 74 I was happy in my joints
The lady at the cash desk said today it would not work
The computer has a mistake, her face did bear a smirk
Only point cards for 5 francs each could be read at the desk
I only had two of them, now this was quite grotesque
And so I paid the sixty francs in cash, this was not good
Come again tomorrow she said, was this a likelihood?
The marvel was now gone, my purse is now so light
But I will be back again, and ready for a fight

RDP Monday: Marvel

RDP Monday: Tristful


I do not have time to be tristful at the moment, I am living from one moment to the other, but now and again I still have my moments of freedom. My supermarket store is running one of their campaigns for keeping the kids happy. For every 20 Swiss francs you spend at the cash desk you get a picture of an animal. The whole thing is called “Animal Planet Mania”. Now I am a succour for such things, the child is still stuck inside somewhere, and with my grandchild(ren) in mind (another one on the way) I began to collect the stickers.


I even bought the album for a few francs to paste them in and my photos are mounting.

Now the sad part comes. At the beginning I was filling up the empty spaces in the album one after the other and even completed a couple of pages. Now the time has come where the pictures in the sealed packets are double. This is the result.


Some pages are full, and others still show reserved empty places for the photos I have not yet received. Of course it is all in the German language, but being in Switzerland we have three main languages, so the supermarket also have a French and Italian version for those living in the areas concerned. Some photos are even combined with a video and there is also a “gold” sticker for free entrance to a zoo or animal park (WOW).

I will continue to collect and perhaps I might even meet other frustrated housewives that swop the double photos they have, I have many. Some people are not collecting, and if you are lucky at the cash desk, the person behind you might offer that you have her photos as she does not need them. Bear in mind you need 156 Stickers to complete the album.

I know, little things please little minds, but one day my album will be complete.

RDP Monday: Tristful

RDP Monday: Serene

River Aar 30.10 (1)

Sitting at the screen
I was searching for serene
There were places where I’d been
On my journey all between
Some photos were in green
And others had a sheen
I then began to sleep, feeling like a queen
Time to wake up and then I had a clean
But here is one more photo to put you in the scene
Just close your eyes and dream and drift into serene

View of River Aar towards Solothurn

RDP Monday: Serene

RDP Monday: Wake

Twilight in Feldbrunnen

As the golden sun sank in the West I would take my favourite book and begin to read. My mind wandered to the gloom and darkness that prevailed in a place that I so wanted to visit. The sky was preparing the backdrop to take an influence on shaping my personality. I arose from the place where I was resting and quietly closed the lid to the coffin. Of course, I could have just dropped the lid on the hinges but I did not want to wake my family, although they had already left. I was then a child and needed my sleep, the adults were already hunting.

Of course I replaced my book in the coffin, the dog-eared pages with their blood stains were the worse for wear. It was a family heirloom, handed down from claw to claw in the family. We do not even know where it originated, but it had been a constant bedtime story book through the generations of our family. The family archives mention this book back in the days when there was no such thing as superstition. People believed it seems, which was a problem when on our nightly flights. I remember great, great, great grandfather Gloomius telling me of the disappointment when he arrived at a door to a chamber, tired and worn out from his flight from the graveyard, to be confronted with a wreath of garlic. He told me the blood curdled in his veins, even though he had not yet had his daily ration. There was always a remainder somewhere in a place where he once had a heart, helping to sustain him before he could replace it with a fresh supply. Worse was when his victim appeared at the door, to discover what the flapping noise was and presented two sticks of wood, crossed in the middle. There was no pity or sympathy from the living towards the undead.

To a certain extent I realise what he suffered. I myself always avoid places where I can hear the laughter of the living, and see the illuminated windows from their televisions, although I often take a peep through the window, ensuring not to be seen. It might be that one of my favourite programmes are on the television. I like to watch animal programmes, especially if they feature the development of bat families. I remember some time ago there was a shooting taking place in my favourite corner of the cemetery where the undead are mostly to be found. The bats were delighted to be featured in a film and were hanging from the ceiling of a nearby tomb. Unfortunately the production team had to terminate their work when one of the cameramen was bitten by a bat, who aimed perfectly for the jugular vein. I came to the rescue and told the bat to find something more his size, which he did and he afterwards pounced on a rat that was on its way home with something squirming trapped in its jaws.

The cameraman was pleased to see a human shape removing the sharp teeth of the bat from his neck. Actually I was glad to be of help, and still being one of the younger vampires learning the trade I already had ready made puncture marks in the neck.

“Morticia, you don’t have to tell everyone the story.”

“Fred, you are still the best cameraman for filming nocturnal scenes. You have become famous for your documentaries about vampire bats. You should be thankful that I helped you on your way to become one of the best.”

“It’s just that some of my friends ignore me and no longer invite me to their parties in the evening. They say I smell and they do not like my new makeover.”

“But you look great with your nice shiny white pointed teeth and a black cloak suits you.”

“Ok, Morticia it might be fashion in your world, but not in mine.”

“Your ex world Fred. Now go and play with your camera, there is a werewolf taking a walk through the forest, I am sure that would be good film material.”

Yes, Fred is still learning the ways, but I think he is one of my most successful victims.

I am now on my way to the local blood bank to tank up on my life’s liquids. Since Fred, who was a vampire’s delight, I no longer attack the so-called living. They are armed with all sorts of weapons like knives and guns and no longer have respect for the undead. Yes, my name is Morticia and I am a vampire. And now whilst you are all awakening from a refreshing night’s sleep, I will relax. Daytime is not so inviting for me.

RDP Monday: Wake

RDP Monday: Fusty

Feldbrunnen to Subingen via Derendingen und Gerlafingen 23.03 (58)

Fusty in Switzerland! The country known for being clean, where you could eat your dinner on the street surface? Not quite, but so was the idea given to me before I actually arrived here. Switzerland had no wars to destroy and leave ruins as I saw in London when I grew up, and the buildings were in perfect condition, no smell of damp concreted after the rain. After living 50 years in Switzerland I have seen the changes. I arrived in Zürich to find solid old style buildings and lived in the town for two years. Now when I go back I hardly recognise it. The old buildings have gone and been replaced by modern streamlined glass fronted creations. This of course has the effect that only the better situated can actually afford to live there.

After two years of Zürich I moved to the area around Solothurn. This was country, even the cows looked good, but there was industry and slowly the old factories were abandoned and left to their fate. The photo shows one of these factories and I remember about 20 years ago when it was still productive. Now it has become a victim of fustiness showing the stains of old age. Building, Luzern Str., Solothurn

And not everyone lives in a wonderful Swiss Chalet with its wooden exterior and window boxes full of flowers. This building existed before I arrived in Solothurn. It was built by one of the local Swiss tool manufacturer’s as the answer to affordable living quarters. Perhaps when it was new, it was the answer to the working class dream of comfortable living: opposite the main railway station and a few minutes from the shops. With time the blue paint faded and even the red and white striped sun shades no longer reflected in the sunlight.  I would visit my physio therapist many years ago in this building for various aches and pains. Two apartments had been converted into a spacious therapy room. I also noticed that with time you would not often hear our local language spoken in this building.

I would not call it fusty, but just a little different perhaps.

RDP Monday: Fusty